Tacoma Narrows Bridge: The Washington State Bridge that Blew Over

  • Publicado el 8 dic 2022

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  • Gilbert Darisse
    Gilbert Darisse Hace un año +143

    The original bridge is still in the bottom of the sound, it's become a local dive spot and the wreckage is home to a whole bunch of sea life, including the Puget Sound Octopus. It's really cool how nature can utilize wreckage from a tragic event.

    • Ross Tacoman
      Ross Tacoman Hace un mes

      I went to the comments to mention the octopus glad someone already did

    • Kyle Alexander
      Kyle Alexander Hace un año +1

      Thats really cool. I never knew that til just now

    • Phyllis Fager
      Phyllis Fager Hace un año +2

      How about its sister the hood canal bridge Gurgling Gertie ?

    • Phyllis Fager
      Phyllis Fager Hace un año +1

      Thought they stopped diving on the bridge a couple years ago for security reasons

    • Phyllis Fager
      Phyllis Fager Hace un año +1

      @R.A Williams wouldn't eat anything out that water now years ago yes

  • Jonas
    Jonas Hace un año +141

    These Side Projects are more and more resembling Blaze episodes, but with real topics :D

  • tucker smoak
    tucker smoak Hace un año +57

    My grandfather watched the bridge fall from a nearby beach. Pretty surreal.

  • Marc-Antoine Cyr
    Marc-Antoine Cyr Hace un año +12

    When I started my engineering course 10 years ago they would talk about the Quebec Bridge collapse, and how important it was to understand the mechanics of materials. When I got to the 2nd year after surviving the first, they would talk about Tacoma Narrows and resonance. Just goes to show, these events that happened generations ago are still being addressed today in engineering classes.

    • Ice Karma
      Ice Karma Hace un año +2

      Resonance? Not aeroelastic flutter?

  • ronkemperful
    ronkemperful Hace un año +31

    Great thorough video. As a former Tacoma resident, I had the privilege of meeting the man who filmed the footage of the disaster. An amateur photographer, the man had a 16mm camera with early Kodachrome color film in his car’s trunk, and he used it to capture the scene.

    • Lawrence Braun
      Lawrence Braun Hace un año

      @Richard Paige III Zapruder had the mindset to copy right kennedy shooting and owned all rights to his film

    • Richard Paige III
      Richard Paige III Hace un año +1

      @Hondo Lane not a very funny joke if it's not obvious and you have to explain it

    • Hondo Lane
      Hondo Lane Hace un año

      @Richard Paige III , you must be a fair bit shorter than me. While his joke was hitting me between the eyes, it was sailing over your head. Don't feel bad, the OP did not seem to make the connection at all.

    • localcrew
      localcrew Hace un año

      That’s an amazing coincidence then. Imagine capturing two historic events in your lifetime. And this was pre-smartphones too!

    • Richard Paige III
      Richard Paige III Hace un año

      Zapruder was the kennedy shooting cameraman
      Try google damn

  • cycle brat
    cycle brat Hace un año +6

    You should do a side project on the floating Bridges we've managed to sink the Hood Canal floating Bridge and the Lake Washington floating Bridge

  • Larry Froncek
    Larry Froncek Hace un año +26

    The replacement bridge has metal grates between each lane (you aren't supposed to switch lanes) and you can see straight down while you're driving. It's terrifying and I hate it.

    • DR Boze
      DR Boze Hace un año +1

      @Jim Klein - There can be high winds through the Narrows. Even though the bridge is straight, you have to drive under those conditions with the steering wheel turned into the wind. A vehicle with a lot of sail area changing lanes could lose control. Even so, when you drive through the towers, the sudden absence of wind jerks your car to the side.

    • Richard Paige III
      Richard Paige III Hace un año

      Those metal grates supposed to stop your tires from slipping when you go Lane to Lane

    • honeysucklecat
      honeysucklecat Hace un año

      @Shaye Eller that is a scary bridge. Beautiful and terrifying.
      It’s not as high as Tacoma by a long shot though.

    • GIFD
      GIFD Hace un año +3

      Come to Montreal, we have Victoria bridge from 1860 where the roadway is entirely made of grate.

    • B Laquisha
      B Laquisha Hace un año +1

      The middle two lanes of Mackinaw, built about 15 years later, are all grating to prevent this.

  • ALLRPunished
    ALLRPunished Hace un año +140

    "This bridge didn't want to exist." I feel that.

