5-minute Mac n' Cheese Challenge | Matt Stonie

  • Publicado el 12 may 2014
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    It tasted better when I was a kid...
    One of my top requested videos, here you go! Any other good ideas feel free to leave in the comment box below =]
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Comentarios • 3 614

  • Kwame Amoako
    Kwame Amoako Hace 8 horas

    Matt stonie do the giant Hershey 's chocolate 🍫 bar challenge please 😃😁😀😊☺😆😄😆☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😇

  • Olivia Chapman
    Olivia Chapman Hace 13 horas

    Bro I can barley eat one bowl

  • Trev soccer star
    Trev soccer star Hace 20 horas +1

    Mac and cheese is my favorite food in da world! MAC AND CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE

  • Rajeh Almekhyal
    Rajeh Almekhyal Hace 2 días

    Look at your face dude

  • Aidan The Wizard
    Aidan The Wizard Hace 2 días

    finally a challenge I can complete

  • Jack Calvin
    Jack Calvin Hace 4 días

    I bet you can finish it under 5 min now with bigger bowl :p

  • Infinite the Jackal
    Infinite the Jackal Hace 6 días

    Well, type of noodle...
    I'm not joking about 5 boxes btw, I love ramen..

  • Chicken nugget Sky
    Chicken nugget Sky Hace 8 días

    Or rember 2 years ago when I was 12 I. Tried to make kraft Mac and cheese in the microwave and it turned out to be water roni and cheese

  • Vanessa Brizard
    Vanessa Brizard Hace 10 días

    He eats like a savage

  • sebastian ibarra
    sebastian ibarra Hace 11 días +1

    Do u eat booty like that?

  • The All American Cowboy
    The All American Cowboy Hace 12 días


  • luca gondolfo
    luca gondolfo Hace 14 días

    I wonder how many foods he’s grown to hate after doing this😂

  • ezpeazy gaming
    ezpeazy gaming Hace 15 días

    I'm getting hungry

  • brute Willis
    brute Willis Hace 15 días

    I never realized KD had instructions for cooking it lol.. I always just make it

  • Naithan Desruisseaux
    Naithan Desruisseaux Hace 15 días

    Because you eat a lot of calories

  • Naithan Desruisseaux
    Naithan Desruisseaux Hace 15 días

    After all these things you’ve been eating how are you not fat or dead

  • Say Orange Again
    Say Orange Again Hace 17 días

    I will beat this time

  • Cristian Flores
    Cristian Flores Hace 18 días

    If im hungry like RIGHT NOW I WLL EAT IT IN 10:00

  • Cristian Flores
    Cristian Flores Hace 18 días

    You know you can do it whit the ✋

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  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof Hace 20 días

    That looks yummy. TOO yummy infact.

  • ItsMissBoujee
    ItsMissBoujee Hace 20 días

    love dat :p

  • Chetan N
    Chetan N Hace 21 un día


  • morgan hilfiger
    morgan hilfiger Hace 22 días

    Uhmmmm yum

  • Bryan Martinez
    Bryan Martinez Hace 22 días +1

    Should've used velveeta

  • Gianluigi Buffon
    Gianluigi Buffon Hace 23 días

    You going to heart attack

  • Gianluigi Buffon
    Gianluigi Buffon Hace 23 días

    You eats a 💩

  • jnnh mnoban
    jnnh mnoban Hace 24 días

    You look more chubby here.

  • Clarence Anthony D. Casas #002

    1:15 Funny😂

  • Alana Williams
    Alana Williams Hace 27 días

    U should do a dorito challenge

  • Kazuki harada
    Kazuki harada Hace 28 días

    Oh boi we have da mcandcheese

  • Bull zeye
    Bull zeye Hace 28 días

    Who else is eating Mac and cheese lol

  • Deion Witcher
    Deion Witcher Hace 28 días

    🅱️acaroni and 🅱️heese

  • McHugh Family
    McHugh Family Hace un mes

    Can you do 500 French Fries Challenge plz under 20 minutes

  • Mercy Drawer
    Mercy Drawer Hace un mes

    Eating Macaroni and Cheese while watching this.

