The Return of Eugenia Cooney

  • Publicado el 19 jul 2019
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Comentarios • 230 379

  • shane
    shane  Hace 4 meses +250268

    This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :')

  • Neko Girl
    Neko Girl Hace 15 horas

    The fact that she certainly saw this video makes me sad because I know what it is to have an eating disorder

  • Desiree Dominguez
    Desiree Dominguez Hace 16 horas

    OMG she is the cutest.

  • lisa mckay
    lisa mckay Hace 17 horas

    She needs to get utube and interact in real life

  • Kara McHugh
    Kara McHugh Hace 18 horas

    I have seen her.. But never watched her.. Shes really such a beautiful person!! I hope she gets help and continues to thrive

  • Amber Bellotte
    Amber Bellotte Hace 19 horas

    I’m so proud of her, I know how hard eating disorder rehab was for me... my disorder didn’t get as serious as hers so it must have been so hard for her. This video honestly helped me so much you have no idea... any time I feel like I’m relapsing without really realizing it, I just watch this video again. Seeing her recover helps me because I KNOW that if she can recover then I can at least TRY. Thank you so much Eugenia for being brave enough to try to get better, I know it’s hard but the first and most important step to recovering from an eating disorder is recognizing that you have one. I love you girl and I’m so proud of you and thank you for helping us so are struggling too but remember... help yourself first, please ❤️ I hope you keep going strong and you get to a place where you are healthier and love yourself at the same time 💕

  • JustKezzy xx
    JustKezzy xx Hace un día

    She's such a true spirited person and everyone commenting on her weight is not going to help her in any way shape or form, she knows she's underweight and ofc she knows that its not healthy you don't need to comment it and comment it just let her be and dont be like "you would look pretty but you would look prettier if you gained more weight" like that's messed up don't comment on her weight.

  • Marissa Wilhelm
    Marissa Wilhelm Hace un día

    Shes so gorgeous I love her

  • Elisha Marten
    Elisha Marten Hace un día

    Who the hell is she, she is really skinny but preaty

  • SomeRandom Jo
    SomeRandom Jo Hace un día

    She is so brave the way she deals with trolls with being kind. She deserves the whole world and more, really glad she's fighting against the disorder and recovering xxx

  • Jessica Rich
    Jessica Rich Hace un día

    She seems less confused and zombie-like. She is actually fueling her brain now and not only looks better physically, but also in terms or her mental functioning.

  • Ruben Post
    Ruben Post Hace un día

    I know it's so fucked up to say but id love to have her waistline and just be well,, thin!

  • laurie bridgman
    laurie bridgman Hace un día

    You’re a sweetheart, wishing the best for you hun x

  • jklfds85
    jklfds85 Hace un día

    Too many questions! Too much too soon Shane! Give her a break!

  • Mya Digilio
    Mya Digilio Hace un día

    i was liking the video and i accidentally disliked and i was like NOOOOOOOO😂

  • TheInvincibleIronDani
    TheInvincibleIronDani Hace un día

    Her clothing styles has always had my interest. Always loved her positive attitude. :) She seems so sweet. Thank you for doing this

  • Valeria Camacho
    Valeria Camacho Hace un día

    Can we just talk about how immaculate the editing on this video is 😂

  • MakeupBy KaitRae
    MakeupBy KaitRae Hace 2 días

    anyone know the song at 18:00 ????

  • Tindra Malm
    Tindra Malm Hace 2 días

    52:42 She has the cutest smile like oh my god-

  • Lillian Rose Anne
    Lillian Rose Anne Hace 2 días

    She's so beautiful the heck lol I'm so glad happy and proud of and for her

  • Yes.
    Yes. Hace 2 días +1

    SO, you know that onion boy whose been tormenting her for YEARSSSSSSSSSSS, by making THOUSANDS of degrading sketches about her...
    (Not to mention he's a manipulative pedophile creep! And he accused Shane of being a "pedo" and fatshamed him back in the days when they "knew" eachother...💀)
    YEAH, WELL HIS CASE IS BEING INVESTIGATED BY CHRIS HANSEN ! (That guy from the show "catching a predator")

  • Rachel O'brien
    Rachel O'brien Hace 2 días

    Please tell me there was someone who clicked on this video and didn’t know who Eugenia Cooney me?...k

  • Minty Pastel
    Minty Pastel Hace 2 días

    Omg 😭😭😭😭 I love her so much she’s getting better, that makes me really happy!!

  • Brigid
    Brigid Hace 2 días

    Such a sweetheart, but inside, she is very strong, and has so much to give this world to make it a better place, just leading by example, showing people that there is another way to exist without meanness, without trolling and without all the hatred. People naturally look up to her anyway because she is so original and fascinating, some people just have that quality and she has it, she is a star. Shane, I think you should go to Burning Man and of course make a long documentary video of it, wearing that spirit hat thing as the basis of your outfit. Let Eugenia dress you and then hit the Playa, in fact maybe you two should go together! She has the peaceful giving vibe anyway! Do it!

