Home Alone| Moving into my New Apartment, Paris vlog, BLACKPINK Concert!


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    there's nothing like getting to experience the world with your family ❤ absolutely loved this vlog!

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    Emily is growing right before our eyes

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      @febha 17 nerd

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      @febha 17 So? Everyone make mistakes is it just her that cannot make mistakes and you can say it both ways and it none of your business she so nice so stop being rude do you want me to say you are so annoying is it funny for you no so just stop

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  • Jeimy Araneta
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    Evelyns life is literally a Pinterest life

  • Sinary Thearak- 成哪丽
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    We can’t deny that Evelyn is such a good sister

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    Seeing Evelyn Living her best life with her sisters just makes me so happy. They’re the best when they’re all together 😂❤

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    This video was so wholesome

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    I love how evelyn wants her mom and sisters to experience things like going to paris and enjoy their moments there, it's a very oldest sister thing to do.

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    Evelyn is my motivation to work hard so I can live like this in the future.

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    Thank you, Evelyn, for giving us the chill, cozy vibes and being as beautiful as always 😌 as well as your sisters for always being hilarious 😂

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    Erica doing ‘cringy’ things wasn’t even cringe to me it was just funny 😭😭 like she’s just so naturally funny

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      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ no

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      Ur welcome I helped u get a heart from Evelyn

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      @Mr. Potatonaw man they definitely meant erica

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      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Bye get out of here

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
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      Repent to Jesus Christ “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6‬:‭33‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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    Here’s a list of things I wanna see in Evelyn’s new apartment now
    -Evelyn Emily and Erica doing vlogmas in there
    -Evelyn and Fred cooking
    -A tour
    -Home alone series

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    I might miss the old apartment, but am happy to see them happy with the new one 😃🙌🏼🙌🏼

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    I am so happy for Evelyn , it’s honestly amazing how she already got a new apartment.❤😊😊❤

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    Let’s all just appreciate whatever Evelyn does for us Love you ❤

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    im so happy to see that even tho ericas in college she still hangs out with emily and evelyn 😭

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    Seeing Evelyn so happy made my day 100 times better, I love when you guys post!

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    her mom's so chill, i love them all 🤍 Also, so much exciting events were happening, it's gonna keep me motivated for the whole week ✨✨

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    Aww this video was so wholesome 🥹 Emily is growing so quickly it’s crazy!!

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    they are literally the best siblings on earth i love you guys so much!! congrats again on your new home

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    Wonder Jadden Hace un mes

    This Vlog Makes Me So Excited! These Girls Are So Amazing When Having A Good Time Together!

  • Mahnoor Raja-Rahim
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    me seeing comments about how sweet the ha sisters are and how they get along
    Wish I could say the same thing💀💀
    btw you look so pretty with your hair up

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    Evelyn getting ready in the evening in paris is such a vibe 💋

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    im in love with how relatable they are im always so happy to know i can watch their videos at night ❤

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    I love this mother-daughter duo it’s adorable☺️❤️

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    Freya Amos Hace un mes

    This was such a wholesome vlog, loved it

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    I love your vids so much and I am so proud of you!! We catcakes are here for you...ALWAYS!!!!!

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    Evelyn's mom smile is so adorable 😭❤

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    moon river Hace un mes

    really heartwarming how evelyn always uses we like "we have a bigger place now." really proud of her living out her dreams 💌 and mama ha is adorable

  • hi xleena
    hi xleena Hace un mes

    Watching The ha sisters makes my day all the time , I love you guys !

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    I love Evelyn so much the way she thought about taking her sister's to Paris

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    Evelyn is such a good daughter!

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    The vibe when ur all together literally so funny 😭

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      Naya K Hace un mes

      we have the same pfp lmaoo

    • Leenah Awad
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      literlly this is why i love them all so much

    • Khalilah D.
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      Agreed ❤ love them

  • Kolette♡
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    Evelyn is sooo entertaining🥰
    and plus she soooo pretty🙂

  • Florida
    Florida Hace un mes

    Evelyn posting makes my day so much better ! I absolutely love ur vlogs

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    rini Hace un mes

    we love to see a girlboss thriving

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    Seeing Evelyn moving into a new apartment is crazy! Im so used to seeing Evelyn in her old apartment its crazy Im so happy for you 🎉💁‍♀️

    • ari
      ari Hace un mes

      It’s in NYC

  • joudsemreen
    joudsemreen Hace un mes

    Omg literally I love how she's always with her sisters and how her relationship with them literally my day is getting better when I watching them the ha sisters always the best I love them 💗

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    Ibrahim dobia Hace un mes

    seeing you have fun literally makes my night omg

  • shahad ibrahim
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    love how when evelyn's mother said be careful even tho Evelyn is an adult what a caring mom

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    Knoxii Hace un mes

    ive been following since ur first vlog and ur vids continue to make my day, love ur vids sm!

