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  • Best Ever Food Review Show
    Best Ever Food Review Show  Hace un año +301

    Thanks to SKY GARDEN for making this video possible: facebook.com/SkyGardenBBQ/
    7 Pound Lobster Video → esclips.com/video/c8axgp01fq8/vídeo.html
    Food Bro (The dick) Insta @AdamPalmeter
    Video where I get in fight with Food Bro: esclips.com/video/io-jerql72w/vídeo.html

    • Mike Georgius
      Mike Georgius Hace 8 días

      I love foid challenges but this one is stupid. I love Sonnys videos but not this one. How di you not know how to eat whats in the challenge? To much talking. Dumb. Sorry. Love yoy though...

    • Phantom Battlefront gaming
      Phantom Battlefront gaming Hace 13 días

      Food bro is a negative ass hole

    • vi'el Delo Baroza
      vi'el Delo Baroza Hace 14 días

      Mouthwatering. 😍😍😍 plz bring me that kind of food..

    • Jennifer Jen
      Jennifer Jen Hace un mes

      How much was this whole thing??

    • Rogene lights the way Vlogs
      Rogene lights the way Vlogs Hace un mes

      My favourite show

  • 1RedRightHand1
    1RedRightHand1 Hace un hora

    Should have picked kate yup. That and let everyone eat all at once

  • Russel Vasconez
    Russel Vasconez Hace un hora

    Who else got that commercial on the dot

  • Alizs Cruz
    Alizs Cruz Hace 7 horas

    The funny part is when he looked in his wrist he didn't have a watch 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Lotte Babo1
    Lotte Babo1 Hace 9 horas

    I would love to join that challenge..maybe i could eat at least 10kg. I love sea foods. Love from Philippines 😍💕😘

  • NightDream Sans
    NightDream Sans Hace 14 horas

    Literally got a commercial when he said it

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Hace 19 horas

    30kg? What’s that in American units?

  • Da Asian
    Da Asian Hace 20 horas

    I don't like seafood , like how?!?! They make it seem like it taste so nice but to me it taste horrible.

  • Marsh Mellow
    Marsh Mellow Hace 21 un hora

    Sumo wrestlers would destroy that boat

  • Lauren
    Lauren Hace 22 horas

    I don’t even wanna know how much that all cost lmao

  • T N
    T N Hace un día

    How much does that boat of seafoods cost?

  • kayliesha benavente
    kayliesha benavente Hace un día

    Tell food shit to shut up

  • Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch
    Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch Hace un día

    7 lbs!!!

  • ɪ ᴇᴍᴍᴀ
    ɪ ᴇᴍᴍᴀ Hace un día

    5:40 right after that I have a cermercial

  • Food Crave -Pinoytv
    Food Crave -Pinoytv Hace un día

    Woah! SEAFOOD!!!

    TEXMM ALR Hace un día


  • Athena D
    Athena D Hace un día


  • Runid
    Runid Hace 2 días

    Why is he making the helpers eat more than him

  • Czarina Charters
    Czarina Charters Hace 2 días

    I'm with Sonny, I hate that guy.

  • Kelly N
    Kelly N Hace 2 días

    I just want to say that I can finish that 😭

  • boklog gaming
    boklog gaming Hace 2 días

    furious Pete where are you ??

  • L .Uyen
    L .Uyen Hace 2 días

    He read my mind

  • Mcmeme Gaming
    Mcmeme Gaming Hace 2 días

    We're you two actually mad

    EXOTIC GMV Hace 2 días

    i bet if you had blove sauce you would ate it all factss

  • Thom Hilner
    Thom Hilner Hace 3 días

    Love this show and all episodes made.

  • Ms Jackson_12
    Ms Jackson_12 Hace 3 días

    BRO somebody call belove

  • Christian Pastores
    Christian Pastores Hace 3 días

    The secret on eating that much is to not eat the day before... That is if it's on the spot, one king crab is enough...

