University Challenge - S51E07 - Durham v Trinity, Cambridge

  • Publicado el 22 ago 2021
  • 2 institutions that have been champions in the past, battle it out to go one step closer to lifting the trophy once again.
    Jeremy Paxman asks the questions.
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Comentarios • 276

  • So So
    So So Hace un año +275

    Really nice to see Kim smile every time he answers a question.

    • anumetshell
      anumetshell Hace un año +28

      I'm also enjoying the glasses pushing. It's a boss move.

  • corpsious
    corpsious Hace un año +67

    I'm enchanted by Brekke's reactions to his teammates nailing answers.

    • Kyrre Hellevang Tveiten
      Kyrre Hellevang Tveiten Hace un año +8

      I'm Norwegian, and it's extremely impressive to see my countryman captaining a Trinity team!

  • minabaIIerina
    minabaIIerina Hace un año +174

    kim is so endearing i couldn’t help but smile every time he smiled

  • Anirudh Janmejay
    Anirudh Janmejay Hace un año +324

    Trinity is such an engaging team. Kim for MVP.

    • Ricky Bobby
      Ricky Bobby Hace un año +10

      Neogi was impressive as well

    • Ultimate Realist
      Ultimate Realist Hace un año +22

      Kim is so happy whenever he answers a question.

    • Anirudh Janmejay
      Anirudh Janmejay Hace un año +12

      Definitely. Kim has a quicker buzzer though. Not to nit pick but the captain needs to pick his game up. His answers sometimes felt a bit rushed.

    • Raphael Yalden II
      Raphael Yalden II Hace un año +33

      Neogi is just as good as Kim and the other two are not chopped liver. They should go a long way in the competition.

  • no clue
    no clue Hace un año +280

    paxman describing evangelion is the greatest moment of the year

  • Erulian
    Erulian Hace un año +93

    Kim's confident smiles are contagious, I can't help but smile with him!

  • Matthew H
    Matthew H Hace un año +120

    Felt bad for Durham, felt like they could easily have gone through with a kinder draw. Also, loved Griffiths delight when he heard the pi/newtons question - he knew he'd have the answer even before Paxman had started speaking.

    • V.Lind
      V.Lind Hace un año +1

      I disagree. I was disappointed in Durham, a team I usually expect to do well. The girl captain was useless, and if she is studying English she had better pick up her game. Durham has a good department, and would expect less comprehensive ignorance of the subject than she so blatantly showed. Free tip, honey: The Faerie Queene is not 18th century.

    • bikerjon1
      bikerjon1 Hace un año +2

      They would have come up against a stronger team eventually. It does seem they always stack an oxbridge up against a red brick, so frequently it defies the randomness of the draw. Also, a lot of questions are not just academic or common knowledge, but questions that class "background" would provide the answers to. But I suppose upbringing does count for something.

  • Peter Andersson
    Peter Andersson Hace un año +151

    I think we’ve just watched a future semi-finalist, at least. Great match.

    • Andy B
      Andy B Hace un año +3

      Sort of agree, but they did seem to have a few grey areas, and I don't think Durham were that hot.

    • James Mair
      James Mair Hace un año +3

      Think we will see Trinity go far for sure.

  • Thomas Warren
    Thomas Warren Hace un año +34

    I swear Paxman takes longer to not explain the rules than he does to explain them

  • Selinor578
    Selinor578 Hace un año +10

    Your continued dedication to providing us with UC online is much appreciated, Dave. Thanks so much.

  • Bigg Dogg
    Bigg Dogg Hace un año +28

    This is the first episode of the current series where we have had good questions and a genuinely strong team.

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope Hace un año +1

      All the same:
      Question: Which town east of Edinburgh ,,,
      Team: Fife?
      Remember the mockery a few weeks back when a Glasgow team couldn't place towns in southern England?
      Which town in the Borders ...
      Hearts? Rangers? Aberdeen? Glasgow?

  • Joseph Karl
    Joseph Karl Hace un año +55

    Opera tunes and African geography - now here lies the hallmark of a great team 👍👍

  • darcm
    darcm Hace un año +30

    wow rare this season to see a team where everyone is pulling their weight, Trinity are very enjoyable to watch.

