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    grab a screech plushie before they're completely gone forever
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  • Lukboo
    Lukboo Hace un mes +2070

    This team is so insane. Proud of them.

    • Moi Hhtt
      Moi Hhtt Hace 12 días

      Perfect this game is Perfect good job LSPLASH !

    • Christina Magana
      Christina Magana Hace un mes

      hooray it out

    • All plushi
      All plushi Hace un mes

      Yay now is hotel update 😊

    • starivvix
      starivvix Hace un mes

      their so talented, such a good game

  • Happy_girlbff1
    Happy_girlbff1 Hace un mes +482

    I just finished DOORS and...words just are unable to describe how incredible it was...The work, time, and passion that you all put in this game can't be described with the end 90+ Doors my heart wouldn't stop beating fast. I WAS SWEATING

      MAHESH KARI Hace 6 días


    • Ravis Maier
      Ravis Maier Hace 19 días +1

      @Evoluhero The minigame with figure? THE GAME SPARED ME WITH AN EZ part. I accedentally hid in the closet when i was trying to move the camera. I got so lucky with the ez minigame

    • TraveWalks
      TraveWalks Hace 28 días

      me too im got heart beating fast

    • Vladimir Zlatanov
      Vladimir Zlatanov Hace un mes +1

      wow same here but my heart skipped a beat when figure almost caught me

    • a 🅰️
      a 🅰️ Hace un mes

      @GuyWithEyes only im allowed to die and break the sound barrier doing it!!1!1!1!! |:(

  • Whatnuj Gaming
    Whatnuj Gaming Hace un mes +52

    You know it’s a good day when lsplash finally updates doors.

    • A-200 interabile room
      A-200 interabile room Hace 4 días

      @teamania in my religion too

    • panda 2 23😎😎
      panda 2 23😎😎 Hace un mes +1

      Edito el creador deja de hacerle bromas a el tipo ese ya sino gente no van a volver a jugar

    • DepthGaming123
      DepthGaming123 Hace un mes +1

      @tabbu yeah

    • tabbu
      tabbu Hace un mes +2

      @DepthGaming123 even dupe and the rooms 😱😱

    • teamania
      teamania Hace un mes +1

      and thats how crucifix works in real life (at least according to my religion) cool update

  • Josue Dormuz
    Josue Dormuz Hace un mes +21

    Now this truly demonstrates the developers really work hard to bring us cool updates for us to enjoy, Great job, LSPLASH!

  • AnimusDesynched
    AnimusDesynched Hace un mes +12

    This update’s been amazing so far!
    I’m loving the new content - if I had to be a little nitpicky, I’d say that exiting closets should be a button press instead of moving (stick drift / phantom inputs), but that’s a small issue.
    You guys did great - hope we see more in the future!

  • KongGaming222
    KongGaming222 Hace 11 días +3

    Here's a suggestion for floor 2. At door 200 add a seek chase but with all the entities doing something like rush and ambush coming through the walls and being obstacles and figure breaking through walls to create more obstacles. I think that seek should be the final boss because most people think of him as the main entity.

    • Andreas Niorba
      Andreas Niorba Hace 6 días

      And his eyes are in the icon

    • ArmandoRX4 RB
      ArmandoRX4 RB Hace 7 días

      Yeah cuz seek was made first even tho figure oldest

  • death
    death Hace un mes +4260

    guys we gotta appreciate that LSPLASH did this so right now this is the moment we have been waiting for the entire doors history

    • Sadia
      Sadia Hace 6 días

      @TechnicalBeast no shush

    • Sadia
      Sadia Hace 6 días


    • Sonic exe?
      Sonic exe? Hace 6 días


    • minnie lim
      minnie lim Hace 11 días

      @Michael Dudek yeah i agree

  • VengefulFour
    VengefulFour Hace un mes +70

    We all have to appreciate the timing for matpat making a video about the lore the day before the update

    • VengefulFour
      VengefulFour Hace 5 días

      @Julia Kenzitt do I look like I care 💀💀

    • VengefulFour
      VengefulFour Hace 5 días

      @Ceritied Mug Maniac froom 💀💀

    • Julia Kenzitt
      Julia Kenzitt Hace 5 días

      bro really forgor e in befor

    • Ceritied Mug Maniac
      Ceritied Mug Maniac Hace un mes

      @Zak The Random Guy True

    • Zak The Random Guy
      Zak The Random Guy Hace un mes

      @Ceritied Mug Maniac Most theory’s are good but the doors one wasn’t
      I mean he wasn’t up to date because the update came out a couple hours after the theory

  • Your Average Gamer
    Your Average Gamer Hace un mes +44

    I not only love this game for their hardwork and dedication.
    But their OST's... It's just fire.

