The Perfect Hot Fudge Sundae

  • Publicado el 6 sep 2017
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  • Games Android
    Games Android Hace 3 horas

    The video starts in 5:18

    You're welcome

  • Oahf blah
    Oahf blah Hace un día

    Fresh milk is better

  • Farah Izzahhh
    Farah Izzahhh Hace un día

    Man how do u stay fit when u eat like craaazy amount of food

  • jrad calma
    jrad calma Hace un día

    why do you not have diabetes huh

  • Al3lawi Hmood
    Al3lawi Hmood Hace un día +1

    في احد عربي

  • Fee Fee Steve
    Fee Fee Steve Hace un día

    *diabetes joined the chat your in trouble young one!*

  • Elizabeth kristalyn
    Elizabeth kristalyn Hace un día

    Brain freeze has entered the chat

  • Ziyad Ziyad
    Ziyad Ziyad Hace 2 días +1


  • Yolanda Ngulube
    Yolanda Ngulube Hace 2 días

    How do you not have diabetes eating all these calories

  • LilYoungSauce
    LilYoungSauce Hace 2 días

    *you caught me strawberry handed*

  • squishy booty
    squishy booty Hace 2 días

    Shouldve drank warm water instead of room temp

  • Ryan Batman
    Ryan Batman Hace 2 días

    I wonder how many ants are in ur house

  • Richayle Gillespie
    Richayle Gillespie Hace 3 días

    Well thats gross

  • Schwumbo
    Schwumbo Hace 3 días

    If he doesn't have diabetes or some shit he's freaking uhh I don't want to call him God but you know what I mean

  • LexiPop890 -
    LexiPop890 - Hace 3 días

    When I have a cheat day:

  • Zara Loneragan
    Zara Loneragan Hace 3 días

    *common sence has left the chat*

  • Connor Wintermote
    Connor Wintermote Hace 3 días +1

    Just watching this video gave me BRAIN FREEEZE😰

  • Random Rainbows
    Random Rainbows Hace 3 días

    Anyone who is lactose intolerant (like me ) is dieing right now

  • The Mysterious Dumbo
    The Mysterious Dumbo Hace 3 días +1

    3:41 He Wrote 2 Liters Instead Of Litres

  • Faris Fairul
    Faris Fairul Hace 4 días

    Every ur vid when i saw ur challenge i feel 😋

  • Chicken nugget Sky
    Chicken nugget Sky Hace 4 días

    If only we could all eat like Matt stonie 🥺

  • Jyww
    Jyww Hace 5 días

    Diabetes in a bowl

  • ƎRHAN ·
    ƎRHAN · Hace 5 días

    Can you eat 100 banana's? I will promote you if you can. But if you cant you need to give the money back :p

  • alejo 0333k
    alejo 0333k Hace 5 días +1


  • supriya mahindrakar
    supriya mahindrakar Hace 5 días

    Wowwwwww 😋

  • Aniwoodplays
    Aniwoodplays Hace 5 días

    Hello i speak portugues

  • Anime world
    Anime world Hace 6 días

    الي من يوسف احمد لايك

  • Tuba Güner
    Tuba Güner Hace 6 días

    Show this to Eugenia Cooney and she would faint lol

  • Batman Thunder
    Batman Thunder Hace 6 días

    He gets 3 more sekens

  • Fenet Abraham
    Fenet Abraham Hace 6 días

    Find the difference

  • Hiba Kadimi
    Hiba Kadimi Hace 7 días


  • Redver The Hedgehog
    Redver The Hedgehog Hace 7 días

    Too much ice cream + eating ice cream too fast = A really messed up brain

  • Ildiko Ipacs
    Ildiko Ipacs Hace 7 días

    You are beast how mach you can ate

  • wow ying
    wow ying Hace 9 días

    this is not cool

  • Arian Shabani
    Arian Shabani Hace 10 días

    Im gonna tell u a joke


  • nope lol
    nope lol Hace 10 días

    can u eat pussy like that

  • Andrei Viray
    Andrei Viray Hace 10 días

    I will like my own comment because nobody does

  • nicholas miraflores
    nicholas miraflores Hace 11 días +1

    Calories fears him! Too 😟😟😟😟

  • Isaac Simon Mendoza
    Isaac Simon Mendoza Hace 11 días


  • Yuta Okado
    Yuta Okado Hace 11 días

    I’m just worrying about your health. So take care

  • savage goon
    savage goon Hace 13 días


    IRIZH BERNABE Hace 13 días

    Why you don't get fat? I'm really "shooook"

  • fabricio Freitas
    fabricio Freitas Hace 13 días


  • Jeffy The Durp
    Jeffy The Durp Hace 14 días


  • Thana Assi
    Thana Assi Hace 15 días

    OMG 13 hours eating this

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin Hace 15 días

    He eats Like Goku-san?

  • Mark Avila
    Mark Avila Hace 16 días

    You're a monster matt

  • Mermaid Gurlie
    Mermaid Gurlie Hace 16 días

    Migrane joined the chat...

  • Rowan Fisher
    Rowan Fisher Hace 16 días +1

    He must have serious brain damage from the massive brain freeze he got.

