DRUGSTORE and AFFORDABLE Makeup Glam! 馃挊 Trying NEW Makeup

  • Publicado el 30 abr 2017
  • Also feat. my FAVORITE drugstore foundations! Creating a radiant soft glamorous look using pinks, champagnes and lots of highlighter and luminizer!!
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    Loreal Lumi Magic Base bit.ly/2pM4O1d
    Maybelline Master Prime Green bit.ly/2pMe1a1
    Loreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation bit.ly/2qtcIZY
    Loreal True Match Foundation bit.ly/2qtixXc
    Rimmel Good To Glow www.makeup.co.nz/shop
    Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer bit.ly/2pMbXPo
    ELF HD Undereye Setting Powder www.makeup.co.nz/shop
    Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder www.makeup.co.nz/shop
    NYX Brow Gel in Blonde www.makeup.co.nz/shop
    Chi Chi Instaprime Eyelid Primer www.chichicosmetics.com/
    Urban Decay Brow Gel (Soz) bit.ly/2qtq6wZ
    Chi Chi Viva La Diva Bronzer Light-Med www.chichicosmetics.com/
    BH Cosmetics Foil Palette bit.ly/2gi72Ay
    Chi Chi Metal Eyeshadow in Chain Reaction www.chichicosmetics.com/
    Makeup Geek Cherry Cola Eyeshadow bit.ly/mugeek
    Makeup Geek Nude Eyeliner bit.ly/mugeek
    LA Girl Matte Liner Espresso bit.ly/2pMaKHD
    Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara www.makeup.co.nz/shop
    Makeup Revolution Contour Palette bit.ly/2qtl7MT
    BH Cosmetics Highlight Palette Spotlight bit.ly/2qtkQJH
    xoBeauty The Chic Lashes bit.ly/xobeauty
    Chi Chi Blush Palette in Soft Pink www.chichicosmetics.com/
    Makeup Geek Creme Satin Showstopper Lipstick in Cha Cha bit.ly/mugeek


    Flat Face Brush
    Dual Paddle Brush
    Small Face Brush
    Powder Brush
    Eyebrow Groomer Brush
    Angled Eye Brush
    Firm Blender Brush
    Crease Detail Brush
    Fluffy Blender Brush
    Medium Face Brush
    Domed Contour Brush
    Small Face Brush
    Sheer Powder Brush
    (DEAL OF THE WEEK - code 'POWDERTULIP' for 10% off of Powder Tulip Brush till Thursday 4 May!) bit.ly/xobeauty

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  • missdemicarla
    missdemicarla Hace un mes +1

    Rewatching old videos because I can never get enough Shannon! 馃槅馃憦馃徑馃挄

  • Heather Hillis
    Heather Hillis Hace 4 meses

    You are my favorite ESclipsr ever!!!! I could watch your videos all day long l. You're absolutely gorgeous!!! You have the most perfect skin gorgeous Eyebrows. I wish I had your eyebrows. They are so perfect. I wish I could meet you someday. That's my dream.you are absolutely stunning

  • Marissa Thomas
    Marissa Thomas Hace 5 meses

    New York has more people than new zeland lol I dont even think I spelled that right lol

  • Aubrey Aragon
    Aubrey Aragon Hace 7 meses +1

    You have goid taste in drugstore makeup. Love the palettes

  • Aubrey Aragon
    Aubrey Aragon Hace 7 meses +1

    So happy Makeup Revolution is at all Ulta stores here in US and soon will get their highlighters strobe.

  • Aubrey Aragon
    Aubrey Aragon Hace 7 meses +1

    Ulta and Urban Outfitters carries Bh I'm curious to get their eye shadow palettes

  • Aubrey Aragon
    Aubrey Aragon Hace 7 meses +1

    They all are great. I for one use both Loreal, Maybelline, and Rimmel foundation so superior

  • Kayleigh Ryan
    Kayleigh Ryan Hace 8 meses

    Yes do a drugstore foundations video!

  • Rose Marie G
    Rose Marie G Hace 8 meses

    I want eyeshadow palette馃槩

  • Luma Dantas
    Luma Dantas Hace 9 meses

    Can someone recommend me a nice place to buy makeup products in Wellington?

  • Luma Dantas
    Luma Dantas Hace 9 meses

    0:13 Same

  • danya sydelle
    danya sydelle Hace 9 meses

    Could you possibly do a full face of wet and wild and maybe essence from farmers im so keen to try wet and wild but would love to know your opinion on other wet and wild products 馃槉馃槉

  • staceyjackson1989
    staceyjackson1989 Hace 11 meses

    Gorgeous.. would love to see a UK branded make up tutorial drugstore and highend x

  • Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller Hace 11 meses

    Gorgeous makeup in the whole wild world now

  • Janine Scholze
    Janine Scholze Hace un a帽o

    I Love it 馃挆

  • Dani A
    Dani A Hace un a帽o

    Yes please more drug store tutorials!!

