I Am Afraid After The Synagogue Shooting in Pittsburgh

  • Publicado el 11 dic 2018
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    Bella lives in a neighborhood called Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh. She's grown up there, lived there her whole life, has her friends and her synagogue there, right near the Tree of Life synagogue, and it had always been a peaceful neighborhood - diverse and accepting - a really nice place to live. There were a lot of Jewish families who lived there and she could hardly remember any anti semitism ever happening around them.
    But, on Saturday, October 27th, she slept in late and only woke up when her mom called to her from the other room at around eleven o'clock. She ran in to her Mom's room and her younger sister was there and they looked awful, pale, afraid and scared. Bella didn't know what was going on, and her mom would only whisper because she didn't want Bella's youngest sister to wake up. But something really, really bad was going on - you could tell from the terrified looks on her Mom and sister.
    Her mom asked is she'd looked at her phone yet, if she'd seen or heard any of what was on the news. She'd heard lots of sirens in her half sleep, but they didn't wake her - what was going on? Her mom sat her down and told her that there had been a mass shooting at a temple - the Tree of Life synagogue right there in squirrel hill.
    Bella gasped and sat down hard. She was so scared, afraid, shaking and crying. She was just in shock that something like this had happened, in their neighborhood, at a synagogue that was practically right next to the one she attended. Also, the fact that it was all because of their religion, all because they were Jewish, and this scared Bella too - the ant-semitism, and all these shootings taking place everywhere.
    What made the tragedy even worse was the fact that it was Shabbat, the holiest day of the week for the Jewish people -- all they were doing was praying -- and that morning the Tree of Life synagogue was having a baby naming for a new baby just born into their community, a special and festive and happy occasion. And an evil man full of hate and anti semitism came into their place of worship and shot and killed 11 people, including police and security guards.
    When Bella and her friends returned to their religious school, hebrew school, so many of them were on edge, scared, and couldn't quite put into words how awful and vulnerable it made them feel. Why was there anti semitism, or hate of any kind? Why couldn't people coexist without hatred and gun violence?
    After they had started their school day they had a special morning prayer service and they invited the congregation from the Tree of Life synagogue to join them. There were so many people there, mourning and praying, holding hands and supporting each other - praying for peace, and love, and for the souls of the those who passed to ascend. And they chanted and sang words of power, that they were strong and that they would not be afraid.
    The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting has effected jews all over the United States and the world, and all people who enjoy feeling safe and free to worship how they choose under any religion they choose. Hopefully the families affected by this tragedy will be able to feel one day that those they lost did not die in vain and that they re-awakened the need for peace, and love, and light across the entire world.

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  • shaiza ali
    shaiza ali Hace 13 horas

    that was soo sad

  • LucyPlays !
    LucyPlays ! Hace 13 horas

    I like actually happened more

  • Katie Chong
    Katie Chong Hace 13 horas

    I think it’s kinda messed up that people find the need to say “i’m not religious” or “i’m not jewish” and then “...but i’m still sad!!” these are human. freaking. beings. that were MURDERED. religious affiliation shouldn’t matter, innocent lives were taken and that’s sad no matter what.

  • Gabrielle Narvaez
    Gabrielle Narvaez Hace 13 horas

    I guessed it . This was about the shooting

  • justin vickrey
    justin vickrey Hace 13 horas

    That is so sad. People that start a shooting has to have a good reason, or reasons about why they're doing that. 😖😖😖😖😖😬😬😬😬😬

  • Tameem Khan
    Tameem Khan Hace 13 horas

    Question.... who the faq created shootings?!

  • Deejay Alvarez
    Deejay Alvarez Hace 13 horas

    Oh my gosh I had no idea😢😢😭😭😭

  • Sienna Terenciuk
    Sienna Terenciuk Hace 13 horas

    Oml 😨😨🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Wiluzi Mapping
    Wiluzi Mapping Hace 13 horas

    It's so sad I don't know did it get caught, love for jews there, stay strong!

  • Funny Bird
    Funny Bird Hace 13 horas

    *Кто тоже русский и пытается понять английский?*

  • Amanda And Alyssa
    Amanda And Alyssa Hace 13 horas

    Wow. So wierd. My baby brother was born October 27th this year too. But to everyone who has a hard life. I want you to know everyone's life is hard. And if it makes you feel like you should go shoot people and things like self harm or hurting people around you think again. Talk to someone that can help you feel better. My life at school has been hard lately and i think its ok because everyone makes mistakes and goes through somethinh hard. And it seriously does get Better. Like the girl who has been making rumors about ne and my other friend apologized. And i forgive her. I guess im just trying to say eveyone goes through though times and it always, always gets better

  • Aurora Garcia
    Aurora Garcia Hace 13 horas

    I'm sad

  • 01001101 01001001 01000011 01000001 01001000

    As long as I have the sun I will have the light.

