5 Contestants On The Voice Who Auditioned With a Coach's Song (Part 2)


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  • IG: _bosssqueen
    IG: _bosssqueen Hace 15 horas

    cmon now Blake . You Fraud Fraud

  • Justin Burton
    Justin Burton Hace 20 horas

    Guy doing Blake's song wasn't very good at all

  • EllaVision
    EllaVision Hace un día

    1:18 when coffees done

  • Calvionne County
    Calvionne County Hace un día

    Adam and Blake are very very picky about those that chose their songs. That’s a tricky game to play

  • EmmaACEfam fan
    EmmaACEfam fan Hace un día

    Im shishter shook

  • Gabrielle Hall
    Gabrielle Hall Hace un día +2

    Usher was waiting for him to hit that one note

  • ii OmqItzYuri ii
    ii OmqItzYuri ii Hace un día

    0:38 when the teacher forgets to check homework that you didn't do and someone reminds them.

  • kk girl
    kk girl Hace 2 días

    Bro i am so mad at this dum video 🤬😡🤬😡

  • Classic Mail
    Classic Mail Hace 2 días

    Is this karaoke?

  • Kerrian Whitely
    Kerrian Whitely Hace 2 días

    I love you so much and song.

  • Damaria Mcmillen
    Damaria Mcmillen Hace 2 días

    "Forget you" was amazing

  • Damaria Mcmillen
    Damaria Mcmillen Hace 2 días

    If i aint got u is my shit❤️

  • Damaria Mcmillen
    Damaria Mcmillen Hace 2 días

    Usher fine😍

  • Joeleymabhoy Massivecelticfan2108

    Worst ESclipsr ever

  • Random Edits
    Random Edits Hace 3 días

    I only liked the video because the cover for I ain’t got u😂💞✨🎃🧡

  • karen cuello
    karen cuello Hace 3 días

    Blake se da vuelta en todos, menos en los que cantan temas de el jajaja

  • Ahmed A
    Ahmed A Hace 3 días

    Judge not coach

  • Tara Jackson
    Tara Jackson Hace 3 días

    Of course blake isn't gonna tirn around for hos own song

  • Kenya Hunt
    Kenya Hunt Hace 3 días

    Everybody did bad 🤷‍♀️

  • Brooke Wright
    Brooke Wright Hace 3 días

    I don’t think the guy who sang “sure be cool if you did” did a very good job, so I don’t blame Blake for not turning

  • Shalay Kyles
    Shalay Kyles Hace 4 días

    I loved the Blake cover. Dude seriously sang the hell out of that song.

  • Rosie_lovesUnicorn 01
    Rosie_lovesUnicorn 01 Hace 4 días

    Today I just heard “sure be cool if you did” and I think he killed it

  • Destiny Perez
    Destiny Perez Hace 4 días

    Why does usher look uncomfortable 💀

    • bob sponge
      bob sponge Hace 3 días

      Destiny Perez He was surprised the guy wad white.

  • Queen Lesa
    Queen Lesa Hace 4 días


  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur Hace 4 días

    Adam is a fucking gay

  • AJ Sisson
    AJ Sisson Hace 4 días

    I wanna audition to one of Blakes songs id kill it lol

  • Carla West
    Carla West Hace 5 días

    Miley where's diapers

  • Angeles Santana
    Angeles Santana Hace 5 días

    Lauren Diaz just gave me chills all over my body 😍 that song is great in general! if I ain't got you

  • Jason Frye
    Jason Frye Hace 5 días

    I like alicia but she soubd better i think alcia knew

  • just to clarify life sucks

    I'd love to be on American idol but I don't think I sing good and I can't sing already written songs I only can sing made up songs

  • CloroxBleach 5566
    CloroxBleach 5566 Hace 5 días

    It was weird to see celo’s eyes through his glasses

  • Genuine Servant of God
    Genuine Servant of God Hace 5 días

    Before I watch this I gotta say that everybody that sung a coach song while they were there has a lot of courage. I love when the coach turns around and smile that's such an accomplishment.

