FALSE LASHES: Do's and Don'ts | For Beginners!


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  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee  Hace 8 meses +2401

    What’s up my loves

  • Zameya Grantham
    Zameya Grantham Hace un día

    Can we jsut talk about her eyebrowls

  • Asian Goddess Cottage Life Garden Fairies

    *I have never used masquera before gluing the lashes.
    * I also use my tumb nail pressing in the inner to curl bend the lashes before applying the glue.
    Love your vive

  • Anita Sanchez
    Anita Sanchez Hace 2 días

    Thank you

  • samirah mccaulla
    samirah mccaulla Hace 2 días

    Roses are red 🥀
    You’ve heard this before
    The video starts at 2:24

  • Divina Pangalangan
    Divina Pangalangan Hace 2 días

    Supposed to be tutorial not story time

  • Mrs.Casey
    Mrs.Casey Hace 5 días

    Gotta go try this now. I have been trying to get fake lashes right for such a long time

  • Amy Celestec
    Amy Celestec Hace 6 días

    This is the first video I've watched on Laura's channel. Even though I've heard so many scandals about her, this video was REALLY useful !!! I can see why people like her videos 🌟🌟

  • Alissa Caliz
    Alissa Caliz Hace 6 días

    I love u ❤️

  • Cadence Tillman
    Cadence Tillman Hace 8 días

    ACCURATE! YOU HAVE MADE EVERY MISTAKE! hopefully you have learned from mistakes..

  • Christen Mourey
    Christen Mourey Hace 8 días +1

    Oh fuck. Didn't want to see this girl

  • fission mailed
    fission mailed Hace 9 días

    Great tips, thank you! Is there an eyeliner you recommend to wear with falsies? Are there any eyeliners that prevent the adhesive from sticking?

  • Maham Haider
    Maham Haider Hace 9 días

    God! You speak too much!

  • Å Y Å
    Å Y Å Hace 10 días

    Intro waaay too long, you talk too much. But the tips were great!

  • sarahkae12
    sarahkae12 Hace 10 días

    Also maybe don’t use tweezers right in your eyeball..

  • Christina Rutherford
    Christina Rutherford Hace 10 días

    Nice tips! I had to learn how to apply them individual lashes myself. I preferred the cluster lashes. I got tired of messing with the glue so I switched to wearing eyelash extensions. I love them! ♥️

  • Kyla Brady
    Kyla Brady Hace 11 días

    Why is this 13 minutes

  • Life with Jazmone
    Life with Jazmone Hace 11 días

    lol I’m not a lash lover I just bought sum and wanted to try them 😂😂

  • ᔕᕈᗩᑕᙓ ᙢᓰᒪḰ

    I gave up I’ll just wear 100 pounds on mascara tyvm

  • Alliyah Portillo
    Alliyah Portillo Hace 11 días

    IDK what to feel🤦💁🤷

  • Kool Karrot
    Kool Karrot Hace 11 días

    Whenever I wear false lashes, they always touch my glasses. I always have to wear my glasses pushed down a bit at school, and I don't like the way that looks on me. Any tips besides trimming? Or possibly lash recommendations that point up a bit more or that are still voluminous but shorter/natural?

  • Gayatri gautam
    Gayatri gautam Hace 12 días

    So helpful 😘👍 thanx

  • Noelle Kalmbach
    Noelle Kalmbach Hace 13 días

    I would love to see a tutorial on applying glue from a tube, also black glue. I really need a more detailed description/video of the application of the glue- how much and exactly where, etc. I can never get the amount/location of the glue correct 😞

  • Aleida Luna
    Aleida Luna Hace 14 días

    Thank you very much. Newbie over here🙋‍♀️

  • Rao Nisar
    Rao Nisar Hace 14 días

    Talk lesssss

  • FloraNova
    FloraNova Hace 15 días

    Last time I tried putting on falsies, I stabbed myself in the eye with tweezers and couldn’t see for the rest of the night.
    It was New Year’s Eve 2 years ago lmao I’ve given up. I think they look pretty (usually) but I just can’t do it 🥺😭

  • BruiseBerry
    BruiseBerry Hace 15 días +1

    Over 2 and a half minutes before the content :/

  • Amanda Faku
    Amanda Faku Hace 17 días


  • Gloria Mudany
    Gloria Mudany Hace 17 días

    Wait wait wait... question: Can you wear eyeliner before applying the false lashes??🤔🤔 I feel like it wld make the eye look A LOT bolder...😍😍👌👌

  • Carme Dumas
    Carme Dumas Hace 17 días

    Are you supposed to apply lashes on your lashes or on your skin

  • Lucero Gil
    Lucero Gil Hace 17 días

    Any tips to clean your eyelashes n re-use them? How many times can you re-use them?

