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  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall Hace un hora

    One like makes me want to make fluffy slime.😉😉😉😉😄😄😄😄.

  • maria robina chua
    maria robina chua Hace 3 horas

    The ghost is talented she/he make a number6 slime!!😂😂

  • maria robina chua
    maria robina chua Hace 4 horas


  • Ninjas Awesome
    Ninjas Awesome Hace 7 horas

    2:05 what the hell did roi say 😂

  • BOSS 8234
    BOSS 8234 Hace 9 horas

    The great ghost that causes wind called (oh faca tornadoe)

  • Leilani Marie
    Leilani Marie Hace 11 horas

    2:05 is it me or the door was moving back an fourth

  • Amadou Sarr
    Amadou Sarr Hace 12 horas

    You should be on spooked radio

  • Mary Leleux
    Mary Leleux Hace 12 horas

    Roi, ghosts can not physically harm you. But they do get stronger the more you get scared of them. If they get strong enough, they could turn into a demon or an object (of course possesing the object). Soon they could easily posses you or haunt you for a long while. When you do 3AM videos just think and maybe even say out loud, "don't get scared" the situation that you were in, I would say that a lot of times. I do this when I feel a presence. I really hope you see this comment and take the advice.

  • Gldenbuger 123
    Gldenbuger 123 Hace 14 horas +1

    Did anyone see the door move at 2:05

  • Zoie Ferguson
    Zoie Ferguson Hace 14 horas

    make eattadol slime at 3am

  • Feingamai Muli
    Feingamai Muli Hace 15 horas

    You should go to the cemetery at 3:am

  • Rachel Rivera
    Rachel Rivera Hace 17 horas

    Look on the Window on the right

  • Giavana Seniti
    Giavana Seniti Hace 19 horas

    Do 🤔🤔💡 go to bonkers at 3:Am

  • Brianna Barry-Cisneros
    Brianna Barry-Cisneros Hace 20 horas

    Oh hell nawwwwwwwwww Roy ur doomed!!!!!!!😌😔😓😱the devil gonna haunt u👻☠️💀😈👿

  • Ashley Muslovski
    Ashley Muslovski Hace 20 horas

    I did not know you can make slime........sorry

  • Charlton Els
    Charlton Els Hace un día

    If this happens and if you do this you go to he'll pray say forgive my press

  • Bailey Griffin
    Bailey Griffin Hace un día

    Bye is anyone
    Watching this at night

  • Bailey Griffin
    Bailey Griffin Hace un día +1

    I’m a like my own comment bc no one else will

  • Sophia Lightfoot Ramos
    Sophia Lightfoot Ramos Hace un día

    did anyone else notice that the camera started freaking out everytime they approached the crawl space

  • supersonicxd gaming
    supersonicxd gaming Hace un día

    Make slime at 3pm might be better

  • Anthony Mcdonald
    Anthony Mcdonald Hace un día

    i am wocheing at 3am

  • Jovito Rubio
    Jovito Rubio Hace un día

    I Saw something outside the window

    Mr FARHAN Hace un día


  • Barry Baker
    Barry Baker Hace un día

    After you found the coundl the camera person shadow looked like slender man

  • Ashley White
    Ashley White Hace un día

    At 2:05 when the camera guy looked around to see if someone was with them the glass door opened like if you saw

  • Zach Zechariah Dejesus
    Zach Zechariah Dejesus Hace un día

    Make black slime at 3am make it so scary😱

  • Maricris Pantry
    Maricris Pantry Hace 2 días

    Lets pley😄

  • Maricris Pantry
    Maricris Pantry Hace 2 días

    Do agen😉😄😁😆😁😀😶😞😔

  • Maricris Pantry
    Maricris Pantry Hace 2 días

    Now Wey😈😱😵😨

  • Santiago Chavez
    Santiago Chavez Hace 2 días

    I mean moving

  • HAYLIE.ARIAS 101405
    HAYLIE.ARIAS 101405 Hace 2 días

    Omg you are the best plz give me a shout out plz plz cal me haylie the awsome than you very much. I watch al of you vids

