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  • Ultra instinctual All day
    Ultra instinctual All day Hace 5 meses +207

    Grim riding a bike is the best LOL THE SEAT WAS BURIED IN HIS ASS😂

  • bianca van ratingen
    bianca van ratingen Hace 2 horas

    It's the same in Australia

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez Hace 11 horas

    Yo you know what you know what that's it I hate you because you just whining about freaking Toys R Us like it's going to close permanently because they don't have money and I don't have enough I can't save Toys R Us because in my world is closed permanently you big fat idiot

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez Hace 11 horas

    Yo who's having a meltdown of Toys R Us you and your woman or grown ups I mean like your adults and adults don't need toys they only needed us to work not we can get whole ways to say mother freaking Toys R Us

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez Hace 11 horas

    Shut up you bro you going to survive without Toys R Us you can just go to Walmart the mall or Target or any type of shopping place if they have a toy section!

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez Hace 11 horas

    And you're not going to have enough I mean like Toys R Us is not going to have enough to save itself!

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez Hace 11 horas

    Yo guys you don't need to go to Toys R Us to get freaking toys you can just go to Walmart Target or tomorrow because they have toy sections dummies

  • Ronnie Nash
    Ronnie Nash Hace un día

    They shipped toys at wallmart

  • Emily Kho
    Emily Kho Hace 2 días

    Toy rus will still close

  • Emily Kho
    Emily Kho Hace 2 días

    How much you spend in total

  • Emily Kho
    Emily Kho Hace 2 días

    Why toy rus is all closing but in my country Jakarta and Singapore they still have toy rus and since I was born there is still toy rus and until now there is no sign of it closing maybe you should ask the cashier earlyer why are they closing and what cases it to close everywhere that is so awkward I heard from many youtuber they go in the last minuite and stay overnight shop and explore

  • Professir Rolan Thunder

    Holy Crap! Typically the female puts on weight after the birth of their children not the Dad. Geez!
    Not to mention being the embarrassment to the family in public.

  • Troy Smith
    Troy Smith Hace 2 días +1

    It was so funny when you fail

  • Hugo Flores
    Hugo Flores Hace 3 días

    grim you entertain me so much bro i luv your vids keep it up❤️

  • joseline perez
    joseline perez Hace 3 días

    Sout up

  • Zenixphia - Gameplays And Stuff

    Big red period dragon heelwife

  • Hailey Santos
    Hailey Santos Hace 4 días

    Wow she can throw a snake at her dad and she can't even ride a bike only with training weels

  • Dave Bruno
    Dave Bruno Hace 5 días

    I got a toys r us in my town

  • Nickolas Castaneda
    Nickolas Castaneda Hace 5 días

    goodbye Jeffrey 😞

  • Jessica Sandoval
    Jessica Sandoval Hace 5 días


  • Ethan Yellowknee
    Ethan Yellowknee Hace 6 días

    Toys are us is not closing in canada

  • The boi himself
    The boi himself Hace 6 días


  • Nicole Alarie
    Nicole Alarie Hace 6 días

    Your husband is an a** crack

  • Ms.Sophie An Classroom
    Ms.Sophie An Classroom Hace 7 días

    U can go to Walmart and target

  • Golden Snitch
    Golden Snitch Hace 7 días

    That's sad. Here in Canada it's still up, cause we like having a store devoted to just toys and games, so it's doing well enough to not close, even though Walmart has literally everything, and is an extremely dominant store.

  • Ezlord Buenaventura
    Ezlord Buenaventura Hace 7 días

    The bikes tire is flat

  • Fransisco Castro
    Fransisco Castro Hace 8 días

    They have it in portugal 🇵🇹 where I’m from

  • Fransisco Castro
    Fransisco Castro Hace 8 días

    August anyone?

  • Blazing Graze
    Blazing Graze Hace 8 días

    It’s only South Africa that keeps toys r us

  • Blazing Graze
    Blazing Graze Hace 8 días

    My childhood was ruined when the shop closed and I felt depressed

  • Chance Leigh
    Chance Leigh Hace 9 días

    Where gonna save toys r us and that's the bottom line cause stone cold said so

  • Jeffrey Lester
    Jeffrey Lester Hace 9 días

    I am not happy about that

  • Glowstick keeper
    Glowstick keeper Hace 10 días

    I never even went to toys r us so I dont know really anything about the store

  • Virus ATTACK!!!
    Virus ATTACK!!! Hace 10 días

    666K Subs.....

  • Grace Tabiolo
    Grace Tabiolo Hace 10 días

    But rip

  • Grace Tabiolo
    Grace Tabiolo Hace 10 días

    wwe is so dead

  • R!ot Gaming
    R!ot Gaming Hace 11 días


  • Juanesteban Aguilar
    Juanesteban Aguilar Hace 11 días

    RIP Toys R us

  • Harsh Tandel
    Harsh Tandel Hace 11 días

    Its open in uk

  • دلموك سعيد
    دلموك سعيد Hace 12 días

    Devorse you’re wife

  • Caius Bull Bear
    Caius Bull Bear Hace 12 días

    I'm glad I'm Canadien

  • FoxeyPlays
    FoxeyPlays Hace 12 días

    Its still open in canada but thats because a company bought toysrus in Canada

  • Mary Sprouse
    Mary Sprouse Hace 12 días

    I like the damn what's your name I like your mom why you eat chocolate while you Matthew why MSS my mom too I love you Mom. Jim and Sam o s s o p

  • Fortnite boss wild
    Fortnite boss wild Hace 13 días

    It's also happened in England

  • jojo Sparkles
    jojo Sparkles Hace 13 días

    Hey grim where I live we still have a toysrus I could hook you and the girls with stuff

