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  • Jessica Woods
    Jessica Woods Hace 20 minutos

    Look at how young they look then and now

  • Jameson McWilliams
    Jameson McWilliams Hace 23 horas

    Omg I was laughing so hard that I almost died

  • Jameson McWilliams
    Jameson McWilliams Hace un día

    Collin is the best you tuber

  • Ruby Osbourne
    Ruby Osbourne Hace un día

    The glow in the dark ones are not a fail, you are suppose to break them, like you are mad at it!😈👿👿😕😕😤😤😤😤

  • Freddie Pearson
    Freddie Pearson Hace 2 días

    Do a gummy food vs real food

  • Jeannie Bartley
    Jeannie Bartley Hace 2 días


  • Eran Reid
    Eran Reid Hace 2 días

    That trumpet has 4 freakin valves! They are the things you press. I would know. I play the trumpet.

  • Ginger Read
    Ginger Read Hace 2 días

    1:16 no face fqace shots XDDDD devan cracks me up!

    • Ginger Read
      Ginger Read Hace 2 días

      2:2 imma shake mah booty

    • Ginger Read
      Ginger Read Hace 2 días

      Devan 2: 2 imma shake mah booty XD

  • Melanie h htf hd b
    Melanie h htf hd b Hace 3 días

    Keeper Squad

  • Kevin Patton
    Kevin Patton Hace 3 días


  • Maria’s Galaxy
    Maria’s Galaxy Hace 3 días


  • Maria’s Galaxy
    Maria’s Galaxy Hace 3 días

    YA SERIOUS!!!1.29 do you know how much that is!

  • Jenella Dela Cerna
    Jenella Dela Cerna Hace 4 días


  • Drew Marti
    Drew Marti Hace 4 días

    2014 anyone?

  • Shliyah Anderson
    Shliyah Anderson Hace 5 días

    Those weren't flutes they were recorders

  • Sophia Ar
    Sophia Ar Hace 5 días

    Devan is funny. I love you guys. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💗💖💝💘💞💟

  • elv el
    elv el Hace 5 días

    Those glowing things are dangerous because one day all the liquid spat into mah eyes (I told my friend this and she thought my eyes would glow lol

  • Fryingpan 10
    Fryingpan 10 Hace 6 días +1

    5:58 who ever made that trumpet a an idiot.A trumpet has three valves(🎺) not four (in the vid)

  • John Dohez
    John Dohez Hace 6 días


  • Natasha Rodriguez
    Natasha Rodriguez Hace 6 días

    I'm not a fan of glitter or sparkle

  • AMV MASTER'S 200
    AMV MASTER'S 200 Hace 6 días

    Werent u a magician

  • Arienna Franse
    Arienna Franse Hace 7 días

    2019 anyone?

  • Drawing Queen
    Drawing Queen Hace 7 días

    Wall walkers = child hood

  • Queen Horses-SSO
    Queen Horses-SSO Hace 7 días

    Who ever made that trumpet needs to look at a real one. 4 valves?!? (I have a trumpet)

  • Sophie Whitham
    Sophie Whitham Hace 7 días

    Collins: I feel like a magician.
    Me: You are. Aren't you???

  • Mehthini Ragaven
    Mehthini Ragaven Hace 8 días

    Did anyone notice that they were recorders, not flutes😂

  • Tania Rodway
    Tania Rodway Hace 8 días

    He said he is a magician

  • 217553 clouse
    217553 clouse Hace 8 días


  • 217553 clouse
    217553 clouse Hace 8 días


  • Nicaryha Richardson
    Nicaryha Richardson Hace 8 días

    Do more diy videod

  • vBroken- 2 op
    vBroken- 2 op Hace 8 días

    16M SUBS

  • Beatrice Lopez
    Beatrice Lopez Hace 9 días

    ☺nooooo. Collins key

  • Stacy Henderson
    Stacy Henderson Hace 9 días

    2019 anyone like

  • Laura Miles
    Laura Miles Hace 9 días

    Is it actually late

  • rydia barluado
    rydia barluado Hace 10 días

    luv dis ❤

  • Althea Garris
    Althea Garris Hace 10 días

    Are y'all left handed or right handed

  • Nicole Surad
    Nicole Surad Hace 10 días


  • Nicole Surad
    Nicole Surad Hace 10 días

    At 5:55

  • Nicole Surad
    Nicole Surad Hace 10 días


  • Nicholas Turnbow
    Nicholas Turnbow Hace 10 días


  • Nicholas Turnbow
    Nicholas Turnbow Hace 10 días


  • Lune Luneyverse
    Lune Luneyverse Hace 11 días

    Can you play Revidy on the trompet , its what i wake up to every morning lol

  • Gaming with my bro
    Gaming with my bro Hace 11 días

    I can play a real trumpet so I can play a song on them

  • makyla Jones
    makyla Jones Hace 11 días

    Collins didn't yet anything

  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson Hace 11 días


  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson Hace 11 días


  • Black Panther
    Black Panther Hace 11 días +1

    You have to bend the glowing stick to make it glow😂

  • gracie boyd
    gracie boyd Hace 12 días

    when deven missed to catch the golf stick lmao

  • Ms.Panda
    Ms.Panda Hace 12 días


  • Brenna Francis
    Brenna Francis Hace 12 días

    keeper squad

  • Little Canadienne
    Little Canadienne Hace 13 días

    if i see another video with u guys hating the glitter that much ima unsubscribe

  • Degen Vlogs
    Degen Vlogs Hace 13 días


  • Katie Karakulah
    Katie Karakulah Hace 13 días

    I never actually realised how much shorter Devan is compared to Collins. Am I really unobservant.

