The final Harry Potter films - Behind The Scenes with director David Yates (Doctor Who Movie)

  • Publicado el 11 jul 2009
  • Harry Potter & Doctor Who director David Yates talks to Paul Byrne for
    He takes us behind the scenes of the Final Harry Potter movies The Half-Blood prince and the Deathly Hallows.
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Comentarios • 235

  • Sam Fsure
    Sam Fsure Hace 2 días

    Fuck this guy

  • Loris Vinera
    Loris Vinera Hace 25 días

    Fuck you yates

  • Tavell Clinton
    Tavell Clinton Hace 2 meses

    After ruining Harry Potter Yates had a gall to direct spinoffs. What a nerve!

    • Zorack
      Zorack Hace un mes +1

      He didn't ruin harry potter you dumb capeshit pleb, he made some fantastic films.

  • Wheelman 123
    Wheelman 123 Hace 10 meses +2

    Yates directed HP movies is the worst nightmare for HP fans

  • Rigel9875
    Rigel9875 Hace 11 meses +6

    Unpopular opinion: I think Yates was the best director.

    • Zorack
      Zorack Hace un mes

      @Nguyễn Hải You don't know anything about movies you fucking pleb, Yates is a great director like Cuaron

    • Pranav Pasumarthy
      Pranav Pasumarthy Hace 6 meses

      @Smorr3 I'm sorry if I offended you or the other guy mate. I just told something that came to my mind. What The Last Jedi is to Star Wars fans the last three movies of the Harry Potter saga are to me. I was just very angry on this director guy. I do respect others opinions. Anyways good luck bro.

    • Smorr3
      Smorr3 Hace 6 meses

      @Pranav Pasumarthy just cause he has another opinion, doesn't make him a harry potter fan??? are you serious or really dumb?

    • Anorak The All Knowing
      Anorak The All Knowing Hace 7 meses

      pranav 007 explain how this doesn't make him a Potter fan?

    • Nguyễn Hải
      Nguyễn Hải Hace 7 meses

      And don't know much about movies either.

  • Harry Williams Productions

    I don’t understand the hate for this talented director? Personally I think he did a great job. I love all the books but I can see why some sub plots were cut out.

  • Siabdelkader Fouad
    Siabdelkader Fouad Hace un año +5

    David Yates' s Harry Potter movies is bullshit to compare first two of Chris Columbus is much better and masterpierce

  • Mark David Yang
    Mark David Yang Hace un año +4

    What an awful director He Really is as others said!!! Colombis and Newell are the best!!!!!!

  • vijay chomal
    vijay chomal Hace un año +1

    Please make new harry potter movies please please

  • BatSTUD
    BatSTUD Hace un año +6

    Worst of the HP directors.

    • Zorack
      Zorack Hace un mes +1

      If you have basic bitch taste, he's fucking great

  • gnc623
    gnc623 Hace 2 años +13

    I'm sorry, but David Yates was the worst director of the Harry Potter films and after seeing Tarzan this summer, I believe he is just a poor director in general. His movies feel choppy. There's no satisfying flow to them. I totally understand the movies can't be exactly like the books and that there is stuff that has to be cut. But the Order of the Phoenix being the longest book and the SHORTEST movie - that's a problem. Yates, in all the HP movies he directed, cut out so many IMPORTANT things. Like in the 5th movie, getting rid of the fact that Dolores Umbridge is the one who sent the dementors after Harry (and Imelda Staunton was such a perfect actress to play Umbridge, we could have seen a lot more of her). In the sixth movie, they cut out the battle scene at the end - what the hell! I know he probably used the excuse that there's gonna be a battle in the last movie, but we could have had two! What a cheap excuse to be lazy. Yates seems to be a huge fan of flashbacks, and his constant use of them interrupts the flow of the story even further. Also, I found the death of Cedric Diggory to be more emotional than the deaths of Sirius, Dumbledore, or even Snape. That's a huge problem that shows ineffectiveness in directing when the death of a minor character leaves more of an impact than the deaths of 3 MAIN characters. Chris Columbus, while I don't know if he was the BEST director of the HP movies, was definitely the best to get them started. Faithful to the books and introduced us into a child-like world we all loved, which developed in later movies. I actually liked all the directors except for Yates. You could tell the "tone" of 1&2 vs. 3 vs. 4 vs. 5-8 were different based on the directors, but I liked the different ways the different directors took 3 and 4. It was the start of the 5th movie where the overall quality of the story, lines, and acting really took a bad turn.

