Guinness World Record for Most Jaffa Cakes (17) Eaten in One Minute | Furious Pete

  • Publicado el 6 feb 2013
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    I held the record for most Jaffa cakes eaten in 1 minute which was 13, that got broken, so I set the record again with 17.
    Rules for this record:
    1. Jaffa cakes are biscuit-like cakes that comprise three layers: a sponge cake base, a fruit-flavoured jelly, and a layer of chocolate covering the jelly and margin of the sponge.
    2. The Jaffa cakes must be of minimum size 54mm (2.125in) in diameter, and must be eaten as they come from the pack - they may not be altered or modified in any way.
    3. You must completely swallow one Jaffa cake before eating the next one (show your mouth is empty).
    4. No drinking is permitted during the record attempt
    5 Only Jaffa cakes completely swallowed during the one minute period are to be counted toward your final score.
    6. As with all consumption record challenges, we strongly recommend you do not attempt this multiple times in one day
    Calling out Yogscast to try this, Come on Yogscast eat those Jaffa Cakes. Everyone go and tell Yogscast to try this :)
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Comentarios • 962

  • deathmonk1992
    deathmonk1992 Hace 2 meses

    His mouth wasnt empty at 0:41 seconds left on clock. Should be invalid attempt

  • Pazapwns
    Pazapwns Hace 7 meses

    Worst alarm clock tune ever

  • DJrobber
    DJrobber Hace 8 meses

    I feel like I can beat this

  • Berina Oručević
    Berina Oručević Hace 8 meses

    Ahhh Ahhh
    Stop that jerk

  • The billy baby show
    The billy baby show Hace 10 meses

    he cheated at 1:55 he had pieces in his mouth

  • Dempy
    Dempy Hace 11 meses

    I prefer to nibble round the edges, then peel the bits of chocolate off, eat the sponge then the orange but last on its own

  • Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas Hace un año


  • amber.
    amber. Hace un año +2


  • Daniel Dexter
    Daniel Dexter Hace un año

    I just tried this, did 8 :(

  • EliteTrance Champions
    EliteTrance Champions Hace 2 años

    They seem already moist... hence he keeps picking one up and putting it back down if you watch.

  • Anna Zonen
    Anna Zonen Hace 2 años

    why are u going ah

  • Group Tnt
    Group Tnt Hace 2 años

    respect from the home land of jafa cakes Balkan

  • Yourkiller D
    Yourkiller D Hace 2 años

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn bro :D you're crazy , and legendry ;)

  • BlackLightMasters
    BlackLightMasters Hace 2 años


  • lisa martin
    lisa martin Hace 2 años

    nice try bud but i could see bits in your mouth u claimed it needs to be swallowed!! that means every little crumb! when i figure out how to make gluten free ones game on!

  • JC - Jim
    JC - Jim Hace 2 años

    Hey guys, take a look at my 100 layers of Jaffa cakes!!! I don't really get the recognition some people get but yeah let me know what you guys think!! :)

  • Colin Salles
    Colin Salles Hace 2 años

    What do theses taste like?

  • Buzz Kill RL
    Buzz Kill RL Hace 2 años

    1:56 there was a Jaffa cake in his mouth

  • Dora Vladimirov
    Dora Vladimirov Hace 2 años +2

    He didn't finish one of them

  • Zac Pritcher
    Zac Pritcher Hace 2 años +2

    Hey! You reclaimed the record on my 23 birthday!!

    • Ivan 58261
      Ivan 58261 Hace 2 años

      Zac Pritcher i born too 9.1 :-)

  • SvenGames
    SvenGames Hace 2 años

    So does he actually chew this all, or is he just really good at swallowing large bits of food? Because I think this would be very uncomfortable. xD

  • I Worship Gays And Satan

    I swear he was like "*chomp chomp* ahh *sputter* (bit of Jaffa fell onto tongue)" on like the third one

  • Florid Monkey
    Florid Monkey Hace 2 años +7

    meanwhile I ate 3 during the whole video.