  • Stephanie Serrano
    Stephanie Serrano Hace 3 días

    All this support even made me happy 😊💜

  • Gotham City Girl
    Gotham City Girl Hace 3 días

    She still has a long road ahead of her in her recovery..but, she is doing amazing, Shane !

  • Jennifer Phillips
    Jennifer Phillips Hace 3 días

    Come visit me!!!! Please. I'm dying. And that is my wish.

    • just mia
      just mia Hace 3 días

      honey ur not dying

  • Jennifer Phillips
    Jennifer Phillips Hace 3 días

    Girl you look so much better! Keep it up,!! Ok.! And Shane I Love you!

  • Jennifer Phillips
    Jennifer Phillips Hace 3 días

    Her parents really should've done more, not sure if they did help her or see the problem but I'm so happy for her. I hope she keeps it up. Cause man that's so hard to see and also so so bad for your body. She needs to have more support and I hope she continues the rehab.

  • Jennifer Phillips
    Jennifer Phillips Hace 3 días


  • Octoberxiv Salomon
    Octoberxiv Salomon Hace 3 días

    She is very beautiful inside and outside appearance.

  • Chevelle Keller
    Chevelle Keller Hace 3 días

    18:08 killed me😂 ok but like she is so nice and she doesn’t deserve the comments from people that can’t get things through there minds so they just assume stuff. How can someone have the gut to say to someone else “kill yourself” like idk how someone would think that’s ok

  • Jace Wolf
    Jace Wolf Hace 3 díasídeo.html - Jaclyn Glenn
    I know a lot of you probably haven’t seen this but I really think you guys should watch it and share so the truth can get out ❤️

  • Timera Reno
    Timera Reno Hace 3 días +5

    She has such a beautiful soul I wish I had people like her around me.

  • The Plant Hobbyist
    The Plant Hobbyist Hace 3 días

    You amaze me Shane, and I know that your friends see that, after all actions speak louder than words. Keep inspiring.

  • Col
    Col Hace 3 días +1

    God she is so SWEET! What a pure ray of sunshine and goodness, she has such a kind heart ❤️

  • Rebecca Hjorleifson
    Rebecca Hjorleifson Hace 3 días

    She is still smiling through every question. It’s okay though, it was really brave of her to do this interview, and Shane did a really good job. It’s nice to see he contacted a professional and got advice.

  • Julie Genua
    Julie Genua Hace 3 días

    Another thing. She WILL inspire everyone going through this while shes getting healthy. And fyi everyone. For them ITS NOT THAT EASY TO JUST PICK UP FOOD. It goes deeper then that!

  • Julie Genua
    Julie Genua Hace 3 días

    Poor baby girl ... she's so beautiful. I pray she heals and pays NO ATTENTION TO THESE TROLLS. Makes me want to kick all these haters asses. Shes so strong! I hope to god she pulls through.

  • Chiaru
    Chiaru Hace 3 días

    bro why were ppl disliking her videos and hating on her????????? all she did was havin an eating disorder which is not even her fault

  • Thatvintagepunkgurl
    Thatvintagepunkgurl Hace 4 días


  • Mya Moo
    Mya Moo Hace 4 días +9

    This girl truly has a beautiful soul. She didn’t deserve any of that pain and suffering she went through 🥺💕

  • Keanan O'Brien
    Keanan O'Brien Hace 4 días +1

    Her smile is beautiful she lights the room up 🥺❤️

  • Lxma_God
    Lxma_God Hace 4 días

    Not to be a hater. But seeing someone in that condition makes my bones physically tingle and my muscles tense up. I am naturally thin and i thought i was bad but jeez. She is or was in terrible condition

  • Maria  Lindholm
    Maria Lindholm Hace 4 días

    This is so beautiful that it's making me cry. She have such a pretty soul❤❤❤

  • Ava Uhhh
    Ava Uhhh Hace 4 días

    Awww she’s so cute

  • seth the person that no one knows

    Omg when I heard her story i cried i know how it feels

  • Claire B
    Claire B Hace 4 días +2

    I’ve been in recovery for my ED since 2013 and was kind of scared to watch this because I thought it might be triggering. (Been struggling a bit this year with it again.) But I’m glad I watched it. Recovery isn’t as easy as one hospitalization, but it’s a huge leap into banishing that monster. Admitting the problem is the hardest part, and so is breaking the habits of denial. I hope her recovery is beautiful and transformative in the most beneficial way. I hope she gets stronger in her self worth and fighting against that voice that feeds you nothing but terrible thoughts about yourself. I hope she learns that you’re not in the way and you don’t have to apologize for everything simply because you exist. You exist, you matter, you are allowed to be free and comfortable. God I saw soooo much of myself in her and even though 6 years sounds like a long time, it’s taken everyday for me to break old habits and ways of thinking to stand strong against that addiction. It turns you into an emotional cripple but you can get back on your feet. One day, one minute at a time. There is hope. Cheers to personal growth and acceptance.

    • HeyIt'sKate
      HeyIt'sKate Hace 2 días +1

      Claire B yay! I’m so happy for you!

