The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

  • Publicado el 15 abr 2019
  • This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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    Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival.
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  • Vox
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    • The Blue Revolution
      The Blue Revolution Hace 2 horas

      One day Corporate and Capitalism will destroy the Human Civilization in its greed and competition

    • .a. .ko.
      .a. .ko. Hace 4 horas

      The crash investigation are not yet concluded. How im gods name do you dare to claim having the real reason for the crashes???? This is irresponsible, insensitive and outright disrespectful to the families who lost someone in these crashes! You dont do journalism youre in the business of making a quick buck with click bait titles.. i reported this video

    • Brian Dell
      Brian Dell Hace 4 horas

      I expected better than this from Vox. This is highly misleading. In both crashes the plane had a faulty angle of attack (AoA) sensor responsibility for which does not lie with Boeing. In the Lion Air crash, the previous flight had the exact same problem yet was landed safely. Why did Lion Air not fix the problem before it took off again?

      After the Ethiopian crash, a press conference was held in Ethiopia saying the pilots did everything right and that's a bald lie. The media nonetheless spread it widely. The truth is that that the plane had an obvious problem well before MCAS was ever activated: warnings were going off right at take-off (none of which were because of Boeing or MCAS) and the crew failed to take any action with the most glaring being to run through the unreliable air speed (UAS) checklist. As a result of their ignoring the overspeed warnings the plane became unmaneuverable. Any pilot that doesn't know the memory items for UAS has no business in the front end of the plane.

      The Ethiopian pilots had the advantage of having the MCAS checklist right in front of them but they failed to follow instruction to re-trim. They then found they couldn't manually trim because they were going too fast but did they slow down? No, they turned MCAS back on.

      I'll add that it's no conspiracy Boeing didn't mention MCAS to pilots. That's because if your plane is nosing down uncommanded (stab trib runaway), pilots should already know the checklist for stab trib runaway and running through this is the exact same solution as for an MCAS failure. Since the emergency response is the same there's nothing to be gained by burdening pilots with trying to diagnose the problem in the air.

      There are far more flights in the First World yet these two planes went down in the Third. That's because there's a difference in standards between the two and it is not the plane they fly (therefore not Boeing). Go ahead and try a make Boeing the bad guy but pilots who have looked at this know better.

    • Laverne Johnson
      Laverne Johnson Hace 6 horas

      Guinness yiu have no idea what your talking about anyway. You just think you do because you read something you want to be true.

  • Wronskian C
    Wronskian C Hace un hora

    Make the landing gear higher?

  • Roger Ramakers
    Roger Ramakers Hace un hora

    This is how all companies work when they are owned by people who have a f#ck knowledge about the product, and only interested in short therm profit. Or better said, every company what is in the stock exchange .
    It should be forbidden to invest short therm on this fragile companies, if its is Airplane manufacturers, Healthcare, Defence and protection etc.
    But as the multinationals are big in sponsoring politicians, it will never been done.

  • Hell0
    Hell0 Hace un hora

    Well done Boeing, you just killed over 200 people. You must be proud.

  • J R Deckard
    J R Deckard Hace un hora

    NTSB: "Why didn't you train pilots on the MCAS system?"
    Boeing: "We didn't know the system was on the plane."
    "What the hell do you mean by that!"
    "We didn't install MCAS. It installed itself."

  • Dusan Novoselac
    Dusan Novoselac Hace un hora


  • Rapids Bish
    Rapids Bish Hace un hora

    Now, I don't ride this 737 plane so I ride a320

  • Niko Lindroos
    Niko Lindroos Hace un hora

    Im gonna cancell my flight and take a boat

  • Alexander R
    Alexander R Hace un hora

    I don't get the logics in this video. If they move the engines upper (and Airbus doesn't), that shall result new Boeing has less nose-up pitching moment, not bigger.