    • Lord Headcheez
      Lord Headcheez Hace un año

      The exciting prequel to "The Cliff that refuses to be a Cliff"

    • Maurice Verhoeven from the Netherlands.
      Maurice Verhoeven from the Netherlands. Hace un año +1

      I cant relate more to this bridge during 2020/21

    • GrockleTD
      GrockleTD Hace un año +1

      same tbh

    • Seth W
      Seth W Hace un año +1

      Bri...bri... bri... broken!
      No! Your a bridge for the people!
      (A play on forky from toy story 4)

    • J Check
      J Check Hace un año +8

      A very Emo bridge

  • Rowan
    Rowan Hace un año +45

    I am LOVING that side projects is turning into Side Blaze!

  • Cody Naisbitt
    Cody Naisbitt Hace un año +26

    Ever since business blaze started all the channels after it seem more laid back.... I approve. 👍

  • honeysucklecat
    honeysucklecat Hace un año +4

    Bridges often freak me out, but there’s something special about the Tacoma bridge. It’s a combination of its height, the steep arch the road makes, the tall skinny towers, the grating you can see through.
    To compare, the Golden Gate is massive strong, solid, powerful.
    The Narrows bridge is skinny, witchy, wild, elemental, tall, scary.

    • john street
      john street Hace 10 meses

      Cool to run under them in a boat.

    • Kimi Kae
      Kimi Kae Hace un año

      You are so right... You know they have the second bridge there now too and the difference between the two is crazy!

  • Jeffrey Harris
    Jeffrey Harris Hace un año +2

    Side Projects: Oh my goodness, you mentioned my hometown! My grandfather saw the bridge collapse. I'm told that some people used to take car rides over the bridge as entertainment, kinda like a roller coaster, that really shouldn't have been a roller coaster. Interestingly enough, that's not the only high-profile bridge in Kitsap County that failed during a wind storm. The Hood Canal Floating bridge which connects the Kitsap Peninsula to the Olympic Peninsula also broke during a wind storm and sank. Then the floating bridge over Lake Washington sank. (I guess you shouldn't open up the valves on a floating bridge during a storm and then go home for Thanksgiving Weekend.) Then Husky Football Stadium also collapsed. . .

  • James OKeefe
    James OKeefe Hace un año +5

    Simon, can we do a side project listing all your channels and how you keep up with all of them :)
    Seriously though, I love all your work and I appreciate all your links included below. You are truly prolific and I have this vision of you doing videos 24/7. You are amazing!

    • Sandy Barnes
      Sandy Barnes Hace un año +3

      The channel list is in the video description .

  • psmirage
    psmirage Hace un año +2

    Every Civil Engineering student, myself included, got to watch the video of the collapse and discuss the reasons for it. There couldn't be a more dramatic demonstration of what happens when Engineering doesn't consider every possible situation a structure might face.

    • Robert Romero
      Robert Romero Hace un año +1

      Yes, it's a classic example of a failure to conduct a dynamic analysis in addition to a static one.

  • Stefan Schleps
    Stefan Schleps Hace un año +9

    "Failure is but a stepping stone to success." That my friends is a segue. Bravo Simon, bravo!

  • Michael Munro
    Michael Munro Hace un año +2

    Poor doggo :( Absolutely loving your channels, have learnt so much over the last week or so!

    • DR Boze
      DR Boze Hace un año +1

      Tubby has a park at the bridge.

  • The Art Of The Earth
    The Art Of The Earth Hace un año +7

    I’m glad Simon said something about repeating the topic or I would have had the terrible feeling like I’ve seen the video before

  • Kevin Skorupa
    Kevin Skorupa Hace un año +4

    Can you do a video on the zilwaukee bridge in Michigan? It has a complicated history

  • Cassie La Chat
    Cassie La Chat Hace un año +5

    you might want to look at another Washington State Bridge - the Mercer Island Floating bridge that - sunk!

  • Stephen Haenn
    Stephen Haenn Hace un año +1

    I’ve known about this for more years than I care to admit. But I must say your descriptions really made it very easy to understand what exactly happened. And you got almost all the words pronounce correctly.

  • Dry Roasted
    Dry Roasted Hace un año +1

    We in the local area have continued to pay for infrastructure improvements that benefit the military bases, and no, they still aren't helping to pay for them. Thanks for doing a story about my hometown Tacoma, Simon. If you hadn't heard, we added a second bridge right next to the replacement.

  • RL inWA
    RL inWA Hace un año +4

    Washington is a rich source for bridge problems. You might be able to do a series. Besides the 1st Tacoma Narrows failing, there is also the 1st Hood Canal Floating Bridge sinking, the 1st Lake Washington Floating Bridge sinking (there is kind of a pattern there) and most recently the 20 year old West Seattle Bridge being closed because it was prematurely cracking so badly that there were fears it might collapse.