  • Shorna Mizan
    Shorna Mizan Hace un a帽o

    Settings spry?

  • Lydia Roxburgh
    Lydia Roxburgh Hace un a帽o

    "Im gonna do a soft glam look today"
    Does eye makeup
    "Maybe not" 馃槀

  • 脕dac Barbosa
    脕dac Barbosa Hace un a帽o

    Shaaaan, would be great a tutorial using only Colourpop eyeshadows and other products. They deliver here in Brazil for a very cheap price, and few brands do that.

  • gneeh77
    gneeh77 Hace un a帽o

    The sheer powder brush changed my blush game. It was something I always struggled to get right until that brush came into my life. Love it!

  • Michelle Valero
    Michelle Valero Hace un a帽o

    Omg when u started with coffie u made me get up and get some because thro the video u made me crave it

  • Amanda Ross
    Amanda Ross Hace un a帽o

    Have you done a full face using Essence brand from farmers before? The nude creamy eyeliner is good long wearing too

  • Charlotte Macgregor
    Charlotte Macgregor Hace un a帽o

    Love all your videos xx

  • Amelia Perrau
    Amelia Perrau Hace un a帽o

    what site do you use to find your shade for foundation you haven鈥檛 tried before

  • Michelle Koczor
    Michelle Koczor Hace un a帽o

    鈥渢hey should already fit because..鈥 what? am i the only one that heard 鈥渂y won a locka one鈥 馃槀馃槀馃槀 love you shannon 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • Zara Zohl
    Zara Zohl Hace un a帽o

    God damn Shan 馃挅 this look is blindingly stunning OMG your skin is glowing 鉁ㄢ湪 your eye 馃挆馃憗馃憗馃挆 makeup is sooo beautiful, I know I often tell you that 鈥渢his look鈥 is amazing and I mean it 100% every time but this one blow me away...I love the 鈥渟oft pink glam鈥 on you馃挅
    You鈥檙e so damn stunning gurl!!!!!!

  • yaso koka
    yaso koka Hace un a帽o

    Love youuuu Shan 馃構馃槏馃槏馃槏

  • Tansy Gonsalves
    Tansy Gonsalves Hace un a帽o

    Love your tutorials your funny & entertaining, your eyes are stunning , really love this look馃槏馃挆 ig@fancy_tansy

  • Joyce McDaniel
    Joyce McDaniel Hace un a帽o

    Love the highlighter palettes. Loved this video and thank you.

  • Crystal Leon
    Crystal Leon Hace un a帽o

    The bh highlighters are my fave ! They are soooo much better than any of the high end ones !!! And the chichi products are amazing !!

  • lucie lavigne
    lucie lavigne Hace un a帽o

    SHAANON you are such an amazing artist you are truly a blessing to watch...your makeup in this video is to die for as usual but I really loved the colours. It just proves how drugstore makeup can be as beautiful as high end products....love you so much xox Lucie Lavigne Beauty Blogger Instagram Lucielavigne_sophisticated 馃憸馃拕馃憽

  • Harriet Pegg
    Harriet Pegg Hace un a帽o

    You are so pretty you don鈥檛 need to wear makeup

  • Lydia watson
    Lydia watson Hace un a帽o

    Omg Shan could you, please do the first impression of an Australian brand called DB cosmetics I would love love for you to do that 馃挆馃挆

  • Victoria Farley
    Victoria Farley Hace un a帽o

    My 3 favourite drugstore makeup products are the freedom eyebrow promade (mines in taupe), the rimmel magnif'eyes palette in keep calm & wear gold and the makeup revolution liquid highlighter in liquid starlight. Love ur vids xxx

  • Tiffany G
    Tiffany G Hace un a帽o

    God I want to try Chi Chi brand!!! :(

  • Cat Heart
    Cat Heart Hace un a帽o

    That lip colour looks gorgeous on you馃槏

  • Emma Cogswell
    Emma Cogswell Hace un a帽o

    Do you tint your eyebrows ? If so where do you get them done ?! Xx

  • Monique Salazar
    Monique Salazar Hace un a帽o

    Its funny cause majority of this stuff i have never seen in a drug store or a Walmart or target

  • Monique Salazar
    Monique Salazar Hace un a帽o

    My boss is from New Zealand he was a dickface lol no he was a good person he use to tell me Americans are brats lol if i ever start having an American accent slap me please 馃槀 he is funny

  • Phoebe Turner
    Phoebe Turner Hace un a帽o +1

    Your so pretty

  • TreScotts1Fan
    TreScotts1Fan Hace un a帽o

    Love your vids. You are so bold with makeup and I am a fan.

