Food Challenges

  • Publicado el 28 jul 2017
  • Veronica Wang
    Darron Eats
    Magic Mitch
    Nela Zisser
    Randy Santel
    Angela Sato
    Furious Pete
    Yuka Kinoshita
    Matt Stonie

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  • Video Warna Warni
    Video Warna Warni  Hace un año +149

    Sorry my friends because family and my work need more attention, so I
    will rarely upload video. In this case I can say my channel is in a
    state of inactivity. Thank you for your support so far and see you
    again(If possible).

    • Rudy Loredo
      Rudy Loredo Hace un mes


    • kacá baiano
      kacá baiano Hace 2 meses

      Estas porra e alienígenas kkkkk

    • Hendrawan wijaya Dachi
      Hendrawan wijaya Dachi Hace 4 meses

      Tanboy kun

    • Nickie Santos
      Nickie Santos Hace 9 meses

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    • Nickie Santos
      Nickie Santos Hace 9 meses

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  • Kåizou
    Kåizou Hace 2 horas

    History of Toilets Exploding

  • Apekk
    Apekk Hace un día

    indomee is so mild. how the fuck did she said her throat's burning

    PARA SF INDIAN ARMY Hace un día thing good for you........ Related Indian army

  • Jared Castro
    Jared Castro Hace 3 días

    I vote Matt stonie

  • Syed Noman
    Syed Noman Hace 5 días

    Matt stonie and furious best

  • poonam safariya
    poonam safariya Hace 6 días +1

    All of you best 🙋👍👍👍🌹

  • Skull of the King
    Skull of the King Hace 6 días

    Matt stone is the best eater bro.

  • Brelli G
    Brelli G Hace 7 días

    Wasteful idiots smh

  • celaozica
    celaozica Hace 7 días +1

    Todos eles são fodas mas faltou o corbucci meu preferido pois sou brasileiro e não desisto nunca

  • Titanium Knights
    Titanium Knights Hace 7 días +1

    The other ones is not even fast

  • Shaney Waney
    Shaney Waney Hace 8 días

    Yuka eats that amount comfortably 😜 dont think it was a challenge for her lol

  • Hamsaveni G
    Hamsaveni G Hace 11 días

    Matt stonie is a great guy

  • tara smith
    tara smith Hace 13 días +1

    That chicken wing guy was slow it took him 34min and 12 sec

    😆😆😆😆😆😆 I could be way better so can u

  • tara smith
    tara smith Hace 13 días

    Oh my gosh that is a lot of noodels

  • Yenkhom Gitagyani
    Yenkhom Gitagyani Hace 14 días

    Matt stonie's fan like here

  • LoveKookie4ever
    LoveKookie4ever Hace 15 días +1

    I am the type of person who will participate in food competitions, just to get free food

  • LAWRENCe the death
    LAWRENCe the death Hace 15 días

    Yuka the best

  • Coc Account
    Coc Account Hace 15 días

    Most of them eat like they're the slow motion version of my way of eating. Too slow

  • 風雲變色
    風雲變色 Hace 15 días


  • BIN ZAID fan freefire freefire

    Matt is the best among all of them

  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar Hace 17 días

    How come most of them are thin

  • Brittany Tejeda
    Brittany Tejeda Hace 17 días

    Yuka always does damage that was just a normal meal for her 😉

  • Dheeraj Chauhan
    Dheeraj Chauhan Hace 17 días +1

    I will never take the 3rd girl for a date because I can't afford it

  • Nabiel Islamy
    Nabiel Islamy Hace 19 días

    Jadi lapar :(

  • Claudia Yeung
    Claudia Yeung Hace 19 días

    Matt stonie is better

  • Alvaro Ugarte
    Alvaro Ugarte Hace 19 días

    Benny Hill Theme

  • Fatma Gül Özen
    Fatma Gül Özen Hace 19 días

    Afrikadaki, somalideki aç kişiler için yemek yap doyur desen yapmazlar. Ama hayvan gibi yiyorlar. Bir de medeniler. 😤 Medeniymiş.