  • Jerry_The_Bread
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    im done with school and i can finally watch their vlogs😭 she already moved in to another apartment, missing her old home already

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    I know you guys probably don't want to but, a weekend in Stockholm would make me happy for some reason I really cannot explain haha. Sweden is my home country and it would be really fun to see what you guys think about the capital Stockholm!!

  • Yadi G
    Yadi G Hace un mes

    No matter how much time goes by the Ha sisters are still so real and funny. I love you guys lmao the apartment looks great! Hope you get to make new pretty memories with your loved ones

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    I really look forward to your guy's videos every week 😊

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    The way evelyn thought of bringing her sisters to Paris with her is so kind 💗💗

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      I mean sisters for every😂😂

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      @Tjw tell me u dont have siblings without telling me u dont have siblings 🤭

    • Nikita
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      @Zaineb Hidoussi ok okay, that’s fine

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    Your house is so beautiful i think I wanna live in Paris now 😱

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    yay ur videos always make my day evelyn! also ur mom is so cute🥹💗

  • gia
    gia Hace un mes

    I love evelyn, emily, and erica so muchh y’all are literally my favorite youtubers!! :)

  • Emma
    Emma Hace un mes

    you make my day, you and your sisters

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    Fact: Evelyn is herself with her sisters and we love it

  • Amneh Alsaadi
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    You and your mom stole my heart omg…. 🥺 you guys r so pretty i love your whole family. Your mom looks so young and beautiful ❤️ I hope this comment gets to you 🌚❤️

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  • Śèŕïňä Äģųïļąŕ

    I am so proud of you Evelyn you have come so far your taking trips to Paris going to concerts living your best life keep up the hard work your new house is so pretty can wait to see the finished product❤❤❤

  • ♡︎𝑺𝒌𝒚𝒍𝒆𝒓♥︎

    Me :who’s been waiting for her to post her new home
    Also me : I’m happy she living her best life

  • Replica._Rosa
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    Literally, the vibe between the sisters are hilarious 😭💀 and the apartment is so luxurious 👁👄👁

  • Nevaeh I walker
    Nevaeh I walker Hace un mes

    Wow congratulations Evelyn ! It’s such a beautiful place? A huge upgrade . It is a very big apartment ! ❤ so proud

  • Jennaortegaisbeautiful

    I’m at school and I’m so happy that you uploaded you made my day 10 times better love your videos❤️❤️❤️

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    Omg a new apartmenttttttt i love seeing evelyn travel at a young age with her sisters get a new nice apartment she living the life

  • Mitchie
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    Love Evelyn’s iconic screams 😂😂😂💜

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    Time stamps

    • ok
      ok Hace un mes

      @Daz bruh omfg I've literally been asking FOR WHAT REASON she went to paris can you not read tf

    • Daz
      Daz Hace un mes

      @ok “Paris Vlog”

    • ok
      ok Hace un mes

      @Daz bruh it js says she went to Paris maybe I'm blind so please enlighten me

    • Daz
      Daz Hace un mes

      @ok it’s in the literal caption

    • ok
      ok Hace un mes

      wait do you know why she went to paris ??

  • Kāwāī Dēāthrøw
    Kāwāī Dēāthrøw Hace un mes

    mom and daughter time 101, u guys are soooo cute together ! 💕💕

  • Ivaslay
    Ivaslay Hace un mes

    The apartment is so cute!

  • cinamochie
    cinamochie Hace un mes

    when evelyn thought of getting her sister with her into paris is 💗💗💗

  • krewfanx
    krewfanx Hace un mes

    Now I really want to go to Paris! It seems so pretty there :)

  • pickynikki
    pickynikki Hace un mes +94

    I wish I'll be able to treat my mom like this one day :') You guys are so cute!!