  • Michael Atcheson
    Michael Atcheson Hace un hora +1

    This video and the comments section both fake newz

  • Bird Man
    Bird Man Hace un hora +1

    Good article ☀️☀️☀️👏

  • Del Parko
    Del Parko Hace un hora +1

    Paused the video at 0:01 to write this. So help me god if this video blames or even mentions Donald Trump, I will never watch a Vox video again

  • chocobearbear
    chocobearbear Hace 2 horas

    Sue them

  • Tarun Grover
    Tarun Grover Hace 2 horas

    This kind of 'rush' behavior is happening in many corporations, in different industries. Market share and company profits are apparently bigger than human life. With this attitude, we are misdirecting our younger generations against time-taught values of integrity and being thorough of our work.

  • barry mcdougal
    barry mcdougal Hace 2 horas +1


  • Lionheart Roar
    Lionheart Roar Hace 2 horas

    I will not fly any airline using that plane..all of those families who lost loved ones should be compensated by Boeing for putting that deathtrap 737 in the air. Boeing must certainly have known of problems with the craft during test flights unless someone was lying. screw Boeing

  • DV
    DV Hace 2 horas

    I love your content. It always gives a great Insight on the real story.

  • Gali ᜄᜎᜒ Valiente

    It seems Boeing was too protective of their profit, cutting costs in the area of quality assurance -- the result now is a much bigger financial loss for them -- canceled orders and lost potential sales, not just for 737 Max 8 but for anything coming out of Boeing now. What cost-cutting measures have they been doing on their other products? 338 lives are forever lost that left thousands of grieving family members. No money can return their lives.

  • Shane Doyle
    Shane Doyle Hace 2 horas

    Qantas please bring back all the 767's you sent to the plane graveyard in the Californian desert! This plane just isn't worth it to save a bit of coin on fuel

  • Bryce
    Bryce Hace 2 horas

    Lots of armchair pilots in the comment section today..

  • R E
    R E Hace 2 horas

    Who would thumbs down this video? Must be a Boeing employee

  • Thomas Decon
    Thomas Decon Hace 2 horas

    I JUST blew through this vidio,!! did they mention that one day B-4 the second crash that another plane had the same problem but there was an older off shift pilot on board that told or showed the pilots how to kill the devce that was freaking out and just saved the plane but no one knew about it in time,or told anyone B-4 the next crash??

  • GooglR Ratings
    GooglR Ratings Hace 2 horas

    This plane has a serious design flaw, I am a frequent flyer, logging an average between 300 and 500 hours per year.
    I can tell you that myself and other executives at our company refuse to fly on B787 Max, not today, not ever. After speaking with several aviation experts, some of whom work for Boeing, they say that this plane has a serious design flaw, simply applying software to the computer to correct it doesn't solve anything, software can't fix a design flaw.
    As long as they keep operating these planes, they'll keep crashing.
    Stay away from these planes, you'll live longer.

  • Thomas Decon
    Thomas Decon Hace 2 horas

    WOW! IM an old guy now!! but I remember way in prehistory when I was 33 instead of 66 that a big co. had to not look bad rather than be safe . and all the companyies said that would never hapen again!!! OH !!the co. was NASA -- THE plane was CHALENGER!!!

  • Suraj Singh
    Suraj Singh Hace 2 horas

    May be it's time to slow down!! Why we've to rush so much ?!

  • Mu se
    Mu se Hace 2 horas +1

    So what? In the end of the day Boeing just pays off the lawsuits, nobody go to jail, happy ending. And next day you will be flying around on their airplanes again.

  • Rice Crash
    Rice Crash Hace 2 horas

    Jail sentences for directors and executives would be the only thing I would accept. Boeing executives need jailing. Fines are not acceptable.

  • Stikibits
    Stikibits Hace 2 horas

    Boeing is a terrible corporation. They make profit killing people all over the globe, and the parasites don't pay taxes. They should be shut down and the board and management jailed.

  • yasir rajput
    yasir rajput Hace 2 horas

    A great technical mistake hidden by Documentation personnel just so as to BOOST SALES....they should pay for the dear lives lost due to this technical error.

  • Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar Hace 3 horas

    Boeing must take responsibility for this gross negligence and oversight. Why did they not highlight the MCAS during the pilot trainings? The FAA should make them pay dearly. Simply an apology from them will not do.