  • Cordelia Di Maria
    Cordelia Di Maria Hace 14 días

    Do sommes vat.19 objet

  • M. Ferraille
    M. Ferraille Hace 14 días

    From a great golfer I’m offended 😂😂😂

  • Olanny Hernandez
    Olanny Hernandez Hace 15 días

    I have a real flute

  • Superking 13
    Superking 13 Hace 15 días

    Of course you feel like a magician you are a magician

  • Jack Tant
    Jack Tant Hace 15 días

    I am using headphones

  • Sophie Byne
    Sophie Byne Hace 16 días

    1:46 thank you Devan 4 showing every 1 my face when im late 4 skool

  • Haley Spitko
    Haley Spitko Hace 17 días

    Pause it at 2:40 - 2:50 and look at Devans face

  • Haley Spitko
    Haley Spitko Hace 17 días

    I LOVE BLOOPERS !!!!❣️💕💝💞💓💗💙❤️🖤💜💖💚🧡💛💋

  • Cynthia Lowery
    Cynthia Lowery Hace 17 días

    Your videos is amazing

  • Kenneth William
    Kenneth William Hace 18 días

    Imagine I can do this! 1-4-16-64-256!

  • Kenneth William
    Kenneth William Hace 18 días

    Collins Key + Sparkles = REALLY BAD! 😣😤
    Collins Key + One million subs = AWESOME!!! 😜😀😁😃😄😆😊

  • Kenneth William
    Kenneth William Hace 18 días


  • Kenneth William
    Kenneth William Hace 18 días

    Pan drums are a middle!

  • Shealee Emmich
    Shealee Emmich Hace 18 días

    Why is it the ¢.99 store of things are $1.29??

  • Dakota Ramo
    Dakota Ramo Hace 19 días

    "He's just not good at blowing things." Now I'm suspicious...

  • Ashanti Sarmiento
    Ashanti Sarmiento Hace 20 días

    Trumpet don't have 4 pressing things, (I don't know what's it called) but I am a band player and I play trumpet

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi Hace 20 días +10

    2019 anyone?

    • Vonita Fuller
      Vonita Fuller Hace 7 días

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  • Shade Chan
    Shade Chan Hace 20 días

    The way you blow a trumpit is you put ur lips together and blow with tighht air and don't puff up ur checks ((i'm in band i play tomebone but i know how to play a trumpit*

  • Foxygirl 520
    Foxygirl 520 Hace 20 días

    5:13 Collins, this is a massive fail because it included sparkles.
    But, it said sparkles in the box name...🤔

  • Devin Clark
    Devin Clark Hace 22 días

    Name on s

    • Devin Clark
      Devin Clark Hace 22 días

      My name on my name and that's with anon Snapchat is the Devon Clark or Clark Devon and devin the devins with the wrong it's with an e

  • Devin Clark
    Devin Clark Hace 22 días


  • Devin Clark
    Devin Clark Hace 22 días

    Can you guys follow me on Snapchat please I am a big fan

  • Devin Clark
    Devin Clark Hace 22 días

    Can you

  • LPS Frosty Fields
    LPS Frosty Fields Hace 22 días +1

    2:34 *Nyaaaaaaa*

  • Crazy Unicorn :3
    Crazy Unicorn :3 Hace 22 días

    At 4:58 I actually had that toy and I loved it once I ran out of little sparkle things I would take them off and do it again

    BRAID ANDERSON Hace 22 días

    hey in one of ur videos u should do
    mixing hot stuff with GUMMIES!
    also KEYPER squad!!! love you guys :)

  • Alisha's Gaming
    Alisha's Gaming Hace 22 días

    99 cent store [Scottish=pound land / pound shop]

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan Hace 23 días +1

    I actually play a trumpet

  • Alexa Fertig
    Alexa Fertig Hace 23 días +1

    Do you mean penes

  • The Destroyer
    The Destroyer Hace 23 días


  • Mackenzie Melcher
    Mackenzie Melcher Hace 23 días

    Mackenzie 2167 # @ slime shop

  • jenalyn thao
    jenalyn thao Hace 23 días

    Any one here watching in 2019

  • Eyad Atiyeh
    Eyad Atiyeh Hace 24 días

    At 5:07 he said he feels he is a Magician and he is he was on America’s got talent to do magic

  • Helen's World
    Helen's World Hace 24 días

    Why do you not like sparkled

  • Isla R.
    Isla R. Hace 24 días

    way to inhale the trumpet devin

  • Susie Flores
    Susie Flores Hace 25 días +1

    0:01 I never knew Collins could play an instrument?!? Like and comment if you knew

  • Jana Barakat
    Jana Barakat Hace 25 días +2


  • Jana Barakat
    Jana Barakat Hace 25 días +1


  • Sophia Samolinski
    Sophia Samolinski Hace 25 días +1

    I clicked on this video and my tablet was 99 percent

  • Kala Peterson
    Kala Peterson Hace 25 días


  • Payton Lewicki
    Payton Lewicki Hace 25 días


  • Sunny Pinapple
    Sunny Pinapple Hace 26 días

    your trumpet playing skills are very weird (I play the trumpet for my school band)

  • TKSR Family
    TKSR Family Hace 26 días

    You guys should try making a figit spinner out of chocolates

  • GamingKevin161
    GamingKevin161 Hace 26 días

    No the glouw stik you haiv to pind

  • Devin Abel
    Devin Abel Hace 26 días

    Zi had he’d phones on when u played with the flutes

  • Gaby Ste
    Gaby Ste Hace 26 días

    im sorry to say but Collins is CRAZY

  • abby arbel
    abby arbel Hace 26 días

    Who’s watching in 2019??🥳🥳