  • Oneko Henry
    Oneko Henry Hace un mes

    When I'm hungry,I always watch these video it makes my belly feel full.

  • Miles Elze
    Miles Elze Hace un mes

    What song is this

  • Emily AngstyDadd
    Emily AngstyDadd Hace un mes

    1:08 that's what good pussy sounds like

  • Antajia Hamilton
    Antajia Hamilton Hace un mes

    Does he like....even....CHEW HIS FOOD?! LIKE HOW?!

  • Sammie Channing
    Sammie Channing Hace un mes

    What pack is it again???

  • Shirley Fryer
    Shirley Fryer Hace un mes

    You won

  • Codie Hayes
    Codie Hayes Hace un mes

    Wonton soup challenge !!!!!!!!!

  • iggypopisgod9
    iggypopisgod9 Hace un mes

    Wow: that was epic

    YOUNG 'N GRATEFUL Hace un mes

    If I ate that much Mac n cheese....my asshole would burst

  • Evanroleplays I roleplay you roleplay come join me

    Wow i love to get that through my ipad yummy

  • Kira Bradley
    Kira Bradley Hace un mes

    Fuck now I want Mac n cheese

  • Mizustune _5643
    Mizustune _5643 Hace un mes

    I would probably cry myself to sleep before finishing that.

  • Jhanelle Lewis
    Jhanelle Lewis Hace un mes +3

    Mine it salt

  • Marie joy Magbanua
    Marie joy Magbanua Hace un mes

    Your face looks chubby here i love you matt you're so awesome

  • the only one
    the only one Hace un mes

    That mac n cheese does not taste good

  • Golden Legnds
    Golden Legnds Hace un mes

    Your videos are awesome I’m actually running out of your videos to watch but you are so good👋👍😁🙂

  • Ruby Sapphire
    Ruby Sapphire Hace un mes

    🙁😢 can't eat once my favorite food but causes bad stomach pain😭😦😿😐😑

  • suspicios flame
    suspicios flame Hace un mes

    I would eat all that

  • Genesis
    Genesis Hace un mes

    When he had chubby cheeks now he has a jaw line

  • Eric Staley
    Eric Staley Hace un mes

    I am 90% this is something I could beat him at. Been eating that shit my entire life

  • poisondagger34 246
    poisondagger34 246 Hace un mes

    Rewatching The video you beet me by 1:30

  • Tóth Gabi
    Tóth Gabi Hace un mes


  • Glamm 01
    Glamm 01 Hace un mes

    i want to eat it

  • Pedro Robles
    Pedro Robles Hace un mes

    I wish I could dive in the bowl

  • NeighborGirl Bradshaw
    NeighborGirl Bradshaw Hace un mes

    This takes me back to childhood, yum. Lol nowadays that sodium alone would kill. 😅

  • Mykayla Brown
    Mykayla Brown Hace un mes

    How do you stay skinny do you work out after

  • Rejich89
    Rejich89 Hace un mes


  • Genesis Melendez
    Genesis Melendez Hace un mes

    25 hot takis 25

  • Babita Prasad
    Babita Prasad Hace un mes +1

    Matt is starting to get a little chubby......he needs to drop about 7-8 meals a day

  • Crystal Jung
    Crystal Jung Hace un mes

    He's kinda fat here tbh

  • Diogo Silva
    Diogo Silva Hace un mes +2

    Dear Matt Stonie
    This is so Delicious, Isn't that Delicious Mac N Cheese y'all? I Will never taste any Macaroni and cheese before, I Love Mac N Cheese

  • Capricorn
    Capricorn Hace 2 meses

    1:42 to 1:43 stuck on 170oz fake?