    • Zorack
      Zorack Hace un mes +1

      I'm sorry but you have shit taste and movies are never like their novel adaptations, Jurassic park is nothing like it's book even less is the lost world. the potter movies are great yates and cuaron are awesome

    • Dean Sal
      Dean Sal Hace 2 meses


    • Burnt Crumpet
      Burnt Crumpet Hace 2 años +2

      gnc623 I have to agree all of his Potter films felt pretty unsatisfactory. 5-7 just feel very underwhelming in most aspects compared to the prevous films and the books they're based on. Everything looks really dark, there's no colour. The magic is bland, there's no spectacle. And he cuts so much out of the films. Deathly Hallows pt.2 felt really short even though it was the last and he'd had pt.1 to set everything up. They should have got rid of him after hpb, deathly hallows deserved better imo.

  • MusicLover_KB
    MusicLover_KB Hace 2 años +22

    I hate this director just as much as anybody else does. What I wanted was for Chris Columbus to come back for Half-Blood Prince, and then Alfonso would do Deathly Hallows

    • Zorack
      Zorack Hace un mes

      You have bad taste, Yates and Cuaron and Columbus are all great but all did the ones made for their style. Glad you will never have input in anything that matters, potter is the only consistently great series with that many films

    • sanket thakur
      sanket thakur Hace 3 meses

      Can you tell me harry potter more movie come in future

    • James Wynne
      James Wynne Hace 9 meses +1

      YES!!! They were the best! The movies became so colourless and drab after Alfonso. Yates made the movies look terrible

    • Dominik Bulka
      Dominik Bulka Hace un año +2

      You’re reading my mind ... this is what happens when you hire a lame director, the series lost all of its magic and ended for me after yates took over.
      KUDOS to Chris, Alfonso and Mike ...

    • Александр Шарм
      Александр Шарм Hace un año +2

      Kobe Busia AHAHA

  • HeavyDonkeyKong
    HeavyDonkeyKong Hace 3 años +2

    So much hate in the comments.*HOW DARE THIS NOT BE EXACTLY LIKE THE BOOKS!! IMMA BOYCOTT THIS SHIT!!*Book elitists, sheesh.

  • UrbanGirl Paris
    UrbanGirl Paris Hace 3 años +3

    what a disappointment....

  • Andrea Patane
    Andrea Patane Hace 3 años +5

    David Yates isn't as good as Chris Columbus. He's quite similar to him when it comes to being a professional director.

  • Fishels
    Fishels Hace 3 años +7

    Why did Yates feel the need to completely and utterly ruin the last book?
    I felt like I was watching a comedy when Vold carried Harry back to the castle.

  • Dunning Evans
    Dunning Evans Hace 4 años +7

    Columbus' Chamber of Secrets and Newell's Goblet of Fire were the undoubtedly the best ones.
    The third was unnecessarily dark and Yates' movies are just Twilight shit.

  • Master of Reality
    Master of Reality Hace 4 años +12

    I wish Yates didn't direct the HP films. He did God Awful... Yes there were scenes that worked very well, but there were also scenes that could make you cringe. The issue is that every single film, especially the 6th, had no emphasis. He completely neglects very critical plot points and barely even mentions the rest. Even though this subtlety may just be "his" approach, to 'darken' the movie or something, it seems everyone in the audience is confused by the end the movie. It almost seems as though he works diligently on some scenes and quickly approves the other scenes he "couldn't figure out". Its SO OBVIOUS that he didn't know what he was doing and its hard to accept the fact that, given another director, these movies could have been much different. Yates sucks

    • Zorack
      Zorack Hace un mes

      You and ​ Fishels have terrible taste, Yate's direction is fantastic

    • Fishels
      Fishels Hace 3 años +5

      Agree. He constantly downplays things that should be emotional. He is also a hack. The screenwriter for HBP had Dumbeldores funeral and the voldemort flashbacks but this hack removed them to make it more "mysterious" and to focus on Harry's last days at school. Not even making that up I promise you.