  • Asneakyfox
    Asneakyfox Hace 22 días +6

    I can’t imagine the complexity of the code in this came. Pure skill from the LSPLASH team. Thank you for making such a great game

  • Watermelon
    Watermelon Hace un mes +7

    Love the new animations, and the game is so much more challenging now!
    I’ve never been in a round where it’s not just me sitting in the final level please make a pro server requiring a certain amount of badges

  • GlitchG@br€lle_782
    GlitchG@br€lle_782 Hace 20 días +7


  • Auq_brixx
    Auq_brixx Hace un mes +677

    Let’s all cry, laugh, play, and scream together as we know that this update would be mind blowing. Let’s all appreciate the hard work LSPLASH and his crew worked on this game that we were all waiting for🎉

    • Green bubbleman
      Green bubbleman Hace 13 días

      Not worth 3 months of waiting

    • Merita Imeraj
      Merita Imeraj Hace un mes


    • laudric51
      laudric51 Hace un mes

      I'll be screaming cuz of screech tho, not joy lol

    • ProAdzo
      ProAdzo Hace un mes

      I would leave my house for this

  • Joanna
    Joanna Hace un mes +7

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for an update in a game. The work the devs put into this is insane and I’m very happy for this new update! Let’s appreciate their hard wor

    • Doctor octopus
      Doctor octopus Hace un mes

      I played the update. It’s kind a hard new sound new animations and coins lie on tables now.

  • Divine
    Divine Hace un mes +3

    It’s honestly insane how well done this game is. Amazing job L SPLASH

  • cRis_BrUh
    cRis_BrUh Hace un mes +5

    A round of applause to LSPLASH and his team for such a great update , the animations and visual effects are too good . Not forgetting the gameplay

  • Sandra Moyano
    Sandra Moyano Hace 9 días

    Buenos dias tardes o noches voy a ser sincero me encanto la actualizacion todo lo nuevo las animaciones las nuevas entidades en especial el crucifijo pero tengo un problema y talvez no sea solo a mi y esque en las persecuciones (de seek) y la puerta 100 me dan demasiado lag al punto de que ya llegue mas de 14 veces a la puerta 100 y siempre muero por la misma razon y principalmente por el minijuego de los corazones es lo peor para mi no esta mal el mini juego lo que odio es el lag q me da no se porque pero tengo que estar adivinando cuando tocar porque directamente los trozos de corazones se teletransportan la verdad es un muy buen juego pero si de verdad quieres pasarla bien y pasartelo es recomendable un celular que lo corra pero en si es una maravilla me gustaria que pudieran poner una opcion para que el juego se vea mas kaka pero se juegue mejor aunque creo que tomaria trabajo pero esta bien muy buen trabajo a los desarrolladores los felicito mucho

  • Miguel Dias
    Miguel Dias Hace un mes +7

    I don't understand how good LSplash is at programming, I love doors and I loved the update so much

    • Sasha plays
      Sasha plays Hace un mes

      Yo btw i u posted a comment 9 mins ago and u got my like

  • IcedTea
    IcedTea Hace un mes +3

    Ive been waiting for so long and its finally gonna release soon.I really hope the best of luck to ur team lsplash, and ur game. We Love You.

  • phantumq
    phantumq Hace 25 días

    Can we take a moment to respect that the soundtrack is better than the actual trailer

  • ghastfriend06
    ghastfriend06 Hace un mes

    Amazing. Tremendous. Incredible.
    Just played the update,
    It's everything and more than i could ever expect.
    Thank you, Doors Team.

  • Legato Saldana
    Legato Saldana Hace un mes

    Two things. 1. There is a glitch on mobile were if you join a game with people you can’t crouch (Nvm I found a solution). 2. Just a suggestion, but if you want to make room 50 a little more easy for people who are still getting used to that door than make to were when you’re doing the little mini game make it were you don’t immediately die once you mess up, make it were you can mess up 3 times (and for more experienced players make it were you can turn that off).