  • anthony1895
    anthony1895 Hace 2 años +1

    fapping aaaaa fapping aaaa-------

  • Daniel Van Dessel
    Daniel Van Dessel Hace 2 años

    he eats one in like 3 bites i take like 20 bites or something like that so eat one

  • Captain Snuggles
    Captain Snuggles Hace 2 años +21

    mnmnm aaaa mnmnn aaa mnmnnmn aaa mnmnnmnb aaaaq

  • Sheasheadolphin
    Sheasheadolphin Hace 2 años


  • -
    - Hace 2 años +26

    *chomp* Ahh *chomp* ahh *chomp* ahh *chomp* ahh

  • Ayax282
    Ayax282 Hace 2 años

    Your song is very GOOD!

  • Kurthustlet
    Kurthustlet Hace 2 años

    just ate 22 in 70sec

  • Khoddiey - Hans Clark
    Khoddiey - Hans Clark Hace 3 años

    It takes me like 30 minutes to eat a whole box

  • MC GL7
    MC GL7 Hace 3 años


  • Zed
    Zed Hace 3 años

    subscribe to me plz

  • Jaime Ramirez
    Jaime Ramirez Hace 3 años

    that's weird you make a lot of sounds

  • Sam Davies
    Sam Davies Hace 3 años

    Totally gonna give this a shot

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus Hace 3 años

    Don't you have to have an official judicator there?

  • Tea🍵
    Tea🍵 Hace 3 años +5

    *Pete*: "17."
    *Me*: "38."

  • MC4gamer
    MC4gamer Hace 3 años

    I tried but only managed 5

  • luke73tnt
    luke73tnt Hace 3 años +28

    Anytime I hear Jaffa cake I think of Yogscast. Damn I haven't watched them in a while

  • pHadE_ Crusader
    pHadE_ Crusader Hace 3 años

    so fasssst I am feelin dizzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Jasmine Hughes
    Jasmine Hughes Hace 3 años

    wow he missed liked 2 i saw one black piece and a white one

  • RagingFujoshi
    RagingFujoshi Hace 3 años

    You are a role model

  • Damian Celmierowski
    Damian Celmierowski Hace 3 años

    I got 2

  • Brad Delp
    Brad Delp Hace 3 años

    Chew chew chew Ah chew chew chew Ah chew chew chew Ah chew chew chew Ah chew chew Ah chew chew ah chew chew chew ah chew chew ah....

  • dandyr
    dandyr Hace 3 años +2

    1:55 what was that is youre mouth

  • Cyd Haddock
    Cyd Haddock Hace 3 años

    im amazed because i can only eat 1 chese cracker in 1 minute

  • Existence
    Existence Hace 3 años

    ayyy lmao he used to live in missisauga I live there too

  • Freda Manley-creed
    Freda Manley-creed Hace 3 años +4

    some people might have done those without knowing

  • axelskull
    axelskull Hace 3 años

    fuck all this no water, must eat it completely before the next shit. i want the most jaffas from the plate into your stomach in one minute.

  • axelskull
    axelskull Hace 3 años

    he cant even say ah properly for the last 2 cuz of the jaffa in the back of his mouth

  • Zwro
    Zwro Hace 3 años

    why didn't you do this good at the competition

  • Daisy A
    Daisy A Hace 3 años +3

    I:56 something is in his mouth

  • Alfie Saunders42
    Alfie Saunders42 Hace 3 años +27

    Simon would have been proud!

    • Coda
      Coda Hace 3 años

      +saunders 42 LOL

  • TheGuyYouDontKnow ,
    TheGuyYouDontKnow , Hace 3 años

    Why did he open his mouth, every time he eat a jaffa cake?

    • Dineijah Attidore-Charles
      Dineijah Attidore-Charles Hace 3 años

      +TheGuyYouDontKnow , (Daniel Rohani) He had to finish what he had in his mouth before he could eat the next one for the official record to be broken

  • Minecraft overlord
    Minecraft overlord Hace 3 años +19

    Their was a piece in his mouth mid way he didn't finish one

    • Nico Valenciano
      Nico Valenciano Hace 2 años

      +Spanglish GWR Holder if you want a reward, Make a video.
      *Read a GWR Book*
      - No Editing
      - No Uncut Scenes

    • Nulhulux
      Nulhulux Hace 3 años +1

      +Minecraft overlord seeing as how it stayed in his mouth and didn't fall out, I don't see how it didn't count. Sure it wasn't completely eaten alone, but it was eaten nonetheless.