  • HAYLIE.ARIAS 101405
    HAYLIE.ARIAS 101405 Hace 2 días

    I saw the door move

  • christina bargas
    christina bargas Hace 3 días

    After roi said "let's do this" I thought I saw someone standing straight😱

  • Avereigh Ortega
    Avereigh Ortega Hace 4 días

    yo your a derdevil

  • Harleen Kaur Vasudev
    Harleen Kaur Vasudev Hace 4 días

    btw i am freakin scared right now

  • Savina Madan
    Savina Madan Hace 5 días


  • Ericka Gonsalez
    Ericka Gonsalez Hace 5 días +1


  • Ericka Gonsalez
    Ericka Gonsalez Hace 5 días +1

    Im a fan🙃

  • Pito Orengo
    Pito Orengo Hace 5 días

    How can one of you blow that many candles at the same time like I think it is possible

  • Debashis Mahunta
    Debashis Mahunta Hace 5 días

    Did you here. that voice it was like a door is closing it was a creeke voice

  • Fizri Eidil
    Fizri Eidil Hace 6 días

    I see a door open by itself

  • Felicia Hurd
    Felicia Hurd Hace 6 días

    How old are you right now and my name is maliah Hurd. I love your channel so much and where do you live please let me know if you live far away I can come to your house next year.😘😘😍😘😘😆😂😂😜😨. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you I got you a emoge in this massage please respond me and you can come to my house every day I live in North A street it is at mildland Texas.🌮🌮🌭🍟🍕🍱🌯🍩🍪🍫🍰🎂🍭🍬🍺🍹🌞🌡🌨 do you have a dog because if you do have one bring your dog to mildland Texas 🐕🎃🎆🎇🎈🎉🎊🎁🎀

  • Linda Woody
    Linda Woody Hace 6 días

    Do more 3am NOW !

  • Tiago Pereira
    Tiago Pereira Hace 6 días

    do more plssssssss

  • Genesis Calkins
    Genesis Calkins Hace 6 días

    plz play Minecraft at 3am

  • malay ko
    malay ko Hace 6 días

    Next Don't take a bath At 3am

  • issa foye
    issa foye Hace 7 días

    Your video is way better than Paranormal Activity good job!!

  • Jose Mena
    Jose Mena Hace 7 días

    SPIDER WEB OH SO SCARY😯😯😯😯(I'm being sarcastic)

  • Te Puea Awatere-Murray
    Te Puea Awatere-Murray Hace 7 días

    did you see the door move 2.00 to 2.07

  • The Funz
    The Funz Hace 7 días

    Yes I can come over and go home tomorrow night if I wanna tomorrow I can go to school and go get my car tomorrow night I can come home and then come back and go get some

  • Zoey jamy
    Zoey jamy Hace 7 días

    100k likes for gava juice

  • Vodkar Mercedat
    Vodkar Mercedat Hace 7 días

    I make slime yesterday it is fluffy

  • Ashley Xo
    Ashley Xo Hace 7 días

    Ruby Rube is shaking in her seat rn

  • Bookerman
    Bookerman Hace 7 días


  • Bookerman
    Bookerman Hace 7 días

    really creepy

  • Bookerman
    Bookerman Hace 7 días


  • sharon persad
    sharon persad Hace 7 días

    God is with u and will protect u

  • AnaVictoria
    AnaVictoria Hace 8 días

    I saw it

  • Emilia Paige Warren
    Emilia Paige Warren Hace 8 días

    iv made slime at 3 am nothing happened i think you took all the ghosts

  • Emilia Paige Warren
    Emilia Paige Warren Hace 8 días

    i even slowed down the video as slow as it would go but i saw nothing

  • Mathieu The Footballer
    Mathieu The Footballer Hace 8 días

    At 4:42 a alarm goes off like a ghost is doing it

  • Staci Major
    Staci Major Hace 8 días

    I thought the chair was a clown

  • Esaiah Miranda
    Esaiah Miranda Hace 8 días

    if you did not see the door opens and closes

  • good boy
    good boy Hace 9 días

    At 6.21

  • Marie Luzon
    Marie Luzon Hace 9 días

    I luv luv luv your 3am vids but I don't get scared easy

  • Brianna Gallagher
    Brianna Gallagher Hace 9 días

    At 3am buy or find the creepiest doll you can find then play one man hid and seek

  • Brianna Gallagher
    Brianna Gallagher Hace 9 días

    At 3am go down to the place that creeps you out and film it

  • MC_LovedDig_ YT_Girl
    MC_LovedDig_ YT_Girl Hace 10 días

    Ur house was so big.

