Noah Centineo Surprises Fans

  • Publicado el 22 sep 2018
  • Noah has a lot of loyal fans so we decided to have some fun with them. We put Noah in a disguise and sent him out onto Hollywood Blvd. to give some of them the experience of a lifetime.
    Judge James - Landlord Have Mercy!ídeo.html

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Comentarios • 728

  • Mackenzie Lewis
    Mackenzie Lewis Hace 21 un hora

    So many people pronounce is last name wrong! That's probably why he mumbled it to make sure Jimmy said it right! 😂

  • Montana Macey
    Montana Macey Hace 2 días

    I LOVE this video and Noah!!!

  • Ezekiel Butterscotch
    Ezekiel Butterscotch Hace 6 días

    since when is the fuckboy from austin and ally the new teen heartthrob

  • Lily Parker
    Lily Parker Hace 9 días

    i would die

  • Leydi Laura Arango
    Leydi Laura Arango Hace 10 días

    Is Much handsome

  • Nittó Destiny Amazing Movie tv

    Noah NoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoahNoah

  • Melati Ayu
    Melati Ayu Hace 16 días

    if and only if he is near me, i’ll grab his hair, really. haha

  • AYSIYU _Denise
    AYSIYU _Denise Hace 25 días


  • AYSIYU _Denise
    AYSIYU _Denise Hace 25 días


  • AYSIYU _Denise
    AYSIYU _Denise Hace 25 días


  • ItzTxti
    ItzTxti Hace 29 días

    i need to meet his mother and father & thank them for creating such a beautiful fine ass human being😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Brenda Saraiva
    Brenda Saraiva Hace 29 días


  • amrina dz
    amrina dz Hace 29 días

    i'm the only one who think that noah centineo is overrated

  • taelicious
    taelicious Hace un mes

    alright he’s fine

  • Jasmine Zhu
    Jasmine Zhu Hace un mes

    Noah Centineo 😍 is so damn cute 💓

  • Taray Cadiente
    Taray Cadiente Hace un mes

    oh god he looks soooooooo gooooooooddddd

  • Pandie Playz
    Pandie Playz Hace un mes

    Noah is so hot 😀😃

  • Svenja
    Svenja Hace un mes

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Hace un mes

    So that’s what we’re doing now... cool

  • Alessia Mariani
    Alessia Mariani Hace un mes

    His voice is really too much sexyyyyyyyy. I think I’m gonna die

  • Clout
    Clout Hace un mes

    He isn’t cute

  • Amiya Santosh
    Amiya Santosh Hace un mes

    I loooove him

  • Sarah Najam
    Sarah Najam Hace un mes

    How did he get so popular?

  • Lizzie Decembre
    Lizzie Decembre Hace un mes

    Everyone knew at first sight😂😂😂😂😂😂

    RACHANA PATEL Hace un mes

    He’s so fuckin cute I can’t

  • Sujey Figueroa
    Sujey Figueroa Hace un mes

    I would freak out if i saw noah Centino

  • Forever Gomez
    Forever Gomez Hace un mes +44

    They are big fans they don’t even know the name of his character on the fosters

    • SavanaSalt O.o
      SavanaSalt O.o Hace un día +1

      Forever Gomez he is Jesus 😂💞👌🏻

    • Citlali Hernandez
      Citlali Hernandez Hace 2 días

      The moment I knew he was in The Fosters I start watching it.

    • Sam Hayet
      Sam Hayet Hace 11 días

      Probably because they've only seen his movies, not the TV show.