  • Dione Jordan
    Dione Jordan Hace 5 días

    That was an awesome video

  • Sophia Mcbride
    Sophia Mcbride Hace 5 días

    when i heard “lost stars” i thought of jungkook ah it makes me cry

  • Lexi Wagner
    Lexi Wagner Hace 5 días

    Blake did that song so much better!!

  • codzydee
    codzydee Hace 6 días

    gee blake sheltons georgous nice smile too huba huba

  • Chambers Heros
    Chambers Heros Hace 6 días

    Karlifa n Charly put kill that music, the best in BET

  • Melissa Hidalgo
    Melissa Hidalgo Hace 6 días

    The guy who sang forget you brought me some james brown vibes I liked him

  • Alexis Sutton
    Alexis Sutton Hace 6 días

    That last guy tho

  • Ladonna Williams
    Ladonna Williams Hace 6 días

    she almost sounds like Alicia keys

  • Smilez xD
    Smilez xD Hace 6 días +1

    7:48 reminds me if Savage Garden

  • sydney blair
    sydney blair Hace 6 días

    Who is laying in bed and reading the comments while watching the video

  • Cicily Lalmuankimi
    Cicily Lalmuankimi Hace 6 días

    Usher is so cool.... 😘😘😘😘

  • Sin Vixen
    Sin Vixen Hace 7 días

    1:11-1:13 is such a beautiful moment i literally had tears in my eyes 8’)

  • Quashona Hardesty
    Quashona Hardesty Hace 7 días

    Blake Shelton wanted to press the button for Justin Blake but the reason he couldnt do it as bad as he wanted to because it was all in his face and demeanor...he didnt because it was a bitter sweet hatery type of moment for him because he felt Justin sanged his song better than he did himself smdh.

  • laquitia washington
    laquitia washington Hace 7 días

    They all Did an awesome job!

  • Michael Tumakay
    Michael Tumakay Hace 7 días

    3:35 billy crawford?

  • Star Nunley
    Star Nunley Hace 7 días

    Shelton looks so young.

  • A’s Vlogs
    A’s Vlogs Hace 7 días

    I absolutely love country music so the Blake Shelton one was my fav

  • Mustafa 006
    Mustafa 006 Hace 8 días

    Who is that girl which is wearing flower jeans cot. she is cute 😍😍😍

  • Supreme Tutorials
    Supreme Tutorials Hace 8 días

    The guy who sang the country song was a bit.. *bad*

  • vongwr1
    vongwr1 Hace 8 días

    ngl nick was a little pitchy

  • Am_a_gamer Tagata
    Am_a_gamer Tagata Hace 8 días +1

    They are all awesome, fantastic.😇😇

  • Kallypaso
    Kallypaso Hace 8 días

    Usher like *Who gave you the right to sing my song, and well too??*

  • Lizzie Decembre
    Lizzie Decembre Hace 8 días

    The girl singing Alicia is so gooooooooooooood

  • brandon eier
    brandon eier Hace 8 días +2

    Damn that dude gave Adam a run for his money! Wow

  • Claire Fisher
    Claire Fisher Hace 8 días

    Love the one's auditioning song don't look like I expected. Cool vid. Judges seem stoked about that too.

  • new life
    new life Hace 8 días +1

    that guy in white looks like Billy Crawford 😀

  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor Hace 9 días

    3:58 wtf is with her face omfg

  • Matt Harmon
    Matt Harmon Hace 10 días

    The guys that sang sure be cool if you did makes cringe

  • Hazelanne Dimaunahan
    Hazelanne Dimaunahan Hace 11 días

    Ang taba ni Billy crawford😂😂😂😂

  • Xalen Wells
    Xalen Wells Hace 11 días

    Shit I thought usher was singing

  • Groovy Tacoi
    Groovy Tacoi Hace 12 días

    The guy that sang ceelos song was out of breathe the whole song 😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Van Sant
    Elizabeth Van Sant Hace 12 días


  • Jesus Pineiro
    Jesus Pineiro Hace 12 días

    the guy in the first song was relly god. good job.

  • همدم افشار
    همدم افشار Hace 12 días

    اوه مای گاد

  • Elsie E. Oyiborume
    Elsie E. Oyiborume Hace 13 días


  • Sebastian Vallejos
    Sebastian Vallejos Hace 14 días

    Alicia keys 😍😘

  • BlissfulxBossxHugger
    BlissfulxBossxHugger Hace 14 días

    The guy that sang Blake’s song sounded like he was impersonating an accent.

