Brittney Griner freed from Russian prison

  • Publicado el 7 dic 2022

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  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis Hace un mes +19

    If you all remember...we had a trade for 5 captured military personnel for this same arms dealer and that offer was turned down. Yet the offer was accepted for Griner? This makes it a political move not a take care of our people move. Vets should be outraged at this bs.

  • John Bryer
    John Bryer Hace un mes +3

    I know who I'm voting for in 2024, and it's not Joe Biden or his party!

  • MrFreddy61
    MrFreddy61 Hace un mes +9

    Hell yeah! W FOR RUSSIA!!!!

  • Lynn Snow
    Lynn Snow Hace un mes +10

    Nicholas Whelan (born March 5, 1970) is a Canadian-born former United States Marine with U.S., British, Irish and Canadian citizenship. He was arrested in Russia on December 28, 2018, and accused of spying. On June 15, 2020, he received a 16-year prison sentence

    • Gabriel Ovante
      Gabriel Ovante Hace un mes

      @H with some cannabis oil. She unknowingly smuggled drugs essentially. Don’t down play what some people do if you don’t do it equally 👏🏽🤷🏽‍♂️. And the news said he is a veteran i heard nothing of him doing “spy stuff at the time of the arrest”.

    • H
      H Hace un mes

      @Gabriel OvanteNo dummy, getting a spy released is a lot harder than someone with some cannabis oil.

    • Liane Cornils
      Liane Cornils Hace un mes +1

      Free legal advice. Stay home and mind your own business. You’ll find you get a lot farther that way. 😮. Uw. Lol. 🎉🎉🎉🎉😊

    • Gabriel Ovante
      Gabriel Ovante Hace un mes

      He’s the wrong race, wrong gender and wrong group affiliation. This is sad democrats dont give two sh/ts for veterans. But wanna talk about human rights/ rights in general. Enlisted military personal and veterans fight for our rights and we can’t even take care of them in return.

  • Lost Panda
    Lost Panda Hace un mes +4

    The release was great and all but dude literally swap a basketball flag hating player to the lord of war? Bruh I think im seriously living in CLOWN WORLD reality

    • Joann Pierce
      Joann Pierce Hace un mes

      You're living in something alright 🤣 A big deep pool of liberal shit!

    KING MAYA BZE ™️ Hace un mes +3

    When pretending to be a man gets to you

  • King Kush
    King Kush Hace un mes +2

    Maybe she had LBGT lawyer.. heard they’re strong in deal making.

  • Jim Kuball
    Jim Kuball Hace un mes +1

    Special treatment for a athlete, big surprise... personally I have tried to get messages and help to get my wife from Jamaica and I don't even get a message back saying no... I just get ignored

  • Vile Nation Gaming
    Vile Nation Gaming Hace un mes +27

    They swapped an international arms dealer for a basketball player… and no one sees the issue it seems.. They literally made a movie about this guy.

    • Jake
      Jake Hace un mes

      I’m so happy a white man got set free, for some sh$77y wnba player!

    • Levi Erwin
      Levi Erwin Hace un mes

      @King Kush eye for an eye they want an arms dealer when should ask for more than a bs WNBA player lmfao. I’d love to do some trading with you, I feel like I would gain a lot for a little 😂

    • Deadpool On google
      Deadpool On google Hace un mes

      @Eric Matthews no it wasn't she hates America let her rot in a Russian prison

    • engi turtle 65
      engi turtle 65 Hace un mes +1

      @John Base he shoulden't even be there

    • engi turtle 65
      engi turtle 65 Hace un mes

      @King Kush its probably lies

  • Ellas Fella
    Ellas Fella Hace un mes +1

    this just told our enemies in the middle east we will give in to terrorist demands. as a former marine this is a SLAP in the face to all military personnel most of all my brother's & sister's who fought and died side by side with me for the preservation of our nation

  • Teddy Phillips
    Teddy Phillips Hace un mes +5

    This is just uncalled for!!! Makes me dislike basketball even more! A veteran left in prison! FJB

    • Teddy Phillips
      Teddy Phillips Hace un mes

      @Eric Matthews plus wake the Fuck up

    • Teddy Phillips
      Teddy Phillips Hace un mes

      @Eric Matthews FJB and your crybaby war wagon. It suck just like the party you represent

    • Eric Matthews
      Eric Matthews Hace un mes +1

      You're an idiot. Here's an idea.. Get away from Faux News... Educate yourself on the actual situation she was in. The problem with GOP today .. you are all stupid.

  • Matt Jeffers
    Matt Jeffers Hace un mes +2

    So when is legalization of marijuana gonna happen on the federal level or is she gonna serve time here in the states

  • Antonio Acevedo
    Antonio Acevedo Hace un mes +1

    American, remember this trade when you enter the polls in 23 months to vote for President.

