5-minute Mac n' Cheese Challenge | Matt Stonie

  • Publicado el 12 may 2014
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    It tasted better when I was a kid...
    One of my top requested videos, here you go! Any other good ideas feel free to leave in the comment box below =]
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Comentarios • 3 291

  • Anthony Bolsajian
    Anthony Bolsajian Hace un hora

    Butter challenge

  • Telly George
    Telly George Hace un día

    Matt eat 20 tacos in10 minutes

    CHEEZYPLAYZ4DAYZ Hace 2 días

    Do 10 biggest five guys burgers in 5 min or 10

  • Mis Notas
    Mis Notas Hace 2 días


  • fjjdghrfigj
    fjjdghrfigj Hace 3 días

    Bet the brother thought he was gna get a bowl lmao

  • Jesmin 81
    Jesmin 81 Hace 4 días

    Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww so muck cheese🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Moe Conde
    Moe Conde Hace 4 días

    Can you do a Fruitloop challenge please Matt

  • NeonStrikerTV
    NeonStrikerTV Hace 5 días

    I actually like it raw

  • Kjae Garricks
    Kjae Garricks Hace 5 días

    Most of it got on the table

  • Carlos Craigito
    Carlos Craigito Hace 6 días

    I haven’t had Mac and cheese made on a stove in like 5 years. I just use the microwave.

  • 《:Blacky The Panther:》

    Lol I have the same bowls

  • art with kattie
    art with kattie Hace 9 días

    Do a 6 cheese mac n cheese challenge

  • Libin Chen
    Libin Chen Hace 9 días


  • Aakanksha Unadkat
    Aakanksha Unadkat Hace 9 días

    The cameraman would get hungry seeing Matt eating 😅😅

  • Kehlene Datiles
    Kehlene Datiles Hace 12 días +1

    This video make me hungry

  • Kiara Zamora
    Kiara Zamora Hace 12 días

    Who else gets satisfied when mixing wet noodles😊😊

  • Billy Nguyen
    Billy Nguyen Hace 13 días

    Who was eating Mac and cheese while watching!

    I am lol!

  • Uniquelyyours1
    Uniquelyyours1 Hace 13 días

    Do this challenge over but this time Put it all in one big bowl. Crushin it, Matt:)

  • Cousins Vlog
    Cousins Vlog Hace 14 días

    Try mama&papa's pizzerias biggest pizza in the world

  • Joe  S
    Joe S Hace 15 días

    ONE Bowl, will do 5 min.

  • TheAllstar
    TheAllstar Hace 15 días

    Oooh! That's cheesy pasta!! XD I had 1 box in a bowl... I struggled so badly XD

  • Goat
    Goat Hace 15 días

    Have fun cleaning ;)

  • Athit Lisahapanya
    Athit Lisahapanya Hace 16 días

    More videos please pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaseeeeee

  • Adriano
    Adriano Hace 19 días

    Get you a man that can cook

  • Zakayla Walton
    Zakayla Walton Hace 19 días

    That was amazing and good and delicious I'm loving it keep it up

  • Life with Kira
    Life with Kira Hace 20 días

    Eating like that can give you heart burn and I know cause I do it lol

  • Life with Kira
    Life with Kira Hace 20 días

    I would enjoy this and be on the toilet for a LONG time but it would be worth it

  • Gods Girl
    Gods Girl Hace 20 días

    Oh WOW. I can barely eat half a box...

  • Lum
    Lum Hace 21 un día

    Takes me longer than 5 minutes to eat a bowl of cereal

  • Erin shaw
    Erin shaw Hace 22 días

    how are you not fat man

  • Blak
    Blak Hace 22 días

    Really glad the camerawork has GREATLY improved. WTF is he doing here? So bad xD

  • Gavin Macpherson-Smith
    Gavin Macpherson-Smith Hace 23 días

    I add mozzarella to my mac n cheese and make it EXXXTRA CHEESEY

  • Donte Montgomery
    Donte Montgomery Hace 24 días

    Quit eating not have healthy in your videos like carrots

  • CaptainChase 8
    CaptainChase 8 Hace 25 días

    I coulda made a bowl of mac and cheese with the scraps

  • Crazy Gabe
    Crazy Gabe Hace 25 días

    Anyone else never chew their Mac & cheese my family thinks I’m weird but I don’t get the point of chewing noodles that small

  • crystal lanning
    crystal lanning Hace 25 días

    I'm so addicted to your videos. It's so interesting to watch you. A human garbage disposal...😉......