  • Stefan
    Stefan Hace 5 años +13

    I hate you Yates.

    • Zorack
      Zorack Hace un mes

      You have shit taste I love Columbus but Yates is so much better it isn't even a fair fight. You're the reason the internet and movies can't be discussed, zoomer retards and book pleb purists are cancer to artistic adaptations.

    • W V
      W V Hace 2 años

      Well there's a chance to fill most tings back in with Fantastic Beats since JK is writing the screenplay!. Adapting movies is every hard, especially when you're given a script that uyoucant change

    • Nathaniel Pellikka Erlandsson
      Nathaniel Pellikka Erlandsson Hace 4 años +2

      @dragoniguana Thank you!

    • dragoniguana
      dragoniguana Hace 4 años +3

      >chris colombus was the best director
      The first two Harry Potter films were good. Not great. Just good. They were visually dull and overladen with this stupid sense of "whimsy". It was wholly unbelievable, it overused and abused so many old cinematic techniques and, though this is more down to Rowling and the screenwriters than Colombus, their stories were wholly unfocused compared to that later films.
      Cuaron was where things got better. Yates was where things got great. The final four films in the series are beyond amazing in every way. Yates has this incredible knack, largely through judicious use (but not overuse) of handheld, selective use of music and a fantastic colour scheme, for making Harry Potter seem "down to earth" in a way that no other director, not even Cuaron, managed to hit just right. Yates is a directorial genius. He somehow manages to take people flinging magic spells at each other and makes it BELIEVABLE. That takes cinematic skill the likes of which is very rarely seen. There's a reason he was called back to direct time and time again.
      Also, I have to stress: You are putting WAY too much credit in the director's hands when it comes to story. The director has the final say and, as you said, decides what scenes go in, but a director can't magically make whole multi-film plot elements and character beats go in that the screenwriters (and, by extension and more importantly, the producers and other executives, as screenwriters are largely extensions of the executives' whims) don't want in. It'd be different with a smaller, more director-centered series, but In a large studio-controlled cash cow series like Harry Potter, most of the director's control comes down to things like cinematography and editing, which Yates is beyond incredible with.
      I'd also argue up and down that the films had near-perfect plots despite elements from the books that were left out, but that's not what's being argued. It seems to me that you're a fan of the books and not really big into film. Trust me, as somebody who loves both the Harry Potter books and cinema as a whole: There's more to the quality of book adaptations than things that were left out. Watch more movies, watch some Every Frame a Painting, read up on visuals and other key elements of films, and rewatch the Harry Potter films all the way through, approaching them as films, not as adaptations of books you like. I guarantee you'll see David Yates as the genius he is.

    • Stefan
      Stefan Hace 4 años +1

      You say that he did not decide everything, he was the director, of course he decided which scenes went in.
      The movies under Yates were bad, even as stand alone films.
      Nope, I haven't watched any Harry Potter film for like three years. Although I would like to watch one and two again. THEY were not bad.
      And some characters are completely OOC...

  • Marilia Lirio
    Marilia Lirio Hace 6 años +1

    omg, you're absolutely right. it's very soothing indeed.

  • Jessica D
    Jessica D Hace 6 años +3

    Who's yawning in the background at 5:58?

  • Jessica D
    Jessica D Hace 6 años +5

    Yates didn't direct after Columbus. This is the order of directors:
    1. Chris Columbus (1, 2)
    2. Alfonso Cuaron (3 --- this was my least favourite movie)
    3. Mike Newell (4)
    4. David Yates (5, 6, 7.1, 7.2)

  • Josh Simpson
    Josh Simpson Hace 6 años +2

    i wish i could mute the interviewer... he's freakin loud

  • Navii Leah
    Navii Leah Hace 6 años +1

    Where's Alan Rickman's interview??