  • Vivian lazaga
    Vivian lazaga Hace 13 horas

    Bruh I’m crying right now 😭😭

  • Hoppers AJTV
    Hoppers AJTV Hace 13 horas

    In the poll it says yes but I still life my life I think it’s meant to say I still live my life lol

  • Faith Unknown
    Faith Unknown Hace 13 horas

    I live 4 hours and 45 mins away but this is super scary I hope everyone is okay

  • Da Cute Amazing Kitten
    Da Cute Amazing Kitten Hace 13 horas


  • itzmeh. yoomin
    itzmeh. yoomin Hace 13 horas

    I'm Catholic and I heard about it but I didn't understand it but I cried but now I understand it, I'm crying even more😭😭

  • R H
    R H Hace 13 horas

    This seems like a very very democratic point of view idk but that might just be me

  • Cheesy Pizza
    Cheesy Pizza Hace 13 horas

    This happened on my birthday

  • Darth Void 701
    Darth Void 701 Hace 13 horas

    One, you should have told the younger sister. Two, us Christians and Jews need to take the fight to them nazi bastards!

  • P Haimavathi
    P Haimavathi Hace 13 horas

    I did not understand anything

  • Nour Naite
    Nour Naite Hace 13 horas

    such a overreaction, shit video

  • vasectomy vasectomy
    vasectomy vasectomy Hace 13 horas

    How do you get on storybooth? I could talk about the Alaska earthquake. < Don't mind my pfp

  • Kusti Vuori
    Kusti Vuori Hace 13 horas

    If i would have to choose:
    Get shot or get stabbed i would get shot rather anyways

  • Sebastian Marcos luna
    Sebastian Marcos luna Hace 13 horas +1

    I feel bad leave a like if you do too😪

  • Janet Gacha world Englisch and German

    Why are people so mean to other people?

  • Joseisa og
    Joseisa og Hace 13 horas

    I’m not a jew but that’s just f#*k up to shoot up a church or sinagog or what they call it

  • angel oro
    angel oro Hace 13 horas +1

    Lol them nibbas dead

  • Jocelyn. Avu
    Jocelyn. Avu Hace 13 horas

    How do you make these things

  • Sam amv
    Sam amv Hace 13 horas

    I'm so sorry not all Jews are awful ppl and not all Muslims are awful rip all that died

  • super super msr conor
    super super msr conor Hace 13 horas

    يبكي عشان طفل واحد مات وهم يقتلون آلاف الأطفال الفلسطينين

  • gboi gamer
    gboi gamer Hace 13 horas +1

    To be fair, I’m sure anyone would be frightened.
    Edit: I was shook by this and I’m not even Jewish.

  • Robloxian101 Saedgirl6
    Robloxian101 Saedgirl6 Hace 13 horas

    *I don't know how I should feel. I was born in Palestine, the wonderful place the jews stole from us. We were taught to hate ALL jews and never speak of them... but when me and my family, I am the youngest of 5 kid. During the summer my mom and dad told me and my sister and 3 brothers that we have cousins in Jerusalem that couldn't escape. We went to visit them and it was a very long ride, but once we got there, we saw Haifa, that's my moms last name and it was a place so I was kinda shocked. Btw I'm 11. I remember one very horrifying and scary experience when we where sleeping in my home in Palestine, after we visited our cousins, my oldest brother was out with his friends and it was late, but I didn't think too much a kept sleeping until.... I heard bombs... I was super scared and I was about to cry, my 2 brothers were awake, (I have my oldest sibling, my sister who is 20, turning 21 this Saturday, my oldest brother who is 20, he just turned 20 on december 7th, my other brother who is 15, and my other brother who is 12 then me, I'm 11.) and I immediately ran to my parents' room and told them and told them to call my oldest brother. I woke up my sister and my parents told me to sleep, but I couldn't I was so scared for everyone. :c*

  • Bailey Blankenship
    Bailey Blankenship Hace 13 horas

    Ok so I am about to get a little religious so please don’t hate this is my point of view if you don’t agree what ever
    Ok so I am afraid of all of the shooting and gun violence and stuff but at the same time when God calls me home then I know that it’s my time to go and when I die or if I die from a criminal or natural cause I know where I am going so I won’t fear death but rather be glad. This does not mean I want to die, it simply means I want to live my life here on earth and when God calls me home I know where I will go