    • screche
      screche Hace 11 días

      You do realise figure gives two warnings if you mess up the heartbeat minigame

  • FusionZGamer
    FusionZGamer Hace un mes +168


  • JunkLabs - Studios
    JunkLabs - Studios Hace un mes +7

    I’ve been thinking of something cool, which is master rooms, which only can be found in the main lobby, (where the players go into elevator to start the game) which allows players to train, also can be found in the game itself (secret door), which if you complete before a timer ends, you will get good loot just a suggestion, but I thought it was cool

  • PCGaming
    PCGaming Hace un mes +1

    Looks like you guys hired a really great animator. and btw the update is scary because when i pick the wrong door a monster grabs me. when i first heard the jumpscare i literally jumped from my chair. Amazing update. keep up the good work!

    • Zedyen Mccants
      Zedyen Mccants Hace 20 días

      Its call dupe and the only thing you need to do is remember the door by looking at it before it disapper

  • Doge’s
    Doge’s Hace 3 días

    Can we just appreciate of how much time LSPLASH did to make this update come to DOORS?

  • yo
    yo Hace un mes +4

    The new update is sick! But Dupe gave me a heart attack

  • screech from doors
    screech from doors Hace un mes

    i honestly can't believe he managed to find players that can actually survive rush and seek.

  • SeanBlox
    SeanBlox Hace un mes +464

    I can't believe what their team has accomplished.Amazing work LSplash,definitely worth the wait! :)

  • Ranchel Locus
    Ranchel Locus Hace un mes +2

    One of the most legendary games to ever appear on roblox has updated…
    Thank you lsplash for adding greatness to your already masterpiece!

  • MrPickle
    MrPickle Hace un mes +1

    I beat the game first try with one revive also at the end level my heart was beating so fast.

  • Fernanda Rosan Fortunato Seixas

    Obrigado Deus o custo fixo está muito bom❤

  • MTF Epsilon-11 Operative
    MTF Epsilon-11 Operative Hace un mes +2

    Lsplash, if you see this (you probably don't lol), lower A-90 scream and glitching volume. To complete A-rooms, you need to turn your volume up to hear entities better, but if you miss A-90 attack or even get attacked by him on high volume, you might literally get hearing damage. Don't nerf him, just lower that volume to non-dangerous level

    • MTF Epsilon-11 Operative
      MTF Epsilon-11 Operative Hace un mes

      @Václav Rytina you need sound for A-60 and A-120, I don't complain about them, A-90 is mostly visual cue since when you hear glitching, it's already too late to stop. I think you confused A-60 for A-90

    • Václav Rytina
      Václav Rytina Hace un mes

      It needs to be loud. There is no light flickering + locker is not in every room

  • Mint GD
    Mint GD Hace 16 días

    “The rules have changed”… They added a skeleton key, added back the crucifix, and made the books in the library tell the true number, but the sheet just say the shapes you need and in what direction they go (example: 15770).

  • The Dead Creature Official Channel

    You can just see how much effort he puts into the update! And he deserves the plushie to be bought.

    • guy
      guy Hace un mes

      he? don’t think its only one person?

    • Redacted
      Redacted Hace un mes

      @Resolent321 yes

    • Want Sand Hanitizer
      Want Sand Hanitizer Hace un mes

      i would buy that plushie just to make it my stress release material

    • Resolent321
      Resolent321 Hace un mes

      @Redacted bro took it a bit too serious

  • Wayne Lei
    Wayne Lei Hace un mes +1

    At least the game is finally updated and 10 out of 10

  • random guy
    random guy Hace un mes

    The rules quite literally, changed, and now I'm dying inside because I have to hope I don't get attacked by rush or ambush in the greenhouse. Fun, thank you LSPLASH.

  • Bun_Iu_bạn
    Bun_Iu_bạn Hace 8 días

    Hope we have door floor 2,i'm very exited to see the second doors trailer

  • geeteevee
    geeteevee Hace un mes

    I hope we also get a rush plush! It’ll be fuzzy

  • Towerdefenseworkerjk
    Towerdefenseworkerjk Hace 22 días

    The highest detailed game and it still was a horror game

  • jinkiesofjon
    jinkiesofjon Hace un mes +259

    Can't wait to see what you guys have prepared for us!

    • Preston
      Preston Hace un mes

      @gman2808 Ok now you kinda make sense.