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt Hace un año +6

      Yep, and a captain who at some point gives an answer when his team is stuck - which in this season is extremely rare. A very deserved result.

    • Chris Hobbs
      Chris Hobbs Hace un año +5

      Well we only had one team last season where everyone contributed and they (Warwick) won it all.

  • Dennis Jeffs
    Dennis Jeffs Hace un año +22

    Kim has such an infectious smile that shows his bubbly personality. Durham were totally outgunned while Trinity were on fire. Durham's captain didn't seem to ever know if her answer was right, but being 100 points behind it didn't matter..

  • Stephen Ballantyne
    Stephen Ballantyne Hace un año +186

    When I grow up I want to go to Trinity. Unfortunately I’m already past retirement age.

  • SlideTapGames
    SlideTapGames Hace un año +44

    Trinity seem to be a very good team, and Durham came across as extremely hesitant, especially their captain.

    • Neo Epicurean
      Neo Epicurean Hace un año +9

      @Alan Hope I've been on the show, although I wasn't the captain - luckily - I struggled to get my name out on the introductions. It was so frustrating, and I knew that I could get serious embarrassed if I said something silly. I did get 2 starters though.

    • Matt
      Matt Hace un año +27

      @Alan Hope I'm sure you'd perform marvelous and never once stumble over your words if you were in the hot seat

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope Hace un año +5

      I'm wondering what must go through a team's mind when they pick someone as captain who doesn't know common words and is unable to pronounce others, like Massachussshess.

  • Todd Commish
    Todd Commish Hace un año +34

    Well balanced effort from Trinity, showing that breadth across the team (especially for toss-ups) can build a formidable lead. It seemed that only one contestant on Durham had a working buzzer and/or microphone.

  • Wyacheslaw Kodanev
    Wyacheslaw Kodanev Hace un año +4

    Thank you, Dave, for the upload!
    Trinity team seems to be very strong. Brekke is criticized in the comments, but I think he can do a lot. Also, the team has shown very good vibes and a lot of times vibes are the thing that determines which team I'm going to root for by the end of the season (everyone can answer the questions, but not everyone can do it the way it would be interesting and fun to watch).
    I've been bitten twice already in this year: twice this year the teams with great vibes were great in the beginning yet by the end of the episode lose with 5 points difference. This time, though, was different: Durham was a bit late to start catching up. I feel for Durham though: they also seem to be a nice team and I really respect Durham as a UC institution. Definitely an unlucky draw.
    Also I'd like to mention that I miss Don Fatale's comments, they were a very interesting highlight last season.

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith Hace un año +15

    I was rooting for Durham as I live in South Shields, about 25 minutes away. But they were just outclassed. Excellent performance from trinity.

  • pockylovingranger
    pockylovingranger Hace un año +23

    Holy hell wasn't expecting to see a question about Evangelion on a British Quiz show!!! As for the one guy thinking it was Fullmetal Alchemist, I can totally see where he was coming from with how Ed says that alchemists are the closest things to gods in the world, along with the entire religion of Ishbal and how it ties into the over arching the 03 anime at least :D

    • James TSY
      James TSY Hace un año +5

      Strangely enough, I was in a similar general knowledge/history quiz competition some years back where they also asked a question whose answer was NGE. Never felt prouder to be a weeb when I got that point for my team :D

  • dontthatsoundnice
    dontthatsoundnice Hace un año +55

    Welp here he is, Kim. The future MVP. With ease he answers

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace 11 meses +1

      He could have been if they went far. But Hutchinson is the real MVP

    • Chris Hobbs
      Chris Hobbs Hace un año +9

      I could also see Neogi as MVP. That's not a slight on Kim, just reflects on how good Trinity is.

  • Igor Mokin
    Igor Mokin Hace un año +18

    Such a balanced team. All four players brought points. Some lightning-quick buzzes from them as well. The losing captain too hesitant and maybe too nervous.
    Also, anime on UC, yay! And a very well-crafted set of music questions, without recognisable lyrics as clues. Would love some death metal in the future, lyrics are guaranteed to be impossible to discern.