  • Isabelle Frayer
    Isabelle Frayer Hace 10 días

    The alarm in the background is freaking me out 🙀

  • Angelica Meers
    Angelica Meers Hace 10 días

    Ugh go in

  • belle12235 Cindy Victoria
    belle12235 Cindy Victoria Hace 10 días +1

    Eat a claloy,bunny

  • Ben Meisner
    Ben Meisner Hace 10 días

    Enstead calling

  • Ben Meisner
    Ben Meisner Hace 10 días

    Guava text Momo at 3am

  • Goose Chick
    Goose Chick Hace 10 días

    Did you know that weird things only happen when you are filming

  • Template Hey8
    Template Hey8 Hace 11 días

    Or the food couluring is haunted :)

  • alson hoi
    alson hoi Hace 12 días

    Roi do green slime because it's guava juice colour

  • Tammy Garcia
    Tammy Garcia Hace 12 días

    Hi I love your videos I went to meet you you are so cool

  • Mska WelcomeToFryday
    Mska WelcomeToFryday Hace 12 días

    Make a video of do not play hide and seek at 3:00am

  • Jennifer Belita
    Jennifer Belita Hace 13 días

    You said ``OH SHIIIIIIIIIII`` you said that guava juice

  • Varise Klimczyk
    Varise Klimczyk Hace 13 días

    Plz no 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 1 like-12345678910 prays for roy

  • Nathan Bendy Rasmussen
    Nathan Bendy Rasmussen Hace 13 días

    Do 3am

  • Laura&CBrock
    Laura&CBrock Hace 13 días

    Ok I believe in God, but thing is, he hasn't done anything to protect Roi.

  • Tammi and Kelly
    Tammi and Kelly Hace 13 días

    That is not how you play with...😂 (not trying to judge..)

  • Paul Dasilva
    Paul Dasilva Hace 13 días


  • Nicola Antoinette
    Nicola Antoinette Hace 13 días

    What the hell what the flip

  • Nicola Antoinette
    Nicola Antoinette Hace 13 días

    That was the gohst but god is always wacting

  • Nicola Antoinette
    Nicola Antoinette Hace 13 días

    Ya see

  • Nicola Antoinette
    Nicola Antoinette Hace 13 días

    I saw some one down thare then in the basment the gohst was on the bow

  • summer hamed-brewster
    summer hamed-brewster Hace 13 días

    I Sol 👀👀

  • Stephanie Taylor
    Stephanie Taylor Hace 13 días

    I saw a light when you was outside AAAAAAAAAA

  • Chris Salas
    Chris Salas Hace 13 días

    dont take a picture at 3:00am😁😬

    HOLO CORN Hace 14 días

    Omg the door was opening and closing

  • Tayba Redar
    Tayba Redar Hace 14 días

    Yilyilyil metkgjgip

  • Radioactive PlayZzz
    Radioactive PlayZzz Hace 14 días

    Did anyone see the dog dabbing?4:20

  • Joseph sweeting
    Joseph sweeting Hace 14 días

    Take a bath in slime at 3.00AM

  • L.P.S. customizer
    L.P.S. customizer Hace 14 días

    3:33 I saw something
    6:36 I heard crying

  • Blue Tiger gaming
    Blue Tiger gaming Hace 14 días

    Why is the title all capital letters (WHY)

  • Unicorn Thats me Dont Take My Unicorns

    G + J = Guava Juice

  • Unicorn Thats me Dont Take My Unicorns

    1+ Like = 1 pray for Roi

  • Drewjago & Skullflamer Adventures

    I saw a green light