Impossible Saves in Football 馃槺


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  • Geovanny XD
    Geovanny XD Hace un mes +1375

    The second one is sad cuz he had a chance to save himself but messed up 馃槀馃槶

  • Lourenco Alves
    Lourenco Alves Hace un mes +39

    Ren茅 Higuita, uma verdadeira lenda quando vestia aquela camisa azul e aquelas luvas, imposs铆vel discordar o qu茫o foda era est谩 m谩quina.

  • 丕爻鬲賰卮賮 賲毓 夭賰乇賷丕

    I like how in the first and second one the goalkeeper makes the save.

  • BlyssInDisguise
    BlyssInDisguise Hace un mes

    Bro that backward kick took me off my feet!! ( no pun intended)

  • Cyber Vertex
    Cyber Vertex Hace un mes

    Me seeing impossible in the title expecting insane saves the first one 鈽狅笍

  • Legend V
    Legend V Hace un mes +1050

    the kick is too iconic 馃ぃ

    • Legend V
      Legend V Hace 17 d铆as +1

      @Cafeaguilaroja 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

    • Cafeaguilaroja
      Cafeaguilaroja Hace 17 d铆as

      The kicks is called 鈥渆scorpion鈥 and the Gk is of Colombia 馃嚚馃嚧
      Y si soy Colombiano

    • Sharif Hirdey
      Sharif Hirdey Hace 23 d铆as

      馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨 you Repiles

    • Sharif Hirdey
      Sharif Hirdey Hace 23 d铆as

      馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨 馃槀馃槀馃槀 you Repiles

      TAKATO SENSEI Hace 25 d铆as

      @袧邪褌邪谢褜褟 校褕邪泻芯胁邪 ?

  • 鈥ightShine Kyle鈥
    鈥ightShine Kyle鈥 Hace un mes +2

    The fact that he scored a goal using his intire body 馃槀

  • Muhammed Bin Niyas
    Muhammed Bin Niyas Hace un mes

    Bro these are awesome but... sometimes mistakes happen 馃檨

  • MirinStatus
    MirinStatus Hace un mes +1

    The scorpion kick is and always will be the greatest save of all time.

  • AvenDonn
    AvenDonn Hace un mes +22

    What a save!
    What a save!
    What a save!
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    • lord7thyt
      lord7thyt Hace 2 d铆as

      @Goku wanna 1v1?
      I'm noon tho

    • Goku
      Goku Hace 2 d铆as

      Toxic plats be like

    • lord7thyt
      lord7thyt Hace 2 d铆as +2

      Rocket league

  • Al Rivera
    Al Rivera Hace un mes +716

    That scorpion kick was epic.

  • Ft
    Ft Hace 28 d铆as +2

    when i've seen the first one: Yeah, this is really an impossible save馃拃

  • TheBedBandit
    TheBedBandit Hace un mes

    The 4th one turned on scorpian馃拃

  • amir win
    amir win Hace un mes

    Best goal keeper with skill called scorpion kick

  • AsHandsome
    AsHandsome Hace un mes +45

    That scorpion kick save was excellent.

    • Don J
      Don J Hace 15 d铆as

      Lo m谩s vende humo de la historia, es boludes la hizo en un partido sin gracia y nada relevante

  • Karan
    Karan Hace 21 un d铆a +76

    how he moved his legs like that midair..impressive af

    • Senpiesenpai
      Senpiesenpai Hace 4 d铆as

      Than watch bicycle kicks to be impressed

  • Skyfxx
    Skyfxx Hace un mes

    2nd one is the best goalkeeper ever

  • Funkiller kw
    Funkiller kw Hace un mes +151

    im a gk and the 4th one from the epic saves makes me WANT to learn that move its sooo satisfying and idk why but heart warming and gives the happy goosebumps

    • You Know It
      You Know It Hace 14 d铆as

      It鈥檚 the 5th one not the fourth

    • Ecrin
      Ecrin Hace 21 un d铆a

      Turkish muslera

    • RuvaRoyale
      RuvaRoyale Hace 21 un d铆a

      @Abdulrhman Abudayya you must be fun at parties

    • Funkiller kw
      Funkiller kw Hace 29 d铆as

      @Abdulrhman Abudayya no u put ur hands to break your fall bc you wont use ur hands bc the ball will go behind ur body and u jump and kick it with the back of both of ur legs so u will be able to put ur hands before u hit the floor

    • Abdulrhman Abudayya
      Abdulrhman Abudayya Hace 29 d铆as

      @Funkiller kw dudde I mean ITS HARD THATS IT WHY DID U GET MAD bro so ur telling me u can pull both of ur legs high and ur chest down so yeah break your chest basically

