University Challenge - S51 Grand Final

  • Publicado el 3 abr 2022
  • This is it. The long and winding road has come to an end for this series. Two great teams are left, who will win? Until next series, take care everyone
    Jeremy Paxman asks the questions.
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  • Iqmal Razzi
    Iqmal Razzi Hace 11 meses +2607

    Clutchinson and GPS Zeng were outstanding overall in this series, great to see both were chasing each other. Eventually Zeng got the last clutch. Congrats to both of the teams.

    • Robert Fouch
      Robert Fouch Hace 8 meses +1

      When will the new season start ?

    • Austin Kent
      Austin Kent Hace 10 meses +4

      spoiler in top comment

    • Jackaljkljkl
      Jackaljkljkl Hace 11 meses +11

      @YOU ARE FOOL Eggheads should hire him, and get rid of Beth.

    • TheOtherSide
      TheOtherSide Hace 11 meses +81

      @YOU ARE FOOL Hutchinson is one of the best UC contenstants of all time, that's how

    • Neordinary
      Neordinary Hace 11 meses +50


  • S. N. T.
    S. N. T. Hace 11 meses +2366

    I was expecting a huge margin...but this was a match worthy of its "grand final" name

  • Jerry Koh
    Jerry Koh Hace 11 meses +467

    Hutchinson scored 450 (-30) across 8 matches. Zeng scored 320 (-5), across 6 matches. That makes Hutchinson win Zeng per match by a margin. But if you take into account wrong answers, both are exactly the same at 52.5 points earned per match. Absolute beasts the both of them.

    • semislav
      semislav Hace 2 meses

      Hutchinson only played 7 not 6: Strathclyde, Dundee, Birmingham, imperial, st John's, Edinburgh, imperial again

    • Nefeytiri Su Namun
      Nefeytiri Su Namun Hace 3 meses

      chen, clutchinson, zeng, and either ounsley or mays is the dream team

    • shucklesors
      shucklesors Hace 4 meses +3

      @Jerry Koh this strategy can very, very easily be objectively worked out with very simple arithmetic. you fail to take into very simple account that correct answers for 10-pointers land the team into situations that allow the whole team to consolidate and work together, as well as have extra time. you also hand it over to the other team to get a shot without being in time pressure. it is far more straightforward than "comes down whether you value accuracy more or quantity points gained more".
      that's like saying in sports that when looking at field goals scored, you only look at an incredibly oversimplistic points scored vs accuracy, without realising that missed shots could lead to fast break rebounds.

    • Chris
      Chris Hace 5 meses +1

      Hutchinson covered a vast amount of categories.. enouh to carry the team on his own

    • JY
      JY Hace 9 meses

      @Jerry Koh ohh ok👍

  • serla _
    serla _ Hace 11 meses +674

    the way Zeng gets every map-question right is hilarious to me. Every time.

    • Schwanzus Longus
      Schwanzus Longus Hace 8 meses +4

      i want to see him stream geoguesser

    • bambesfresser
      bambesfresser Hace 8 meses +6

      @serla _ Why would you expect him to have full command of the English language when he writes that he is from S. Asia? What does English grammar have to do with being able to name capitals and bodies of water?

    • Apogee
      Apogee Hace 9 meses

      man is built in google maps

    FIRE LORD PLAYZ Hace 11 meses +533

    What a crazy final between Hutchinson vs Imperial. He almost took down the entire team by himself, amazing.

    • Nefeytiri Su Namun
      Nefeytiri Su Namun Hace 3 meses +3

      ounsley was great too

    • Conrad Chong
      Conrad Chong Hace 11 meses +63

      Hutchinson was was him against Imperial...........unfortunately......Imperial was a TEAM!!!!

  • ben1
    ben1 Hace 11 meses +362

    So funny to see Zheng's team start laughing when a geography question comes up

  • Novelist
    Novelist Hace 11 meses +2182

    Imperial proved they are a 4-man team tonight, and ultimately that was the difference.

    • Leroy Jenkins
      Leroy Jenkins Hace 10 meses +1

      Zeng was asked to hold his horses

    • Max Griswald
      Max Griswald Hace 11 meses +1

      @Sam Sowden García - The only stats I saw did not include how many bonus points each player contributed. The stat person that was posting on every game gave starter question stats by individual, but bonus question stats by team.

    • Sam Sowden García
      Sam Sowden García Hace 11 meses +2

      @Max Griswald there's definitely been someone in the comments who's been providing a breakdown for every match

    • TheOriginalCows
      TheOriginalCows Hace 11 meses +14

      @Frank They remind me of T1 in the LCK for league of legends. They win every game because they play like clockwork together.

    • Joe A.
      Joe A. Hace 11 meses +16

      @Max Griswald Couldn’t have said it better myself for Jackson. The points that he provided gave them enough of an advantage to win. Imperial was a strong team, and it was fun watching them.

  • ChanTheGreat21
    ChanTheGreat21 Hace 11 meses +586

    Hutchinson and Zeng both deserved every bit of becoming crowned the champion but I must say I favored Zeng because I've never seen another like him where someone just answers every single question in their category (and geography is a vast category). Also it wouldn't be a scholastic competition without the awkward fist pump/handshake at the end. Thank you Dave for a brilliant season!

    • beyond 11
      beyond 11 Hace 11 meses +8

      @Renato Regalado Zeng is like Brandon, but from SG. Coming from an SG viewer here hehe

    • Renato Regalado
      Renato Regalado Hace 11 meses +11

      You must have never seen Brandon back in 2020. Absolute Legend and also from Imperial College of London.