    • John Chedsey
      John Chedsey Hace un año +2

      I only learned about the original Lake Washingon bridge collapsing a couple years ago! Definitely a potential future topic. Simon's team surely can dig up the old news footage from the time. And let's not forget that bridge that collapsed on I-5 back in 2013 by Burlington (or was it 2014?)

  • QuickSilver
    QuickSilver Hace un año +1

    That the only fatality from this was one dog is amazing. That and the fact that they learned something from the disaster is a nice silver lining.

  • AlexD
    AlexD Hace un año +3

    This is the first example shown to engineering/physics students in Vibration Theory classes.

  • Michael B
    Michael B Hace un año +21

    "The bridge is twisting in the wind!"
    "It's supposed to do that. It's a feature."

    • Jognt
      Jognt Hace un año

      "It's supposed to do that. Don't worry though, it'll all blow over soon."

    • valiroime
      valiroime Hace un año

      Until it wasn’t 😳

  • Zandandido
    Zandandido Hace un año +6

    I see this bridge nearly every day. Also, the world's largest octopus lives under it. The Giant Pacific Octopus.

    • Nisei in Japan
      Nisei in Japan Hace un año +1

      You know your a Puget Sound local when your second thought of the bridge is the giant octopus

  • TheArchetypeGamer
    TheArchetypeGamer Hace un año

    I'm glad you're talking about this living and growing up with the single bridge as a kid then the eventual second bridge built. I see this bridge at least 1 time every couple of months living in the Tacoma area. If you're ever in Tacoma drive into Tacoma to Pt. Defiance park take the 5 mile drive and see some great views of the twin bridges standing tall and proud.

  • amygren
    amygren Hace un año

    Hello from an engineer in Monroe, Washington!!! ....I just returned to internet access after a camping trip on the Washington coast to discover that Simon posted a video of the very location I just passed! Galloping Gertie was frequently referenced in my high school math and college level engineering courses at the UW. We love to talk about this! So excited to see this video here!

  • Henri Michel Pierre Plana
    Henri Michel Pierre Plana Hace un año +60

    The best example of resonance used by physics teachers...

    • Nunya Bidniz
      Nunya Bidniz Hace un año +3

      @Road Toad They only let "harmonics" through because they thought it was related to "ebonics." Shhh, don't tell them real learning happened or someone will get fired!

    • Road Toad
      Road Toad Hace un año +1

      @Stefan Schleps Damn it, man. They still allow 3 syllable words in school now days?

    • Julius Ceasar
      Julius Ceasar Hace un año +4

      I was taught the danger of resonances by the teacher showing that film.
      However, strictly technically, the bridge didn't collapse because of resonances, they are unavoidable, but because they were either unintentionally (over) excited or located in a frequency span not thought likely to be excited. So you either prevent excitation, dampen the excitation or move the frequencies.

    • Jaqui Greenlees
      Jaqui Greenlees Hace un año +6

      Yet this is something infantry units have known about for millennia, the Roman Empire noticed this phenomenon and had to train the troops to "not march in step" when crossing bridges to combat the resonance.

    • chris
      chris Hace un año +3

      The wibbly wobbly (Millennium) bridge was good until they fixed it.

  • Fromulus
    Fromulus Hace un año +11

    The footage of this bridge made me terrified as a child to cross any bridge. Didn't trust them.

    • Dawn Powers
      Dawn Powers Hace un año

      I'm still not happy crossing bridges because of this one.

    • Katarthere
      Katarthere Hace un año

      I'm with you there. Don't research the state of American roadways and infrastructure or you'll decide to stay in a cave.

    • Fromulus
      Fromulus Hace un año +1

      @Dry Roasted uh, no, you couldn't be more wrong.

    • Dry Roasted
      Dry Roasted Hace un año

      I bet you won't even leave your house now...

  • Redleg 137
    Redleg 137 Hace un año

    I used to live there, and I've driven over the newer bridges many times. As a kid the challenge was always to see who could hold their breath the entire length of driving over the bridge. My dad figured this out, and would slow down.

  • Taylor Wayland
    Taylor Wayland Hace un año

    Having lived in Washington my whole life I have to say Simon, you're doing just fine with the pronunciation of places.

  • Farang Keenok
    Farang Keenok Hace un año +1

    My father's family came from Tacoma and my great uncle took some of the video shown here, they used it for decades to teach resonance in universities.

    STEEL RAIN Hace un año +6

    Yeah old Galloping Gertie. Reminds me of the Silver Bridge collapse that happened in my neck of the woods although that bridge disaster killed 46 people till this date the worst bridging disaster in American history and two of the bodies have never been found.

