Republicans, Losing Impeachment Fight, Call Democrats "Dumb": A Closer Look

  • Publicado el 8 nov 2019
  • Seth takes a closer look at Republicans standing by President Trump even after a major election loss and a bombshell testimony.
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    Republicans, Losing Impeachment Fight, Call Democrats "Dumb": A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyersídeo.html

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comentarios • 6 339

  • Bj478nor
    Bj478nor Hace 2 horas +1

    That spray on orange 🍊 tan cost more than I make all year

  • ZambeziKid
    ZambeziKid Hace 3 horas

    Foisted IS a word. Shows how dumb ur own audience is to laugh at that "joke".... oh wait, is that canned laughter that you use, bcos you know that no one would laugh otherwise?

  • Martin Taper
    Martin Taper Hace 9 horas

    So Trump is innocent of any crime on the basis of incompetence.

  • daisx beohfox
    daisx beohfox Hace 9 horas


  • IWashMyOwnBrain
    IWashMyOwnBrain Hace 11 horas

    Another knee jerk reaction from the fake news.......The media is being played so bad.....look at the tape...look at bolton...LOL
    Liberal tears coming again soon......

  • James Frazier
    James Frazier Hace 15 horas

    Slime ball

  • Lisette Rodriguez
    Lisette Rodriguez Hace 18 horas

    I can’t stand all those republicans hypocrites, let’s vote them out of office.

  • Paul Johnston
    Paul Johnston Hace 21 un hora

    "...a cross between Gomer Pyle and Foghorn Leghorn ..." ...Roflmao

  • Gary Logan
    Gary Logan Hace un día +1

    The most embarrassing thing about this is the fact that he is clearly running these faux pas by his mental teleprompter.

  • Patrick Ross
    Patrick Ross Hace un día

    That's one dumb fucker

  • Delique Scence
    Delique Scence Hace 2 días +1

    Foisted is a transitive verb.
    “To introduce or insert surreptitiously or without warrant”.
    Not the first time a google search would have helped this writing team. Plus, now I sound like a bloody Trump supporter ffs.

  • Kevin Blechinger
    Kevin Blechinger Hace 2 días

    I think he wears clothes because he is a quasi sentient pudding.

  • Carol Price
    Carol Price Hace 2 días

    No you are wright and wrong the way you are right is he is going by someone elses Play book And wrong because he loves to brag about getting away with what no one should ever get away people are believing his act hook line and sinker not reliezing they are diner on a plate.Donald Trump's plate.He is obviously hungry.

  • Tony Todd
    Tony Todd Hace 2 días

    That was funny as he'll

  • Robyn Ryan
    Robyn Ryan Hace 3 días

    I think it’s time to boot all these oldies got the boot

  • BNAMusic88 _
    BNAMusic88 _ Hace 3 días

    Folks actually like “foüstered” fly 😑😑😑😒😒😒

  • Matt Ellis
    Matt Ellis Hace 4 días

    Sorry Seth, but foister is a word. Definition of foister. 1 archaic : pickpocket. 2 obsolete : a palmer of dice : cheat, rogue… Both archaic and obsolete. hehehe Foister(noun)
    one who foists something surreptitiously; a falsifier

  • Yoma Sane
    Yoma Sane Hace 5 días

    7:38 meadows gives the ''two fingers'' signal for the bonded Scotch he's headed for. Let's hope whomever his Dem opponent will be in his next re-election has this clip locked and loaded for heavy rotation ala Howard Dean's ''yeehaw heard 'round the world''.

  • Yoma Sane
    Yoma Sane Hace 5 días

    3:30 kennedy earns the nickname "senatuh hushpuppymouth".

