Michael Che Once Did Stand-Up at a Drug Dealer's Birthday Party

  • Publicado el 15 ago 2019
  • Michael Che tells a story about the time he performed comedy at a drug dealer's birthday party, describes what it's like getting booed at WrestleMania and teases his upcoming LugerFest benefit performance.
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    Michael Che Once Did Stand-Up at a Drug Dealer's Birthday Party- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comentarios • 99

  • Morgan Rowland
    Morgan Rowland Hace 14 días

    Pretty woman walking down the street

  • Christianna Tarot
    Christianna Tarot Hace un mes


  • Krook Da Riddler
    Krook Da Riddler Hace un mes

    hostless for an award show sounds like they trying to save money

  • Yancy Productions
    Yancy Productions Hace un mes +7

    Lmao the “ aww man what am I supposed to do” when he impersonated the DJ 😂

  • Sha Money
    Sha Money Hace un mes

    Shot out to the dipset hoody he got on!!!!

  • Marcus Middleton
    Marcus Middleton Hace un mes +11

    He sits so weird, like those aren’t his legs

  • BasicallyBrentt
    BasicallyBrentt Hace un mes +3

    Not the best PR for black people

  • Hannah Rohde
    Hannah Rohde Hace un mes

    They should sale that shirt online for that.

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez Hace un mes +4

    That’s a lie, I have a great sense of humor.

  • Planet Jigobot TV
    Planet Jigobot TV Hace un mes +25

    " I knew like cops know" WTF🤣🤣🤣

  • Louis Graham
    Louis Graham Hace un mes +35

    The age old question for titling videos: base title on 1) the most interesting piece, even if it's only a few seconds, 2) the thing on which the most time is spent, or 3) summative title attempting to capture everything?

  • leah gon leave u hea beddit

    shoutout the Diplomats hoodie...its a nice hoodie

  • Conor Logan
    Conor Logan Hace 2 meses +1

    He’s hammered, right?

  • Michael McGinn
    Michael McGinn Hace 2 meses +1

    Jack Allison > Michael Che

  • fredr0fc
    fredr0fc Hace 2 meses

    I dont like this foo

  • tmidd82
    tmidd82 Hace 2 meses

    He is stoent.

  • Lee
    Lee Hace 2 meses

    @MichaelChe your resistance to seeing Nanette shows your misogyny and homophobia..Learn to read a room dude and get moderately woke you arrogant jerk.

  • sumguy8
    sumguy8 Hace 2 meses +31

    This is Michael’s best Pete Davidson impression

  • Jay Rock Jinx
    Jay Rock Jinx Hace 2 meses

    Myka Che.

  • andrew khan
    andrew khan Hace 2 meses

    The best

  • walstib
    walstib Hace 2 meses

    che is awesome

  • ismail farah
    ismail farah Hace 2 meses +12

    vote 4 Bernie 2020.

    • Louis Graham
      Louis Graham Hace un mes

      Not a chance. Warren maybe, but party wrecking coward bernie, not on your life

  • M
    M Hace 2 meses +6

    Look, if singers can do karaoke with MBS, you can party with a dope boy. Only question is, did you really get paid in cash or some rock.

  • onequartercanadian
    onequartercanadian Hace 2 meses +6

    0:48 thank you Che for pointing out that comedy hosts at an event like the Emmys is unnecessary.

  • Laura Griffith
    Laura Griffith Hace 2 meses +1

    I don't like him any more. I don't think has personal depth, integrity, or compassion.

  • pedro almeida
    pedro almeida Hace 2 meses

    00:57 Why would they axe him?

  • Deee S
    Deee S Hace 2 meses

    Pretty funny guy but lazy racial humor as always. This city is white, that guy is white so he's like this, the usual from him. I don't mind it but it seems like the theme of 80% of his jokes sometimes. It still needs to be funny.

