Evolution Of Boston Dynamics Since 2012

  • Publicado el 11 oct 2019
  • In this video, you can see the evolution of the robots that made Boston Dynamics since 2012
    All videos about robots and Boston Dynamics you can watch on their official channel: esclips.com/user/BostonDy...
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  • noobqoou
    noobqoou  Hace un año +96

    NEW video here

  • Justen b
    Justen b Hace 3 años +20

    The dude with the hockey stick is definitely the 1st on that robots list

  • phillippi2
    phillippi2 Hace un año +119

    For those wondering about some of these tests; they're likely intended to see how the robots handle high-stress situations.

  • Fauve
    Fauve Hace un año +61

    Both fascinating and terrifying. I’m amazed at the technology.

  • Dennis M
    Dennis M Hace un año +45

    That slip on the banana peel at

  • ndlz84
    ndlz84 Hace un año +30

    I understand completely how they work in principle, but seeing it all working together like a perfectly synced orchestra is mind-blowing!

  • Terry Wrist
    Terry Wrist Hace un año +259


  • OregonPilot
    OregonPilot Hace 2 años +151

    The amount of systems working together to achieve these tasks are incredible. Quite extraordinary what BD has accomplished.

  • Bob M
    Bob M Hace un año +455

    Just wait until the robot realizes that the most efficient way to retrieve the box is to first kill the human getting in its way.

  • Wim Seffelaar
    Wim Seffelaar Hace un año +21

    Absolutely mind blowing! How fantastic would it be to be part of its development.

  • TheAdimLizard
    TheAdimLizard Hace un año +66

    It's incredibile how agile they are. Take

  • Michael Strong Bow
    Michael Strong Bow Hace un año +4

    Wonderful job people at BD, I'm sure after all the time and effort put into making these robots do what was seen here. These people have a deeper appreciation for our bodies and how wonderful they are. And the other four legged animals of earth, how they are amazing in what they can do. In the image of our creator, we will create.

  • 망히
    망히 Hace un año +8

    Watching this I realize how wonderfully humans are made.

  • Werner Bloem Wagen
    Werner Bloem Wagen Hace 3 años +507

    One small step for robots - one GIANT leap for Skynet.

  • Adam Extras
    Adam Extras Hace 2 años +98

    Imagine being stuck in a frozen tundra and you're about to die, but then you get saved by a robot.

  • JustUltRra
    JustUltRra Hace un año +1

    The movement on those robots is insane.

  • aLIVe 4ever
    aLIVe 4ever Hace un año +4

    I feel so sorry for some of them getting shoved/pulled around or that poor robot trying to pick up the box😭

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side Hace un año +6

    It's funny how I have followed all these progress over the years.

  • Shaq The Doc
    Shaq The Doc Hace un año +60

    The one with the wheels is the coolest robot I've ever seen

  • Shadoww Renfro
    Shadoww Renfro Hace 3 años +359

    I don't think there's many people who fully understand just how purely terrifying this video is.