  • Alta Montgomery
    Alta Montgomery Hace 5 días

    Donald Trump's attorneys and lawyers from Fox news and TV they mad because the Democrats is winning so now they want to call him names and start the lying but we know everybody that cover up for Donald Trump's criminal activity lies like a barbituate liar like Donald Trump you know Donald Trump know how to hand-pick the barbituatebut them TV attorneys in fox59 attorney Daddy got got the Democrats was killing them and they angry now now they want to call him names that act like they lyingin the public knew that they was going to have a clown show article of impeachment trial in this is exactly what it is by the Republicans

  • Alta Montgomery
    Alta Montgomery Hace 5 días

    The Democrats came with factsthey showed American people the witnesses in their audio tapes they showed the recorded emails the recorded phone calls the recorded transcripts did Democrats was readyand then the Republicans got mad and started the you know it's the clown show with the Republicans no witnesses no subpoenas know nothing in one of Donald Trump's TV lawyers of fox59 lawyers got mad and start lying like Donald Trump in the Republicans do you know anything to cover of Donald Trump's criminal activitiesname is is cephalonia somebody you know when when when they can get they weigh you know I hate Donald Trump a lot like he started that war cuz he couldn't get his waywhere ceppaloni got the lying like nadler with lying I mean it's a clown show by the Republicans attorneys and lawyers

  • Quenton Upshaw
    Quenton Upshaw Hace 5 días


  • vdelrio999
    vdelrio999 Hace 6 días

    So two opposing parties, which have no place in public office, who are always at each others throats, are expected to effectively cooperate and police each other for the benefit of the people? Oh, that's rich.

  • Patricia Cookinham
    Patricia Cookinham Hace 6 días

    Trump supporters do a lot of diverting attention from the current issues. "What if.... Look over here at what X did that's worse, etc." Most of this chicanery is irrelevant to the issues at hand.

  • Patricia Cookinham
    Patricia Cookinham Hace 7 días

    If Trump wins the trial by calling Dems names and lying, the Senate should hang it's collective head in shame.

  • Oblio965
    Oblio965 Hace 7 días

    every time trump tries to learn a new word outside of his known 550 word vocabulary, he merely confirms his idiocy. Here's a new word I just made up: he's turning this country and its form of Gov't into an "Idiocracy"

  • Jason Coughenour
    Jason Coughenour Hace 7 días

    Saw an episode of curb your enthusiasm with the word foystered being of topic.
    Wonder if don saw that too.

  • Ned Ryerson
    Ned Ryerson Hace 8 días

    Jesus you morons are pathetic and straight up stupid.

  • Vinsons
    Vinsons Hace 10 días

    Imagine mocking Republicans for being “dumb” then not knowing foister is a real word and saying it’s not throughout the whole video😂 maybe arguing like a 12 year old girl will make no one notice. Which blue hair liberal art degree students want to defend him? Ps I’m not a trump supporter but this guy sounded arrogant the entire video 😘

  • Jason Olson
    Jason Olson Hace 14 días

    Trump sucks

  • Ron Wright
    Ron Wright Hace 15 días +1

    Sub literacy gop voters specialty that's how they became deplorables ! An part trums rock garden !

  • phillip richardson
    phillip richardson Hace 16 días

    What's that sucking sound Seth ?
    Oh sorry that's your ass sucking wind !

  • DJ Goodspin
    DJ Goodspin Hace 23 días

    can we get better material bored with all the same old Trump jokes - just really cookie cutter - doesn't look like Repubs are losing anything if those articles don't move.

  • justsaying
    justsaying Hace 24 días +7

    The man's a Psychopath.

    • MR. Pepe
      MR. Pepe Hace 3 días +1

      That's a insult to the psychopaths

  • Georganna Smaltz
    Georganna Smaltz Hace 27 días

    You keep shuddering, Graham!! You know Trump is guilty!!!! 🇺🇸

  • Ron Wright
    Ron Wright Hace 29 días +1

    You know what tiny hands mean tiny brain!!!!!!

    • Ron Wright
      Ron Wright Hace 29 días +1

      Trump Alford E. Newman what me worry ! You need to start worrying !

  • theresa Montoya
    theresa Montoya Hace un mes

    Thats we think about. Graham hes a idiot.

  • Valerie Paulsen
    Valerie Paulsen Hace un mes +1

    Does he mean "foisted"? God help us the man is a fool.

  • Riku Keyblade Master
    Riku Keyblade Master Hace un mes

    I remember something that I was taught in history class, if a president has been impeached then they won't be allowed to run again as far as any elections go. I mean Richard Nixon knew he was about to be impeached so he resigned and now Trump is like the 4th president to be impeached I remember something that I was taught in history class, if a president has been impeached then they won't be allowed to run again as far as any elections go. I mean Richard Nixon knew he was about to be impeached so he resigned and now Trump is like the fourth president to be impeached and he's confident that he's going to win again which is totally unlikely considering that I looked it up and that rule oven peach mint still hasn't changed.