  • Georgia Bamford
    Georgia Bamford Hace 6 años +1

    He does doesn't he, It's kind of like Alan Rickmans but quieter

  • Carina
    Carina Hace 7 años +4

    He's so calm
    His voice is so calming and soft - it's so soothing

  • WhatWentWrong22441
    WhatWentWrong22441 Hace 7 años

    @TheAdmirableAdmiral OK then you go make one of the most eagerly awaited and famous movie franchises of all time.

  • MrBurgundy76
    MrBurgundy76 Hace 7 años +5

    david yates is a fucking asshole. i liked dh 1 and 2 at least. but cuaron wouldve been FAR better than this hack. cuaron said he wouldve put the marauders storyline (the big problem ppl have with his movie) in a future movie so you have that, but also anyone whos seen children of men knows how well he handles action. imagine one of his famous track shots going through hogwarts during the final battle. FUCK. he wanted to come back too.

  • littlemissmello
    littlemissmello Hace 7 años +1

    he's not a doctor who director..

  • Megan H
    Megan H Hace 7 años

    Without him we wouldn't be watching Harry potter.

  • spemka
    spemka Hace 8 años

    @AndThePincers wow mom told me the same thing before some seconds :O yeah, well i think it is both their fault. i mean, it is not only h/hr. it is some changed book scenes that should've the same. anyways.

  • earwaxbean
    earwaxbean Hace 8 años

    @spemka It's not David Yate's fault there was a lot of screentime for those two. Steve Kloves wrote the script and David was only directing what he had written.

  • helmsdeep
    helmsdeep Hace 8 años +2

    ok,I think he is a great director.He made great Harry Potter movies,but I think he ruined last Harry Potter movie.It is final movie and he made it bad.Where is Fred'death scene?Where are Snape's most important memories(when he cast Sectusempra on George)?Why was battle so short?Why was end so short?And finally,where is Ravenclaw common room and why was McGonagall vs Snape duel so underwhelming?Really,David??

  • gnc623
    gnc623 Hace 8 años

    @DrFlaxWebFLOO Funny. I have the same opinion only it's if you like David Yates' films. Yates was not true to the book and skipped out on way too much!

  • spemka
    spemka Hace 8 años

    @hpathbp25 have you seen deathly hallows and read the books and haven't noticed the harry hermione scenes not in the book and mostly with the snake in DH2?( ull catch me if u saw it)

  • j.e.e.lindberg
    j.e.e.lindberg Hace 8 años

    the new dumbledore is evil

  • hpathbp25
    hpathbp25 Hace 8 años

    @spemka At what point was there ever a Harry/Hermione love story?

  • Thelucidbohemian
    Thelucidbohemian Hace 8 años +2

    Best directer to direct any of the harry potter films.

  • guudgidga
    guudgidga Hace 8 años +1

    I have to say that Yates did a poor job with the fifth one, but after that, he did a really good job. Much better than the goblet of fire from newell which was garbage in my opinion. Alfonso Cuaron is still the best though...

  • balrog13571
    balrog13571 Hace 8 años

    That's a little harsh. I personally liked all the Harry Potter films, but they go by what they were sold as. The first 2-3 books were more fitted for children. It was when those kids started growing that the series became more mature and developed. It's not that the old films were bad, it's just that the newer films had better material to work with and the actors were more experienced. That's like saying a film from the silent-era is bad because newer films have sound and color.

  • komcomkat
    komcomkat Hace 8 años

    6:05 that little circle of hair on the right side of his head BOTHERS me.

  • Thesefreaks
    Thesefreaks Hace 8 años +1

    Chris Columbus was a great director. If he wasn't, fans wouldn't have stuck around past the first movie. David Yates incorparates more elements into the films and enhances the experience. His style is great for the last few movies and i greatly admire him as a director, but Chris did a great job of making the movies when the stories were lighter and the kids were younger. He introduced us to the world of Harry Potter, and the fact that we're still fans says they're both amazing directors.

  • goldAUsilverAG
    goldAUsilverAG Hace 8 años

    @cinemaker006 They definitely did not let us down on this one.

  • Alex Hajna
    Alex Hajna Hace 8 años

    @goldAUsilverAG Yeah, I saw an advance screening last night here in the US. It left me speechless...literally. People would ask me what I thought and I just couldn't find words to describe it. It is absolutely phenomenal.

