The Professor is one of the best basketball players ever! 馃敟


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  • juandale pringle
    juandale pringle Hace 2 meses +44565

    He pushed that 2nd to last dude so hard 馃拃

    • Nate Stephens
      Nate Stephens Hace 2 d铆as

      鈥婡Eezo The Chezo wrong

    • Bart Boys
      Bart Boys Hace 16 d铆as

      Street ball

    • iBeKevo
      iBeKevo Hace un mes

      Lmao everybody crying 鈥減ush push鈥 first of all look how big he is 馃ぃ he shouldn鈥檛 have even went that far.. Big for nothing smh

    • LowRes96
      LowRes96 Hace un mes

      Ain't no rules in 1v1

    • Trey got yo girl
      Trey got yo girl Hace un mes


  • Tbone 鈥 50 years ago
    Tbone 鈥 50 years ago Hace un mes +2397

    Bro that Bugs Bunny costume goes so hard for no reason馃槀

  • Gary Nagle
    Gary Nagle Hace 2 d铆as +1

    These are talented people they must practice many hours

  • Brian Mccarthy
    Brian Mccarthy Hace 2 d铆as +1

    When I was young, the Harlem Globetrotters we're the best of Bball magic. Meadowlark Lemon reincarnated here man. Very cool.

  • quinnninjago1
    quinnninjago1 Hace un d铆a +1

    Bro got some trick shots he using them "My calculations" bro is measuring everything and it never fails.

  • SealTeam Ryx
    SealTeam Ryx Hace 2 meses +4427

    The fact he pulls this off without making a fool of himself is epic

  • Tacko fall
    Tacko fall Hace 4 d铆as +2

    Idk why but why do I feel like I can guard him

  • Spoken Kharma
    Spoken Kharma Hace 2 d铆as

    No body really gets crossed over by this dude bro.... man he has been doin this shit for 20+ years as you just found out

  • stuff.made.here1
    stuff.made.here1 Hace 21 un hora

    That spin move was just cold

  • Kitsunedarkfire
    Kitsunedarkfire Hace 4 d铆as

    You can just about hear the ankles snapping.

  • Eduardo Meza
    Eduardo Meza Hace 2 meses +1766

    Legend has it that he's so good he times every shot with the beat drop so the editors don't even have to.

    • Prakker Schlang
      Prakker Schlang Hace 2 meses

      @Randall Stephens what are you on about

    • Randall Stephens
      Randall Stephens Hace 2 meses

      GOOD GOSH MAN!!!??!??!馃く馃く馃く
      Is this a true astatement or nothing bt straight up rubbish and flim flamm??? 馃馃馃馃え馃え馃え馃槵

    • KirbyButLoli
      KirbyButLoli Hace 2 meses +3

      @Thomas J then replace it with your oh so superior joke we all waiting you must be funny asf

    • Prakker Schlang
      Prakker Schlang Hace 2 meses +1

      Thats just playing in rhythm and tempo but yea that works

    • Jordan Morris
      Jordan Morris Hace 2 meses +12

      鈥婡Thomas J people complaining about other people's jokes on the Internet is sad...

  • Samuel Bulzomi
    Samuel Bulzomi Hace 3 horas

    He pushed the 2nd last guy but the others were sick

  • Dion Privett
    Dion Privett Hace un mes +834

    Wife: 鈥淲hat happened to your ankles?鈥
    Guy: 鈥淏ugs Bunny鈥

    • Tray
      Tray Hace 16 d铆as

      鈥婡Tdb Customs

    • Tdb Customs
      Tdb Customs Hace 21 un d铆a +2

      Underrated comment^^

    • i Zombi
      i Zombi Hace 21 un d铆a +3


  • Tara Durst
    Tara Durst Hace un d铆a

    Yo why isn鈥檛 he a NBA player yet like he would be one of the best the league might ever see

    FASTLANE SAUCEY Hace 3 d铆as

    He broke Dem down like legos 馃く

  • Prince Edward
    Prince Edward Hace 2 meses +1880

    He's a master of pushing people in the direction of their own momentum

    • Mti 鈥 The Wooden Tank
      Mti 鈥 The Wooden Tank Hace un mes

      @Tylerama You also practice?