    • Fabreeze
      Fabreeze Hace 3 años +2

      If Guinees World Records approved it, there is probably nothing you can do about it except trying to beat the record or contacting them which you probably wont do. In other words, shut up.

    • i like pizza
      i like pizza Hace 3 años

      +Minecraft overlord A lot of times stuff like that happens, or a little piece will fall out of your mouth but as long as they approve it, you're good!

  • Chris Cowan
    Chris Cowan Hace 3 años

    I can do better

  • Chris Cowan
    Chris Cowan Hace 3 años

    I can do better

  • Spongeboy0
    Spongeboy0 Hace 3 años

    Simon can do better!

  • Haqerfeller 007
    Haqerfeller 007 Hace 3 años

    Your the best

  • henryzhao88
    henryzhao88 Hace 3 años

  • Skiipii
    Skiipii Hace 3 años

    what are jaffa cakes

  • Alexishur
    Alexishur Hace 3 años

    Is this where zExyzek stole stay zexy?

  • Lewis Cooper
    Lewis Cooper Hace 3 años

    I love jaffa cakes

  • Ankle_Breaker 1
    Ankle_Breaker 1 Hace 3 años


  • SUM K6
    SUM K6 Hace 3 años

    You live in Sauga!?

  • Jimmy Yang
    Jimmy Yang Hace 3 años +2

    Your like cram crum ahh crum ahh I just can't stand that lol im a girl but this is my brothers account

    • OwlytheDragon
      OwlytheDragon Hace 3 años

      +Deathkiller HelpForums I do

    • Зонт
      Зонт Hace 3 años +1

      I find the munch munch AHHHH munch AHHH silly too!~1ONE
      i identify sexually as an aircraft carrier, but this is my pet corgi's account.
      haha pls comment r8 and subscrib!!1onde!1!!!!!@

    • NewBlood Moon
      NewBlood Moon Hace 3 años

      No one here cares if you're a girl.

    • Char Rillon
      Char Rillon Hace 3 años

      +Jimmy Yang you're not alone haha

  • Serger Goedhart
    Serger Goedhart Hace 3 años

    how do they taste/

  • Piece of
    Piece of Hace 3 años

    Reppin Canada brrrothhaaaa!!

  • Tiffany Zheng
    Tiffany Zheng Hace 3 años

    It was more than 17

  • Rui W
    Rui W Hace 3 años +2

    I can't even ah as fast as you eating that

    • Sam Urai
      Sam Urai Hace 3 años +1

      +Jean Butler YUP :)

    • J B
      J B Hace 3 años

      +Sam Dreer jacksfilms refrence

    • Sam Urai
      Sam Urai Hace 3 años +10

      +Rui W That was almost English.

  • gooled mahamed
    gooled mahamed Hace 3 años

    Bro!! I counted with u it was 22 what ever u were eating

  • Spec1al99
    Spec1al99 Hace 3 años

    He would have Aten more if he would not say ahh right when he eats one

    • Shockwave2003
      Shockwave2003 Hace 3 años

      He has to show that he has completely eaten the Jaffa cake

  • ER LO
    ER LO Hace 3 años

    Omnom ahh omnom ahhh

  • Logan Ody
    Logan Ody Hace 4 años

    Am I the only person who counted 18?

    • Logan Ody
      Logan Ody Hace 4 años

      +Azarius Nasaero oh ok, I'll have too re watch it at some point

    • Azarius Nasaero
      Azarius Nasaero Hace 4 años

      +TheCrematedCornDog He didn't ate the last jaffa cake. :)

  • Bigsoup
    Bigsoup Hace 4 años


  • iJDG - Challenges
    iJDG - Challenges Hace 4 años +2

    I bet Simon from the Yogscast will be able to eat millions in one minute.

  • Grim Shadow
    Grim Shadow Hace 4 años

    This made my ramen noodles come out of my nose...

