Massive Schnitzel Record Challenge in Germany!!


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  • Randy Santel
    Randy Santel  Hace un año +166

    Hey everyone thanks for watching!! My first food challenge attempt in the country of Germany and it was absolutely massive!! It was my first time having legitimate German schnitzel as well. Wednesday's video will feature a schnitzel challenge too. We appreciate everyone watching and sharing our videos, and especially all help via

    • Joanne Noonan
      Joanne Noonan Hace 2 meses some amount of food to consume ,but I honestly don't see the point,must be on its way out the other end before he was held way through.

    • Aljosa Skrabelj
      Aljosa Skrabelj Hace 8 meses +1

      Start with his early videos before you make retarded comments like this.

    • Lawrence Grott
      Lawrence Grott Hace 9 meses

      Randy Santel what's with the retarded bicep flex, the retarded pre grazing routine, and the retarded narration. You're a slob. Way to show other countries you eat like a farm animal. I accidentally stumbled on you videos last night. I regret it.

    • None of your business
      None of your business Hace un año

      SPUDDMD never beef. Pork or veal.

    • Brig Commander
      Brig Commander Hace un año

      I don't ever plan to start competitive eating - but this inspires me to just push through, get the job done and 'win before I begin'

  • Nicco melton
    Nicco melton Hace 22 horas

    You should do live challenges that would be entertaing to see in real time how you destroy theses challanges

  • John Tatoian Enterprises John Tatoian JD Esq.

    He's getting to be a fatty.

  • Srushti Kadam
    Srushti Kadam Hace 7 días +1

    That was the longest applause ever, it made me anxious. In my head I was going 'Randy, eat before the stop clapping'!

  • Amir Hosein
    Amir Hosein Hace 8 días

    Look at that retard with ponytail just sitting there like a dumbass

    HNYHRMI HNYHRMI Hace 11 días +2

    The guy with the beard need slaps

  • E&F Zone
    E&F Zone Hace 14 días

    You are a legend...Respect you sir, hope i gt to meet you some day!!

  • thomas kesuma
    thomas kesuma Hace 14 días

    i am not sure about the strategy but i am gonna just pick em and eat em LOL!! this crack me up good

  • Hopeless Games
    Hopeless Games Hace 16 días

    This is so unhealthy and painful looking

  • Marcelo Coccorese
    Marcelo Coccorese Hace 16 días

    Desculpa meu caro Randy, essa você perdeu. Não comeu as batas fritas... KKKKK

  • Der Garten- und Küchenfuchs

    Nice, but i will take the "Championship" back to Germany :) I am in training since a few weeks :) I will eat 3050 g of Schnitzel in "Der Waldgeist" :)

  • m4_c@$$
    m4_c@$$ Hace 18 días

    Naja die 2 essen ja auch wie 2 schwuchte**

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Hace 18 días

    music kinda lame but this guy eats like he found the key to the matrix

  • rahul ghosh
    rahul ghosh Hace 22 días

    How can you eat so much. Did you have a furnace in your stomac??

  • Otto W
    Otto W Hace un mes

    at the end of the day..........GREED RULES!!!

  • Dan Leyland
    Dan Leyland Hace un mes

    Wow - Randy. You need to get yourself back in the gym son. You were quite a big lad when you started all this shiz but now, ahem, you need to get some cardio going. Love what you do man

  • Kerri W
    Kerri W Hace un mes

    Yummy looking food, My family members and I love schnitzel. Glad you did this one.

  • Jemma Hamilton
    Jemma Hamilton Hace un mes

    Hi, why don't u challenge furious Pete an Matt stornie that will be the day

  • Logen
    Logen Hace un mes

    randy really let himself go

  • lil lena lietz
    lil lena lietz Hace un mes

    Eins... Zwei.... Drei..boom! Luv schnitzel.... I would have smothered them in the gravies! Miss Germany!

  • Paul Kinkade
    Paul Kinkade Hace un mes

    I love Schnitzel. We fortunately of a Hof Brau Haus in Newport, KY. They have great, authentic German food.

  • Eric Holm
    Eric Holm Hace un mes

    At least the skinny guy gave it a valiant effort... Tubby with the glasses is an embarrassment. BIG Win Randy! Congrats! You're my hero!

  • christschool
    christschool Hace un mes

    How do you even make a schnitzel that large?

  • LoudBoi
    LoudBoi Hace un mes

    I live in Flörsheim thats 10 minutes from Hofheim haha amazing

  • flameless Fire
    flameless Fire Hace un mes

    Keine Sauce dazu gegessen 😂😉

  • wayne wayne
    wayne wayne Hace un mes

    Was schneiden die das Schnitzel omg rein damit

  • lusmas99
    lusmas99 Hace un mes

    This dude should be on Man versus Food.

