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  • Shelby Hutchison
    Shelby Hutchison Hace 5 meses +1180

    Holy crap, That was a rate of 450 calories per minute. Thats INSANE!

    • Katie Maige
      Katie Maige Hace 9 días

      Shelby Hutchison Eric is SuperGoku

    • gang gang
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    • Ezra Ratner
      Ezra Ratner Hace 2 meses

      1000th like

    • JackTheWolf
      JackTheWolf Hace 3 meses +1

      Shelby Hutchison and he passed 10k in under 15 minutes so that’s about 675cals per minute at the beginning

    • hizzy plays
      hizzy plays Hace 3 meses

      Actually it to 449.999999999999r calories per minute

  • DShaun Lundy
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  • Emily Miller
    Emily Miller Hace 21 un hora

    That little kids face in the shop 4:35

  • itsralphyhere
    itsralphyhere Hace un día

    Holy poop well done

  • V Trend
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  • Kall Keemstar
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  • Fiadh O Shea
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  • Walker Stalker 101
    Walker Stalker 101 Hace 2 días

    Nutella I’m still watching this and I’m soooo hungry 😂😂😂👍🏻

  • Clan Axes Echo
    Clan Axes Echo Hace 2 días

    Anyone else raid your fridge while watching this video

  • ct vlogs
    ct vlogs Hace 3 días

    He didn't even open the yellos pack of oreos

  • ŧĥéøđŏŗôŝ ļĕøʼnţäŗïŧï

    I hoped ill had all of them but.. I don't think theyll go to mu belly!! Hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kt Ken
    Kt Ken Hace 4 días

    omg he is so handsome!

  • Bbk E
    Bbk E Hace 5 días

    He living his best life

  • Destinee Snyder
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  • Memphis Butler
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  • Mr. Weedle
    Mr. Weedle Hace 7 días

    Lol those milk duds landed perfectly xD

  • Distracted ByLove
    Distracted ByLove Hace 7 días

    This was uploaded on my 12th birthday!

  • googoo gaga
    googoo gaga Hace 7 días

    I'll liked this for papa roach

  • Alex mcginty
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  • Jan JS
    Jan JS Hace 7 días

    7:33 u have one wish granted...Me: I want to reach through the screen to get some of that food, right now!

  • OneJurassic FanBoi
    OneJurassic FanBoi Hace 7 días


  • برشلونية وافتخر


  • TheSkilledSnail
    TheSkilledSnail Hace 8 días

    Nutella overload

  • sooofii coll
    sooofii coll Hace 9 días

    Hansel in 2018

  • Cody Van horbek
    Cody Van horbek Hace 9 días +1

    Me: I wish I had a donut
    Eric: I wish I had a box of donuts

  • Jason blanyar
    Jason blanyar Hace 10 días

    Let mic at 3:30 e.e

  • Fishing Freaks
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  • Erin Perkins
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  • savage kyd
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  • Rasmus Samuelsson
    Rasmus Samuelsson Hace 13 días

    Nutella! You are an actual beast, who even eats that much! Quality content bro, keep it up!

  • Mobile Gaming
    Mobile Gaming Hace 14 días

    4:32 the kidd kept on looking at the food he was buying lmao

  • marianna chaita
    marianna chaita Hace 15 días

    my stomach hurts just by watching it. u are insaneeeeeeeeee

  • Officially.mimi
    Officially.mimi Hace 15 días

    70000 calories

  • Muffin_Angel
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  • 침침's fucking JAMS
    침침's fucking JAMS Hace 16 días

    come on. this is so stupid. why?

  • Skyler Fielding
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  • Dindo Eslopir
    Dindo Eslopir Hace 16 días

    Where does the nugget go

  • Yvonne
    Yvonne Hace 16 días

    You ate the amount of calories I eat in a day in one minute WOW LOL

  • olivia_sundin
    olivia_sundin Hace 17 días

    you should do a 12 jars of peanut butter in 12 hours challenge or even more

    • Nicolas T
      Nicolas T Hace 16 días

      olivia_sundin, I so agree : Peanut Butter is life :D

  • UrkejPlayz
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  • RC Gaming
    RC Gaming Hace 19 días +1

    One sub to my channel = one prayer for Erik’s table

  • TSM_Legend _
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  • Charly Sahyoun
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  • Rosé Bae
    Rosé Bae Hace 19 días

    ... it takes me one whole hour to eat 200g of Sweet potato.. how thE HELL OMG YOU MACHINE. KEUDOS TO YOU

  • Jane Hutchins
    Jane Hutchins Hace 19 días

    Nutella! For life

  • No Name
    No Name Hace 19 días

    Just curious as why you drink non dairy milk but ice cream?