  • Shadia Kansha
    Shadia Kansha Hace 11 meses +422

    I love that the Imperial team looked like they’re having fun. Laughing and talking to each other. Great team work! All of them did a splendid job. Congratulations team ✨

    • Ashish Agarwala
      Ashish Agarwala Hace 9 meses +12

      In the end that made all the difference. At times Hutchinson just didn't have anyone (apart from Ounsley) to bounce off his ideas or double check something or just get that word on the tip of his tongue. Imperial were an amazingly well balanced team with Zheng (we all know), Sheriff with her literature, Jackson with science and Music and finally Mays tying it all together with some intelligently worked out guesses the entire season and always being a reliable team leader. Sometimes people forget that the person who knows or is most skillful may not be the best leader. If this was an individual competition, Hutchinson would have, of-course, beaten everyone else by miles. It's not even funny the amount of knowledge he has but also the speed with which he can recollect it when the time comes.

  • Paul
    Paul Hace 11 meses +896

    I see a lot of praise for Zeng and rightfully so, especially his Geography knowledge is amazing... But let's not forget that Hutchinson carried his otherwise mediocre team (although Ounsley was good as well) to the final and almost won! What a feat! Surely the best single competitor this year

    • rajiv
      rajiv Hace 11 meses +2

      Finally Jesudoss got some answers too 😂😂

    • Niki's stuff
      Niki's stuff Hace 11 meses +2

      @Jaab b yes lets praise a 50 year old woman competing against these kids lol... and losing

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace 11 meses +3

      @TimeyWimeyLimey i don't understand why people praise sheriff so much when Mays is way better than her. And there are so many literary questions which mays also knew.

    • Jaab b
      Jaab b Hace 11 meses +16

      Ounsley was always getting high score in the past rounds. It’s always her and Hutchinson as a duo, carrying the team until this round.

    • Max Griswald
      Max Griswald Hace 11 meses +2

      @Redefined Living - I gave credit to whoever gave the correct answer first. It's really not hard when you watch the video. Please go back and get the timestamps of every time you think Ounsley should be given points, if you think I am incorrect.

  • acct2430
    acct2430 Hace 11 meses +706

    Wow what a close match. Props to both teams, ridiculous amounts of knowledge. Zeng’s map knowledge was clutch once again.

    • I am ok
      I am ok Hace 10 meses +2

      @beyond 11 Haha then he clutch all simply amazing

    • beyond 11
      beyond 11 Hace 11 meses +7

      Zeng before he answered: Enough games
      Here. I. Come!!

    • Derek Lucas
      Derek Lucas Hace 11 meses +13

      @Roger Dowds I mean locals can't always know everything in their backyard. Exhibit A, typical Americans

    • Roger Dowds
      Roger Dowds Hace 11 meses +28

      Zeng is from Singapore. How does he know the highest point of the Brecon Beacons ahead of the locals? Amazing!

  • Michael Hutchinson
    Michael Hutchinson Hace 11 meses +354

    Thank you Dave Garda for giving us these memories immortalised on ESclips. It was a great series to participate in and what a final to finish it off. I continue to be in awe of the Imperial team individual and team brilliance. Our team still goes to pub quizzes in Reading so hopefully see some people about.

    • King Kiwi
      King Kiwi Hace 3 meses +2

      ​@Obi Igwe teaches at my school

    • Obi Igwe
      Obi Igwe Hace 6 meses +3

      Just watched this again and I am still in awe of the incredible drive you showed in this final. Your students are lucky to have you.

    • Marcus Shor
      Marcus Shor Hace 11 meses +42

      You did amazing Michael. Seriously I don't think there was a single person that was not in awe of your sheer skill and knowledge in every University Challenge in which you participated. I respect and admire the years of hard work towards you have put into being so good at these quizzes. Thank you so much for sharing your skills and knowledge with us all and making us all a little smarter each time we watch University Challenge. I know you will do the same as a teacher, as you have done with us all. And as always many thanks to Dave!

  • David McGurrin
    David McGurrin Hace 11 meses +737

    That knowing smile of acknowledgement from Hutchinson at 24:38 as he gets beaten to the buzzer by a true geography genius was great. A class final with two terrific teams. Thanks for all the uploads Dave!

    • J. A
      J. A Hace 3 meses

      That might have been the difference maker too, considering how close the score was...

    • David Clapperton
      David Clapperton Hace 6 meses +1

      He knew the answer to the Geography question too. Could the BBC not have awarded 5 points to them as well.

    • Dan Hudson
      Dan Hudson Hace 10 meses +11

      As soon as he heard 'area' he knew what was going to happen he just buzzed a fraction late .

    • Legirang
      Legirang Hace 11 meses +34

      also at 8:00

  • Ryan Kotek
    Ryan Kotek Hace 11 meses +246

    This has been mentioned already, but 24:38 is the moment of the series for me. You can literally see Hutchinson's arm move to press the buzzer, he knew the answer too, Zeng had him beat by MILLISECONDS. And that was the difference in the series. I am truly in awe at how good Zeng, Hutchinson, and Mays were all season. Absolute legends all three of them. And truly a GRAND FINAL worthy of the title! Thank you Dave for the whole season.

    • TuckingFypo
      TuckingFypo Hace 11 meses +1

      The glare he gives Zeng 😂

    • Ryan Kotek
      Ryan Kotek Hace 11 meses +3

      @MC Theta Oh that makes perfect sense, I had no idea that was the case. Thank you

    • MC Theta
      MC Theta Hace 11 meses +33

      @Ryan Kotek that's because they are only shown the image after Paxman finishes reading the question. The videos have it on as soon as Paxman starts reading.

    • Max Griswald
      Max Griswald Hace 11 meses +3

      @Ryan Kotek - Yeah, I was surprised as well, since I knew the answer before he buzzed, and I am old with a slow working brain. I thought maybe my video was lagging. Imagine if Hutchinson had buzzed slightly faster there, that would have been a potential swing of 50 points (Although, I think Hutchinson may not have gotten two of the bonus questions).

