Why do AMERICANS call it SOCCER?


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  • Hassan Meraj
    Hassan Meraj Hace un mes +523

    Because Americans are isolated and they still think "what is rest of the world, we're the world"

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 5 días

      @Estela Angeles
      THERE IS NO sport in the WORLD or in any LANGUAGE of the WORLD called "soccer" RIDICULOUS IDIOT

    • Marshall Man
      Marshall Man Hace 5 días

      @Linda Easley yeah and there're more than 3,5 billion people on the earth watching that boring bullshit you said, even Ronaldo and Messi are much more popular than the supper bowl and the NBA combine🤭

    • AntonioAio
      AntonioAio Hace 11 días

      @Grant Wiley Esq. not in this case. generally - Everybody does.
      But for north americans - you have decades of work to do

    • AntonioAio
      AntonioAio Hace 11 días

      @Grant Wiley Esq. Football! Hand egg.

    • Charles Jones
      Charles Jones Hace 11 días


  • DJKeta
    DJKeta Hace un mes +191

    We call the sport "football", the ball is called simply "ball".
    What I don't understand, is why the Americans called a sport they created from rugby "football"? If they call it football because they call the ball that way.
    It also seems wrong to me. Because the balls are round, not ovoid or oval.
    On the other hand, real football has a very simple explanation. It is played with a ball, and you have to touch it mainly with your feet, without using your hands. The end.

    • Ya boy Isaac
      Ya boy Isaac Hace 11 días

      what i don’t understand is why you guys care so much about such a minuscule thing. At a basic level, you’re angry that people have different customs than you… pretty ignorant.

    • AntonioAio
      AntonioAio Hace 11 días

      @GoWestYoungMan restart school!

    • GoWestYoungMan
      GoWestYoungMan Hace 15 días +1

      Blame Canada. In the 1860s, Canada took rugby-football and altered it. As it became a distinct separate sport a new name was needed. Canadians dropped the first word (rugby) and just called it football. This new sport entered the USA in 1874 and Americans, predictably, called it football as well. When European 'football' arrived in North America, we adopted the English term 'soccer' because we already had a sport called football.

    • Josh Bwire
      Josh Bwire Hace 24 días

      @Azlan Khan so even athletics should be called football because they run on their feet. You're a sad man!

    • Philip McCarthy
      Philip McCarthy Hace 25 días +1

      @MTK I'm a big Rugby fan , can't watch American football because there's no flow and too many stoppages & then add in the insufferable ad' breaks as well.

  • raymond rosa
    raymond rosa Hace 2 meses +226

    So call it American Rugby 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ it actually fits the sport, it’s almost the same concept lol same shaped 🏈🏉 passing & tackling, kicking the ball to the opponent after scoring etc American football did originate from Rugby league football !!

    • Calthaza
      Calthaza Hace 4 días +1

      @raymond rosa People really start arguing when i call it handegg, as they play with their hands, and the ball have (almost) the shape of an egg :D

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 5 días

      @John Simmons
      FOOTBALL is the biggest popular sport practiced and loved in the WORLD The Yankee version of counterfeit rugby only exists and is consumed in the US, that cheap copy of rugby that never even made it out of the US is so SHIT, how sad and unfortunate

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 5 días

      @SuperSub Soccer
      THERE IS NO sport in the WORLD or in any LANGUAGE of the WORLD called "soccer" RIDICULOUS IDIOT

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 5 días

      @John Simmons THERE IS NO sport in the WORLD or in any LANGUAGE of the WORLD called "soccer" RIDICULOUS IDIOT

    • John Simmons
      John Simmons Hace 9 días

      @Robert Rodes American Football (AF) is very similar to Rugby League Football, with the following modifications:
      + Touchdown + conversion is 7 points in AF, 7 points in Rugby Union, verses 6 in Rugby League
      + 4 downs (tackles) in AF instead of 5;
      + reset play in middle of pitch instead of an the point of tackle;
      + restart play in AF with most of the 2 teams facing each other vs 1 to 1 in rugby;
      + blocking of opponents is allowed in AF;
      + 1 pass forward from behind line of scrummage in AF;
      + AF allows for a 2 point conversion rather than the usual 1 vs 2 points for converting a touchdown (try) in both forms of Rugby.
      + try (touchdown) doesn’t require the ball to touch the ground in AF.
      Watching a game of rugby on UK TV, the commentator referred to the game as football, so a rugby fan would call Association Football Soccer to another rugby fan, but call it football to anyone else in the UK.

  • T AAA
    T AAA Hace 2 meses +338

    "Why we don't call basketball, handball?" because there is another sport called Handball

    • Strasbourger Elsass
      Strasbourger Elsass Hace 16 días

      @MrMM1007 I just followed your (often wrong) arguments and come to the result that you are an uneducated and culturless US American fool. End of story.

    • SpursySpursss
      SpursySpursss Hace 21 un día

      In handball tho you actually use your hand
      In "football" you mainly use your hands
      And at least on basketball you throw the ball in a basket hoop
      But soccer has no point of being called soccer

    • Steve Archdekin
      Steve Archdekin Hace 24 días

      Well, it's called basketball because the Canadian who invented it used peach baskets to throw the ball into. He cut a hole in the bottom to poke the ball out with a broomstick. Basketball = Peach Basket

    • Marina
      Marina Hace 26 días

      @Suprєmє you are ignorant. You have a name for your country but I guess you still don't know what it is.

    • Suprєmє
      Suprєmє Hace 26 días +1

      @F D R Doesn't change the fact that the british called it soccer first. Now you guys want to get mad when we call it soccer. Know your history

  • Darren
    Darren Hace 15 días +7

    I'd love to see an American football team play rugby against a proper rugby team and vice versa. See how they fair without the body armour and how the body armour would work for rugby players playing American football. I'm sure it's probably been done before but I'd be interested in watching it.

    • Master Yoda
      Master Yoda Hace 2 días +1

      I’d say the Yanks would be coughing their guts up with all the running they’d have to do, given how fast Rugby is, plus there are no time outs.

