• Publicado el 13 may 2018
  • Bright shining eyes and lips, plus a detailed skincare & foundation routine that GLOWS! What do you guys think of my trend prediction?? Where do you think we are heading? xx

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Comentarios • 649

  • Mohammed Nasir
    Mohammed Nasir Hace un mes +1

    kuttar bachi bandorni

  • Emily Seanor
    Emily Seanor Hace 5 meses

    hey shan you are one of my favourite youtubers i love watching your videos you are a stunning and an inspiring person

  • Heather Hillis
    Heather Hillis Hace 7 meses

    I just love your videos. You're my favorite ESclipsr ever

  • night bunny98
    night bunny98 Hace 7 meses

    Wow such a beautiful look! 💕

  • BèLåLã MøHäMèD TM l بلعلى محمد

    To be honest I really like ur works also like how pretty u are but I just feel that ur vedios are too long also speaking alot which make that kind of boring especially makeup vedios but please don't be upset from that just I want to tell u that to take care of this side I really love u so much

  • mrsBear
    mrsBear Hace 9 meses

    I would like to see a Grwm like the old ones.. with your house and your music .. and your mk!!😘

  • Kathleen Kavanagh
    Kathleen Kavanagh Hace 9 meses

    Beautiful look! Thank you❤️

  • Dyah al fatih
    Dyah al fatih Hace 9 meses

    beautiful hair , and makeup of course 😍

  • withoutscars
    withoutscars Hace 10 meses

    I actually placed a makeup order the other day and i got a clear lip gloss and i havent owned one in atleast 6 years i am so excited i cant even🤪 all these matte liquid lipsticks are drying af i want my natural pink lips + a gloss for just everyday glam GLOSSY LIPS WILL

  • E.L
    E.L Hace 10 meses

    I love gloss, I’m a fan of matte lip products but I’ve always worn a gloss!!!

  • julie romero
    julie romero Hace 10 meses

    so beautiful

  • Kate Fahy
    Kate Fahy Hace 10 meses

    This skin 😍 wow wow wow

  • Adele Agius
    Adele Agius Hace 10 meses

    Does anyone know where I can get her earrings from??

  • lol girl
    lol girl Hace 11 meses

    all lip products are my favorate i saly them all😍matt, gloss, cream lipstics, even stains i even put eyeshadows on my lips 😁.

  • Emily Bednarzyk
    Emily Bednarzyk Hace 11 meses

    I personally love gloss. I’ve always loved gloss. My favorites are the Buxom glosses.

  • Milleny Rodriguez
    Milleny Rodriguez Hace 11 meses

    Pls do a full face of smashbox and also pls do a video of keilhs and fresh

  • Imogen Miles
    Imogen Miles Hace 11 meses

    This is my favourite lip colour on you 😍

  • Ashleigh Fox
    Ashleigh Fox Hace 11 meses

    Love ❤️
    I’ve got my baby shower coming up and have no idea how to do my makeup. Could you please do a baby shower makeup tutorial ??

  • Sara Dulo
    Sara Dulo Hace 11 meses

    this look is amazingggg!

  • ابرار العليمي

    i love matt lipstick

  • Daniela Robinson
    Daniela Robinson Hace 11 meses


  • Jenny Linehan
    Jenny Linehan Hace 11 meses

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ABSOLUTELY LOVE....THIS LOOK!!!!!! I need to start going for the Glowy products too.....I think I’ve done Matte my whole darn life, TIME FOR A CHANGE:)

  • Rachel Leigh
    Rachel Leigh Hace 11 meses

    Try the superfoliant from dermalogica! It’s super similar to the microfoliant but better?? Idk I love it!

  • Giulia Cuomo
    Giulia Cuomo Hace un año

    You look stunning 😘💕as usual!

    MADISON FRANCES Hace un año

    honestly, the daily microfoliant is soo nice :'D it helped my break out areas so much!