  • Ethel Tan
    Ethel Tan Hace 11 meses +213

    I love how excited Sheriff is when she realised she likely knows the answer XD

    • Bvc
      Bvc Hace 10 meses

      @PH Ng no

      TAN GODZILLA Hace 10 meses +13

      So cute that can't help but adore

    • PH Ng
      PH Ng Hace 11 meses +26


  • naveej
    naveej Hace 11 meses +507

    24:38 is the reason why i cant decide if i like Hutchinson or Zeng more. Initially/up until now it would clearly have been Zeng, but the reaction at 24:38 of Hutchinson after being milliseconds late, the smile and joy instead of anything else… bhaa that was beautiful! It gave me so much joy and was a perfect ending for the whole season!
    Loved it and thanks to everyone involved.
    I feel like series like these is something we as humans should appreciate more and i would love it if we gave these types minds more airtime.

    • Olive Oyl
      Olive Oyl Hace 9 meses

      Speed kills. This time Reading was the victim 🤣

    • Olive Oyl
      Olive Oyl Hace 9 meses

      Ahem…there are certain things where speed is not appreciated? Just saying 🤗

    • walkfromthewaves
      walkfromthewaves Hace 11 meses +3

      @DraconianError try having a business meeting in Ko Samui

    • 22Century Girl
      22Century Girl Hace 11 meses +21

      Because of that buzz of a milliseconds faster, it helps imperial to get the bonuses just in time to win. If Hutchison buzz just abit earlier, imperial would have lost.

    • DraconianError
      DraconianError Hace 11 meses +8

      We asians are good at speed :)

  • brassholio
    brassholio Hace 9 meses +26

    I'm a jazz musician so I knew all the answers about modes, but what was really impressive was watching them work them out from the other clues given. These guys are crazy smart.

  • Eline Goh
    Eline Goh Hace 11 meses +714

    Such a friendly match. From Singapore. Thanks Dave again for letting us overseas viewers having a good April. Both teams are impressive and gave their best, it was a close match. Giving credits to Reading, the team must have each contributed in their own fields as much as possible. At 24:39 that's where Zeng beats Hutchinson just a mere second. Both team deserves a big round of applause 👏👏👏

    • Stephen Fawcett
      Stephen Fawcett Hace 11 meses +10

      ​@Ignatius Chua He did know the answer, he tweeted afterwards a picture of visiting it with his wife to prove the point haha!

    • L
      L Hace 11 meses +5

      May not be , he just look up.....
      Once again , Hutchinson is impressive together with Ounsley.

    • Juan Tan
      Juan Tan Hace 11 meses +28

      At @8:00 as well

    • Ignatius Chua
      Ignatius Chua Hace 11 meses +21

      True about mere milliseconds, but then, Hutchinson might not have the correct answer.

  • Wesley Hopmans
    Wesley Hopmans Hace 11 meses +592

    Dave thank you for uploading this throughout the year. It is much appreciated. **does an awkward elbow shake / fistbump to thank dave**

  • Bint Sultan
    Bint Sultan Hace 11 meses +37

    Is nobody gonna talk about this incredible moment 15:03 ?? One of my favorites!! both teams were amazing tho. It was a tight match!

    • Kitty Healy
      Kitty Healy Hace 11 meses +2

      That was a wild guess tho! No talent required just lucky

  • Alex
    Alex Hace 11 meses +226

    The reaction at 20:46 was basically: "sometimes I even amaze myself."

    • J P
      J P Hace 2 meses +1

      Reminds me of the reaction I see from the GeoWizard when he clutches an answer without being able to explain the chain of links that brought him to the decision straight away.

    • bikerjon1
      bikerjon1 Hace 11 meses +21

      One should always amaze oneself, especially in extreme circumstances

  • Lindokuhle Sibande
    Lindokuhle Sibande Hace 11 meses +471

    _for the last time this season_ ...
    ( _see also below the match stats the Season Performance Stats for the top 4 teams_ )
    *Imperial* : 125
    *Reading* : 115
    *Starter Questions Stats*
    IMPERIAL : 70 points
    Zeng = 3/3 {30 points}
    Sheriff = 1/1 {10 points}
    Mays = 2/3 {20 points}
    Jackson = 1/4 {10 points}
    Starter Questions success rate: 63.64%
    READING : 60 points
    Jesudoss = 0
    Ounsley = 2/3 {20 minus 5 points}
    Hutchinson = 5/8 {50 minus 5 points}
    Bishop = 0
    Starter Questions success rate: 63.64%
    *Bonus Questions Stats*
    IMPERIAL : 55 points
    Bonus Questions success rate: 52.38% (11/21)
    READING : 55 points
    Bonus Questions success rate: 52.38% (11/21)
    Top 4 Teams' Season Stats
    1. IMPERIAL: 1170
    Zeng = 32/38 {320 minus 5 points}
    Sheriff = 11/14 {110 minus 10 points}
    Mays = 16/24 {160 minus 10 points}
    Jackson = 6/14 {60 points minus 10}
    Starter Questions success rate: 72.22%
    Bonus points: 555
    Bonus Questions success rate: 57.81% (111/192)
    No. of matches played: 6
    2. READING: 1115
    Skopic = 0
    Jesudoss = 0/2 { -5 }
    Ounsley = 18/22 {180 minus 15}
    Hutchinson = 45/72 {450 minus 30}
    Bishop = 0/2 {0}
    Starter Questions success rate: 64.29%
    Bonus points: 535
    Bonus Questions success rate: 58.15% (107/184)
    No. of matches played: 7
    3. EDINBURGH: 950
    Jones = 19/31 {190 minus 20}
    Thomas = 19/21 {190 minus 10}
    Sundar = 7/17 {70 minus 20}
    Karunaratne = 7/13 {70 minus 10}
    Starter Questions success rate: 63.41%
    Bonus points: 490
    Bonus Questions success rate: 64.47% (98/152)
    No. of matches played: 5
    Pullinger = 3/9 {30 minus 5 points}
    Thatte = 20/26 {200 minus 15 points}
    Malcolm = 13/30 {130 minus 15 points}
    Wrathall = 17/24 {170 points}
    Starter Questions success rate: 59.55%
    Bonus points: 395
    Bonus Questions success rate: 50.97% (79/155)
    No. of matches played: 7
    *_see you in the next!_*

    • Michael Hutchinson
      Michael Hutchinson Hace 11 meses +7

      @Sam Sowden García apparently students have been calling me this at school 😂

    • Affid Diena
      Affid Diena Hace 11 meses +4

      stats alone, it can be said that the mvp of this competition is hutchinson.

