Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Hugh Janus

  • Publicado el 19 oct 2018
  • We scour the local news from every city, every night for our show and in January we happened upon a real gem courtesy of News 12 Long Island. A New York store clerk told a reporter that his name was Hugh Janus and it was wonderful so we were very excited to learn that he came to our show in Brooklyn and was sitting in our audience. #KimmelinBrooklyn
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    Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Hugh Janus
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Comentarios • 52

  • Jeremiah Velasquez
    Jeremiah Velasquez Hace 22 días

    Moe Lester

  • V0r4xiz
    V0r4xiz Hace 23 días

    I applaud this man and his valuable contribution to mankind. All hail the legend Hugh Janus! :D

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Hace 25 días +1

    Mike Hunt

  • debbiedoodiedandi
    debbiedoodiedandi Hace 26 días

    At least that fake. My uncle's name is Harry Beavers. I didn't realize it until I was mailing out college graduation notifications!

  • TΩwmaX
    TΩwmaX Hace 26 días

    Jimmy’s talking to a huge anus?

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 Hace 26 días

    He didn't want to give his name to the local news but he didn't mind giving it to a national talk show. What an ass.

  • Airsoft Dude
    Airsoft Dude Hace 27 días

    Huge anus

  • HansDelbruck53
    HansDelbruck53 Hace 27 días +1

    I'm glad he didn't show his Hugh Jemorrhoids.

  • Mike M
    Mike M Hace 27 días

    That's my buddy's kid. I saw it on the news. Awesome! Dumb reporters

  • Jonathan Amalidosan
    Jonathan Amalidosan Hace 27 días

    This guy is a legend

  • khm3rboijeffy
    khm3rboijeffy Hace 27 días +1

    And now introducing... Jimmy Kimmel's Hugh Janus!

  • james evarts
    james evarts Hace 27 días


  • SexyBibliophile
    SexyBibliophile Hace 27 días

    Brother of Ligma, Cousin of Sugma?

  • Samantha Weaver
    Samantha Weaver Hace 27 días +4

    I have a friend who’s dad told me a story that once in his early twenties he was stuck in the airport during a really long layover so he got bored and went to the lady at the desk in his terminal and said he couldn’t find his friend he was flying with and asked her to page them. “Attention, Jack Mehof, your friend is looking for you, Jack Mehof, please report to...” oh boy 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • Diego Castillo
    Diego Castillo Hace 27 días

    So his name's Joe but Jimmy called him Joseph at the end of the conversation

    • sweiland75
      sweiland75 Hace 26 días

      Joe is short for Joseph.

  • Orangeflava
    Orangeflava Hace 27 días +3

    Mike Hunt

  • Roughneck8
    Roughneck8 Hace 27 días

    Hey Jimmy..do more political stuff, your comedy stinks.

  • Андрійко
    Андрійко Hace 27 días +4

    mike litoris

  • Shan Hussain
    Shan Hussain Hace 27 días


  • Ahmed Sandhu
    Ahmed Sandhu Hace 27 días +1

    Gary Winthorpe

  • websterredd
    websterredd Hace 27 días +2


  • websterredd
    websterredd Hace 27 días

    Hug your anus

  • Dj Medek
    Dj Medek Hace 27 días +2

    they forgot to mention my friend Eric Shun!

  • Shekhar Bahuguna
    Shekhar Bahuguna Hace 27 días

    Absolute mad lad

  • By Forza
    By Forza Hace 27 días

    Who uses huge anus as a name ?

    • Ringo 1
      Ringo 1 Hace 27 días +4

      Joe, don't you pay attention?

  • By Forza
    By Forza Hace 27 días +1

    Why does this video has less than 1k views in 2 hours while this channel has 16mill subs

  • chilly philly
    chilly philly Hace 27 días +4

    My name is philip with a D

    • Anon YMouse
      Anon YMouse Hace 27 días

      chilly philly I don't get that one 😅

  • Kevin Lau
    Kevin Lau Hace 27 días

    Well at least his name isn’t Biggus Dickus

  • mohammad bashammakh
    mohammad bashammakh Hace 27 días +3

    What’s the big deal with a name like Hugh Janus ? Would someone please explain the joke to me ? I don’t get it , maybe it’s beca I’m from a different culture and speak a different language

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern Hace 27 días

    very well done indeed :D

  • VodkaIn AspriteCan
    VodkaIn AspriteCan Hace 27 días +13


  • Chrono Cross
    Chrono Cross Hace 27 días +11

    Hugh Mungus

  • Vini Marcellino
    Vini Marcellino Hace 27 días

    wow, he looks like Rex Orange County

  • Ahmad Almulla
    Ahmad Almulla Hace 27 días +37

    This man is a LEGEND

  • Ramy Zohdy
    Ramy Zohdy Hace 27 días


  • New Message
    New Message Hace 27 días +13

    I can imagine nothing worse than a Hugh Janus being all itchy with the measles.

  • Worf
    Worf Hace 27 días +42

    Reminds me of Hugh Mungus (an old meme)

  • Jt game
    Jt game Hace 27 días


  • Chuck C
    Chuck C Hace 27 días +18

    Saw the title and thought it was Trump!

    • HansDelbruck53
      HansDelbruck53 Hace 27 días

      No, that would be Hugh Jassole!

    • IG: couldnt
      IG: couldnt Hace 27 días

      +420 Blaze Master haha nice bait

    • 420 Blaze Master
      420 Blaze Master Hace 27 días +2

      No Jimmy never talks about trump on his show. I don't think ever

  • Subscribe Me For No Reason
    Subscribe Me For No Reason Hace 27 días +8

    Who loves Jimmy Kimmel and Hugh Janus

  • Katame
    Katame Hace 27 días +10

    Haha Hugh Janus

  • Vishvak Athreiya
    Vishvak Athreiya Hace 27 días

    First comment