  • Karicat Watts
    Karicat Watts Hace 18 días +1

    How many people do one eye then give up?

  • Karicat Watts
    Karicat Watts Hace 18 días

    Good tips
    Very helpful. Thank you. 💚

  • Pania S S
    Pania S S Hace 19 días

    skip 2:24 ur welcome lol

  • Chassity Stawinski
    Chassity Stawinski Hace 19 días

    I was shown personally how to apply falsies and could not do it, watching your video makes me want to try again. Thanks for the tips!!

  • Blanca Rodriguez
    Blanca Rodriguez Hace 20 días

    Tutorial starts at 2:20 😒

  • Miss Kelly
    Miss Kelly Hace 20 días

    When I was in highschool we didn't need lashes or brows. We just needed clear lip gloss lol

  • Tiffany Marin
    Tiffany Marin Hace 21 un día

    Stfuuu omg

  • Nadine El Nour
    Nadine El Nour Hace 22 días

    actual content begins at 3:05 😒

  • Brittani Jarrells
    Brittani Jarrells Hace 22 días

    Starts at 2:16

  • Tracy Dudzik
    Tracy Dudzik Hace 23 días

    how do you clean and store lashes after wearing them?

  • Inoubliable Douleur
    Inoubliable Douleur Hace 23 días

    Video starts here 2:43

  • Laura Filangeri
    Laura Filangeri Hace 23 días

    Great Video! Thanks!

  • Mythical Macaroni
    Mythical Macaroni Hace 24 días

    She begins with the tutorial here 02:17

  • Lil Serb
    Lil Serb Hace 24 días


  • Nelly Candelas
    Nelly Candelas Hace 25 días

    Thanks for this video. I been having trouble putting mine on as a beginner.

  • Maya Brownies
    Maya Brownies Hace 26 días

    It takes her like seven hours to fucking get to the actual tutorial

  • Tiff Agostinoni
    Tiff Agostinoni Hace 26 días

    I love your hoodie! Where did you get it?

  • carmen morales
    carmen morales Hace 28 días


  • Katie
    Katie Hace un mes

    IG FAM!!!! 💕💕💕

  • Caty Springer
    Caty Springer Hace un mes

    @LauraLee How do you fix the spacing issue? When I put on my lashes I sometimes have to reapply bc you can see part of my upper waterline. Maybe it isn't connected all the way? Also, should I put on my eyeshadow before I put on my lashes? thanks :)

  • Vanessa Areas
    Vanessa Areas Hace un mes

    Love this video! “Girl you got a wonky lash!” 😂

  • Pennie Clinton
    Pennie Clinton Hace un mes

    I don’t think I have enough lashes to curl lol

  • Lauren G
    Lauren G Hace un mes

    Less talk. More doing.

  • Tea Spilt
    Tea Spilt Hace un mes +1

    Careful those false lashes don’t nt come of with your false tears

  • Nadine Ruiz
    Nadine Ruiz Hace un mes

    Thanks Laura!!! I really needed this! 😭❤️

  • Blackllistd
    Blackllistd Hace un mes

    The first and only time I got my lashes done it irritated and hurt my eye so much that as soon as I got home i took them off.

  • Kemba Ilham
    Kemba Ilham Hace un mes

    I like the right side better. But these videos are really helping because I want to know how to do this.

  • Phoebe Berrry
    Phoebe Berrry Hace un mes

    Pls don’t talk to much

    CAROL ROE Hace un mes

    Lots of good, useful info! You make it look soooooo easy....I struggle so bad at fake lashes. I love the look of them, so hopefully your "do's" will help me.

  • Meglatinaa
    Meglatinaa Hace un mes

    Aside from all of her drama, this video really helped me

  • PikaaMochii
    PikaaMochii Hace un mes

    Whenever I put on false lashes, the end of the lashes would be loose and not stick to my lash line. Even though I put enough glue lol XD it took me a few tries until it finally stick to my last line.

  • Helen W
    Helen W Hace un mes

    Hello Ladies I sell eyelashes at a really discounted price, message me if you’d like to purchase some 😊

  • Ashtaroth42
    Ashtaroth42 Hace un mes

    Thanks! I only ever use falsies for costumes, I had less than zero idea what to do. Ummmm...before or after heavy shadow? Will watch again, might have missed it! Thanks so much.

    • flipbug
      flipbug Hace un mes

      Ashtaroth42 false lashes after shadow/eyeliner!