    • anthtan
      anthtan Hace 11 meses +1

      @Oliver Theodoor Feldvoss There should be a prize for that. Best performing individual. MVP or something.

  • Igor Mokin
    Igor Mokin Hace 11 meses +288

    What a final!
    Thanks Dave, for bringing this season to us!
    I think that Hutchinson was the MVP of the final, but Zeng was the best in the series. Personally, I liked Hutchinson's out-of-the-blue guesses that turned out to be right, and his concentration on the game.

    • Balaji
      Balaji Hace 11 meses +4

      If he had been little faster with the buzzer, he could have won

    • frederique Hobson
      frederique Hobson Hace 11 meses +12

      Totally agree with you.
      Sheriff and Ounsley are brilliant, too !
      Thank you SO much, Dave GARDA . My Tuesday 's breakfasts certainly be flavourless " till next time"!
      Hope everyone be there for the next season. ☆♡☆

  • M P
    M P Hace 11 meses +276

    I'm going to miss the Imperial team, especially Zeng 😭. But I'm happy for them, they really deserved it ❤️
    Thank you Dave!!

    • The Oryxz
      The Oryxz Hace 11 meses +4

      @Roy WX No they cant.

    • Roy WX
      Roy WX Hace 11 meses +3

      So the same team cannot play again for the next season?

  • Karl Bartleet
    Karl Bartleet Hace 11 meses +285

    My head said Imperial, my heart said Reading. What a final and very well deserved Imperial, with a perfect win record too (edit: awkward elbow shakes all round and thanks for uploading each week Dave).

    • Sylvia
      Sylvia Hace 11 meses +19

      I watched this thinking I'll be all for Imperial but everytime Hutchinson got an answer correct I was like, maybe I don't mind Reading winning.

    • SteamlocoScrapper
      SteamlocoScrapper Hace 11 meses +6

      Reading only had two players, so they deserved to lose.

    • aquapony
      aquapony Hace 11 meses +8

      @Anshaal Chawdhery Shame somebody had to winter day

    • Anshaal Chawdhery
      Anshaal Chawdhery Hace 11 meses +4

      Couldn’t summer it up better

    • Lyn Hugell
      Lyn Hugell Hace 11 meses +6

      Same here

  • sfumato
    sfumato Hace 11 meses +360

    No spoilers here. Excellent, closely fought, final-worthy match between some big brains.
    This season brought me and countless others so much joy over the past six months, so thank you again for what you do, Dave! And, of course, thank you to the competitors, organizers, and Paxman for giving me something to look forward to every Monday.

    • Thorsten
      Thorsten Hace 11 meses +6

      Very well said.

    • cheznardi
      cheznardi Hace 11 meses +11

      Going to seriously miss these Mondays😔

  • Ben Reynolds
    Ben Reynolds Hace 10 meses +7

    The fact Hutchinson got all the Musical Mode bonuses correct without actually knowing the music theory is amazingly impressive. Great performance from him, shame he didn't have sufficient support from his team. Hutchinson vs. Imperial

  • FreddieTheCutestCavapoo
    FreddieTheCutestCavapoo Hace 11 meses +132

    Sadly, my prediction (and that of most people, I think) came true and Imperial's 4 person team took it, although Reading's 2.5 person team did incredibly well. Now Hutchinson is a teacher and he has got some lucky students. Well done to all. And HUGE THANKS to Dave Garza for all his work.

  • Spirit on fire
    Spirit on fire Hace 10 meses +7

    14:57, 18:15 Epic Captain moment. Mays and Hutchinson is a great captain.

  • Emma Peel
    Emma Peel Hace 11 meses +373

    I'm heartbroken for Reading but they held their own right until the end - beautiful. Very well done, Imperial. Many congrats. And thanks, dear Dave, for bringing us our Monday Night quiz fix. Enjoy your summer!! xx

    • Cate Evans
      Cate Evans Hace 11 meses +1

      @luna rya um...the comments appear when you click on the video...on my phone anyway.

    • luna rya
      luna rya Hace 11 meses +3

      @Cate Evans to be fair if you hate spoiler, it's your own fault for reading the comments before finished watching. I read the comments first because I need the spoiler.

    • Cate Evans
      Cate Evans Hace 11 meses

      Pity your comment came up first...spoiler!

    • Eric Jared
      Eric Jared Hace 11 meses +1

      Tally it all up it would be jackson

    • SteamlocoScrapper
      SteamlocoScrapper Hace 11 meses +2

      @Max Griswald If you look elsewhere in the thread someone did an analysis of who got what right. Sheriff was definitely the worst player on the Imperial team over the series but in comparison to many other players she was valuable.

  • Steven Kim
    Steven Kim Hace 11 meses +44

    I certainly am a big fan of GPS Zeng, but i also will have to admit clutchinson is indeed the mvp of the season. A true leader and game changer. Hats off to him!