  • TheSportsBoffin
    TheSportsBoffin  Hace un mes +41

    Rugby has evolved into several other sports Rugby Union, Rugby League, Aussie Rules Football (AFL), Gaelic Football ( A hybrid of aussie rules and association football and rugby), and of course Canadian Football and American Football. Also some key dates for future reference....1888 Foundation of the EFL( Football League) 1889 Foundation of Football Alliance...1892 The League absorbs the Football Alliance after league folds and clubs go bust...surviving clubs are absorbed into EFL...1992 Premier League splits from EFL although still part of the 4 division league structure. Rugby splits into League and Union in 1895.....1908 is when Rugby League sets up in Australia...Rugby Union goes professional in 1995 while League had been classed as Pro since 1895 although not in modern sense as players still had day jobs but were paid to play.. true full time professionalism is a more modern concept since around 60s/70s. Gaelic Football and other related Galeic Amateur Assisiation sports including Hurling are still Amateur today. Hurling is similar to Lacrosse.

    • Adamski A. (The Ad-vanc3d)
      Adamski A. (The Ad-vanc3d) Hace 12 días +1

      Fantatstic info 🤜🏾🔥

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 13 días +1

      @Quasareverywhere History disagrees with you. Maybe read more? And if learning doesn't answer your question, you're probably not interested in an answer.

    • Quasareverywhere
      Quasareverywhere Hace 13 días +1

      Tell me, how is rugby similar to real football? well in NOTHING

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 21 un día

      I don't think there is any evidence that pre-Rugby Football was actually called rugby back then (like before the 1840's)? It was called football I believe, not rugby. I know that sounds oddly specific but this thread has devolved into a semantics war. We should be saying that football evolved (or became codified) into very specific types of football, including Rugby Union, AFL, Gaelic, etc. We can look back at pre-Rugby football and say, "oh, that looked like rugby so we will call it that". But I don't think the people actually playing the game back then would have called it rugby?

    • yeetface
      yeetface Hace 26 días


  • Griboo2
    Griboo2 Hace un mes +7

    To the point. Quick and concise. Great video, this format would work really well for other topics, wish you the best in the future.

  • JPMadden
    JPMadden Hace un mes +40

    I love the historical irony that the word "soccer" was invented at Oxford in the late 1800s. "Soccer" was widely used in the UK. After World War 2, most Brits switched to the word "football" because "soccer" came to be considered posh. I don't understand anyone getting genuinely upset about this, but it's especially ridiculous when people from England do. Do any Brits still call rugby "rugger" or breakfast "brekkers?"

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 5 días

      @mr loney alone forever
      THERE IS NO sport in the WORLD or in any LANGUAGE of the WORLD called "soccer" RIDICULOUS IDIOT

    • mr loney alone forever
      mr loney alone forever Hace 7 días

      @cyber ghost okay cool but respect other people's way of saying a sport's name. You scolding soccer fans for saying soccer instead of football makes you look toxic af.

    • Miguel Peralta
      Miguel Peralta Hace 15 días

      @explosivewinger Alright then.

    • explosivewinger
      explosivewinger Hace 15 días

      @Miguel Peralta Sorry it seem i have missed the real point of what you stated above, you are responding to what JPMadden said. So i edited my comments.
      And yes, I totally agree with you that is a myth, if most Brits switched to the word "football" because "soccer" came to be considered posh.
      Association Football has always been called Football in England, there are indeed some who use the word soccer but it was just a slang word and never became the official name of the sport. Meanwhile in the USA they changed the name of the sport from Football to Soccer.

    • Miguel Peralta
      Miguel Peralta Hace 16 días +1

      @explosivewinger It is a myth made up by yanks. It is true that was called Association Football to differenciate it from Rugby 🏉 Football by the Brits. However Rugby Football was called Rugby in short and Association Football was always called Football. The first sport promoted in the USA was Football then decades later American Football was invented and became more popular as a National Sport. So original Football was shorter Assoc Football and then Soccer Football then just Soccer. Similarly that happened in Australia with Australian Football there just Football and Soccer. If you study the first clubs names you will find out that they were CALLED FC MEANING FOOTBALL CLUB just like the rest of the world. Funny enough there is evidence that American Football was a copycat of Canadian Football 🏈 so Canadian invented it first. Facts no bs.

  • AiO
    AiO Hace un mes +46

    i knew about them calling it soccer across the pond first for awhile. which is why it’s always been funny to me when they feel a way whenever they hear us call it soccer. 😂

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 21 un día +1

      @Vinicius Freitas Uhmmm.....you do realize UK uses a lot of imperial measures still? Oh, that doesn't fit your narrative though. Be smarter?

    • AiO
      AiO Hace 25 días +1

      @Vinicius Freitas : look who else has nothing better to do than be bothered enough to be in the thread section of my comment

    • Vinicius Freitas
      Vinicius Freitas Hace 26 días

      Bro they use Fahrenheit....Miles....Feet....They wanna be different...

    • Nigel Sylvester
      Nigel Sylvester Hace 26 días

      @John F - American Reacts I've looked at all of the FIFA World Cup Competitions, from Espana 1982 to Quatar 2022.
      I'm uncertain what your guess about my age is, not that it matters.
      I particularly enjoyed the way that Quatar handled the World Cup. No fights, no rowdy fans and no to many other things as well.
      And for the most part, the Football was of a very high standard, particularly for fans of the sport, who just enjoy seeing good competitive matches.

    • Suprєmє
      Suprєmє Hace 26 días +2

      @Nigel Sylvester No way you're this mad over the name of a sport. Get a life

    EZNORE LOL Hace un mes +4

    If people want to get technical about why football should be called soccer, american football should be called "bastard rugby/american rugby" or even "american handball", as rugby was called rugby football because of course, the players can kick the ball whenever they want, which is not the rule in american football. Australian Football as well, matter of fact, you can't throw the ball with your hands, and you can dribble it however you want, making american football the only football sport where you can't use your foot freely. That is on the sense of the name, logically, it should be named rugby because of it being "son" of rugby football. By the set of the rules, rugby's rules are not as similar to american football as many think, matter fact, on the basic side, american football has the same rules as handball, except for the tackles, and yes, you can use your whole body to obstruct the path of the ball in handball as long as the contact is not dangerous.
    I am not against the name soccer, I will use it if I need to, I am against the narcissist americans that call american football the "football" sport forgetting that there is a lot of other footballs, every single one older than american football.