  • Tyranitar Time
    Tyranitar Time Hace 2 meses

    I could eat all of that in about less than 10 minutes because I LOVE MAC AND CHEESE

  • caden duran
    caden duran Hace 2 meses

    its so weird watching an asian eating with a spoon and i wonder his toilet felt after this

  • K.Y.E or just sin
    K.Y.E or just sin Hace 2 meses

    3:49 "totally" safe to eat

  • vBoom __
    vBoom __ Hace 2 meses

    My favorite fooddd yasssssssss😂😂

  • David Pham - KALM 6B
    David Pham - KALM 6B Hace 2 meses

    I get hungry only by watching thos imagine morgans situation he can smekl it and all

  • Tucker Evans
    Tucker Evans Hace 2 meses

    camera guy such a bitch at the end. u completed fuck that lil dude

  • Just DOGHUTS
    Just DOGHUTS Hace 2 meses

    GOD finishing all that for FIVE minutes, thats clearly impossible, even for matt

  • Linda Teengs
    Linda Teengs Hace 2 meses

    Not smart watching like 20 of Matt's videos and then going to the grocery store...

  • Angel SFM
    Angel SFM Hace 2 meses

    You should put ketchup on them

  • Gabe Hoover
    Gabe Hoover Hace 2 meses

    Do you have a normal diet or is everything you eat just some crazy challenge?

  • Kyle PH
    Kyle PH Hace 2 meses

    Do 50 of them

  • Kyle PH
    Kyle PH Hace 2 meses

    Now do the normal cheese challenge

    MURALI KRISHNA N P Hace 2 meses

    Do biryani challenge

  • Bobby Reynolds
    Bobby Reynolds Hace 2 meses

    Boy say this very Krafted

  • holly blackburn
    holly blackburn Hace 2 meses

    Macaroni and cheese won as math stonie still had food in his mouth and on the counter

  • Arolyal Burke
    Arolyal Burke Hace 2 meses

    Ever sit and gently enjoy ur food jk love ur channel

  • Kade Obie
    Kade Obie Hace 2 meses +26

    1:07 that’s what good pssy sounds like

    • The Dark Lord
      The Dark Lord Hace 6 días

      Bet you haven't had a yeast infection in your mouth just because you ate out some "good pussy" that you thought was just especially fragrant that day.

    • Reishe Idk
      Reishe Idk Hace 28 días +2


    • Chicken Nuggetツ
      Chicken Nuggetツ Hace un mes +1

      The guys mom that makes this vine is muslim

    • Deven Erdman
      Deven Erdman Hace 2 meses +1

      i luv u

    • caden duran
      caden duran Hace 2 meses +2


  • Irela 4life
    Irela 4life Hace 2 meses

    Shoot I would've just taken the pot and at it like that 😂😂

  • Gino Versa
    Gino Versa Hace 2 meses

    Shah Noor: I love mac n cheese

  • K Butts
    K Butts Hace 2 meses

    make a big cake please

  • T2 oo
    T2 oo Hace 3 meses +1

    His poor cameraman always just smelling the food

  • 4eyesGamer X
    4eyesGamer X Hace 3 meses

    thats not a challenge for me.. that amount is me on a friday night, i even put a bit sugar to balance off the saltiness. taste good tho

  • 4eyesGamer X
    4eyesGamer X Hace 3 meses

    mouth watering

  • newlend six
    newlend six Hace 3 meses

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  • Hot six
    Hot six Hace 3 meses

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  • free fire sniper
    free fire sniper Hace 3 meses

    Morgan's laugh is extraordinarily bad

  • Radioactive Rigby
    Radioactive Rigby Hace 3 meses

    Matt: *shows videos of him eating like a king*
    Me: Dude, teach me.
    Matt:*releases a book of how to eat like him.*

  • Elijah Ken
    Elijah Ken Hace 3 meses

    "Six Pack ShortCut" i always like what morgan says

  • Nathanyel Connelly
    Nathanyel Connelly Hace 3 meses

    he a little chubby in the cheeks hmmmm....

  • Lunar Ink
    Lunar Ink Hace 3 meses +1

    T H A T ' S W H A T G O O D P U S S Y S O U N D S L I K E

  • LueSo ConFidence
    LueSo ConFidence Hace 3 meses

    Turkish kebab challenge pls

  • IrinaVI
    IrinaVI Hace 3 meses

    Mac n cheese sounds like good pussy..like it should be..