• Publicado el 2 ene 2018
  • 7 Pound Lobster → esclips.com/video/C8AxgP01fQ8/vídeo.html
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  • Best Ever Food Review Show
    Best Ever Food Review Show  Hace 8 meses +125

    Thanks to SKY GARDEN for making this video possible: facebook.com/SkyGardenBBQ/
    7 Pound Lobster Video → esclips.com/video/C8AxgP01fQ8/vídeo.html
    Food Bro (The dick) Insta @AdamPalmeter
    Video where I get in fight with Food Bro: esclips.com/video/Io-JERql72w/vídeo.html

  • Frances Anderson
    Frances Anderson Hace un hora

    "Seafood KILLER... and yum yum"

  • Kenangan 201008
    Kenangan 201008 Hace 3 horas

    Favourite seafood 😍😍😍😋😋

  • Ted Andersson
    Ted Andersson Hace 5 horas

    rip bank acount😂

  • Maurice Gilchrist
    Maurice Gilchrist Hace 16 horas

    Me:.What Is The Most Kilograms You’ve Ever Ate
    Her: Uggghhhhhhhh Rice

  • Saniyah Harris
    Saniyah Harris Hace 17 horas


  • mohd danial
    mohd danial Hace 18 horas

    im so jealous, that seafood is so much expensive in my country..

  • TheGlow bros
    TheGlow bros Hace un día

    Just get Matt Stonie and Furious Pete there

  • luna_1996
    luna_1996 Hace un día

    Hahahahahhhahahahahaha you dident heat all of it no hate tho

  • Lords M0biLe
    Lords M0biLe Hace un día

    I wish I was rich for 1 hour and get all that food. I would pick that over a house or cars lol

  • Alex San Buenaventura
    Alex San Buenaventura Hace un día

    how can you eat well when you talk too much hahaha

  • John2k CFNA
    John2k CFNA Hace un día

    How much did he pay for this lol

  • sourav debbarma
    sourav debbarma Hace 2 días

    This is not a challenge fuck you

  • Toxic AsianBoi
    Toxic AsianBoi Hace 2 días

    looks like heaven

  • Alchemistplayz list
    Alchemistplayz list Hace 2 días

    It start at 9:00 thxs me later...

    KURDLAND78 Hace 2 días


    KURDLAND78 Hace 2 días

    _them names though_

  • kevin Groom
    kevin Groom Hace 2 días +2

    9:47 i need some new eyebrows!! very funny

    • Maurice Gilchrist
      Maurice Gilchrist Hace 16 horas

      What Is The Most Kilograms You Have Ever Ate Ughhhhhh......... Rice 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Maurice Gilchrist
      Maurice Gilchrist Hace 16 horas

      kevin Groom what

  • adrian Galloza
    adrian Galloza Hace 2 días


  • baljeetkhatana
    baljeetkhatana Hace 2 días

    Seems like a fake challenge

  • FatGirl Duo
    FatGirl Duo Hace 2 días

    Helllllooo we are RIGHT HEREEEE , next time pick ussssss 😩 so we can win !!! Lol

  • audi reviews
    audi reviews Hace 2 días

    Yu are fantastic mann

  • Unknown Jkitsnotunknown

    He looks like logan paul and the default skin on fortnite

  • Patrick Calvin
    Patrick Calvin Hace 2 días

    My mouth is WATERING

  • Long Kg
    Long Kg Hace 2 días

    Thảo ak

  • nasser
    nasser Hace 2 días +1

    please what is this song i wnat it please 2:26

  • Demonn113
    Demonn113 Hace 2 días +1

    You should've asked Furious Pete to help you eat lmao

  • Mohd Iman Ahib
    Mohd Iman Ahib Hace 2 días

    is your watch invisible hm 🤔 your hair maybe the needle

  • Jhony Baruga
    Jhony Baruga Hace 2 días

    He needs guko, luffy, tukiro and naruto

    OUSSAMA ALVARREZ Hace 2 días


  • Makayla Jones
    Makayla Jones Hace 3 días

    A commercial played when he said that to!!!

  • Tarmac1
    Tarmac1 Hace 3 días

    What a shit video.