    • Claire B
      Claire B Hace 2 días

      HeyIt'sKate omg thank you!!! This has been a better week for sure :D

    • HeyIt'sKate
      HeyIt'sKate Hace 2 días +1

      Good luck on your recovery!!! Hope you’re doing well!

  • Emily2618
    Emily2618 Hace 4 días +3

    I never noticed how adorable her smile was... she seems so genuine. It's nice seeing this side of her personality.

  • Ann Antony
    Ann Antony Hace 4 días +3

    Ok but he should make a pallet with Eugenia

  • Graham Hadden
    Graham Hadden Hace 5 días

    Anorexia isn't really about the food or the diet, it's about the feelings that are being avoided and the healing experience that the mind is unconsciously and unsuccessfully trying to create through the eating disorder. I hope people struggling with this can watch this video to start to understand the root patterns going on here:ídeo.html
    It's good to see Eugenia beginning her healing journey.

    • Bacon
      Bacon Hace 4 días

      Here's hoping she didn't permanently damage herself since she's been under it for so long and she reached the skin and bones phase. Even if she did i hope she's comfortable and can function, not saying its too late "and god i hope not" since everyone should have a 2nd shot in life. Knowing how stupid you we're in the past can really take a clean hit in ur mental and most get discouraged and think they cant go back then depression just hits and its like quick sand dragging you down then vicious cycle going back to being self destructive. Its nice seeing her comment section so cheerful and supportive, i followed her story when she went viral a few months ago people saying she's gonna die any moment and dang the comment section was nasty.
      Never really cared of Shane since he approached me as a clickbait sensationalism kind of guy just in it for the clicks. Shane tried and hopefully saved a life with reaching out Eugenia, he should be proud of it. It might be for clicks but i dont really care, he deseves the love since he earned it.

  • Little Swallow
    Little Swallow Hace 5 días +1

    I’m halfway through the video, reading some comments...
    First of all, I appreciate the efforts you’re making to bring up that sensitive subject. I think it’s pretty important to talk about eating disorders and mental illnesses to bring awareness. Eugenia is such a sweetheart, thanks to her as well for participating in your video and all the other people involved. It’s so difficult to open up about personal demons. Eugenia, if you’re ever reading this, lemme tell you I think you’re very brave and hope your recovery process is going fine.
    Secondly, it just stroke me how nice Eugenia is, TOO nice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge quality and such people are so precious. However it can become a problem when they’re starting to get stepped on by others or life in general. It broke my heart when that girl told her that crazy comment (you would look prettier if you weren’t dying) and Eugenia acted so nicely to her even though she was probably hurt. It’s not okay to be treated like this. You deserve better. You have the right to assert yourself whenever people cross boundaries like these.
    Ok so my nerdy side is going to show up now. I’m really into typology (personality type theories), especially the enneagram, which is a system with 9 personality archetypes centered around core fears. Eugenia seems to be a type 9. In brief, people with this type are afraid of « conflict » (in the large sense) and always try to reduce everything that could be upsetting to them. For example it could be avoiding to anger other people because they don’t like « literal conflicts ». But it could also be minimizing the problems they encounter in their lives until they become really salient. The main challenge for people with this type is to deal with inertia. There is a deep scar inside that makes them think they don’t really matter as much as other people around them, causing that inertia (reminder: it’s an archetype so it might not apply to people at 100% of course). I really saw Eugenia in that type because she used to be in denial of having an eating disorder for a long time (inertia to self) and with the examples she gave of not asserting herself at that concert even though her neighbors were noisy and annoying here.
    What I want to say with that fucking essay is: if you know someone who is too nice and getting owned by others, please remind them that they have the right to have their boundaries respected and to tell when people are going too far. It will be better for themselves!
    If any courageous soul reads this, ily

  • sinizka
    sinizka Hace 5 días

    It triggers me that 30 million ppl have watched this and only about 1 milloin have liked it.

  • Diane Humphrey
    Diane Humphrey Hace 5 días

    she will( only )get healthy in a eating disorder clinic with therapist a nutrionist and spend time there with others who have been there...not utubers who know nothing about it unless u have been there..i almost died being a bulumic and anorexic..Shane and others are not qualified to examine her personality dont even try not even for views..dont mess with peoples emotions..only people who have degrees..not even a mother can help, she may be the cause of her internally system of being where she is

  • yteixna laerrof
    yteixna laerrof Hace 5 días

    Her hair 😍😍😍😍

  • Katie Forbes
    Katie Forbes Hace 5 días +2

    17:36 *shanes laugh* 👏

  • cafellow
    cafellow Hace 5 días

    P r o t e c t h e r

  • Ginger P
    Ginger P Hace 5 días

    Her house is really cool

  • Ginger P
    Ginger P Hace 5 días +1

    Again i dont watch youtube that much, with work n taking care of sick family member n my own problems. Ive been under a

  • Ginger P
    Ginger P Hace 5 días

    I watched her video when her mom dressed her preppy n she was so sweet i didnt even notice she was soooooo thin!🙁