  • bejay69
    bejay69 Hace un año +9

    Chuffed to get 10 tonight, getting all the plant questions right helped, Thanks Dave👍😎

  • Default: Yorker
    Default: Yorker Hace un año +6

    Strange. Durham facing Trinity - Cambridge in the first round for the second time in 3 seasons, which is annoying considering that they're both very strong historically. Just as strange as Glasgow playing the in the first episode of each of the last 3 seasons.
    In this case it's quite disappointing because Durham were looking to reach their 4th quarter final in a row, and in my eyes, they were the Mr. Dependable of UC (from a year-on-year perspective).
    In fact, I think I said two years ago that I struggled to see the thought process behind putting these two up against each other so early on.

  • Shakti Shetty
    Shakti Shetty Hace un año +4

    Felt happy when Hetherington got that outer space/roman numerical answer right.

  • Jonathan Nicholls
    Jonathan Nicholls Hace un año +4

    Trinity nailed that round. Them and Reading are going to be forces to be reckoned with this series.

  • Chris Hobbs
    Chris Hobbs Hace un año +46

    Ok, that Trinity team is the best team I've seen yet this season! I'd rank the best as 1. Trinity, 2. Reading, and 3. Hertford as the three best I've seen so far.

    • Tullochgorum
      Tullochgorum Hace 11 meses

      @Sharanya Ray It simply meant that my two old universities were in with a chance. And they were. Not clear why you seem so keen to have a go at me?

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace 11 meses +1

      @Tullochgorum you said "I might be onto a winner here", what did that mean?

    • Tullochgorum
      Tullochgorum Hace 11 meses

      @Sharanya Ray How so? I said that I didn't think Trinity were quite good enough to win it and they didn't...

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace 11 meses +1

      @Tullochgorum well you were completely wrong

    • Chris Hobbs
      Chris Hobbs Hace un año

      @Adam M-S For sure! Please note that I hadn't seen them yet when I posted this comment.

  • Marty
    Marty Hace un año +6

    Great contest this time, more of a " proper " UC match. Thanks Dave.

  • Fuad Azminuddin
    Fuad Azminuddin Hace un año +5

    Well balanced team, great trinity 👏

  • Cam Kind
    Cam Kind Hace un año +1

    Wow! Knew a surprising number of those answers! The Bible questions at the end were painful 😁 I was shouting Zechariah at the screen

  • Anirudh Janmejay
    Anirudh Janmejay Hace un año +10

    Thanks and much love from India. My favourite quiz show and my favourite ESclipsr. 🐙

  • george
    george Hace un año +5

    Trinity - great team - hot on the buzzers and good conferring. They'll go far.

  • Adam M-S
    Adam M-S Hace un año +2

    This was a terrifying match to watch for an 'anyone but Oxbridge for champion' obsessive like me. Durham can usually be counted upon to field a team that can claim at least one or two Oxbridge scalps along their way...nope. Bang, out in one fell swoop with no chance at the repechage. At least one Oxbridge team that might have been dealt with by them will now get through. Oxford and Cambridge mean business this year, having been deliciously denied a win for the past three series on the trot. Oo-er...

  • Richard Morley
    Richard Morley Hace un año +26

    Paxo was stumbling in his pronuncements tonight. Trinity will be at least a semi-finalist. They're quick. PS Thanks Dave.

    • Richard Morley
      Richard Morley Hace un año +1

      @thomas261989 I didn't know that. I have every sympathy. My father had it too.

    • thomas261989
      thomas261989 Hace un año +1

      He has Parkinson's. I'm not surprised if his pronunciation of non-English names is getting worse.

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope Hace un año +2

      @James McMahon I sometimes feel he's done something to offend the question writers, who have a drawer full of questions that will trip him up in return for any given offence.

    • James McMahon
      James McMahon Hace un año +4

      He struggled in particular with Lichenstein's painting - GRRR... 😂

  • Regin Manamba
    Regin Manamba Hace un año +10

    Thanks Dave!
    But what happened to Don Fatale? 🥺 I always look forward to his(her) summary. Anyone up to the task?

    • Jivya Jinn
      Jivya Jinn Hace un año +3

      This!!! Where's Don! Love his breakdowns. Don't have the patience or energy to do so myself.