  • goldAUsilverAG
    goldAUsilverAG Hace 8 años

    @AlexHeyNa My friend went to Germany because of family and he saw it last night. Lucky Europeans. He loved every minute of it and said there was a lot of eye candy. I can't wait to see it myself. It may be the best of the 8 films is what he said and I don't blame him.

  • charbunz
    charbunz Hace 8 años +1

    is hagrids son interviewing yates?

  • PeachySweety
    PeachySweety Hace 8 años

    harry potter! I will miss you!

  • SpongeBoobNipplePants
    SpongeBoobNipplePants Hace 8 años

    I like that "Danielle Radcliffe" is tagged right after "sex traffic" and "State of Play" and "The Giver". Your tags confuse me,

  • J A
    J A Hace 8 años +1

    Order was better than Prince.

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali Hace 8 años

    me to! but il watch it in two days

  • Alex Heyna
    Alex Heyna Hace 8 años

    Weird... I'm watching this exactly 2 years after it was posted, just 4 days before the worldwide release of the final film.

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle Hace 8 años +2

    david yates looks like a squirrel

  • Daniel Yao
    Daniel Yao Hace 8 años

    at 5:14 does he mean scale of the movie?

  • Ali Hasan
    Ali Hasan Hace 8 años +1

    colombus and yates are the best directors!!!!

  • Funnyv1ds
    Funnyv1ds Hace 8 años

    @MyDanDoo in my opinion hp 4 is the best movie, it was directed by newell, but i agree with that hp 1-2 wasnt that good

  • thebuckrogers22
    thebuckrogers22 Hace 8 años +2

    i dont like david yates. he leaves out tooooooooooooooo many important details in the potter movies. like i was confused as to why harry had a broken piece of glass and didnt know who he was talking to. and lots of other things. i wanted to see the fight at the beginning on their brooms. order of the phoenix sucked big time. i like chris columbus better. oh and tonks didnt know she was preg til i read online.

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle Hace 8 años

    i reckon he did harry potter and order of the pheonix but i think he didnt explain what a horcrux was and did not give enough attention to horcruxes in harry potter and the half blood prince. i think his style of exciting fast paced action wasnt suited to harry potter and the half blood prince since its more of a slow paced book

  • Brandon Holbrook
    Brandon Holbrook Hace 8 años +1

    I love Yates' films in HP!! He adds more darkness to the story, compared to Columbus' films, Yates will probably be the best! Especially HBP was great so far, there was something different from the other films that made me like HBP and DH1 the best!!! He just makes HP more incredible!! :D

  • Drew White
    Drew White Hace 8 años

    @MyDanDoo I will say Yates did a great job on HP7. That is far and away the best Potter film, even with the worst material book-wise. But 5 & 6 were the worst, he flubbed those. I don't mind any of the cuts; you have to cut. But WIZARDS CAN'T FLY. Otherwise, why would you need brooms?

  • TommyCycles
    TommyCycles Hace 8 años

    Honestly, this guy is so aggravating. His warping and adding of scenes sucks the life and development out of all the movies he's made so far. I wish I could've talked to him while he was directing HBP and DHpt1 and said, "Listen, do you realize what you have on your hands? This isn't just a story that you can change around just because you can. This is one of the greatest stories of all time, do it justice! This isn't about YOUR vision." DHpt2 better blow me away, I'm not expecting much though.

  • Richard Neville
    Richard Neville Hace 8 años

    @DrFlaxWebFLOO and what if you think Chris's films are OK and David's are either hits or misses(DH1-great hit,HBP-awful miss,OOTP-somewhere in between),but you think Newel's and especially Cuaron's films are best BY FAR!!!

  • terry mal
    terry mal Hace 8 años

    He's has such a charming demeanor voice and expression. He Seems like a unique soft spoken and intelligent fellow. As a Harry Potter fan I love his films and find it a priviledge to have him directing the 2 part epic finale to the series.

  • DjKlimaxPeru
    DjKlimaxPeru Hace 8 años

    @MyDanDoo Don't you see HP 6??? did you read that book? it wasn't a romantic comedy... it was a very dark book.

