5 Contestants On The Voice Who Auditioned With a Coach's Song (Part 2)


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  • Beth Wood
    Beth Wood Hace 2 días

    @5:28 Big Lebowski

  • Muzik Cover
    Muzik Cover Hace 3 días

    If you like Adam and Maroon 5 , Put your hands up ! Please

  • Andries Maila
    Andries Maila Hace 3 días

    When the song owner loves it just know that you nailing it to the last beat

  • Rudy Straight
    Rudy Straight Hace 4 días

    What’s the first song? Sounds like an usher song ? Why I never heard of it. Twist it so good that i thought its his.lolol

  • MShooter 43
    MShooter 43 Hace 5 días +1

    Part 3??? xDD

  • darkn3ss
    darkn3ss Hace 5 días

    It's funny because it looks like adem and Blake have a bromance between them

  • Caxm -
    Caxm - Hace 7 días

    Ay Dios como cantaaas me enamoré

    • Caxm -
      Caxm - Hace 7 días

      Me comí las comas ndeah

  • Shadow 3250
    Shadow 3250 Hace 7 días

    I love how in the last one they waited to see if Adam would turn to push their buttons.😂😂😂

  • Tripuresh Paridhyani
    Tripuresh Paridhyani Hace 7 días

    0:25 usher be like the fuck is this!!

  • Evan Jenkins
    Evan Jenkins Hace 8 días

    Cee Lo’s reach there tho

  • Silvia Gomes
    Silvia Gomes Hace 9 días

    Wonderful voices

  • Tjtim09-_-
    Tjtim09-_- Hace 9 días

    Why is the guy that sings sure he cool if you did like trying to sing it and his voice is so rusty?

  • Sarah Terrell
    Sarah Terrell Hace 9 días

    I think the subtitles are the best part

  • Cristriker
    Cristriker Hace 10 días

    me encanta la voz de la cantante de la voz Usa la del jurado como se llama'?

  • Indira Ayu
    Indira Ayu Hace 10 días

    Alicia keys so pretty with or without make up,,,,

  • Douglas Roth
    Douglas Roth Hace 12 días

    If I was to sing Forget You on The Voice I would actually sing Fuck You which is the uncensored version

  • Crazy 999
    Crazy 999 Hace 13 días

    Blake is A Singer couldn't name his songs if I tried

  • Crazy 999
    Crazy 999 Hace 13 días

    If u gave me $100 per song I wouldn't be able to name any song by Usher

  • jay west
    jay west Hace 13 días +1

    Miley thought they were taping a People of WalMart

  • sofia wang
    sofia wang Hace 13 días

    3:45 looks like billy crawford 😂😂

  • Glory Naitore
    Glory Naitore Hace 14 días

    I love the third one who sang blekes song

  • PGAwesome
    PGAwesome Hace 14 días

    I wasn’t aware Robert Baratheon was on the voice

  • ρєαηυттт
    ρєαηυттт Hace 15 días +1

    It’s was annoying when the judges were looking at eachother like “should I turn?” “No”

    Your in that chair because YOUR supposed to know how to make decisions like that

    I know you can need help on topics but the way he went “no” like it was rude

  • Robert Carlsson
    Robert Carlsson Hace 15 días

    Damn...! That first white boy can sing!

  • ALEX
    ALEX Hace 16 días

    Adam told Blake what’s the point of turning we all know he’s picking usher anyway lol

  • Gemma Pecorini Goodall
    Gemma Pecorini Goodall Hace 16 días

    I feel the trick to winning over the judges by performing one of their songs is by reinventing it - doing something they hadn't previously noticed. One thing people seem to fail to recognise is that it must be incredibly awkward for a judge to train and mentor a singer who is trying to mimic them - like not just someone who might fangirl over them, but someone who wants to emulate their sound

    TWICELAND PH Hace 16 días

    Blake is so handsome! Jeez..

  • salvadoroars
    salvadoroars Hace 18 días

    Adam is like your daddy baby and Blake is like your baby daddy

  • Zhanon Morales
    Zhanon Morales Hace 18 días

    Ush like I know this nigah ain't singing my song better then me. Lol

  • Cony Farias
    Cony Farias Hace 20 días

    You should put cardi b on the show

  • innocent devil
    innocent devil Hace 20 días

    03:25 blake shelton❤️

  • Max Williamson
    Max Williamson Hace 21 un día

    Why is Q from impractical jokers on this???