  • Momma Ts Channel
    Momma Ts Channel Hace un mes

    Omg I’m so happy for her

    • Cecil Brasfield
      Cecil Brasfield Hace un mes +3

      Not me ! The anti-American should have served her full time.

  • Sticky Shoes
    Sticky Shoes Hace un mes +3

    Shouldve left her there. Special treatment for celebrities makes me sick. She broke their laws willingly and knowingly, she even admitted she knew it was illegal but thought she was an exception. Now she gets out because of twitter and racist identity politics. Such bullshit, send her back.

    • Sticky Shoes
      Sticky Shoes Hace un mes +1

      @Tbhpt2 yea she and her team mates have said she knew she could go to prison for it but that Russia would look the other way because of their status. So she just went through an airport with illegal narcotics thinking she was above the law like usual bit this time was treated with equality. Despicable that we would free this evil man in exchange for a confessed intentional criminal.

    • Tbhpt2
      Tbhpt2 Hace un mes

      No bc she admitted that she knew what she was doing and now we all have to sing koombya bc Brittany big bird is free

    • Sticky Shoes
      Sticky Shoes Hace un mes

      @John Base my hero lol. Ok genius, they haven’t been convicted of anything so not like that at all. If they all broke the law, whatever law your referring, then show the evidence that will convict them. Otherwise dont start start with your weird unfounded conspiracy theories.

    • John Base
      John Base Hace un mes

      Kinda like your hero, Trump, and his brainless kids who never worked a day in their life. Yet, they get away with breaking every law because of money and power.

  • Zk Motivation
    Zk Motivation Hace un mes

    Go to work and make the dream real. Once you've dreamt it, it's then time to bring it out into the universe. Go show the world what you're made of.

  • V V R
    V V R Hace un mes +1

    What a joke on this prisoner swap ,what about Paul ?????

  • Jag Wolf
    Jag Wolf Hace un mes

    Maybe next time she’ll KNEEL and APPRECIATE this BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY
    That is HOME of the FREE and BRAVE..

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James Hace un mes +4

    She’s not worth it! 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Eric Matthews
      Eric Matthews Hace un mes

      Neither are you.. I wouldn't trade a New York RAT to get you back.

  • Paul Casarez
    Paul Casarez Hace un mes

    Major weapons dealer trade for a pot head who got the upper hand on this deal the guy they traded for builds dirty bombs so pathetic

  • OB Juan
    OB Juan Hace un mes +7

    Idiocy reigns supreme in this administration. 🤦🏽

    • FerrisSOCAL
      FerrisSOCAL Hace un mes

      @Humpypants You mean the prisoners biden let go free, and the BILLIONS of dollars worth of weapons that were left in warehouses that are already being used against allies in the middle east? Stop drinking soy and stop using wikipedia as a peer reviewed resource.

    • Humpypants
      Humpypants Hace un mes

      Not as supreme as trump releasing 1000 taliban prisoners and leaving them with a new arsenal so the score is still 1000-1

    • Al N
      Al N Hace un mes

      @FerrisSOCAL Trump signed the DOHA months before Biden took office, giving Afghanistan to the Taliban.
      Fun Fact: When asked to name one thing Trump would do differently with withdraw, Trump couldn’t articulate one point.

    • FerrisSOCAL
      FerrisSOCAL Hace un mes

      @Al N nope. Look to Biden and what he did after taking office. FACT

    • Al N
      Al N Hace un mes

      @FerrisSOCAL This is an emotional subject for Republicans. I get it. Trump gave the Taliban Afghanistan in his DOHA. 65 troops died in Afghanistan under Trump’s leadership, and what did he do? Give a terrorist the cell a country. Fact.

  • Nikki sixx
    Nikki sixx Hace un mes


  • Doreatha Smith Albright

    Whelan taken captive on trump watch. Was he watching???? Or was he too busy with loving his putin?? So sad mr walden was not coming home. He deserve to be home. God free him !!😪😪

  • EternityRaven
    EternityRaven Hace un mes +6

    Brittany Griner now loves America cause she's been saved. What a freakin joke 🤣

  • Brenda Gray
    Brenda Gray Hace un mes +3

    They need to get Paul Home Too 🤷

  • John Cunningham
    John Cunningham  Hace un mes +12

    We still have a Marine Corps Veteran in Prison there yet Brittney Break the Law ( Down with the Flag Griner ) got her release ahead of his ? WoW so Fucked up

    • knowledge4you
      knowledge4you Hace un mes

      And? Leave her alone, it's her right to down this damn flag.