    • Eren Jaegerbomb
      Eren Jaegerbomb Hace un mes

      @ShadowClone Jutsu the other comments got that covered. This is a team effort 馃榿

    • Ted Tod
      Ted Tod Hace un mes

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    • fjandinn 镁茅r
      fjandinn 镁茅r Hace un mes +1

      @Bianicman Epic Videos No it鈥檚 not

    • TheHuskyK9
      TheHuskyK9 Hace 2 meses +1

      @Dantay It depends. If it's really obvious, then they will call it as a push-off and count it as a turnover

  • Tyler Petrush
    Tyler Petrush Hace 4 d铆as

    man could really be in the nba

  • DeAris Bennett
    DeAris Bennett Hace 8 minutos

    I swear when he pushed him that was a foul

  • Vicner Pierre
    Vicner Pierre Hace 2 d铆as

    That's called carry 馃槀馃槀

  • Steve1879
    Steve1879 Hace 2 d铆as

    tbh, I would take it personal if this was done to me

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H Hace 2 meses +5127

    When he spins the ball back to himself while looking at the crowd 馃ザ

    • Daddy Fuse
      Daddy Fuse Hace un d铆a

      鈥婡uncletigger McLarenLOL, thank you sir for the write-up

    • uncletigger McLaren
      uncletigger McLaren Hace 24 d铆as

      @R M Thank you for your unsolicited advice.
      It is worth what I paid for it.

    • R M
      R M Hace 25 d铆as

      鈥婡uncletigger McLaren dude was joking, you went too far with all that

    • jon m
      jon m Hace un mes +1

      @Brian Winfrey sore lover eh 馃馃

    • Daniel Flanard
      Daniel Flanard Hace un mes

      @Brian Winfrey
      I wonder how long that would last before an onslaught of spectators jump in and put you flat on the ground.

  • Faiaz Gaming
    Faiaz Gaming Hace 2 d铆as

    I am afraid about if that basket ball hits the painful point.馃拃

  • Master
    Master Hace 7 horas

    He should try for the nba

  • Zay
    Zay Hace un d铆a


  • Sam Does Science and video games

    Bro shoved that last dude bro I beat he said 鈥 SIT DOWN鈥

  • Vezy is Santa
    Vezy is Santa Hace 2 d铆as

    Bru he pushes him on purpose he wasn鈥檛 being Fr馃拃

  • Aaron Gaines
    Aaron Gaines Hace un d铆a

    Yall really on fire

  • Ahmad Surya Pratama
    Ahmad Surya Pratama Hace 4 d铆as

    Resfect to trick n skill 馃憤馃徎

  • Cording karma
    Cording karma Hace 2 d铆as

    Nah, getting crossed by someone in a bugs bunny costume is crazy馃拃 professor is that guy though so ofcourse he'd be the one to do it

  • Moody
    Moody Hace 2 meses +1105

    He knows how to make ppl react and then reacts to their reaction. Brilliant.

  • the story man
    the story man Hace un d铆a

    Maboi snatching fresh ankles

  • Sishir
    Sishir Hace un d铆a

    Bugs bunny is just to op

  • Jennifer Bulgatz
    Jennifer Bulgatz Hace 3 d铆as

    馃槀Bugs鈥︹mfao鈥.in beast mode鉂!馃槀

  • anime editer
    anime editer Hace un d铆a

    He does make the nba2k moves sooooo-

  • Ahzi
    Ahzi Hace 2 meses +2155

    "How'd your day go?"
    "Got myself an ankle break from bugs bunny"

    • Jamie McPhilbin
      Jamie McPhilbin Hace 5 d铆as

      @MG MIXOLOT literally no one gives a fuck u pleb

    • Superman Man
      Superman Man Hace 19 d铆as

      馃榿love it

    • Solomon Sarathkumar
      Solomon Sarathkumar Hace 27 d铆as

      鈥婡MG MIXOLOT one doesn't need to be grammatically correct to make sense. Language is for communication if you need formal speech then ESclips comments is not the place to look for it.