  • Irving's Zoo
    Irving's Zoo Hace un año +1

    Many pieces of the bridge were moved to the 60-80 foot depth range and placed near Les Davis Park in Tacoma. I've gone scuba diving on them many times, and the habitat they provide is home to a dizzying array of critters. One of my favorite dives.

  • Daryl Cheshire
    Daryl Cheshire Hace un año +1

    This video was viewed by generations of student engineers and artichtects. I saw it in 1975 in the engineering department of the tech college.

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller Hace un año

    Great video sir. Speaking for bridges that go boom, a video on the doomed Tampa Bay Skyway Bridge may make an interesting one. The bridge spans the mouth of Tampa Bay in Florida. It was struck by a tanker causing a complete collapse that took the lives of 35 people in 1980. The new suspension bridge an engineering marvel running along side the remains of the original bridge used today as a fishing pit by locals.

  • slushiercashew87
    slushiercashew87 Hace un año +1

    I truly enjoy how the "Business Blaze" Simon is starting to bleed over into all his other channels. Go with it! Fact boy needs to be FREE

  • Keith Miller
    Keith Miller Hace un año

    Simon, nice job on the pronounciatins. This morning I was flying into a smaller towered airport. Right after I got my landing clearance from ATC, their mic stuck without them realizing... I started hearing your voice. Apparently the air controller was watching one of your videos while monitoring air traffic. (It was not too busy of an airport. I didn’t feel it was a safety concern.). I figured you’d appreciate that. Love your aircraft videos. #SR71.

  • Wish god Girl
    Wish god Girl Hace un año

    Always a pleasure to watch and listen to you, Simon!!!

  • Sonja Johnson
    Sonja Johnson Hace un año +1

    I knew this story already from various places but this is the most I have laughed during the retelling, ever. The Snark is Golden.

  • pbibbles
    pbibbles Hace un año

    As I stated in the previous video, and considering your paper example, the wind was at just the correct velocity to cause the bridge to reach resonance frequency at both the slower and faster wind speed (most structures and mechanical systems have 2 or more resonance frequencies). As you stated with the paper, it can vibrate excessively at one of the lower frequencies, but will tear itself apart at the higher frequencies due to the larger force input to the system. My point being they should have consulted a team of proper mechanical engineers with vibrations, aeronautics, and fluids backgrounds. They would never have allowed the omission of trusses or blockage of air flow to fly in the design process.

  • Rynthia
    Rynthia Hace un año

    I grew up on an island in the area, and my dad must have told me this story a dozen times lol. Still, a twisty bridge is better than no bridge at all sometimes. When my mom went into labor with my youngest sister, the ferry boats weren't running that late, so she and my dad drove three hours around to the hospital. Another time my other sister got a concussion, and she had to be airlifted into the city. Kind of crazy to think about being so cut-off from basic facilities.

  • Cruisin SV Koyah
    Cruisin SV Koyah Hace un año

    Welcome to the neighborhood, Simon! My grandfather watched the first bridge, "Galloping Gerdie" fall, from his house on the Tacoma side.. I currently live in Gig Harbor just on the west side of Tacoma Narrows. Give a shout next time and I'll happily take you sailing. Cheers!

  • Ancorarius
    Ancorarius Hace un año +1

    I've seen the whole video of the bridge collapsing in physics class, we had an awesome teacher :D

  • johntauren
    johntauren Hace un año

    It is also one of those engineering disasters that is very well documented with video for 1940.

  • Dawn Powers
    Dawn Powers Hace un año

    "Except this bridge really didn't want to exist" LOVE this. Simon, you have such a way with words.

  • dan The maintenance man

    Fascinating! You should do an episode on the Genoa bridge collapse in 2018. I’m sure it’s got lots of interesting aspects.

  • GIFD
    GIFD Hace un año

    Look into the London millennium bridge, it's quite fascinating what was discovered due to the large pedestrian crowd walking across the bridge. I've felt this type of movement elsewhere on small bridges when I visit heavy tourist areas with a lot of pedestrians.

  • Bryan Glaser
    Bryan Glaser Hace un año

    I love this video! I used to literally live a block away from the Narrows Bridge!

  • Blunderbuss09
    Blunderbuss09 Hace un año

    Good on Moisseiff to admit to his failures and doing everything he can so that other engineers can learn from his mistakes. We stand on the shoulders of both giants and fuck-ups.
    Speaking of (more successful) bridges, I hope you do a video on the Sydney Harbour Bridge! It's not especially fancy, but considering that Australia didn't have the manufacturing ability to make their own cars it's pretty damn impressive. Also the ribbon cutting was usurped by a member of the Australian fascist party on horseback with a sword. We're wacky that way.

