FALSE LASHES: Do's and Don'ts | For Beginners!


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    What’s up my loves

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      Laura Lee I love you🙈

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      Laura Lee IG FAM and SNAP FAM 💚❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛😍💛❤💛❤❤❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤❤💛❤💛❤💛❤❤💛❤💛❤💛

    • Sylvia Fonseca
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      Laura Lee IG FAM and SNAP FAM

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    EMack Hace 21 un hora

    chanel eAsTcOaSt 😘

  • Anonyme User
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    *this is so complicated. Just put it on your eye. Jesus.*

  • Yesenia Vazquez
    Yesenia Vazquez Hace un día

    I hate intros just get to the point

  • OllieBear OwO
    OllieBear OwO Hace un día

    How do you remove them?

  • Elvira Levine
    Elvira Levine Hace 2 días

    does it really have to be a 13 minutes video? you talked too much, need to simplify it A LOT

  • Eden Hananya
    Eden Hananya Hace 2 días

    Omg! U helped me so muchhh 🙌🏽😍

  • Sadie Ainsworth
    Sadie Ainsworth Hace 2 días

    This video helped me soooo much! I’ve done every single don’t. I’ve been closing my eye to put the lashes on no wonder it wasn’t working for me. Hopefully this will help me out more, and I can wear lashes more often.

  • Logan Sargent
    Logan Sargent Hace 2 días

    why is she saying "apply it to my eyeball" try eyelid hun

  • Nikki W
    Nikki W Hace 2 días

    Video starts 2:40

  • Celine Borg
    Celine Borg Hace 3 días

    I've been having problems putting them on clients, they always come off from an edge, hoping these tricks will help!

  • Mirna Laguerre
    Mirna Laguerre Hace 3 días

    Good job

  • Madison Mason
    Madison Mason Hace 3 días

    Starts at 2:24

  • Anita Waddell
    Anita Waddell Hace 3 días

    newcomer mrs. Laura Lee love the tutorial on the beginner false eyelashes. I'm new too this . can you show how to properly apply lip liner. by the way I just subscribe 2 your channel Yay !!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Shelby Quast Hace 4 días

    Where is this hoodie from ?? I’m obsessed !

  • Bianca Rojas Reyes
    Bianca Rojas Reyes Hace 4 días

    I'm doing everything you say but the lash doesn't stay :( it stands up. Someone please bless me with tips

  • P Rose
    P Rose Hace 5 días

    Thank you for this video. I've tried and tried and can get it right. Love your videos thank you Jacqui

  • Jocilin Johnson
    Jocilin Johnson Hace 5 días +1

    Wow u saved a sisters life😂 I’ve never wore them cuz I thought my eyelids where weird! Like if u feel the same

  • Elyse Jackson
    Elyse Jackson Hace 5 días

    Live u girl 💗
    - Elyse Jackson♡

  • hiswifesince09
    hiswifesince09 Hace 5 días

    Wonky 😂

  • Amanda Perry
    Amanda Perry Hace 5 días

    11:52 one time I wore falsies to work and I sneezed and my WHOLE inner corner lifted up. I didn’t bring lash glue and didn’t wanna take off my lashes bc it would mess up my eye look so I took a sharpie out of my locker in the break room and drew on some more eyeliner on in the back room to disguise the terrible inner corner 😂😭

  • zay zay
    zay zay Hace 5 días

    I have literally purchased many many sets of lashes for the past month....however many video's I watch my lashes still look like a train wreck I am sooo frustrated the glue sticks all over the place and I make a mistake get it in my eyes. Its a hot mess.

  • Tia Le
    Tia Le Hace 6 días

    Hey! I’m assuming many teens watch this video so I have a question. How did your parents react? Did they care? Just wanted some advice. Thank you!

  • Lisbeth Lopez
    Lisbeth Lopez Hace 6 días

    I finally learned with this video, thanks!

  • Nadine K
    Nadine K Hace 7 días

    How often can I re use false lashes

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    maria 420 Hace 7 días

    Omg shut up and get on with the video

  • Shubha Naik
    Shubha Naik Hace 7 días

    u talk too much

  • Barb Scrase
    Barb Scrase Hace 7 días

    Thank you for all the great tips! I think maybe I can tackle false lashes now.

  • Alexandrakta
    Alexandrakta Hace 7 días

    My eye lashes are too curly it wont go on rite

  • Dulce Ruiz
    Dulce Ruiz Hace 8 días

    What about removing them?