  • Thunderlord00
    Thunderlord00 Hace 11 meses +51

    Zeng setting the tone early and clutching it out late. I always love watching him ace the map questions. It amazes me everytime

    • PH Ng
      PH Ng Hace 11 meses +7


  • Sharanya Ray
    Sharanya Ray Hace 11 meses +33

    What I saw here was that the Imperial Captain was nervous maybe the pressure of a final but his teammates kept him cool. A wonderful team who deserved every bit of it

  • KSfan4ever
    KSfan4ever Hace 11 meses +79

    The trophy goes to the ever dependable Dave Garda!!! Thank you Dave for these wonderful weekly UC uploads, which will be sadly missed until the next series! This final was astonishing. All series long, the magnificent Reading duo (MVP Hutchinson & Ounsley) accomplished the impossible against 4 person teams, and in this final, almost brought Reading to the wire against a fully participatory crackshot foursome from Imperial. Congratulations to the fantastic Imperial team for the trophy but Hutchinson deserves much praise in helping to make this final a true nail biter and not just a runaway victory for Imperial.

  • Bruce
    Bruce Hace 9 meses +7

    They are all so intelligent. Zeng's geography knowledge is literally jaw dropping 😮

  • zara z
    zara z Hace 11 meses +385

    both such lovable teams was gonna be satisfied with whoever won, can't wait for the next one! thanks dave!

    • zara z
      zara z Hace 11 meses +2

      @Augustin Nicolas yes definitely get where you're coming from! i think a small part of me wanted the 'underdogs' to win but imperial was definitely a more balanced team :)

    • Augustin Nicolas
      Augustin Nicolas Hace 11 meses +7

      I think youth is an important part of the competition, so I was happy Imperial won it at the end

    • 4Eyed
      4Eyed Hace 11 meses +9

      Thought the same. They've both been great

  • ImaGhoti
    ImaGhoti Hace 11 meses +167

    At 13:14 I love that Hutchinson nominates Bishop when he could have given the answer himself. What a leader!

    • Olive Oyl
      Olive Oyl Hace 9 meses +1

      It seems that quality is in-built in him and he would bring it to any profession whether it is a requirement or not.

    • Silver_Ag
      Silver_Ag Hace 11 meses +1

      well he is a teacher, that profession requires that kind of quality

    • TuckingFypo
      TuckingFypo Hace 11 meses +4

      Gotta love the guy

    • Execute
      Execute Hace 11 meses +15

      Hutchinson was the best leader this season

    • Lyn Kang
      Lyn Kang Hace 11 meses +39

      The true spirit of a teacher! His students and the UK teaching service are blessed to have him!

  • Rishith
    Rishith Hace 10 meses +6

    Imagine Hutchinson and Zeng being in the same team.

  • Kumeboyahh
    Kumeboyahh Hace 8 meses +6

    It is Incredible seeing Hutchinson with no knowledge of music theory smash the modes of the major scale like it was nothing. An absolute treat to watch.

  • xxyanlixx
    xxyanlixx Hace 11 meses +50

    Hutchinson deserves to be MVP in this match. He carried Reading alone. But Imperial had an overall better team. What a close match!

  • Galax Chongloi
    Galax Chongloi Hace 11 meses +17

    8:00 and 24:39 where Zeng beats Hutchinson by just mere milliseconds! Both teams deserves nothing but respect👏👏

  • TheOtherSide
    TheOtherSide Hace 11 meses +7

    Hutchinson is by far the MVP of this season, and I know Zeng had been getting a lot of attention, and he's very impressive, but Hutchinson's overall knowledge on all fields is insane.
    Imperial in the end just the overall better team with all four helping and having answers that the others didn't and that was the slight margin that decided the victory.
    Great season and thank you Dave for all the uploads :)

  • Sylvia
    Sylvia Hace 11 meses +51

    Wow Hutchinson seems like such an amazing leader. I think he knew how to pronounce the answer but he still nominated his team member in order to let them have the glory. That to me seemed really sweet. Bummed for Reading but the Imperial team is so likeable regardless :)

    • Tee Kay
      Tee Kay Hace 11 meses +7

      Was looking for someone to point this out. What a gentleman and a brilliant quizzer all round!

  • Joe Murray
    Joe Murray Hace 10 meses +6

    Imperial had an incredibly well rounded team, every member showed up. Congratulations

  • Zoe Wright
    Zoe Wright Hace 11 meses +72

    Both teams were great but as everyone said Imperial was a 4 person team ! I think that's what did it. Everyone contributed even though Zeng and Mays were deffo MVPs whereas Reading although brilliant felt like Hutchinson and Ounsely carried!

  • Nicholas Leow
    Nicholas Leow Hace 11 meses +234

    The Niger River Question was the tipping point. Both Zeng and Hutchinson went for it, but Zeng was only milliseconds faster and got it right!

    • Max Griswald
      Max Griswald Hace 11 meses +4

      @Ignatius Chua - It was an easy question, no reason to think he wouldn't have gotten it correct. You are literally just a hater.

    • Ignatius Chua
      Ignatius Chua Hace 11 meses +3

      @Nicholas Leow You are right that he did pressed after Max. My bad. As for the answer, it is still up for grabs.

    • Nicholas Leow
      Nicholas Leow Hace 11 meses +1

      @Joe A. I approximate he's about 0.3 milliseconds away from beating him to the buzzer.

    • Nicholas Leow
      Nicholas Leow Hace 11 meses +3

      @Ignatius Chua I saw he pressed the buzzer but was about milliseconds short. I was sure he would go for that answer

    • Isaac
      Isaac Hace 11 meses +7

      And the Brecon one you can see them both press it but Zeng was that slight bit faster

  • CC N
    CC N Hace 11 meses +47

    I feel there were less questions on geography in the final compared to the past so Zeng's advantage was less obvious. So the Imperial's win is even more remarkable!

    • CC N
      CC N Hace 11 meses +2

      @ExEssex : Thanks for the correction. Greatly appreciate it!