    • Humpypants
      Humpypants Hace un mes

      Because russia didn't agree to free him although Biden tried. Biden will still take the hate as right wing media excludes that detail since media would rather make Biden look bad instead of Russia. clown world

    • Eric Matthews
      Eric Matthews Hace un mes +1

      The other guy was a spy for the CIA. And not a very good one too. We don't need him back.

    • unabrazoatodos
      unabrazoatodos Hace un mes

      Democrats suck put loud. They are a cancer.

    • Gone Lucid Films
      Gone Lucid Films Hace un mes +1

      Agreed. That ain't right.

  • steve wood
    steve wood Hace un mes +4

    We get this black drug using basketball player out and leave a marine veteran no wonder United States is a laughing stock

    • steve wood
      steve wood Hace un mes

      @Tracy Garrett race and gender play into everything in this world people are just bowing down to the woke liberals that try to shut everybody up

    • Tracy Garrett
      Tracy Garrett Hace un mes

      Why does her race matter??

  • Catherine Rosa-Baker
    Catherine Rosa-Baker Hace un mes

    He's a guy!!!
    I never knew that

  • deer hunt
    deer hunt Hace un mes +8

    She went there with drugs hello,should of left her there!!!

    • Iamhere
      Iamhere Hace un mes

      @Joann Pierce dont care should kept her

    • Joann Pierce
      Joann Pierce Hace un mes

      @deerhunt4967 yeah, but she had a wife waiting for her here back home in the good old US of A

  • Charles Reynolds
    Charles Reynolds Hace un mes +2

    What a shame

  • TheNextFiles
    TheNextFiles Hace un mes

    no this is absolutely not great news what the f*** I misunderstood the story when I first heard it now that I get to sit down and watch this and they're gloating and glamoring about this topic nobody is seeing the right side of this? Smfh

  • Liane Cornils
    Liane Cornils Hace un mes

    When you have to make tough decisions boys. Remember the rule of thumb or golden rule. Women and children, first.

  • Liane Cornils
    Liane Cornils Hace un mes

    What are the red complaining about again? Taking a woman home vs a big tough well trained in all tactical gear marine to come home from prison ? 😅. Sounds like a testosterone baby whining again.

  • Busy Bee
    Busy Bee Hace un mes

    I'm glad she's free

  • Cheryl Pursell
    Cheryl Pursell Hace un mes

    If she disrespects the National Anthem ever again I think I will flip a biscuit. I hope she is fined by the FAA.

  • FerrisSOCAL
    FerrisSOCAL Hace un mes +5

    So we traded a guy who sold guns to terrorists groups on our ban list that probably killed thousands of people in their countries spreading unrest and lawlessness, for one person who trafficked drugs to a known drug-free country and was going to do time for their crime in their penal system, like you'd expect a criminal to do. Leaving and AARP aged Marine retiree (and four others like him) to languish in those same camps. What the actual hell?

    • H
      H Hace un mes +1

      A bit of cannabis oil is a much lesser crime than being a spy. He knew how serious the consequences were anyway, why shouldn’t a non spy get released before him?

    • Deadpool On google
      Deadpool On google Hace un mes +1

      Yep its a crap deal

    • Justin Heard
      Justin Heard Hace un mes

      Exactly!!! This is bullshit, she should have to do her time over there and we should've kept the real criminal in jail, now the Russians have him he will just be put to work for Putin. Our country is failing us.

  • Gone Lucid Films
    Gone Lucid Films Hace un mes +2

    Booooo we dont want her back. Letting the merchant of death walk free is a terrible deal.

  • Lucid
    Lucid Hace un mes +2

    big win for Putin and nobody else.

  • Anti-Woke and Autistic

    She claims she accidentally packed the hashish oil because she was in a hurry. WHAT? She knew MONTHS IN ADVANCE when her plane departure was. Whenever I travel I begin packing a week in advance, little by little. If she was too disorganized with her schedule to wait literally till the last minute to pack for an overseas flight .... well too bad.

  • Jim Taylor
    Jim Taylor Hace un mes +2

    I really hope they don't let her play basketball anymore little kids are supposed to look up to people like her

    • knowledge4you
      knowledge4you Hace un mes

      Oh shut up, she hasn't done anything to the little kids, you act like she's an international criminal.

    • Humpypants
      Humpypants Hace un mes +1

      Kids aren't watching the wnba lol

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Hace un mes

    Yeah it's things like this that make wonder why I even pay taxes anymore......

    WECAN DOIT Hace un mes


  • Doug Alsip
    Doug Alsip Hace un mes +3

    Get Mr. Wheeler back leave the other one there She knew the law there and she tried to play games and thought her gay status would protector save her looks like Biden administration don't care I know I don't.