  • Priyanka Das
    Priyanka Das Hace 3 horas

    Design fault leads to creating Software and then again Software is being updated. Will it actually solve the purpose? Because the design is still the same which can again cause problem. What if the software stops working the next time which was supposed to stop the stall?? I don't think I can ever trust 737 Max again 😔
    I hope they test the opposite scenario as well where plane is reaching stall but sensor feeds that plane AOA is fine, then what happens?? 😲
    I don't understand why they created a software which points the Nose down so sharp, it can just dive it little below the maximum AOA allowed. MCAS is actually pointing the Nose to zero AOA which is not at all required !!

  • Wind Konton
    Wind Konton Hace 3 horas

    This is what happens when you put making a profit before making a good product.

  • Rishabh Khanna
    Rishabh Khanna Hace 3 horas

    I just Love Vox videos, they can make anything interesting

  • Kool Fundas
    Kool Fundas Hace 3 horas

    Terrible competition

  • david clark
    david clark Hace 3 horas

    Doesn't moving the engines higher make the nose drop?

  • Frankie
    Frankie Hace 3 horas

    Why in only two "FOREIGN" countries did they have catastrophic failures .Could there be a joint effort of two nations looking to shake down an American company?

  • Shubham Manjalkar
    Shubham Manjalkar Hace 3 horas

    Are the humans an experimental tool for this co. ?

  • Nicholas Fox
    Nicholas Fox Hace 3 horas

    First question to asak before you fly is, 'is the aircraft a 737 Max.' If the answer is 'yes' then cancel flight and book a flight on a safer aircraft.

  • James Knowles
    James Knowles Hace 4 horas

    Shallow modern journalism appealing to an audience that wants simple, shallow, explanations. 302 crashed because an angle-of-attack sensor failed, caused MCAS to act based on the failed sensor data, the pilots developed tunnel vision due to the shock of the situation and did not monitor their airspeed, the pilots disabled MCAS, failed to manually trim the aircraft due to their over speed condition, and then re-enabled MCAS in violation of the documented procedures and emergency quick reference card,, causing the MCAS to come back online in a way never designed for, causing the aircraft to dive into the ground.

  • Johnathon Bourne
    Johnathon Bourne Hace 4 horas

    The problem is when a company can do its own auditing to give to the FAA, corporate greed at its finest.

  • Alexander Teterkin
    Alexander Teterkin Hace 4 horas

    It's a crime to not say pilots about new system installation!

  • Peter Forth
    Peter Forth Hace 4 horas

    here is a recreation, and on minute 7:00 you see how to disengage the trim autocorrection. If not you can not fly the plane manually as Lion air, did, or fight against the MCAS. This part should be explained on your video. Pilots have the obligation to know each button in the cockpit, if they do not know, is a case of negligence ! This is not an obligation of Boeing. it is an obligation of the profession, and also of the flight company, to allow unqualified personnel to fly a brand new plane. Every pilot needs an "adaption training" for each new model on a fleet, this is basic procedure everywhere.

  • Kolbolt Gaming
    Kolbolt Gaming Hace 4 horas

    nice to see rnd is still a thing

  • Ahmet Hamdi KOÇ
    Ahmet Hamdi KOÇ Hace 4 horas

    Basically it is a poor engineering issue but they are somehow blaming Airbus because of being in competition with Boeing(?). Typical American mind, hard to understand.

  • Alejandro Sudiro
    Alejandro Sudiro Hace 4 horas

    So much for boeing and FAA integrity. Had boeing not so arrogant and quickly blamed Lion Air for the first crash, the second one might be avoided.

    VICTORIA VIC Hace 4 horas +1


  • Glenn F
    Glenn F Hace 4 horas

    My uncle was in that lion air 610 flight, because its crash into ocean deep and very difficult to retrieve all the passenger. what we found from the rescue team only a bag that he used. thanks vox for bringing up these issue may all the victims family in ethiopia and indonesia stay strong :')

  • Peter Forth
    Peter Forth Hace 4 horas

    We must analyze the experience of the pilots in asia, and on those companies. The 1st commander of Ethyopian had only 200hrs experience on the Max. and this report tells us more about this situation.And how the problem could be avoided only by disengaging the trim switches.