  • Muslim Mirzayev
    Muslim Mirzayev Hace 22 días

    2:05 ....

    PIG FACE!!!!!!!!

  • WattsMc
    WattsMc Hace 22 días +1

    Holy cow miley cyrus is ugly!

  • FuriousWolf7423
    FuriousWolf7423 Hace 22 días

    01:16 😂

  • Track And Field Kid
    Track And Field Kid Hace 22 días


  • Surya Nugroho Batara
    Surya Nugroho Batara Hace 23 días

    Alicia keys reaction 😍

  • Kevin Joshua Ng Epicentre

    The first guy might as well have been Lin Manuel Miranda

  • Jerica Lewis
    Jerica Lewis Hace 27 días

    There Goes My Baby😍😍😍😍

  • Jocelyn Molina
    Jocelyn Molina Hace 27 días


  • Emily Farmer
    Emily Farmer Hace 27 días

    Who else started hanging out when forget you came on?😂

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez Hace 28 días

    Some people wait their whole life for an opportunity it's time to get your voice heard

  • Bambilegacy12
    Bambilegacy12 Hace 28 días

    pretty sure someone did one for Shakira, and it seems it was not in this video

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones Hace 29 días

    I don’t think Christina was a coach in season 11. More like season ten, when Alisan won

  • Sasha T
    Sasha T Hace 29 días

    Justin Blake singing Blake's song..meant to be lol

  • Patty Digar
    Patty Digar Hace 29 días

    Dam he is sweet !!!!!!
    O and he sings great also

  • South Paw
    South Paw Hace 29 días

    Why is miley as judge .... she's horrible

  • Arvella Watson
    Arvella Watson Hace un mes

    Cee Lo's Face is Like 😏/😒

  • ogbu oji
    ogbu oji Hace un mes

    Adam Levine spoilt a good audition.. The guy did his song so wow!!! and yet he didn't turn, when other 3judges did.. That's really lame

  • Andhrie Jayesslee
    Andhrie Jayesslee Hace un mes

    8:50 whats tittle song or instrument ?

  • lele queen
    lele queen Hace un mes

    Hn the one who sang forget you

  • Kathryn Poole
    Kathryn Poole Hace un mes

    Anyone else notice that Nick Hagelin sounds A LOT like Michael Jackson in his audition ? Not HEE HEE Michael but Earth Song Michael.

  • forty love
    forty love Hace un mes

    2:51 Miley's fingers play ❤️

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez Hace un mes

    Nick was season 10

  • Rob's Highlight Reels
    Rob's Highlight Reels Hace un mes +3

    I swear Adam Levine looks a lot like Hitler at 0:38 😥😂

  • arion killion
    arion killion Hace un mes

    He hit adams high note and i almost threw up😂😂😂😂

  • arion killion
    arion killion Hace un mes

    I didnt like the guywho sang blakes song

  • arion killion
    arion killion Hace un mes

    Alecia got hype😋

  • Madelyn Genzlinger
    Madelyn Genzlinger Hace un mes

    Is that allowed?? I mean I never heard of this happening

    JKR JKR Hace un mes

    I love the concept of the voice. They can’t see them sing and pre judge based on their looks. Someone judged on her look alone was Susan Boyle. And look at her now. A magnificent singer and performer.

    JKR JKR Hace un mes

    Adam only pressed his button because it was a Blake song. As far as the singer he was okay. Over sang it - average singer.

  • Asia Monae
    Asia Monae Hace un mes

    There goes my baby gave me goose pimples....

  • Nathan Gorecki
    Nathan Gorecki Hace un mes

    Thats fucked blake

  • Shondrika Maltie
    Shondrika Maltie Hace un mes +1

    I love ushers reaction! He was feeling it si hard

  • Balázs Cs
    Balázs Cs Hace un mes

    2:04 Miley face: "damn, im so sad, she is better than me"

  • Trev Rocks lml
    Trev Rocks lml Hace un mes

    Which is the first song name!?

  • Christan Garraway
    Christan Garraway Hace un mes

    When you sing a coach's song, i think they'll critique you even harder....