    • gman2808
      gman2808 Hace un mes

      @Preston First of all I never said players won't play the game, I said it will die once the fanbase plays the update and beats it. The games repeptitive thats why it has max 50k players. And second I'm not a dumbass for stating my point of view on Doors.

    • gman2808
      gman2808 Hace un mes

      @Preston so what it'll die again in 2 weeks

    • looper43
      looper43 Hace un mes +1

      I never actually get tired of doors i play it everyday with my friend until we get to the end i got to the end 6 times and he got there 4

  • Postigo Sylas C #AntiGoAnimate #AntiSchool

    You Have Finally Released The Hotel+ Update, I’m So Proud Of You, Good Job LSPLASH!

  • Anson
    Anson Hace un mes


  • Replacement
    Replacement Hace un mes

    Add another entity. HeartBreaker: what it does: it makes hides sound a little and when hiding from figure and during the minigame you can get a np badge called “I know you’re there now” and it makes so figure can hear you’re inside so he gets you. Please add this into the game

  • Lukasz Glazer
    Lukasz Glazer Hace un mes +1

    you have a very good developing team because they made the rooms bigger and so many achievements items and more and player movements monster movements this is insane I want to become one of your developers but I'm bad at developing and I think I'm the first one to beat the new doors update and one more thing do you know where you have to go find the switch downstairs and you made it into a dungeon? Well the same one except it's dark and it's a maze can you add lighting to some places because we are just wasting our battery or gas

  • mr.stealagirl mr.stealsomegirl

    The games has definitely changed 💯

  • pew1048♪
    pew1048♪ Hace un mes +353


  • Lou Benitez
    Lou Benitez Hace un mes +2

    me gusto mucho la actualizacion, tuvimos que esperar mucho tiempo y los trailers falsos que pusieron me hicieron enfadar un poco pero cuando vi este pense que era otro de esos pero no es haci, porque al fin saldria la actualizacion :) el doors es uno de los juegos que me pongo a viciar y tengo como 10k de monedas aproximadamente pero con esta actualizacion ya es mas dificil pasarse doors ya que arreglaron el bug del figure en la 100 y es mas dificil ya que hay que recoger los sensores de electricidad para ahi hacer el panel y salir. mucho mas dificil pero esta mas bueno porque antes era tan facil que siempre me la pasaba a la primera todo el tiempo, me encanta el juego ahora y toda la espera valio la pena, espero que salga el doors 2 ya que cuando terminas el doors te aparece que continuara

  • Pari Mann
    Pari Mann Hace un mes +1

    I'm going to be honest, the new update felt a bit underwhelming. My first time playing the update was yesterday, and I almost beat the game on my first try. I thought they were creating a second part to the story rather than changing the first but I was fine with that. The main thing that I disliked was the fact that they only added one new monster to deal with (duped). And he's usually never an issue, I did notice that rush was harder to detect and the lights may flicker after a couple seconds once you entered the room, so that made him harder to deal with which was good, still you could easily avoid him if you're cautious. I did like the new room designs though, they made you feel more scared. The seek chase scenes remained the same and were easy to deal with, they're not even a challenge if you have some brain cells which I honestly did not like. Ambush usually only shows up once and he's not too hard to deal with either. The only challenging part is the 90 - 100 rooms which if you saved the crucifix for should be pretty easy. All you do is wait by a locker and listen, if you hear rush hide in the locker. If you don't continue on, the spikes in the ground may buy enough time for rush to get you, that's why you have the crucifix, so you have a second chance. But after that level 100 is a breeze, you just have to understand what you're doing. I beat the update on my third try. :p

  • Stick Studios
    Stick Studios Hace un mes

    Hey splash! I have an update idea, maybe in floor 2 or hotel+ part two you can make a chase sequence with rush or ambush or maybe even figure but it’s your game so you decide

  • Addword2180
    Addword2180 Hace un mes +1

    New things shown in this trailer :
    Skeleton key
    Secret skeleton door leading to plant
    Items can spawn on desks
    New rooms
    New closet texture (door 95 - 99)
    Rush (+other entities) getting trapped by the crucifix
    Things not shown in the trailer :
    Void dude
    Drip Jeff & lit shop door 52
    Dupe... wait what door are we on again?
    A-000 A-60 A-120
    Better seek and figure animations

  • Lisa Sicotte
    Lisa Sicotte Hace un mes

    I can’t believe they made the doors a lot insane

  • Chitus
    Chitus Hace un mes +175

    We all had no idea the update would be this sick
    Props to the Lsplash team for really putting hard work onto this update for us

  • Itz.F1uffy
    Itz.F1uffy Hace un mes +2

    sores for RUSHing you guys but I was SEEKing for a new update. I SCREECHed with excitement when I came out. I didn't even FIGURE it would be this good!

