Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2

  • Publicado el 21 may 2019
  • Watch the final trailer for Toy Story 4, and see the film in theaters June 21.
    Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019.

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Comentarios • 7 530

  • itzel palace
    itzel palace Hace 26 minutos

    Like si hablas español

  • Also Feelnlikepablo
    Also Feelnlikepablo Hace 27 minutos

    Thank God

  • Andrew Wills
    Andrew Wills Hace 27 minutos +1

    When your playing fnaf vr and you see something that is cute and has never attacked you or appeard before and it can actually jumpscare you

  • SG Ignite
    SG Ignite Hace 27 minutos

    Looks garbage tbh

  • Lillian Newberry
    Lillian Newberry Hace 27 minutos +1

    90’s baby’s: oh YoU gUYs dONt KnOW aNYthINg aBOUt TOy StoRY
    Early 20’s baby’s BOI 😑

  • Sam Lachot
    Sam Lachot Hace 28 minutos

    Keanu Reeves, yes John Wick plays the stunt devil guy.

  • I'mLautaro? ??
    I'mLautaro? ?? Hace 29 minutos

    Traduzcanlo en Español la puta que los pario.. siempre ingles...

  • AGUSTIN Sepulveda
    AGUSTIN Sepulveda Hace 29 minutos

    Está parte de mi vida,está pequeña parte se llama felicidad

  • Fali Zaer
    Fali Zaer Hace 29 minutos

    1:25 That's a really nice cat. Like, Pixar nice.

  • Robert Ambrosio
    Robert Ambrosio Hace 30 minutos

    Woody and buzz are over 20 years old by now, life goes so fast

  • Edgar Saldana
    Edgar Saldana Hace 32 minutos

    Plush rush is the reason I’m going to have to watch this movie.

  • VoxVevo
    VoxVevo Hace 34 minutos

    Narrator: These are your friends
    Introvert Me: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (Passes out)

  • JesusEmiliano Avaloz Gutierre

    My childhood in 2 minuts😢😢

  • Chris Reyes
    Chris Reyes Hace 35 minutos +1

    *Captain marvel is smiling somewhere*

  • VoxVevo
    VoxVevo Hace 36 minutos

    Narrator: You are a toy. You belong to Bonnie.
    Me: Remembers I knew a Bonnie that toyed with me

  • Kyouma F
    Kyouma F Hace 36 minutos

    Wow I'm so expect for that!

  • Jason Hanrahan
    Jason Hanrahan Hace 36 minutos +1

    Forky is named Forky just so Disney can use THE joke.
    Woody "lets make sure we got everybody"
    30 seconds later
    Mr.PotatoHead " WHERE THE FORK IS FORKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Mass panic from the dinosaur...

  • PokéRider Electric
    PokéRider Electric Hace 37 minutos

    Nice to see Woody gets Toy-napped again 1:22

  • ChispyReddit
    ChispyReddit Hace 38 minutos

    Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Finding Forky

  • VoxVevo
    VoxVevo Hace 38 minutos

    Is that how we look on the inside?
    Fluffy 😂

  • BlueKat 1
    BlueKat 1 Hace 39 minutos +1

    Ah Toy Story the only movie series that doesn't make you want to gouge your eyes out

  • Ulises Morales
    Ulises Morales Hace 40 minutos

    El que hable español denle like

  • Edward Ramos
    Edward Ramos Hace 40 minutos

    “Woody why am I alive?” Forky is asking the realest questions

  • Lavisha Sharma
    Lavisha Sharma Hace 41 un minuto

    "The panic is attacking ME."

  • Anton Massey
    Anton Massey Hace 41 un minuto

    Stop it

  • Sebastian Shramkovsky
    Sebastian Shramkovsky Hace 41 un minuto

    So that dare devil dude is evil, like 100%

  • Water
    Water Hace 41 un minuto

    This will show how toys come alive

  • Wylie Coyote
    Wylie Coyote Hace 41 un minuto

    I think Forky should have PTSD from being shoved into people's mouths. Or there should be a scene where he learns his non-toy purpose and rescues all the other plasticware from the stores.