  • Stay'n Anonymous
    Stay'n Anonymous Hace un a帽o

    Because you live in new zealand you should do a reveiw/make up tutorial on colour co make up (the warehouse) $5-$10 i brought an eyeshadow pallet for $5 and im acctually inlove with it its shimmery as'f but then again i have never used high end make up bc i cant afford it 馃槷 so because im a cheap ass when it comes to make up the eyeshadow is my go to, looks high end to me but then again i have nothing high end to compare it to (which is why i want you to try it)馃槀
    I live in new zealand too 馃槉 i have a 3 month old son so all my money goes on things he needs and things he doesnt need but i get anyway 馃槀 he was watching this video with me 馃槝 his name is Levi-Rayne 馃挋

  • Tabish Jan
    Tabish Jan Hace un a帽o +1

    How many of u want her to sing a song ???coz her voice is sweet as sweets 馃槝馃槝

    EMMA STOVER Hace un a帽o

    stop saying you know

  • Shyaa Roseee
    Shyaa Roseee Hace un a帽o

    I hate the makeup pricing in nz D:

  • Krystal Cheena
    Krystal Cheena Hace un a帽o

    I love that would grubby lol

  • Kaylee Woodside
    Kaylee Woodside Hace un a帽o

    I love you! I love your videos!

  • Georgia owen
    Georgia owen Hace un a帽o

    I love your brows 馃槏 they're amazing

  • Sarah Toohey
    Sarah Toohey Hace un a帽o

    Maybelline Matt and poreless foundation is my go to. If you ever have issues with oily skin or a bad shiny finish, try rimmel stay Matt primer it's fantastic!!!
    Could you do a video of how you do the eye liner flick I just can't get it right :-)

  • Silvia
    Silvia Hace un a帽o

    I love your Makeup tutorials.. i also tried your eye lashes and bh cosmetics palette and are great!! 馃槝馃槝 kisses from M茅xico 馃拫馃嚥馃嚱

  • Keri Hasty
    Keri Hasty Hace un a帽o

    Not able to find those Chi Chi blush and bronzer palettes. Not on their website. Any ideas????

    • Chelsea Langford
      Chelsea Langford Hace un a帽o

      i found the bronzer one but they dont have "light medium",,, very confused. Also, i found it on the target website

  • Abby  Jones
    Abby Jones Hace un a帽o

    Can you do a first impressions of essence products from NZ

  • Ella Hay
    Ella Hay Hace un a帽o

    Anyone know where her necklace is from?????馃挀馃挀馃挀

  • andrayathevampire
    andrayathevampire Hace un a帽o

    love this look super feminine. could you do more dramatic look using cherry cola shadow it sooo gorgeous

  • millie sutherland
    millie sutherland Hace un a帽o

    What colour is you elf under eye powder? X

  • Kirsty Goodfellow
    Kirsty Goodfellow Hace un a帽o

    Please do a primark makeup look! 馃挄馃挄馃挄鉂わ笍

  • Tamanna Yasmin
    Tamanna Yasmin Hace un a帽o

    Ordered the spotlight pallete 鉂

  • Shannell Healey
    Shannell Healey Hace un a帽o

    you look beautiful

  • Mai Mai
    Mai Mai Hace un a帽o

    Would you be able to do a whole Chi Chi makeup look ? :)

  • bgb827
    bgb827 Hace un a帽o

    What concealer did you use? Thank you!

  • Ashley C.
    Ashley C. Hace un a帽o

    yes please fav. drugstore foundations!!

  • Caitlin Naismith
    Caitlin Naismith Hace un a帽o

    Hey, I found collection's lasting perfection concealer on online in NZ. Here's the link: shop.countdown.co.nz/?banner=www#url=/Shop/ProductDetails%3Fstockcode%3D438122%26name%3Dcollection-lasting-perfection-concealer-fair-1%26searchString%3Dconcealer

  • Maysa Hazife
    Maysa Hazife Hace un a帽o

    Love this so much. I am a mum of three so drugstore makeup is just easy for me. Love you

  • Aaron Official
    Aaron Official Hace un a帽o

    drug store is basically affordable lile morphe and some make up geek stuff is affordable especially the single pan ones they are about 拢4/$8 per pan

  • michele Dickey
    michele Dickey Hace un a帽o

    I would love more affordable makeup tutorials! Love your makeup look here. And I do this almost every time. I end up wearing way more makeup than I plan to!!

    AURORA Hace un a帽o

    i love your videos!!!

  • Maggie Leifheit
    Maggie Leifheit Hace un a帽o

    Could you please try peachy cosmetics foundation???