  • Landon Andrade
    Landon Andrade Hace un mes

    This update was insane I was speechless after I played it great work

  • Mr. Latrei
    Mr. Latrei Hace un mes +1

    I didn't expect Roblox to actually have good games.

  • Muzmen
    Muzmen Hace un mes

    Lsplash stayed up to 4 AM fixing the bugs for this update that is something I respect

  • tntyeeter1111
    tntyeeter1111 Hace un mes

    If it's to late in the next update can you reduce dupes damage and can you make there's a very rare chance that you can get a clock that tells you which door you should go threw

  • Triple Blaze Eight
    Triple Blaze Eight Hace un mes +212

    This whole thing is amazing. Well done LSplash. 10/10. Can't wait!

  • Mei Ayanami
    Mei Ayanami Hace un mes

    For anyone interested in finding door A.000, you must:
    *Have 2 Lockpicks
    *A skeleton Key
    *Have passed Door 50 (Figure)
    Once you have done this, you must head to door 60, revealing a room with a closet to the right side of the room. Behind this closet is a crack, of which you will be able to go through and find another room, of which a gate is preventing you from entering door A.000, you must enter room 61, which will have a gate and a switch to pull down, once the switch has been pulled down from the basement section, head back to door 60, behind the closet and into the now open hallway which is in the hidden closet room. Good luck getting to Room A.1000.

  • Fun Until Fun
    Fun Until Fun Hace un mes +2

    Thank you LSPLASH for being nice to the community by introducing 2 of the most requested items we were patient for this moment

  • Damian The best
    Damian The best Hace 11 días +1

    A person a day before release:YES I CAN BEAT DOORS NOW
    next day:I don't think so buddy

  • Big Cow
    Big Cow Hace un mes

    The new update is insane, thank you LSPLASH

  • Wiyu Camoglino
    Wiyu Camoglino Hace 29 días

    Gracias por la actualización de dorset splash tendremos el crucifijo y todo ahora tendremos el crucifijo y la tienda Gracias por tus esfuerzos esplash y gracias por hacer que tengamos el crucifijo

  • Terryv124
    Terryv124 Hace un mes +59

    Let’s all appreciate how much LSPLASH has done :). It gives so much lore and history than b4. Proud of you.

    BE A MUSLIM Hace un mes

    Lsplash thanks for the update it is amazing I just love the flower garden

  • no
    no Hace un mes +6

    Would you guys be willing to make the green flashlight, or the the item finder a permanent item you keep every playthrough? Maybe even as a choice between the two in the elevator?

    • sofi sofi
      sofi sofi Hace 29 días

      At least you can put it on the rift

    • sofi sofi
      sofi sofi Hace 29 días

      @_nexusxz_ i think you cant revive in the rooms

    • Winter
      Winter Hace un mes

      @_nexusxz_ I know right

    • _nexusxz_
      _nexusxz_ Hace un mes

      @Winter yeah but if you die after escaping the rooms you cant get it back unless you go back to the rooms or revive

