How the Geography of the US is Weirder Than You Think


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  • NEO Conservatives
    NEO Conservatives Hace 17 minutos

    US is in America?

  • why
    why Hace 18 minutos

    Wouldn't the Russian Diomede Island be "Tomorrow Island" since it has the date that's further ahead?

  • GWS
    GWS Hace 24 minutos

    Drawing straight lines like this on flat projections doesn't work. Direct distances on a flat projection of a spherical surface should be distorted to match whatever projection you're using. You can't draw a straight line on a flat surface to represent direct spherical distances. The measurements become warped.
    Look at flight paths on Mercator maps if you want to see what direct distances look like on flat maps.

  • florisdvw
    florisdvw Hace 30 minutos

    i don't like the background song

  • Vraj Patel
    Vraj Patel Hace 30 minutos

    so Russia n America are neighbor countries..😛😛😛

  • thatguy4973
    thatguy4973 Hace 32 minutos

    Dallas is also closer to Chicago than to El Paso

  • BladePixel
    BladePixel Hace 33 minutos

    I love geography because of YOU man!

  • Michael Klump
    Michael Klump Hace 34 minutos

    This video wasn't very interesting.

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    oxy 75 Hace 41 un minuto

    So if you are an idiot and live in LA your mind is blown.just saying.

  • Dulane Dulane
    Dulane Dulane Hace 42 minutos

    That’s the best transition to an promotion that I have ever seen

  • Gōogle사용쟈
    Gōogle사용쟈 Hace 43 minutos

    The realist weird thing is "this six minutes video has an ad nearly two minutes". Actually 2minutes are 1/3 of 6minutes. Amazing

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    Darkness 132089 Hace 44 minutos

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    Imalive Hace 44 minutos

    This was a bad video that I watched. Take the money my man.

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    #2 On trending :D

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    Zorn Mauser Hace 46 minutos

    That transition to the sponsor though
    smooth af

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    Lucas Lopes Hace 48 minutos

    Like your videos, for real. But this time it isn't that interesting, no problem though, it happens

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  • Steven Siegler
    Steven Siegler Hace 49 minutos

    You got your islands mixed up!

  • Dat1FnafGurl YT - Animation To Cringe About

    GG #2 on trending ma'dude

  • Gabriel Keefe
    Gabriel Keefe Hace 50 minutos

    As an American, this is not shocking

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    Nic Guerrero Hace 50 minutos

    #2 on Trending in US

  • Kuri Dide
    Kuri Dide Hace 50 minutos

    My head hurts it actually hurts like what the actual fu-

  • OrangesmikyPro
    OrangesmikyPro Hace 51 un minuto

    I was really hoping you were gonna talk about the immense size of Alaska compared to the mainland

  • Thecrazeecow
    Thecrazeecow Hace 52 minutos +1

    Who else here is from Alaska?

  • Alolan Vulpix Getting Railed

    these are dumb af

  • Isaac Madsen
    Isaac Madsen Hace 57 minutos

    congrats on #2 trending

  • xX-PAPI EM2700-Xx
    xX-PAPI EM2700-Xx Hace 59 minutos

    South america moved more right

  • William Morse
    William Morse Hace un hora

    "Western most edge" *Zooms in on the Eastern most edge*
    I was expecting one of those cheesy "We are smart people" videos, but instead I got a cheesy " _We are smart people_ " videos.

  • Emit Poe
    Emit Poe Hace un hora

    Earths true spherical shape LUL

  • Laffing Man
    Laffing Man Hace un hora

    i didnt understand the Reno part. too fast. what did he mean???

  • DaMCManiac
    DaMCManiac Hace un hora

    this is america

  • Jhonny Melon
    Jhonny Melon Hace un hora

    Globe?!? I’m offended!!!

  • Neftali Bautista
    Neftali Bautista Hace un hora

    All of this is wrong the map your using have bad portions sizes

  • Lilygirl421078
    Lilygirl421078 Hace un hora

    How come ppl forgets about Virginia?