  • Abdellah 12k
    Abdellah 12k Hace 13 días

    Before it closed I got my kids alot stuff my wife started yelling at me

    GDOG GAMING lol Hace 13 días

    U we're to late toys r us went out of business

  • Landon Smith
    Landon Smith Hace 13 días

    Amy is a bitch in this vid

  • Justin Rivera
    Justin Rivera Hace 14 días

    Weird because

  • Diego Abzun
    Diego Abzun Hace 14 días

    There is sill Walmart and target

    LAMBOGATI KID 0595 Hace 15 días

    move 2 england becaz of smyths

  • Jas Pur
    Jas Pur Hace 15 días

    You can Buy Your Kids Toys On Amazon due to the fact Toys R Us Is Closed

  • char stokes
    char stokes Hace 16 días

    where's my Toys R Us is going out of business cuz children to not like toys do you like fortnite and video game and they have five billion dollars in debt so I'm sorry rest in peace Toys R Us

  • Little Tomo gamin Harvey
    Little Tomo gamin Harvey Hace 17 días +1

    Grim isn’t called grim his real name is dave by the way grim I love you vids my fav is this one and where Robbie e get caught to the police the way he falls to

  • tomas kanci
    tomas kanci Hace 17 días

    Am call 911

  • wwe FAIR
    wwe FAIR Hace 17 días


  • Deleted User
    Deleted User Hace 19 días

    In Ireland they only have s myths they have no toys r us

  • Michael Tim
    Michael Tim Hace 19 días

    He’s a idiot lol not really

  • the fusion destroyer29
    the fusion destroyer29 Hace 20 días

    toys r us rest in peace

  • Jordan Cooper
    Jordan Cooper Hace 20 días

    They ain't open in britian

  • Esteban Camarillo
    Esteban Camarillo Hace 20 días

    out of bidnew? (sml style)

  • lewis o'live
    lewis o'live Hace 20 días

    Toys r us RIP

  • Bradley Covell
    Bradley Covell Hace 21 un día

    savage amy

  • Bradley Covell
    Bradley Covell Hace 21 un día

    Give them money, save toysrus

  • Kristel Mcnab
    Kristel Mcnab Hace 21 un día


  • boss man
    boss man Hace 21 un día

    Y live with her

  • Daniel Ipes
    Daniel Ipes Hace 22 días


  • Isabella Jimenez
    Isabella Jimenez Hace 22 días


  • Just Zach
    Just Zach Hace 22 días

    There is a toys r us in windsor ontario in canada and it is not going out of business so you can go down to windsor and they have good figures

  • Triple Dice
    Triple Dice Hace 22 días

    Rip ToysRus

  • Rebecca crane
    Rebecca crane Hace 23 días

    Need to put him on a leash or something

  • Sebastian Ortega
    Sebastian Ortega Hace 23 días

    . .

  • Joel Vlogs/gaming
    Joel Vlogs/gaming Hace 24 días

    Mission failed

  • wolf gang
    wolf gang Hace 24 días

    save toys r us

  • Ruihua Wu
    Ruihua Wu Hace 25 días

    Nooooooo it can't be toys u rus
    !!!!!!! !!!!!!

  • adrianna avila
    adrianna avila Hace 25 días

    this is what it feels like had me dying

    NONI NONI Hace 25 días

    1 like = 1 prayer for his wife

  • melonanimal
    melonanimal Hace 26 días

    This was my childhood.
    I'm 13 now and to be completely honest, I would still play with toys XD
    If it wasn't for technology, 15 year olds would probably be playing with toys :)
    There's just such a big push on kids to stop playing with toys at a certain age. ..
    Rip toys r us.

  • Tamzon Razon
    Tamzon Razon Hace 26 días

    Ha I live outside of America so I still have a toys r us

    MAXI CRAFT Hace 26 días

    He wants his speed runners god damn it

    MAXI CRAFT Hace 26 días

    Grown ass man screaming over toys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • GTS Fan
    GTS Fan Hace 26 días

    Grim u r my favorite ESclipsr R.I.P TRU

  • GTS Fan
    GTS Fan Hace 26 días

    F*ck u Amazon 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Hannah Olson
    Hannah Olson Hace 27 días

    They are all closing

  • Malio Greenleesutalia
    Malio Greenleesutalia Hace 27 días

    Molly is my favourite f

  • Chris Phillips
    Chris Phillips Hace 28 días

    When you were stuck on the ladder hehehehe I’m sorry bro it’s okay you almost pulled the ladder down

  • Chris Phillips
    Chris Phillips Hace 28 días


  • Jonathanplays RB
    Jonathanplays RB Hace 28 días

    RIP toys r us 1948_2018

  • Maria Nicolau
    Maria Nicolau Hace 29 días

    Go to Canada

  • Sequoia charlette
    Sequoia charlette Hace un mes

    Uaahhhhh Walmart.

  • Connor Joerndt
    Connor Joerndt Hace un mes

    U are a embarrassment to kids

  • Ms KJ
    Ms KJ Hace un mes


  • pizza man
    pizza man Hace un mes

    Sweden come here still open

  • Blake. stickney robert john stickney

    On my birthday toys r us closed

  • Isaac Puma
    Isaac Puma Hace un mes

    Good bye toys r us!!!!!!!!!😈😈😈😉😉

  • Isaac Puma
    Isaac Puma Hace un mes

    The wrecking ball will destroyed toys r us forever😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😈😈😈😈

  • TheEpicGamer 25[YT]Jr
    TheEpicGamer 25[YT]Jr Hace un mes


  • TheEpicGamer 25[YT]Jr
    TheEpicGamer 25[YT]Jr Hace un mes


  • Sarina Faumuina-bentley

    Go to America's toys r us there not closing forever so it's okay

  • Dilan Pradogamion
    Dilan Pradogamion Hace un mes

    Fat ass