    • ExEssex :
      ExEssex : Hace 11 meses +4

      "Fewer questions", I can hear Stephen Fry picking you up on in QI even though he himself said "less legs" about a millipede shortly afterwards. The geography questions were also easier. I have strong evidence for this - I got them all right. (Well, except the starter about the Niger so I wouldn't've got the chance to show off my knowledge of where wetlands are.)

  • Divit Shah
    Divit Shah Hace 11 meses +25

    Even though Imperial deserved to win, it was a shame to see Reading lose like that... Hutchinson is an absolute genius and if there was a Best Individual Performance award, I'm damn sure it would have gone to him... A man of his talent could practically reach the finals singlehandedly if he had to

  • Pradep Kumar
    Pradep Kumar Hace 11 meses +54

    Zeng was my favorite in this season so far, but my god what a performance by Hutchinson. I am a fan ! Such a Nail biting finale. Thanks for the uploads Dave.

  • Zz Zz
    Zz Zz Hace 11 meses +5

    Hutchinson amazes me. Both him and Zeng are so impressive, hope they contribute to the world in future

  • Camping Is My Life
    Camping Is My Life Hace 11 meses +75

    Imperial Zeng made University Challenge popular. That's his greatest contribution to the show.
    So yeah. He deserves all the praises.

    • Josh Abrillo
      Josh Abrillo Hace 11 meses +6

      I watched the whole series (51) in four days after watching a short video about Zeng answering geography questions😂

    • Blip Blip
      Blip Blip Hace 11 meses +19

      So true. I started watching UC after I saw a clip of zeng. This man sure did bring a lot of viewers to this show.

    • Gagan Karna
      Gagan Karna Hace 11 meses +6

      @rgqwerty63 for the rest of the world.

    • myplaylist1005
      myplaylist1005 Hace 11 meses +36

      @rgqwerty63 Imperial Zeng is well known not just Singapore but the English speaking population in Southeast Asia. I am a Hong Konger and am very proud of him.

    • Chungkingexpress
      Chungkingexpress Hace 11 meses +24

      Yes, the matches with Imperial have a much, much higher viewership than others, so I think Zeng definitely did spike an interest in the series.

  • Tony Wilde
    Tony Wilde Hace 11 meses +104

    A pulsating final and a much closer contest than I expected. The entire Reading team contributing tonight was wonderful to see. Imperial are a thoroughly brilliant team and worthy winners.

    • Redefined Living
      Redefined Living Hace 11 meses +2

      @D N finallyyyyy

    • D N
      D N Hace 11 meses +34

      I stood up and cheered when Bishop contributed

  • Norby Germano
    Norby Germano Hace 11 meses +12

    Hutchinson’s back must have hurt a lot after carrying the whole team

  • Jaab b
    Jaab b Hace 11 meses +17

    Zeng was my favourite before but in this episode, Holy shit! Hutchinson has really shown his quality and almost carry the team to the 1st place. I always thought of him as a ‘Hutchinson-Ousley duo’ but when Ounsley dropped he still carry on.

  • skye
    skye Hace 11 meses +3

    Hutchinson really reminds me of Caleb Rich of the 2020 UC, too bad his teammates didn't help him aside from Ounsley. Ounsley is so brilliant btw, so inspiring

  • Claustrophobic Potato
    Claustrophobic Potato Hace 10 meses +7

    Sheriff's positive vibes are infectious 😄

  • Yeezy
    Yeezy Hace 10 meses +3

    Imagine if Zeng & Hutchinson were in the same team...

    • True Facts
      True Facts Hace 10 meses

      🤣😂 Imagine if Zeng have interest in music

  • Snoopy Brown
    Snoopy Brown Hace 11 meses +24

    The closest match in this series. Both teams were literally at par but I guess sometimes the right question at the right moment to the right team makes the cutting edge. Congratulations to the team members of both Imperial & Reading…👏👏👏

  • patrickgazeupon
    patrickgazeupon Hace 11 meses +209

    Whew! Intense! That was CLOSE!
    Hats off to my faves Hutchinson, Zeng and Mays. 👏

    • Andrei Mark Asuncion
      Andrei Mark Asuncion Hace 9 meses

      My faves as well!

    • beyond 11
      beyond 11 Hace 11 meses

      @Laxus22 What about Zeng?
      Hutchinson, Ounsley, Mays and Zeng would probably be a superteam here

    • Laxus22
      Laxus22 Hace 11 meses +5

      @patrickgazeupon both Mays and Hutchinson are hot. 🤣

    • patrickgazeupon
      patrickgazeupon Hace 11 meses +19

      @John Doe Mine is Hutchinson because I'm gay.

  • Manas Inamdar
    Manas Inamdar Hace 11 meses +32

    Hutchinson is soo intelligent....if he even gets Little more help from teammates they could have won

  • TimeyWimeyLimey
    TimeyWimeyLimey Hace 11 meses +26

    Can we have some applause please for Sherifff.
    Always cool under pressure 4:18 . Always deep in thought 10:52
    She's going to get so rated on the internet. Please BBC, can we have a Zeng and Sheriff spinoff series.

  • Adam M-S
    Adam M-S Hace 11 meses +11

    Can we take a moment to applaud Reading? I didn't have them getting *anywhere* after the first round, and then they just massively improved stage by stage, ultimately seeing off not one but two of the three main obvious contenders from the first round onwards (Birmingham - who unaccountably seemed to falter as soon as the quarters started - and Edinburgh), and only being finally halted by the third of those. Reading in the final? Who'd have thought it from this year's first round... or in any year? Well played all!

  • scintillant v.
    scintillant v. Hace 11 meses +47

    His highness Imperial Zeng 🙇‍♀️ and basically the entire team of Imperial was a delight to watch. Sheriff, Mays and Jackson 💯
    I loved the fact that Reading could've won this one, they are every bit worthy of it too. Hats off to Hutchinson and Ounsley.
    Thanks Dave.