  • Miss Laura
    Miss Laura Hace un año

    Im a matte girl for life lol. But I also like creme, and satin. I hate lip gloss. It's very rare when I get the urge to wear gloss. They are sticky, messy, and shit gets stuck in it. 💋

  • Bellaflorencia15
    Bellaflorencia15 Hace un año +1

    Almost winter here too 😊 Love the makeup Shan! Saludos desde Argentina 💚

  • kjjjacobs13
    kjjjacobs13 Hace un año

    So glad dewey skin is coming back (ACTUALLY dewey skin, like you said, not matte skin with highlighter to fake a glow). I have dry skin and I never got into the matte skin and the blinding highlighter (okay, maybe a little bit with the highlighter lol) and the liquid lipsticks... give me a lip gloss any day! Matte lips are so drying! Who cares if the color lasts all day when your lips look like a dry butthole 😷 I would rather just reapply my gloss and have my lips look nice lol

  • Noel Jose
    Noel Jose Hace un año

    It looks like an orange makeup

  • rose ayka
    rose ayka Hace un año

    That’s such a good colour match !

  • Ashley Crews
    Ashley Crews Hace un año

    Trying to buy the dermalogica exfoliant however your discount code is not working, is it SHAAANXO20?

  • Robyn London
    Robyn London Hace un año

    I love cream lipsticks for most shades but I love a matte red and a glossy nude 🙈 xxx

  • Greta Fiero
    Greta Fiero Hace un año


  • Mélanie Vr
    Mélanie Vr Hace un año

    Still on matte lipsticks too! Gloss is beautiful. But yet, so sticky, and not wild hair freindly haha

  • Romanyfaye
    Romanyfaye Hace un año

    😂 I too have long hair issues. Lip gloss and hair 👎. When are you starting new series

  • Alex Heb
    Alex Heb Hace un año

    Love this look ❤🔥

  • Taylor Nation
    Taylor Nation Hace un año

    Yesss the Benefit watts up highlighter cream has been a staple of mine for 7 or 8 years now. I love just wearing foundation and that and going out natural and glowy. It's beautiful and simple and I use it every time I wear makeup.

  • SandraOlufsen
    SandraOlufsen Hace un año

    The tarte chrome shadow is absolutely stunning love it so much! Also your skin looks bloody amazing obsessed 🙈😍😍

  • Candace Coulson
    Candace Coulson Hace un año


  • Grace Clark
    Grace Clark Hace un año

    gorg!! love this look and the skin looks so good

  • Tiffany Hale
    Tiffany Hale Hace un año


  • Rashina Hussain
    Rashina Hussain Hace un año

    Absolutely loved this makeup tutorial! Definitely going to give it a try.
    Where did you get the pretty double earring from? It's so cute 😍

  • lexiloo
    lexiloo Hace un año

    Ooh that bronzer though😍

  • Karen Hayward: BOBATAC
    Karen Hayward: BOBATAC Hace un año


  • carlisju
    carlisju Hace un año

    i like satin and matte finishes

  • Tazzamarrazza
    Tazzamarrazza Hace un año

    I have been following you since dark hair days, and I’m still in love with you and your accent. ❤️❤️❤️

  • official BARWRY
    official BARWRY Hace un año

    HDTV California is cream and it usually Took Cup 🐥🎯🎲

  • Jess Massie
    Jess Massie Hace un año

    This is absolutely one of your best videos to date, love seeing tutorials include skin care and in depth demo of base makeup

  • mauren3
    mauren3 Hace un año

    You and UK You Tuber Misha Grimes do the best make up tutorials!

  • Alison Ulrich
    Alison Ulrich Hace un año

    Where is that dangly earring from?!

  • Marissa LaGioia
    Marissa LaGioia Hace un año

    Give me an hour and I would look like this naturally lmao

  • Megan
    Megan Hace un año

    I like the blotted lip look, like just a hint of worn in color

  • Emily McClure
    Emily McClure Hace un año

    Wet your hands more with the Daily Microfoliant and then rub your hands together it will get frothy and foamy! That is the intended way to use it. That exfoliator is amazing it's super gentle and has literally changed my skin.

