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    Well this was DEFINITELY my highest calorie challenge yet! I had no idea until I was editing the video afterwards. Heh. That being said, I really felt a lot better about this one than my LAST cake challenge that I failed epically at. (Baking it). This thing came out moist, and delicious!

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  • Logan Robertson
    Logan Robertson Hace 15 días

    Starving Africans blow their loads to your videos

  • will nowak
    will nowak Hace 15 días

    You are a machine !!

  • Patricia Ball
    Patricia Ball Hace un mes

    That looks good.

  • sidahmed djabri
    sidahmed djabri Hace 3 meses

    yuumiii cake

  • Osito De Peluche
    Osito De Peluche Hace 8 meses

    What's up with the Ron Jeremy/Lexxx Lugar/Vanessa Del Rio/Nina Hartley porn music whilst eating, mate?

  • Ashlyn Connor
    Ashlyn Connor Hace 8 meses

    I want to eat this so badly.

  • SerenaIsALoser
    SerenaIsALoser Hace 8 meses +2

    I gotta say it really bugs me that you didn't eat the ice cream in the beginning and left it to melt all over the place. Anyways, love your vids Erik!

  • Riley Runnalls
    Riley Runnalls Hace 11 meses

    So, like, why didnt he dip the cake in the icecream...,

  • Gulnara Kupreishvili
    Gulnara Kupreishvili Hace un año

    Lol good style to do marketing

  • gillary Rodriguez
    gillary Rodriguez Hace un año

    u always makes me hungry

  • Teen Aesthetics
    Teen Aesthetics Hace un año +1

    How is this dude not fat that's more cake than I have ever ate in my life and I am 13 no lie

  • Juan Zapata
    Juan Zapata Hace un año

    that caked looked so good 😋

  • 유우
    유우 Hace un año

    Man vs food

  • Sawyer R
    Sawyer R Hace un año

    Now that I think about, this is probably so easy. As someone with an insane appetite, I would enjoy living as eric does. Do a challenge like this every 2 weeks or so getting to enjoy himself like crazy, then diet hard for 2 weeks (which is probably easy for him, being that he doesn't eat anything the next few days and thus has no appetite, and continues doing this eating nothing but veggies and protein and having almost no hunger since fasting causes no hunger). Only thing is that this is soo bad for you

  • MrKillMan!
    MrKillMan! Hace un año

    Is fake :v,

  • Elizabeth Assiralk
    Elizabeth Assiralk Hace un año

    Looks dry af

  • Sarah D'Souza
    Sarah D'Souza Hace un año

    how does he finish almost 10000 calories in 14 minutes while other people struggle to eat that much in a day

  • Dan Cz
    Dan Cz Hace un año

    I love watching these old videos

  • Ezra Ratner
    Ezra Ratner Hace un año

    Moist supreme😏😏😂

  • kvnmcinturff1
    kvnmcinturff1 Hace un año

    The last bit of music is the same that Craig Tube uses for his intro video.

  • Michelle Got Locs
    Michelle Got Locs Hace un año

    I don't know how I found your channel but I'm glad I are a beast at these challenges ...and so far I feel you are one of the greatest I I told you on the other comment..I truly believe you can beat that kitchen sink challenge. .no one have ever beaten it...but I'll bet my money on you tough guy

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez Hace un año

    Boi if you dont change that mario kart music

  • Lachi molala
    Lachi molala Hace un año

    bruh when I have one small cup of 7 up I can't bring myself to eat for at least 3 hrs..

  • Grant Warren
    Grant Warren Hace un año

    Erik the sellout

    AIN'T FREE Hace un año

    you are absolutely mad

  • Smince
    Smince Hace un año

    That's pretty moist ;)

  • RoughHands Co.
    RoughHands Co. Hace un año

    Cellucor is the shit.