  • Mr betrayaL
    Mr betrayaL Hace 4 horas

    another low quality plane from US. boeing=chinese product.

  • GirmayGman Gman
    GirmayGman Gman Hace 4 horas

    Thank you. Information we would not have heard on TV!

  • Dog E. LauLau
    Dog E. LauLau Hace 4 horas

    Wait for the official report to really know what happened.

  • Sam Hall
    Sam Hall Hace 4 horas

    Apparently competition is good for consumers...

  • Carlo DiCaprio
    Carlo DiCaprio Hace 4 horas +1

    It looks like free market is not perfect.

  • Paul Avery
    Paul Avery Hace 4 horas

    737 MAX is finished because of a management screw-up. Sad that so many people had to die.

  • Catherine H.
    Catherine H. Hace 4 horas

    Boeing is becoming like McDonell Douglas (the manufacturer of the notorious DC-10), a cost-cutting company bought by Boeing in 1997. How the tide has turned...

  • Denys 277
    Denys 277 Hace 4 horas

    I wanted to be a pilot, now I'm thinking about joining motor sport races

  • ramadhanisme
    ramadhanisme Hace 5 horas

    good job indonesian government also grounded up this plane, fvcking boeing they have to sue this fvcking company, I will never ever fly with boeing plane anymore

  • rozi hanafi
    rozi hanafi Hace 5 horas

    1:33...a little additional training. 3:47....2 hours iPad training course. 3:58 several pilots reported "the plane suddenly nosing down". These are few information we got from this video. I saw many aircraft accident video, what i got from those video is, 3 minutes too late to fix the mistake = fatal accident ( CMIAW ). From 3:58 fact, those pilot escaped from fatal accident. In Lion Air case..they didnt. What i really want to know is. Is the problem happened to fact 3:58 is exactly the same with Lion Air case or at least, both of case got same "initial problem"? My second question is based on 1:33 and 3:47 facts, is a more comprehensive training manual cost real higher money? Thx for reading my question.

  • Hansy
    Hansy Hace 5 horas

    Because of them, two parents lost their ONLY child. I can't believe after all those incidents, pilots around the world, were still not aware of the system.

    • Sir Alonne Vincent Han
      Sir Alonne Vincent Han Hace 4 horas

      some knew, and they complain to FAA but is was the ppl high up ignore, the Boeing and FAA is "good friend" , it all about money, and why ppl lost their live because coperate greed

  • Dor Aran
    Dor Aran Hace 5 horas

    A day or two after the crash, radio guy Rush Limbaugh speculated the situation as a software problem due in great part to Boeing adapting their plane to compete with the Airbus that totally altered centers of gravity and handling characteristics.

  • Swen Martin
    Swen Martin Hace 5 horas +1

    Wow! Now it's clear that Boeing is like really going after income, not safety. They did just to compete with Airbus.

  • Aditya Mahat
    Aditya Mahat Hace 5 horas

    Everything would have been different had those lost lives been all American!
    I really would have loved to see how that would have changed the narrative of the media and the public outcry for legal action.
    Peace to all the lost soules.

  • Theweescot
    Theweescot Hace 5 horas

    I hope boeing are put out of business for fraud and murder! Absolutely disgusting behaviour!

  • Ahmad Adzam Kaulana
    Ahmad Adzam Kaulana Hace 5 horas +1

    Did boeing already take responsibility to the victim family ? So it's all about money and prestige.
    It's America again wow, the number 1 mass murderer country in history of humanity. Starting from annihilation of their local tribe, black slavery, world war actor, army supplier, and weapon dealer, to the middle east invasion, and supporter of children, woman, oldman murderer. This country such a #RealTerrorist #YouAreMurderer