  • gacha sarrah
    gacha sarrah Hace 13 horas

    Explain to me pls what is this mean? :(

  • bianca atmodjo
    bianca atmodjo Hace 13 horas

    i can relate

  • dudeman the first
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  • Melizza YT
    Melizza YT Hace 13 horas

    The president needs to stop letting other people sell guns, grenades and etc. Let’s see if the freaking gun shooters can get it from the army. :/

  • It’s Me_BAYZ
    It’s Me_BAYZ Hace 13 horas

    I am a Buddhist but me and my family hope that the people in the Jewish community will have hope and keep your heart still and be calm

    I understand your feelings and it is also tragic to me and hope you guys feel better......

  • Zuriel Monroy
    Zuriel Monroy Hace 13 horas

    That so many old people died at the shooting

  • Pedohan
    Pedohan Hace 13 horas

    i leave dislike hehehe! :D

  • Clairese Lauren
    Clairese Lauren Hace 13 horas

    You can't change it 'coz Hitler is back from the dead

  • KyBear Pips
    KyBear Pips Hace 13 horas

    Where I live, shootings are very common....

  • ProGamer 11
    ProGamer 11 Hace 13 horas


  • WorldOfOsa 11
    WorldOfOsa 11 Hace 13 horas

    I know what a synonouge is bc we
    Just finished our religion unit

  • Neon Lights and Ocean the Hedgehog

    Even though I'm a Christian, this was heartbreaking... our world needs to become a better place

  • Flazy Blazy
    Flazy Blazy Hace 13 horas

    Idk why people do this....seriously

  • MyMy
    MyMy Hace 13 horas

    I want to a horse race and there is this rapper named ice cube and all the tickets were sold out me and my parents were near the enter and that’s where all the tickets were sold we were in the corner and there was this guy that was mad and had a gun and shot it in the air three times and my parents at first thought it was fireworks or The horse but then the police shot him and my dad pushed me in the corner and everyone bent down when the police shot it was just the police shooting the guy there was a few people that went to the hospital I’m glad me and me parents are ok I am only 9years old 😌

  • TheDrakeMan
    TheDrakeMan Hace 13 horas

    Every time something like this happens I always feel more and more uncomfortable with the world

  • Stickperson
    Stickperson Hace 13 horas

    i got shocked when i seen the title,
    i was like "WHAT? A SHOOTING?"

  • WolfysSide
    WolfysSide Hace 13 horas

    2:34 so umm if u pause there u can see Daniel which ish meh name did I die?

  • Isabella Aguilar
    Isabella Aguilar Hace 13 horas

    Hey my name is bella

  • LittleLoi MonkeyingAround

    This is terrible, I don’t know what to say, I am very sorry to everyone that has lost a loved 1.

  • Brite Bomber
    Brite Bomber Hace 13 horas +1

    People make fun of me because i like to play fortnite. And people say I'm not good and I say, yes I am not good. But you couldn't be better, cause you don't play fortnite.

  • Robloxian101 Saedgirl6
    Robloxian101 Saedgirl6 Hace 13 horas

    *aw. :c*

  • Bilkis Habid
    Bilkis Habid Hace 13 horas

    My god give you strength

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    Omggg this took forever like

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    😀 1:11 Lol why is it morning

  • Sarah Repasi
    Sarah Repasi Hace 13 horas

    I’m not trying be be mean or trying to offend anyone but why do have so much hate red for Jewish people? I simply don’t get they are human too the have feelings and they are living and breathing mammals. I have noticed even in the past people never really liked Jewish people I don’t understand why! They are people too just they don’t believe in what u believe in so people need to suck it up and deal with it

  • Mystical_Random _Wolf2000

    October 27th was my lil sisters birthday.. o.0

  • Marvelous_Molecules
    Marvelous_Molecules Hace 13 horas

    Even though I’m christin I care b cuz Jesus is part of yours and my lives because he is my savior but u he is just a profit but I don’t care I still am terrified this is gonna a happen at a church and I do feel bad for u

  • Bugs Bunny
    Bugs Bunny Hace 13 horas

    Sigh....... Sometimes people don't look at everyone in the same way

  • V i o l e t B l o o m s
    V i o l e t B l o o m s Hace 13 horas +1

    In the thumbnail I thought you were a boy 😆

  • anastasia melinie
    anastasia melinie Hace 13 horas

    I'm not Christian and I don't really understand, but I pray for those people and once in my school there was a shooting, and a teacher got killed