  • Aran choudhary
    Aran choudhary Hace un mes

    All of them are amazing except first 2 nice edit

  • JD鈥檚 Productions
    JD鈥檚 Productions Hace un mes +4303

    The one where bro saves it with his feet was extremely impressive

    • Chehzy
      Chehzy Hace 2 d铆as

      That wasn't even lucky he was just flexing

    • Ben 10
      Ben 10 Hace 3 d铆as

      That guy is like inosuke

    • Antonio
      Antonio Hace 5 d铆as

      Ohhhhh Mi god 馃槺 what save 馃そ

    • Noob playz
      Noob playz Hace 5 d铆as

      Rene higuita Columbia v England 1966 (I think 1966) scorpion kick

    • Parfect Editz
      Parfect Editz Hace 6 d铆as

      Its called scropion kick

  • Ernesto Rosales
    Ernesto Rosales Hace un mes

    La 1.Muy buena(Dibu Mart铆nez)creo.
    La 2.incre铆ble(lo actualizo cuando sepa).
    La 3.una joya impresionante(David De Gea).
    La mejor parada de todas en mi opini贸n(Rene higuita).
    La detuvo de chiripa(Claudio bravo).
    La 6.Se salvo(ter stegen)
    La 7.tuvo bien(kawashima).
    La 8.bien(no s茅).

  • Dana Mar铆n馃弨
    Dana Mar铆n馃弨 Hace un mes

    one that comes out Nemo Ochoa please 馃槶

  • D I O
    D I O Hace un mes

    First two is impossible and incrible馃く

  • qrandmaster
    qrandmaster Hace un mes +1

    Martinez also needs to be in this list after that insane France vs Argentina final save. 馃槼馃く

  • Amelia Lacroix ch
    Amelia Lacroix ch Hace un mes +11

    Little Richie doing the "DOLPHIN SLAP" save is legendary!!

  • Quincman
    Quincman Hace un mes

    What about that Guy who saved a penalty with a backflip

  • Mateus Braga
    Mateus Braga Hace 6 d铆as

    Higita will always be one of the greatest goalkeepers in history

  • Andreas Stadler
    Andreas Stadler Hace 25 d铆as +1

    The first one he was so confident when he thought he saved that 馃槀

  • Soft Havin~
    Soft Havin~ Hace 2 d铆as

    When Mbappe saw money, he changed a lot. He was never like that. I love him so much, but I wish he hadn't changed.

  • Ardita Qorraj
    Ardita Qorraj Hace un mes +3

    The 4th one was iconic he just got in the goal just like a ball!!!

  • Naima nazim
    Naima nazim Hace 2 d铆as

    The first best shot was taken by Emiliano Martinez, Argentine Eagle Goal Keeper

  • Goodness Mwendwa
    Goodness Mwendwa Hace 18 d铆as

    The second goalkeeper went beast mode 馃拃

  • cloud campos
    cloud campos Hace un mes

    There's no way the second one is not victims of a voodoo spell, poor lad 馃槀馃槀

  • Super Kakaroto o Son Goku


  • 4thM
    4thM Hace un mes +4

    When you learn about fixed matches. You know the first two clips are sketchy AF.

    • Huayra
      Huayra Hace un mes

      There not tho 馃槀. The first clip he clropped it in a way so that he looks like he shot it in and the second clip he genuinely tried kicking the ball and u can tell he got nervous and double kicked it, plus there was a player attacking him but u can鈥檛 see him bc the cropping

  • diamondplays
    diamondplays Hace un mes

    bro was bitten by a scorpion before the match

  • Axel Bernache
    Axel Bernache Hace 12 d铆as

    Creo que la tercera si fue gol ya que si la pausas en el momento exacto parece que si cruzo la l铆nea (al menos desde la primer perspectiva que muestra) mientras que en la segunda intent茅 lo mismo y parec铆a que la cruzaba pero no del todo por un pelo adem谩s que como es un short y me encuentro en celular es m谩s dif铆cil pausarlo en el momento preciso pero yo creo que s铆 es gol.

  • Joise Silva de sousa Silva

    Esses goleiros de hoje em dia t谩 muito bom

  • Curt Khristoff Patricio

    Martinez's save was important otherwise france could've scored 4-3 he has good vision

  • TheDepressedLad
    TheDepressedLad Hace un mes +1538

    Higuita aka the scorpion one is just a classic

  • Un Comentarista Random
    Un Comentarista Random Hace un mes +3

    The 4 goalkeeper is like:I can save it without any problem na let's turn into story

  • Webee shorts
    Webee shorts Hace un mes

    鉁笍 The old man Is legendary 鉁笍

  • Archie
    Archie Hace 14 d铆as +4

    Higuita will forever be remembered for that 馃槶

  • GamerPadi
    GamerPadi Hace 17 d铆as

    Rene Higuita with his iconic Scorpion Kick imagine he scores a goal he literallt would have win a Puskas Award 馃槅

  • mr
    mr Hace un mes +17

    That SCORPION save is really 100% skill:-)

  • Volmatility
    Volmatility  Hace 18 d铆as +1

    "The scorpion Kick"
    - some random goalkeeper

  • Arnav Upadhyay
    Arnav Upadhyay Hace 15 d铆as +3

    Rene Higuita kick was epic.