  • lana a
    lana a Hace un mes

    we called him cute once and he took it the wrong way

  • Aliyah. X
    Aliyah. X Hace un mes

    Omg 😮

  • LivinwithJennifer
    LivinwithJennifer Hace un mes

    3 months ago if he did this ..nobody would give af...but i would because i watched him from the fosters

  • Nuria Granados
    Nuria Granados Hace un mes

    Do this with Tom Holland and then I'll go crazy

  • Tiyana Jayaweera
    Tiyana Jayaweera Hace un mes

    no matter how disguised he looks, he is still handsome

  • dandi lion
    dandi lion Hace un mes

    Those girls were calm me I would have jump on him and take a strand of his hair and a piece of his clothes

  • Coraline
    Coraline Hace un mes


  • Zamzam Abdul
    Zamzam Abdul Hace un mes

    that should've been me smh... 1:27

  • Lauren Snodgrass
    Lauren Snodgrass Hace un mes

    I’m living for Noah centineo!❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  • eleni leontaki
    eleni leontaki Hace un mes


  • k a i l e y
    k a i l e y Hace un mes

    Those aren’t even loyal fans and I would’ve started crying to hug him smh.

  • Someone
    Someone Hace un mes

    He’s so gorgeous

  • Lovely Tutorials
    Lovely Tutorials Hace un mes

    I hate how they just forget about Austin and Ally

  • paulettee rodriguez
    paulettee rodriguez Hace un mes

    he’s sooo handsomeee🤤😩

  • Emma cheers123
    Emma cheers123 Hace un mes


  • Jevisus Ola
    Jevisus Ola Hace un mes

    Oh he's so cute think iam gonna die

  • Socially Awkward Fangurrl

    Why is like EVERYONE (who lived in Florida) FROM BOCA RATON!!!

  • Peter Prankster
    Peter Prankster Hace un mes

    Funny Jimmy says CONGRATS ON YOUR NEWFOUND FAME....Jimmy, he's been acting for like 10 years. I remember seeing him on Austin & Ally a good 7 years ago. He isn't new to the scene!

  • F K
    F K Hace un mes


  • Rustin •
    Rustin • Hace un mes

    OMJ they r so lucky 💔☹️👍🏻

  • Adriana Vasquez
    Adriana Vasquez Hace un mes +1

    He's so handsome❤

  • Marisol Ochoa
    Marisol Ochoa Hace un mes +1

    Eres un papasito

  • Niki Williams
    Niki Williams Hace un mes

    I live in boca raton!!!

  • the owner of magic shop

    noah in a suit.... oh hell yeah

  • ellabebe
    ellabebe Hace un mes

    I was like girls touch his fuckin hair 😍

  • Kyla Wang
    Kyla Wang Hace un mes

    ok I love him don’t hate on me, but he’s getting overhyped just a little. he gained 13 mill after tatbil and lana should’ve deserved just as much credit

  • regina calderon
    regina calderon Hace un mes

    i love noah is so beautiful

  • Mishel Quinteros
    Mishel Quinteros Hace un mes


  • Enelda Victoria
    Enelda Victoria Hace un mes


  • Plamedie Molongi
    Plamedie Molongi Hace un mes

    high key jealous of those fans

  • Claudia Wolfhard
    Claudia Wolfhard Hace un mes

    Noaahhh !!! I love you 💕💕💕🤞🤞

  • Josue Jauregui
    Josue Jauregui Hace un mes

    Si hubiera estado ahí lo hubiera secuestrado😁😁😁😊

  • Olivia Gan
    Olivia Gan Hace un mes

    Umm whatt? I used to live in Boca Raton Florida

  • Bella Gefen-Alves
    Bella Gefen-Alves Hace un mes


  • Bobo Lara
    Bobo Lara Hace un mes

    2018??? I lovee noahh centineeoooo

  • nadya segura
    nadya segura Hace un mes +1

    No entiendo el inglés pero me encantan 😍

  • nadya segura
    nadya segura Hace un mes +1

    Soy de Ecuador 😍🇪🇨 y este chico me encanta ✨😊

  • slick sophia
    slick sophia Hace un mes

    God please let me meet this perfect man I real life

  • Valentina Ferreyra xdxd

    JAJAJA allá actúan re normal pero vos haces eso en Latinoamérica y dudo que salgas vivo JAJAJAJA

  • Sheena Luzon
    Sheena Luzon Hace un mes

    Oh i wanna kiss u

  • Fati Pambisita
    Fati Pambisita Hace un mes

    Exijo algo igual pero con Tom Holland

  • ciaran kavanagh
    ciaran kavanagh Hace un mes

    Who is he he’s in my recommend like 5 times

  • Eduardo Daniel Kucharsky Terrazas

    This guy reminds of Ricky Martin, just saying.