  • DankyBoiMemesVille Oof
    DankyBoiMemesVille Oof Hace 42 minutos

    I’m still wondering at what part did the cast starting crying while making Toy Story 4

    JOSE EUCLIDES Hace 43 minutos


  • Fire Fire
    Fire Fire Hace 43 minutos +1

    "Woahh were not doing that"

  • J A J A xd
    J A J A xd Hace 43 minutos


    JOSE EUCLIDES Hace 44 minutos

    Sonora dinamita

  • M3Top
    M3Top Hace 44 minutos +1

    RIP Don Rickles

  • StickStuff
    StickStuff Hace 45 minutos

    Mabel is now a dinosaur toy confirmed.

  • Wesley Bennett
    Wesley Bennett Hace 45 minutos

    0:01 me every day of my life

  • Splittine63 Splittine64
    Splittine63 Splittine64 Hace 47 minutos +1

    God I Can’t Wait To Watch This

  • Go Spidey Go!
    Go Spidey Go! Hace 47 minutos

    Why doesn’t this trailer have more views? So much less than Spider-Man

  • ImTheRipper XD
    ImTheRipper XD Hace 48 minutos

    When I was little the T. rex was my favorite toy

  • Press Random
    Press Random Hace 48 minutos

    Subscribe to Press Random for the survival of Forky!!!

  • uglygal
    uglygal Hace 48 minutos +1

    *_“w h y a m I a l i v e?”_*

  • Go Spidey Go!
    Go Spidey Go! Hace 48 minutos +1

    “Woody... why am I alive?”
    Forky is so introspective

  • Всем שלןם, Я – Зαχαρ

    Voody is power

  • Kristen Limelight
    Kristen Limelight Hace 49 minutos

    MY CHILDHOOD❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • RealStoopKid69 69
    RealStoopKid69 69 Hace 49 minutos

    Why do I have this weird feeling that Bow will be the villain in this

  • Jo
    Jo Hace 49 minutos

    I know Im not going to be the only grown up in the movie theatre✌🙏

  • Overlord ➊
    Overlord ➊ Hace 49 minutos

    Roses are red. I put jam on my crackers. If you nut in space, it pushes you backwards.

  • exdee ,
    exdee , Hace 50 minutos

    They've milked the Toy Story series for all it's worth. When will Disney and Pixar and other animation studios learn to retire a storyline and build a new one?

  • Sam
    Sam Hace 51 un minuto

    This movie will literally be over $11 to see it in theaters and it’s about a spork?? SIGN ME UP

  • B Town
    B Town Hace 52 minutos

    No matter what your political alignment is in these strange times, June 22nd let's all just get in touch with our inner child once more and share in some laughs.

  • Tøp Willy
    Tøp Willy Hace 53 minutos

    they said tom hanks cried. please let there be some twist in this movie

  • Walid A
    Walid A Hace 53 minutos

    When is start ?????

  • Jack Hoffmen
    Jack Hoffmen Hace 53 minutos

    Genital hair is not a good thing

  • The angry croissant 2
    The angry croissant 2 Hace 55 minutos

    I'm not ready to break down in the theatre again

  • Ryan Hay
    Ryan Hay Hace 55 minutos

    2 hours after toy story 4 trailer comes out
    10 things you missed in toy story 4 trailer, top 10 easter eggs in toy story 4 trailer, who is forky in toy story 4 trailer, 10 things only true fans noticed in toy story 4 trailer

  • PoolBhai
    PoolBhai Hace 55 minutos

    Compare Toy Story 1 dog and the cat in this one...

  • Hakman Tim
    Hakman Tim Hace 55 minutos +1

    So why can’t they make a new forky?!