  • thecosmicman123
    thecosmicman123 Hace 8 años

    I did like this movie but my favourites has to be Prisoner of Azkaban and the Order of the Phoenix

  • acrobatsutr
    acrobatsutr Hace 8 años

    I believe Yates should add the chapter from the Deathly Hollows: "The Princes Tale" and experiment a bit with it in the movie. I think the people that watch only the movies should have the knowledge of Snape being the secretive "hero" of the Harry Potter series.

  • DrFlaxWebFLOO
    DrFlaxWebFLOO Hace 8 años

    Yates is brilliant. He has a profound understanding of characters and character development. If you like Columbus' films... well, you don't know anything about filmmaking. Sorry.

  • Anubis
    Anubis Hace 8 años

    @EdwardNygma1 I don't have to tell myself what I believe in. Plus, it's not just my opinion, it's Columbus' style, his way of composing scenes, of directing the actors, of editing, and anyone can attest he's conventional before I say it.
    Cuarón was unconventional. Yates, more or less. The differences between them and Columbus are evident. And it's not about what they did or didn't cut from the book, but the way they handle a bunch of cameras and create a scene.

  • Anubis
    Anubis Hace 8 años

    @EdwardNygma1 I didn't say that Stone and Chamber are terrible movies, just that Columbus' direction is repetitive. Which it is, not because Columbus doesn't have talent or something (bu the way he has), but because he's just too conventional, pattern Hollywood filmmaking.
    And he wouldn't have to cut too much because the books he adapted were the smallest, practicallt 2 pages from the book per minute of film.

  • Superbruv07
    Superbruv07 Hace 8 años +1

    He outdid himself with DH - the cinematography was GORGEOUS!

  • Lanie B
    Lanie B Hace 8 años

    @Matty3Mite3 ..Thank you! I agree with your comment the most!

  • videogamenostalgia
    videogamenostalgia Hace 8 años

    Give the guy a break, he had to start on the worst books in the series!

  • Alexander Hallgren
    Alexander Hallgren Hace 8 años

    he say raging hormones in every f*cking video!!!

  • thetramp123
    thetramp123 Hace 8 años

    He's the second best director after Cuaron, easily. Newell's use of the school was too much of just some typical boarding school, and none of the staff was quite right in that one. Plus his transitions are jarring and edited together rather poorly. Columbus is just pretty bad overall. so lacking in any personality and character, whatever is there is just what's left over from the books, and plus his movies just look awful for the most part. Yates has been getting better which each film.

  • XDraydenReapZX
    XDraydenReapZX Hace 8 años

    @Grissha Agreed

  • Sadae Sparda
    Sadae Sparda Hace 8 años

    I am not a big fan of how he directed the movies sometimes, but I have to admit he did a good job in trying to tell such a long story in such a small time. Stil, I would have wanted better direction for the actors in some scenes...but nontheless, good job.

  • 1992Yeates
    1992Yeates Hace 8 años

    have the same last name sounds the same except spelled differently by 1 letter

  • kebyonatin
    kebyonatin Hace 8 años

    @bloodstoneian well, i'm not sure yet... coz theres a rumor about it in the internet... but i hope it'll be true...

  • Ian
    Ian Hace 8 años

    @kebyonatin THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!

  • lennybelardo
    lennybelardo Hace 8 años

    Is that mad eye moody interviewing lol

  • lennybelardo
    lennybelardo Hace 8 años

    WTF yates the hbp movie SUCKED. the books are greater I think

  • TheFreakifier
    TheFreakifier Hace 8 años

    I understand about the Goblet of Fire of how shortening it down but he could've made Half Blood Prince a lot better.

  • kebyonatin
    kebyonatin Hace 8 años

    Is it true that Yates will be making a movie from the book "The Giver?"