  • Dolls Forever
    Dolls Forever Hace 16 días


  • Nilay Patwari
    Nilay Patwari Hace 17 días

    how are you still fit??????

  • Katie Brown
    Katie Brown Hace 17 días

    I just broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend I’ve been with for 5 years has joined the chat

  • Brandon Jamil
    Brandon Jamil Hace 17 días

    2018? People

  • The Tim Mackin
    The Tim Mackin Hace 17 días

    Looks so good🤤

  • Dreamer
    Dreamer Hace 18 días

    Ok next challenge
    Dont mess anything

  • Max Milburn
    Max Milburn Hace 18 días

    There’s literally vomit coming out of my dick since it was just to much it my mouth

  • Chicken nugget Sky
    Chicken nugget Sky Hace 19 días +1

    Diabetes has joined the chat

  • sid1029
    sid1029 Hace 19 días

    Love my boy Matt here ! But am i the only one that gets triggered when he wastes fudge by letting it drip out the bowl...

    MOAR KRABS Hace 19 días

    It was my birthday last year!

  • A Mean Girl
    A Mean Girl Hace 20 días

    Most people are scared of diabetes
    But diabetes is scared of you

  • Yanto Zello
    Yanto Zello Hace 20 días

    no you good banget

  • Yanto Zello
    Yanto Zello Hace 20 días

    what is komment the baby

  • Mykayla Brown
    Mykayla Brown Hace 20 días

    How do you not get fat

  • tigerlovesbunny_ _
    tigerlovesbunny_ _ Hace 22 días

    well im gonna eat McDonalds now bye

  • Inturketo
    Inturketo Hace 22 días


  • Brian Freeman
    Brian Freeman Hace 22 días

    Lol imagine he did an apple challenge 60 apples under 60 min
    that would be awesomd

  • Happy Family for LeBron
    Happy Family for LeBron Hace 23 días

    The big sundae OMG

  • le snack
    le snack Hace 24 días

    Wsh qui et français

  • Yeee eee
    Yeee eee Hace 24 días +1

    When your mom tells you you can only have one bowl of ice cream for desert

  • Shayu Khan
    Shayu Khan Hace 24 días

    Stonie don't fear diabetes, diabetes fear stonie!!

  • Ybrahim Mabangiszxc
    Ybrahim Mabangiszxc Hace 24 días


  • York Bourgeois
    York Bourgeois Hace 25 días

    As mom always says, dessert first!

  • Tom Rio
    Tom Rio Hace 25 días

    Death row be like

  • p!nK flaming0
    p!nK flaming0 Hace 25 días


  • Richelle Theodore
    Richelle Theodore Hace 26 días

    I like mint

  • Hamid Shafaei
    Hamid Shafaei Hace 27 días


  • Yene Ayele
    Yene Ayele Hace 27 días


  • Yene Ayele
    Yene Ayele Hace 27 días

    Person how are you not fat
    Stonnie: Diet Coke

  • AliNBoss Tare
    AliNBoss Tare Hace 28 días

    icecream and water? wtf?

  • Korree Baker
    Korree Baker Hace 28 días

    I was eating ice cream while watching u eat ice cream

  • Foxy Moto
    Foxy Moto Hace 28 días

    My teeth are WAY too sensitive for this 😱

  • Mariam Jannat Nafisa
    Mariam Jannat Nafisa Hace 29 días

    he had Ice cream and the next thing he has is daibetes and cold

  • Muhammad Syakir
    Muhammad Syakir Hace 29 días

    how his brain not freeze

  • D1n0s4ur :D
    D1n0s4ur :D Hace 29 días +1

    *When your parents are not home*

  • Ash Ortiz
    Ash Ortiz Hace un mes

    Makes me crave for ice cream uGh

  • myra bhat
    myra bhat Hace un mes

    We should not waste food like this.. We could just help poor with this food.

  • Iqra Ayaz
    Iqra Ayaz Hace un mes

    Hi hello

  • 김정열
    김정열 Hace un mes


  • Gurn Blanstein
    Gurn Blanstein Hace un mes

    The question isn't can you... It's why would you.

  • مصطفى الكردي
    مصطفى الكردي Hace un mes +3

    الي من عند يوسف احمد لايك وشتراك🙄

  • Sven Voss
    Sven Voss Hace un mes

    Should’ve made some coffee for the brain freeze

    MYM DAVIS Hace un mes


  • Shiba Bunny
    Shiba Bunny Hace un mes


  • We Will will
    We Will will Hace un mes


  • Duraj Gurung
    Duraj Gurung Hace un mes

    BUT how many money have you lost

  • Quinten Lammers
    Quinten Lammers Hace un mes

    7:21 when reality kicks in

  • Gabriel Molina
    Gabriel Molina Hace un mes

    Reta a esttik puto

  • CJ Nelli iz litty
    CJ Nelli iz litty Hace un mes +1

    what you eat when you binge whatch you favorate show for week

  • Mohammed Hosseini
    Mohammed Hosseini Hace un mes

    drink hot watter

  • DatIceBear IceBear
    DatIceBear IceBear Hace un mes

    Ensted of bad bc its not healthy well its not much dont click read more😶

    Its yumm i icream plase like my comment love you guys that are fans too him! Also