  • Heronimous Brapson
    Heronimous Brapson Hace un año

    Although suspension bridge construction may have been new and not well understood at the time, the Golden Gate bridge, the Oakland Bay Bridge, the St. John's Bridge in Portland, Oregon, and the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, BC were all built before the Tacoma narrows bridge and are all still standing.

  • Shorttimer
    Shorttimer Hace un año

    Now do one on the I-90 floating bridge a few miles north between Seattle and Bellevue. Another wind casualty, the pontoons had been cut open so the water used during a refit could be properly treated and oops a storm filled them up.

  • SeanPat1001
    SeanPat1001 Hace un año

    A specific feature of this bridge was it’s very large length to width ratio. It stretched a number of design ideas beyond their previous application. I suppose you could say it was a bridge too far.
    However, it’s worth noting that although this bridge collapsed, there was one only one casualty - the dog. If we compare this to other bridges disasters, we can see that, even though this was a design failure, it was a phenomenal safety success. That the bridge gave plenty of warning before it failed, so that nobody was on it at that critical moment. I’ve got some detailed pictures of elements of the bridge and will say that it’s amazing that a structure made of concrete and steel was able to withstand so much twisting and stress for so long.

  • Rich Marceau
    Rich Marceau Hace un año

    I think the resulting research also led to the spirals you see running up tall smoke stacks... they're there to prevent a similar effect with vortex shedding.

  • Allen F Ross
    Allen F Ross Hace un año

    Simon, I've walked across the bridge (the new one) and yes, its a very long ways down to the water below.

  • Thomas liptak
    Thomas liptak Hace un año

    Since you did a video on the Tacoma narrows, you should do a video on the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, not only is it rooted in tragedy, but also in the mysterious.

  • Brian Stewart
    Brian Stewart Hace un año

    There is an even taller bridge across the Wisconsin-Minnesota border. I haven't been there, but have heard that crossing it is even more scary. When there is high wind, cars need to be paired with larger, heavier vehicles so they don't get blown off the bridge into the lake. (Superior Wisconsin also has the last example of a whaleback ship, which is something else I should see.)

  • Riehl Thing
    Riehl Thing Hace un año

    We studied this bridge in my physics and differential equations class. The initial fluttering happened, started basically a wave function. Harmonic functions and equations have what are called Eigenvalues, where the equation can grow exponentially. The fluttering hit the Eigenvalue of the harmonic function of the bridge that caused the wave to get worse and worse and worse until the bridge couldn't handle it anymore.

  • John Chedsey
    John Chedsey Hace un año

    There's now two spans of the replacement bridges. The older one is still narrow and a tad scary when the wind blows (which is half the year, as I can attest to as a Tacoma resident). It used to have two way traffic and narrow lanes. The newer span opened in the last 15 years or so and allows each span to have one way traffic (and a toll if you're heading southbound). I suspect the newer span probably will survive all windstorms and hopefully whatever earthquakes may come.

  • Dotson6996
    Dotson6996 Hace un año

    Living near the bridge, I love telling my daughter the story as we go over the replacement one lol.

  • Jeff Ashley
    Jeff Ashley Hace un año

    That wave and grin to the those on the plane...priceless!!!
    (I literally laughed out loud)

  • Joe English
    Joe English Hace 11 meses

    I grew up nearby in the 1970s and we had a little machine in our elementary school library that played black and white films. The film of the bridge falling was the most exciting to us and we watched it over and over in about the third grade. It was cool to hear a little more explanation of what actually happened to it.

  • Steef Pip
    Steef Pip Hace un año

    I spent some time in Tacoma a number of years back. I was working in Tacoma and staying with my sister on the other side of the bridge. She thought the prudent thing to do on the first night I showed up was to show me the video of the bridge collapsing. Thanks sis!

  • Daryl Cheshire
    Daryl Cheshire Hace un año

    In Victoria we have the big McKillop Bridge over the Snowy River which replaced a smaller structure which was washed away a week before the opening ceremony - um, I can imagine the project team meeting after that one and wonder if the same team built the new one.
    However the Snowy River is now tamed by the Snowy Mountains Scheme of dams and hydro electrical power stations and hardly gets any water nowadays.

  • Micky Lawless
    Micky Lawless Hace un año

    As a young kid, I was afraid of crossing the replacement bridge because of the original bridge collapsing. If I'm being totally honest, I was nervous crossing it up into my late teens. That was how dramatic the footage of Galloping Gertie collapsing was for me as a wee kidlet.

  • Nikolaas Wright
    Nikolaas Wright Hace un año +5

    Hey Canada! Help a fellow canadian broaden the worlds knowledge of Canada and it's people! The Rideau Canal and river system for mega/side projects and Francis Pegahmagabow for biographics! Peggy is the most skilled sniper of the Great War!