  • Emily Quinn
    Emily Quinn Hace 25 días

    Matt: stirs mac n cheese
    Me: “that’s what good pussy sounds like”

  • CJ Gangsta
    CJ Gangsta Hace 25 días

    My friend : u should make a crap thing
    Me: oki
    *buying 5 mac box*
    My friend : ...

  • dogs and aquatic world
    dogs and aquatic world Hace 25 días

    Try out the 5 Paks of poison challenge

  • Pamela Harrington
    Pamela Harrington Hace 26 días

    Lol next time Velveeta Shells and cheese

  • Raccoon Yim
    Raccoon Yim Hace 26 días +1

    Morgan is dying to eat a bowl of mac,n,cheese give him one one like for morgan

  • Nayeli Meza
    Nayeli Meza Hace 26 días

    I wonder how fast he could eat pussy

  • LpsYeet
    LpsYeet Hace 26 días

    Smile matt, it’s the cheesiest

  • Harini Elangovan
    Harini Elangovan Hace 26 días


  • Mel Rey
    Mel Rey Hace 26 días

    Goddammit your cameraman is annoying as fuck. Shut his stupid laughing mouth.

  • boogie
    boogie Hace 27 días

    How do you not have Diabetes?

  • sy Van dang
    sy Van dang Hace 28 días


  • Abby Ambrose
    Abby Ambrose Hace 28 días

    strangely made me want mac and cheese...

  • Mission J HD
    Mission J HD Hace un mes

    2:08 it fell out the bowl before he could even eat it 😂😂

    STEEL MODZ Hace un mes

    If my mom made that for me i would be so happy

  • Brandon Sung
    Brandon Sung Hace un mes

    I just love chewing

  • 24HERBS TV
    24HERBS TV Hace un mes

    You got beat by killer carbo he did it in 2:45

  • gian ehra francisco
    gian ehra francisco Hace un mes

    Hey Matt eat 5 mins strawberry jam

  • [Osu]Overlord Official

    2014.. when six-pack shortcuts was a Thing haha..

  • Hans Bans
    Hans Bans Hace un mes

    He didn’t even chew that ish😷 swallowing Mac and cheese without chewing it doesn’t look fun at all

  • Keola Koala
    Keola Koala Hace un mes

    That stuff is disgusting

  • Scott Gordon
    Scott Gordon Hace un mes

    Is just it me or is 2018 Matt Stonie much more handsome?

    BX GAMING Hace un mes

    It’s 12am and I’m watching this and hungry

  • That Price
    That Price Hace un mes

    Looks like Morgan had a lot of fun filming this one haha.

  • Mario Diaz
    Mario Diaz Hace un mes

    Omlet challenge

  • MrMetuber1
    MrMetuber1 Hace un mes

    Hate it when it turns into a gum ball in your throat and it’s hard to swallow down.

  • Addy's Cupcake
    Addy's Cupcake Hace un mes

    I can’t believe you measured the water 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • OFP Dangee
    OFP Dangee Hace un mes

    That’s what food pu**y sounds like 😂

  • Cute Doggo
    Cute Doggo Hace un mes

    Does he just swallow everything. I don't see him chew lmao wild

  • Rachel Elizabeth Lovegood

    I feel like Mac N Cheese now

  • crime seen sk
    crime seen sk Hace un mes

    I lovet

  • khou lor
    khou lor Hace un mes

    You should do a yougourt video

  • Chichester
    Chichester Hace un mes

    Matts face looks like it got a little fatter ooohhh noooo

  • Turtle Murtle
    Turtle Murtle Hace un mes

    I could eat 1 one of those in 5 minutes not 5 in 5 minutes.