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace un mes

      Ummm...no. You should read more. Lkie most posters on here, you are making sh!t up because it sounds good in your head.
      Rugby football was called that because the school in the town of Rugby was a proponent of playing that version of football.
      The football is kicked a lot in American football. 30% of all points in American football are earned by kicking the ball. All of the top scorers in American football history are kickers. In fact, there is no rule against kicking the ball on almost every play in American football. But throwing the ball gives a more accurate movement.
      There is no historical reason for the word 'football' to mean a game played WITH the foot. There is no historical evidence to suggest that is true, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that claim is false. It is much, much more likely that the word 'football' has been used since mideival times to describe an English game played ON foot. But there isn't enough historical evidence to know for sure. The claim by misinformed ⚽ fans is that the compound word 'football' MUST be literal and must mean a game played with the feet; this claim was manufactured to argue against Americans using the term ...which is just pathetic that ⚽ fans are so sensitive and easily manipulated by misinformation.
      ALmost no Americans forget that there are other forms of football. We, like everyone other nationality, just don't see the sense in using "American" in front of 'football' every time we say it in a sentence. We do use that term all the time when we are also talking about other forms (ie, Canadian or Association). You know why? Because we understand context, which is more than I can say for 95% of the ⚽ fans who post here. Also, context is the same reason you all don't need to say Association in every sentence, even though that is the REAL name of ⚽.
      The first official Association football rules were written in 1863. The first official American football game (with scoring) was in 1869. Rugby and Aussie rules are only a little older. There isn't that much distance between them.
      You don't know what you are talking about.

  • Trevor
    Trevor Hace un mes +22

    I grew up in England, in London. I was a football fanatic. In the 1950's and 1960's football was called SOCCER or football equally in London and the UK.

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 7 días

      @mr loney alone forever
      There is NO sport in the WORLD or in any LANGUAGE of the WORLD called "soccer"

    • mr loney alone forever
      mr loney alone forever Hace 7 días

      @AMERICA🌎 Sensitive soccer fan LMAO

    • AntonioAio
      AntonioAio Hace 12 días

      @John F - American Reacts Wipe your tears, son. Fotball it is! for the whoooole wide world=)

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 17 días +1

      @Shabas Muhammed

    • Trevor
      Trevor Hace 21 un día

      @MrMM1007 I am glad to see a lot of other people agreeing with me in the comments.

  • Sprtcus
    Sprtcus Hace un mes +26

    We also used to call it "soccer" in my country in the past. But now, we transitioned to calling it football.

    • OrdinaryMan
      OrdinaryMan Hace 16 días

      Where are you from?

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días +1

      @Regularguy2nd nope Britain always called it football barring Irish. The term soccer was made by the elites.The term didn't caught on to common public. They always preferred football.

    • Regularguy2nd
      Regularguy2nd Hace un mes

      @NikoCells most likely britain

    • NikoCells
      NikoCells Hace un mes

      what country?

  • Clearer
    Clearer Hace 14 días

    Thanks a lot for this very informative video! I enjoyed watching :) Liked and subscribed :)
    All the best from Germany 👍

  • Albert Torot
    Albert Torot Hace un mes +5

    We call it soccer too in my country because rugby league is sometimes called football or footy for short.
    But I'll call it football if I was in another country that calls it football.

  • Jocelyne Gabela
    Jocelyne Gabela Hace un mes +1

    Thanks, great explanation! Just to clarify... Football was actually played first (created) in China and South america. What Britain did was give a formal name to a sport that already existed by that time, but Britain do not invented football.

    • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul Hace 9 días

      Knowing how much kicking things around is natural in Brasil, moving a ball with your feet is probably one of the earliest human team sports.

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días

      @MrMM1007 nah I'm sure the brits got the idea from Chinese or meso America. It's just that it developed and evolved and spread more by the brits.

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 29 días +1

      There is no known link between the games played in China, S. America, and the ones in England. So they all probably invented a game that looked similar but didn't get shared (and football in British history did not always mean a game played with feet, that is a myth spread by futbol fans who are mad that other sports use the word football).

  • Tommyt
    Tommyt Hace 27 días +2

    We here in Australia call it "soccer" as well. We have our own "football" here called AFL or even NRL can be called footy.
    Basically I think the most dominant "football" code in a country is called football.

    • Tommyt
      Tommyt Hace 16 días

      @OrdinaryMan the only people in Australia that refer to it as "football" over "soccer" are soccer fans. The general public would answer the same as the Americans did.

    • OrdinaryMan
      OrdinaryMan Hace 16 días

      I have a question for you guys aussies, Why when i watch some live stream matches of A-League from Aussie TV, commentators always say "Football". And as far as I know, the Australian FA was formerly called the Australian Soccer Association now it has changed its name to Football Australia, so now its called football or transition from soccer to football, or still called soccer, if its still called soccer why on TV and news websites always refer this sport as football?

    • James.P
      James.P Hace 25 días

      As an Australian soccer should be called football ⚽️ And it is a much better game, theres a reason it is most popular in the world.

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días

      And you can change because world doesn't revolve around you

    • Saurabh Tiwari
      Saurabh Tiwari Hace 26 días +1

      It's called football ffs

    ENZO ZORDAN Hace 16 días

    I'm Brazilian and my people transformed football and we spell futebol the pronunciation is the same as in English and everyone in the world calls it by the same name except the USA we agree with the English who invented the sport and they will always be right! Americans don't know what the sport is called because they haven't learned it yet and don't understand how it's played!

  • Lucas Tulic
    Lucas Tulic Hace un mes +14

    Well, we saw in the recent World Cup how far "soccer" went, with Canada scoring ZERO points and the U.S. playing only 4 matches, winning only one of those.
    Our football on the other hand, is World Champion! Cheers from Buenos Aires!

    • NHK SAM
      NHK SAM Hace 2 días

      @Lucas Tulic So quite literally by your logic, Portugal's current u20 team is better than Spain's because they've one it more times? That makes 0 sense. The argument was never about the past, but about the present. Argentina's current u20 team is at best only as good as USA's. Yesterdays game vs Colombia and last weeks vs Paraguay confirms that.

