A WHOLE NEW WORLD - Leroy Sanchez & Jessica Sanchez (Music Video)

  • Publicado el 24 may 2019
  • Here's our version of the classic "A Whole New World" from Aladdin! This is definitely one of my top favorite Disney movies EVER! Which one is yours? If you liked this video, SUBSCRIBE to this channel! bit.ly/1VXVr6l
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    Leroy Sanchez
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    Jessica Sanchez
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    Directed by Ryan Parma ryanparma
    Piano by Kazumi Shimokawa kazumimusic
    Producer Joseph Barba www.barbasauce.com
    Strings by Eleonore Denig
    Mastered by Adam Ayan
    It truly warms my heart doing some of this Disney movie songs since I grew up watching all of them! And what can I tell you, Jessica is THE BEST Jasmine ever! :) Every time I hear her sing I simply can't believe how good she is. I hope you all enjoy this song as much as we did making it. Make sure you share some love in the comment section and tell me what other Disney songs you love! Love you guys.
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  • Leroy Sanchez
    Leroy Sanchez  Hace 5 meses +2142

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    • bless you
      bless you Hace 11 días

      Hi, Leroy Sanchez! I'm a huuuge admirer of your music since day 1, It's my birthday today and I was hoping just hoping if you could cover one of my favourite life journey songs, Go the distance by Michael Bolton. It's totally alright as well if you can't. Just trying my best here as I had a not so happy birthday today haha but yes still thankful to God for another year. We love you, Leroy! God bless you!

    • Hannah Freya Ringor
      Hannah Freya Ringor Hace 28 días

      Your eyes interpreted "a whole new world " in a different level😍
      Please make another duet with Jessica❤ may I request "you are the reason " by calum scott

    • yong Lacaba
      yong Lacaba Hace un mes

      Leroy Sanchez how did this both SANCHEZ related?

    • A B
      A B Hace un mes

      more covers with jessica pls!❤️

    • Ruth Ruthy
      Ruth Ruthy Hace un mes

      I'm inlove with your voice Leroy♥♥♥♥♥

  • KFresh Harris
    KFresh Harris Hace 9 horas

    My version of “A Whole New World”.:

  • Izzie F
    Izzie F Hace 11 horas

    This version is so mich better than the new one on the movie

  • liana william
    liana william Hace un día


  • Prong's World
    Prong's World Hace 2 días

    this hair style is for you!

  • Jared Mahusay
    Jared Mahusay Hace 2 días

    are they siblings?

  • Anthony D'Angelo
    Anthony D'Angelo Hace 2 días

    You got an amazing voice man

  • Bala-bala
    Bala-bala Hace 2 días

    is the cleavage necessary? and seems like that girl's trying hard to squeeze em LMAO sorry, wrong focus

  • s Escalante
    s Escalante Hace 3 días +3

    I wish someone looked at me like he looks at her in this video

  • The Orkidz
    The Orkidz Hace 3 días

    Perfect duo

  • Susilo 3103
    Susilo 3103 Hace 4 días

    Sweet cover ❤️❤️

  • Damian Adamowicz
    Damian Adamowicz Hace 4 días

    same ozdobniki

  • shirito shiro
    shirito shiro Hace 4 días


  • Halzsd Carder
    Halzsd Carder Hace 6 días

    Her voice doesn't match her face but I'm not saying she isn't good.

  • Charlie Legaspi
    Charlie Legaspi Hace 6 días

    are you and Jessica blood related?😕great...

  • Awatif Eltom
    Awatif Eltom Hace 7 días

    Leroy Sanchez and Jessica Sanchez Amazing Voice❤😍💕

  • Fazeelah Clayton
    Fazeelah Clayton Hace 7 días +1

    I feel Jessica's voice is to big for this song. SHe out sings him.

  • K F
    K F Hace 8 días


  • Zee Babii
    Zee Babii Hace 9 días

    My gawd what amazing voices

  • Eric Sagala
    Eric Sagala Hace 10 días +1

    This new to me,I like both of you

  • Awatif Eltom
    Awatif Eltom Hace 11 días +4

    Leroy Sanchez and Jessica Sanchez Amazing Singer❤

  • Pinya Pis
    Pinya Pis Hace 11 días

    Omg you guys make this song so beautiful 😍

  • Elijah Matthew Crisostomo

    Sheems. I love this version 😍

  • Alsty
    Alsty Hace 14 días

    Somehow the wall decos of leaves seemed cockroaches to me and it freaked me out... I had to start over the video to listen to the song properly and loved it

  • qq pp
    qq pp Hace 14 días

    too gorgeous 💋💋💋💋

  • Admire Chaimah
    Admire Chaimah Hace 14 días +1

    So talented,these guys are blessed with fantastic voices...