  • esdrasUrbina
    esdrasUrbina Hace un mes

    1:25 he was on stage on that moment.

  • Shondrika Maltie
    Shondrika Maltie Hace un mes +11

    Ushers "there goes my baby" has to be sung damn near perfect and usher wasn't gone press unless it was on point. It was really a great cover

  • Tayanee Poovanart
    Tayanee Poovanart Hace un mes

    What’s the sound at the end of the video??

  • Sibabalwe Ponono
    Sibabalwe Ponono Hace un mes

    The way I was waiting for Usher to turn as the guy hit those falsetto notes...GOD!

  • AreYOUaSpider
    AreYOUaSpider Hace un mes

    How did Adam not turn for the last guy but he turned for the country dude?

  • Nicole Lui
    Nicole Lui Hace un mes

    Adam Levine ❤️❤️

  • BusyTrizzy
    BusyTrizzy Hace un mes

    Alicia is soooo cute

  • Alaysia Rollins
    Alaysia Rollins Hace un mes

    At first I thought he bitch

  • 0bliviousN1nja
    0bliviousN1nja Hace un mes +1

    1:47 my fav

  • Cayna Rich
    Cayna Rich Hace un mes

    3:01 shook*

  • Nick McEvoy
    Nick McEvoy Hace un mes

    Usher tho

  • Graphic Jack
    Graphic Jack Hace un mes

    For me, only the last guy was much good.

  • Suraj Sharma
    Suraj Sharma Hace un mes

    1:34 when adam and blake are discussing whether to hit the button and adam says "who gives a shit!"

  • Dawn Thompson
    Dawn Thompson Hace un mes

    I dont understand why they resist when they want to press....what are they looking for?

  • ChampBoy13
    ChampBoy13 Hace un mes

    Celo with that fat ass thriller jacket lmao!

  • jesse santibanez
    jesse santibanez Hace un mes

    I love the songs

  • ROBLOX Girl
    ROBLOX Girl Hace un mes

    The black haired guy with a beard is like Simon
    Very picky

  • Henri Tirado
    Henri Tirado Hace un mes

    The girl who sang Alicia Keys song is a Beast..not only she can sing,but she's gorgeous too.

  • Xavier Armachain
    Xavier Armachain Hace un mes +1

    The girl that did Alecia keys is gorgeous 🤤

  • maggie bolster
    maggie bolster Hace un mes +1

    The first one is scary

  • Bebudaknakal John
    Bebudaknakal John Hace un mes

    Definitely that girl who sang Alicia Keys song if I ain't got you.... You did well girl👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • pansexual! at the disco
    pansexual! at the disco Hace un mes +1

    7:17 large mood

  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim Hace un mes

    LOL Miley Circus is a judge? Next to Alicia Keys? jeeesuuus my bros the margin

  • pam n
    pam n Hace un mes

    Adam didn't turn for Nick? why the hell not???
    I think Nick did a nice job (and similar to Adam's version)...

  • Wayne Lancaster
    Wayne Lancaster Hace un mes

    Lauren Diaz is sensational wow one of the most incredible!!,

  • Jayjay Myers
    Jayjay Myers Hace un mes

    The guy that sang celo green was awful

  • Alison Rosales Torres
    Alison Rosales Torres Hace un mes +1

    If it aint you baby
    If i aint you baby
    For everything is nothing .

  • Nancy Foroughi
    Nancy Foroughi Hace 2 meses

    Alicia Keys can sing like no other!

  • trash hauler
    trash hauler Hace 2 meses

    Say unlike Usher Blake Shelton didn't turn around because he felt obligated to the dude was terrible probably good enough to sing at some nightclub somewhere what is not a top-level talent not even close another was the Usher guy

  • Reynor Carreon
    Reynor Carreon Hace 2 meses

    Is there a part 3?

  • Irem Ilhan
    Irem Ilhan Hace 2 meses +2

    5:09 - 5:18 idk why but I needed to laugh 😂

  • Michelle Rupp
    Michelle Rupp Hace 2 meses

    I love Blake Sheldon's songs I love my country born raised on a farm in california and I love it

  • Kirra Entwistle
    Kirra Entwistle Hace 2 meses

    Love blake shelton's songs