  • Martirez Joshua, Go
    Martirez Joshua, Go Hace 11 meses +8

    It was ecstatic to see whenever sir Hutchinson smile when Zeng buzzes first, can't help but admire both their brilliant minds.

  • Janet MY Liew
    Janet MY Liew Hace 11 meses +28

    Hello I am from Singapore so proud of you MAX .. CONGRATULATIONS TO IMPERIAL team !!!
    Good job to READING team too
    V close fight but your team Hutchinson did v well . CONGRATULATIONS too .. you made it to the FINALS
    A BIG THANK YOU 谢谢 TERIMA KASIH to DAVE. .. you are the unsung hero too ! Super efficient

  • Musing wanderer
    Musing wanderer Hace 11 meses +8

    Jackson is actually pretty good today! Clap clap 👏 Zeng is amazing as usual. Hutchinson is such a strong opponent!

  • Chungkingexpress
    Chungkingexpress Hace 11 meses +14

    I knew the show because of Imperial Zeng but fell in love with Mays. He has such a shy, adorable smile and is so knowledgeable on so many topics.

  • PB Matty
    PB Matty Hace 11 meses +23

    A heart-racing, nail-biting finale. Never knew about UC until Zeng’s prowess was featured in our local press. Looking forward to the next season. Thanks Dave!

  • Nicholas Leow
    Nicholas Leow Hace 11 meses +60

    Also, definitely one of the toughest finals with both line ups equally matched, one with a well rounded team including the geography specialist and the other with an astonishing duo who has been solving the impossible and racking up points most of the questions!

    • Max Griswald
      Max Griswald Hace 11 meses

      @Redefined Living - No she had two correct starter questions (20 points) and an incorrect starter question (-5 points) giving her 15 points. She answered 0 bonus questions correctly in the final.

    • Redefined Living
      Redefined Living Hace 11 meses

      @Max Griswald What you talkin about, Ounsley scored 3 starter questions lol and add the other bonus ones.

    • Max Griswald
      Max Griswald Hace 11 meses

      I'm not sure the line ups were equally matched, at least in this match. Hutchinson scored more points than Zeng and Mays (Imperial's top two scorers) combined, and still lost. The rest of Reading accounted for a total of 25 points, which is the same amount as Imperial's 3rd best performer, Jackson, scored.

    • Redefined Living
      Redefined Living Hace 11 meses +3

      these two are ART gods

  • Jivya Jinn
    Jivya Jinn Hace 11 meses +10

    guttered for Hutch. he was the strongest solo player this season by far. I would have loved to see him take the trophy. alas, not to be. we all know how strong he is though.

  • Amal' Imangulov
    Amal' Imangulov Hace 11 meses +41

    What a comeback from Reading, but amazing performance and well-developed seasons for both teams, huge kudos!

  • Cathal Feeney
    Cathal Feeney Hace 11 meses +17

    Thanks very much for all the uploads Dave. Huge commitment on your part and really appreciated by all of us.

  • Lutfiah Lestari
    Lutfiah Lestari Hace 11 meses +7

    i tried to not watch this grand final earlier because i wasn't ready for imperial to lose, but thank god they are absolutely blessed with their talent. congratulations Imperial! also good game for Reading tonight!

  • Monkey Figure Reviews
    Monkey Figure Reviews Hace 11 meses +27

    I'm from Singapore and newly introduced to this series because of Zeng's participation. Such an enjoyable show with incredible people and thank you Dave for uploading the episodes for us :-)

    • Monkey Figure Reviews
      Monkey Figure Reviews Hace 11 meses +1

      @D N There has been a little bit of coverage but mostly in the recent months. Definitely making more rounds on social media.

    • D N
      D N Hace 11 meses +1

      I'm curious, has there been media coverage of Zeng during this run, or just word-of-mouth?

  • Joy C
    Joy C Hace 11 meses +7

    This is the most stressful episode I have ever watched!!!!! Been rooting for Imperial but damn Reading is so formidable on this one. Both teams did great. Congrats, Imperial!

  • Нурдос Сарбалин

    Imagine Zeng and Hutchinson in one team...

  • Sarah Abraham
    Sarah Abraham Hace 11 meses +91

    If you look up “carry” in the dictionary you’ll find the names Ounsley and Hutchinson…they came in clutch SO many times 👏🏼 Congrats to Imperial though

    • Ro
      Ro Hace 11 meses

      @Ignatius Chua you can carry when losing, ask lebron 😭

    • Niño John Sabuero
      Niño John Sabuero Hace 11 meses +22

      @Ignatius Chua in this situation they carried their team in putting a great fight with imperial.

    • Ignatius Chua
      Ignatius Chua Hace 11 meses

      'carry' is used only if your team wins, right?

    HongMSF SHORTS Hace 11 meses +3

    Jackson’s reaction to Zheng after Brecon Beacons is mood at 24:45

  • Jay
    Jay Hace 11 meses +7

    The well rounded team won. Congratulations to them. Love Zeng, such a cutie. But I really felt bad for Hutchinson. He was the star of the tournament. Single handedly carried his team to the finals and almost clinched the winners title. He and Ounsley make a good quiz pair.

  • Dawn Lee
    Dawn Lee Hace 11 meses +2

    The camaraderie of the Imperial team was so lovely here, like both teams in the semi final that made it such a joy to watch. 🥰 And Hutchinson- wow!

  • Kat리나-ᜃᜆ᜔ᜇᜒᜈ
    Kat리나-ᜃᜆ᜔ᜇᜒᜈ Hace 11 meses +39

    I was holding my breath the entire time! They are both so remarkable! Acquiring that diverse knowledge is beyond me! Well, done!
    Also, big thank you Dave Garda!
    Side note: the ending is a bit awkward really! HAHAHA! But that's the fun of it!