  • Respect/Walk
    Respect/Walk Hace 2 meses

    This guy is a racist pos

  • Respect/Walk
    Respect/Walk Hace 2 meses

    So at his brother place

  • Beautiful Lou
    Beautiful Lou Hace 2 meses +6

    shout out 2 michael che for the dip set hoodie

  • chokinonashes61
    chokinonashes61 Hace 2 meses +8

    Che's stand-up is so good, he can express himself better than on SNL, though his writing is great.

  • Michael Tudyk
    Michael Tudyk Hace 2 meses +3

    I hope he keeps laughing at his jokes before he even says them.

  • S Mandy
    S Mandy Hace 2 meses +1


  • cutupgamer
    cutupgamer Hace 2 meses +1

    wasn't seth myers the one who created snl? that's amazing being on snl and getting an interview with the creator :)

    • Trish Riederer
      Trish Riederer Hace un mes +1

      @Brian H seriously shows their young age lol

    • Brian H
      Brian H Hace un mes +2

      Lol how could you possible think this? Lol snl started over 40+ seasons ago and seth wasn't there until the late 90s to the early 2000s. Alittle research and common sense goes a long way.

    • Maher Adoni
      Maher Adoni Hace 2 meses +9

      @Ayad Ali lorne michaels created it in the 70s. seth wrote, and yes, performed

    • Ayad Ali
      Ayad Ali Hace 2 meses +4

      Tam Ta I thought Lorne Michaels was the executive producer of SNL and Seth Meyers was just a cast member and maybe even a writer perhaps?

  • Total Control 871
    Total Control 871 Hace 2 meses

    Wow he really looks uptight when he's not with his white boyfriend.

  • Alina Ioana
    Alina Ioana Hace 2 meses +8

    Was he nervous though? 🤔

  • Shenronshorn
    Shenronshorn Hace 2 meses +5

    Does Che have a cold or something ?? 😂😂

    • Shenronshorn
      Shenronshorn Hace un mes

      Brian H yeah that’s what I mean

    • Brian H
      Brian H Hace un mes

      Sounds like he has a throat issue. Maybe lost his voice or something.

    • Shenronshorn
      Shenronshorn Hace 2 meses +1

      Vanessa Awada ahh that’s gotta be it I forgot that he’s had all week instead of just Sunday 😂

    • Vanessa Awada
      Vanessa Awada Hace 2 meses +1

      Shenronshorn maybe he’s been screaming from all the sex he’s been having

    • Shenronshorn
      Shenronshorn Hace 2 meses

      Vanessa Awada yeah ik i watch weekend update all the time , his voice doesn’t normally sound that gone

  • Bianca Br94
    Bianca Br94 Hace 2 meses +5

    This is the most Micheal Che title ever!!

  • * 9/11 DANCING ISRAEL'S*
    * 9/11 DANCING ISRAEL'S* Hace 2 meses +3

    😂😂😂 !!! Great guy

  • marlene g
    marlene g Hace 2 meses +86

    He dosent look comfortable in that chair

    • Al
      Al Hace un mes +1

      @serious Yeah, I realized that he wasn't high as the interview went on

    • serious
      serious Hace un mes

      @Al no

    • marlene g
      marlene g Hace 2 meses +1

      @Al well that too😉

    • Al
      Al Hace 2 meses +1

      I thought he was high at first lol

    • Keallei
      Keallei Hace 2 meses +4

      marlene g he really does look uncomfortable. I think the chair back is too short.

  • sirskorge
    sirskorge Hace 2 meses +1

    Is my audio fucked or did he say axe me? Ask me?

  • Red Button TV1
    Red Button TV1 Hace 2 meses +14

    i ve got booed once by 22k people. they were wrong

  • Gina O
    Gina O Hace 2 meses

    Che makes my knickers wet

  • BuildingCenter
    BuildingCenter Hace 2 meses

    In the 90's, sometimes, slam poets, and spoken word artists, cld get gigs like the birthday event Che describes. Further, like the wrestling anecdote, once yr bowels loosen, it's all good. It's all to the good.

    From what I've heard.
    That fest will be fyah.

    • mountain boy
      mountain boy Hace 2 meses

      Of course it was the 90s. Things only ever happened in the 90s

  • Ewarton Charlton
    Ewarton Charlton Hace 2 meses +4

    Why does Micheal Che dress like a 22 year old?