  • It's Zeynep A
    It's Zeynep A Hace un a帽o

    Easy DIY brightening concealer

    Buy a lighter shade

  • Lily Sydell
    Lily Sydell Hace un a帽o

    I legit looked at that highlighter during the video and my right eye had to adjust- it was so blinding!!

  • chelsie Wilson
    chelsie Wilson Hace un a帽o

    Hi shaanxo how do you tint your brows I find it really hard to tint my brows to match ginger hair. P.s love you and your videos xx

  • Lisa Salinas
    Lisa Salinas Hace un a帽o +1

    4th of july makeup look! simple and glam? :D

  • Karleigh Thayer
    Karleigh Thayer Hace un a帽o

    I want to see your fave drugstore foundation

  • Andrea Perry
    Andrea Perry Hace un a帽o

    could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO A VIDEO comparing black eye primer VS. pearl or white? I want to know if it's worth buying or which is better.

  • Tanisha M
    Tanisha M Hace un a帽o

    You should do testing videos

  • Stephanie Bishop
    Stephanie Bishop Hace un a帽o

    I noticed you said you didn't have a drugstore eyebrow gel. Have you tried the one by Nyx? I LOVE it.

  • Candace Clayton
    Candace Clayton Hace un a帽o

    First off, you are gorgeous and that makeup look is stunning! and second, I was wondering if you had any recommendations for an affordable foundation brush. Thanks

  • Sammmanda
    Sammmanda Hace un a帽o

    Could you do a review on the
    Australis Midas touch serum primer please xx

  • Alexandra Moraru
    Alexandra Moraru Hace un a帽o

    The Lash Sensational mascara definitely does not do THAT to my lashes! Gotta try it again - maybe I got a dud. I loved what it looked like on your lashes!

  • Fyne Connections
    Fyne Connections Hace un a帽o

    You talk too much.

  • Briana Letourneau
    Briana Letourneau Hace un a帽o

    how would I figure out what foundation shade I need?

  • Siya K.
    Siya K. Hace un a帽o

    Yes please do a video talking about your favourite drugstore foundations!!

  • Evie-Mae Vlogs
    Evie-Mae Vlogs Hace 2 a帽os

    I think that you look absolutely stunning love you Shan x

  • maddyyyss beauty
    maddyyyss beauty Hace 2 a帽os

    OMG 馃槏馃槶

  • Imi Duyst
    Imi Duyst Hace 2 a帽os

    can you please do a tutorial using only maybelline x

  • Bridgette Ingrati
    Bridgette Ingrati Hace 2 a帽os

    Shan can u do a full face of elf make up ,please

  • buggy world
    buggy world Hace 2 a帽os

    population of New Zealand 2015: 4.596M
    population of Australia 2015: 23.78M

    • buggy world
      buggy world Hace 2 a帽os

      AND THE USA HAD A POPULATION OF 321.4M IN 2015 OMG im not surprised tho

  • Zawariya Mondal
    Zawariya Mondal Hace 2 a帽os

    in India well even nyx seems like a high end brand, like the price is soooo much higher than its original price like whaa?

  • Zawariya Mondal
    Zawariya Mondal Hace 2 a帽os

    the one u used frm loreal is mah faavvv...can u tell me what shade u r just for references

  • Mika Faragher
    Mika Faragher Hace 2 a帽os

    Yes drugstore foundation video!

  • A Hills
    A Hills Hace 2 a帽os

    The coffee made you crazy 馃槀馃槀 I love it!

  • Shannon Hurley
    Shannon Hurley Hace 2 a帽os

    I LOVE the eye makeup. I think it would look really good with a nude lip too. It's very angelic

  • Lisa B
    Lisa B Hace 2 a帽os

    You can get collection from beauty bliss

  • Milenska Velazquez
    Milenska Velazquez Hace 2 a帽os

    I can't find the Chi chi metallic pink eyeshadow 馃槩

  • Merel de Jonge
    Merel de Jonge Hace 2 a帽os

    "Chi Chi what are you doing...?" Idk why but I laughed so hard haahaha you're amazing 馃槀馃専馃檶馃徏

  • Bo van der Horst
    Bo van der Horst Hace 2 a帽os

    nice, beauty! 馃枻馃枻馃枻馃枻馃枻

  • Olivia Chadwick
    Olivia Chadwick Hace 2 a帽os

    I have the L'Oreal foundation and it is really cakey don't know why

  • Amy Dunley
    Amy Dunley Hace 2 a帽os

    so gorgeous omgggg xxxx

  • Miaagrayy
    Miaagrayy Hace 2 a帽os

    you are my favourite youtuber

  • Miaagrayy
    Miaagrayy Hace 2 a帽os

    Omg i love you so much

  • Memphis Cresswell
    Memphis Cresswell Hace 2 a帽os

    Hey shan, where is your pink shirt from in this?! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