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  • ErikTheElectric
    ErikTheElectric  Hace 6 meses +308

    In 2017, we built the #ElectricEmpire. Who's READY FOR 2018?! Let me know what your favorite part of the video was DOWN BELOW!

  • Lacretia Franklin
    Lacretia Franklin Hace un hora

    I like eggnog

  • UNCLE DREW 2.0
    UNCLE DREW 2.0 Hace 2 horas


  • Angela
    Angela Hace 4 horas

    I hate donuts

  • Mason Perkins
    Mason Perkins Hace un día

    this made me want donuts and stroodels

  • Aman Sidhu
    Aman Sidhu Hace 3 días

    How long is your average dump after each challenge?

  • yana williams
    yana williams Hace 3 días

    Sprinkles person

  • yana williams
    yana williams Hace 3 días

    Bread sticks

  • yana williams
    yana williams Hace 3 días

    Papa John

  • KubemTheGray
    KubemTheGray Hace 4 días

    Bro eggnog is so delicious I think you're the nasty one

  • Mya Pace
    Mya Pace Hace 4 días

    I like creme filled donuts but I hate Boston creme donuts

  • kamakazi008
    kamakazi008 Hace 5 días

    God damn the size of our largest McDonalds is half the size of the ones you have there, I am jealous

  • Luna Green
    Luna Green Hace 5 días

    Team creamfilled

  • Patricia Blocker
    Patricia Blocker Hace 5 días

    Eggnog is nasty

  • Maurizio Greco
    Maurizio Greco Hace 9 días

    Te segue anche un italiano bello no?

  • Alice Phl
    Alice Phl Hace 9 días

    I think that you vomited after.... you has very stomach ache

  • Jazlyn Ross
    Jazlyn Ross Hace 9 días

    My stomach is hurting while u r eating

  • Jazlyn Ross
    Jazlyn Ross Hace 9 días

    I know u gotta be hurting after these challenges

  • sebi- -kun
    sebi- -kun Hace 9 días

    I wish I had a metabolism like u man cause I could not eat this. I mean I can but I would gain like 8 to 10 lbs in like 2 days

  • Labraia Owens
    Labraia Owens Hace 10 días


  • Clay Blight
    Clay Blight Hace 10 días +1

    How come you were using a fork to scoop up the pumpkin ice cream.
    Awesome video my dude

  • Kiara Curtis
    Kiara Curtis Hace 11 días

    I have binge watched your videos for over 2 weeks now!! I literally LOVE all off your content!

  • Reagan Pringle
    Reagan Pringle Hace 11 días +1


  • Reagan Pringle
    Reagan Pringle Hace 11 días +1

    I hate egg nog

  • Reagan Pringle
    Reagan Pringle Hace 11 días +1

    Like or comment if you are watching in 2018

  • Dora The Explorer
    Dora The Explorer Hace 13 días

    How does he not feel sick? I would feel super sick after 3 donuts...

  • Matt Haninczak
    Matt Haninczak Hace 14 días

    Grocery store eggnog sucks. If you ever heard of halo farms, they got the best egg nog.

  • Aubrey Curry
    Aubrey Curry Hace 14 días


  • Chadwick Hurlburt
    Chadwick Hurlburt Hace 15 días

    Is it just me or has anyone notice his mouth don’t line up with his words

  • Dylan O'Brien
    Dylan O'Brien Hace 16 días

    i'm team both!!!

  • Kelsy Billingsley
    Kelsy Billingsley Hace 16 días

    I just subscribed your channel . Are you a competitive eater ?

  • جيش Mr thunder
    جيش Mr thunder Hace 16 días +1

    I love you

  • maya yaser
    maya yaser Hace 17 días


    I have no idea why I am watching this while fasting 😂😂

  • Jonez Boyz
    Jonez Boyz Hace 17 días

    I'm team cream filled like if you agree

  • Eating Obeast
    Eating Obeast Hace 18 días +1

    Getting Krispy Kreme at 5 in the morning. Yep that sounds like me. Nice video too. Even though it is not Christmas!

  • Mum Life
    Mum Life Hace 18 días

    I feel sick just watching you consume all that food. Not just the quantity but how sickly sweet some of it was. And u smashed it.,!,
    I'm interested to no what you find harder to eat, savoury or sweet? And when you kept saying "it hurts" , was that more your head or stomach?

  • Nele Metz
    Nele Metz Hace 20 días


  • Laviathan King
    Laviathan King Hace 20 días

    U and Shane dawson should do a Q and A

  • Marcus Bell
    Marcus Bell Hace 20 días

    Pizza hut

  • yesi pedroza
    yesi pedroza Hace 21 un día

    Nice sweater

  • Gowildgirl1432
    Gowildgirl1432 Hace 21 un día


  • Ruba Ahmed
    Ruba Ahmed Hace 22 días


  • Ruba Ahmed
    Ruba Ahmed Hace 22 días


  • Ashley Carolan
    Ashley Carolan Hace 22 días

    You know you're having a bad day when you start dissing Oreos😂

  • Realhitta. Josue
    Realhitta. Josue Hace 22 días


  • Faith ann davis
    Faith ann davis Hace 24 días

    People say I'm weird cause I don't like 🍕

  • Kikkerlover Kikker
    Kikkerlover Kikker Hace 24 días


  • Lauren T
    Lauren T Hace 24 días

    Those devil dogs are like mini rolls in the UK

  • Neha Pal
    Neha Pal Hace 24 días

    I feel like literally puking after watching this video......i ate chilli potatoes just now nd feeling like gained five pounds..... This guy is too much!!!! 😑

  • Ingrid Johnson
    Ingrid Johnson Hace 25 días +1

    How come I don't have a LETHAL indigestion??