  • troberts1
    troberts1 Hace un año +1

    Only found out about this show today, because of the classical music. I wish my father could have seen this. He would have killed the music section. In the US there was a radio program called "First Hearing" that started in the 70's in NYC with a three person panel who were played recent releases of music to judge, but also were played obscure pieces and they had to guess the composer. Well, my dad was on a version of that show at his local radio station around the year I was born. And he would identify music played to him. Which really explains why when I was kid riding in the car, and later when I was the driver, that when we listened to Classic FM he'd identify the music within the first few notes. The composer, the name of the piece and/or its catalogue number, the key, when it was composed, and sometimes the conductor, the exact performance and sometimes the soloist (not exaggerating, both my mother and brother provided that detail independently.) And naturally he also knew the personal details of the composer, when they were born and died, who they married and so on. He had such an encyclopedic brain for classical music and related facts. I would say he had perfect pitch, but he only claimed "near perfect." He certainly always told me I had the notes wrong when I whistled things. XD He also had Chromesthesia, so certainly that influenced his relationship with music (probably didn't hurt that his aunt was a music professor.) Anyway, this is making me feel really nostalgic for my Dad (he passed in 2015), but in a cheery good way.

    • troberts1
      troberts1 Hace un año

      Okay, that's hilarious. I knew the thymus question because my dad had his removed. XD I quietly screamed foxglove at my screen (thank you Dad for introducing me to Agatha Christy and my brain for always retaining that it's the source of digitalis, also lady at the farmer's market for growing it so I know what it looks like), no idea why I knew St. John's wort. But I should stop blathering now. Really enjoying this, even though I'm very bad at it except for a few stray questions.

  • Anthony Harty
    Anthony Harty Hace un año +32

    Durham's captain lookin like she's about to break into tears at any moment

    • liamnotlast
      liamnotlast Hace un año

      I went to school with her.

    • Anthony Harty
      Anthony Harty Hace un año +3

      @Anisur Rahman agreed

    • Anisur Rahman
      Anisur Rahman Hace un año +8

      Too panicky and wasn’t confident with any answers, hetherington should be captain

  • woutkoopman
    woutkoopman Hace un año +2

    By the time they've answered the questions I've forgotten what the question was, and I love participating in pubquizes.

  • Nus
    Nus Hace un año +4

    Not even 10' into the game and Trinity looks so strong

  • JV the Tossh
    JV the Tossh Hace un año +25

    Ooooooh.... This got almost ugly. Durham got straight buzz-sawed. I thought they looked promising after their first two answers, but they got a bum draw, and when only one of them wants to even buzz, theres not much to do. Hetherington tried, but in vain.
    Trinity looks VERY daunting already, though maybe they got boosted by an opponent who was asleep for most of the match. They almost seemed too cocky and quick on the draw a couple of times, but at the same time they are clearly broad and deep in knowledge, and I deeply respect how they just left the floor for their Opera guy in the music round. They knew that guy was the best shot, and the captain made sure he didn't get interrupted.
    As a non-Norwegian Scandinavian, I do not think I can support a rival Scandie just yet, but this time is surely a hot bet for a final.

    • JV the Tossh
      JV the Tossh Hace un año +1

      @SvobodovaEva Well, if it turns out there are no Danish people in the competition this year (And that seems likely), then I'm happy to throw my hat in with the Norwegian guy.
      We Scandies are like brothers. We want the other one to do well, sure, but now if that means he'll beat us! :D

    • SvobodovaEva
      SvobodovaEva Hace un año +2

      Non-Norwegian Scandinavian 😂 What a funny term

  • jayantshaq
    jayantshaq Hace un año +2

    Trinity, Cambridge, versus a team captained by a woman named Mitchell. Brings back memories.

  • D. K.
    D. K. Hace un año +3

    8:23 That Westernmost circle is clearly centred not on Lagos, but on Porto-Novo, Benin.

  • nochblad55 Ian
    nochblad55 Ian Hace un año +37

    Mombasa - Lagos. The map is very deceptive as the green dot is actually placed over Benin

    • nochblad55 Ian
      nochblad55 Ian Hace un año +3

      @ExEssex : They won because they were much better but if they were tied or worse they would surely have had the right of appeal. UC (and Paxton) makes a surprising number of mistakes.