    • Star Jakken
      Star Jakken Hace un mes

      ::proceeds to the dog and punt kicks it across the living room::

    • Jake Avenda帽o
      Jake Avenda帽o Hace un mes +1

      @MG MIXOLOT oh look, it's the grammar police.

  • Fallegboy
    Fallegboy Hace 4 d铆as

    wait that 2nd to last guy got pushed. seemed like a foul. or was it normal?

  • Daniel Andrade
    Daniel Andrade Hace 5 d铆as +1

    And he has like 40 years LOL馃拃

  • Celio Jaden
    Celio Jaden Hace 2 d铆as

    My friends telling their friends they crossed me VS what really happened

  • Parker鈥檚 pack
    Parker鈥檚 pack Hace un d铆a

    Insanely good

  • Wraith
    Wraith Hace 2 meses +704

    The last of the AND1 crew that still goes hard in the paint. Can鈥檛 give him nothing but 馃 Respect鉁婐煆

    • natalie Ritete
      natalie Ritete Hace 2 meses

      @Johonegg420 doesn鈥檛 matter, he鈥檚 old now and he still kills it 馃挴

    • Ay Ten
      Ay Ten Hace 2 meses

      @Johonegg420 YOU salty.
      Cho ol Booooo!!!
      Cho ol' in the mud on yo azz, witcho arm out, talm bout help me up bro, LOL, looooknnn ahhhh mfff
      ahhhh haaa. Ahhhh Haaa

    • JT Cattanio
      JT Cattanio Hace 2 meses

      Ppl in comment's hate go head. Use to watch and1 an in my heart shit aint dead was better then the nba.. they just bunch of fat kata why shit still going.. and1 hood owned

    • Johonegg420
      Johonegg420 Hace 2 meses +4

      It's because he was by fat the youngest. And he's just the only one who posts content that's why u think that

    • Pyramidion
      Pyramidion Hace 2 meses

      And 1 was already dead by the time professor joined up

    CAM BONE Hace un mes +193

    It鈥檚 literally amazing watching him play as bugs. He fr looks like a 2k character

  • Sweptgamer12
    Sweptgamer12 Hace 3 d铆as

    I thought the first guy had a robot arm

  • lileddy187
    lileddy187 Hace 2 horas

    I remember when he was like 14 on the AND 1 TOUR

  • Mohammed Farhan
    Mohammed Farhan Hace 2 d铆as

    Looks like a brazilian basketball player

  • Zach Dee
    Zach Dee Hace 2 meses +524

    Still to this day blown away every time I see him, almost as if it's the first time again.

    • multa tuli
      multa tuli Hace 2 meses

      @SLURP why is it a stupid idea?
      Boxing flourish across the world dominating each countries who had traditional martial arts with various division and tournaments, create some minor division with NBA as the highest.

    • SLURP
      SLURP Hace 2 meses

      @multa tuli stupid idea there have been shorter players and have done well.

    • multa tuli
      multa tuli Hace 2 meses +2

      @Gregor Samsa there's should be separated division apart from those gigantic tall monsters, like in boxing there's a separate weight division.

    • Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa Hace 2 meses +2

      That shit would not work in the nba

    • dnegel
      dnegel Hace 2 meses

      and this guy is old..

  • The last brain cell
    The last brain cell Hace 4 d铆as

    Nah second last guy got pushed so hard

  • Mostly H83d & Under83d
    Mostly H83d & Under83d Hace un d铆a

    Him and hot sauce would be a good 1v1

  • Anthony
    Anthony Hace 8 d铆as +1

    Been watching him for years he never disappoints in my opinion his ball skills are off the chain

  • Nico Barba
    Nico Barba Hace 4 d铆as

    que bom

  • Raynanners
    Raynanners Hace 2 meses +340

    Recently watched a documentary going into his professional career, cool to see how he鈥檚 brought that talent and passion to ESclips

    • Malaka Tan
      Malaka Tan Hace un mes

      I doubt he can become a real pro

    • Nameless King
      Nameless King Hace un mes

      I'm sorry to say this to you Mr.@Dylan Mc Donnell but you have been diagnosed with Brain Cancer and you only have 6 months to live.