    • sofi sofi
      sofi sofi Hace un mes +2

      Maybe it unlocks an opition on the shop to buy the items

  • No1
    No1 Hace 29 días +11

    time to analyze every second of this video
    0:00 = black sceen
    0:01 = T H E
    0:02 = T H E
    0:03 = skelly key on table
    0:04 = taking skelly key
    0:05 = moving
    0:06 = opening infirmary room skull door
    0:07 = R U L E S
    0:08 = candle in greenhouse
    0:09 = door opened
    0:10 = moving torwards closet because candle dried
    0:11 = getting in closet animation
    0:12 = H A V E
    0:13 = H A V E
    0:14 = entering room with broken wall and stuff
    0:15 = people hiding
    0:16 = person sprinting somehow
    0:17 = looking back on door
    0:18 = C H A N G E D
    0:19 = C H A N G E D
    0:20 = C H A N G E D (yup)
    0:21 = C H A N G E D & rush noises fading in
    0:22 = rush got crucifix'd so sad :(((
    0:23 = D O O R S fading in
    0:24 = D O O R S
    0:25 = D O O R S
    0:26 = D O O R S
    JANUARY 29
    0:27 = D O O R S
    JANUARY 29
    0:28 = D O O R S
    JANUARY 29
    0:29 = screech plushie advertisement
    0:30 = screech plushie advertisement
    0:31 = screech plushie advertisment
    0:32 = screech plushie advertisment
    0:33 = screech plushie advertisment
    0:34 T H E R U L E S H A V E C H A N G E D
    0:35 T H E R U L E S H A V E C H A N G E D
    0:37 T H E R U L E S H A V E C H A N G E D
    9:38 to 9:39 = black screen
    ok bye

    • Winter
      Winter Hace 19 días

      @w0nderland ok I get it 💀

    • w0nderland
      w0nderland Hace 19 días

      ​@Winter you dont make sense I don't see anything wrong with their comment

    • Winter
      Winter Hace 22 días

      @No1 pls read your time to analyze comment oh my GODDDDD

    • No1
      No1 Hace 23 días

      @Winter WHAT DO I FIX THO??

    • Winter
      Winter Hace 23 días

      Smh🤦 (shake my head)

    ROBLOXPERSON Hace un mes

    Update was godly can’t wait for floor 2

  • robloxknaskles122
    robloxknaskles122 Hace 16 días

    imagine what doors will be like next year...

  • Tula Chunks
    Tula Chunks Hace un mes +167

    Let's all take a moment and thank LSPLASH and his crew for everything he done for us! Besides, he must have worked so hard on this! Thank you LSPLASH and his crew for everything you done for us!

    • Tula Chunks
      Tula Chunks Hace un mes

      @Nocturnxx I'm not an npc

    • Snide87
      Snide87 Hace un mes

      @PineappleThePine As a dev, this is underwhelming

    • Fobos
      Fobos Hace un mes


    • Just_Me
      Just_Me Hace un mes

      wow, what a original comment man

    • ItzRaken
      ItzRaken Hace un mes

      @Nocturnxx ong💀

  • HighOnyx
    HighOnyx Hace un mes


  • gabriel guillen
    gabriel guillen Hace un mes +7


  • BlueBerryPlayz
    BlueBerryPlayz Hace 8 días

    The trailer is more insane then the update 💀

  • gato
    gato Hace un mes +1

    This game isn't just scary, it's literally fucking amazing.
    You guys worked your asses off for this update, you all literally deserve tons of recognition.
    I can't wait for what else is to come.

    • gato
      gato Hace un mes

      Alright, I swore.
      It's not like WW3 is going to happen if I say a singular swear.

    • cuphead
      cuphead Hace un mes

      Oh my god swear word alert

  • Gamerbau11.
    Gamerbau11. Hace 27 días +1

    DOORS UPDATE HOTEL , es muy bueno pero no me gusta para nada que cuando llegas a la puerta 90 no podes revivir y eso lo hace menos bueno.

  • ALynchYT
    ALynchYT Hace un mes +114

    LSPLASH we are so proud of you no matter what the impatient toddlers say you kept working hard you kept your final word of January and I have no doubt this update will make all of us proud. Thank you for this game.

  • [ ʚ Lilly - Kxtten ɞ ] ¡¡

    Amazing game! Just tried it out and i lost the count and when the two diff doors came i was confused and that moment i knew i fucked up but i guessed the number

  • Serw Hiuo
    Serw Hiuo Hace un mes

    The devs deserve an award

  • ProBaconPlayzYT
    ProBaconPlayzYT Hace un mes

    im so proud of uptade.cant wait until part 2 comes out!

  • Shahanara Begum
    Shahanara Begum Hace un mes +2

    Huge props to the team, they killed it!

  • 𝓡𝓲𝔂𝓪𝓷𝓼𝓱𝓤𝓵𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓖𝓪𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓰

    Respect LSPLASH for making so good musics and awsome game.

  • Lantern
    Lantern Hace un mes +153

    Wow, this looks amazing! I'm excited to see what the new skeleton door and dark looking rooms will bring to the game. The vine looks like they could be more than just an aesthetic touch and could affect gameplay in some way. Plus, the broken wall could mean that there's more story to come in this update, which is amazing! Can't wait to see what else the update will bring!