    • ExEssex :
      ExEssex : Hace un año +4

      Exactly. Well, I thought it was Togo but it certainly wasn't in Nigeria.

  • Leon J
    Leon J Hace un año +14

    Despite the score, both teams were good. Trinity is impressive but I’m doubtful of a place in the final. Kim and Neogi did the heavy lifting with assists from Innes. Their coach should have a chat with the captain: attempt a guess, brush up on popular culture if maths, science and art are not strong points. There’s an air of casualness and arrogance that didn’t seem warranted given that he was the team weakest link.

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt Hace un año +6

      He kept a constant pace and there is nothing wrong with an atmosphere in which people dare to press the buzzer. The casualness is a welcome change from the tedious confering of many other teams this season and likely would have earned them one of the four free spots - had their opponent been stronger.

    • Keshava Guha
      Keshava Guha Hace un año +6

      They have a coach?

  • Theo Andrews
    Theo Andrews Hace un año +5

    I want to have a coffee with Kim and hear his general wisdoms and outlooks on life

  • Liam Lau
    Liam Lau Hace un año +9

    @Luke Kim, I nearly died drinking for the number of times you adjusted your glasses. You're a god, very proud.

  • girl girl
    girl girl Hace un año +8

    Durham University was the great legacy of Van Mildert, the last of the Prince Bishops of Durham.

  • Am Boss
    Am Boss Hace un año +5

    Hitting at least 100 in the first round is a benchmark all teams should make🤦 Trinity also got through purely on buzzers 🤯

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P Hace un año +3

    I was recently made aware by another viewer on this channel that Jeremy Paxman has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. I'm very sorry to hear this, I wish only the best to Jeremy.

  • Lindokuhle Sibande
    Lindokuhle Sibande Hace un año +5

    I'm an Imperial fan (hope they'll feature this season) but I reeeally like this Trinity team. I really like them.

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace 11 meses +1

      And they won!

    • Lindokuhle Sibande
      Lindokuhle Sibande Hace un año +3

      @Oscar Great! Looking forward to seeing them. Thanks!

    • Oscar
      Oscar Hace un año +3

      Imperial are on this year

  • S K
    S K Hace un año +1

    I dont know anything about 95 % of what they talk about but somehow i enjoy this

  • rimservices
    rimservices Hace un año +14

    Durham beating Kim to DPRK answer, top achievement

  • SvobodovaEva
    SvobodovaEva Hace un año +5

    I just want to hug Durham's captain, she always looks so scared to give an answer 😅

  • Ballantyne Moyes
    Ballantyne Moyes Hace un año +3

    Gosh. I never thought there would be a question about my old home village's football team on UC - go Crossgates Primrose.

  • Sally Parker
    Sally Parker Hace un año +8

    I like the trinity team, I love Kim. Strong team.

    • Michael Kennedy
      Michael Kennedy Hace un año

      Hes been taught in a foreign school I would imagine.

    • Michael Kennedy
      Michael Kennedy Hace un año +5

      @Sally Parker no they are not lol...and I work in a good one.

    • Sally Parker
      Sally Parker Hace un año +3

      Korean high schools are just on another level aren’t they. Kim seemed to have a huge knowledge.

  • TheConfuzzledCat
    TheConfuzzledCat Hace un año +4

    I have to admit I got a little overexcited at the Rockville question. That's not far from where I live and I never expected it to come up!

  • Jayfive276
    Jayfive276 Hace un año +24

    “Your starter for 10 - who needs to get in the goddamn robot?”

  • WonderWhatHappened
    WonderWhatHappened Hace un año +1

    I think Trinity has a chance to win this thing.

  • complex
    complex Hace un año +4

    The intra-team rivalry (Neogi vs. Kim) greater than inter-team one?

  • ExEssex :
    ExEssex : Hace un año +1

    3:03 Quiz starts - I know what a young eel is called. I've answered at 3:10 - a full ten seconds before Mr Neogi. Wow, what a start! (Didn't continue, though...)