  • Supermoo 48
    Supermoo 48 Hace un hora

    Ive been to Dalheart, TX

  • Raine Villa
    Raine Villa Hace un hora

    There are soooo many more weird geography quirks with the US: the Northwest Angle, Isle Royale, Big Bend NP, the 4 Corners, the Yellowstone NP murder loophole, Akwesasne Quebec, Province Point in Lake Champlain, Province Island in Lake Memphremagog, Estcourt Maine, the Kelly Rapids of Northern Maine, Campobello Island, Quoddy Head, Grand Maran Island, the Alaskan Panhandle, West Virginia, Hawaii, and much much more.

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    Dang it’s #1 on trending

  • Real Donald Trump
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    USA will win the world cup. ⚽️🏆

  • Seedless Melon
    Seedless Melon Hace un hora

    Wouldn't South America be bigger if we moved it north ?

  • hepchaos
    hepchaos Hace un hora

    How is this #2 on trending? Simple and basic information, given flatly with common graphics. Seems strange to me.

  • Eko Yudi
    Eko Yudi Hace un hora

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  • Chand Family Member
    Chand Family Member Hace un hora

    *i live in dalhart lol*

  • Dandre Johnson
    Dandre Johnson Hace un hora +2

    Did you notice the word bed is shaped just like a bed...

  • Koda Travers
    Koda Travers Hace un hora

    You should do a video on the Bermuda Triangle

  • Tina Garcia
    Tina Garcia Hace un hora

    I don’t think drawing digital lines on a map give us an accurate depiction of the distances between different locations

  • Z N
    Z N Hace un hora

    I fucking hate the USA

  • Danny S
    Danny S Hace un hora

    This video was so stupid 😕

  • Chris Machina
    Chris Machina Hace un hora

    This video mostly only works if you use this one specific map projection. Use a globe and some of these (mostly distances) might not be the same.

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    Need a squad on Fortnite!! Anyone?

  • Ian Costigan
    Ian Costigan Hace un hora

    There was almost nothing in this video that hasn’t already been covered by Wendover Productions

  • Sebastian Osterbrink
    Sebastian Osterbrink Hace un hora

    east - west ist totaly independent from the dateline. It's only the 180° line thats important. Also, shouldn't the yesterday island and tomorrow island be the other way around? Because if it's the 25th in russia it's still the 24th in the US?

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    Flat Earthers were triggered by this video!

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    Hell yea! He said el paso 🤘😎

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    The earth is flat

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      the earth is a cube

  • Mitchable
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    I think about 4k flat earthers watched this video

    Edit- nice job on #1 Trending

  • Saleem Younus
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    earth is flat

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    This pointless video made it to #1?

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    *I hear the screams of flat earthers from here*

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      Katie Weinhold
      Yeah, they're almost as retarded as you.

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      NearNeptune 3 Hace un hora

      Screams from the voices in their heads?

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    Can I get a subscriber

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    There's nothing weird about this... Only Americans can come up with something like this

  • Chad_803_to_401
    Chad_803_to_401 Hace un hora

    I-20 is nearly 1550 miles long spanning from kent, texas to Florence, South Carolina. Nearly 650 of that is in texas alone. Also I-10 is around 2460 miles starting in Santa Monica, California ending in Jacksonville, Florida nearly 880 miles of that is in texas. That makes these two interstate systems the longest in one state.

  • Veridian
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    By using the knowledge I obtained from All Might, I believe you're talking about the *United States of Smash*

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    America is so expanded. It's made of so many countries😂😜😘

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    I live in Texas and can confirm that it’s massive and takes forever to drive anywhere.

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    There is no sphere..... it’s a flat plane💯

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    Weird or things we should know. With Disney channel patty cake school system we have. We don’t know simple things like these

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    Ironwood, MI is further west than New Orleans and Cancún

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    I know of Dalhart Tx. Texas State Penitentiary

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    It's actually not illegal to walk over the boarder into the US anymore apparently.

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      No it still is, you're just overreacting

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    I once saw a guy post about how he could go to Germany, buy something, and like 3 other countries in a few hours
    Then this other person was driving for 6 hours in Texas and was still in Texas.