  • jesus molina
    jesus molina Hace 2 años

    now all youtubers can eat a 3kg of cake -.- bitch please

  • Allie Pitcher
    Allie Pitcher Hace 2 años

    i eat those cinnamon rolls that he put on the top like every day 😂👌

  • Iwillownyou
    Iwillownyou Hace 2 años

    You cannot possibly be fucken human bruh!!!!!

  • paula
    paula Hace 2 años

    You always seem so nice and easy going😄 just gained a sub

  • Delani Sullivan
    Delani Sullivan Hace 2 años

    youre the cutest thing (:

  • Patricia Christie
    Patricia Christie Hace 2 años

    Seriously looking like a cutie with all that icing on your face there Erik, ha ha. Well done with the challenge and with the sponsorship. Fab as always. More weights in the gym please....... Why Thank you ! xx

  • Anna Clifton
    Anna Clifton Hace 2 años

    Watching the ice cream melt in slow mo on that cake was just the most satisfying thing ever

  • Charmaine Newman
    Charmaine Newman Hace 2 años

    How does all that food no curdle in your stomach.??

  • Abril A
    Abril A Hace 2 años


  • Julia Kruse
    Julia Kruse Hace 2 años

    My question is why and how don't you get fat?

    • Harvey
      Harvey Hace 2 años +2

      Julia Vives he bikes like 30 miles a day and goes to the gym ontop of that

  • Valerie B
    Valerie B Hace 2 años +11

    i think these videos are just an excuse to binge

  • Lunetta Williams
    Lunetta Williams Hace 2 años

    your amazing, your my favorite. to watch.

  • Phoenix_ Rxd
    Phoenix_ Rxd Hace 2 años

    hello guys i love your vidéo dont stop it i'm french fan subscriber 😘😘😘

  • Stacy
    Stacy Hace 2 años

    that looks gross

  • The Sims Select
    The Sims Select Hace 2 años

    Is anyone else wondering what "gains" means?

    • Apotheosis
      Apotheosis Hace 2 años +1

      "Gains is best described as a lifestyle that many take to put on muscle and get into shape.
      The term has been popularized by the hodgetwins youtube channel.
      However, gains isn't just about getting big muscles and looking lean. The complex lifestyle of making gains is commonly misinterpreted by the fat and lazy as simple meathead/roid user terminology. One will find that making gains consists of: the process of lifting, eating healthy, and making life decisions based off of ones health."

  • Eva rose
    Eva rose Hace 2 años +2

    he deserves more subs

  • Radu Anton
    Radu Anton Hace 2 años

    that was brutal

  • Sarah J
    Sarah J Hace 2 años +32

    I'm pretty sure he lives alone. I mean imagine if he had a girlfriend or something and she came home to find his face face smothered with icing and their kitchen table swamped with diabetes

    • Suga Kookie
      Suga Kookie Hace un año

      Sarah J Id find that amusing actually.

    • Matt White
      Matt White Hace 2 años

      Sarah J so true😂😂😂

    • michael_schilperoort
      michael_schilperoort Hace 2 años +6

      I would love to come home and see this 😂😂

    • reuben manners
      reuben manners Hace 2 años +1

      lol kitchen table and diabetes that he most likely paid for

  • Olivia Jayde
    Olivia Jayde Hace 2 años

    Love the make do whisk! Haha

  • daquan williams
    daquan williams Hace 2 años +2

    that looks idk😂good but naste😂

  • Ali Mujtaba
    Ali Mujtaba Hace 2 años

    u can be a chef :p

  • ShowMeSomeTrailers
    ShowMeSomeTrailers Hace 2 años

    How is this a Protein cake? Its mostly carbs

  • Miguel Ocasio
    Miguel Ocasio Hace 2 años

    what supplements do u take cause im trying to find some i can use

  • Jack Perkins
    Jack Perkins Hace 2 años

    I suspect some tactical chundering is at play here, why so many video cuts ??

    • aka.awesomeness
      aka.awesomeness Hace un año

      Jack Perkins what does tactical chundering mean?