    • Dean Nederhoff
      Dean Nederhoff Hace un mes +1

      He was semi pro.not pro

    • Jess Tiss
      Jess Tiss Hace un mes

      @Matt Media 馃槀馃槀 And1 indeed 馃槀

    • DR. Quinn
      DR. Quinn Hace un mes

      The And 1 Ballers where all on ESclips. The Professor didn't bring anything to ESclips! Like always, a white guy takes from the Black community, and attempts to claim it as his own!

  • Jessica Miles
    Jessica Miles Hace 12 horas

    thts a walk took wayy more then 2 steps and carried

  • Parker鈥檚 pack
    Parker鈥檚 pack Hace un d铆a

    Didn鈥檛 even give the third guy a chance

  • Movie Theatre Live
    Movie Theatre Live  Hace 7 d铆as +1

    I guess he beats the criteria for NBA, they cn't afford him

  • Alex Felipe
    Alex Felipe Hace 5 d铆as

    Bruxo 馃鈥嶁檪锔

  • chingscott00
    chingscott00 Hace un mes +794

    I'm not a basketball fan, but I do live martial arts and that's what I see here. He is just so sharp and intuitive with his opponent's openings. Pure art and amazing!

    • Clayton Hagood
      Clayton Hagood Hace un mes +1

      @boli milda ayo?

    • kaleol ll
      kaleol ll Hace un mes

      @CableReadyTechnoSIut I literally have been doing the art since I was 3鈥 literally every martial art ever leaves you 鈥渟uceptible鈥 to takedowns. Muay Thai is the ONLY 8 point striking system. Plus you can throw wrestling into it very easily because of its Bok stance.
      Genuinely shut the fuck up entirely

    • CableReadyTechnoSIut
      CableReadyTechnoSIut Hace un mes

      @kaleol ll it鈥檚 not, the stance is too narrow which leaves you susceptible to takedowns. The best base, by evidence currently, would probably be Sambo.

    • Zack Barrett
      Zack Barrett Hace un mes

      @Jackie C olp90opop0o99

    • kaleol ll
      kaleol ll Hace un mes +3

      Tell me Muay Thai ain鈥檛 the most effective.

  • Darks Hyper
    Darks Hyper Hace un d铆a

    he looks like my dad

  • DocAddictive
    DocAddictive Hace 2 d铆as

    Not one of the best he is the best

  • Justin Mercer
    Justin Mercer Hace 2 d铆as

    Why isn鈥檛 he in the NBA?

  • alexander duggan
    alexander duggan Hace 2 d铆as

    he is white and still good at basketball amazing

  • Alex Clarke
    Alex Clarke Hace 2 meses +2008

    It makes me so happy how much justice he can pay to that bugs bunny suit 馃憣馃徎

  • Lucas Dunlap
    Lucas Dunlap Hace 20 horas

    Looks nice but they鈥檙e all carrying or traveling every time so is it really impressive??

  • Christopher Lamar
    Christopher Lamar Hace un mes +12

    Cool cause it works on the method of letting the body fall naturally in
    trajectory of the cross it leaves your legs weak easy to push over.
    Very nice 馃憤馃徑

  • Bowman's Breaks
    Bowman's Breaks Hace un mes +7

    The Professor's story on the And 1 Documentary Netflix did is so cool. He was a god among men and was really just like some teenager from Oregon or some shit. Gotta respect it.

    RONALDHO ARRIETA Hace 2 d铆as

    Yoooooooooo that was sick

  • The Mad Alchemist
    The Mad Alchemist Hace 2 meses +1378

    Bugs learnt a lot during his time in the Space Jam movie; probably enough to go pro now!

  • BigboiBro
    BigboiBro Hace 3 d铆as

    Feel bad for 2nd to last dude

  • Tal
    Tal Hace 4 d铆as

    Why he had to do the 2nd to lasts guy like that tho

  • Tacko fall
    Tacko fall Hace 4 d铆as +1

    I can guard him

  • Njabulo Mbongeni
    Njabulo Mbongeni Hace 3 d铆as

    Bugs Bunny 馃悋馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟

  • Tyrome Thompson
    Tyrome Thompson Hace 2 meses +1013

    Bro this dudes highlight reel is one of the longest and most entertaining ever i remember when the and 1 squad first let him try out I was watching every episode but most kids weren't even born yet

    • Clancy Allard
      Clancy Allard Hace 2 meses +3

      @No No The old Top Tees and shell toe Adidas with the color matching horizontal pattern fat laces.. I miss that shit man!

