TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Cat & Dog' Official MV

  • Publicado el 24 abr 2019
  • TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Cat & Dog' Official MV

    Story & Concept by UNDERMOOD FILM
    Edit: Lumpens
    Assistant Director : Park Soobin, Kang Yena, Dong Kyengryen
    Director of Photography : Lee Hangyeol
    Gaffer : Yoon Seungnam
    Jimmy Jib : Lee Dongjin
    Art Director : Kim Balko, Kim Xiyul _emorogue
    CG: Paravan

    Performance Directing : Son Sungdeuk, Kim Subin, Lee Gahun
    Visual Creative : Kim Sung Hyun, Lee Hyun Ju, Gabriel Cho, Yoon Ji Hyeon
    Artist Management : Kim Shin Gyu, Oh Gwang Taek, Yang Jun Hyeong

    BigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

    Connect with TOMORROW X TOGETHER:
    #투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT #CatAndDog #캣앤독
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  • 쁨미리
    쁨미리 Hace 21 un hora

    Producers: and... How much cuteness do you want in the vídeo, guys?

    TXT: Yes

  • lauvsoo x
    lauvsoo x Hace 21 un hora

    I thought it said feel like a Cinderella 1:58

  • azrahsueda açarr
    azrahsueda açarr Hace 21 un hora

    Çok GÜZEL

  • Marcia Dos Santos
    Marcia Dos Santos Hace 21 un hora

    Alguien mas notó que las cajas de supermercado decían BTS y tenían fotos XD

  • Nəsimi Nəsirov
    Nəsimi Nəsirov Hace 21 un hora

    Who love txt

  • Patricia Velasco
    Patricia Velasco Hace 22 horas +1

    Me caso con todos

  • jim boywonder
    jim boywonder Hace 22 horas +1

    Cat And Dog YT views of May 23, 3:00AM KST: 19.5M
    Can we reach 25M by June 4 when we celebrate #3MonthsWithTXT?
    We have 12 days! LET'S DO IT FOR OUR BOYS!

  • Blac Janis
    Blac Janis Hace 22 horas

    스페인어를 말하는 나에게는 한국어가 얼마나 괴상한가. 그러나이 사람들은 매우 아름다운 디오스이다.

  • Lazar V
    Lazar V Hace 22 horas

    this is an awesome song i love it and i love txt and bts and blackpink muah lots of love

  • Roro ouen
    Roro ouen Hace 22 horas

    BTS 😝😝😷

  • fnaf and undertale Reactions

    This people remind me of wu yongning

  • Joceline Andrade
    Joceline Andrade Hace 22 horas +1

    The beat is fire 🔥

  • RH G
    RH G Hace 22 horas +1


  • Vijay Rawat
    Vijay Rawat Hace 22 horas

    Anyone from india

  • Vijay Rawat
    Vijay Rawat Hace 22 horas

    Txt : I have horns
    Bts : I have wings
    Bighit : I have both of you😜😜

  • cassi cuber
    cassi cuber Hace 23 horas

    My fav kpop groups

    • Asian _
      Asian _ Hace 22 horas


    • genuis Lab
      genuis Lab Hace 22 horas

      For me

  • Daniela Leobardo
    Daniela Leobardo Hace 23 horas

    Bts los amo
    Y a los gatos y a los perros

  • mark Got7
    mark Got7 Hace 23 horas


  • u thip
    u thip Hace 23 horas +2

    TXT I LUV U ♡

  • maria julia Niebas Bento
    maria julia Niebas Bento Hace 23 horas

    Love you BTS 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    • Katherin .n
      Katherin .n Hace 21 un hora

      This is not bts this is txt

    • Bts Army
      Bts Army Hace 22 horas

      Check ur glasses

    • Anoukie XNL
      Anoukie XNL Hace 23 horas

      This is txt not bts my dear

  • Asd Zxc
    Asd Zxc Hace 23 horas +1

    احبك يا يونجون

  • Army Boy
    Army Boy Hace 23 horas

    Интересно, русские есть?

  • syeda rafia
    syeda rafia Hace 23 horas +1

    Who think they are amazing like BTS
    Hit the like..