  • Kai Soerfjord
    Kai Soerfjord Hace 5 horas

    AIRLINES and their administrative employees ARE WHORES

  • HQZen YT
    HQZen YT Hace 5 horas

    i never been on the a320

  • Catpanl
    Catpanl Hace 5 horas

    What a simplistic summation of the situation. Bravo for giving just enough information to make people pick single side. Hind sight is always so clear. They didn’t rush anything. They simply didn’t anticipate this specific scenario. As machines get more complicated get ready for more of that.
    Also failed to mention that Boing spent tons of time and money on MCAS to prevent tragedies, as a stall would lead to a crash on take off. And they didn’t want any accidents as that would lead to bad reputation. And how about the fact that some airlines choose not to purchase additional indicators that signaled a sensor malfunction that would indicate a need to disable MCAS.
    Or how about the fact that Lion Air had poor maintenance and replaced a the airspeed sensor with a faulty one right before the crash?

  • Matt Sandoval
    Matt Sandoval Hace 5 horas

    greediness is always a matter

  • ItsCloutGod
    ItsCloutGod Hace 5 horas

    If they dont fix this more planes going to crash

  • Jeet Tech
    Jeet Tech Hace 6 horas

    Human life has no values, mass murder (Boeing) needs to punished. How easy for manufacturers to claim their product have bugs and protect them from lawsuits

  • Will Ashley
    Will Ashley Hace 6 horas

    That music at the end sounds like it's from an Ace Attorney game.

  • Jeet Tech
    Jeet Tech Hace 6 horas

    Thanks Vox for such informative videos. I heard all Max planes are around the Ethiopia incident.

  • Gorilla Glue
    Gorilla Glue Hace 6 horas

    It's scary considering Boeing are more concerned about making more money and beating there rival Airbus then passenger safety

  • soap pleasures
    soap pleasures Hace 6 horas

    Greed will always be first and foremost on any massive businesses mind. Human life, a distant second

  • KicknUrAzzNZ
    KicknUrAzzNZ Hace 6 horas

    Is the revenue from this video going to go towards the families who were lost or are ya's just gonna pocket it?

  • James
    James Hace 6 horas

    So, Boeing's software did not work, and it wasn't properly certified to work; and they're going to fix that with more software ???

  • Europa Europa
    Europa Europa Hace 6 horas

    Yet, all the American pilots overcame the MCAS nose down pitching to prevent a crash.
    Maybe better pilots and maintenance would have prevented both crashes.

  • BumHaven
    BumHaven Hace 6 horas

    Juan Browne an American Airlines pilot does a better job of explaining the issue. Here is the latest video of his series:

  • tom Petir
    tom Petir Hace 6 horas +3

    Capitalism encourages innovation? The only thing unregulated capitalism is doing is making the shareholders richer every day,and thats the only goal...
    Sometimes the workers wages are cut, sometimes robots take their jobs, sometimes cheap components are replacing the quality ones, just to beat the competition and produce cheaper products for the buyer.
    Human life is priceless??well i like to think so,but 346 people died in those 2 plane crashes and the price of human life is easy to calculate. Its 15% better fuel efficiency

    "Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the benefit of all.”
    John Maynard Keynes

  • jonny smith
    jonny smith Hace 6 horas

    Boeing engineers and its leaders are so stupid. They design and manufactures airplane for a century and make a design mistake like this. The victim should sue Boeing $100 million each to teach Boeing a lesson. One problem with American is they don't act before it happens. Everytime something happens, then they act. Boeing sells the trust of consumers and buyers. Nobody trusts their product anymore. They should fire all top management including the CEO, COO, CFO, etc... I heard the news said the sensor at the front of airplane are options. What the stupid decision to sell million dollars airplane and this important device is an option. Boeing should provide it free because it is part of airplane and it's not a car that needs to have option.