  • David Mang
    David Mang Hace un mes

    Boy u need some mlik

  • мøłłıαятı мøтøяspoят

    Super-mega-wondeful-allucinant-amazing-insane... food.
    First believed that we can't eat all recipients omg¡¡

  • project big head
    project big head Hace un mes

    That is Kraft dinner not Mac and cheese fuck out of here

  • MiraculousPokemonDBZ fan 4 life

    I don't think you're supposed to use all the cheese

  • That Weaboo
    That Weaboo Hace un mes

    1:45 camera skills

  • rand khalil
    rand khalil Hace un mes

    I guess he is not even chewing his food... omg my stomach hurts so bad 🤭

  • dylan gross
    dylan gross Hace un mes

    Makes me hungry af lol

  • Faith Garden
    Faith Garden Hace un mes

    Im sorry to say but i freaking love dem i could get all in maybe 20-30 seconds

  • Paola Bueno
    Paola Bueno Hace un mes

    Was that a fart?? 😲😂

  • Chiamaka Favour
    Chiamaka Favour Hace un mes

    I would eat that in an hour

  • john van ryken
    john van ryken Hace un mes

    This is the real return of the mac

  • Andrew Francisco
    Andrew Francisco Hace un mes

    mmm macaroni 🧀

  • Justin87
    Justin87 Hace un mes

    Gotta use that Cracker Barrel Mac n cheeese Doe. Dat Kraft shit nasty

  • The Random Content
    The Random Content Hace un mes

    Bro wtf I gotta stop watching these food videos 🍕🍔🍟🍗🍖🍝🍛🍤🍱🍣🍲🍜🍚🍢🍡🍞🍩🍪🍫🍋🍊🍏🍎🍓🍑🍈🍌🍐🍍🍠🍉🍇🍯🍧🍨🍦🍮🍳🍲🌽🍅🍆

  • brianna jones
    brianna jones Hace un mes

    You missed a spot

  • JacobsVlogs
    JacobsVlogs Hace un mes

    That’s my meal everyday lol

  • Robloxxz Hii
    Robloxxz Hii Hace un mes

    That can feed like 5 kids or 10

  • Lubomir Ziak
    Lubomir Ziak Hace un mes

    This is noop

  • Jabohabo
    Jabohabo Hace un mes

    I can do that...for breakfast lunch and dinner...for one simple reason.....Mac n Cheese!

  • Il Dio
    Il Dio Hace un mes

    Now I want Mac n cheese

  • Dr.CaedenTheFourth
    Dr.CaedenTheFourth Hace un mes


  • Dr.CaedenTheFourth
    Dr.CaedenTheFourth Hace un mes

    I have three
    1.How the bell is he not fat yet

  • Gamer Girl6515
    Gamer Girl6515 Hace un mes

    I want you to eat 15 chipotle burritos and 5 fries with 2 diet cokes

  • Namritha Babu
    Namritha Babu Hace un mes

    This guy is the major reason for poverty.!😂

  • Tumbler Lai
    Tumbler Lai Hace un mes

    I can finish that fast too ! It’s my favourite food in the whole entire world ! Beats McDonald’s for sure

  • soo young choi
    soo young choi Hace un mes

    I am curios are u english

  • Andrea Baclayon
    Andrea Baclayon Hace un mes +1

    Who was eating Mac and cheese while watching this? 😂👌

  • meme Perez
    meme Perez Hace un mes

    I barely eat half of a box in 10 minutes

  • clmc888
    clmc888 Hace un mes +1

    If I get 709 likes my brother says he will by me the iPhone X and Apple Watch series 3

  • Mr ohare Air
    Mr ohare Air Hace un mes

    I can see me doing this challenge

  • Henry letkeman
    Henry letkeman Hace un mes

    you won