    • Andy B
      Andy B Hace 11 meses +1

      Hey. I got a couple of questions correct that the teams didn't (sundew and which country Neuchatel was in). What does that make me!? I won't mention all the other questions that I didn't know. :-)

  • The Intellectual Show
    The Intellectual Show Hace 11 meses +28

    Thank you very much Dave for consistently uploading each episode for such a long time.Much appreciated

  • Smiley • 10B views • 1 second ago

    He studies:- Biochemistry
    He excels at:- Geography

  • satria ramadan
    satria ramadan Hace 11 meses +200

    Hutchinson,Mays, and zeng is the top 3 here
    Bro Hutchinson takes the MVP this time

    • Olive Oyl
      Olive Oyl Hace 9 meses

      @PH Ng
      Since when is a score of 22 better than 38

    • PH Ng
      PH Ng Hace 11 meses +2


    • Jerry Koh
      Jerry Koh Hace 11 meses +8

      ​@TheOriginalCows He is. He scored 450 (-30) across 8 matches. Zeng scored 320 (-5), across 6 matches. That makes Hutchinson win Zeng per match by a margin. But if you take into account wrong answers, both are exactly the same at 52.5 points earned per match. Absolute beasts the both of them.

    • TheOriginalCows
      TheOriginalCows Hace 11 meses +28

      I have never seen a person as knowledgeable as Hutchinson, probably the highest scorer out of anyone

  • b0lkan
    b0lkan Hace 11 meses +5

    Can't believe the series is already over, felt like yesterday I saw Dave had uploaded the start of it! Extremely well-deserved victory for Imperial, and another big thanks to Dave for his tireless work!

  • TomWatsonB1
    TomWatsonB1 Hace 11 meses +55

    Wow, really thought for a minute there that Hutchinson was going to will Reading over the line, but what a great final! His students will never have a more knowledgeable teacher. Big congrats to Imperial for the victory! A true team effort. I knew Ionian, Dorian, Niger, Everglades, Russia, and Switzerland. Annoyed I didn't think of Brecon Beacons. Lake Neuchâtel is a large lake west of Bern and near the French-Swiss border. The city, castle, and Canton also bear the same name "Neuchâtel."

  • Han Soh
    Han Soh Hace 11 meses +16

    What a great final. Both teams looked to be having fun. Each team had a character. Looking forward to 2022 finals.

  • Christine Gonzales
    Christine Gonzales Hace 11 meses +6

    Wonderful, wonderful show! As old “geezers” in Colorado, my husband and I are so happy to watch this show every Monday night and I want to express my felicitous congratulations to Imperial College, but perhaps even bigger happiness and thanks to DAVE GARDA! You’re a big hit in our household, Dave, and I’m gobsmacked! Goodnight from C and L.

  • Richard De Luchi
    Richard De Luchi Hace un mes

    This had me laughing as though old friends, whose knowledge comes as no surprise, were sparring with one another: Zeng's knowledge of recondite geographical facts must be legendary by now, and it was amusing to observe the reactions, facial ticks and water sipping (not so much of that this time) of all the participants, as well as their laughter at getting an inspired guess right - or wrong.

  • happy bee
    happy bee Hace 11 meses +8

    Great match indeed! Both teams did really great 🔥 Congrat Imperial for winning! Was cheering for them 😆 Zeng really pushed the team to win in the end with that question, really amazing!!

  • Zen Trese
    Zen Trese Hace 11 meses +43

    The match was decided by whether Zeng or Hutchinson buzzed first. I'm an Imperial Fan, but I have a soft spot for Hutchinson.
    Also, I thought Zeng would buzz for the Pi question.

    • Shaun
      Shaun Hace 11 meses +2

      He might not have recognised uppercase pi

  • Adam Moran
    Adam Moran Hace 11 meses +6

    Bravo Imperial! Such a well-rounded team and an absolute pleasure to watch over the last few months.

  • Germán Garduño
    Germán Garduño Hace 10 meses +3

    When you know 1 of the 100 questions asked and start feeling as the smartest person in town...

  • IVIaskerade
    IVIaskerade Hace 27 días

    One thing I've noticed watching Zeng is that he down talks at the end of his answers where almost everyone else up talks. It's testament to his confidence in in answers.

  • hahahahashsahsgsgs
    hahahahashsahsgsgs Hace 11 meses +10

    Max zheng never failed a single geographic question during all rounds. It seems he memorize the whole atlas on the top of his head

  • Bunny Wen
    Bunny Wen Hace 11 meses +4

    The entire Imperial team was great to watch in this final! All 4 of them brought different positive energy to soothe those nerves in this competitive finals!

  • wd
    wd Hace 11 meses +14

    I like all the four members of the Imperial team and their chemistry, but I am a fan of Hutchinson. He's knowledgeable, he is a good leader, encouraging his teams and his opponents, and moreover, he is also very cute! He must be a good teacher.

  • Akash J
    Akash J Hace 11 meses +5

    Thanks a lot for the uploads Dave. Felt bad for Hutchinson and Ounsley. Imagine if they had some good teammates, they’d almost be unbeatable. Hutchinson’s educated guesses are out of this world

  • da96103
    da96103 Hace 11 meses +26

    Wow, Jackson doing his part in the final round. Go Jackson.

    • IW
      IW Hace 4 meses +1

      You were great Gilbert as were all your teammates. Imperial was my favourite team this series because of how well balanced you all were.

    • Gilbert Jackson
      Gilbert Jackson Hace 11 meses +2

      An attempt was made😂

  • Notmy Realname
    Notmy Realname Hace 10 meses +3

    Sheriff is so much fun to watch. Having so much fun herself.