  • Laverne Johnson
    Laverne Johnson Hace 6 horas

    Yeah VOX is the epitome of truth, NOT

  • Cee Dee
    Cee Dee Hace 6 horas

    While entrenched in our "point-the-finger" culture, the full picture is lost and ignorance persists. As such it is necessary to visit some of the finer details overlooked by many media outlets.
    During the genesis of commercial air travel aircraft were designed and produced as a one-off, meaning there were little to no homogeneity between aircraft types. This required extensive training for pilots moving throughout an airline's fleet, thus absorbing a large economic burden. Pilots were essentially retrained and psycho-motor skills developed over time were lost, thus increasing the risk of error.
    At the behest of airlines, manufacturers began keeping differences between aircraft to a minimum so as to allow faster transitions with little to no loss of operational familiarity.
    The bottom line is that all modern aircraft (especially the Airbus fleet) require little in the way of differences training and that makes aviation safer, not more dangerous as Vox implies.
    The second point goes to the heart of pilot training.
    While the concept of MCAS is a plausible fix for an increased pitch-up moment, it was poorly executed and really not necessary to begin with. Pilots of airplanes incorporating underwing mounted engines are cognizant of pitch characteristics over all thrust regimes and a change in the design thrust line should have little impact on the capability of a pilot to control those moments. The concept is not new and was seen on the 737 when the turbojet was replaced by the turbofan, a larger and more efficient engine.
    More automation is not always a good solution and in this case it invites more of a disconnect between the pilot and the plane.
    Nevertheless, MCAS works in tandem with the stabilizer trim system, not in spite of it as suggested. As such, any commamd signal from MCAS will be realized by the primary trim motor and a trim in motion will become apparant inside the flight deck. Most qualified aviators will understand this to be a runaway trim scenario and will apply the immediate remedy of removing power from the motors via a cutout switch located near the same place on every aircraft. This was understood by Boeing and designed with the expectation of pilot intervention and was indeed the very remedy published by Boeing in the aftermath of Lion Air.
    Unfortunately, most of the world has moved away from basic airmanship in the pursuit of filling the increasing number of vacant flight deck positions plaguing airlines globally and "ab initio" programs have responded by replacing aviators with automators. This works fine when everything functions as it should, but when it doesn't the ability to think outside the proverbial box (e.g., when standard reliance on a checklist is not a timely option) remains a tool unincorporated into the system and thereby unusable. Pilots are no longer pilots as planes fly them and not the appropriate reciprocal and this remains largely the case among operators outside of the United States - especially outside of Western culture.
    MCAS is an example of poor execution of a relatively unecessary addition to system automation and Boeing will have to answer for that. However, there is no excuse for an increasing lack of basic airmanship and both flight training centers and airlines will require an answer as well.

  • RANDOM Vidz
    RANDOM Vidz Hace 6 horas

    Bro Wtf

  • dschumacher11
    dschumacher11 Hace 6 horas

    great story. the loss of life is staggering. BUT...

    all new jets have teething problems, obviously this one has too. however if it were actually the plane then we would see these accidents happening with American Airlines and Air Canada, and other carriers who owns and fly way more daily flights than the Lion Air or Ethiopian.

    the tragedy is lack of training for the pilots. there is no doubt the pilots are the cause of accidents, not the aircraft. the pilots were allowing the plane to enter too steep a climb. no doubt they were stoked they just got their hands on a new jet with nice big engines. how many hours did these pilots have? how much simulator time?

    all new high performance cars today come with traction control, along with a host of other features to keep the cars on the road. you cannot put more than 350hp down without burning out your rear tires. mcas is traction control for the jet. its the new age.

    there have been greater air disasters, with more loss of life because of pilot error exceeding operation limits - for example, AA 587.

    you can still crash a mercedoes or a ferrari with traction control if you exceed operational limits - just like AA 587 and these MAX8 flights.

    i have flown a half dozen times last year in a MAX8 and never experienced any deviations during take off - all in North America.

    no north american or european pilot has exceeded the operation limits of these aircraft in the same way, or they would be experiencing the same disasters.

    i have flown in an AA 737-9 flight where we were on the edge of operational limits because the pilot was getting his rocks off on take off.

    the 737 is a special airplane whose party piece is that it is so low to the ground it is designed to be hand loaded with luggage. this is the reason they did not raise the plane to allow for better placement of the engines. so cool yourselves on the engineering issue.

    any responsible pilot will take it upon themselves to ensure they are familiar with their aircraft and any updates. they know their own life, and others are at stake. life is cheap in the third world, remember that.

    consider also these third world airlines also do not have the same respect given in the cockpit to the first officers. so if the pilot is doing something stupid, the first officer could loose his job for telling the pilot to do what he is supposed to do, like a seniority old boys club thing.

    again, if the plane was at fault, it already would have happened in north america or over europe due to the number of daily flights. but it hasnt.

    first blame the pilots, then the FAA, then Boeing.