    • Brian H
      Brian H Hace un mes

      @Ewarton Charlton, Get over yourself little guy. There is no such thing as a dress code for life. You're a moron.

    • Jocelyn Richmond
      Jocelyn Richmond Hace 2 meses +2

      Because he can?

      ELISRIOTS Hace 2 meses +10

      People aren't required to dress a certain way just because they have more money. Some people just don't change like that. Not all millionaires are out here looking like rappers.

    • Ewarton Charlton
      Ewarton Charlton Hace 2 meses

      @John Doe he looks comfortable alright. Perhaps he trying to hide the fact he's a way outta touch millionaire.

  • Nicholas Dean Xanthis
    Nicholas Dean Xanthis Hace 2 meses +1

    He's fucking loaded 😁😁😂😂 My question is, is it weed, booze, or both?

  • Totally Lost
    Totally Lost Hace 2 meses +1

    I feel Simi worried that his partner in grind isn't with him
    It's like mom an dad are edging towArds a divorce

    • basketfreak023
      basketfreak023 Hace 2 meses

      @Totally Lost no worries fam

    • Totally Lost
      Totally Lost Hace 2 meses

      @basketfreak023 wow. I've been spelling it wrong for the longest time now. Thank you for blowing my mind xD

    • basketfreak023
      basketfreak023 Hace 2 meses


  • IA1
    IA1 Hace 2 meses +4

    Where is Colin?

  • Chris Cairns
    Chris Cairns Hace 2 meses +3

    Comedy legends. 👏🏻

  • gpan62
    gpan62 Hace 2 meses

    Oh no, not WWE 😞

    • Ayad Ali
      Ayad Ali Hace 2 meses

      gpan62 I know right.😞

  • Laura Jolan
    Laura Jolan Hace 2 meses +85

    The chair was so uncomfortable to sit in, it kept Michael uneasy

    • Hunter Fletcher
      Hunter Fletcher Hace 2 meses +5

      @MRTN13 you're thinking rimshot* drumroll is the build up lol rimshot is what happens after the punchline

    • MRTN13
      MRTN13 Hace 2 meses +15

      it is kinda hard for a standup comedian _drumroll & cricket sound_

  • Phaedrus
    Phaedrus Hace 2 meses +63

    Michael Che is awesome. I really hope he made some money off of that tee republic shirt I bought with his devastating #allbuildingsmatter meme. Most under appreciated appreciated man I know of.

    • William Bravo
      William Bravo Hace 2 meses +3

      Phaedrus I'm marking you down as one of the good guys. I'm amazed at ppl who can own a stage but are nervous and fidgety doing casual chat. Years ago I ran into Richard Pryor one night in a CVS in Atlanta. I stick out my hand saying, "Hey Richard, I love your---". The look on his face was as if I was holding an UZI and/or wearing a hood. "...--your work." He shook my hand, but I resolved to leave famous ppl alone after that. #ContextMatters

    • Phaedrus
      Phaedrus Hace 2 meses +2

      @Succubusisis Here you are. The whole special is fantastic and sets this up beautifully, but even as a stand alone, brilliant.

    • Succubusisis
      Succubusisis Hace 2 meses +2

      You got a link? Couldn’t find it

    • My toes Are cold
      My toes Are cold Hace 2 meses +5

      Phaedrus - haha!! I finished watching the interview & said, “he’s awesome.” I scroll down to see what the comment section has to say, & the first sentence of the first comment is yours saying, “Micheal Che is awesome.” 😂🤣😂

  • New Message
    New Message Hace 2 meses +11

    In my mind I heard Ruby Rhod shrieking when I saw this picture.

  • catalinacurio
    catalinacurio Hace 2 meses +14

    Michael, whoever booed you needed to go the the drug dealers birthday party with you, might have unwound the too tight miserable sods up a little so that they could appreciate some humor.

  • Broseph359
    Broseph359 Hace 2 meses +18

    Che! Che! Che!