Weird NAIL ART that is on another level !

  • Publicado el 16 oct 2019
  • Weird NAIL ART that is on another level !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Weird NAIL ART that is on another level !
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Comentarios • 2 602

  • Lynn Greenaker
    Lynn Greenaker Hace 17 horas

    I love azzey

  • sadia hilal
    sadia hilal Hace un día

    0:41 I saw both hairs nails' and azzy's
    Your hair is awesone

  • Unicorn Rocks
    Unicorn Rocks Hace un día

    I met the two people that Señorita at dinner last night and we took a photo together

  • Clara vlogs
    Clara vlogs Hace un día

    Quit talking

  • ajbsnub posdfgn
    ajbsnub posdfgn Hace un día

    The hair nails are an excuse for not cooking

  • Natalie Forever
    Natalie Forever Hace un día

    I could choose.... ?? Same as you Azzy❤️

    DIANA NAKAMI Hace un día

    How do they wipe!? xd

  • Lunar Lizzy
    Lunar Lizzy Hace 2 días

    1:36 I just ate corn...

  • g l a d e
    g l a d e Hace 2 días

    Imagine that you are sleeping and then you just hear, *pOp PoP pop POP p o p*

  • Ebony Janssen
    Ebony Janssen Hace 2 días

    How are you. Scared of eyes when you have them!?

  • Devika Halarnkar
    Devika Halarnkar Hace 2 días cool!

  • Just Sana
    Just Sana Hace 3 días

    Azzy: you COULD get a nail infection

    Me: WaiT WHaT??!?!?!?! First I get a ear infection and Maybe a NaiL infection?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • #SNYDERsnipercookie pawsy

    What if its edible glue

  • Kristen Grodetz
    Kristen Grodetz Hace 3 días

    Ozzy why is there Ursula and Ramen noodles! : ()

  • Limey Slime
    Limey Slime Hace 4 días

    You’re not the only one! I am terrible at doing my own nails. I love you azzy!

  • Riley Pacaud
    Riley Pacaud Hace 4 días


  • Liz Lu
    Liz Lu Hace 4 días

    How do they make it and some are weird

  • Dens! Animations!
    Dens! Animations! Hace 4 días

    *Cristine has entered the chat*

  • Roomy Fat kid
    Roomy Fat kid Hace 4 días

    The ones that have grass in them why wouldn’t they just use the glitter

  • EmmyTheUnicorn Gacha mini movies and more!

    Did you know that non toxic glue isn't bad for you

    Don't think this is real IDK actually

  • Hailey Tyler
    Hailey Tyler Hace 5 días

    For the corn when they don’t use regular glue they use food glue

  • bts make my life hard
    bts make my life hard Hace 5 días

    8:55: mini hands

  • John Brozman
    John Brozman Hace 5 días


  • Maddison Brassil
    Maddison Brassil Hace 5 días

    I with you to azzy... pink is awesome

  • sis life goals
    sis life goals Hace 5 días

    Me:sees tag in video @nailsunny
    Also me:CRISTINE!!!

  • Mr Labbit
    Mr Labbit Hace 6 días

    there is edibal glue

  • Sophie Wood
    Sophie Wood Hace 6 días

    omg azzy those hare nails are so gross ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • logen Sanchez
    logen Sanchez Hace 6 días

    I'm a fan of ramen but THATis scary

  • iiLxna_OwO Robloxian
    iiLxna_OwO Robloxian Hace 6 días

    Me:They NAILED it. Everyone else:....

  • Tatem Parks
    Tatem Parks Hace 7 días

    Check out my ESclips channel it’s called tatem parks

  • Reagan Hogan
    Reagan Hogan Hace 7 días +1

    If you were to put a famous person on your nails it should be Azzy

  • Princess Crafty Gamer
    Princess Crafty Gamer Hace 7 días

    at 5:28 you said all your hands are stuck together. Do you mean all your fingers?

  • Leah Duncan
    Leah Duncan Hace 7 días

    None of these but I would have sparkly glitter galaxy unicorn nails with blue diamonds and I would also have small neon rainbow diamonds to not gonna lie I have big nails maybe 2 inches up yours Azzy 😊

  • Ellie Unicorn Playz
    Ellie Unicorn Playz Hace 7 días

    7:00 that freeze frame tho OOF

  • Emma Himes
    Emma Himes Hace 7 días +1

    The person with the hair nails should go see the person with the comb nails

  • Laura Kuerten
    Laura Kuerten Hace 7 días

    I would do the fork thing just because I’m lazy XD

  • LovelyLivy YT
    LovelyLivy YT Hace 7 días +10

    This video should be called
    “Things you see and can’t unsee”

  • Ognjen Trifunovic
    Ognjen Trifunovic Hace 8 días

    that paper is for like hamsters

  • Elliemai’s Reptiles
    Elliemai’s Reptiles Hace 8 días

    Azzy : OMG it looks like an eye!!

    me on the other side of the screen : AZZY!! It is an eye!!!!

  • Kitty , s Lover
    Kitty , s Lover Hace 8 días

    Azzy they cant die we have edible glueee
    Lol hi azzy

  • Max Dugas
    Max Dugas Hace 8 días +1

    Tooth brush one u wipe ur but then put that in ur mouth thats wrong and very sick

  • yilla Krouwer
    yilla Krouwer Hace 8 días

    I would do the "ballpen" (the wapons), for real

  • •Cottxn Candy•
    •Cottxn Candy• Hace 8 días

    If I was forced to do one of these nails....
    I would do the utensil ones

  • Christianne Johnson
    Christianne Johnson Hace 8 días


  • Chandler Baugh
    Chandler Baugh Hace 8 días

    I would hate all of them

  • Li Chan
    Li Chan Hace 9 días

    No it's disgusting

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee Hace 9 días

    It's 8:22 AM but meh

  • sperly gacha
    sperly gacha Hace 9 días

    Legend has it that if you tell your fav youtubers name thrice you will be pinned
    Let's hope it works

  • unicorn squad
    unicorn squad Hace 9 días +1

    Its probably edible glue

  • Amyra Ali
    Amyra Ali Hace 9 días

    For the corn they used edible glue

  • Joanne Hichens
    Joanne Hichens Hace 9 días

    Me:*sees title*
    title:nail art
    Me again:*burns the house down because of confusion
    NAIL ART?!?!

  • Nikki Puccio
    Nikki Puccio Hace 10 días

    Hay Azzy can you please not talk a lot please I am not hating I love you’re videos!!!

  • Ery Blue
    Ery Blue Hace 11 días

    Wow.what Amazing

  • Patrick Beale
    Patrick Beale Hace 11 días


  • BluFire
    BluFire Hace 11 días

    Cristine where u at?

  • Tedd Evans
    Tedd Evans Hace 11 días

    Azzy i am with you with the butter flys

  • Kaylee Navarro
    Kaylee Navarro Hace 11 días +2

    “When I hear a balloon pop I’m like: AHH I’M GOING TO DIE “ same girl same , now i am laughing so hard bc i almost wrote gorl 🤣😂😅

  • elizabeth brewer
    elizabeth brewer Hace 12 días

    wait do they use real nail glue or eatable nail glue?!

  • Dark hybrids forever
    Dark hybrids forever Hace 12 días

    Why does Azzy have blondie on her shirt?

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia Hace 12 días +1

    For the corn you could’ve used a balloon like jeez