• Publicado el 2 ene 2018
  • 7 Pound Lobster → esclips.com/video/C8AxgP01fQ8/vídeo.html
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  • Best Ever Food Review Show
    Best Ever Food Review Show  Hace 5 meses +72

    Thanks to SKY GARDEN for making this video possible: facebook.com/SkyGardenBBQ/
    7 Pound Lobster Video → esclips.com/video/C8AxgP01fQ8/vídeo.html
    Food Bro (The dick) Insta @AdamPalmeter
    Video where I get in fight with Food Bro: esclips.com/video/Io-JERql72w/vídeo.html

    • Baz Gaming
      Baz Gaming Hace un día

      Best Ever Food Review Show .

    • Jerome Dela Cruz
      Jerome Dela Cruz Hace 4 días

      Best Ever Food Review Show can you do this in the philippines and i will join hahaha

    • Anonymous Lover
      Anonymous Lover Hace 9 días

      Best Ever Food Review Show is the seafood at skygarden is halal? cause im muslim i need to eat halal food

    • Erica Luis
      Erica Luis Hace 12 días

      What a shame...all that wasted seafood for a crappy video

    • Mogana Mona
      Mogana Mona Hace 15 días

      Cal me next time i wil show hw to eat without talking

  • Dennis Tu
    Dennis Tu Hace un hora

    8:21 look at the fly

  • Jr Burriss
    Jr Burriss Hace un hora

    Can you bring that challenge to NYC Manhattan? My 3 siblings and I can help you win that challenge.

  • Ryan Cavanaugh
    Ryan Cavanaugh Hace 2 horas

    Good video but not a good competition, 5 Matt Stonies couldn't take that down...

  • Rejoice Borro
    Rejoice Borro Hace 5 horas

    You actually dont talk much when on a food challenge. Never been on one but talking takes time. 😑

  • bxbyacee
    bxbyacee Hace 8 horas

    6:17 damn the way she looked at him

  • celtic predator
    celtic predator Hace 9 horas

    If I was there that whole boat would be in my stomach 😁😎

  • Woi Yes Loon
    Woi Yes Loon Hace 11 horas

    Wtf, shit

  • drummer27 music
    drummer27 music Hace 11 horas

    Win 1000 dollars im pretty sure all that was worth more

  • Surajit Biswas
    Surajit Biswas Hace 14 horas

    Stop fooling people. 30 kgs including shells...meat might be weighing max to max 14 kgs

  • Oanh Nguyễn
    Oanh Nguyễn Hace 14 horas

    tui có thể ăn hết

  • mr Tiger
    mr Tiger Hace 22 horas

    I watched a 3 min. Ad for you man

  • Kay Davis
    Kay Davis Hace un día

    Dude you talk waaayyyy too much for a challenge!!!!

  • Snowbunnii 1202
    Snowbunnii 1202 Hace un día

    If it was deshelled maybe but wen i saw everything was not n he said 30 mins i turned it off because it was impossible for all that to be cracked an eaten in 30 mins maybe 1 hour in a half if ur a pro at opening shells lmao...

  • The Independent Mind
    The Independent Mind Hace un día

    Mercury challenge

  • land of Lincoln
    land of Lincoln Hace un día

    V is super sexy I'd be all on her

  • Lundina Rou
    Lundina Rou Hace un día

    I’m jealous I love seafood 😍

  • Linda Ean
    Linda Ean Hace un día

    I want to eat all that.

  • Lady B
    Lady B Hace un día

    I love seafood so this is torture

  • Rajneesh Rana
    Rajneesh Rana Hace un día

    They r not eating 30 kg as shell and shell in Oster will weight around 10-12 kg...

  • Tyanna Gore
    Tyanna Gore Hace un día

    The other man is a hater

  • YezidJimenez
    YezidJimenez Hace un día

    The holocaust of the oceans turn entertainment for the world to watch. Beautiful creatures had to face a horrible death for this moron to play. GO VEGAN.

  • Hallo wolf
    Hallo wolf Hace un día


  • Ribeye Prairie
    Ribeye Prairie Hace un día

    I am crying right now of envy.....