  • Hellen Mendonça
    Hellen Mendonça Hace 23 horas

    Quero adotar voxeis ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ray Boucher
    Ray Boucher Hace un día


  • jinatural
    jinatural Hace un día

    20 M STR3AMING

  • mindy
    mindy Hace un día

    damn they don't have any bad songs tho

    • Punitha Star
      Punitha Star Hace 23 horas +1

      Somehow bighit groups album titles to bsides always have catchy feel to it and I hope it continues 😍

  • IZ B
    IZ B Hace un día +1

    I'm Serious I love both of these groups

  • aze elle
    aze elle Hace un día +1

    Fvck my heart beats goin fast

  • Ashley Welch
    Ashley Welch Hace un día +1

    cute their like the little babies of bigit :)

  • Daniela Leobardo
    Daniela Leobardo Hace un día +2

    I love cats and dog
    Like si a ti te encantan los perros y los gatos

  • Wun229
    Wun229 Hace un día +1

    yas let's go to 20M viewwww

  • Duda Army
    Duda Army Hace un día +2


  • namorada do suga comeonkpop bts

    Cat e dog

  • Moussavou Maghanga
    Moussavou Maghanga Hace un día +1

    I like it

  • str34m bts mv
    str34m bts mv Hace un día +2


  • Kookie and Cookies Taekooksoekjin

    I feel like I’m in love 😍

  • Katrin Cat
    Katrin Cat Hace un día +1

    БигХит- Ребят, насколько много эгье вы можете сделать?

  • bts are my baes
    bts are my baes Hace un día +1

    im obsessed

  • Evelyn Guevara
    Evelyn Guevara Hace un día +1

    They're so cute i need air

  • valeri valera
    valeri valera Hace un día


    ARMY FOR LIFEU Hace un día +1

    Keep on replying this part 0:40 0:57
    *those cat ears*

  • Asian _
    Asian _ Hace un día

    Only 470k to 20M!! Let’s get it!!

  • Army Girl
    Army Girl Hace un día

    I hate him so much
    Bts are the best

    • Bts Army
      Bts Army Hace 22 horas

      Bts will spit on u..

    • Asian _
      Asian _ Hace un día

      Who cares?

    • Luna Europa
      Luna Europa Hace un día

      Hating a group you don't know is a thing of cowardice, of ignorance and rancor.

  • Letx Evelin
    Letx Evelin Hace un día +2

    There so cute like. I love Kpop so much💜

  • Letx Evelin
    Letx Evelin Hace un día

    There so cute like. I love Kpop so much💜

  • Syugya Joon
    Syugya Joon Hace un día +1

    No matter how many time I watch this mv, I just wanna adopt them. Pleatheeeee they're so precious. 😭😭😭

  • Marii Fernández
    Marii Fernández Hace un día +1

    No entiendo Nada pero me gusta xd

  • Gacha JaviGamerXd
    Gacha JaviGamerXd Hace un día +3

    Tengo una pregunta si en el minuto 1:15 ese chico intenta sostener esa naranja o pelota en su cabeza y no puede entonces como voy a creer que el chico en el minuto 1:17 sostiene 2 naranjas en su cabeza osea esto es muy raro like si dices lo mismo

  • meegan rose
    meegan rose Hace un día +1


  • Nyboal lual
    Nyboal lual Hace un día +5

    Damn know I can't stop listening to this song. I keep hitting that Replay bottom💙

  • Melissa Dos Santos
    Melissa Dos Santos Hace un día +1

    I’m so serious I think I died from a cuteness overload watching their videos 💀😱

  • Cyrus The Red
    Cyrus The Red Hace un día +1

    What the hell has happened to Men and to the music industry? This shit is embarrassing.

    • Bts Army
      Bts Army Hace 22 horas

      Just open ur mind as much as u open ur mouth..

    • Punitha Star
      Punitha Star Hace 23 horas

      Nothing happened
      It is evolution bruh

    • Asian _
      Asian _ Hace un día

      Your comment is embarrassing, we are in 2019 be more open minded

  • Don’t ask me
    Don’t ask me Hace un día +1

    neopet? XD

  • Milky_ bangtan
    Milky_ bangtan Hace un día +2


    i'm officially an OT12 🐤😙😙💜😙💜💜

  • Luisa Ramos
    Luisa Ramos Hace un día +1

    this the first time i hear them and i already feel in love with thme

    • Asian _
      Asian _ Hace un día

      They have 5 songs, you can give them a listen on SPOTIFY if you want!!💓

  • Balurih Logistics Administration

    i like huening kai but everyone is cute😍🦄🧡

  • mudya jo
    mudya jo Hace un día +1

    they are cutee

  • bbie Ho
    bbie Ho Hace un día +1


  • Alyssa Roberts
    Alyssa Roberts Hace un día +1

    found them by an ad...BEST AD EVER!!!!!!!

  • Shaheera Mardiana
    Shaheera Mardiana Hace un día +1


  • Shaheera Mardiana
    Shaheera Mardiana Hace un día +1

    Love u! Txt!

  • Sara Lopez
    Sara Lopez Hace un día +1

    Los amo 😘😘😘😪

  • Bhanu SWAROOP
    Bhanu SWAROOP Hace un día +1

    I think it's better for txt to stop these cute acts(just my opinion)

    • Punitha Star
      Punitha Star Hace 23 horas

      They are young and fit perfectly for these youth concept but given their company is bighit so anticipate their music evolution in the coming years.