    • Lucas Tulic
      Lucas Tulic Hace 2 días

      @NHK SAM It doesn't matter when was the last time. The ONLY thing that matters is winning them, and that's what your country NEVER achieved, and problably will never achieve.
      We always laugh everytime some fool bring up this timeframe argument, as if the only valid trophies were the one won 2 hours ago!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! What a ridiculous argument, typical from fans of little teams that never ever won sh¡t, to justify their mediocrity!! 🤣

    • NHK SAM
      NHK SAM Hace 2 días

      @Lucas Tulic Here you are again bringing up u20 world cups that happened nearly two decades ago, I am talking about the present not the past. I will be back in the summer to communicate USA's results in the u20 world cup

    • Lucas Tulic
      Lucas Tulic Hace 3 días

      @NHK SAM Yeah, the US have to win SIX World Cups just to be even with Argentina. Given their best result so far is a fourth place, I'd say they have a pretty loooooong road ahead! We can afford to have a time off! 😘

    • NHK SAM
      NHK SAM Hace 3 días

      @Lucas Tulic as of right now, USA’s u20s are better than Argentina’s

  • Sushi Traxh
    Sushi Traxh Hace 29 días +8

    Philippines became as US satellite state during the early 1900s and taught us basketball and other american ways, hence we call the game soccer. But it has changed just recently when we had our national team known as AZKALS that we started calling it Football now.
    fun fact: a guy from Ilo-ilo Philppines became the highest scorer in FCB before there's Messi, his name's Paulino Alcántara. and back in the day before the Americans pushed their own culture to us, we used to defeat China and Japan or most of our Asian neighbors now peoples attention are in basketball

    • ゅ
       Hace 4 días

      @Sushi Traxh soccer is a better name than fuckball you said

    • ゅ
       Hace 4 días

      @Sushi Traxh soccer or fuckball you said still very trash sport

    • Sushi Traxh
      Sushi Traxh Hace 4 días

      @ゅ I ask you which poor city you from man why so aggressive?

    • Sushi Traxh
      Sushi Traxh Hace 4 días

      @ゅ man you're crying your heart out. Don't be too serious on people you talk online.

    • ゅ
       Hace 5 días

      @Sushi Traxh soccer or fuckball is still very trash by the way and don't cry 😭

  • Un Irréductible Athée
    Un Irréductible Athée Hace un mes +15

    great video ! I learned something about history of the sport...

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 5 días

      @SuperSub Soccer
      THERE IS NO sport in the WORLD or in any LANGUAGE of the WORLD called "soccer" RIDICULOUS IDIOT

    • SuperSub Soccer
      SuperSub Soccer  Hace un mes

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Achim E.
    Achim E. Hace un mes +19

    Football is played with an egg and hands, but soccer is played with a ball and foot... so what name is more fitting? 😉⚽🏈

    • Sanktuarium Polska
      Sanktuarium Polska Hace 29 días

      @Benjamin Oriji In my country we call it ' piłka nożna' (literally legball) but we don't cry about americans. One can call it Ballon kicking and what matters is if he likes the sport or not.

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 29 días +1

      @Benjamin Oriji Soccer is a british word and they brought it to the U.S. and other coutnries. There is still Soccer Saturdays in England, a popular sports tv show.

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 29 días +1

      @Benjamin Oriji No, the word 'football' was first recorded in the 13th century and did not mean a game using only the foot. Football has always referred to games including those using the hands. Modern soccer/football fans are making up their own version of history because the facts don't support their (bizarre and childish) opinions. Football never meant soccer and that is well documented. Why soccer/football fans care about this is strange.

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 29 días +1

      ​@Benjamin Oriji "football is a game that revolves kicking the ball with your foot". No that isn't true and hasn't been for 700 years. Since the 13th century, 'football' has meant a vareity of games many of which use hands. 21st Century soccer 'fans' are using alternative facts to revise history because you all have a narrative.
      From a 2018 journal article by Curry in the journal Soccer & Society: "Indeed, as Eric Dunning and Graham Curry have consistently argued, the ‘term ‘football’ dates in England from at least 1314 when it was used to refer to a class of loosely regulated mob/folk games in which handling and throwing as well as kicking was allowed’."21
      From a 2015 journal article by Collins in the International Journal of the History of Sport: "Unfortunately, the revisionists consistently lapse into this error by consistently using the word ‘football’ to mean soccer." Also in that article, "In the twenty-first century, outside of North America and Australia, the word ‘football’ is almost universally used as a synonym for soccer, but this was certainly not the case in Victorian Britain". Also, "Most importantly, all forms of football that were played in the 1850s and 1860s had far more in common than that which set them apart. Kicking and handling the ball differed only by degree and did not become a fundamental "distinction between the soccer and rugby until the early 1870s, as can be seen in the number of clubs that played both versions of football.

    • Benjamin Oriji
      Benjamin Oriji Hace 29 días

      Edit: rugby came out first 😂🤦 but whatever football is still a more practical name and is better than soccer but whatever u call it is your choice 🤷

  • Stephen Welch
    Stephen Welch Hace un mes +15

    Good video, well made and explained!

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 17 días

      @SuperSub Soccer
      There is NO sport in the WORLD or in any LANGUAGE of the WORLD called "soccer"

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 17 días

      @SuperSub Soccer
      FOOTBALL is the biggest popular sport practiced and loved in the WORLD
      The Yankee version of counterfeit rugby only exists and is consumed in the US that cheap copy of rugby that never even made it out of the US is so SHIT, how sad and unfortunate

      PORBO DAS Hace un mes +1

      @SuperSub Soccer handegg🏈🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • SuperSub Soccer
      SuperSub Soccer  Hace un mes

      Thank you! Much appreciated

  • Alias Wal
    Alias Wal Hace un mes +6

    It’s more relevant to say why american football is called « football »…
    They don’t even touch the ball with theirs feets

  • gastrick bunsen
    gastrick bunsen Hace un mes +3

    Isolationist or arrogance?
    It's football across the globe.
    Being an "anorak," I knew the term "soccer" originated here.

  • Hydrog
    Hydrog Hace un mes +11

    Great video! Can't wait to see you go further

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 5 días

      @SuperSub Soccer
      THERE IS NO sport in the WORLD or in any LANGUAGE of the WORLD called "soccer" RIDICULOUS IDIOT

    • SuperSub Soccer
      SuperSub Soccer  Hace un mes

      Really appreciate that! Thanks for watching!

  • Selwyn Clyde Alojipan
    Selwyn Clyde Alojipan Hace un mes +16

    It isn't only the Americans. In Australia, there's also Australian Rules Football, also known as footy, in which the players wear short shorts and sleeveless singlets so they can raise their hands to catch or punch the ball. The Aussies also call what the rest of the worlds calls "football" as soccer, in order to distinguish the two sports. And because there's also Canadian Rules Football, the Canadians also use the term soccer to distinguish the two games. So people from other parts of the world who are angry at the sport being called soccer, go to those three countries and try calling soccer as "football" and see where that gets you. I guarantee you'll get an education about it from the Americans, Australians, and Canadians.

    • OrdinaryMan
      OrdinaryMan Hace 16 días +1

      I have a question for you guys aussies, Why when i watch some live stream matches of Australian A-League from Aussie TV, commentators always say "Football"? And as far as I know, the Australian FA was formerly called the Australian Soccer Association now it has changed its name to Football Australia, so now its called football or transition from soccer to football, or you use both football and soccer words interchangeably? And if its called soccer why on TV and news websites always refer this sport as football?

