All Sports Golf Battle 3 | Dude Perfect

  • Publicado el 6 ago 2018
  • Time for round 3 of the best kind of golf... All Sports Golf!
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    Comment: all sports golf 4 should have the editors in it!!
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  • DummyDavid & StupidFelim

    I thought the song was Maze F**ker...

  • Alex Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez Hace 5 horas

    Tell me why but after he showed the turtle I thought he fucken threw it💀😂😂

  • Angie Krautbauer
    Angie Krautbauer Hace 6 horas


  • BR Skillz
    BR Skillz Hace 6 horas


    • BR Skillz
      BR Skillz Hace 6 horas

      I only like garret because that’s my middle name

  • Elite Donkey
    Elite Donkey Hace 6 horas

    This channel would be 90% percent better if they didnt scream every time

  • Daniel Lacasse
    Daniel Lacasse Hace 6 horas

    At 3.40 I thought he through the turtle

  • ericscottgray19
    ericscottgray19 Hace 7 horas

    The editing is amazing

  • Dennis Miller
    Dennis Miller Hace 7 horas

    is it just me or are there videos really annoying

  • Carson Kilgore (Student)

    Dude perfect should do nerf battles and custom their own design for a mudolus.

  • Carson Kilgore (Student)

    like if Cory should join team coby

  • Jaret Fernandez10
    Jaret Fernandez10 Hace 8 horas +1

    did anyone see that coby,s shot counted as two

  • Chase Wallace
    Chase Wallace Hace 9 horas

    You should make a video with LeBron James

  • Super Oscar little o Vasquez

    At 2:20 he let the small do eat

  • How was Your flight
    How was Your flight Hace 9 horas +1

    Team Cody???

  • Beth Borsheim
    Beth Borsheim Hace 9 horas

    Make more all sports battles

  • INSTA: _samtremblay_
    INSTA: _samtremblay_ Hace 10 horas

    thought he threw the fuckin turtle lol

  • Seth Chan
    Seth Chan Hace 11 horas

    WaveWalker feat. Bart Millard by Citizen Way! Love this song!

  • Bob Germs
    Bob Germs Hace 11 horas

    RIP the twins

  • Seth Ocarroll
    Seth Ocarroll Hace 12 horas

    5:27 I thought he chucked the turtle

  • Baseball Mike
    Baseball Mike Hace 13 horas

    I think I might be in a cave

  • SpyroPyro
    SpyroPyro Hace 14 horas

    1 like = One prayer for spot

  • Nick486
    Nick486 Hace 15 horas


  • Marc Martin Bordas
    Marc Martin Bordas Hace 15 horas

    Team Garrett 💜💜

  • Ninjasbest Friend24
    Ninjasbest Friend24 Hace 16 horas

    Anyone thought he threw the turtle with the skeet shooter

  • Alex Rotenberg
    Alex Rotenberg Hace 16 horas

    lol cody got the wrong side when pointing to the next video

  • Mini Yusuf
    Mini Yusuf Hace 16 horas


  • KingRaptor100
    KingRaptor100 Hace 17 horas

    F.A.D.P.A.S.G.B When?

  • Filip Woloszyn
    Filip Woloszyn Hace 17 horas


  • The rude dude with the Rubik’s cube

    What is up Spot?

  • mini696
    mini696 Hace 20 horas

    Well if that golf course isnt for rich pricks, i dont know what is.

  • Karen Reilly
    Karen Reilly Hace 21 un hora

    Why doesn't Tyler have his silver golf

  • Coops and Rj
    Coops and Rj Hace 21 un hora +1

    You should do Aussie rules trick shot video

  • Ben Gomez
    Ben Gomez Hace un día

    I thought he threw the turtle

  • Kitteen Claws
    Kitteen Claws Hace un día

    5:40 i thought he threw the turtle 😂

  • Nightmare_ X
    Nightmare_ X Hace un día

    1-I got a dig bick
    2-You that read wrong
    3-You read that wrong too
    4-you checked
    5-you smiled
    7- you are wondering why you’re still this reading this
    8-you saw that mistake... right? (On 7)
    10-but did you see that I skipped 6?
    10-you checked
    11-and saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9
    12-i said saw you, not you saw
    13-i also skipped 2
    14-you got tricked
    15-I’m just wasting your time, I deserve a like for that, go back on reading comments

  • Abdullah Emira
    Abdullah Emira Hace un día

    SUBSCRIBE TO Furnace GAMING it's first on list

  • Gohant123 cool guy
    Gohant123 cool guy Hace un día

    good job Garrett

  • Abby S
    Abby S Hace un día

    You guys rock

  • Danny McCarthy
    Danny McCarthy Hace un día

    Upload!!! Please dp

  • Danny McCarthy
    Danny McCarthy Hace un día

    Upload!!! Please

  • Emanuel Yaqo
    Emanuel Yaqo Hace un día


  • Joshua Jaracz
    Joshua Jaracz Hace un día

    4 ?

  • ActualCrown 1510
    ActualCrown 1510 Hace un día

    Purple hoozer favo

  • Crackshot
    Crackshot Hace un día

    Cory left his bag but he still has all of his stuff. How

  • 9090fighter
    9090fighter Hace un día +1

    *pop pop popo pop*

  • David Valencia
    David Valencia Hace un día

    Soccer ball allows you to advance more than they do...