  • Top Fitness
    Top Fitness Hace 2 años

    Amazing stuff !!!!

  • Alexis Sim
    Alexis Sim Hace 2 años +2

    Not sure how I got here but I'm glad I did. These videos are amazing. Obsessed!!

  • Jess Pember
    Jess Pember Hace 2 años +42

    Everyone's complaining about how he's advertising Cellucor... But first off he's not even doing it in an obnoxious way and if he's getting paid to do it and it's a really good product then why shouldn't he advertise it?... Personally I love Cellucor products and found that him mentioning it and the way he mentioned it was helpful. And hey money off so that's always great!

  • Massimo Imparato
    Massimo Imparato Hace 2 años

    please, someone can help me to understand why this guy does that? i cannot understand

    • EM Gold
      EM Gold Hace 2 años

      he does it for the lolz

    • Marie Myers
      Marie Myers Hace 2 años

      Way off. Watch his Q & A videos to understand.

    • Aitor Ruiz
      Aitor Ruiz Hace 2 años

      you're not the only one. i'd say, eating disorder of a magnitude never seen before

  • Jose Manuel  Ros Muñoz
    Jose Manuel Ros Muñoz Hace 2 años

    no me lo creo !!!

  • Wombat
    Wombat Hace 2 años

    why music from oblivion

  • The_Bella_Vista_Boy
    The_Bella_Vista_Boy Hace 2 años +1

    You had me at moist!

  • Jennifer Jane
    Jennifer Jane Hace 2 años +3

    I need this on my birthday, I demand someone make me this cake for my birthday! Haha

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller Hace 2 años +1

    After a while u looked tired of the cake Lool reminded me of the Matilda cake scene a bit

    • Joey the potato
      Joey the potato Hace 7 meses

      Alex Miller protein is the hardest to digest macronutrient so yea he should be pretty shit faced😂

  • Nacho Olvera
    Nacho Olvera Hace 2 años +1

    Matt Stonie should try this!

  • Louisa Routsi
    Louisa Routsi Hace 2 años

    he looks so cute when he gets all messy 😍

  • m93bxksa
    m93bxksa Hace 2 años

    here goes nothing xdxd

  • Tudor Gavrila
    Tudor Gavrila Hace 2 años

    always start with the ice cream!

  • Simon Gooding
    Simon Gooding Hace 2 años +2

    Why do i watch this stuff when I'm on prep D:

  • Veronica Maxine Pollard

    whats your blood type?...i use to eat the same foods as you and almost as much as you and I weighed 350 pounds, when I was 23 years old, I now weigh 185.

  • Veronica Maxine Pollard
    Veronica Maxine Pollard Hace 2 años +1

    How many calories is in that?

      TEX-GAMING Hace 2 años +2

      It says in the description and he says it in the video. 20K

    • Workflow Films
      Workflow Films Hace 2 años

      +Veronica Maxine Pollard 20.000 :D

  • francesca calicchia
    francesca calicchia Hace 2 años

    Come cavolo fai fitlio

  • justin spear
    justin spear Hace 3 años

    love you videos

  • S F
    S F Hace 3 años

    Vitellius the Glutton but entertaining

  • CassandrainIncognito
    CassandrainIncognito Hace 3 años +21

    This just makes me think of the cake guy from Matilda.

    • joeyjaws2
      joeyjaws2 Hace 2 años

      CassandrainIncognito 😂😂

  • Nali Schnali
    Nali Schnali Hace 3 años +1

    why are you not as fat as I am? 😱😍

  • Spencer Cartwright
    Spencer Cartwright Hace 3 años

    Erik, you should make a tutorial on how you avoid diabetes (:

  • Lily G
    Lily G Hace 3 años

    Lol@ Diet pepsi :D

  • Estephanie Onorato
    Estephanie Onorato Hace 3 años +13

    If I could eat everything you eat, and still be as fit as you.... I'd be the happiest human being on Earth

    • KrystleTheSelkieMermaid
      KrystleTheSelkieMermaid Hace 2 años

      You can't be happy when you are eating that much to the point of torture. I don't feel that he is enjoying himself either during the process.