  • G4M3RV1B32__
    G4M3RV1B32__ Hace un mes

    i really appreciate LSPLASH ror making this, we’ve been waiting for this moment for over a month, and it came a day early! I really like it and i love how you can do the settings thing! im amazed by how hard the team has been working, and if i could, i’d give the entire team a choco cake 🍰 😊😊

  • •starlette • dead trends I do-

    Something I want to say is that one time when I was playing the new doors update there were no entities until we got to door 50 there was no seek chase but figure was still at door 50, we only encountered rush one time after door 50 and then the next seek chase was actually there.

    • MemeHiveFive
      MemeHiveFive Hace un mes

      @•starlette • dead trends I do- Just a game breaking bug with the entities then since Seek is guaranteed to spawn at around door 30

    • •starlette • dead trends I do-
      •starlette • dead trends I do- Hace un mes

      @MemeHiveFive idk but seek only arrived for the "2nd" chase and only there I died.

    • MemeHiveFive
      MemeHiveFive Hace un mes

      Seek literally always spawns at around door 30 though, unless you somehow broke the game I doubt that, also Rush is set to be spammed at door 91-99

  • your beautiful Just the way you are

    You guys fooled me at first and I hated this game but now I love this game so much thanks to the update the new animations are amazing

  • •Simp•
    •Simp• Hace un mes

    These creators deserve an oscar or smth. The team work is insane and like they say « teamwork makes the dreamwork. »
    But since the new doors arrived, it doesn’t « feel » like doors anymore? Maybe its just me but it got..scarier, harder and certainly..strange?
    Ngl the update is SICK but i think it kinda ruined the game…NO OFFENSE TO THE CREATORS!!! But good job on the hard work LSPLASH!

  • Valeriya Pchelenko
    Valeriya Pchelenko Hace un mes +1

    I want this music on my Spotify, it's so good!

  • BradyCool
    BradyCool Hace un mes +191

    Thank the devs for working as hard as they could to get this update here as fast as they could.

  • RainerCode
    RainerCode Hace un mes +1

    I'm not disappointed. Loving the new hotel update a lot.

    • Julien
      Julien Hace un mes

      @Noodono’s Animations why are you assuming that? i've already beat the game and the rooms area is absolutely horrible and the crucifix is just incredibly lazy all of the things the update added should've taken like a month or two

    • Noodono’s Animations
      Noodono’s Animations Hace un mes

      @Julien you haven’t got up to door 100 or the rooms area yet or got the crucifix

    • Julien
      Julien Hace un mes

      trash update barely added content

  • LeafBlade
    LeafBlade Hace un mes +1

    Man i cant believe how you did this so realistic and its like 10x better than the original doors i can give you 101%

  • Havin Djemali
    Havin Djemali Hace un mes

    This is insane ever since I started playing I've been trying to get all the achievement s I can't understand the door 100 on this new update but I just love this game and always will😍🤩🥰

  • Zach_yt
    Zach_yt Hace un mes +1

    Happy birthday LSPLASH. You and redibles (I hope I spelled that correctly) made an absolutely awesome game!

  • AngeL Lopez Family
    AngeL Lopez Family Hace un mes +1

    I love the update ☺️😁

  • 🌈﹒strawberry
    🌈﹒strawberry Hace un mes +118

    let’s take the time to appreciate how hard lsplash have worked, the whole community is proud of you.

  • EyesKnows..WhatYouAre
    EyesKnows..WhatYouAre Hace un mes +3

    Will old doors ever be back? I love the update but I also miss old doors

    • Olea Gusac
      Olea Gusac Hace un día

      I want old doors 😢😢😢😢

    • jud smi
      jud smi Hace un mes +1

      Me too 😢 I dislike how hard the greenhouse is!

  • 令人不寒而栗
    令人不寒而栗 Hace un mes

    This update was amazing the fact u get a booth in pls donate is rlly cool!

  • Hayley Adams
    Hayley Adams Hace 2 días


  • jude maretzki
    jude maretzki Hace un mes

    the new rooms are sick asf

  • Guohui Liu
    Guohui Liu Hace 15 días

    The Update is Harder And Harder And The Hotel Update Doors is Making Beating The Game Easyer And Easyer.