Joe Joyce talks Joseph Parker KO & says it was one of his toughest fights! 🥊💥

  • Publicado el 26 sep 2022
  • Joe Joyce talks to Darren Bent & Andy Goldstein after beating Joseph Parker to win the WBO Heavyweight Interim Title!
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Comentarios • 139

  • Sly Cade
    Sly Cade  +41

    Joe Joyce is total class, in every sense of the word.

  • Aaron Jay
    Aaron Jay  +23

    It’s nice to see as his popularity grows he’s also slowly becoming more comfortable and confident in front of the camera. You can see his mother has brought him up really well... definitely the archetype of a gentleman outside of the ring but a beast inside it!

  • Jairus Robb

    Love seeing him get more comfortable in the interviews. He just knows he’s SUPPOSED to be there now. Really interesting interviews now.

  • mrvideouploads1

    It was a brutal, brutal, brutal fight. A proper heavyweight fight.

  • Mighty Villan

    Joyce took some very good shots, but they seemed to just irritate him rather than cause him any damage. In fact, they made him more aggressive, which must've been soul destroying for Parker. To Parker's credit, he hung in there longer than most could've, hence the lateness of the stoppage. In my opinion, the Juggernaut's a match for anyone. Bring on Fury or Usyk!

  • bgbg
    bgbg  +1

    Proper old school heavyweight fight that was. Brutal and punishing. Props to both.

  • arunsd9
    arunsd9  +11

    Joyce is fantastic. He's not boring anymore because people have realised how much of a tank he is. Humble guy

  • Don Tynan
    Don Tynan  +18

    If you knew nothing about Joyce, you'd think he was 27/28...His stamina is unbelievable, and his punch resistance..How does somebody who is so easy to hit, get away with it? Who cares, more power to him!!!

  • Ian R
    Ian R  +18

    Joyce's number one quality is humility, never lose that Joe and the masses will be drawn to you

  • Best Sleep Sounds

    After watching Joyce fight Parker (and I am a Parker fan (good guy plus skilled)) Joyce has now became a fighter I respect. Parker just gave Joyce worldwide recognition as Parker fans from elsewhere in the world now know Joyce and because Joyce speaks well of Parker, Joyce has expanded his fan base.

  • Luke Chapman

    844 Punches Joe Joyce threw to be exact, that is insane for a bloke who weighs over 19 stone🥊

  • Only Me!
    Only Me!  +12

    He didn't look like he had to dig deep. He's starting to remind me of George foreman didn't look like he was throwing hard fast powerful shots but all opponents looked like they been in a car crash!

  • hair4all London

    Well done guys - JJJ was the most comfortable I have seen him in an interview 🥊🥊🥊

  • Big Sam
    Big Sam  +1

    You can't not like Joe Joyce, he doesn't have a bad bone in his body but he sure knows how to fight! Class act

  • Sam Nathan

    Such a likeable bloke and an absolute tank in the ring. Good on him

  • MrPmc1983 McMental

    Guy seems like such a genuine man, good luck to him in his coming fights !

  • arsenalmanic

    What a genuine breath of fresh air this man is. Nicest man, but in the ring a terminator

  • emma b
    emma b  +3

    love how humble joe is

  • Sawyer Maitland

    Super humble - especially when talking about Vegas and taking advice from the crowd!

  • Gar
    Gar  +1

    Joe Joyce is the man after that performance can see him really blowing up 🔥🔥