    • No No
      No No Hace 2 meses +4

      @7 G And 1 era was different lmao. White tees and Adidas with fat laces.

    • 7 G
      7 G Hace 2 meses +4

      they really don鈥檛 know lol . . that
      And 1 era was different .

    • notfiveo
      notfiveo Hace 2 meses +2

      He was born dribbling鈥

    • No No
      No No Hace 2 meses +17

      I miss all this kinda stuff from back in the day where it was players like escalade, hot sauce and the prof just going crazy at some event.

  • Austin Blad
    Austin Blad Hace un d铆a


  • Mr Cognitive
    Mr Cognitive Hace un mes +2

    Professor is a living legend 鉂わ笍

  • Leo Dare
    Leo Dare Hace un d铆a


  • the funny cracker
    the funny cracker Hace 23 horas

    No one's talking about on that second clip The bugs Bunny traveled

  • S M C
    S M C Hace un mes

    He鈥檚 a talent. In the street basketball, he does travel with the ball, but he has stated he is also able to play to the professional rules and beat people.

  • Lil Oa
    Lil Oa Hace 9 d铆as +6

    He pushed the 5th guy so badly 馃拃馃拃

  • Jean Ducheamps
    Jean Ducheamps Hace un mes

    The best players ever have a career in the NBA. He鈥檚 a great guy, he can play street and trick-shots like no one else, but he鈥檚 far from 鈥榯he best player ever鈥.

  • ImTheAce
    ImTheAce Hace 4 d铆as

    you mean one of the best streetballers

  • Chip yard
    Chip yard Hace 2 meses +13921

    The Bugs Bunny look back as he's driving is cold.

    • Sola Scriptura
      Sola Scriptura Hace un mes

      "All the time to" what, 鈥婡The Truth is Potenza ?

    • Mr. E 603
      Mr. E 603 Hace un mes

      pretty sure he was hot in that suit!馃槀

    • 1NC...One-N-Chamber
      1NC...One-N-Chamber Hace un mes

      I rewatched it just to see that part.馃槀

    • 1NC...One-N-Chamber
      1NC...One-N-Chamber Hace un mes

      Yep said the same thing. That should be on a shirt..馃槀

    • dalmediatube
      dalmediatube Hace un mes

      I thought I was the only one who saw that!!.. Jokes! Had me rollin'! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃拃

  • James Brandon
    James Brandon Hace un mes +26

    The way he did that third guy made me lose it!! Bruh didn't know left from right after that lmao! 馃槀

  • Isreal Arastemah
    Isreal Arastemah Hace 5 d铆as

    Mt everest ain't got shit on me!

  • THE 144,000!
    THE 144,000! Hace un mes

    This man is a magician chosen by god what an amazing feat every single time I watch him amen lord you鈥檝e done it again lord king of kings another chosen one

  • Xavier Canc茅l
    Xavier Canc茅l Hace 25 d铆as +8

    Props to the Professor for sticking to his passion instead of joining the league. He didnt want it for himself because he wanted to travel and be more independent following his dream.

  • Dorito NACHO
    Dorito NACHO Hace 2 meses +159

    If you haven't seen this kid in the and 1 tour when he was like 15, check it out on Netflix .. hes a legend.. I used to watch him 15 years ago and I'm still watching him now. Most legendary street ball hopper no doubt

    • canuckeeeeAK
      canuckeeeeAK Hace 2 meses

      @Dorito NACHO Professor ain't even 6 foot. If he was 6 foot he maybe could have made it. But if he was like 6 foot 2 he would have sure made it.

    • Dorito NACHO
      Dorito NACHO Hace 2 meses +2

      @Mark Calland haters gonna hate, vanvleet and Lowry only 6 footers too..