  • William M Trexler
    William M Trexler Hace 3 días


  • DEFAULTY bou
    DEFAULTY bou Hace 3 días

    I need to be there

  • DEFAULTY bou
    DEFAULTY bou Hace 3 días

    I weigh 60lb

  • Gangstar Vegas 4
    Gangstar Vegas 4 Hace 3 días

    Món việt nam ngôn chứ ông bạn

  • Timothy Jin
    Timothy Jin Hace 4 días

    he doesnt even have a watch but still looks at his wrist -_-4

  • Xxpotaota_masterxX
    Xxpotaota_masterxX Hace 4 días

    ‘Ima grab it by the butt’

  • Uyi Osa
    Uyi Osa Hace 4 días

    This is guy is totally bonkers but I won't begrudge him the pleasure of eating all 66 lbs of seafood as I've just watched him eat some boiled buffalo shit and bile in another one of his videos !!

  • Fuدk Me daddy
    Fuدk Me daddy Hace 4 días

    why u look at ur hand at he start

  • Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson Hace 5 días

    2000 peices(grains) of rice would be like 200grams

  • Medina Girlau
    Medina Girlau Hace 5 días


  • Kaki Manio
    Kaki Manio Hace 5 días

    Viet nam ????

  • khang pham
    khang pham Hace 5 días

    its hard with a 30 min time limit because u have to keep breaking off shell peices.. should of gotten more shrimp and muscles and clams.. less work more efficient

  • Prarthana_w
    Prarthana_w Hace 6 días

    Which song is it? 2:27?

  • Gbubemi Afejuku
    Gbubemi Afejuku Hace 6 días

    can i get yum yum phone number.. shes hot

  • Rose Sedeek
    Rose Sedeek Hace 6 días +1

    someone is hungry.

  • Ashley Clark
    Ashley Clark Hace 7 días

    I would love to have this much seafood!! man, I would be eating so much faster..yummy yum yum!!! (btw you all are so super cute!!! :))

  • chris jimenez
    chris jimenez Hace 7 días

    I like Yum Yum.

  • Gabrielle Mary
    Gabrielle Mary Hace 7 días

    So slow omg 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • O’BABY
    O’BABY Hace 8 días

    You should try Nigerian dishes, I’m sure u will fall in love.

  • Rain
    Rain Hace 8 días

    "if there's an ad make sure you watch all of that and come back to this show-" legit right after that an ad pops up wtf.

  • Keila Aranda Jefferies
    Keila Aranda Jefferies Hace 8 días

    I wish I could help 😂

  • live love laugh suesue
    live love laugh suesue Hace 9 días

    "I need some new Eyebrows" LOLLLL

  • RedDerby Offical
    RedDerby Offical Hace 9 días

    You should have brought me

  • King Eli vlogs
    King Eli vlogs Hace 9 días

    who else had an ad when he say that

  • Maria West
    Maria West Hace 10 días


  • Jazy Siaw
    Jazy Siaw Hace 10 días

    Omg !!! King crab , lobster , prawn is my all time favorite. Wish to be part of it ....

  • sunset Beach msp
    sunset Beach msp Hace 10 días

    Send some in a envelope

  • Jasmaine J
    Jasmaine J Hace 11 días

    The dude in the back ground is funny 😂

  • Meko Michelle
    Meko Michelle Hace 12 días

    So annoying how much you guys are talking when you’re supposed to be focused and eating fast 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Gonçalo Vaz
    Gonçalo Vaz Hace 12 días

    Big dick small chick

  • john hand
    john hand Hace 12 días

    can someone help me with the song at 2:27

  • Alan Novaes
    Alan Novaes Hace 12 días

    This man just looked at a watch that wasn’t there

  • amv___amv___amv
    amv___amv___amv Hace 12 días

    Hey I’m not mad but you killed all of those crabs and lobsters just to gorge your self. You should eat to live, not live to eat.

  • John Lim
    John Lim Hace 12 días

    Half of those are shell.....I think I can do better even put all the total weight of food they had eaten...mmmmmm..look so yummy.....if you need somebody to help you with a food challenge...let me know, I will be happy to help you... :-). ;-)

  • V Sams
    V Sams Hace 12 días

    This is like a food trip dream come true 😍

  • Quincy Holmes
    Quincy Holmes Hace 13 días

    For some reason!!!u feel it's about about u!!! cuz it's ur show!!!I don't like u!!!PERIOD!!!