  • FifsterLukester
    FifsterLukester Hace 3 días +1

    *matt stonie wants to know your location*

  • BeautyByM
    BeautyByM Hace 3 días +1

    lol all he needed was Blove and SAS 😂

  • Jason Feliciano
    Jason Feliciano Hace 3 días

    Its ok if u didn't finish the food but that doesn't matter the only thing that does is that u tried

  • Ronxavier Valdehueza
    Ronxavier Valdehueza Hace 3 días

    I have no food and alone in this world. thank you

  • Kurmox Loyd
    Kurmox Loyd Hace 4 días

    yum yum

  • amaris fernandez
    amaris fernandez Hace 4 días

    this upsets me of the waste of seafood

  • s r
    s r Hace 4 días

    Hope uneaten food was donated

  • Kammy! Jones
    Kammy! Jones Hace 4 días


  • Kammy! Jones
    Kammy! Jones Hace 4 días

    If I were there half the plate would have been already gone and I would have been so grateful would have been on my knees praying to God saying thank you to you and the God because I'm so grateful to have that beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful yummy grub AKA Seafood and after that I would have passed out because I can't believe it would have even happened

  • jalissa ortiz
    jalissa ortiz Hace 4 días

    Looks like Logan Paul but older

  • musiclys and slime
    musiclys and slime Hace 4 días

    haha you dumb thot

  • Shamya Sqüâd
    Shamya Sqüâd Hace 4 días

    I would love to do this challenge❤️

  • Chicken Fire
    Chicken Fire Hace 4 días


  • HollyAnnxo
    HollyAnnxo Hace 4 días

    The rice answer sounded both dumb and smart lol

  • Viku Foxie
    Viku Foxie Hace 4 días

    I got Logan Paul's video in my recommended just below this video. 😂😂😂

  • The World Is Mine
    The World Is Mine Hace 4 días

    Bing Ba so tucking sexy

  • putrifiedpuppy disemboweledkitty

    how much do lobsters go for nowadays anyways?

  • Alexandria Cole
    Alexandria Cole Hace 4 días

    He wasn’t wearing a watch lol

  • Life_ With._.riyla
    Life_ With._.riyla Hace 4 días


  • Aries Astralogika
    Aries Astralogika Hace 4 días

    I would have probably finished it

  • vanesssa lloyd
    vanesssa lloyd Hace 4 días

    The comments from mystery guy, killer 😂

  • Noelle Joy
    Noelle Joy Hace 5 días

    Bruh Kate Yup would put a big ass dent in that alone

  • xXxnickmasterxXx
    xXxnickmasterxXx Hace 5 días

    There was actually a commercial when you said that

  • Giang Hoàng
    Giang Hoàng Hace 5 días

    Good luck with the taste of cold seafood

  • mary johns
    mary johns Hace 5 días

    Excellent! Keep up with the good work

  • AznDude12
    AznDude12 Hace 5 días

    How much did all that cost?? 😳

  • Mariabeliz Jaime
    Mariabeliz Jaime Hace 5 días +3

    “ Food poisoning is a state of mind “ fbnskskwjbfjsis im cackling

  • Marley Skyler
    Marley Skyler Hace 5 días

    There was a fly on the king crab

  • 3rdkoast4life
    3rdkoast4life Hace 5 días

    How much is it for that boat? Me n and couple of friends are planning a trip there. We would tear that up lol.

  • RIP Legendary X
    RIP Legendary X Hace 5 días

    Do you actually know how to speak fluent Japanese just asking

  • Brandon Luu
    Brandon Luu Hace 5 días

    Matt stonie, joey chestnaut, and furious pete

  • Mr Swag
    Mr Swag Hace 6 días

    You noob bro
    @MATH STONIE for some help

  • Redeyed Bomber
    Redeyed Bomber Hace 6 días

    He should have brought Matt Stonie

  • Howard Mphembe
    Howard Mphembe Hace 6 días

    Too much talking than eating, just wasting our data

  • Howard Mphembe
    Howard Mphembe Hace 6 días

    Please the Song 02:28😍😍😍😍😍 anyone knows it?? Reply

  • Alecca
    Alecca Hace 6 días

    “I need some new eyebrows” LOL

  • I'm that girl that leaves good comments

    Im gettn full by looking at this😂😂😂😂😂

  • Janine Sasser-Grafton
    Janine Sasser-Grafton Hace 6 días

    Oh man, I would love to eat all that seafood, yummy!