  • Jn Chrln
    Jn Chrln Hace un día +1

    Purr purr purr

  • F B
    F B Hace un día +2

    Choi Soobin ♡
    Choi Yeonjun ♡
    Choi Beomgyu ♡
    Kang Taehyun ♡
    Hueningkai ♡

  • Jn7_SwagSuga
    Jn7_SwagSuga Hace un día

    20M soon!!!

    FC TOKI UNI5 Hace un día

    soobin 1m72
    yeonjun 1m7
    kai 1m69
    beomgyu - taehyun 67

  • amanda juliana
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  • เมล
    เมล Hace un día +1

    YEONJUN ^^

  • fatin zaharudin
    fatin zaharudin Hace un día

    this song is surprisingly sooo good

  • micah casidsid
    micah casidsid Hace un día

    bts babies

  • Cuddle Khang Bùi
    Cuddle Khang Bùi Hace un día

    T sẽ thành anti nhóm này vì nó chén vào chỗ của BTS

  • Hala Sukar
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  • Marie Bae
    Marie Bae Hace un día

    닝닝이 귀여워 ㅠㅠ

  • 이벨
    이벨 Hace un día

    Txt 노래는 좋은데 무개념 팬들이 좀많아서 그래요.. 막 txt보고" 보라해!" 이럴때도있고.." 선배들 분위기 닮지말자! 이럴때도 있고 조금 불편해요 ㅠ

  • DIZIFLOU звук
    DIZIFLOU звук Hace un día

    Bts лучше вас

  • Taehyunative
    Taehyunative Hace un día +4

    We going 20M vi3ws soon, keep on fam, goo job!!! Remember to watch Crown and Blue Orangeade in the process, we need to work hard for TXT, together we can do everything!!! Don't lose hope txties, fighthing!!!

    • Vina Sher
      Vina Sher Hace un día +2

      I love you. I LOVE our fandom and our txt❤️

  • احمد محمد
    احمد محمد Hace un día

    فديت الجمال

  • Nguyễn Phượng
    Nguyễn Phượng Hace un día +2

    20M is next

  • Malaak Bakri
    Malaak Bakri Hace un día

    mooi zeg stoer. 😯😯😯

  • tho trang
    tho trang Hace un día

    việt nam đâu hết r ?

  • 재민이랑약혼했어요

    시바 잘생겼다고

    SQUISHY CHANNEL Hace un día +1

    I love you TXT

    NETFELIX Hace un día

    anyone who agrees with me that they want to txt to be rookie of the year?

  • Aristha Ardhitya
    Aristha Ardhitya Hace un día +1

    Korea:TXT: i just wanna be your dog~. people:awww neomu kiyowo
    Indonesia:me: I just wanna be your dog~~. people:hahahanjing lu
    Dogs are often used as a harsh word in Indonesia to mock people. Sorry for my bad English:'((

  • Zhaneeya 0 1 Young One
    Zhaneeya 0 1 Young One Hace un día

    R O T Y 💜

  • Zhaneeya 0 1 Young One
    Zhaneeya 0 1 Young One Hace un día

    Lets 20M, fighting txt stan 💜

  • autocorex X
    autocorex X Hace un día

    Sarenge txt

  • Tânia Hoffmann
    Tânia Hoffmann Hace un día

    BORAA V!&W$ and L!K&S

  • Inspiration
    Inspiration Hace un día


  • Tam Đỗ
    Tam Đỗ Hace un día

    Có ai Việt Nam ko

  • boisterous billyclub
    boisterous billyclub Hace un día

    It would be better if they auto-tuned even more! And more lipstick!! The fook makes this shit maaan...

  • alex x
    alex x Hace un día

    You can be my dog. 🤘

  • Teryn Tominaga
    Teryn Tominaga Hace un día +1

    Soobin looks like minhyuk from btob

  • Isaac Gonzalez
    Isaac Gonzalez Hace un día

    BTS is getting left out

  • Isaac Gonzalez
    Isaac Gonzalez Hace un día

    BTS is getting left out

  • emily gonzalez
    emily gonzalez Hace un día

    I like the group, but I feel like this group should've had more members at least 7 like bts. Idk i feel like its kind of a disadvantage to debut smaller groups nowadays, because so many groups are larger and full of different personalities. What one member lacks another one has. It may be because there new, but they seem somewhat awkward. They definitely have a long way to go. With that being said i love the mini album, and this mv and i can't wait to see what other stuff they release.

  • EXO سيهوني
    EXO سيهوني Hace un día

    بيق شيت غصب تعصرهم و تخليهم كيوت و فرقة كلها بزران اكبر واحد فيهم ما تعدا عشرين اغنية حلو بس فيديو أوفر

  • EXO سيهوني
    EXO سيهوني Hace un día

    اهم شي يبون يكنو قطط و كلاب