  • Mr. Espanol
    Mr. Espanol Hace 10 d铆as

    He really got us with those first 2馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Cool_Bean
    Cool_Bean Hace 18 d铆as

    One time I saved A Goal Like The second one during a Tournament and because of that save We Won! And when we came back to our club a couple days later everyone went CRAZY! best feeling of my life!

  • Techno Bald
    Techno Bald Hace un mes +678

    First one is def the most unbelievable, The first one literally got the ball runnin for its life, man was a legend for that technique. Its called the "Losing Technique".

    • Supermito
      Supermito Hace un mes

      @Dark :(

    • Dark
      Dark Hace un mes

      鈥婡Supermito random but R.I.P

    • Supermito
      Supermito Hace un mes +4

      I love you technobald

    • The Projectors
      The Projectors Hace un mes +5

      We have the same pfp馃槀

    • Tyler Chen
      Tyler Chen Hace un mes +12

      tried this in my game, coach kicked me out of the team for being too good

  • Rehan Dewan
    Rehan Dewan Hace 10 d铆as +7

    And the best actor of the year award goes to 'The Second Goalkeeper/Actor'

    DRACOBITE GAMING Hace 13 d铆as

    De gea save is just godly reaction

  • GamingAndMore
    GamingAndMore Hace un mes

    The second one tho

  • Erling Isholm
    Erling Isholm Hace un mes

    The 4th馃槀馃槀 an amazing scorpion kick (btw i know that he made the scorpio kick)

  • Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal

    The scorpion one is such a classic

    • Elfa chito
      Elfa chito Hace 24 d铆as

      I have his autograph and a foto with him

    • Yan Dan
      Yan Dan Hace un mes

      Unreal skill bit the whistle had blown for a foul and not actually a save. No less amazing, though 馃槷

    • cheems
      cheems Hace un mes

      鈥婡Asteteticwtf desde cuando

    • a angry thing
      a angry thing Hace un mes

      鈥婡Izaiah Orellana really?

    • Tommy Vercetti
      Tommy Vercetti Hace un mes

      He's a plumber from a small town in Ohio.

  • Tech spark鈿★笍
    Tech spark鈿★笍 Hace un mes

    Goalkeeper goaled himself in fourth one 馃槀

  • Shadowz Speedz
    Shadowz Speedz Hace 23 d铆as +1

    The second save was sooo good it gave me chills up my spine.

  • FIFASQUAD23啷班グ
    FIFASQUAD23啷班グ Hace un mes

    OMG The goalkeeper saver and goed straight into the goal post馃槺

  • WhatTheABHI
    WhatTheABHI Hace 20 horas

    The 2nd clip is a perfect example of 鈥淢y Friend during a competitive match:鈥

  • Forest_wcue
    Forest_wcue Hace un mes +9

    4 be like: not the ball! Im the ball i wana be in the goal 馃槀

  • N1g@m3rC0201
    N1g@m3rC0201 Hace 17 d铆as

    Inolvidable la tapada de Rene "El Loco" Higuita

  • Zarathus Mallefin
    Zarathus Mallefin Hace un mes

    The 2nd one is like oh its slowing down
    Reality: trying to stop it but he's just like dribbling it

  • PurpleAppleMix
    PurpleAppleMix Hace un mes

    The first 2 look drunk

  • Krishnanandh.M.M
    Krishnanandh.M.M Hace un mes


  • xXkillerxZzZ
    xXkillerxZzZ Hace un mes +392

    El escorpi贸n de Ren茅 Higuita es toda una jugada legendaria en la historia del f煤tbol

    • Un Comentarista Random
      Un Comentarista Random Hace un mes

      @ESPECTRER que tiene que ver memo ochoa?

    • gogeta2010
      gogeta2010 Hace un mes

      Por eso soy orgulloso de ser Colombiano

      ESPECTRER Hace un mes

      A pero en de memo ochoa >:D

    • Tazzadar
      Tazzadar Hace un mes

      Es legendaria por el riesgo que ten铆a..... pocos en sus cabales habr铆an hecho eso.

    • DevinDoot
      DevinDoot Hace un mes

      鈥嬧嬧婡ninjaboy928 okay and i will call the american football, "HandEgg".