  • The name is Donut
    The name is Donut Hace 14 horas


  • Jennifer Ramos
    Jennifer Ramos Hace 14 horas

    Why does this awalys happen 😥 im praying for them

  • Raquel Corcos
    Raquel Corcos Hace 14 horas

    I was so scared when i found out about this because me and my family are Jewish and I just couldn't believe that something like that would happen

  • mamisa kabambi
    mamisa kabambi Hace 14 horas

    So sad how our world could be so cruel

  • Amber Wood
    Amber Wood Hace 14 horas +1

    I hope in 2019 and 2020 will become more peaceful and everybody can live in harmony.
    Like if you agree.

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    debosmita Hace 14 horas

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  • Waddle Waddle Dee
    Waddle Waddle Dee Hace 14 horas

    Please tell me that nothing happened to the couple and the baby. cuz if something happened to the couple and the baby I'm literally going to burst into tears.

  • Pedro Ledesma
    Pedro Ledesma Hace 14 horas

    How sad

  • TeCh TwIns
    TeCh TwIns Hace 14 horas

    Ok so I need advice. This guy at my school was looking sad so I asked him if he was ok then he said “mentally or physically” then I said mentally so he then started to talk about how he sometimes just feel like killing everybody in my school then I asked him why and guess what he said!! He said “I probably won’t do it unless somebody kills my family”. And I’m like “PROBALY?!”.And keep in mind, I’ve always had the chills around him because he reminds me of those kidnappers and rapist and stuff that he in the movies, so from the beginning, I’ve been trying to keep my distance from him but I just felt like he needed somebody to talk to so I talked to him, and now I’m wondering if I should tell somebody because idk if he was joking..

  • We Zksnskv
    We Zksnskv Hace 14 horas

    OMG this happend on my birthday!!!!

  • Bitupan Kr. Medhi
    Bitupan Kr. Medhi Hace 14 horas +1

    Our world need to changed

  • Airiana Amaral
    Airiana Amaral Hace 14 horas

    How does someone have the guts to do kill people if you have the guts then shame on you!

  • Kelli Leigh Ochoa
    Kelli Leigh Ochoa Hace 14 horas +1

    we have to stop shooting from happening its just not right

  • Gabby random videos
    Gabby random videos Hace 14 horas

    I also live in Pittsburgh my mom works their sometimes she didn’t that day but I live a couple minutes away from their I am in constant fear that something might happen to me and my family

  • Hariz's channel
    Hariz's channel Hace 14 horas

    wow i never thought of that
    inever thought that the subject is about shooting
    in public place

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    Who else loves storybooth
    My dream is to hit 20k subs

  • The Mexican King
    The Mexican King Hace 14 horas

    This is why now schools and churches have security guards I'm 13 I'm in 6th grade my school always have an officer walking around places where ever we go cause where I live there's is a war right now with the bloods and crips

  • Prunella Kaila Andelli
    Prunella Kaila Andelli Hace 14 horas

    My country don't really experienced gun shot at any school cuz like i love in Indonesia, we dont really experienced gun shots at any school but i pray so that there will be no more life that is going to heaven 😢

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    Ashley Hernandez Hace 14 horas

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  • Dvir955 fight and play
    Dvir955 fight and play Hace 14 horas

    i'm Jewish and i really Sorry .
    If I were you, then I would feel sad , angry , and protest against racism .

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    Yaritmet Vargas Hace 14 horas

    When the school shooter says hey seri but i habe samsung. Then he yells ok google

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    McKella Van Kirk Hace 14 horas

    My sister lives in Pittsburgh I lived in Georgia and she just calling me and my mom crying she was so upset the college was near the shooting.

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  • Berkay Zorlu
    Berkay Zorlu Hace 14 horas

    İ dont understand europeans this kind of terror happens in turkey almost evry month or so

  • Level 10 Edgelord
    Level 10 Edgelord Hace 14 horas

    Can we please stop arguing about gun control ffs

  • Sarah Widodo :D
    Sarah Widodo :D Hace 14 horas

    I’m Christian but I don’t care about the shooting

  • Riley Wilcox
    Riley Wilcox Hace 14 horas

    This event caused me to convert to aetheism

    • Positive Negative
      Positive Negative Hace 14 horas

      Excellent choice my guy

  • warrior kit
    warrior kit Hace 14 horas +1

    Just be happy that your alive.I hope the people that went to heaven are safe and happy, so sorry this happened.