  • -Tcáf-
    -Tcáf- Hace 55 minutos

    Omg Mabel from gravity falls
    And Louise from bobs burgers

  • Ryan Kowalski
    Ryan Kowalski Hace 55 minutos +1


  • Carter Lewis
    Carter Lewis Hace 56 minutos

    It looks decent, but will never never be like #1

  • Monica Zambo
    Monica Zambo Hace 56 minutos

    Woah! Duke!!! 1:11

  • DondeEstaLaLeche
    DondeEstaLaLeche Hace 57 minutos +1

    Today is my birthday!!!🎉🎉

  • Darc James
    Darc James Hace 58 minutos

    Congrats for number one on trending

  • Zoe Brophy
    Zoe Brophy Hace 59 minutos +1


  • Wild Side
    Wild Side Hace 59 minutos

    Is that slappy from goosebumps?😁

  • Philip Esaa
    Philip Esaa Hace un hora +1

    I don’t trust the new guy

  • JC Donahue
    JC Donahue Hace un hora

    This looks like the beginning of the end of toy story

  • The Proceedings
    The Proceedings Hace un hora

    Forky: why am I alive?
    Rick: To pass butter.

  • x3pm
    x3pm Hace un hora

    When did toy story turn into finding Nemo?

  • Flash Kill
    Flash Kill Hace un hora

    The plush rush was hilarious

  • Bianca Rodriguez
    Bianca Rodriguez Hace un hora

    Todo eso lo hacen por un tenedor que lo pueden hacerlo otra vez. 😒

  • Orpheus 010
    Orpheus 010 Hace un hora

    Ray tracing is beautiful. Please come to video games

  • 100,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Who's ready I know I am!!!

  • BlaseOrpheus 686
    BlaseOrpheus 686 Hace un hora

    Whoever makes disney's trailers needs to be fired.

  • Rubén CM
    Rubén CM Hace un hora

    No mamen falta un buen!!!

  • F4IX
    F4IX Hace un hora

    how could people dislike🧐

  • MetalSonic646
    MetalSonic646 Hace un hora

    I wonder how this movie will make me emotional compared to other movies I saw

  • Emily Mccloskey
    Emily Mccloskey Hace un hora

    I’m so excited and beyond ! 💛🤣☺️

  • young boy savage
    young boy savage Hace un hora +1

    I am so excited for this movie

  • VicelikeGold
    VicelikeGold Hace un hora

    That's nice but when is Toy Story 6 coming out?

  • Jacoby Campbell
    Jacoby Campbell Hace un hora


  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez Hace un hora

    I am more excited for that RAINING SCENE

  • thebaldgamer 1
    thebaldgamer 1 Hace un hora +1

    How can people dislike this 🤮

  • marshie mallow
    marshie mallow Hace un hora

    Wait, so... we tryna help a fork here?

  • Yotube 6686
    Yotube 6686 Hace un hora

    The beginning is me when Pixar releases a new movie

  • Felix Licht
    Felix Licht Hace un hora

    buzz die

  • TheShadowfire204
    TheShadowfire204 Hace un hora

    Plot twist, they actually accidentally snap that old lady's neck in the process and the whole rest of the movie becomes about hiding the evidence

  • Mark Sidorov
    Mark Sidorov Hace un hora

    So is this what actually happens when they miss the truck?

  • myexdrinkmynut
    myexdrinkmynut Hace un hora

    I swear I'm having deja vu. Was this trailer out some weeks ago?

  • يسري محمد
    يسري محمد Hace un hora


  • don't trust me
    don't trust me Hace un hora

    I know Im probably not gonna like this movie trust me

  • Mr Apple Thief
    Mr Apple Thief Hace un hora


  • Crispey Bussle
    Crispey Bussle Hace un hora

    The 3rd movie pulled at the heartstrings, and now this movie will be more psychological and make you question the life of toys. The toys literally get a look at their insides and question death. External and internal crisis!

  • Silver Chicken
    Silver Chicken Hace un hora

    omg just let it die

  • Shyboy
    Shyboy Hace un hora

    Disney and Pixar are getting to the point where they can’t make it look any more realistic

  • Kalin Ridenour
    Kalin Ridenour Hace un hora

    Where's bull's-eye?

  • Jada Faith
    Jada Faith Hace un hora

    Oh my god they really jumped a grandma

  • Pand EXツ
    Pand EXツ Hace un hora

    Mark Ruffalo: He get's married in this one!

  • Zoey Bright
    Zoey Bright Hace un hora


  • Cynthia 15
    Cynthia 15 Hace un hora

    Well all kids are going to want a Forky
    Thank god it’s easy to make saving me some money 😂