  • slim Doc's
    slim Doc's Hace un día

    Damn that is a lot couple of blunts that'll be gone me and My 2 brothers that shit gone 😁😁😁😁 and My cousin having the munchies will do that trust me puts some seasoning and let's go no 🐙 tho

  • Technofan
    Technofan Hace un día

    There was a legit ad when u said it

  • Miguel Angel Muñoz Montoya

    How mucho that boat

  • Angela Chr
    Angela Chr Hace 2 días

    They died for nothing

  • JiminHasJamsNow
    JiminHasJamsNow Hace 2 días +1

    "Since the beginning of time, mankind has tried to conquer food."
    *SPOILER ALERT!! He doesnt finish it all in the video lmao!!* Beginning of time my ass lol XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pinchfriend
    Pinchfriend Hace 2 días

    6:17 lmao her face

  • Jefin Virgiansyah
    Jefin Virgiansyah Hace 2 días

    If the fishes are watching this, they are witnessing apocalypse.

  • blah blah
    blah blah Hace 2 días

    Worst ever food review show...there I fixed it for you

  • Princess Lopit
    Princess Lopit Hace 2 días

    you should invited people who truthfully help you to won.. those women who joined u were so annoying. hello its a competition u have to won.

  • Khalil Tucker
    Khalil Tucker Hace 2 días

    Just shut up and eat

  • nothing lol
    nothing lol Hace 2 días

    Guess he ate his eyebrows too

  • suraj kumar
    suraj kumar Hace 2 días

    Wasted a lot of food

  • I25bandit
    I25bandit Hace 2 días

    If u put it in front of me and a punch bowl full of melted butter I could eat 20 pounds of strait snow crab meat

  • Dakota Neubert
    Dakota Neubert Hace 3 días

    When he said Bing bong I fucking lost it.

  • Camryn Sayles
    Camryn Sayles Hace 3 días

    As soon as you said that a commercial popped up

  • Ricky Wavy
    Ricky Wavy Hace 3 días

    He is rushing them but he is taking his sweet time , but omg they are fine 😍.

  • Ariana Tharp
    Ariana Tharp Hace 3 días

    You ate no snow crab

  • Joe Bro
    Joe Bro Hace 3 días

    A commercial actually came on when you said that

  • Mj Bahian
    Mj Bahian Hace 3 días

    Can I join the challenge too all left over here and I will send back the shell to you 😀

  • res1492
    res1492 Hace 3 días

    "Also, he's a dick"...lmao!!.... the parts where the "Dick" is talking were really cringey he spoilt the whole video...please fuck him off next time!!!!

  • john pietros
    john pietros Hace 3 días

    The girls are cute

  • Dictator of God
    Dictator of God Hace 3 días

    How in the hell did he guess the midroll

  • Moquito SEA
    Moquito SEA Hace 3 días

    Man! bring a bros, not a chicks! they can't eat big! and it's not fun.

  • SgFatBoyGoesToGym a
    SgFatBoyGoesToGym a Hace 3 días

    BOTTOMLESS PIT, MEET ALTERNATE UNIVERSE (MIKE CHEN) both of you can tackle this together

  • Knight Armour
    Knight Armour Hace 3 días +1

    Get FuriousPete to do this challenge

  • Valmel Escarieses
    Valmel Escarieses Hace 3 días

    Im so jealous!!!

  • dave moctezuma
    dave moctezuma Hace 3 días

    Lucky ass 😭😭

  • Kazu Hosh
    Kazu Hosh Hace 4 días

    Great try but still a great seafood feast!! Just a question. What’s the title of the BGM starting at 2:28?

  • huu the
    huu the Hace 4 días

    Mấy con xấu như ma .vãi chưởng

  • wbqg
    wbqg Hace 4 días

    inv meeee QQ

  • Woe
    Woe Hace 4 días

    He's slaying a lot of Asian poon

  • 8,999,999 lượt xem
    8,999,999 lượt xem Hace 4 días

    Mấy đứa con gái địa phương xấu vãi ra :)

  • jojo n n n n n n n n n n n

    I bet my mom can finish this

  • Gottakill Gt
    Gottakill Gt Hace 4 días

    Does that come with a free coffin and death certificate? Cuz I sware u eat that u gonna get a heart attack

  • Mr, D
    Mr, D Hace 4 días

    nc nc !

  • Brittany the artist
    Brittany the artist Hace 4 días

    Can i eat now?

  • Trung Dương
    Trung Dương Hace 4 días

    6:15 Lol

  • IVC33
    IVC33 Hace 4 días

    "Tear it apart!" Lol

  • AzQueen Z
    AzQueen Z Hace 4 días

    When you said it was time, WHAT WERE YOU LOOKING AT? YOU HAD NO WATCH.

