EXCLUSIVE: 2020 Honda City Walkaround | First Look Preview | Autocar India

  • Publicado el 25 nov 2019
  • The 2020 Honda City has been revealed in Thailand, and we got an exclusive chance to get up close and personal with it on the show floor. Shapur Kotwal tells you what you can expect from the fifth generation of the car that built Honda in India, from its space, size, features to the interior, engines and more.
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Comentarios • 905

  • Autocar India
    Autocar India  Hace un mes +28

    Viewers! What do we think of the new #HondaCity? A worthy step up from today's car? Let us know down in the comments with the hashtag #TeamAutocar!

    • W
      W Hace 15 días

      Hi Honda, why the design of speedometer is so outdated? Why no air-conditioning at rear? Disappointed. #teamautocar

    • Arunendra Pratap Singh
      Arunendra Pratap Singh Hace 29 días

      Pls Preview New Verna 2020

    • Sabir Ahamed
      Sabir Ahamed Hace un mes

      Autocar India disappointed

    • Sabir Ahamed
      Sabir Ahamed Hace un mes +1

      Disappointed....it could be better...it was important to us bcz we are planning to buy one...but after seeing this type of design and upgrade we are in doubt and searching for another option...it is not a generation upgrade it just a facelift...and upcoming one’s design looks like couple of generation back...lazy Honda design team!

    • Sabir Ahamed
      Sabir Ahamed Hace un mes

      Autocar India it could have been better

  • Š Sahoo
    Š Sahoo Hace 2 días

    Tyres 🥴 of Honda City 😡

  • shamim malik
    shamim malik Hace 3 días

    Intirear accha nhi he

  • Himansu Gyala
    Himansu Gyala Hace 6 días

    Dear Honda City, request please don't use bulky chrome infront, There is no difference looks from front between amaze, civic, accord. It looks amaze went to beauty parlour and did extra and bulky makeover :(

  • 4K Status Malayalam
    4K Status Malayalam Hace 6 días


  • Rahul
    Rahul Hace 7 días

    Not up to the expectations

  • Zulfiqar Ali
    Zulfiqar Ali Hace 7 días

    Nice car

  • Abhiraj Singh Car Studio

    The dashboard looks outdated

  • sunny
    sunny Hace 9 días

    Only front and back light will change....overall same..that much of modifications will done in every local modifier garage..

  • pokemo oon
    pokemo oon Hace 10 días

    back seat not comfortable ...worst car ever

  • thevoodoodude
    thevoodoodude Hace 10 días

    This is nice looking car with elegant and quality interiors and ample space.Hope it gets powerful engine.Then it will definitely be in my shopping list.By the way I own 2008 model.

  • Rathod Prem
    Rathod Prem Hace 10 días

    Q 2019ki city koi kam he

  • Meave Larson
    Meave Larson Hace 11 días


  • Nas Naseer
    Nas Naseer Hace 11 días

    Narrow chrome front part is big draw back for this car.. its like big nose. Should chnge that . No cruise control and no rear ac vents. No rear hand rest. And in rear middle there is use less box which is uncomfortable for moving out & in & it will get distrub while get in& get out.. and there is no screen in mid. Use less car.. corolla is best in this segment.

  • Vikram Singh
    Vikram Singh Hace 11 días

    From side looks like ciaz

  • Shashikant Nipanikar
    Shashikant Nipanikar Hace 13 días

    Does it look like BMW?

  • Viren Kullur
    Viren Kullur Hace 13 días

    Interior looks super bad. Specially for people who have OCD. the center console, infotainment, etc are not aligned.. It looks YUCK... hahah miss match. Tail lights inspired from I8. :)

  • johnwxh30
    johnwxh30 Hace 13 días

    2014 model is more beautiful!

  • Dhananjay Nilkantha Dole (PGDM 18-20)

    What about the Ground Clearance , Major Drawback in earlier city , is it increased or same?

  • J Thomas
    J Thomas Hace 14 días

    Awful car, chrome fat lip up front, looks like the product of an unfortunate tryst between an Amaze and a Civic(quite possibly the fugliest Honda on the market today) Cheapo taillight, no yellow indicators, small cheap wheels, same 1.5 motor, acres of cheap plastic, they source the worst LED's for their vehicles, no light! I'm sure it's saddled with an upmarket price and service cost. Good luck with that.

  • Anuj B
    Anuj B Hace 14 días

    TBH the old gen Civic will still look fresh for years to come

  • Abhishek Yadav
    Abhishek Yadav Hace 14 días

    Bakwaas lag rahi hai old model is good design
    Verna looks killer

  • Prashant Narang
    Prashant Narang Hace 16 días

    Honda's interior, all across, is getting worse and worse. They really need to learn from their Korean contemporary.