  • Mary Kann
    Mary Kann Hace un mes

    President Trump is greatest president ever. ❤️👍

  • Paul Greenberg
    Paul Greenberg Hace un mes

    "Single greatest lies" ... -_-'

  • galleon30000
    galleon30000 Hace un mes

    The presidential candidates are chosen by the International Banksters and they control both of the Republican and Democratic parties ( Liberal / Conservative). The idea that we have choices when it comes to electing presidential candidates is an illusion.

  • Claudette S
    Claudette S Hace un mes

    Foister means cheat

  • Jessica Sommer
    Jessica Sommer Hace un mes

    I'm amazed. It's pretty crazy to see Left leaning people listen to this guy. I watch all media. I try to see things from every point of view. I did vote for Trump. I did not vote for him to be an apostle. I voted for him for economic reasons and he's done his job.

  • Duriel
    Duriel Hace un mes

    The American Dictatorship is coming along quite nicely.

  • Evan AB
    Evan AB Hace un mes

    You can not claim ignorance when you break the law. There is an understanding that competent adults are responsible for their actions period. Commit a crime and when you go to court try pleading ignorance. Sorry it's not a defence unless you are developmentally disabled enough not to know right from wrong.

  • Amieej1910
    Amieej1910 Hace un mes

    While 'foistered' isn't a word, 'foister' is. It means to cheat or mislead. I'm English living in Australia and I use it very occasionally. Is he not satisfied with making life frustrating as all hell for US Citizens he also must continue to mutilate the English language? hehe

  • Martin Dawson
    Martin Dawson Hace un mes

    I can’t wait for the tantrums

  • run Caz
    run Caz Hace un mes +1

    Seth Myers is brilliant. Thank you for making me laugh about this sick and twisted man that has been FOISTERED upon us.

  • Will Winn
    Will Winn Hace un mes


  • curandero verde
    curandero verde Hace un mes

    Foister is a word....

  • daniel wiley
    daniel wiley Hace un mes

    So you can't find anything wrong with his job as a president so you just criticize one grammatical error in the slew of millions of words spoken on a weekly basis

  • gottaloveme
    gottaloveme Hace un mes +3

    oh well, he'll just be hoistered by his own petard

    • NOMAD
      NOMAD Hace un mes

      I worked for a wealthy lady (via inheritance) She said she liked me because i told her when she was wrong.
      I watched sycophants, yesmen and yeswomen come and go.
      She cited a time i corrected her for saying "supposively" instead of "supposedly" because she kept saying it. So i showed her on my phone how some people say supposably, supposively but it's actually supposedly. It's a funny thing but it meant alot to her. My point, rich folk seem to respect a balance of ass kissing with a dash of honesty and bluntness. Otherwise they don't respect you. Trump himself has been heard saying he doesn't respect (insert name) because, "he's an ass kisser" 😂

  • Joe Giangiulio
    Joe Giangiulio Hace un mes +1

    What shouts out loudly to me is the Republicans don't argue the facts. When your in an argument and you can't win with the facts you resort to lame insults. But that just makes you look more guilty.

  • Patrick Wood
    Patrick Wood Hace un mes

    Bahahaha the dems just guaranteed Trumps win in 2020 by all this stupid BS. What a waste of time and money. If impeached, he’ll be the first president to win after impeachment. Lmfao

  • uefamikep
    uefamikep Hace un mes

    Foister is a word lol

  • Jamie Houk
    Jamie Houk Hace un mes +1

    Even trump is smirking because the guy is so ridiculous!

  • TheChronicler9
    TheChronicler9 Hace un mes

    genius. #starbutts

  • Phyllis Jenkins
    Phyllis Jenkins Hace un mes

    The Republicans are a sad bunch of people they are too scared to stand up to him. He's always saying someone is dumb, but he doesn't know the words to the national anthem, and he does not know which are states and which are cities, but this is who they look up to. God help America.

  • Anthony Ferguson
    Anthony Ferguson Hace un mes

    Well was it Sunderland or Newcastle? Make up your mind. Maybe it was Middlesbrough.