    • Suprєmє
      Suprєmє Hace 19 días

      @MTK No ones telling you to adapt to our name for the sport. At the end of the day we call it a different name since we already have our football. It's very stupid to get mad over what someone else calls something. And it's not just America that calls it soccer. Just because a majority of the world calls it football doesn't mean we have to call it football. Because in the states, football refers to something else.

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días +1

      @Suprєmє for you it's a name but for the world it's an emotion and it has a meaning and Justifies it. If you say that why fuss over a name then this should be asked to America Canada aus and Irish why fuss over it and change name of their game. You can't ask the world to adapt to you. You have to adapt and change according to the world and America is not the center of the world atleast not in the football world.

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días +1

      @John F - American Reacts I am sorry yes the aussies and Irish have their own code like America but they still adapt and call their versions something other than football like Irish call it gaelic and aussies call it footy. Not exact football. Plus things can change now as well. Your game is similar to rugby. You call it either gridiron or rugby. World doesn't cater to America aus Irish. You guys have to adapt and cater to the world. It adds confusion, conflict and it's down to you guys to adapt and change lowering your ego. The word football gives more meaning to this sport than all your sports combined⚽

    • Suprєmє
      Suprєmє Hace 26 días +2

      @John F - American Reacts The whole "america dumb" narrative is already overplayed. Especially coming from people who get mad over the name of a sport.

  • Dif Dauf
    Dif Dauf Hace un mes +37

    You can't expect people who call Budweisers beer to name things properly.

    • Darren
      Darren Hace 15 días

      @MrMM1007 You do have some very good IPA's coming out of the US at the moment but the worlds best is a bit of a stretch. Your lagers are like piss though but the same could be said for most lagers. Budwater is shite but so too is stella artois, Heineken, and let's not even mention the most popular piss in the UK, Carling coz that shit is one of the worst ever. Craft beers and IPA's though are flourishing the world over. China, Japan, India, and Korea at the moment are making, in my own opinion, some of the best beers around. I do have to say though that I think European beers are more to my taste than American ones but that just because my palette is used to those. I will say though, your chocolate is just god awful. No offence meant, let me buy you a beer or ten sometime and we can discuss and fix your chocolate issue

    • michael grabner
      michael grabner Hace 28 días +3

      @John F - American Reacts That all may be BUT let me tell you this
      In many European countries "Craft beer" is not considered as "Beer" in their local language but just considered as a "sort of Beer-Like beverage" in those European countries who are brewing beer for centuries under the "Purity Law"
      There the label "Beer" is a protected Label only allowed to use for beers brewed under the purity law...and according to the Purity law "Craft Beers" don´t fulfil the requirements for being labeled as "Beer" in their local language.
      In short terms: In many European countries "Craft beer" is - by law - no "Beer" but just a "Beer-Like Beverage" ...
      In other words: When you talk to an European about beer by mentioning "Craft beers" that is then not talking about beer at all for many Europeans.

    • John F - American Reacts
      John F - American Reacts  Hace un mes

      @MsLulumaria Packaged cheese that is called “American Cheese” is gross. I’ll grant you that. But, it’s also uncommon that adults actually eat that garbage and it is not used in restaurants. The US produces amazing cheeses of all types and all international styles, and many unique American craft cheese blends. I have been surprised on this post about how much inaccurate stereotyping there has been of Americans. I encourage you all to watch Lawrence Brown’s (British guy living in the US) Lost in the Pond ESclips channel. He does a great job about myth busting and breaking down stereotypes.

    • MsLulumaria
      MsLulumaria Hace un mes +5

      Beer?? Let's talk about "american" cheese....

    • John F - American Reacts
      John F - American Reacts  Hace un mes +1

      @Jan Kokolsorry mate, but you just don’t know what you are talking about. Look to your own county’s beer experts and you’ll see the respect they give American craft beer. There are small batch breweries everywhere. All you know are the big exports. I don’t judge Belgium by Stella Artois or the Netherlands by Heineken.

  • LTNetjak
    LTNetjak Hace un mes +8

    John Cleese in the 1960s in his own show, Monty Python's Flying Circuis, called it soccer. The Brits didn't completely eliminate the term soccer from their lexicon until the 1980s. Which they invented. The BBC ran a Sunday show called Weekend Soccer through the 70s.
    Football is also not technically accurate either as roughly 30% of goals are made using the head (Ronaldo has made 111 goals via his head), there is a dedicated player allowed to use hands and returning the ball to the field of play from the sidelines is via throwing.

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días

      Soccer was used by elites mostly. If you say soccer was so rampant in the uk by the public then why the clubs were named football clubs and not soccer clubs?? Also the using of hand by goalie and sideline argument is rubbish. It barely uses hands and should be called football. Justifies the name.

    • Sir Zombie1ted
      Sir Zombie1ted Hace un mes

      @John F - American Reacts 🤜🏽✨🤛🏽Agreed

    • John F - American Reacts
      John F - American Reacts  Hace un mes +2

      @Sir Zombie1ted we can all agree that it is most logical to call the modern game of football/soccer, football. It is more logical than any other game called football, including American football. But that does not make the term soccer any less legitimate, especially given the historical context.

    • Sir Zombie1ted
      Sir Zombie1ted Hace un mes +2

      For real, bro? Scoring is part of the game but before any of that goal goodness happens, you do passes which are almost 90% of the time done with the feet. And using the goalie too as an explanation to why calling football "football" is biased is just wow to me. Dude he has to catch the ball and protect the goal, but can only ever touch the ball with his hands when he is in his goal area (the triangle with the goal in it on the field). Often they kick the ball ahead and if they get out of their goalkeeping area and touch the ball with their hands, that yellow card will hit them harder than an STD after unprotected sexual intercourse.

    • Karl Tanner
      Karl Tanner Hace un mes +1

      American football also does involve kicking the ball at times too lol

  • mirellita11👧🏼
    mirellita11👧🏼 Hace un mes

    thanks for your contribution. I appreciate it.❤️

  • MsLulumaria
    MsLulumaria Hace un mes

    Great video... But the vast majority of us call it football 😉. I just don't get why Americans never want to say to others "you are right".

    • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul Hace 9 días

      The thing is, both stem from the same vague set of rules of "football", which later on separated into over a dozen different codes.