  • Kathryn D'Alleva
    Kathryn D'Alleva Hace 9 días

    Information starts at 2:50

  • Sheetal Kumar
    Sheetal Kumar Hace 9 días

    AHEM !

  • Maya Ehly
    Maya Ehly Hace 9 días

    i can never get it right on my lash line :(

  • Car Abela
    Car Abela Hace 10 días

    2:51 ur welcome

  • Laura Quinones
    Laura Quinones Hace 10 días

    I’m gonna need to rewatch 😂😂 my brain is shook 💓

  • Catalina Rodriguez
    Catalina Rodriguez Hace 10 días

    suuuuuper helpful thank uuuuu

  • Danica Sandoval 2
    Danica Sandoval 2 Hace 11 días

    But.... They're literally falling off

  • nina mds
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    Callie Ashworth Hace 11 días

    Please notice me Laura I love you

  • Stephanie Retana
    Stephanie Retana Hace 11 días

    this helped soooooooo so much

  • Alexandra Kennedy
    Alexandra Kennedy Hace 11 días

    why is every don't me?

  • kelse mcclain
    kelse mcclain Hace 12 días

    I used to suck at applying mine. I'd get so frustrated n cry lol. It's so easy for me now, but you can always learn something new💕

  • Rock_n'_ Bundy
    Rock_n'_ Bundy Hace 13 días

    I dont have a lash curler.....but my lashes arent naturally downward pointing. And when I put my mascara on my eyelashes look fab but I like a fuller look......I also put my false lashes under my real lashes. 😯

  • hello eden
    hello eden Hace 14 días

    Video starts at 2:23

  • jessica thompson
    jessica thompson Hace 14 días

    Very wewabull lol she sounds like a baby sometimes like she never learned to speak properly as a child .. wait that’s not funny that’s sad 😔

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    aimeelynnmarie Hace 14 días

    This popped up on my suggested at the most perfect time !

  • Lenita Nelson
    Lenita Nelson Hace 15 días

    Thanks for this video....I wish I could find a dos n don'ts for ppl who don't have their own lashes vuz it's really difficult to apply lashes to ur lids when u have none to begin with.

  • Yasmine Rangel
    Yasmine Rangel Hace 15 días

    Thank you for the help!!!

  • Brittanee Gauthier
    Brittanee Gauthier Hace 15 días

    1st timer with Lashes!! Of course I had to get the Tea about lashes from Laura Lee!!😉😉

  • Reagan Lindsay
    Reagan Lindsay Hace 16 días

    I'm literally binge watching her videos right now, one of my favourite ESclipsrs hands down!

  • Tiegan Duncan
    Tiegan Duncan Hace 16 días

    I have learned sooo much in this thanks Laura now I know how to do them xx

  • Kiru
    Kiru Hace 16 días

    I love you. I just love youuuu!!

  • tamandalove
    tamandalove Hace 16 días

    Love the video

  • Vibha Hegde
    Vibha Hegde Hace 17 días

    This was so helpful. I kept placing the lashes straight on and it just didn’t feel right. No one else on you tube actually said it needs to be placed looking up and not straight. Thanks a ton. Going to try again tomorrow 😊

  • Miss_tree Liv
    Miss_tree Liv Hace 17 días

    I could never put on lashes, I think lashes look too big on me because I have small eyes.

  • Nouf Albooshi
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  • Aarthi bafna
    Aarthi bafna Hace 17 días

    Helpful thank u

  • Emily Chisholm
    Emily Chisholm Hace 17 días

    What about removing them? Reusing them?

  • georgette soto
    georgette soto Hace 17 días

    girl I needed this video omg

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    awesome video, thanks😻💚

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    eleonora bunny Hace 17 días

    Does she have a cold ?

  • Cassandra Moran
    Cassandra Moran Hace 17 días

    OMG God bless you you are a makeup genius thank you :)

  • Angela Shackelford
    Angela Shackelford Hace 18 días

    First time watching your videos and I think I subscribed with the bell in the first 2 minutes. You’re hilarious! 😂😂

  • kkmarlys
    kkmarlys Hace 18 días

    Those blowout lashes are so darling, natural but flirty.

  • miarangel0578
    miarangel0578 Hace 18 días

    Honestly I don't like the kiss lashes. They don't bend well

  • Blossom Gakhal
    Blossom Gakhal Hace 19 días

    check out a new face in beauty on my channel 🙋🏻‍♀️

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    Katie szen Hace 19 días

    please note more singing subscribe 😂

  • Rosanna Holod
    Rosanna Holod Hace 19 días

    My eyelashes are naturally extremely curly and I have a hard time just trying to get the lashes on and stay without lifting. It’s a curse

  • ausunayuki1
    ausunayuki1 Hace 19 días

    I'mma beginner and this did NOT HELP at all

  • Shaylee
    Shaylee Hace 20 días

    ready to tackle false lashes again. thank you so much for the helpful video!