  • anna lea saulda
    anna lea saulda Hace 6 días

    If they were 5 men + sonny they would have finished it!! 😂😂😂

  • xans rival
    xans rival Hace 6 días

    Ughh the girl with yamyam nickname is cute

  • Natallie Ortiz
    Natallie Ortiz Hace 6 días

    Right when he said even if a commercial comes on watch it and then a commercial comes on really😒😒😒😐😂😂

  • Derrick Bonilla
    Derrick Bonilla Hace 6 días

    Whos man's 15:55

  • Derrick Bonilla
    Derrick Bonilla Hace 6 días

    The food bro says be well Kept while he’s drinking like 1 gallon of beer

  • maja manic
    maja manic Hace 6 días

    Lol 30kg of food that's heavier than me

  • Sanu Sahikh
    Sanu Sahikh Hace 7 días

    Expensive waste

  • Sarai Luna
    Sarai Luna Hace 7 días

    Me: hell yea

  • Cristal Urena
    Cristal Urena Hace 7 días

    That looks sooo good

  • Nathaniel Charles
    Nathaniel Charles Hace 7 días

    try eating pagpag

    JOHN TV Hace 8 días

    go go go go dont stop eating man ... i enjoy watching man i wish i was there

  • Tam Annie
    Tam Annie Hace 8 días


  • Tam Annie
    Tam Annie Hace 8 días

    0:44 You didn't even have a watch on you lol🤣

  • Mike Georgius
    Mike Georgius Hace 8 días

    I thaught everyone was eating? That's how he described it. Who changed the rules? He should have changed the video. Now it makes no sense...Bummer... Oh I see. Still wrong.

  • Mike Georgius
    Mike Georgius Hace 8 días

    The eyebrow thing. Someone just braught it to my attention the other day. Now it's very distracting. Shit ! ! ! Peace.

  • Keaton Hatcher
    Keaton Hatcher Hace 8 días

    I mean it was a great try

  • Sonia Alcisto
    Sonia Alcisto Hace 8 días

    Sonny eating like 15 minutes speaking 15 eating lol

  • Holly Zaina
    Holly Zaina Hace 9 días

    *vegans had left the chat*

  • Mycel
    Mycel Hace 9 días

    I'm guessing that I don't actually need to point out that this is fucking stupid.

  • Dhayanidhi J
    Dhayanidhi J Hace 9 días +1

    Too much of anything is gud for nothing!!!!
    Zinc, Arsenic, Mercury and other toxic metals in Seafud.
    Misleading the people through ESclips like this bullshit challenges.
    Our Civilization ends If we are not respecting our foods. Eat less 2/3 for your stomach and give it to the needy who are helpless.

  • Khaled Hussain
    Khaled Hussain Hace 9 días

    Eating 2kg of food is hard let alone 5kg.

  • fear bear
    fear bear Hace 9 días

    Who wants to vomit

  • Regina Robinson
    Regina Robinson Hace 9 días

    Should of put me on the team that would of been demolished especially cause I'm pregnant n I crave seafood lol I just got mad they playing with the food

  • Itz Simple Bailey
    Itz Simple Bailey Hace 9 días

    The older version of Logan paul

  • Arjan Kooner
    Arjan Kooner Hace 9 días

    He's so fucking autistic, he looks at the imaginary fycjibg watch

  • Itznaldo Playz
    Itznaldo Playz Hace 10 días

    Off brand Logan paul

  • Nicolette0308
    Nicolette0308 Hace 10 días

    I wanna do that 😅😅

  • Antoni Smaruj
    Antoni Smaruj Hace 10 días

    He said you whill get a ad i got it right when he said it

  • sara neziri
    sara neziri Hace 10 días

    I'm watching this while having diarrhea...

  • Noah Ray
    Noah Ray Hace 10 días

    That first girl was super cute, but I KNEW she wasn't about to take on 5 kg of food😂

  • Jessica Clarke
    Jessica Clarke Hace 10 días

    That shit looks good🤤🤤🤤

  • Solomon Perez
    Solomon Perez Hace 10 días

    That looks delicious

  • Novo Chewy
    Novo Chewy Hace 10 días

    The girl : “how big is it?”
    The guy : “ i don’t know, should we go find out?”
    The girl : “ okay 👌”

  • Tito Denino
    Tito Denino Hace 11 días

    9:52 trihards 10:41

  • Brian Tigre
    Brian Tigre Hace 11 días

    Matt stonie where you at?