  • Aaron Picard
    Aaron Picard Hace 4 días

    6:16 lil tay spotted 👉

  • some one
    some one Hace 4 días

    "Its always a good sign when ur food leaks"😂

  • Sandra
    Sandra Hace 4 días

    Rubbish I don't like this food challenge thing
    You waste that much food for rubbish reason
    Why didn't you buy it for homeless people ?

  • Andrew Sayles
    Andrew Sayles Hace 4 días

    Y didn’t he just have all of his teammates eat at the same time cause they could’ve won

  • Muns150Fi
    Muns150Fi Hace 4 días

    yum yum

  • Lucious Meggett
    Lucious Meggett Hace 5 días


  • Ehpaw Wah
    Ehpaw Wah Hace 5 días

    why is no one talking about that girl at 6:18😂😂

  • Drunken Game
    Drunken Game Hace 5 días

    that boat cost easy over $1500 dollars in sky restaurant, and no way you can finish that boat in 30 mins, cause in 30 mins it not enough time to remove meat from the shell or beak shell from the craps,

  • Its Jada
    Its Jada Hace 5 días

    Y’all don’t know how to get down and dirty and eat it it looks bomb

  • adoreshae
    adoreshae Hace 5 días

    Needed black people to help you ...

  • Wilson Burgos
    Wilson Burgos Hace 5 días

    2:18 no words

  • Valerie Victor
    Valerie Victor Hace 5 días

    The guy that was not eating and during down is stupid and it doesn't matter what kind of stupid pants he's wearing ok your just jealous because you know he can eat more than you so if I were you I would shut the he'll up 😒😒😒😒

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Hace 5 días

    LOL 6:17

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Hace 5 días


  • Show Nuff
    Show Nuff Hace 5 días

    Look so fucking GOOD!!!!!!!!!

  • Niraj Midhun
    Niraj Midhun Hace 5 días

    Bring matt stonie and furious pete here
    They will finish in a second

  • Elgin veñegas
    Elgin veñegas Hace 5 días

    what a waste.. its more like a mouth challenge.. you talk tooooo MUCH rather than eating.

  • Gem. In.I
    Gem. In.I Hace 5 días

    Pack it up n send it to me immediately. ❤

  • Jessee Lisa Beatty
    Jessee Lisa Beatty Hace 5 días

    Seriously at Boston lobster in Orlando FLA I ate 11 lobster 7 snow crab clusters shrimp prawns oysters clams I am 5'3 and 110 lbs the manager said he had never seen such a small old lady eat so much..I'm 51..hell I only get sea food once a year..I'm gonna make the most of it lol any one wanna fund me? I'd eat and put it on camera it took me about an HR or so to eat that

  • Mista 618
    Mista 618 Hace 5 días

    Gawwwwd damn that look good

  • Eh Hser
    Eh Hser Hace 5 días +1

    “Talent none existing like your eyebrows”

  • derp dude
    derp dude Hace 6 días

    Y the fuck were all the girls so cute

  • derp dude
    derp dude Hace 6 días

    Lmao why he look like jake pauls dad

  • Anthony Moua
    Anthony Moua Hace 6 días

    Cobra Kai?

  • Davis Alanen
    Davis Alanen Hace 6 días

    Bing Bong, Grandma Lobster, Seafood Killer and Yum Yum.

  • AA Garcia
    AA Garcia Hace 6 días

    I could’ve ate all of that in one bite

  • Jahvan Anderson
    Jahvan Anderson Hace 6 días

    I want to be in this

  • OSSEF9
    OSSEF9 Hace 6 días

    Team of four?!?! Pussies

  • Tide Cruz
    Tide Cruz Hace 6 días

    Bro from the very beginning u are doomed hehehehe.✌

  • Mark Lind
    Mark Lind Hace 7 días

    That waistfull guy couldn't stop talking

  • Mark Lind
    Mark Lind Hace 7 días

    Imagine if everyone was like him the ocean would be depleted in 5 minutes

  • Ugly Nerd
    Ugly Nerd Hace 7 días

    Lolis about to evolve after this meal.

  • Ariel Mieses
    Ariel Mieses Hace 7 días

    The competitors you selected didn’t help you at all

  • vardhan rao
    vardhan rao Hace 7 días

    Does anyone know the song which started at 2.28, any one?

  • Trinity Blake
    Trinity Blake Hace 7 días

    if he shut his PIE HOLE he could have eaten more

  • hlo5
    hlo5 Hace 7 días

    What a waste of food

  • Evie Moon
    Evie Moon Hace 7 días +1

    I would do it with my dad mom uncle and yeah. Not my older sister she goes crazy when she sees any of these shelfifshes head. *Sorry for mistakes*