  • Coreen De Soto
    Coreen De Soto Hace 20 días

    Thank you, thank you 🙏🏼

  • Jenn Jenny
    Jenn Jenny Hace 20 días

    3 minutes of bs before you actually get into it . Nobody got time for that

  • The Style That Binds Us
    The Style That Binds Us Hace 20 días

    Thanks for the tips!!!

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee Hace 20 días

    how do you avoid getting the lash glue on your actual eyelashes? I feel like I always have clumps of glue leftover after I take the falsies off... and my real eyelashes get damaged.

  • leah smith
    leah smith Hace 20 días

    the tutorial starts at 2:53

  • MArie Livingston
    MArie Livingston Hace 21 un día

    Girl this was super helpful as I'm a false lash newbie and was hoping for some help in putting them on. Now I can use your video to do so - yaaay!!!👏😃👌

  • Dana Babyy
    Dana Babyy Hace 21 un día

    Walgreens carries kiss lashes as well! They usually have the full display, I was in lash heaven when I found out lol

  • Carlie Ball
    Carlie Ball Hace 21 un día

    I thought that breathing technique you shared was so you don’t lose your mind while putting on your lashes when they’re not working😂😂 not for the sinuses

  • Anairis Figueroa
    Anairis Figueroa Hace 21 un día

    I appreciate this video because most ESclipsrs say, “you just stick it on it’s so simple” LIKEE NO ITS NOT >:/

  • Amy Bourget
    Amy Bourget Hace 21 un día

    Very helpful, thank you so much.

  • Bethany Cox
    Bethany Cox Hace 21 un día

    Very helpful thanks

  • Italian Princess
    Italian Princess Hace 21 un día

    I find it more difficult to apply if u curl lashes first

  • Koketso Paulus
    Koketso Paulus Hace 21 un día

    Just get into it you’re talking too much in the beginning 😴

  • Miracle Tallent
    Miracle Tallent Hace 22 días

    Am I the only one who skips all the talking until they get on with the point of the video?? I hate all the talking 😂😂

  • Katelyn Marie
    Katelyn Marie Hace 22 días

    I needed this thank you. Every time I put on lashes if you can even call my attempts that..it's a disaster lol

  • The Life of Malle
    The Life of Malle Hace 22 días


  • Emily Tenbrink
    Emily Tenbrink Hace 23 días

    you make it look so easy!!! i have tried false lashes several times and follow most of these do's, but they irritate my eyes

  • Iesha Taylor
    Iesha Taylor Hace 23 días

    Why am I just now getting hip to you & your channel?! Loving this!! 💓

  • Yannah Williams
    Yannah Williams Hace 23 días

    O K
    L O O K
    so when I try to lay the false lash down my lashes get in THE WAY
    what do I DO
    I don’t have straight lashes at all
    They curl up and get in the way

  • Something Park
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  • Mercedes Mio Olivares
    Mercedes Mio Olivares Hace 23 días

    Lmfao loved this video kinda different, in not only doing the review but feeling future beauty makeup artist or simply within awesome job..

  • LiveLikeMarie
    LiveLikeMarie Hace 23 días

    Her three most viewed videos have view counts of
    1. 10 million
    2. 8.1 million
    3. 5 million
    ... am i the only one who scrolled through her videos when she said how her do’s and dont’s video went viral??

  • Mariah Loper
    Mariah Loper Hace 23 días

    These lashes are also available at Walgreens

  • Skincare_Queen Mitchell
    Skincare_Queen Mitchell Hace 23 días

    I am an R+F consultant, we have the number 1 skincare for all skin types if you would like to try some products let me know.... These products are life changing!!!! I also have a product that you will never have to wear false lashes again!!! Contact me for more information!!!

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    i move ykouuu good night

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    Jackie White Hace 23 días

    Thanks Hun! I'm going to work up the nerve to try this!

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    Kelsey Noble Hace 23 días

    Omg i am so false eyelash literate and this helped so so much! Thank you!!

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    So useful. Thank you for this tutorial.👍💁‍♀️

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  • Bev Mitchell
    Bev Mitchell Hace 24 días

    OMG I so needed someone to show me REAL, how to apply these! No kidding, some tuts for this 101, aren't! They go on the assumption that you already KNOW! I really appreciate this tut, new subscriber :)