    • Jason Haley
      Jason Haley Hace un año

      The entire Trent Severn Waterway would be a great project. Who doesn’t like a good marine railway??

  • theREALnizzle
    theREALnizzle Hace un año

    I drive over this bridge (the replacement bridge that is 🤣) fairly frequently. I think about this story every time I drive over it and I get a little nervous. Also, if I’m not mistaken, the largest octopi in the world live in the Puget Sound near this bridge

    • john street
      john street Hace 10 meses

      Back in the 50's octopi were hunted for sport off Day Island. The largest I ever heard about had a span of 56 feet.

  • scott maclean
    scott maclean Hace un año +1

    enjoy watching this channel could you do a video on snowy moutains hydro scheme theres a lack of doco's about it

  • Tim Sargent
    Tim Sargent Hace un año +1

    Bremerton gets a mention! Thats where I'm from! Puget Sound Naval Shipyard might be worth an ep on one of your channels. Also, ironically, driving over the bridge and taking the ferry to get to seattle take almost an identical amount of time.... OH Washington State Ferry System might be a good megaprojects ep!

    • Warlord_N_Warheads
      Warlord_N_Warheads Hace 5 meses

      Across the way from Edmonds Got Naval family in Bremerton and Banger. Thats where we store our on ready nuclear subs. A great episode idea indeed

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass Hace un año +36

    "If you're watching this on a plane" Simon, I'm sorry to inform you but there's been a bit of a kerfuffle and the entire world has shit the bed

    • J L
      J L Hace un año

      Hey, I watched Executive Decision the night before I was to fly back from Alice Springs, Australia, to Adelaide, to Melbourne, then the next day to Auckland, then Los Angeles, then home to Detroit. I can take it.

    • Hugh Jass
      Hugh Jass Hace un año

      @brenden lothamer how have you managed to spell your own name wrong

    • brenden lothamer
      brenden lothamer Hace un año

      Normal people stayed traveling

    • valiroime
      valiroime Hace un año

      Sounds like the plot of Steven Kings _The Langoliers_

    • Stephen Phillip
      Stephen Phillip Hace un año

      @David 🤣🤣🤣..👍

  • Slidell Robotics
    Slidell Robotics Hace un año

    Wow, I've gotten through the intro and you haven't already called it "Galloping Gertie". I hope that's not too far in... [Edit] 5:45, right at the midpoint, just after the bridge is actually built. Not too bad, but not too good either.
    And the reality is that going back at least as far as the pyramids, engineering pretty much comes down to figuring out what caused previous failures, determining what will avoid such failures in the future, and communicating that information to the next generations of engineers. Seven thousand years later, we're doing pretty well.

  • Gary Bickford
    Gary Bickford Hace un año

    Suggestion for this channel - the roads, bridges, and resorts built by the WPA during the Depression. Examples: Columbia River Highway, Vista House, Timberline Lodge on My. Hood ("The Shining"), and amazing stone and wood architecture all over the Western US.

  • crispy freeman
    crispy freeman Hace un año

    Fun fact the southbound bridge has a toll on it that was supposed to be removed once the bridge was paid for by the toll but hasn't and is now being used to fund other projects much to my and many other local's displeasure

  • Jessica L
    Jessica L Hace un año

    It's videos like this that remind me that the Narrows Bridge is infamous outside of Washington too, I always think of it as a local story.

  • Pierre-Luc Tremblay
    Pierre-Luc Tremblay Hace un año

    How can someone leave a dislike on your video? mindblowing . You are interesting , easy to understand and funny on top of that , Thanks for the video!

  • Michelle Burkholder
    Michelle Burkholder Hace un año

    When I was little we would go over to Port Orchard for Easter. I would curl up in a ball and close my eyes til we got to the other side.
    The most beautiful bridge I've ever seen is St. John's Portland Oregon.

  • Jana Lybarger
    Jana Lybarger Hace un año

    Forever impressed this was captured on video. Seriously, seeing the bridge move like that when you've grown up around suspension bridges that are pretty solid (I have two in my city alone, the Hi-Level and the Veteran Skyway) makes it pretty surreal to see.

    • Jana Lybarger
      Jana Lybarger Hace un año

      @DR Boze potato, potato. Let's not get caught up on semantics. People know what I mean.

    • DR Boze
      DR Boze Hace un año


  • Brazbit
    Brazbit Hace 11 meses

    I know the B&W film makes it look nice and historic, but most of the footage of the collapse was filmed in color. The reason most existing footage is in B&W is because it was expensive to reproduce color film at the time, but there are few reasons not to track down the color footage these days.

