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    Check your understanding: Stimulation of the amygdala causes intense emotion, such as
    A. Empathy and compassion
    B. Sadness and helplessness
    C. Fear and aggression
    D. Pleasure

    • Piotr Wydra
      Piotr Wydra Hace 2 meses

      Which is bigger waste of time and focus on irrelevant for people who think they are getting education rather than they are played: a) MLA b)APA c) Chicago d) Grammarly's e) they are all important, as I need to label 'introduction' in the middle of paraphrased paper so the reader knows it's not a conclusion... because humans make sense.

    • Nurse Practitioner
      Nurse Practitioner Hace 2 meses


    • Kishan KT
      Kishan KT Hace un año +5

      fear and aggression

  • Jacqueline Rondeau
    Jacqueline Rondeau Hace un año +16

    Dr. Kushner, I shared your lecture with my patient as an introduction to why we are training parasympathetic responses as well as using CBT to identify what possible experiences have trained his fear reactions I like research about positive emotions as a function. That is why we can neutralize the fear with a positive thought. Love the intense emotions lecture. I'll use it too help patients understand and know that they can cope.

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace un año +9

      Hi Jacqueline, I'm so happy you shared my lecture on the amygdala with your patient. I find more and more mental health professionals using these kinds of videos with their patients to showcase how the mind and body work.

  • Nurse Practitioner
    Nurse Practitioner Hace 2 meses +2

    Thank you so much Dr. K for making you lecture interesting, funny and relate to everyday life. I often search your lectures when my readings are so confusing.

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace 2 meses +1

      Wonderful! That makes me so happy. Are there any topics you want me to create a video on??

  • Alexandria Leigh TV
    Alexandria Leigh TV Hace 3 meses +1

    Love you're teaching skills; really digestible. I was just breaking down the process of whether the brain reacts first to our environment or the system/organ that's eventually effected. You broke it down perfectly!

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace 3 meses

      Thank you for the kind words! Love that phrase “really digestible”. This is the core of every video I make :)
      Thinking about how we respond to the environment is such a great topic. If you want to research something cool look up “reflex arc”. Our reflexes (like touching a hot stove) is controlled by our spinal cord - our brain is not aware we have touched something hot (or stepped on something sharp) until AFTER we remove our finger (foot) 🧠😎

  • Mel
    Mel Hace un año +13

    Amazing method of teaching! He really knows how to simplify things and keep one engaged throughout

    • janelle neal
      janelle neal Hace 15 días

      yes i actually got through the video and felt happiness

  • Khadija Khadija
    Khadija Khadija Hace un año +17

    My psychiatrist told me that the pain attacks and fear... I'm having are all because of this named the amygdala and you just made me understand what's really happens when I'm having a panic attack or a fear of something. Words can't be enough to describe how thankful i am. Keep up the good work thanks for making this complicated terms make sense and helping us know more about our bodies and how do they function ❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍

    • Mayur Dongardive
      Mayur Dongardive Hace un año

      Memsaab it is complicated.but yes mostly it is amygdala but you can program can even remove amygdala if your problem is out of Famous experiment they removed they removed amygdala of monkeys

  • G L
    G L Hace 9 meses +3

    You’re a great teacher, Dr. Kushner! I used to tutor anxious nursing and occasionally early pre-med students in A&P, so have a good understanding of and appreciation for your skills. This is truly one of your callings :-)

  • Chasing Yonci
    Chasing Yonci Hace 11 meses +4

    Just finished watching. It was SOO helpful. I love this visual style of learning and his pace and amount of examples were PERFECT!

  • Ayush Baral
    Ayush Baral Hace un año +5

    Thank you very much for creating these videos. They are extremely helpful for someone just starting out on their quest to the understanding of the human mind. Keep up the good work SIR!

  • Mary Anita Schmidt
    Mary Anita Schmidt Hace 7 meses +1

    Excellent job. Easy to understand & very likable instructor. Thanks for being straightforward..wasn't a wasted moment in video& I'm clear on something that has confused me for decades; appreciated indeed by me.

  • Musselchee
    Musselchee Hace un año +6

    I have just recently concluded through self analysis and reading and watching/studying YT channels about the brain that I am "seeing, feeling and adopting" more positivity after a life time of negativity and skeptism. I never thought it possible that I would ever see the light.THANK YOU dude for the pathway and confirmation.