  • Pets, Farms & Business
    Pets, Farms & Business Hace 16 días

    Its too low for our roads... wheel size needs to be increased... everything else is fine... ground clarence is very low... that's all. Everything else is Perfect.

  • Apoorv
    Apoorv Hace 16 días

    Inspired from Elantra Failure 😂

  • Jai Kishan
    Jai Kishan Hace 16 días +1

    Actually disappointing, doesn't feel like Honda's touch 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Karthik Sadasivan
    Karthik Sadasivan Hace 17 días

    It’s disappointing that honda is degrading the trademark city🤧

  • Harshith Shetty
    Harshith Shetty Hace 18 días

    Honda cars keep getting uglier on outside year by year

  • Bharath Raj Kumar
    Bharath Raj Kumar Hace 19 días

    Another increase increase the price 🤣

  • sandeep khot
    sandeep khot Hace 19 días

    Wheel size is too small for such a design..
    Central console looks aftermarket. Hope Honda take care of it before launch.

  • Ayush Kaushik
    Ayush Kaushik Hace 20 días +1

    The front looks aweful while those wheels look too small. Rear-end looks great though

  • Sahil Bragta
    Sahil Bragta Hace 21 un día

    Rear lights copied from bmw i8.

  • akshay p nair
    akshay p nair Hace 21 un día

    Why honda is degrading City in the looks 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️..
    Hope they come up with great looking interior...

  • Kumar
    Kumar Hace 22 días

    The Vento, based on a decade old design, still looks better & elegant than this toy car.

  • anitya biswal
    anitya biswal Hace 23 días

    2017 honda city is better than 2020 honda city

  • Vipul Pawar
    Vipul Pawar Hace 23 días

    this car should be made available for 5lacs, thats what its level looks like..

  • Music Is My Passion
    Music Is My Passion Hace 24 días


  • Anandh Selvi
    Anandh Selvi Hace 24 días

    Poor design

  • susanta das
    susanta das Hace 24 días

    This Honda city is 998cc but previous all city 1498cc..i think what is pick up this vehicle..

  • Mitul Shetty
    Mitul Shetty Hace 25 días

    The rear tail lights look like a bmw 3 series rip off. The front headlights look like an Audi. They just stuck that front chrome bit to show its a Honda.

  • vivek subramanian
    vivek subramanian Hace 25 días

    Glad I own a sexy and sporty 2017 model honda city. This 2020 one looks like a Honda amaze upgrade .

  • shaaj NR
    shaaj NR Hace 26 días

    Not attractive.

  • Sravan S Viswam
    Sravan S Viswam Hace 26 días +1

    I expected more from Honda as city is its benchmark car in India. Current generation City looks more impressive than this one. Totally Disappointed as a City user.

  • odp Eshwar
    odp Eshwar Hace 27 días

    It's good

  • Gurmeet Singh
    Gurmeet Singh Hace 27 días

    Amaze on steroids

  • TRonlyOne
    TRonlyOne Hace 27 días

    I love this car...I will buy this in the future

  • Virk Saab
    Virk Saab Hace 27 días

    Oh my god!! CVT 🤢🤮

  • Justin
    Justin Hace 28 días

    I think it looks similar to Hyndai elantra

  • Tech Spotter Hindi
    Tech Spotter Hindi Hace un mes

    Front could be more good....

  • Bittu sahu
    Bittu sahu Hace un mes

    Ni chalega ye bhai

  • Lilac Technologies
    Lilac Technologies Hace un mes +1

    This car is not safe on Indian roads with current set of rims and tyres. They simply burst even on small potholes. I lost 5 tyres in a year. It may be that they have not been engineered for current engine load. Also the rim edges are too sharp to cut the tyres. Honda should do extensive road test on real Indian roads.

  • Abhinav Pillai
    Abhinav Pillai Hace un mes

    Tyre looks very undersized!

  • Nikhil Goyal
    Nikhil Goyal Hace un mes +1

    Disappointed with looks.....

  • Ashab Shakeel
    Ashab Shakeel Hace un mes

    Honda is know focus on electric cars and its just a box nothing else old one is stylish

  • sapan kush
    sapan kush Hace un mes

    With tyres of activa

  • Srayan Dhar
    Srayan Dhar Hace un mes

    Well it kinda looks an updated Amaze rather than City. 😕

  • Devika Dholani
    Devika Dholani Hace un mes +1

    one Word : GROSS

  • Sumit Yadav
    Sumit Yadav Hace un mes +1

    Shit design both front, rear n inside

  • Hanwant Singh
    Hanwant Singh Hace un mes

    Currnt model is stunning 🔥

  • Siddhartha Ray
    Siddhartha Ray Hace un mes

    Space saver instead of full spare has marred the show, customers should ask for full size spare during purchase