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  • S ☆
    S ☆ Hace un mes

    I literally was waiting for what felt like a year for Evelyn’s new apartment. I actually got so excited when I saw the notifications 😭😭

  • R4ND
    R4ND Hace un mes

    Their mom is so cute I love her sm!

  • hiraeth
    hiraeth Hace un mes +2

    You know you’re successful when you live in New York and you take a trip to Paris with your mom❤️❤️❤️🥹🥹🥹

  • Noice
    Noice Hace un mes +1

    U guys r literally living the life of my dreams❤ luv ur content😎😎

  • Kristen Ramey
    Kristen Ramey Hace un mes

    Omg! I love that she put the title as “ Living home alone in NYC” When she is always with her sisters.
    PS: Love you:) 💗

  • Bernadette Briones
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  • Buddha’s Advocate
    Buddha’s Advocate Hace un mes

    Erica watching out for her sister “dancing and making faces” is something else;)

  • Eva
    Eva Hace un mes +1

    I was literally having a bad day seeing u guys made it much better

  • yvonne tran
    yvonne tran Hace un mes

    honestly i’d be more than happy to help my sister move into her new place if that included a sleep over

  • Imokayluv
    Imokayluv Hace un mes

    Omg Evelyn in braids and her little outfit while eating breakfast 🥞 ☕️🥚🍳🥞🥣🧇 so cute!!!!!!!

  • eileeq
    eileeq Hace un mes +1

    I love how real erica is

  • Njsvjjjbts
    Njsvjjjbts Hace un mes

    Your mom is so pretty, her smile is sooo cute too😭❤️

  • Jolli Bee
    Jolli Bee Hace un mes

    I'm so excited to see your vlog with your new apartment !!!

  • //Aliya_ Gaming\\
    //Aliya_ Gaming\\ Hace un mes +1

    This has been an amazing journey

  • rimas saddam
    rimas saddam Hace un mes

    i am proud of you girl

  • Yatsurei
    Yatsurei Hace un mes +59

    The vibes they give of when they’re together is just amazing lol

  • Daniah:).
    Daniah:). Hace un mes

    "so cute mommy!" - Evelyn
    Her mom:) 😄

  • Kat Tracy Sosa
    Kat Tracy Sosa Hace un mes

    I wish that i can go to Paris one day with my mom since that's the country we wanted to visit

  • Daneeqa Ayra
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  • jennierubyjane☆
    jennierubyjane☆ Hace un mes

    Evelyn, I never comment as much but your and your sisters make me smile so much! Tysm:)

  • • Mocha • [ quit? ]
    • Mocha • [ quit? ] Hace un mes +1

    Emily : The sassy youngest
    Erica : The cool middle
    Evelyn : *_The one bullied by both of them_*

  • sylvia
    sylvia Hace un mes

    good luck with everything!!! and Paris looked so fun

    MANIFESTO ⭑ Hace un mes +1

    apartment is so nicee, you should make a 24hr in your apartment video!!

  • Francesca Plesca
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  • Ζανετ Τζυχερι

    Can’t wait for the apartment tourrr. Love yaaa❤️

  • krewfanx
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  • Hay
    Hay Hace un mes

    I loveee her “Alone” type of vlogs so much

  • cinamochie
    cinamochie Hace un mes

    bruh, I'm so happy for you all!!!

  • Iana Guevara
    Iana Guevara Hace un mes

    Ha Sisters always motivates me to be like you know live a life to the fullest. I want to have like a good future to do this things and im so motivate like they're all beautiful so I should too😂😂

  • Yna Cauti
    Yna Cauti Hace un mes +56

    The new apartment looks SO SO nice, but the old apartment will always have a special place in my heart 💞

  • Allanna Wong
    Allanna Wong Hace un mes +1

    Erica: “Woahh is this the oven”
    Evelyn: “No that’s the microwave, this is the oven”
    Erica: “YO WHAT-“
    Brooo this made me crack up 😭😭😭

  • sserrano23
    sserrano23 Hace un mes +2

    I literally got deja vu when they jumped on the mattress back first, because I remember when she moved in to her old apartment when they did trust fall. Time does fly fast

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    와! 에블린이 정말 자랑스럽습니다! 당신은 지금까지 왔고 당신의 가족과 당신의 콘텐츠에 대해 충분히 감사할 수 없습니다. 당신은 수년 동안 나에게 많은 영감을 주었고 계속 그렇게 해주기를 바랍니다! 다시한번 감사합니다 언니! 사랑해요! 💌

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