  • Mark GP Atherton
    Mark GP Atherton Hace un mes


  • Sonu Mishra
    Sonu Mishra Hace un mes

    Come In Delhi than take a challenge,,,3 Paratha in 1 hour eating ,,,can you do this,,,, Address is Princa da Paratha uttam nagar Delhi

  • Andres  Pagan
    Andres Pagan Hace un mes


    ALDRIQUES JACOBS Hace 2 meses

    easy challenge. disrespect to even call it a challenge

      ALDRIQUES JACOBS Hace 2 meses

      +Randy Santel do you have whatsapp then we can talk. your videos is dope

    • Randy Santel
      Randy Santel  Hace 2 meses

      ALDRIQUES JACOBS lol if you go beat that, I’ll pay for all your travel expenses.

  • Information villagers
    Information villagers Hace 2 meses

    Keep Going bro

  • Maximus Hikewright
    Maximus Hikewright Hace 2 meses

    Randy how much pussy can you eat?

  • Ronald Bastyr
    Ronald Bastyr Hace 2 meses

    The glasses guy is getting a free lunch, maybe he didn’t get the point

  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan Hace 2 meses

    Randy has some insane genetics, his dad must have banged a gorilla.

  • Lars Pettersson
    Lars Pettersson Hace 2 meses

    Does all americans wear baseballcaps? Look's so childish.

  • tropingreenhorn
    tropingreenhorn Hace 2 meses

    warm soda..... unacceptable

  • HachiZenki
    HachiZenki Hace 2 meses

    Man that schnitzel looks dry and tough.

  • 1980Triumph
    1980Triumph Hace 2 meses

    That guy with the white t shit in the background is incredible noisy

  • p
    p Hace 2 meses

    Hey Randy,
    you are awesome. I bet you could eat a full grown monkey. !!

  • Cockney John
    Cockney John Hace 2 meses

    I wonder how much grass "Randy" has to smoke to consume this amount of food??!!!

  • Cockney John
    Cockney John Hace 2 meses

    "Randy" right....

  • Mariusz Baginski
    Mariusz Baginski Hace 2 meses

    furious pete would show u how to do it the right way dude

  • telephonic
    telephonic Hace 2 meses

    Why was he drinking fizzy soda's...That's the worst drink to have when doing a food challenge.

  • Brendan Jeffrey
    Brendan Jeffrey Hace 2 meses


  • Chris Pearce
    Chris Pearce Hace 2 meses

    WTF is that idiot doing with the glasses on sitting eating like he is in front of the Queen?!!!.

  • Buzz Killington III
    Buzz Killington III Hace 2 meses

    4:09 black shirt guy asks beard guy "why are you ever here pussy?"

  • Xmkj13X
    Xmkj13X Hace 2 meses

    Make it rain shirt is boss!

  • Enrico Alberto Cerri
    Enrico Alberto Cerri Hace 2 meses

    you're the be(a)st man!!!! Respect!!! :)

  • Cosmo Rea
    Cosmo Rea Hace 2 meses

    Black guy in Germany wow!

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor Hace 2 meses

    Randy eats like a caterpillar. :)

  • Bonn Stevens
    Bonn Stevens Hace 2 meses

    a beast dude...and to give some perspective of the volume...look at how tight the shirt is before he starts vs after he finished.

  • Jeff from Jersey
    Jeff from Jersey Hace 3 meses

    The Schnitzel is a GO to Favorite of mine ..but this is just way over the top.. Good gawd , may the Lord have Mercy on anyone who even tries to Beat this Record.. They should have a Poster of you on the wall .

  • james sc
    james sc Hace 3 meses

    If he had 2 hours to break the record he could have taken his time and actually enjoyed the meal instead of wolfing it down in 30 minutes

  • JohntechFL
    JohntechFL Hace 3 meses

    I thought I was gonna choke just watching you inhale those schnitzels.

  • IC BM
    IC BM Hace 3 meses

    It's like watching a Catapiller eat a leaf.

  • Lennart Fischer
    Lennart Fischer Hace 3 meses

    Thats the Endlösung of the Schnitzelfrage! 😂😂

  • Soumyarup Paul
    Soumyarup Paul Hace 3 meses

    Lol that guy eating with a fork and knife

  • wayne conrad
    wayne conrad Hace 3 meses

    KICK them KRAUTS asses,,,,,gittterrrrdunnnn

  • Phil
    Phil Hace 3 meses

    Remember that a Schnitzel half the size of one of these is the standard portion that makes a normal person full. So this is basically 10 portions.

  • romber58
    romber58 Hace 3 meses

    American culture laid out for all to see....what a guy...we need more of his like...