  • Joe Bing
    Joe Bing Hace un año +2

    This collapse is part of the reason why the 5.06 mile (that's 8.14 km) long Mackinac Bridge in Northern Michigan has 2 of its 4 lanes as metal grating for the strong winter winds on the Straits of Mackinac to pass through. You can feel some sway in high winds, but virtually none most of the time, despite nearly constant 8 mph winds over the Straits.
    While this has led to a few vehicles getting blown into the bumper rails, it had never directly been the cause of the two cars that have gone over. The first, a Yugo, is debated on the cause, but wind may have been a factor. The second was ruled a suicide. Small vehicles are now escorted in high winds by large semis as escort vehicles. At 50 mph, the bridge is closed for safety.

    • Joe Bing
      Joe Bing Hace un año +1

      @Susan Robinsonthis is true. They barely cracked a ton.

    • Susan Robinson
      Susan Robinson Hace un año +1

      John Sturm Well, it WAS a Yugo, lol!
      Are you a fellow Michigander?

    • John Sturm
      John Sturm Hace un año +1

      I remember as a kid my Dad told me the wind picked up the Yugo and it flew like a paper airplane over the rails into the straits. Lol.... I was a gullible child.

  • john bergamini
    john bergamini Hace un año

    I wish the original bridge had survived with some kind of adaptive wind dampening device added. The local civil engineers or their government support infrastructure was asleep at the switch.

  • adbell3364
    adbell3364 Hace un año

    This video was very funny! Thank you for your quirky sense of humor!

  • MT A
    MT A Hace un año +1

    I would LOVE a short video of you pronouncing city names is Washington! My favorites are Puyallup, Issaquah, Snohomish, Sequim and (my all time favorite) Enumclaw!

    • David Adams
      David Adams Hace un año

      A short list of cool place names I lived in or visited ...
      In Washington...Tacoma, Seattle, Puyallup, Steilacoom, Tillicum, Sequim, Enumclaw, Cle Elam, Anacortes, Forks, Cosmopolis, Wenatchee, Chelan, Spokane, Walla Walla, Paradise, Home, Chehalis, Hoquiam, Snoqualmie, Snohomish, Omak, Okanagan...
      In Florida...Bagdad, DeFuniak Springs, Ocklocknee, Wewahitchka, Kissimmee, Talquin, Ocoee, Tallahassee, Wausau, Apalachicola, Sopchoppy, Wakulla, Ocala, Okaloosa...
      I'm not even going to add the places in California, Texas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Alabama Georgia, Maryland, or Germany...nor any of the other states or countries I've spent less than a day in, since this list would be pages long... EXCEPT my all time favorite name...Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

    • Melissa Nichols
      Melissa Nichols Hace un año

      @Redleg 137 You got most of them pretty well. Puyallup is more "pew al up", though. Good job!

    • Redleg 137
      Redleg 137 Hace un año

      Pu wall up, Issa quah, Sno ho mish, Squim, E num claw?

  • Walking Contradiction
    Walking Contradiction Hace un año +13

    I've walked across the bridge a few times, the new one... I'm not that old! Get off my lawn! I don't know where that came from... Apparently there is a Giant Squid that uses the old bridge as it's home.

    • Walking Contradiction
      Walking Contradiction Hace un año

      @Amber T. I love Gig Harbor, not as big of a fan of Tacoma, it has an aroma... Seriously, there are quite a few paper processing mills in the Tacoma area that produce hydrogen sulfide as a byproduct which is vented off in steam towers. I live in Seattle, hopefully moving back somewhere on the Kitsap Penninsula. Anyhow, you're right about it being an octopus, I just remember it being a giant cephalopod, and giant squid stuck in my head. I was wrong, sorry.

    • Amber T.
      Amber T. Hace un año +1

      @whomyguy1 youre the closest to right. but it isnt *an* octopus. many love down there. and the puget sound happens to be home to the giant pacific octo. which sounds a lot more dramatic than they tend to be.
      it is a difficult dive under the bridge because of the currents, but regular folk do dives nearby all the time, myself included.
      seeing octopus in tacoma, seattle, around here isnt uncommon, its just tricky since theyre smart and like to hide and way better at swimming.
      anyhoo, i love tacoma.

    • whomyguy1
      whomyguy1 Hace un año +1

      I may be wrong, But I'm pretty sure It's an Octopus that's down there. I guess the divers that inspect and maintain the concrete pier pads have been seeing it for years. Apparently It doesn't freak out over people.
      None of this I have fact checked. Just what I was always told and learned as a Tacoma school kid in the 80's and 90's
      I currently live about a mile away from the two spans. I think the new one is ugly and unpleasant to look at compared to the old span. Just my opinion.
      Anyway... yeah...
      None of that was prolly not helpful to anyone in anyway.
      You're welcome.