  • Anand Kissoon
    Anand Kissoon Hace 19 días

    Love the music..motivatinal...

  • Ethan Fernandez
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  • Andi Kryeziu
    Andi Kryeziu Hace 20 días

    Im just wondering if you even care about the people thats poor and cant afford food and you are here eating food that poor people even cant touch

  • K Z Unicorn Squad
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  • K Z Unicorn Squad
    K Z Unicorn Squad Hace 21 un día +4

    Omg their krispy kream is so cheap for that many doughnuts 🍩

  • Kowshigan Ampalavanar
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  • Mia Jenkins
    Mia Jenkins Hace 22 días

    4min35s the kid in the background lol

  • Xx Pizza xX
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  • daddy ty
    daddy ty Hace 22 días

    I feel like if I have diabetes watching this video

  • Danity Williams
    Danity Williams Hace 22 días

    Nutella double up

  • Sebastian Ansmann
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  • H3M_ LilFag
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  • Amilio Gamez
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  • TheEsrader
    TheEsrader Hace 25 días

    you ate 4,2 kgs :O

  • Felus Hopefell
    Felus Hopefell Hace 25 días

    The only reps I know are marching band reps and my band director ACTUALLY SAID get "As Many Reps As Possible" to us.

  • Julio González
    Julio González Hace 25 días

    Yo amo Nutella 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Kharis R
    Kharis R Hace 25 días

    WoW (°0°)

  • GodzillaBoy 808
    GodzillaBoy 808 Hace 25 días

    4:35 The kids hopes and dreams are unfolding before him

  • Sam Larson
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  • K&L Nation
    K&L Nation Hace 27 días

    Nutella and can i get a shot out

  • Danny Chekan
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  • Hannah Loomis
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  • Jerald Green
    Jerald Green Hace 29 días

    What a FRUITCAKE!!!

  • Bereghost 53529
    Bereghost 53529 Hace un mes

    *mommy what is that man doing*
    Living out my dream that’s what

  • Fifi Tasabhji
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  • Pratham Tondon
    Pratham Tondon Hace un mes

    4:35 mommy I want Oreos

  • PaOK
    PaOK Hace un mes

    I want those chocolates 💕💕

  • Ashleigh Hooson
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  • Boot lace
    Boot lace Hace un mes

    Watching him eat is so satisfying, but it's shit for my diet

  • Maddiecat1018 AJ
    Maddiecat1018 AJ Hace un mes +12

    Actual footage of me when I get home from school

  • Sebastian Vaca
    Sebastian Vaca Hace un mes

    Nutella=chocolate baby

  • زوز زوير
    زوز زوير Hace un mes

    Shut how he is eat all thes?

  • Ando w!!
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  • Jeremiah's vlog
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  • GART The Squid
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  • Voycho
    Voycho Hace un mes

    4:35 Mommy why do I have to eat veggies when that guy clearly eats ice cream for dinner
    Because there good for you Tommy
    To BAD veggies forever

  • D812 Gaming
    D812 Gaming Hace un mes

    10 days worth of food in 1 sitting

  • QuickMalcolm
    QuickMalcolm Hace un mes

    4:35 lol. The kid just staring at it.

  • Betsy Olmedo
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  • Alvexia
    Alvexia Hace un mes

    Cherry cola Oreos????

  • Milliemoo 2006
    Milliemoo 2006 Hace un mes

    Can you do a million calories plz I like watching all of ur calorie challenges

  • 99thMonkeyNet
    99thMonkeyNet Hace un mes

    please do a nutella on everything video. Like cheeseburgers, pizza, seafood, veggies - I know you can do it

  • Rosemary Adams
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  • camron nutt
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  • Voycho
    Voycho Hace un mes

    I don’t have a crispy cream in my town

  • lilbearbro
    lilbearbro Hace un mes

    eric says "people" a lot but I still love channel

  • Eva Souza
    Eva Souza Hace un mes +4

    I'd be done after one inside out burger and some fries.

    • Nyles Andrews
      Nyles Andrews Hace un mes +1

      + The Calories he has here is for sure at least 5-7 days worth Combined if not 2 weeks minimum ? So I Give Kudos to Erik for the Challenges he gets through.

    • Nyles Andrews
      Nyles Andrews Hace un mes +1

      Two Combos from "McDonalds" or "Harvey's" or "Wendy's" or "A And W" ( Two Burgers-Two Fries-Two Drinks is my limit for one person although at Harvey's did get four Apple Pie Turnovers) eat one a day then am Finished.

  • Leshay Gardner
    Leshay Gardner Hace un mes

    your cup says i pooped today it should say i pooped all day hey can you come out with cups and shirts that say that

  • lolza wowza
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  • Youssief Mehawed
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