  • MsCameronMitchell
    MsCameronMitchell Hace 3 meses

    3:06 der kleine junge :D

  • pitbylllson
    pitbylllson Hace 3 meses

    the dork with beard can fuck off... not even trying.... Choose a homeless person next time. oh wait your not in the US

  • MorleyHaus Bloodlines
    MorleyHaus Bloodlines Hace 3 meses

    I love how he uses the “challenge” to be devoid of all table manners..... slumericans make me laugh

  • Asthall Adventurer
    Asthall Adventurer Hace 3 meses

    you didn't use the sauce dude, and diet coke will just blot you out.

  • Vaughan
    Vaughan Hace 3 meses

    you didn't eat the fries your such a bad competitive eater. stop doing that pose swell your biceps are like peanuts

  • jim crow
    jim crow Hace 3 meses

    Stay hungry man!

  • McPhate
    McPhate Hace 3 meses

    hes loving it the fat cunt :D :D

  • Devin Gibbs
    Devin Gibbs Hace 3 meses

    What song is playing

  • Joshua Mccaulley
    Joshua Mccaulley Hace 3 meses

    That make it rain shirt is cool

  • Spetterende Speklap
    Spetterende Speklap Hace 3 meses

    Thats my normal meal..

  • Anthony Gillis
    Anthony Gillis Hace 3 meses +1

    These krauts keep looking at each other like "is it cheating that he's american?"

  • john doe
    john doe Hace 3 meses

    Past life T-Rex confirmed

  • Steve Gareau
    Steve Gareau Hace 3 meses

    He's developing a get set of tits and gut for someone that works out and competitive eats

  • underfrogg
    underfrogg Hace 3 meses

    the diet coke helps you not gain weight?

  • svt ford mania cobra
    svt ford mania cobra Hace 3 meses

    really man! way to go!!

  • Santos Santos
    Santos Santos Hace 3 meses +1

    😄The other 2 kept it true to their manners knife and fork

  • THOMAS Lukehart
    THOMAS Lukehart Hace 3 meses +1

    german food and german heavy metal go together..!!..i love germany .!!

  • Faery Child
    Faery Child Hace 3 meses

    Fabian dude is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry Becker Jr
    Larry Becker Jr Hace 3 meses

    that will be a big dump later lol

  • RoboJokes
    RoboJokes Hace 3 meses

    Was für zwei Vollspasten.

  • Ninja Crumb
    Ninja Crumb Hace 3 meses

    Dude!!! You are too flabby to flex anymore!!

  • Kenneth Salyers
    Kenneth Salyers Hace 3 meses +2

    The sauce would of helped a lot German food is the best

  • ano pseudo
    ano pseudo Hace 3 meses

    55 minutes for these 5 small slices of meat ? That's no challenge at all, that's kinda enjoying the meal.

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega Hace 3 meses

    please stop talking

  • All Day
    All Day Hace 4 meses

    Hi randy.oh tell the other two pussies i said hi also.

  • realeques
    realeques Hace 4 meses

    he went from muscular to manboobs

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees Hace 4 meses

    OK first off fuck face...I HATE when you do that stupid flex thing with the shit eating grin before and after your challenges. It really pisses me off. Stop doing that. It makes me want to dropkick you. Secondly look at people staring at you like you are some kind of barbarian. I hate you!

  • Dean
    Dean Hace 4 meses

    Miley or Kesha? Dude, really? I thought you where better than that.

    ALFREDO SALGADO Hace 4 meses

    Randy The Savage Santel!!!!

  • MDFlight
    MDFlight Hace 4 meses

    watching the German cringe as a German is atleast 10x as cringy, cause you know that basically every German is exactly like that ;DDD

  • Cynthia Kline
    Cynthia Kline Hace 4 meses

    Awesome job as always!!! Tho serving the gravy boats directly on the food was a bit unhygienic and as an x-cook Id not ever do that here in the states. Past that those schnitzel look yummy!!!

  • deepak singh
    deepak singh Hace 4 meses


  • jennyroo *-*
    jennyroo *-* Hace 4 meses

    Holy Schnitzel! Impressive as fuck! 😍

  • Henning
    Henning Hace 4 meses +1

    :) your not in Frankfurt
    your in Hofheim that belongs to the Taunus. ;) its close but its not Frankfurt
    The restaurant is always worth a visit

  • Scott S
    Scott S Hace 5 meses

    I love me some schnitzel!

  • Mujo Desp
    Mujo Desp Hace 5 meses

    the guy with glasses, eats like a pussy.

  • Craig Andrews
    Craig Andrews Hace 5 meses

    WOW. Back then, you were putting on the weight. Now, you do look like Atlas.

  • Pascal Gerber
    Pascal Gerber Hace 6 meses

    Waldgeist translatet in Englisch ist forestghost

  • Groove Federation
    Groove Federation Hace 6 meses

    your name should be 'the caterpillar '