  • jamjamj
    jamjamj Hace 25 días +1

    “just don’t buy this cereal, guys”
    *continues to eat cereal*

  • Majed Majed
    Majed Majed Hace 26 días

    u have no mursi for ur body

  • Brenani Drake
    Brenani Drake Hace 27 días

    Bread sticks

  • marianna chaita
    marianna chaita Hace 27 días

    well done for ur effort.. basically, CONGRATS! i saw u and i wanted to puke in the end.. i think u didnt want to eat for a week!

  • DerSchotte Zaubert
    DerSchotte Zaubert Hace 28 días +21

    Exercise i thought you meant extra fries ~Eric the Electric
    Best quote ever made

    • Marcus Bell
      Marcus Bell Hace 20 días +1

      Nah best quote is fitness fitness whole cake in my mouth

  • 泉
     Hace 28 días

    I’m Japanese. I like you

  • Audrey Natale
    Audrey Natale Hace 28 días

    Papa John's

  • Andrea
    Andrea Hace 29 días

    I just don't know how you stay so chipper through all of this.

  • Umar Aslam
    Umar Aslam Hace 29 días

    Maybe it's just me but I hate icing n frosting

  • Niamh Miles
    Niamh Miles Hace 29 días


  • Nelchen 2811
    Nelchen 2811 Hace 29 días

    Eww your nails🤮

  • JibJab Productions
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  • Monique Times
    Monique Times Hace 29 días

    I like it

  • Quinn Milton
    Quinn Milton Hace 29 días


  • Gray Williamson
    Gray Williamson Hace 29 días

    Hey Erick, what's your favorite fast food restaurant and what's your favorite item

  • HailG3
    HailG3 Hace 29 días

    The weird thing with this videos is how full I feel after watching them. It's almost like my mind thinks I was the one to eat the food. Also I get this guilt and the impulse to exercise that's driving me crazy. Basically I feel exactly like after a binge.

  • Buena Flores
    Buena Flores Hace 29 días


  • loralei gibson
    loralei gibson Hace un mes +1

    I absolutely love ur channel I just found it today and I am obsessed! Please don't get diabetes!

  • loralei gibson
    loralei gibson Hace un mes

    Team Cream Filled

  • Max Hodgson
    Max Hodgson Hace un mes


  • Sancho Ha
    Sancho Ha Hace un mes

    Yoooo love your videos!! BREAKSTICKS!!! IN GARLIC SAUCE!!!!

    • Sancho Ha
      Sancho Ha Hace un mes

      Reese's pieces in reeses cups? YAAAAAZ

  • Amgelica Siksau
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  • Jackie Reyes
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  • Pierce the Bri ._.
    Pierce the Bri ._. Hace un mes

    i want christmas food now... it’s may....

  • aliina issakainen
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  • jason harvote
    jason harvote Hace un mes

    Whats with the shushing at 25:16?

  • Sunshines Letters
    Sunshines Letters Hace un mes

    To answer your question I am a glaze doughnut person.

  • Draqon_ ツ
    Draqon_ ツ Hace un mes

    Team sprinkles

  • Domenica Jaramillo
    Domenica Jaramillo Hace un mes

    I’m a papa johns person

  • meriem b
    meriem b Hace un mes


  • Antonia Boe
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  • Dillon Glass
    Dillon Glass Hace un mes

    Hey you are funny

  • kingsmen 2018
    kingsmen 2018 Hace un mes


  • Phases of the Moon
    Phases of the Moon Hace un mes

    DEFINITELY Papa John's

  • Mtty Wrigh
    Mtty Wrigh Hace un mes

    Bread stock

    MEHUL GARG Hace un mes +1

    Ur much better than MATT STONIE OR FURIOUS PETE

  • Mariska Kooistra
    Mariska Kooistra Hace un mes

    I love your video's

  • Isabella Hasbún
    Isabella Hasbún Hace un mes


  • Badertscher Tries
    Badertscher Tries Hace un mes

    I admire you bro. I’m too afraid my stomach will split open and kill me painfully if I eat too much. The human stomach is designed to hold 2 liters of food and at about 5 liters it will rupture and that’s terrifying.

  • Jordan vlogs 718
    Jordan vlogs 718 Hace un mes


  • Jordan vlogs 718
    Jordan vlogs 718 Hace un mes

    Eggnog is really disgusting

  • Paula Li
    Paula Li Hace un mes

    Now that’s a breakfast of champions.

  • Lemonwhitemacaroon red


  • got any medium bullets?

    You must go to 50 different gyms

  • fata fabucchiera
    fata fabucchiera Hace un mes

    But whats the point in doing this? You dont even enjoy the food you eat

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia Hace un mes


  • Sports Freak Vlogs
    Sports Freak Vlogs Hace un mes

    Break stick

  • Tyler Howard
    Tyler Howard Hace un mes


  • Star Wars lover and Gamer

    i wan donuts now

  • Wendy Oliver
    Wendy Oliver Hace un mes

    But that garlic sauce is also hard to argue with.