  • pop Silva
    pop Silva Hace 20 días


  • Marlou Fat Jesus
    Marlou Fat Jesus Hace 21 un día

    Yuka is not a speed eater but I enjoy most of her videos she's just there eating and enjoying lol.

  • Asma.B B
    Asma.B B Hace 25 días

    Why don’t they do the share with homeless people a huge meal challenge ...

  • Lucas Nunes
    Lucas Nunes Hace un mes

    É normal sentir tesão nessa primeira mina comendo?

  • pickel chin as boi
    pickel chin as boi Hace un mes

    Matt stonie for life

  • Willy
    Willy Hace un mes

    rip toilet ...

  • Chilø
    Chilø Hace un mes +1

    6 pack of Indomie Goreng Is easy

  • So Ronery
    So Ronery Hace un mes

    Saving the best competitive eater for last. Oh yeahhh!

  • Jordan's Adveantures
    Jordan's Adveantures Hace un mes +8

    We all know that the only reason we clicked this video is bcuz matt stonie was in the thumbnail

    I sure did xD

  • Pamee Lor
    Pamee Lor Hace un mes +1

    I think could eat a big combo pizza in under 10 minutes if I ever try xD but I never try it before so I don't know for sure

  • Carlos Neto
    Carlos Neto Hace un mes

    Corbuti eats deixa esses cara no chinelo

  • help me reach 500 subscribers without videos

    Came here for matt

  • Franco Barragan
    Franco Barragan Hace un mes

    Matt stonie

  • Tyler Oak
    Tyler Oak Hace un mes

    No one likes furious Pete he copyed matt stonie

    MR LION Hace un mes

    1:33 he eat that just like eating a watermelon

  • Raditya Agusta
    Raditya Agusta Hace un mes

    Where is tanboy Kun?

  • hopper24 K
    hopper24 K Hace un mes

    Everyone has nothing on Mat Stonie

  • b vicencio.37
    b vicencio.37 Hace un mes

    Matt and Pete forevah

  • amanda prianny
    amanda prianny Hace un mes

    my stomach is full watching this omg

  • James De Borja
    James De Borja Hace un mes

    Veronica Wang 👎🏻👎🏻she doesn't even do a mukbang she's just eating it gross. 😭😭

  • Jetlee Ningshen
    Jetlee Ningshen Hace un mes

    Enjoy ur self cuz poor people r watching n die

  • Plant Visionz
    Plant Visionz Hace un mes

    Nela is amazing ... (Hendrika)

  • sishir Basnet
    sishir Basnet Hace un mes

    Matt stonie is the legend. No body can beat him

  • Seyer Resa
    Seyer Resa Hace un mes

    Russian sato

  • Justin Sap
    Justin Sap Hace un mes

    Those cute girls, People don't go on look. Looks can be deceiving.

  • Justin Sap
    Justin Sap Hace un mes

    Who came for Matt Stonnie?

  • Cupid Divine
    Cupid Divine Hace un mes

    Veronica wang is a disgrace to us Chinese/Asians

  • Sarah Habibi
    Sarah Habibi Hace un mes

    This video reminds me of the lives of cows

  • blueRose 94
    blueRose 94 Hace un mes

    Furious pete is not enjoy hes food.. that is disgusting ewwww... Yuka is the best.. the way she eat is wonderfull..😍

  • Golden Beauty44
    Golden Beauty44 Hace un mes

    I could do the fried rice challenge!! Bring it too meh!!😍😍

  • Javi Alejandra Bermudez

    Falta draco aca:)

  • Music 4 world
    Music 4 world Hace un mes

    Matt stonie is the best!
    Like for Matt!

    DKP KLE_IN Hace un mes +1

    You forgot Corbucci Eats man OMG

  • Patricia Llido
    Patricia Llido Hace un mes

    when veronica showed up, bitch i swallowed my whole cup of tea

  • Derikha Kania
    Derikha Kania Hace un mes

    Tanboy kun kagak ada?? 😂😂

  • Suzy Shrestha
    Suzy Shrestha Hace 2 meses

    I love veronica's eating

  • Slasher OMG
    Slasher OMG Hace 2 meses +1

    The first one is such a fat bitch

  • Oimateim Laylo
    Oimateim Laylo Hace 2 meses

    0:52 I actually thought it was my phone.And then I checked.