  • Alexis White
    Alexis White Hace un mes

    Starts at 2:15 ☺☺☺

  • Evelyn Nguyen
    Evelyn Nguyen Hace un mes

    anyone bothered by her left eyebrow hair

  • Joanne Naylor
    Joanne Naylor Hace un mes

    Thanks for the tips. From Australia

  • Beauty Eyes
    Beauty Eyes Hace un mes


  • doumkatek Z
    doumkatek Z Hace un mes

    Your actual lashes are very nice too already. You have a ton compared to me.

  • Jasmine Rubin
    Jasmine Rubin Hace un mes

    Do some people need the whole thing?

  • Jennifer Miranda
    Jennifer Miranda Hace un mes

    Never wore fake lashes before. I have an event to go to and want to go a little extra glam. This video really helped a lot.

  • Teresa Barnes
    Teresa Barnes Hace un mes

    Thank you! I learned alot.

  • ̇ Taiga Aisaka ̇
    ̇ Taiga Aisaka ̇ Hace un mes

    Gurl too much talking we gots to get ready

  • Alice Animations
    Alice Animations Hace un mes

    2:42 for the impationt people

  • Marley Pup
    Marley Pup Hace un mes

    Hahaha , "girl you got a wonky lash"

  • Tianna Hurdle
    Tianna Hurdle Hace un mes

    Video starts at 2:23

  • Tianna Hurdle
    Tianna Hurdle Hace un mes

    0:04 did she spell her own name wrong of was that on purpose?

  • Cecilia Cruz
    Cecilia Cruz Hace un mes

    Do you curl your lashes after you put the fame lashes on?

  • China Doll
    China Doll Hace un mes

    Wrap it around a makeup brush, blow dry it slightly, it'll make it curved to your eye

  • Manreet Gill
    Manreet Gill Hace un mes

    Shhhhhhh pls just get on w the tutorial

  • Big Revenger EnergyTM
    Big Revenger EnergyTM Hace un mes

    This is probably the only intelligent video of Laura because it is actually helped me

  • Emma Garcia
    Emma Garcia Hace un mes

    Video starts at 2:18

  • Karen
    Karen Hace un mes

    She didn't even take a breathe during her tutorial. She talk to much and too fast. I appreciate the tips but had to get past all the talking before I got to the actual tutorial

  • Salsadivva
    Salsadivva Hace un mes

    Great tutorial! Nice sense of humor!

  • Brittney Roberto
    Brittney Roberto Hace un mes


  • lmao wtf shay
    lmao wtf shay Hace un mes +60

    the first and last time i watch laura lee’s video

    • rachel
      rachel Hace un mes +1

      lmao wtf shay same. I have no idea why she’s so popular.....

  • Jean Jean
    Jean Jean Hace un mes

    I have a natural curly lash, it's annoying cause it's hard to wear false lash, so darn hard, i poke my eyes a lot, even my eyelash dresser finds it hard to, any way i can get my curled lashstraight so i can wear false 😢😢😢

  • SugarPlumBerry
    SugarPlumBerry Hace un mes

    This video was a LIFE SAVER! Omg my lashes used to always look wonky but these tips really work! My lashes came out so much better by following these tips

  • Chaquoria Roberson
    Chaquoria Roberson Hace un mes

    I absolutely love lashes however I do not know how to apply them I've had so many fails but from this video I'm going to try it the exact way you do it and I'm going to find a lighter lash with an actual lash adhesive instead of hair glue lol but uh yeah ima try it

  • SJ Speaks
    SJ Speaks Hace un mes +5

    Even after all the drama, thanks Laura. This helped 💓

  • S
    S Hace un mes +1

    i still can’t do it

  • Amanda Grayson
    Amanda Grayson Hace un mes +1

    Video starts at 2:23

  • Leia Engstedt
    Leia Engstedt Hace un mes +1

    Loved this thank you

  • Melissa Walls
    Melissa Walls Hace un mes +1

    Lol!! I love your personality. And I love the wonky eye.. You're so funny..

  • a lleiN
    a lleiN Hace un mes +1

    You look like a younger version of my mom's friend. Thank you for this vid!

  • a.gain7
    a.gain7 Hace un mes +1

    the kiss blowout looks gooorgeous and yet so natural!
    those triple push up are just meh...

  • alpha fish
    alpha fish Hace un mes

    Can u reuse lashes and for how long?

  • Mehdi Elouazzan
    Mehdi Elouazzan Hace un mes

    Professional False Eyelash Extension Glue Brush Kit Set Tool Box

  • Moreira M
    Moreira M Hace un mes

    this was perfect. i applied it and it looked so good oh my gosh
    also the fact that this video was posted on my birthday is a gift!
    thank you!
    new subscriber here