  • Davante J
    Davante J Hace un año

    gloss always has been and always will be my favorite lip finish

  • Heather Hernandez
    Heather Hernandez Hace un año

    Liquid lip or lip gloss. No matts

  • DidiBeauty
    DidiBeauty Hace un año

    This is the prettiest one ever😍 looove love love glowy skin❤️

  • Cassondra & Jesse
    Cassondra & Jesse Hace un año

    I just want you to know that you do not have to apologize to us in every video about the lighting! I really don't think that many of us care lol the videos are always good quality regardless and I appreciate that.

  • Suzana Josic
    Suzana Josic Hace un año

    My fave formula is liquid lipsticks. Right now I'm obsessed with the buxom va va plump shiny liquid lipstick in beg for mauve but I also love the Kat von d and stila liquid lipsticks

  • Keren Maya
    Keren Maya Hace un año

    This is giving me LIFE 😍😍😍😍

  • Heidi Jay
    Heidi Jay Hace un año

    Love the dew 💦 keep up the good work Shan xx

  • Putzaroonie Putz
    Putzaroonie Putz Hace un año

    Wow! Can makeup be immaculate? Idk but you sure as heck got pretty close to immaculate with this look ❤️

  • Chloe Kaydee
    Chloe Kaydee Hace un año

    I love a satin finish on the lip or a demi matte :)

  • Angela Cappello
    Angela Cappello Hace un año

    This is stunning 😍😍

  • pppotatoes
    pppotatoes Hace un año

    This is so beautiful 💗 glowy skin is my absolute favorite

  • Desi Perkins
    Desi Perkins Hace un año +126

    This look embodies the words fresh, vibrant, juicy, radiant 🙌🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽

    • Kelsey Tebedo
      Kelsey Tebedo Hace un año +1

      I found Shan through Desi! My favs! ♥️

    • Nagham Boughader
      Nagham Boughader Hace un año +2

      Desi Perkins love you both♥♥ i realy love that you support other guru

    • Shaaanxo
      Shaaanxo  Hace un año +6

      Desi Perkins 💜💜💜💜💋 thanks girl!

  • lkell39
    lkell39 Hace un año

    I’m definitely a gloss girl 👄

  • Samantha Jaé
    Samantha Jaé Hace un año

    i’m always going to be a matte kind of girl... dewy just makes me look sweaty and it’s not cute! I do loveeee lip gloss

  • China Wright
    China Wright Hace un año


  • Allison Wong
    Allison Wong Hace un año


  • Mary Hazel Evelyn x
    Mary Hazel Evelyn x Hace un año

    my favourites are definitely gloss💗

  • Kendra Smith
    Kendra Smith Hace un año

    I like mattes that are transfer proof because I have 4 kids and a husband that all receive kisses. But, you have to find the perfect formula that isn’t too drying but also doesn’t leave that funky line inside your lip. Maybelline vivid matte ones are pretty good. But can leave the line 😬 I love the look of glosses! But, living in a windy place, they aren’t ideal. Satins just smear too much for me

    INFINITY POOL Hace un año

    I love lip crayon type of things. It's really hard to find a lip product that doesn't make my lips peel like a snake lol. The NARS lips crayons is the only product I've found so far that doesn't make my lips peel.

  • Justyna Wolny
    Justyna Wolny Hace un año

    i love this orange color

  • Megan Powell
    Megan Powell Hace un año

    The clarins lip oils are by far my fave! Especially the honey with the gold bits in it. Not too sticky and make your lips look amazing 😍

  • Janin
    Janin Hace un año

    I'm in the bathroom with your video playing in the background and I'm using the exact same dermalogica exfoliator 😂😂

  • Chloe O'Leary
    Chloe O'Leary Hace un año

    Looks a lot like emmasrectangle’s recent glossy look, great minds think alike!