  • Nicereddragon123
    Nicereddragon123 Hace 4 años

    Did he get it

  • Rybaa Gaming
    Rybaa Gaming Hace 4 años

    are you from poland? ,,Czerwiński''

  • FlamingWater - Minecraft & More

    U have the same last name as me

  • Mollie Kate
    Mollie Kate Hace 4 años

    Ha ha ha sex

  • Sarah
    Sarah Hace 4 años

    I'm after eating 3 boxes in like 5 minutes :0 I'm 13 and I love them 😍

  • Gareth Evans
    Gareth Evans Hace 4 años +3

    "Someone stole my record? Time to re-claim the throne!"
    Hahahahaha Fucking Pete. Legendary.

  • Эдуард Глухов

    impressive!(but so useless)

  • Karim
    Karim Hace 4 años

    i tried to do this with u... i ate 5 :D

  • Danny Dang
    Danny Dang Hace 4 años


  • TrickStar
    TrickStar Hace 4 años

    My record is 1 cake in 15 seconds

  • Kyle McGough
    Kyle McGough Hace 4 años +3

    Can i ask how the fuck isn't he fat or even chubby??

    • poppe191
      poppe191 Hace 3 años

      +Kyle Mcgough Calories

      USSOCOM Hace 3 años

      Stay UP!

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones Hace 3 años

      +TheProgrammingCuber Yeah, it really shows too...

    • TheProgrammingCuber
      TheProgrammingCuber Hace 4 años +21

      He doesn't do this often, and in between eating stunts he works out like crazy and eats super healthy.

  • LostInAPie
    LostInAPie Hace 4 años

    That little piec

  • Miles Franklin
    Miles Franklin Hace 4 años

    +YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon

    • braiden
      braiden Hace 4 años +1

      Dude no one use Google plus...

  • Brass Matrass
    Brass Matrass Hace 4 años

    :D cool

  • Foxtrot
    Foxtrot Hace 4 años

    Impossible. This is so hard.

    • Foxtrot
      Foxtrot Hace 4 años

      He's so good. 1 jaffa every 3 sconds!

    • Cairn
      Cairn Hace 4 años

      He's a competitive eater, So it isn't that difficult for him to accomplish. I don't think he has a gag reflex, So he could just swallow shit if he gets it to the right size quick enough.

  • ali s
    ali s Hace 4 años

    hey dude you should try pakistani hot and spicy food most delicious ever. .........

  • John Joseph San Juan
    John Joseph San Juan Hace 4 años

    i thought u r american

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes Hace 4 años


  • Leon Vuong
    Leon Vuong Hace 4 años +8

    Anyone else saw that a bit of Jaffa was still in his mouth before he put another Jaffa in his mouth

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac Hace 4 años +103

    omnom... nom nom... Aaa.. nom...nom.. aAa.... omnom nom nom.. aaa hahahah this is great HA!

    • OwlytheDragon
      OwlytheDragon Hace 3 años


    • MadMemeMan
      MadMemeMan Hace 4 años

      laughing my ass of here this is so funny hahahhaha!

    • Ply Boys
      Ply Boys Hace 4 años

      aaa svee

    • Dawn Duggan
      Dawn Duggan Hace 4 años +6

      everytime im gonna comment someone else has already commented it

    • CJ Mattias
      CJ Mattias Hace 4 años

      +Freddy Segovia no ey don no

  • David Vardy
    David Vardy Hace 4 años

    at 1:55 he did not have a clear mouth. that record should be invalid.

    • «Prospect»™
      «Prospect»™ Hace 3 años

      +David Vardy yeh but at the end before the time runs out its all gone so it really doesnt matter

    • lina Grineviciute
      lina Grineviciute Hace 4 años

      true. and a Tounge cant be white with back thingys xd

    • David Vardy
      David Vardy Hace 4 años +2

      Im sorry but you are absolutely wrong. A tongue doesn't look like that.

    • braiden
      braiden Hace 4 años +1

      Bullshit that's his tounge

    • Matt R C
      Matt R C Hace 4 años

      I saw that.

  • craigivy1
    craigivy1 Hace 4 años

    simon from the yogscast would love you