  • Bgs Ash
    Bgs Ash Hace 25 días

    06:23 in england and the rest of the world, people still call it rubgy and they play the game without safety gear. You can watch the rugby world cup this sept to october in france.

  • Ernesto Kub
    Ernesto Kub Hace un mes +3

    Let's say what you call football in USA is mainly referred as american football abroad, meaning that's not the real football.
    To me, using football for a sport that mostly uses hands is inadequate.
    In the 20's it was clearly set with APFA name but it evolved the wrong way when the name was changed to NFL.
    Should have been NAFL to make it clear, as football leagues were already existing outside of USA for more than 20 years.
    Guess that's the main point: us citizens don't care about what's happening abroad. It's was valid at the time and is still true.
    Anyway was an interesting vid.

    • Estela Angeles
      Estela Angeles Hace un mes

      I thought chinese invented futbol and other countries call it soccer

  • Zesi_
    Zesi_ Hace un mes +11

    "Why we don't call basketball, handball?"
    Because 1. you have a ball and throw it into a basket and 2. there's a different sport called handball?

    • Adrian Tsien
      Adrian Tsien Hace 23 días

      @MTK Just because a lot of people in the world call it football doesn't mean we have to as well. Why do you even care? Does us calling it soccer harm you? Actually my bad, it does, sorry for hurting your feelings by calling something in our way.

    • Adrian Tsien
      Adrian Tsien Hace 25 días +1

      @Tarek Legrand what is your point

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días

      @Adrian Tsien that way I'll america what I want is that fair then? There's an official name for something which is widely accepted worldwide. Americans think it's just the English or brits but no it's fucking worldwide. You can't just call something by your choice when it's widely accepted officially by the world. Lower your ego change name for your own version and call football what the world calls. America is not the center of the world atleast not in football world. And soccer will not be accepted.

    • Tarek Legrand
      Tarek Legrand Hace 25 días +2

      @Adrian Tsien Americans do speak English...

    • Adrian Tsien
      Adrian Tsien Hace 26 días

      @SL1MREAPA So? Doesn't matter because we call it what we want even if the name itself doesn't make sense. And are you gonna make the world say futbol now because that's how you call it? In case you didn't know there is more than one language in the world and it's common for others to call things differently? Problem?

  • James Vass
    James Vass Hace 29 días

    Very informative and entertaining presentation: cheers(er)!

  • Mike Cameron
    Mike Cameron Hace un mes +2

    Because you have a sport called American Football your call actual football socce. American Football is simply an American adaption of a sport called Rugby League Football.
    which is not to be confused with Rugby Union

    • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul Hace 9 días

      More precisely, American football stems from modified Rugby union rules (not to be confused with Rugby football or the Rugby Football Union or the Rugby League) and stems more directly from association football.
      So you basically take "soccer" (after the union of Sheffield and Cambridge rules) and adopt modified rugby rules and keep calling it football.

  • Cristiano Florentino
    Cristiano Florentino Hace 17 días

    As a Brazilian I agree with English. In fact 7.5 billion people call it Football. 🤣

  • Andreyna Carrasco
    Andreyna Carrasco Hace un mes +2

    I don't care if Americans call it Soccer, it's Football for the rest of the world and it will continue to be the sport with the most fanaticos. The World Cup just finished, did you see the celebrations in Argentina? Soccer or Football, it's still the greatest!

  • Ian Steels
    Ian Steels Hace un mes +8

    A very intelligent well researched video .

  • Jack J. Hutchens
    Jack J. Hutchens Hace un mes

    It's calld "piłka nożna!" Also, they DO say "soccer" in Ireland! And in AUSTRALIA!

    • Jan Kokol
      Jan Kokol Hace un mes +1

      For our country and other Balkan states, we call it "nogomet", which directly translates to "to place/put with leg".
      Japan, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea also call it "soccer"

  • Reuben Phiri
    Reuben Phiri Hace un mes +5

    Wow!! I learnt something. I have always been wondering why word soccer came from. Dude you enlightened me

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 5 días

      @SuperSub Soccer
      THERE IS NO sport in the WORLD or in any LANGUAGE of the WORLD called "soccer" RIDICULOUS IDIOT

    • SuperSub Soccer
      SuperSub Soccer  Hace un mes

      That’s awesome man. Thank so much for watching!

  • Martin Burke
    Martin Burke Hace un mes +1

    Soccer is an English term, used a lot in the 60s and 70s

  • tiki keram
    tiki keram Hace un mes +8

    Yeah . Go watch the game with ads/halftime show.
    We , the rest of the world just watching sport.

  • Paul Liversidge
    Paul Liversidge Hace un mes +2

    You need to actually do your research. The term soccer is actually an English term not American. It comes from the name association football, association being used to distinguish the difference from rugby which was then called 'rugby football'. It was abbreviated to 'Assoc', commonly referred to by many as 'Assoccer' which then became soccer in much the same way as rugby is often referred to as rugger.

  • The Lotus
    The Lotus Hace 13 días

    Here in America, the right acronym for pounds is "lbs." 😃

  • beardedsloth
    beardedsloth Hace un mes +11

    Americans do love the sport of hand-egg , that basketball comment was funny because basketball is the best description for that game

    • Adrian Tsien
      Adrian Tsien Hace 25 días

      @MTK No, because American football is the official term for it, and soccer is the official term in most English speaking countries except UK.

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días

      @Adrian Tsien you also start calling it football and your version as gridiron or American rugby.

    • Adrian Tsien
      Adrian Tsien Hace un mes

      stop calling it hand-egg thats not the real name

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace un mes

      @Estela Angeles Not just other countries...England played football with hands for hundreds of years. This claim that "football" only means playing with your foot is completely false.

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace un mes

      @Karl Tanner This sport ( ⚽) should be called "kickball" according to all of the literalists in these posts. There are HUNDREDS of compound words in the English language which are not meant to be taken literally but for some reason, ⚽ fans have convinced themselves that this particular compound word ('football') MUST be taken literally. They are dumb as a bag of rocks.

  • David P
    David P Hace un mes +27

    For the same reason Americans call it "Feet" and "Fahrenheit". They embrace that they are different and won't try to compromise

    • AntonioAio
      AntonioAio Hace 12 días

      They cant, the dont have a chance being different. theyre isolated. NO respect. f em

    • Linda Easley
      Linda Easley Hace 13 días

      @Andrej Lunežnik Because we invented a new sport of our own borrowed from rugby with added demensions of our own. We don't follow the world. We are unique and have been that way since our inception

    • AMERICA🌎
      AMERICA🌎 Hace 17 días

      FOOTBALL is the biggest popular sport practiced and loved in the WORLD
      The Yankee version of counterfeit rugby only exists and is consumed in the US that cheap copy of rugby that never even made it out of the US is so SHIT, how sad and unfortunate

    • Sir Zombie1ted
      Sir Zombie1ted Hace 29 días

      @Adrian Tsien I am really not familiar. Maybe I will try understanding the whole thing some day. Switching habits can be a hassle.