  • Anti-Woke and Autistic

    So, she felt a need to play basketball in Russia, halfway around the world from her family, when she was already making 230K a year in the WNBA? Gee, isn't 230K a year ENOUGH? That's like five times the national average salary. Teachers make way less than that and don't go halfway around the world during summer breaks for more money. And her wife allowed her to be so far away from home six months a year? I'm sick of hearing how the WNBA doesn't pay as much as the NBA. Well DUH. Men's basketball is way more interesting to watch. When women can do the aerial dynamics that the men can do, then maybe more people will watch and this'll lead to higher salaries. Ever watch WNBA? It's boring as heck. Yet they expect the same pay as someone who can leap 10 feet into the air and dunk backwards. Want more money? STAY IN THE STATES and coach basketball during the off-season.

  • 2 Gangster 4 U
    2 Gangster 4 U Hace un mes +1

    Lol all your rage comments dont amount to a dam thing lol

  • Lucid
    Lucid Hace un mes +1

    extremely uneven trade.

  • Joseph Bingham
    Joseph Bingham Hace un mes

    Do you think she will continue to disrespect American and the National Anthem - or show a little gratitude?

  • Susan Long
    Susan Long Hace un mes

    No way..

  • Paul Casarez
    Paul Casarez Hace un mes +1

    All a circus act so joe can play with the minds of black america

  • Exotic Car Facts Official Channel

    So the Obiden administration just did a prisoner swap with Russia. We got that female WNBA baseball player who smokes weed and openly criticized America, and the Russians got an international arms dealer, literally the guy from the movie god of war....WTF 😂😂😂

  • Nikki sixx
    Nikki sixx Hace un mes

    Booooo booooo

  • Starchildofthe 90s
    Starchildofthe 90s Hace un mes +1

    Im just here for the comments from the angry entitled conservatives / wy,t nationalist

  • Nikki sixx
    Nikki sixx Hace un mes


  • george4u1960
    george4u1960 Hace un mes +1

    I don't see that many comments now I saw more comments when she went into jail that's a damn shame. God is good God is good God is good evil does not win. You going to see many more miracles just wait and see

  • Irina Kyre
    Irina Kyre Hace un mes +3

    Grinder took a knee during the national anthem in the United States and left USA to for Russia she quickly found out who truly loved her I'm very happy she is on her way back home and hope she stands for our

    • FerrisSOCAL
      FerrisSOCAL Hace un mes

      @Andy Bales Yeah they can be. Soy rots the brain.

    • Jim Taylor
      Jim Taylor Hace un mes

      Hopefully she doesn't get another chance to stand for the national anthem I hope she doesn't get to play basketball ever again children are supposed to look up to her and she's a criminal who likes to smuggle drugs into other countries

    • Andy Bales
      Andy Bales Hace un mes

      @Al N 😄 u CAN'T be that stupid... do alot of drugs? He's being released, and will be a danger to the world once again...👍 smart move, just to gain votes

    • Al N
      Al N Hace un mes

      @Andy Bales How did Biden release him? He’s being swapped to a Russian prison. You’re more likely to get killed by one of the 5000 terrorists Trump released. For no reason.

    • Andy Bales
      Andy Bales Hace un mes

      Stupid like u, hopefully fall victim to the killer Biden released, just to buy black votes

  • Al N
    Al N Hace un mes +1

    For context it’s common for countries to extradite criminals in prisoner swaps.

    • Dylan Brunson
      Dylan Brunson Hace un mes

      would you trade a terrorist for an athlete?

  • Elizabeth Agbi
    Elizabeth Agbi Hace un mes +1


    • Jake
      Jake Hace un mes

      @V V R these mfers don’t care about him, they’re trying to earn woke votes! This country is done unless people stand up and physically do something

    • TheDevilsAdvocate
      TheDevilsAdvocate Hace un mes

      @V V R Liz is an uninformed idiot. She only knew about Rinner in the first place because of tik tok.

    • V V R
      V V R Hace un mes +2

      And what about Paul the U.S marine that served his country?????

    • Cecil Brasfield
      Cecil Brasfield Hace un mes

      What are you praising for ??? Biden just made a deal with the Devil . Get the American hero’s out of Russia and send Brittney back to serve her time .

    • Jake
      Jake Hace un mes

      Jesus isn’t here!

  • Lauryn wesley
    Lauryn wesley Hace un mes +1

    So glad this nightmare is over for her.

    • Deadpool On google
      Deadpool On google Hace un mes +3

      She made her own nightmare

    • Robin Michelle
      Robin Michelle Hace un mes

      I pray her life is miserable here in a country she hates. She will be booed because we don’t want her here.

  • Madeline Eppley
    Madeline Eppley Hace un mes

    Praise god I always worried about her

  • Diane Gibson
    Diane Gibson Hace un mes

    About time

  • Madeline Eppley
    Madeline Eppley Hace un mes

    So glad she’s free