  • Christine Casey
    Christine Casey Hace un año +3

    Excellent match. Amazingly I got 8 right.

  • Jamie C
    Jamie C Hace un año +3

    Have to admit I clicked for Innes…and stayed for Innes.

  • Emma Peel
    Emma Peel Hace un año +2

    Good game! Thanks dear DG!

  • Lucas Rocha
    Lucas Rocha Hace un año +17

    5:35 the best question ever

  • Hollando
    Hollando Hace un año +7

    Well Trinity is currently my favorite to take the championship.

  • Majoofi
    Majoofi Hace un año +5

    The questions on "John Williams" essentially had nothing to do with him as he has scored all of Spielberg's notable films, and none of the questions referenced the actual music.

  • BE
    BE Hace 4 meses

    Griffiths studying Physics… true to his name.

  • Herr Schmidt
    Herr Schmidt Hace un año +1

    280 Points won. One of the better matches.

  • Elizabeth Bower
    Elizabeth Bower Hace un año +2

    question about the Standedge tunnel … I was shouting Huddersfield at the screen… My hometown… So I definitely got one question right… A really good game tonight

  • ch4rlie
    ch4rlie Hace un año +26

    I felt pain when that one guy said it was Evangelion then the other guy was like “nah it’s Full Metal Alchemist”

    • Matt
      Matt Hace un año +7

      To be fair he didn't know the entire title of Evangelion

    • CuppaKofe
      CuppaKofe Hace un año

      Full Metal Alchemist is my favourite mecha anime.

  • bob
    bob Hace un año +3

    LOL, anyone else get the feeling none of the kids from Trinity have ever heard of the Manchester Ship Canal? They were starting to sweat, getting all the low-brow questions.

  • FreddieTheCutestCavapoo
    FreddieTheCutestCavapoo Hace un año +3

    Thanks again Dave! Is it possible for you to make the top comment in the "public comments" field always something from you? I mean, when I go to ESclips to view someone has invariably typed something like "well done X team - great win" or something like that! It's impossible not to see the first public comment underneath the viewing area so it really spoils the game! Do you understand what I'm trying to explain? Sorry to be confusing!!

  • Lucas Rocha
    Lucas Rocha Hace un año +6

    Just as I'm about to have dinner. Perfect timing!

  • Lua
    Lua Hace un año +1

    Durham facing the people who won the places they applied for and getting wrecked by them. Ouch.

  • E N
    E N Hace un año +1

    Smiling Kim with longer hair is so cool

  • Chris Hobbs
    Chris Hobbs Hace un año +7

    Thanks again Dave! Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Diet Dr. Pepper while I watch tonight!

    • Chris Hobbs
      Chris Hobbs Hace un año +2

      @TimeyWimeyLimey Also sounds good!

    • TimeyWimeyLimey
      TimeyWimeyLimey Hace un año +2

      Milk Chocolate and Bourbon biscuits for me.

  • Stephen Ballantyne
    Stephen Ballantyne Hace un año +27

    Hurrah! I identified “v” (middle letter of “elver”) before any of the contestants!

    • MeTheRob
      MeTheRob Hace un año +4

      Me too. Went downhill from there though .....

    • Empress Touch
      Empress Touch Hace un año +2

      I love those questions, in how they're creatively guessable - but without insulting people's intelligence.
      (Rarely do I ever get them right though, so well done!)

  • deoxyribonucleicacid
    deoxyribonucleicacid Hace un año +1

    8:20 That green terminal is clearly showed to be in Benin though. Seems at least 50 km west of Lagos. But they got Benin's capital wrong anyway.

  • André K.
    André K. Hace un año +7

    5:44 cracked me up

  • bikerjon1
    bikerjon1 Hace un año

    Hattie could have him for Brekky. Lol.
    Durham hardly distinguished themselves. Thank you Dave

  • Animated Wrestling League
    Animated Wrestling League Hace un año +2

    Current Top 4 runners up with 7 first round matches left to play:
    1&2 (TIE) UCL (University College London)--135
    1&2 (TIE) Emmanuel-Cambridge--135
    3. Strathclyde--110
    4. (TIE) Glascow/London Business School--100
    Eliminated: Oxford Brookes, Durham.
    Lowest winning score (s): Kings College London & Queen Mary London--115

  • Connor Watson
    Connor Watson Hace un año +1

    27:45 HE SAID THE LINE 😄

  • complex
    complex Hace un año

    Found myself doing lots of 5s jumps via right-arrow as we waited, and waited, for some answers. Maybe I'm just tired today : )

  • Neo Epicurean
    Neo Epicurean Hace un año +2

    8:19 that really doesn't look like the green line ends at Lagos, looks like it goes into Benin...