  • Reish
    Reish Hace un año +1

    I like cream and velvet finish lipsticks, but I'm also a lip tint hoarder LOL
    Also s/o to the rest of the crooked nose gang~

  • leniKamperoglouΜakyazmamis

    Bravo Shaanxo!

  • Tayla Louise Armstrong
    Tayla Louise Armstrong Hace un año

    Please use the rose gold shade!

  • Prisya Thalia Basir
    Prisya Thalia Basir Hace un año

    I love satin finish lip products! But lately i've been looooving glosses 💖

  • Amanda Gustavsson
    Amanda Gustavsson Hace un año

    I have used that dermalogica scrub and I love it! I have VERY sensitive skin! I mean when I touch my skin... hello tomato!
    I think i need to buy it again 😃
    Thank you for the great video ❤️

  • Gigi Hunt
    Gigi Hunt Hace un año

    holy hell this look is amazing!! god Shannon you are so talented I want to wear this for my birthday this weekend!! I used to be all about the matte but I love glow now you just look so much fresher and youthful!

  • Madison Golobe
    Madison Golobe Hace un año

    U inspired me to declutter my makeup thank u for letting branching me out of my comfort zone

  • Erika Balmaceda
    Erika Balmaceda Hace un año

    Super pretty❤️❤️❤️

  • Chelsea Treagus
    Chelsea Treagus Hace un año

    Yusss!! Please do a drug store version!!!!

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee Hace un año

    Wow your skin looks so beautiful! I am definitely trying out the exfoliating powder! Love the eye look it’s so simple but so beautiful

  • sarah
    sarah Hace un año

    I'd love to see a tutorial of travel-friendly/vacation/holiday makeup!! maybe something that would also be good for humid weather? love youuuu :)

  • Megan Griggs
    Megan Griggs Hace un año

    I loveee glosses, They are easier to re-apply!

  • Ádac Barbosa
    Ádac Barbosa Hace un año

    I like all matte! Dewy only for skincare. Hahahaha

  • Bella Clark
    Bella Clark Hace un año +1

    that laugh at 16:25 gives me life

  • Jessi C
    Jessi C Hace un año

    Shannon this look is amazing on you! Your skin is so gorgeous

  • Chantelle Melendez
    Chantelle Melendez Hace un año

    This is beautiful!!! I love the lip color!

  • Naima Phillips
    Naima Phillips Hace un año

    Okay but the skin looks sooo G O O D ✨ And your highlighter (XO Beauty) is stunning as well. Please tell me that you have multiple shades? 🙏🏽 Loved this look 💕

  • Epic Erin
    Epic Erin Hace un año

    I like matte but I always go for you gloss or something satin.

  • Rachelle Berry
    Rachelle Berry Hace un año

    I prefer lipstick bullets 100000% over liquid lipsticks regardless of the finish they always look better in my opinion

  • Kayla Morgan
    Kayla Morgan Hace un año

    When you were in the middle of your highlighter and then you decided to lightly put your XObeauty highlighter all over your face i thought it was going to look a bit too glowy and you would look a bit greasy but you pulled it together, as always. Love you Shaan ❤❤

  • Carleen Richards
    Carleen Richards Hace un año

    Just joined your Chanel an I love Dewey looks. An I have dry skin so am try that skin care routine.

  • Mel
    Mel Hace un año

    lovely look!!! i LOVEE tints and creams too

  • Shakira Shakira
    Shakira Shakira Hace un año

    Love this look. I've been wearing nothing but dewy looks for the past month. I use to do matte looks all the time. But as I'm getting older I prefer that natural radiant look. It looks healthy and very awake. I don't have a particular lip finish. I wear all type of lippies.

  • Bec Rowe
    Bec Rowe Hace un año

    This is the definition of summer🌻