  • Hotoli Kinimi
    Hotoli Kinimi Hace un año +4

    Thankyou very much sir for such a clear explanation that was truly helpful in my studies and research

  • Meenal Nigam
    Meenal Nigam Hace un año +2

    Amazing way of teaching. Thank you so much. Looking forward to more lessons from you 😇😇

  • Myriam
    Myriam Hace 4 meses +1

    I wish you had been my neuroanatomy teacher. I have always had a hard time with abstract information (maths, physics, anatomy) and i really need to visualize, make tangible links and create stories to understand. You do that so well!

  • Nermeen Mikhael
    Nermeen Mikhael Hace 11 meses +1

    Your explanation is quite helpful very organized and simple, appreciated!

  • Nilda Negretti
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    Excellent explanation. Well-organized and didactic explanation. Fantastic.

  • Ashley Yelland
    Ashley Yelland Hace un año +1

    Back in 2005 I got run over after walking out into the road, funny thing is..I don’t actually have a memory of anything hitting me physically, now, I understand it’s because the electrical impulses hit my amygdala first before hitting my vision part, making me black out before anything happened.
    I’d like to also note that I don’t have a fear of cars or walking into the road or mopeds (what hit me, but only because I got told afterwards, not because I saw it coming) maybe this is due to my hippocampus not having anything from the amygdalas response to memorise?
    Life is weird 😄…but interesting

  • Da Funk
    Da Funk Hace un año +2

    So I have just watched a ted talk about self doubt and unconsciousness and in that, the speaker briefly mentions the Amygdala, I had barely heard of this but it sounded interesting so I poorly spelled the word into a google search bar and came across this video and I would just like to say, despite having no understanding of the terminology and the brain on a scientific level, I understood all of this because of your presentation and explanations and this was a very enjoyable video that makes me want to learn so much more about the brain etc, so thank you.

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace un año +2

      Very kind words! Feel free to check out my other videos on the brain.

  • Jerome Ford
    Jerome Ford Hace 8 meses +1

    Very good explanation! I was today years old when I learned that there are 2 amygdala's.

  • Bonafide International
    Bonafide International Hace 11 meses

    amazing so beautifully explained. Dr Kushner .. You rock sir. Superb. Loved it though I am not a physician or Dr but you explained so simple and its very connecting indeed . Thanks a lot . Regards Sanjeev

  • Solitary Man
    Solitary Man Hace un año +1

    Very simplified yet comprehensive explanation

  • Ng Le
    Ng Le Hace un año +2

    Wow, I've watched several videos of yours about brain and they are amazing, attractive demonstration, drawing, clear explanation. Thank you for your sharing! It helps a lot in school practice. Would you mind sharing your email address to contact you for further interest in brain based applications?

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace un año +1

      So happy you enjoyed them! Feel free to reach out:

  • Daniel Araya
    Daniel Araya Hace un año +1

    Great video, really clear explenation. Thanks!

  • Santhosh Madhukar Nambiar
    Santhosh Madhukar Nambiar Hace un año +2

    Great video. Thank u alot. These concepts will help me for my upcoming test and more importantly for my clinical career. Thank u once again

  • Niharika Gupta
    Niharika Gupta Hace 11 meses +1

    a super helpful video! Please make a video on hypothalamus and pituitary gland too, focusing on their functions and role with regulatory functions.

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace 11 meses +1

      Thanks for watching Niharika! My next video is on the Endocrine System! I will be sure to touch on these two structures.

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    my new fav channel 😭💕 im now struggling in neuro subject and this greatly helps, thank you so much!

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    Extremely detailed. Loved it

  • RacerX4evr
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    My first vid of this channel. Outstanding this explanation. I ended up here after watching a coach slapping his judoka in the face before she got to the mat at the 2021 Olympic Games. So I asked myself: WTF did he do that for? Apparently this was a “defractionation” process of the “fight or flight” responses (trances) that the amygdala automatically provides to that Judoka. The coach basically interrupted that whole process and brought his pupil back to earth (‘the now’). Your vid is very detailed and still very clear even to me as a layman. Good job.