  • gori shil
    gori shil Hace un día

    it was funny

  • Queze show Behanan
    Queze show Behanan Hace un día

    Following me back thank u guy

  • Queze show Behanan
    Queze show Behanan Hace un día

    I love y’all guy I love your tricks shoot

  • Varaganti Prudhvi
    Varaganti Prudhvi Hace un día

    Some cricket trick shots and battle bro

  • Therandomcat247
    Therandomcat247 Hace un día

    5:39 I thought he threw the turtle XD

  • GhostxxSniper Wilson
    GhostxxSniper Wilson Hace un día

    Cory left his bag on the course during ALL SPORTS GOLF BATTLE 2 love ya cor

    JAYDEN NORRIS Hace un día

    This vid is 💩💩🎅

  • Gita Mahanta
    Gita Mahanta Hace 2 días

    What a aim Tyler have

  • kakashi hatake
    kakashi hatake Hace 2 días

    for a second there i thought he threw the turtle

  • TJ Moore
    TJ Moore Hace 2 días

    I wonder if any body realizes that every song on there videos is a Christian song

  • Vance Sheffield
    Vance Sheffield Hace 2 días

    That place is insane like if h agree😮😦

  • Junior Medina
    Junior Medina Hace 2 días

    Who things garrett should be a fisher man

  • Tristan Me
    Tristan Me Hace 2 días

    I like Garrett's Color Purple that is kind of my favorite color I also like blue

  • Logan c
    Logan c Hace 2 días

    I love dude perfect they are christan they don't cuss they do cool things what more could you ask for

  • Lily O
    Lily O Hace 2 días

    I’m Team Co_y

  • Conor Tanner
    Conor Tanner Hace 2 días

    I’m 12 I’ve been watching sense I was 4

  • Puppets R Us
    Puppets R Us Hace 2 días

    Nice job purple Hoser

  • Dax Ledbetter
    Dax Ledbetter Hace 2 días

    Anyone team Cody

  • michael taylor
    michael taylor Hace 2 días

    i want cory to win one i feel bad for him

  • Extreme Videos
    Extreme Videos Hace 2 días +1

    Cory is terrible at all of the battles dude perfect does

  • MC. Thunder
    MC. Thunder Hace 2 días

    Racket Ball?
    Have you guys lost your mind? It’s Tennis...

  • Panda Savage
    Panda Savage Hace 2 días

    Can I get 50 likes for Cory

  • Nadia Schneller
    Nadia Schneller Hace 2 días

    team purple hoser forever, go garrett

  • SpoopyJash
    SpoopyJash Hace 2 días

    5:38 fight for turtle cruelty (you don’t look close enough it looks like the turtles been thrown

  • Tommo Hasu
    Tommo Hasu Hace 2 días

    I thought that Tyler threw the turtle!!!😱😱

  • Beth O'Brien
    Beth O'Brien Hace 2 días

    Go purple hoser

  • Racer977191
    Racer977191 Hace 2 días

    Has anyone noticed that Garrett kicks with his left foot but uses his right for everything else??

  • jerome koh
    jerome koh Hace 2 días

    I thought that Tyler threw the 5:30

  • Mohammed Zain
    Mohammed Zain Hace 2 días

    I thought Tyler was going to throw Spot😂😂😂

  • Isaiah King
    Isaiah King Hace 2 días

    I dont think I'm correct but is ty the shorest

  • Spock Spock
    Spock Spock Hace 3 días


  • Rayees Ahmedkhan
    Rayees Ahmedkhan Hace 3 días

    U r awesome

  • Kingsknight Cool
    Kingsknight Cool Hace 3 días

    I'm kinda confused how Cory forgot his bag at the airport, because how did carry all of his stuff

  • David Poon
    David Poon Hace 3 días

    I thought he threw the turtle across the field for a second. O.o

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M Hace 3 días

    Ty paid Cory $50 to not use the bag

  • Jace Gallardo
    Jace Gallardo Hace 3 días

    1 like = 1 bag for Cory

  • spookyxd
    spookyxd Hace 3 días

    Nvm lb
    L 8

  • Natalia Monsalve
    Natalia Monsalve Hace 3 días

    When someone says yes for prom 6:18

  • Tiger pranks
    Tiger pranks Hace 3 días

    You Boys Gotta make a movie

  • mj city
    mj city Hace 3 días

    5:30 I thought he throw the turtle

  • Aidan DeLucia
    Aidan DeLucia Hace 3 días

    1:35 “I out drove him”

  • charmander Plays
    charmander Plays Hace 3 días

    1 like = a prayer dislike for people that do this

  • Tom Minh Duy
    Tom Minh Duy Hace 3 días

    Do overtime 6

  • Super Awkward
    Super Awkward Hace 3 días


  • Tanya Hiss
    Tanya Hiss Hace 3 días


  • Muzz Hyperz
    Muzz Hyperz Hace 3 días

    I been team coby for three years straight now!!

  • Anton Swe
    Anton Swe Hace 3 días

    5:38 i thought he trew the turtle first 😂

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez Hace 3 días

    If Cory never wins a challenge why is he in Dude Perfect

  • Sammie Li
    Sammie Li Hace 3 días

    I punch u

  • Brenna Phelps
    Brenna Phelps Hace 3 días

    U guys are amazin

  • Brenna Phelps
    Brenna Phelps Hace 3 días

    How did u forget your bag Cor

  • Brenna Phelps
    Brenna Phelps Hace 3 días

    Lol Cory

  • La Dybala
    La Dybala Hace 3 días

    How is it that Coby was at 5 strokes and just went to 7 America explain.

  • Matthew Breslin
    Matthew Breslin Hace 3 días

    Why does Coby always take the L?