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 29 días +1

      @Andrej Lunežnik They didn't call it American Rugby because that wouldn't have made sense to them -- -they were playing a new form of football (one of many forms of football, one of which was rugby football). The argument in this site (football vs soccer) was manufactured in the last few decades by soccer fans who need a reason to be mad so now they are trying to revise history. Or more likely, they are just repeating ad naseum what they read on the internet. People in the 1800's understood that the word 'football' did not mean soccer.

  • Astro
    Astro Hace un mes +3

    This is a genuine question, why are so many people so irritated by it being called "soccer"? I understand someone may be passionate, and dedicate their life to the sport but that doesn't mean there aren't Americans who feel the same way. At the end of the day everyone is basically playing the same sport, so why get so pissed. Why can't countries just respect other countries terminology...🤷‍♂️?

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 23 días

      @Thomas Guthrie Whatever floats your boat.

    • Thomas Guthrie
      Thomas Guthrie Hace 23 días

      Yeah, it's no big deal, for example your "football" in my country is called American Rugby and I don't see any Americans offended by that.

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 29 días +1

      Because they desperately need something to be mad at. Most of these people who are so "passionate" about the sport don't even bother to read the history or understand the sport. They just want to be part of an angry mob and this is a convenient mob to join. Most of them don't even know that soccer isn't an American word.

  • Kalo
    Kalo Hace un mes +4

    Argentina campeón del mundooooo!!!

  • C Tom
    C Tom Hace 2 meses +8

    I enjoyed this video, good work mate

  • Sohi Gamer
    Sohi Gamer Hace 2 meses +5

    Why not Call the same question to Canadians, Irish, New zealeanders and Australians?? They also call it soccer. Why ask only Americans?? Australia's national team is literally called the 'Socceroos'. Why are people only offended by the USA calling it soccer and not by other countries calling it soccer??

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días

      @LTNetjak no they don't.

    • Gustavo Souza
      Gustavo Souza Hace un mes +1

      @LTNetjak i never see one chinese say "soccer" hahaha

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace un mes

      And the worst part is none of these triggered people have any clue as to the history of the sport they profess to 'love'. They are so ignorant.

    • André Leão
      André Leão Hace un mes

      People are offended by everyone who calls it soccer
      Yankees, Aussies, canadian..

    • LTNetjak
      LTNetjak Hace un mes +2

      The Chinese call it soccer. The Japanese call it soccer. It's not even an English speaking thing. Roughly 45% of the world population refers to it as soccer.

  • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

    The thing is soccer/association football, american football, rugby, gaelic football, australian rules football, canadian football, futsal, etc come all from the same origin, hence why most of them are called football.
    In any case, the games that are mostly played with an egg shaped ball that is carried by hand could be called "handegg", which would be adorable.

  • Mr.X
    Mr.X Hace un mes +4

    I’m from Mexico and grew up calling it both mainly I use soccer because of American tv shows but it’s futbol and football is called either American football or just Americano

    • Mr.X
      Mr.X Hace 9 días

      @HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul and also eating a sandwich with americano (is the yellow cheese from burgers)

    • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul Hace 9 días

      So you can have an americano while watching americano? (One is a coffee the other a sport)

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 29 días +1

      That makes sense for Mexico -- it helps everyone understand what you are saying . In US (and Australia and Canada) it help everyone to understand when the word 'soccer' is used. But some futbol fans are completely irrational and they get fed lies on the internet, so they get mad over nothing.

  • Federico Balboa
    Federico Balboa Hace un mes +11

    game invented in the US? Get the man a compass.

    • AntonioAio
      AntonioAio Hace 12 días

      @Cheek McBreek You dont even play hand egg with a ball, brickhead!

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días +1

      @Cheek McBreek lmao no you didn't invent it. Rugby was invented by brits and you adapted it from brits and changed your own version but it still is like rugby. So you didn't invent it

    • Cheek McBreek
      Cheek McBreek Hace un mes +2

      The American rules of Football were invented in the USA. The entire concept of a game of ball played on your feet existed all over the world before British Football became the most popular.

  • Jan Kokol
    Jan Kokol Hace un mes +2

    In the Balkans, we call the sport "nogomet" which directly translates "to place/put with leg"

    • Ivan S
      Ivan S Hace 25 días

      Ne, mi ga zovemo fudbal, to Slovenci i vi ga tako zovete.

    • Vladislav Vladov
      Vladislav Vladov Hace un mes

      @Jan Kokol umm no... we dont.

    • Jan Kokol
      Jan Kokol Hace un mes

      @Vladislav Vladov Oh, I sincerely apologize.
      When mentioning 'the Balkans', I was referencing towards Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia where we use the name "nogomet".
      Of course, the other Balkan states use a different name for the šport.

    • Vladislav Vladov
      Vladislav Vladov Hace un mes

      No we dont wtf?

  • joesakic91
    joesakic91 Hace 3 días

    Because the United States have their own football code called the Gridiron. Ditto for Canada.

  • james winnard
    james winnard Hace 2 meses +6

    everytime you see your team win in American football 🏈 just remember, we the british gave you that, your welcome

    • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul Hace 9 días

      @sarcazmo Don't forget the indigenous american sport that was basically basketball but you only touch the ball with your butt.

    • Rebecca Forbis
      Rebecca Forbis Hace un mes

      @Estela Angeles It all falls to who writes the history and to be honest Kings and Empires don't possess a stellar record for recording the truth.

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace un mes

      Thank you!

    • Estela Angeles
      Estela Angeles Hace un mes

      @SuperSub Soccer futbol was played in other countries before england

    • sarcazmo
      sarcazmo Hace un mes +1

      By that logic you should thank the Chinese for football and Americans should thank you for baseball

  • Sempuukyaku
    Sempuukyaku Hace 26 días +2

    80% of the people in this comments section didn't even watch the video 🤣

  • OofyMeGames
    OofyMeGames Hace 29 días

    this guy is so underrated

  • Strasbourger Elsass
    Strasbourger Elsass Hace 16 días +1

    Americans are wrong here like so often. They call a sport played with the hands Football. The sport that is played with the foot they call Soccer. But the best thing is... nearly all the big US "Soccer" Clubs are named FC. 😳🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Carolina Bortoletto Martinatti

    Very informative!
    Greetings from Brazil

  • Gothorn
    Gothorn Hace un mes

    The same reason why they use imperial system of measurement instead of metric system.