  • FluXez00
    FluXez00 Hace 8 años

    The best Harry Potter director to date! I am not going to deny that some important scenes were cut from the film in the editing processing, but the movies have improved greatly. A lot of work, a lot of beautiful and marvelous work as gone into the last two films, and I am guaranteed the last movie will explode all roofs.
    My least favorite director was Christopher Columbus: his directing isn't very good. And it was easy for the screenwriter to adapt the film as close to the first two books bec

  • Jaime Ravachi
    Jaime Ravachi Hace 8 años

    i know david yates had mad marvelous movies but he deleted very very important parts from the the half blood prince book that are very important for the deathly hallows book and I think that wasnt very clever, i know he needed to cut some part from a 700 hundred page book but not important parts from a book, for example fleur delacour neither bill are neither dobby or kreacher mentioned on the sixth movie and they are very important on the deathly hallows book

  • Anubis
    Anubis Hace 9 años

    @sandralovvets So you say. Lacking reason of cause, I think. Yates showed that he really knows how to compose a scene (in this visual aspect he's only not better than Cuarón), and he achieves good stuff out of the actors.

    As for the fans that complain, it's interesting to know that Yates is actually the first Harry Potter director to be also a fan of the book, having read it BEFORE the director's chair was even offered.
    And still, his movies got more box-office than all others except the 1°.

  • verrypotterfan
    verrypotterfan Hace 9 años

    he totally messed up the harry ginny relationship it pisses me off every time I watch it

  • verrypotterfan
    verrypotterfan Hace 9 años

    @mrworms3d r u crazy im gonna guess u r

  • ESA1996
    ESA1996 Hace 9 años

    @Grissha What ever, he's made the two worst Potter films this far (5th and 6th)

  • Natalie & Jess
    Natalie & Jess Hace 9 años

    @xIIKayze I loved Mike behind the scenes TOO. It made me jealous TOO. He just seemed so into it and ready to do whatever it took. He understood the film. And ARGH, he was so perfect.

  • Natalie & Jess
    Natalie & Jess Hace 9 años

    @xIIKayze Yeah, I totally get where you are coming from. I hope he does a good job with these next two and I think he MIGHT be able to pull it off. And i really did like Mike. He was just so into it and the characters and everything.

  • wladyslaw
    wladyslaw Hace 9 años

    @NatalieNJessieMusic yeah, I watched behind the scenes, it was less dark, and the muggle girl thing...pfft, and I loved mike behind the scenes, although It made me feel really jealous and left out for some reason.

  • wladyslaw
    wladyslaw Hace 9 años

    I really agree! Like I hate the way its all dark, and I liked mike, although I despised the yule ball, it made me sad for some reason. But yeah, the new ones are less happy and more 'YES THE DARK LORD IS COMING' blah blah blah.

  • wladyslaw
    wladyslaw Hace 9 años

    @Grissha Yeah, all though I think Mike should of come back, they all loved him.

  • wladyslaw
    wladyslaw Hace 9 años

    hahaha I just remember, does anyone remember in harry potter 1
    when harry and hermione used to say
    THATS whats guarding the door...THATS what snape wants..
    good times.. :)

  • Natalie & Jess
    Natalie & Jess Hace 9 años

    now that I know this, I am REALLY wishing Alfonzo would have come back. Or maybe Mike, because he was a brilliant director if you watch the behind the scenes stuff. Both of them would have been brilliant for the final films but they couldn't get rid of this guy. I have always been annoyed when he cuts important bits out and adds stupid bits in. Why did Harry need to pick up a Muggle girl in a cafe? That's stupid. So, anyway. I didn't really enjoy that last 2 films.

  • AJ2011
    AJ2011 Hace 9 años

    long live ALFONSO!!!!

  • TrippingBowser
    TrippingBowser Hace 9 años

    this move was shit for anyone who actually read the books

  • Matty Hogarth
    Matty Hogarth Hace 9 años

    @666Meshuggah Well JK gets final say on the screen play , nothing gets into a film without her say so , the film series is a seperate entity from the books , if you constantly compare you'll be constantly disappointed , enjoy them for that they are.

  • ArgentiumTea
    ArgentiumTea Hace 9 años

    @dohyou I agree with you

  • TGND333
    TGND333 Hace 9 años

    I just have a problem with the giant hole they have dug for Harry now. I don't believe that he can figure out what and possibly where all the rest of the horcruxes are on his own without those crucial memories that Dumbledore showed him. If they had just cut out that stupid fight at the burrow (which never happened in the book) and used that time to try and show the other memories Dumbledore had I wouldn't have been as disappointed. I still enjoyed it though.