  • 5000 subs with 0 videos?
    5000 subs with 0 videos? Hace 14 días

    Asians are ugly lol

  • Chenster24
    Chenster24 Hace 15 días

    looks like you succeeded in challenging the maximum level of retardedness dumbass I hope you get crippled by gout and arthritis one day

  • marilyn tiglao
    marilyn tiglao Hace 15 días

    i wish im one of the team! I LOOOOOOOOOVE SEA FOODS!!!!!

  • marilyn tiglao
    marilyn tiglao Hace 15 días

    i wish im one of the team! I LOOOOOOOOOVE SEA FOODS!!!!!

  • Verina Ramadani
    Verina Ramadani Hace 16 días

    Can they die of too much mercury?

  • mobile Legends Gaming Bicol

    Such a mouth watering sea foods 😋😋 makes me hungry I can eat a lot of that 😁

  • Brandon Keal
    Brandon Keal Hace 16 días

    You sound like the greatest powerpuff girl villain.

  • Mariza Cañaveral
    Mariza Cañaveral Hace 16 días

    Ohhhh wowww! I need to be in that challenge. Lol

  • Paiman Yousafi
    Paiman Yousafi Hace 17 días

    lmao the owner said no fomfum instead of no problem

  • Paiman Yousafi
    Paiman Yousafi Hace 17 días

    Team Bong bing and Yum Yum and Team Lobster killer and Team Grandma Lobster

  • Rico Tucker
    Rico Tucker Hace 17 días

    i wish was there

  • mike dunmore
    mike dunmore Hace 18 días

    3k challenge

  • Ladiiandchief Smith
    Ladiiandchief Smith Hace 18 días

    Should have called Veronica, BLove, Max Stone, Me, and Quang we woulda got that paper

  • Jatsing Mok
    Jatsing Mok Hace 18 días

    Jason Statham is that you?

  • Mic Sobrevega
    Mic Sobrevega Hace 18 días

    You should have your own show in the food network. Your foodventures is way better

  • Jerry Adams
    Jerry Adams Hace 18 días

    Please, please lose the food puke - arrogant SOB.

  • mysticqueen74
    mysticqueen74 Hace 18 días

    You needed Matt Stonie for this challenge!

  • AngelicKitty
    AngelicKitty Hace 18 días

    how much did that whole thing cost??

  • zhi Li
    zhi Li Hace 18 días

    I love seafood like really love seafood i die for it

  • Samurai-K
    Samurai-K Hace 19 días

    This would be a dope anime

  • Steve Chan
    Steve Chan Hace 19 días

    You talked more than you ate! C'mon!

  • Jennifer Saiz
    Jennifer Saiz Hace 19 días

    I would love to do this challenge

  • Rose Cayas
    Rose Cayas Hace 19 días

    how i wish i can try dat giant crab..i feel hungry while watching my mouth watering

  • Salsa Burrito
    Salsa Burrito Hace 19 días

    If me,my brother and cousins (guys) would do that challenge, 20 minutes or less we would finish it already

  • jedplays123 dunan
    jedplays123 dunan Hace 19 días

    What if matt stonie is there

  • Ashley Taylor
    Ashley Taylor Hace 19 días

    Take me on your next seafood take down definitely will take down 10pds

  • Richard Jackson
    Richard Jackson Hace 20 días +2

    'Hasn't seen this many craps since Spring break' Ha!

  • Griffin VanDerStuyf
    Griffin VanDerStuyf Hace 20 días

    Not gonna lie sounds like a win win situation

  • Myleah Solis
    Myleah Solis Hace 20 días

    Should of got Matt stone and ferrous peat

  • Ryan Meinecke
    Ryan Meinecke Hace 20 días

    Can we get a man v food collab with u

  • Maynorelie Abigail Solís
    Maynorelie Abigail Solís Hace 21 un día

    Worst show ever.why can't everyone eat at the same time.... Girls should atleast tie their hairs up.

  • Zoid Burg
    Zoid Burg Hace 21 un día

    How much did that cost?