  • Zeddy
    Zeddy Hace 4 días

    Good work. Keep up dude

  • Matt Matt
    Matt Matt Hace 7 días

    do we even have a soccer team? or is it we just compete in the Olympics? we don't actually compete in the world championships around the world do we??

    PINKACÄDĒMY Hace un mes +2

    As a Brit when I hear “ SOCCER “ I begin to sharpen my most effective sword 🗡 the sword I’ve made the most kills with ….

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días

      @MrMM1007 because it means alot for the people not just Britain but all over the world. It's the Americans that need to change not the world. Also it's not a name but emotion not brits but the world and they are very passionate about the game even more than Americans for their game. It's life and death for them.

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace 29 días

      How childish of you. Isn't there a popular sports TV programme there called 'Soccer Saturday'? Maybe you are just looking for a fake reason to be mad. Which is kind of sad.
      There are hundreds of terms that differ between Britain and the U.S. for the same item (lift, flat, lorry, etc.).And if you consider Canada and Ireland and Australia, i bet you would have thousands! But for some reason this one term is what gets you mad? Me doth think you protest too much...

  • MrPicky
    MrPicky Hace 14 días

    @3:12 - calling Basketball Handball would not be popular among the handball fans around the world outside USA of course where the fast and action paced sport of Handball isn't (sadly) practiced much... Handball is a popular sport in Europe.

  • Vladimir Soskic
    Vladimir Soskic Hace 20 días

    When you call football, sport where ball is 99% in hands

  • Jamie Sp
    Jamie Sp Hace un mes +2

    Gr8 video,! Out in Qatar for the world cup, will share your video to explain this topic.

  • LifeGunnerTev
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    great video bro I learned something for sure

  • TheLMB
    TheLMB Hace un mes

    USA will go very far in the World Cup the day they start calling it "football" 😂

  • Lucas Magalhães
    Lucas Magalhães Hace un mes +3

    This video explain everything.
    Thank you buddy

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días

      @SuperSub Soccer hey man also explain why Americans didn't call it American rugby ever as rugby football existed back then. And why can't Americans change or adapt now.

    • SuperSub Soccer
      SuperSub Soccer  Hace un mes

      Happy to help. Thanks for watching!

  • Banana Slamma
    Banana Slamma Hace un mes

    For the people who don't get it
    Just imagine having to talk to someone who keeps calling US Football "handegg". Yes, you saying "Soccer" to us is the same as someone calling US Football Handegg. It's technically accurate, but just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right. Of course, at this point, it's a meme so who cares.

    • MrMM1007
      MrMM1007 Hace un mes

      You are right about who cares...it doesn't really matter. Having said that, there is a big difference between using the word "handegg" out of spite (and because random trolls on the internet told you to do so), and calling Association Football "soccer" (which developed organically over time and has been in the world lexicon for well over a century). One word developed naturally (soccer) and the other is unnatural (handegg).

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man Hace un mes +11

    Foot + ball = football.
    Hand + egg = handegg

    • Banana Man
      Banana Man Hace un mes +1

      @Midster krabb you've got zero banter boy

    • Midster krabb
      Midster krabb Hace un mes

      @Banana Man with your logic, it should be called batball

    • Banana Man
      Banana Man Hace un mes

      At the end of the day all I wana watch is womens beach volleyball, Brazil vs Sweden

    • Banana Man
      Banana Man Hace un mes

      @Midster krabb the world actually

    • Midster krabb
      Midster krabb Hace un mes

      @Banana Man ???? No its not. Its the 2nd most popular sport in England

  • Roberto Suárez
    Roberto Suárez Hace un día

    Football in the whole world: A sport played 99% with your feet. American Football: A sport played 90% with the hands. Please!

  • Frank Fonkie
    Frank Fonkie Hace un mes

    Thanks for explaining this to us...

  • Nigel Sylvester
    Nigel Sylvester Hace un mes +10

    And it is, Football.

    • Nigel Sylvester
      Nigel Sylvester Hace 27 días +2

      @Gabriel VelosaThere isn't a World Soccer Federation, but there is
      FIFA. See what FIFA means and learn something.
      Football, The Beautiful Game.

    • Nigel Sylvester
      Nigel Sylvester Hace 27 días +2

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    The only thing you seem to have missed off is that in certain schools and amongst a certain class of people in England they will still refer to Rugby as "Rugger". As in, "Let's have a game of rugger". I've even heard badminton described as "a game of badders"!
    Most English people upon reading this will be able to hear in their head the word rugger spoken in a "posh" , upper class voice and immediately be able to hear "soccer" spoken the same way. I think it was important to the working class (blue collar) North of England followers of the English game that they ensured that they owned the word football and in doing so forever force rugby football, played in private, south of England (mainly) schools to clarify itself and distinguish itself by using the prefix rugby either in conjunction with football or as a stand-alone word. If England ever adopted the name soccer universally, rugby could still call itself football, hence the resistance to it.

    • MTK
      MTK Hace 25 días +1

      @Chloe Williams exactly what I'm saying the term soccer might have been made by brits but it was used by elites mostly and it never caught on by the public. The normal public preferred football. That's why even the clubs made by common people had football clubs in their names. Not soccer clubs.

    • Chloe Williams
      Chloe Williams Hace 27 días +1

      @MrMM1007 Not so much now but immediately post WWI and WWII when attendances at football matches in England rocketed I would imagine that the officer classes in the army may have referred to it as soccer and the conscripts to it as football.
      That may have exaggerated the desire to call it football when stood on the terraces in the post war boom years. Defining themselves as "squaddies" rather than officers.
      The determination not to call it soccer remains as strong as ever, probably being passed from father to son and rather than the ire being directed at the officers and upper classes anymore (who would long ago have adopted the universal football to describe the sport in the UK) it seems like US citizens who dare to refer to the game as soccer still cause the hackles to rise in an almost instinctive response. As you've no doubt observed!

    • MrMM1007
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      I've always found this debate "soccer vs football" bizarre, especially when it is football fans who aren't from Britain who don't know any of the history. It sounds like you are saying that much of the debate can be based on class friction in Britain?

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