  • Tracy Farfán
    Tracy Farfán Hace un mes

    Anyone here from Perú?...

  • Tracy Farfán
    Tracy Farfán Hace un mes

    Anyone hear from Perú?...

  • kswiyjsisoabdicjcjcudjxjxisowpshs

    There boyfriend are going to dump all of them.

  • True Vlogger
    True Vlogger Hace un mes

    Anyone here from Ireland 🇮🇪

  • •• Callmebarhoom ••

    Who dafuq is this guy even?

  • iexclipse
    iexclipse Hace un mes

    Omg ahhhh😍

  • Anshara Fatma
    Anshara Fatma Hace un mes

    Absolute star ❤

  • Miracle Jones
    Miracle Jones Hace un mes

    1:02 *takes off beard and flashes beautiful smile* "hi guys" 😍😍😍😩😩😭😭.

    "I thought it was pronounced 'J'SUS from The Fosters" 😂😂

  • Emm Criss
    Emm Criss Hace un mes

    Soy Española

  • Katherine D.
    Katherine D. Hace un mes

    The prettiest guy in the world rn.

  • Angelina Rybakova
    Angelina Rybakova Hace un mes

    Even with the beard ❤️❤️❤️😫😫

  • Sadnecessary : Blossom

    U should this with the band milky Chance the band or Garrett Børns

  • Mya Turner
    Mya Turner Hace un mes

    He's actually cute wtf

  • Kimberly Alcantar
    Kimberly Alcantar Hace un mes

    His eyes gave him away

  • Bea Araújo
    Bea Araújo Hace un mes


  • Vanessa A.
    Vanessa A. Hace un mes

    I'm actually surprised a lot of people didn't know his character from The Fosters 😂 that's where I mainly knew him from, and a few Disney stuff.

  • Terra Alan
    Terra Alan Hace un mes

    Omg my aunt is from bocoraton 2 thats cool.

  • Steve Jarvis
    Steve Jarvis Hace un mes

    They were able to recognize him even with the fake beard on heh.

  • Kennedy Bell
    Kennedy Bell Hace un mes

    I wish I was one of those girls😂😭

  • Átila Afonso
    Átila Afonso Hace un mes

    he is so freaking adorbs omg

  • Meh
    Meh Hace un mes


  • Hollie Vlogs
    Hollie Vlogs Hace un mes

    Awh i wish he would come to England and surprise me :(

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace Hace un mes

    I'm *living* for this

  • Sophie Martin X
    Sophie Martin X Hace un mes

    I have the same birthday as Noah

  • Turdsley
    Turdsley Hace un mes

    I have no idea who this kid is.

  • Jessica Ogunlade
    Jessica Ogunlade Hace un mes

    Tbh ppl on hoped back on him cuz of to all the boys I ever loved. I always loved him since he was Dallas on Austin and ally n Jesus on the fosters buh no shade to any one who’s never seen him b4😉n just started knowing who he is

  • Tamana Ehsan
    Tamana Ehsan Hace un mes

    Noooo I wanna meet Noah centineo so bad it is my dream and my only wishhhhhhh❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤like if ya agree❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Lizzy Lopez
    Lizzy Lopez Hace un mes +1

    Can u bring Cole sprouse next :) .....Noah 😍

  • Bill Fish
    Bill Fish Hace un mes

    Who is this guy? Never heard of him!

  • Emma Adamo
    Emma Adamo Hace un mes

    why can’t that happen to me