  • None One
    None One Hace un año +1

    Let's learn again ! At least i gotta some Knowledge, thanks 🌐🇬🇧♥️

  • Michael Lawlor
    Michael Lawlor Hace un año +11

    You have to admit its a bad year. Trinity are the highest scorers so far with 190 and only 2 other winners have even broken 150. Two teams have qualified for the next round on 115. And we're halfway through the first round.

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace 11 meses

      Would you still say the same now that the competition is over?

    • SvobodovaEva
      SvobodovaEva Hace un año +1

      @Michael Lawlor I love him too as a host but he should have stepped down with last season.

    • Michael Lawlor
      Michael Lawlor Hace un año +3

      Might be an issue alright, which is sad to see. He was always one of my favourite British broadcasters. Newsnight was never the same after he left. His book on fishing, even though I don't fish myself, was poetic,lyrical and beautiful. All of his others, particularly the one on the English, never less than fascinating. He's about 73 so can!'t have longer as host. I know I'll be sad when he leaves.

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt Hace un año +1

      My theory is that the ear pieces make it difficult to get the answer from both sides at the same time and therefore everybody tries to avoid talking over each other more than usual.

    • sfumato
      sfumato Hace un año +11

      Paxo’s slow reading is certainly lowering the standard of what a good score is

  • alex b
    alex b Hace un año +2

    Skulls are cool. and bow ties. Skulls and bow ties are cool.
    Thank you Dave.

  • Niall Sheridan
    Niall Sheridan Hace un año +2

    Thanks again Dave!

  • Siyabonga Mchunu
    Siyabonga Mchunu Hace un año +4

    Trinity might be the best thus far but they do not strike me as a championship outfit. I am still interested to see what the likes of Manchester, Magdalen (Oxford) and Imperial produce this season. Manchester and Magdalen are definitely due....

  • bestfullyy
    bestfullyy Hace un año +5

    Kim is adorable

  • Casper L
    Casper L Hace un año +1

    Never get why there’s no timer with a buzzer limiting the time allowed to confer and answer. Pac-Man has to get annoyed and rudely say Come On, and even that settles nothing.

  • John Cartwright
    John Cartwright Hace un año +4

    Durham captain looked unsure and terrified; justifiable considering the mettle of the opposition with the smiling assassin Kim looking as though he was enjoying every minute! And then there is Innes gorgeous eyes......

  • agataad4
    agataad4 Hace un año +5

    so, we know this year's winners, right?

  • GT
    GT Hace un año

    fma would be hilarious as a mecha anime

  • siamcharm
    siamcharm Hace un año +2

    one of the easiest matches in years. trinity missed too many lay ups.

  • steve wilkes
    steve wilkes Hace un año +1

    We know what we are, but know not what we may be - 💀

  • はるにゃん 猪狩ファミリー

    Durham: 70 Eliminated
    Trinity - Cambridge: 170
    Starter Questions Stats
    DURHAM: 45
    Griffiths = 1/1 {10 points}
    Hetherington = 3/5 {30 minus 5 points}
    Mitchell = 0
    Silvers = 1/1 {10 points}
    Starter Success rate: 71.43%
    Innes = 2/2 {20 points}
    Neogi = 3/3 {30 points}
    Brekke = 2/2 {20 points}
    Kim = 5/5 {50 points}
    Starter Success rate: 100.00%
    Bonus Questions Stats
    DURHAM: 45
    Bonus success rate: 60.00% (9/15)
    Bonus success rate: 38.89% (14/36)

  • Emily Bulmer
    Emily Bulmer Hace un año

    Lmao the Eva question hahaha