  • Kiki Konchu
    Kiki Konchu Hace un mes

    opinio que deber铆an meter la de Emiliano Martines (Dibu) en la final Argentina vs Francia, literal decidi贸 un mundial

  • Faze Dolphin
    Faze Dolphin Hace un mes +1

    Score hero goalkeepers be like:

  • WilliamAftonRoblox
    WilliamAftonRoblox Hace 20 d铆as

    when the dude kicked it with his feet over his head was impressive but easy to save

  • Yessenia Vega
    Yessenia Vega Hace un mes

    Me being a goalkeeper at my school 馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎

  • LorcaTheOrca
    LorcaTheOrca Hace un mes +68

    That Claudio Bravo save is so underrated! Thanks for including it, I barely see it anywhere but that save was crazy!

    • rxdvnity
      rxdvnity Hace un mes +6

      The best. Also in a Final of Copa Am茅rica. The True Hand Of God!

  • Kyle Wiggins
    Kyle Wiggins Hace un mes

    Impossible saves in soccer

  • Davi Euzebio
    Davi Euzebio Hace un mes

    Eu achava q esse cara q defendeu com os P脡S s贸 era de irm茫o do jorel msm, mas ele existiu, lol

  •  Saola123
    Saola123 Hace un mes

    Score Hero goalkeepers be like:

  • Dubsa
    Dubsa Hace 17 d铆as +1

    bro just used himself as the ball in the second one馃拃

  • 醼桬mir醼
    醼桬mir醼 Hace 6 d铆as +1

    Muslera's Save 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟

  • Zyad Zozo
    Zyad Zozo Hace 11 d铆as +1

    The first when you play with your friends at school and the second when you play with your friends in the neighborhood馃槑

  • Naufal Stumble Mabar
    Naufal Stumble Mabar Hace 17 d铆as

    *save with hand鉂*
    *Save with leg鉁*

  • Figure
    Figure Hace 23 d铆as

    that uncle was the best goal keeper

  • Elda Garcia
    Elda Garcia Hace un mes +2275

    The second was like 鈥淥h BrOkEn AnKeL鈥濔煉

    • Fermin Bobadilla
      Fermin Bobadilla Hace 20 d铆as


    • AlejitoGod [GD]
      AlejitoGod [GD] Hace 20 d铆as

      鈥婡ASLAN BEY And that save was when Marchesin were in Club America, a team of the Mexican League

    • AlejitoGod [GD]
      AlejitoGod [GD] Hace 20 d铆as

      鈥嬧婡ASLAN BEY Actually no, he is Agust铆n Marchesin, actual goalkeeper of Celta de Vigo

      ASLAN BEY Hace un mes

      He is Muslera

      MERA KHAYAAL TV Hace un mes

  • the baseball boy
    the baseball boy Hace un mes

    Just how did it do the second one

  • Das Bundhooa
    Das Bundhooa Hace un mes


  • Mervette Jabra
    Mervette Jabra Hace un mes

    Nah the 4th save wasn't impossible he just had to make the whole team worry 馃拃

  • Abhiraj Sengupta
    Abhiraj Sengupta Hace un mes

    Higuita , a genius!

  • Alok
    Alok Hace 26 d铆as

    The second one had me wondering what his training was like

  • joe the memezar
    joe the memezar Hace 5 d铆as +1

    Now he's the one who's worthy of being called "Scorpion King"

  • CJ Paraiso
    CJ Paraiso Hace un mes

    The one with the feet made my jaw drop

    AZIZO Hace 19 d铆as +1

    the first 2 were none human saves those guys are too good for us

  • youdacody
    youdacody Hace un mes +378

    Damn he got us in the first half

  • Alpha
    Alpha Hace un mes

    The 6th one is just iconic

  • 袗袧袛袠袣
    袗袧袛袠袣 Hace un mes


  • TriggeredCheese
    TriggeredCheese Hace un mes

    Now Martinez (Argentina Goalkeeper) was savgage he saved a country

  • Hermes銈搞儳銉
    Hermes銈搞儳銉 Hace 19 d铆as +1

    Nothing cooler than Higuita

  • benito tommassi
    benito tommassi Hace un mes +266

    David Seaman's save from a Paul Peschisolido header is the best save I've ever seen. Makes all these look trivial.

  • Nora El Morabit
    Nora El Morabit Hace un mes +2

    Like, the sixth one is like WTF, HE'S SOO FLEXIBLE!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Aileen Ailish Moscoso
    Aileen Ailish Moscoso Hace un mes

    Este video me recuerda a mi t铆o mi t铆o es el mejor portero de nuestro pa铆s Guatemala

    MADARA? Hace 17 d铆as +1

    That scorpion kick was smooth af

  • Sebastian Castro Sanchez
    Sebastian Castro Sanchez Hace un mes +1

    Nadie le gana a
    "La mano de dios"馃槑

  • Yelple
    Yelple Hace un mes +41

    the one who used his feet/legs is an absolute legend

  • Salvatore
    Salvatore Hace un mes


  • Enes
    Enes Hace 27 d铆as

    The second goalkeeper was Muslera and he very underrated