  • Dam Thephong
    Dam Thephong Hace 6 horas

    When you're the first to answer the question but then the teacher says your amswer is wrong

  • Richard Haynes
    Richard Haynes Hace 7 horas

    I’m not defending Boeing. This was a major malfunction that should not have happened. People should be accountable. But.....this is very misleading and incorrect diagnosis of what happened, especially the Ethiopian crash. This is the problem when someone who is clearly NOT a pilot or aviation expert makes judgements based on news stories. WAIT for the full report before you trash an entire company. This tragedy SHOULD not have happened but the software is the answer as the MCAS system was way to aggressive and instead of assisting the pilots as originally designed it ended up causing these totally avoidable accidents. Shame on Boeing but don’t destroy a company that employs thousands of people.

  • Silicon Valley Engineer

    Its been reported that Chinese Intelligence secretly corrupted the Boeing flight software

    • BSPBuilder
      BSPBuilder Hace 5 horas

      China operates 97 737 Max 8, the largest fleet in this world.

  • Amit Jadhav
    Amit Jadhav Hace 7 horas

    No penalty? Just because non-Americans died Boeing gets to move away just with a software update? On one hand USA trys to project itself as Savior of humanity by overthrowing govts in every OIL-RICH nation and on the other just a software update. This is discrimination.

  • Ian White
    Ian White Hace 7 horas




  • mc160202063 Emad Ahmed
    mc160202063 Emad Ahmed Hace 7 horas

    soo sad, human is so cheap
    boeing should be hanged

  • learn everything Khan
    learn everything Khan Hace 7 horas +1

    Boeing killed more than the angel of death in 2019. so sub me if you like this comment.

  • Rob Y
    Rob Y Hace 7 horas

    Pilots were F'ed no matter who they were... not enough altitude once MCAS activated... Boeing is 100 percent responsible. Here is a really good demo by a 737 pilot that shows what a runaway stab trim can do and how hard it is to correct regardless of training.
    Starts at 10 mins

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson Hace 7 horas

    It may take years to find out all the facts. This video is minimal at best.

  • Occams Razor
    Occams Razor Hace 7 horas

    This story made me almost physically ill.
    So many disturbing facts coming out in this story. Starting with a private industry, which is responsible for public safety, being allowed to essentially regulate itself SMH.
    All I can say is there should be criminal charges in what is clearly becoming a situation of gross negligence on the part of both Boeing and possibly the FAA. I don't hold out hope, however, that it will happen, so I hope at least civil suits will make Boeing pay dearly for such despicable behavior.
    That scene with the clothes and shoes is so,so, sad.
    RIP to all those that died .

  • Ben corbin
    Ben corbin Hace 7 horas

    I flew on one with air canada before they were grounded.....
    Now don’t get me wrong I love boeing and airbus however I’m not very impressed by Boeing’s move

  • Darek M
    Darek M Hace 7 horas

    All these floaty graphics are getting annoying.

  • iPokerrr
    iPokerrr Hace 7 horas

    What's the music in the outro?

  • Syed Ismail
    Syed Ismail Hace 8 horas

    May be those pilots also committed suicide like you all accusing the pilot for MH370.

  • Fractured Joules
    Fractured Joules Hace 8 horas

    I blame the Feds for not overseeing the testing like they should have. They pushed it through too fast. This hints that Boeing has a few people in the government in their hip pocket. Human life swapped for profit, never a good thing. People need to pay for this tragic loss of life. Both Boeing and the feds.

  • elisabet nugraheni
    elisabet nugraheni Hace 8 horas

    Im glad you just show us the wallet and shoes, not the human body part.. :) im very shock when my friend show me the body part and organ of the boeing 737 max passangers