  • heroe trilogics
    heroe trilogics Hace 14 días

    That mom scream for his life

  • livy Chan
    livy Chan Hace 15 días

    does anyone know the name of the end credits song that was played on guitar

  • Friends Happy
    Friends Happy Hace 15 días

    Watching the video 100 times.

  • Comfort Johnson
    Comfort Johnson Hace 15 días

    My favorite song here is lost star

  • blessed2b3 _plans
    blessed2b3 _plans Hace 15 días

    I’m talking about the first judge

  • blessed2b3 _plans
    blessed2b3 _plans Hace 15 días

    That girl with that blond hair she looks like shakira

  • Carolyn Carter
    Carolyn Carter Hace 15 días

    season 11 can go for a good Michael Jackson Singer

  • liezl quiacao
    liezl quiacao Hace 15 días

    Miley is so cute and pretty😘😘

  • Deb Bradford
    Deb Bradford Hace 17 días


  • Deb Bradford
    Deb Bradford Hace 17 días

    Adam's look say's , Dude you need a brass Ass to pull this off!

  • Everything by me
    Everything by me Hace 17 días

    The girl with Alicia keys song killed it,bout Alicia didnt put makeup?She doesnt look so good but whatever she is a good singer♥

    • Arma Letalia
      Arma Letalia Hace un día

      She doesn't look so good? Alicia Keys is perfection.

  • Madison Schmitt
    Madison Schmitt Hace 18 días

    I thought the first person was a girl at first!!! 🤭🤫

  • Sarah Coulman
    Sarah Coulman Hace 18 días

    That's probably the easiest way to get into the show... Using the coach's song..

  • Ari ari
    Ari ari Hace 18 días +1


    XANDRE TNT MODS Hace 19 días

    The first one is sooooo amazing

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia Hace 19 días

    Did not expect that voice from first guy lol, and Adam looking like slim Clark Kent

  • Ayush Gupta
    Ayush Gupta Hace 19 días

    Show the judges reactions

  • Bianca Chavarria
    Bianca Chavarria Hace 20 días

    i remember Nick made my heart MELT durin his audition!!!!

  • Bianca Chavarria
    Bianca Chavarria Hace 20 días

    Stevie Jo is my boy!!! Season 6 artists hold a special place in my ❤...they were THE season to give me a chance by comin on my web radio show....after 5 seasons of No....Season 6 gave me that Yes. I will always have y'alls back!!!!

  • Radhik Asari
    Radhik Asari Hace 20 días


  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson Hace 21 un día +1

    It was killing Alicia not to sing

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz Hace 22 días

    Wow, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton did not turn around for their own songs! That's really messed up!

  • Lisaa
    Lisaa Hace 22 días

    never good idea really to sing a judge song most of time

  • Mike Anthony
    Mike Anthony Hace 23 días

    Miley looking a little chubby but still hotter than a firecracker on the 4th July.

  • McKenzie Clinton
    McKenzie Clinton Hace 24 días

    Doesn't Adam Levine look like Thomas Rhett?😂 not sure if all of you know who he is, because he isn't the most popular singer in the world, but I love him! And Adam! They should be models😆 awkward much? Well it is now, so......

    Bye bye

  • Alinina
    Alinina Hace 24 días

    Singing Alicia!!! What a responsability!!!

  • realitybitesgirl
    realitybitesgirl Hace 25 días +3

    Can we talk about how cute Usher is??? His face is like a cute little toddler😍😍😍😍

  • Les Whynin
    Les Whynin Hace 25 días

    I'm surprised the Usher song didn't get more turns

  • Daryn Snipes
    Daryn Snipes Hace 25 días +2

    I'll never forget Lauren Diaz she was the best of the whole season

  • Tsitsie Lorraine Gwasira
    Tsitsie Lorraine Gwasira Hace 26 días

    Blake wen he saw e guy is white😂

    UBEC SQUAD Hace 26 días

    lol billy crawford fatty