    • Walking Contradiction
      Walking Contradiction Hace un año

      @GEL Mebbe it didn't like me telling it to get off my lawn? I don't know if it's supposed to be a giant squid, octopus, or massive cuttlefish... It's allegedly a giant mollusk. I remember they did a dive on the Discovery Channel around 2008 or so, with the guy who built this insane exosuit thing and dove with those crazy squid in the Gulf of Mexico. I think I changed the changed the channel with utmost rapidity.

    • GEL
      GEL Hace un año

      Suspicious...are we sure the squid wasn't involved with the original collapse?

  • DemolitionDevon
    DemolitionDevon Hace 9 meses

    these days, the scariest part of crossing that bridge in high winds is feeling like your car is going to be blown sideways into the lane next to you. There are huge wind socks on the bridge to show you how strong the winds are so you can prepare to control your vehicle. but still creepy to cross next to a big truck. They built the replacement bridge in the 50's, but by the 90's it just wasn't big enough to handle the booming population. It was built for 30,000 cars per day and was handling 90,000. So in the beginning of the century, they built a second bridge. No more head-on collisions in wind and rain storms, no more 15 miles of traffic to cross the bridge at rush hour. It's a toll bridge one direction, but worth it in the long run!

  • Joseph Simkus
    Joseph Simkus Hace un año

    Very informative and funny. Nice one Simon

  • Rex T
    Rex T Hace un año +1

    Lived on the Kitsap Peninsula and commuted to Tacoma for work. Miss that area! Its gorgeous! Windy as fuck though. You really do get blown around on the Narrows Bridge some days.

  • Richard Vasquez
    Richard Vasquez Hace un año

    I've known about the dog for the longest time, but I didn't know people tried to rescue him. I didn't realize the owner barely made it back on hands and knees.
    I guess I can let that hate for abandoning him go now and make peace. That dog bit the hand of those trying to save him!

  • Eittolgaming
    Eittolgaming Hace un año

    You should do the Humber bridge not so great today but when it was first built I’m pretty sure it was the longest single span in the world at a mile long. I’m from Hull so this would be amazing to see. Love all your channels Mr Whistler.

  • 311mdub
    311mdub Hace un año +3

    Simon, do a side project on the Bingham canyon mine!! It’s Def a mega project If not a side project! Bingham canyon mine (Kennecott Copper Mine, largest mine on the planet)

    • 311mdub
      311mdub Hace un año

      @B Laquisha the whole operation is definitely a mega project.. place had its own small city at one point, it’s own massive power station, a conveyor belt that’s like 30 miles long and it’s smelter is state of the art.. they invented the technology used today

    • B Laquisha
      B Laquisha Hace un año

      You might also cover the major landslide there a few years ago.

    SHANE WILLIAMS Hace un año

    It's a suspension bridge, you can feel the suspense

  • Jeff Curtis
    Jeff Curtis Hace un año

    Well done, from a native Washingtonian.

  • Steeljaw XXI
    Steeljaw XXI Hace un año

    This is a mind blowing moment. . . . Sideprojects is the channel the covers things not quite mega enough to make it into Megaprojects, but I've now watched 2 videos of subjects Simon's already covered in TIFO. . . . So does that mean that TIFO is like "Forgotten Projects", "Project Prototypes", or "Projects: lite"?
    Mega, side, lite; totally relatable sizes in the US. Mega sized is if you're particularly hungry and you missed your afternoon snack. Side is the second part of the meal that's not quite like the main portion. Lite is same subject, half the run time.

  • Eurodoc
    Eurodoc Hace un año

    I think the film of this bridge twisting and collapsing must have been shown in every US high school physics class for decades.

  • DWM53W1K
    DWM53W1K Hace un año

    As bridge was being built, bank near it put up sign "As stable as the Tacoma Narrows Bride". They quickly took the sign down that afternoon.

  • Skye Parker
    Skye Parker Hace un año

    "If you're watching this on a plane" - As an aerospace engineering student who had an aeroelasticity class last semester, I'd honestly love to be

  • Scott Wall
    Scott Wall Hace un año

    They built another one right beside the replacement so now we have two awesome bridges and half the traffic, although it costs money to cross now so theres that.

  • djisar
    djisar Hace un año

    Love the video. I grew up in Gig Harbor, it would be like our city to get left out of a video on the Bridge lol

  • Anarchy Antz
    Anarchy Antz Hace un año +2

    How about one on the Indiana Bell Building was Rotated 90° in 1930, with staff inside and no interruptions to services.

  • JC Prov
    JC Prov Hace un año

    I drive over the new bridges daily. Part of my commute.