  • Darwin Mendoza
    Darwin Mendoza Hace 15 días

    For me this is the best cover to all who sing this song . .woahhhhh love it

  • Noe Latchimy
    Noe Latchimy Hace 15 días


  • RR Tariman
    RR Tariman Hace 16 días

  • Doni Bul
    Doni Bul Hace 20 días

    tetenya gede bngt . jd mau coli

  • oz
    oz Hace 21 un día

    Best cover❤

  • 김선우
    김선우 Hace 22 días +1


  • Rowji Soller
    Rowji Soller Hace 22 días +1

    1:00-1:36 Just kiss her you know. Jessica don't need to change her driver's license and inform her bank if they got married.

  • rain albert valdez
    rain albert valdez Hace 25 días

    I love the vocals, and I like the voice... super dupeer beautiful 👍😘

    KENNEDY'S LIFE Hace 26 días

    Much better version

  • lily Noffke
    lily Noffke Hace 27 días

    They guy is trying to hard

  • wms erwan
    wms erwan Hace 27 días +1

    hold up....
    which is the correct one....
    every moment it get's better?
    every moment red letter?
    the girl sang the 1st one...
    any lyrics expert?

  • Sesil Sexy
    Sesil Sexy Hace 27 días +1

    Is it your last name coincidence? Btw. Im happy that the two of you have collaboration. Lovelots💕

  • Lou cheatom
    Lou cheatom Hace 28 días

    Love love love y’all 😩💛

  • AmandaMarie
    AmandaMarie Hace 29 días +1

    Anyone who disliked this... you suck.

  • VOID 1001
    VOID 1001 Hace 29 días +1


  • Hannah Freya Ringor
    Hannah Freya Ringor Hace 29 días +2

    My goodness I love their chemistry too not just the music that they produce😍❤

  • Kristine L
    Kristine L Hace 29 días +16

    he loves singing alongside her. loves singing with her. and vice versa. so obvious! they have respect and awe for each other's talents

  • Kristine L
    Kristine L Hace 29 días

    : D "For a man to dress up with me like that, like a LeRoyal, i better sing close to that," (or the ants will get me)

  • mavishill
    mavishill Hace un mes +2

    Omg both are stunning but the girl really surprised me. 👍

  • V Meyah
    V Meyah Hace un mes +2

    I really love your voice😩so beautiful aghh😍💓💓💓

  • Kendalyn White
    Kendalyn White Hace un mes +1

    Just make out already, jump on each other already that's what I was thinking the whole time, because of how they were looking at each other,and how beautiful they look and this was♥️♥️♥️,I'm screaming

  • Uruk Hai Orc
    Uruk Hai Orc Hace un mes +1

    Wow. That was amazing. A voice of an Angel.
    Like a combination of Jesus and Fergie.

  • srek ashraff
    srek ashraff Hace un mes +7

    Jessica Sanchez is a mixed pinoy without the pinoy typical style of singing. You got originality girl !!! I really love your voice and techniques. 😘

  • Damjango
    Damjango Hace un mes

    Damn these voices!! 🙌🙌🙌

  • Angelique Ang Co
    Angelique Ang Co Hace un mes +2

    The collab I've waited to happen!👏 love listening to the kind of artists who sing from the heart. Blown away!☺️

  • AJRA
    AJRA Hace un mes

    Excellent. You guys are incredibly talented. Now do it in the original key!

  • Zenny Takahashi
    Zenny Takahashi Hace un mes +1

    cold voices..i hope there both dating.nice chemistry.!!😍❤️

  • Bethany Goldsworthy
    Bethany Goldsworthy Hace un mes

    are they dating?? so much chemistry what the heck 😍😂

  • Hector Santana
    Hector Santana Hace un mes


  • Lizbeth Pari
    Lizbeth Pari Hace un mes

    Very good🎶✨💯

  • Mirna Avrialica
    Mirna Avrialica Hace un mes

    the voices of you two😭😭💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • irisandra Hernandez
    irisandra Hernandez Hace un mes

    Best version so far.💕💕💕

  • Щит
    Щит Hace un mes


  • Nur Syakila
    Nur Syakila Hace un mes +7

    The best version after the original one... Better than zyan and zhavia....