    • Mike
      Mike Hace 3 años +2

      +Estephanie Onorato Grass is always greener, until you see it up close :)

  • Nicholas Olano
    Nicholas Olano Hace 3 años +13

    You should do a collab video with Matt Stonie!

  • tuber856
    tuber856 Hace 3 años +5

    "cellucor amazing people" generic vagus blanket sellout statement. don't be a douche dude.

  • Andrew Dinh
    Andrew Dinh Hace 3 años +3


  • Danielle Hill
    Danielle Hill Hace 3 años

    birthday cake goals af

  • Oz-kar 77
    Oz-kar 77 Hace 3 años

    11:05 depresion song xd, delete this song of your videos bro , but great video bro :)

    • Bruno Moglia
      Bruno Moglia Hace 3 años

      los 2 necesitamos aprender mas ingles xD

  • Lit Productions
    Lit Productions Hace 3 años +28

    Use my code "erikiselectric" for 25% diabetes check after eating this

  • Dick Piano
    Dick Piano Hace 3 años

    do you have a black hole in ur gut?

  • Yun Ni
    Yun Ni Hace 3 años

    You seems good at working

    • Yun Ni
      Yun Ni Hace 3 años +1

      Cooking . I cannot believe you live in San Marcos . I assume you study at csusm .....

  • Luzian el Ingeniero
    Luzian el Ingeniero Hace 3 años


  • get rekt m8
    get rekt m8 Hace 3 años

    375g of protein isnt healthy

    • Joey the potato
      Joey the potato Hace 7 meses

      get rekt m8 he obviously doesn't do it every day...

  • djleeclarke
    djleeclarke Hace 3 años

    that sponge looks awesome! hpw did u make it? instructions please.

  • More Of Freya
    More Of Freya Hace 3 años

    Hope you choke & die.

  • michelle woolford
    michelle woolford Hace 3 años +2

    great video, but isn't this like binge eating???

  • Tragic Games
    Tragic Games Hace 3 años

    Was the cake dense tasting and hard to get down overall or was it moist?

  • abeeveryday
    abeeveryday Hace 3 años

    I just wanna know how that cake tasted.

  • luxas110
    luxas110 Hace 3 años

    how can your stomach take all of that haha quality video highly entertaining , don't mind the dumb jealous kids and that protein is great by the way :) !
    P.S i wonder how long you'll be stuck in the toilet after this one :D

  • WhySoSerious?
    WhySoSerious? Hace 3 años

    Send me the recipe Erik. Lol

  • Conrad
    Conrad Hace 3 años

    Where is the wristband from?

  • Anton Mies
    Anton Mies Hace 3 años

    Looks really tasty. Self made stuff taste always better and macros gonna be on point :D
    At least enough protein for the week.

  • Something Different
    Something Different Hace 3 años

    Incredible monster challenge. Maybe i missed it, but how many calories is this ? It looks like the whole thing is some 14lb or so.

    • Something Different
      Something Different Hace 3 años

      +Erik TheElectric o haha. can't believe i missed that. that's crazy u ate 20K in one sitting... many peeps can't even do 10K in one day.

  • Josh Hockett
    Josh Hockett Hace 3 años

    Your channel and video footage has evolved as fast as your eating abilities bud. Nice work! Killer video by the way man! Delicious!!!

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia Hace 3 años

    I wonder if matt stonie would make gainzz off of this lol

  • Sky _
    Sky _ Hace 3 años

    That awkward moment when a cake is prettier than you are

  • Jehann Mostert
    Jehann Mostert Hace 3 años

    I would become obese from just eating that whole cake...

  • Doomer
    Doomer Hace 3 años

    omfg howwwww do you eat all that, i would eat one cinnamon bun and call it quits omfg :( loool good job wow!