  • Trevor Doorsamy
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    Excellent summary! Thank you!

  • Alyssa's Movie Takes
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    Thanks, the parts of the brain can sound so complicated. You made it easy to digest in a short time.

  • Mihailo Babić
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    This is hands down the best psychology content on youtube, please keep it up king

  • Sohrab Nowroozi
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    after two years of study at university, finaly I got the function Amygdala.

    • norazilawati 71
      norazilawati 71 Hace 20 días

      saya pernah alami amygdala hijack... saya sakit ..last sy potong kaki paras peha.... kputusn tu bukn khendak sy tapi kehendak bnda mnguasai tubuh sy... sy terperangkap dlm siri yg hnya mampu mnjerit² x nk potong...

    • Vicki Kurniawan
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      Yeah me too 7 years of study just now know the function. I'm major in accounting by the way

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    Thank you for the great content!

  • Shwe Yee
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    I am studying about the Buddhist's Dhama and it is exactly the same with this scientific knowledge .. Awesome !!!

    • Metrogen Wendy
      Metrogen Wendy Hace un año

      Do you have a link to the Buddhist information ?

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    Great video! Helping me with a school project :)

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    Thank you. This was great and very helpful.

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    great presentation, very informative many thanks UK

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    This helps a lot , thank you .

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    Thank you, I've learned a lot. I was refreshed

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    Thank you, that was really awesome presentation

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    I enjoyed it and you helped me understand

  • Yousf Esmeil
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    Can you talk more about how our bodies response.and processing information speed will increased.that make us feel like time is stoped for us?

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    Well explained

  • Lisbeth Plant
    Lisbeth Plant Hace un año +1

    Great explanation, well done! I will refer clients to this video.

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace un año

      Thank you! I see more and more psychologists/counselors using this video to help their clients 🧠

  • Александра Пиманова

    OMG. Thank you! so helpffull

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    amazing video! thank you

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    Farnaz Ali Hace 3 meses

    Sir, plz upload nervous system in detail, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

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    Just imagine how many pages u have to read in a biology textbook just on the horomone mechanism itself

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    Thank you very very very much Sir

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    wow I really didnt expect such a good video!

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    Very wonderful and fearful is nervous system. Glory to the Creator!

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    Fantastisch!!! Thanks.

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    Thank you so much!!

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    This is really cool, which is why the amygdala is associated with anxiety, thanks doc

    • Khadija Khadija
      Khadija Khadija Hace un año +1

      @PSYCH EXPLAINED that exactly what my doctor told me last week. My amygdala is way too reactive to the extent that I sometimes be laugh or busy doing something till the panic attack or my fear of death hits👍❤

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace un año +2

      Thanks for watching! Some of us have an "overactive" amygdala (not your fault!) which makes it difficult to control our emotions/fears/anxieties. Because the amygdala is one of the oldest parts of the brain, it is often more powerful than the logical, rational side of our brain :(

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    Wonderful video well explained

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    Thank you so much.

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    Thank you so much!

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    I'm already smashing the like button cuz I'm a visual learner so 1 minute in and I'm excited! LOL

  • Michele Z
    Michele Z Hace 9 meses

    In order to understand the effects of meditation on the amygdala, I needed to first understand what the Amygdala is, its role and function. Thank you for such a great explanation, Dr. Kushner! What is your opinion on meditation and the "shrinking" of the amygdala?

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    Awesome sir

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    Love this video about to watch it again

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    Kind of a ninja nerd style. Love it 👏🏼

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    Awesome thanks

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    This kinda explanation is what I was looking for....

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    Excellent! Thanks

    ENGLISH SCREENSHOT Hace un mes +1

    I am an art student if i had know early how intersting biology is i would be a doctor now😁😁😁👌👌👌

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace un mes

      Thank you for the kind words. Can you connect the amygdala to the art world?

  • Only Thetruth
    Only Thetruth Hace 4 meses +1

    Have you ever considered applying your knowledge to uncovering the "mystery" of autism?