    • Mark Calland
      Mark Calland Hace 2 meses

      @ReviewEverything that鈥檚 bs spud Webb played he don鈥檛 have what it takes, street ball has no use in the

    • Dorito NACHO
      Dorito NACHO Hace 2 meses +2

      @ReviewEverything there are plenty of 6 footers in the NBA, I don't mean for it to sound defensive, I was just elaborating on him..I think he's dope AF .. nothing wrong with what you said .. it's a valid opinion bro 馃憦 my dad always said "you can't teach size" lol

    • ReviewEverything
      ReviewEverything Hace 2 meses +5

      @Dorito NACHO it wasnt an insult to the man or his abilities. Someone asked why he didnt go to the NBA. I answered honestly. He aint big enough, and hes not a world class defender to make up for that. Unfortunately in the NBA size matters massively.

  • Ngugi Gicharu
    Ngugi Gicharu Hace 5 d铆as +1

    thats lit

    BERLIN Hace 3 d铆as +1

    the PROFESSOR ? alvaro morte ?

  • DeAris Bennett
    DeAris Bennett Hace 7 minutos


  • Carter Woulle
    Carter Woulle Hace 4 d铆as

    Ok that's 馃槑 and I like it

  • andrew adcock LynXonYT
    andrew adcock LynXonYT Hace 2 meses +5154

    -Chris Smoove rn probably

    • Mahad Ahmed
      Mahad Ahmed Hace 2 meses +2

      Then do long stretching lay up watching myself through the glass backboard. hello

    • Lebron Mother
      Lebron Mother Hace 2 meses +2

      lebron mother definetely

    • First Denied
      First Denied Hace 2 meses +4

      Oh man I got a PAVELOWW

    • Matthew Alex
      Matthew Alex Hace 2 meses +1

      Actually a M.J. Qoute

    • Alijah Joy
      Alijah Joy Hace 2 meses +4

      Give him a manual

  • UrityaPlays
    UrityaPlays Hace 5 d铆as

    He pushed him

  • Berg Valente
    Berg Valente Hace 10 d铆as

    o garoto joga muito gente!!馃憦馃憦馃檹馃檹馃檶馃檶馃檳馃檳馃槼馃槼馃槻馃槻馃槸馃槸馃馃馃馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Petey Strong
    Petey Strong Hace 15 d铆as


  • 袩械褉胁褘泄 袦邪褉褕邪谢

    泻邪泻 卸械 褝褌芯 泻褉邪褋懈胁芯 ! 芯褔械薪褜 褌褟卸褢谢褘泄 褋锌芯褉褌 蟹邪写械泄褋褌胁褍械褌 胁褋械 褌械谢芯 .

  • Elijah Gilam
    Elijah Gilam Hace 2 meses +2607

    鈥淣o one really gets crossed over by this guy man it鈥檚 for ESclips鈥 *GETS CROSSED*

    • Christian Pickett
      Christian Pickett Hace 13 d铆as

      he a hater..lookin for his 15 mins

    • Tom Hoodie
      Tom Hoodie Hace un mes

      @Vigilant_1 good times

    • Allen Michael
      Allen Michael Hace un mes

      If you are not a player, the man could pull it off...

    • DrMcMoist
      DrMcMoist Hace un mes

      He just did that for ESclips.

    • Vigilant_1
      Vigilant_1 Hace un mes +2

      I guess he doesn't remember The Professor when he got picked up on the And1 tour back in the day.

  • Eugene Thompson
    Eugene Thompson Hace 4 d铆as

    Now my anckles are sore...

  • Cool AndTrue
    Cool AndTrue Hace un mes +1

    Had to watch a couple of times hoping I could learn just from watching 馃槅

  • Tony Hogan
    Tony Hogan Hace 23 d铆as

    I could watch this man play viciously everyday

  • The Pros
    The Pros Hace un mes +70

    Him: pushes the 2nd to last dude. Also him when he got up: 馃oh well..

  • boli milda
    boli milda Hace 2 meses +329

    I remember when Professor first joined the And 1 tour, dude was so slick on the courts n shocked everybody with how good he is...

  • Kevin Vongsavath
    Kevin Vongsavath Hace 25 d铆as

    1 off my favorites .. He really do it professionally an Street .. 馃馃憤馃挭馃挴馃