  • pkdavis1495
    pkdavis1495 Hace 2 meses

    Well done.

    AKIREx xJIN Hace 2 meses

    Damn, they eat much but they look fit and thin. And here i am. Eating 2 meals a day. And yet still fat. JUST DAMN

  • Ajali Narjary
    Ajali Narjary Hace 2 meses

    do you guys have a black hole in ur stomach? 😅😅😅😅😅

  • x f l o r a ガチャ
    x f l o r a ガチャ Hace 2 meses

    How do mukbangers not get fat?

  • shimreishang gonmei
    shimreishang gonmei Hace 2 meses

    I know u guys so m not gonna invite u for dinner 😂

  • wornoutshoes11
    wornoutshoes11 Hace 2 meses

    What a way to steal a video heh lol...

  • FBI
    FBI Hace 2 meses

    They attac
    They protec
    But most importantly...
    *They heart attac*

  • Mira Chinwiya
    Mira Chinwiya Hace 2 meses

    الاولى تاكل مثل الوحش

  • FBI
    FBI Hace 2 meses

    I eat 3 packs of noodles as dinner everynight

  • Syed Arman
    Syed Arman Hace 2 meses +2

    Matt stonie💪💪💪👏👏👏❤❤

  • Olga Zakharova
    Olga Zakharova Hace 2 meses

    Их желудок их ненавидит)

  • VLΔξΣП X τIτΔП
    VLΔξΣП X τIτΔП Hace 2 meses

    Preety + eating too much =ugly (only girls). I don't care hw much boys eat

  • la putibias army
    la putibias army Hace 2 meses

    :v son mis héroes

  • Danh Trần
    Danh Trần Hace 2 meses

    I want to eat this

  • The Ever Lasting Heart
    The Ever Lasting Heart Hace 2 meses +1

    They Pulled A Matt Stone 😂❤️

  • Valentino VVA
    Valentino VVA Hace 2 meses

    indomie mie dari indonesia

  • Lalhnehkima Chhakchhuak

    matt stonie is the best

  • ツSc0peZ
    ツSc0peZ Hace 2 meses


  • Maureen Raza
    Maureen Raza Hace 2 meses

    Who came here because of matt?😂

  • enlowkimberly35
    enlowkimberly35 Hace 2 meses

    matt stonie will blow them all away

  • Kira Frost
    Kira Frost Hace 2 meses


  • Hafizam abran
    Hafizam abran Hace 2 meses

    You forget about joey chestnut.. World no 1 competitive eater..

  • Ian Pisanu
    Ian Pisanu Hace 2 meses

    puts to estikk, which for me is better (estikk)

  • Siollo Oliveira
    Siollo Oliveira Hace 2 meses

    Matt pela sua idade jovem, o metabolismo dele é mais acelerado.
    Logo surgirá um q irá superar lo

  • Moose 8
    Moose 8 Hace 2 meses

    Leva uma mina dessa no outback vai dar mo preju KKKK

  • O MA GAH!!
    O MA GAH!! Hace 2 meses

    In the comment section 60% Matt is the best challenger 40%yuka is best eater.
    Who the fuck are others.

  • SiCCloud
    SiCCloud Hace 2 meses

    Damn. Matt Stonie is not human

  • Паркер Питер

    Печени пиздец

  • Colleen Lopez
    Colleen Lopez Hace 2 meses

    Thought it was a challenge not a race

  • Dj Rippe
    Dj Rippe Hace 2 meses

    Matt Stonie is a living shredder

  • Pump King
    Pump King Hace 2 meses

    9:11 the look i give when someone tries to eat my food 🥘❤️

  • Daniela Bolaños
    Daniela Bolaños Hace 2 meses

    Yuka kinoshita is the best

  • amorzinha chan
    amorzinha chan Hace 2 meses

    Where is Raina Huang? She's amazing!

  • Oi My face oils
    Oi My face oils Hace 2 meses

    ewwww why is Veronica wang/ chicken wang on there 🙄