    • Only Thetruth
      Only Thetruth Hace 4 meses

      I should add. Many times when he looks into your eyes you can see a plea for help, a depth of silent emotion trying to say something but is unable to get it out.
      When he was about two and a half, his teacher explained, she asked him to spell clothes. He remained standing with no response. Finally at her 3rd request, he pulled on his sleeve. She said, that's right Austin, clothes.
      His response. c l o t h s. She said that's right Austin but you left out the e. Meanwhile he proceeded to the door, closed it and spelt c l o s e.
      On the way home, trying to converse with him, I asked him to spell right,. No response until I gave the definition of each. Then right and write.
      So I am thinking that there is a lot going on in their heads that they are either, unable to, or unwilling to verbalize .
      Sorry I am unable to give a perspective of others with Autism as I have not had much contact. However it does appear that many many of them are fascinated by spinning as he is and he is able to apply a spinning motion to most any object.

    • Only Thetruth
      Only Thetruth Hace 4 meses

      My grandson has autism.
      Nevertheless he is extremely bright and musically tuned. But is not consistent with his musical interest.
      He has many areas of educational interest, mathematics languages, geography etc.
      Communication is poor but it is clear that he has the capability to communicate but just does not to the fullest.
      He has meltdowns, but not as much now at 9 years old. He has always had to be continually moving even whilst learning.
      Sometimes he is aggressive but doing so much less now.
      There is a lot to say and I am not doing such a good job. But will continue.
      I studied medicine to internship and did so whilst being a flight attendant. So on completion decided to continue as a flight attendant. My freedom and flexible career. Nevertheless I am extremely medically intuitive.
      I noticed something different even from his birth when I saw from day one that he was avoiding eye contact.
      YES! Even from day one.
      Seems there is a whole lot going on his brain, but he is unable to convey.
      Does not like food. He is definitely verbal but likes to avoid communicating.
      All of that to say as well, that I am wondering if there is not a spiritual aspect to it also. Hate to consider that this is a possibility, but the only way to solve a problem is with the truth.
      Hope I am not too all over the place and that you get a good understanding of what I am saying.
      My neighbor has a daughter with autism about 12 years old. She is non verbal, with many many meltdowns and screaming.
      In my country there is not much available quality help for these children.
      My main problem is that my grandson is unable to fully relate in a conversant way.
      Thanks for your interest.

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace 4 meses

      Great suggestion! I will definitely consider making a video on autism spectrum disorder (asd). What are you thoughts regarding asd?

  • Louise Bush
    Louise Bush Hace un año +3

    You mentioned flight and fight what about freeze?

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace un año +1

      You’re absolutely right. Freeze is often considered the third F in our body’s reaction to danger. E.g. your mind goes blank during a stressful moment

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    Fascinating 😍😍

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    bladee reference

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    Its 2021 and we dont have to be afraid of woolly mammoth attack us : Well its time to rethink about size after covid

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    My amygdala be tripping in the supermarket lol

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    There is lateralization of amygdala fuclnction.right amygdala only give negative emotions like aggression while left amygdala gives both positive and negative emotions

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  • Jesus Olivas
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    Could I get help. Amygdala removal 59 years of mental issues

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace un mes

      Please seek out advice from a medical doctor. I wish you all the best 🙏🏻

  • Ariah
    Ariah Hace un año

    Can you talk about vasopressin in combat veterans

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace un año

      Hi Ariah, thanks for watching! What connection have you found between vasopressin and PTSD?

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    wow....found my 3rd ESclips teacher jp

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    is this the part of the brian that sociopaths lack? is it true the best boxers are the ones with bigger anydagy????

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace 11 meses

      "Recently neuroscientists have identified areas of the brain related to psychopathic behaviors. Subtle damage to the amygdala, a brain region that helps us process our emotions, may explain why psychopaths act so cruelly and cannot express emotions properly. Psychopathic behaviors are also associated with injury to the cerebral cortex, which regulates memory and self-awareness, and the frontal lobe, which is responsible for self-control and judgment."

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    How about if you don’t have the amygdala without having a surgery. What can happen please let me know. I went to see a Doctor today. And they look at my throat. They haven’t see my amygdala.

    • Philomene B François
      Philomene B François Hace 10 meses

      @PSYCH EXPLAINED ok thx i will do so

      PSYCH EXPLAINED  Hace 10 meses

      I doctor can’t “look” at your amygdala unless you get imaging: mri//fmri/pet scan

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    Pensé q era el gefe de bloodborne

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