THE SHOOT-OUT Ft. De Bruyne, Sterling, Sané & Caballero | Chris VS Simon

  • Publicado el 1 abr 2017
  • Man City:
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  • FbatF5 Gaming
    FbatF5 Gaming Hace 2 días +1


  • banjosinclairr 26
    banjosinclairr 26 Hace 2 días

    Rip Willy Caballero 😭

  • Bob Master57
    Bob Master57 Hace 3 días

    Why couldn’t Kevin go in between the posts

    Jim daly says that he gets hit in the face

  • Eloe XD
    Eloe XD Hace 3 días

    *”so I chose Raheem and Olly I mean Kevin”* hiding secrets Christopher?

  • Dublin King
    Dublin King Hace 9 días

    They look like teenagers.

  • Spcb Pilbeam
    Spcb Pilbeam Hace 10 días

    In sudden death De Brune misses 🤣

  • nadeem khan
    nadeem khan Hace 11 días

    Caballero literally looks like Johnny sins 😁😁

  • Phoebe Patrick
    Phoebe Patrick Hace 13 días

    Is that the real players

  • Djdjdn Dhdndnd
    Djdjdn Dhdndnd Hace 15 días +2

    Is it just me that found willy caballero really annoying throughout the whole video

  • Lia Sanchez
    Lia Sanchez Hace 15 días

    De bruyne

  • Thymen van Duijn
    Thymen van Duijn Hace 15 días +1

    5:58 Simon’s team has won, you dan see that team 2 has 4 green cirkels and not three.
    Team 2 should’ve win that game...

    • Newbie Vlogger
      Newbie Vlogger Hace 13 días +1

      It's called "Editing mistakes" you can see before Sane shoots they have 3 points

  • Kamil Muhamad
    Kamil Muhamad Hace 16 días

    The best caballero

  • Ninga Op
    Ninga Op Hace 17 días

    Simon got 4 ?

  • adem roha
    adem roha Hace 19 días

    le meilleurs jouers dans man city c'est riyad mahrez
    on plus c'est le meilleurs jouer dans la groupes nationale algerienne

  • Sonny Millington
    Sonny Millington Hace 20 días +1

    Chris: challenge money can’t buy
    Man City: ‘hold my beer’

  • Sammy Mussa
    Sammy Mussa Hace 21 un día +2

    chris brings caballero in his goalkeeper outfit.

    *puts sané in goal*

  • Claire Smith
    Claire Smith Hace 21 un día +1

    Next video about football do a shootout with Bayern muchen and include me

  • tristan bernados
    tristan bernados Hace 21 un día

    Really try

  • Roblox 5599
    Roblox 5599 Hace 23 días +1

    Funny enough I live in Dubai witch is 1 hour away

  • アザールあ
    アザールあ Hace 23 días


  • 大塚勇樹
    大塚勇樹 Hace 23 días


  • Gabriel Stocks
    Gabriel Stocks Hace 24 días +2

    Anyone else notice that on the scoreboard it says 3-3 but on Simon's team it says that they have scored four goals.... Just me?

  • matthew dong
    matthew dong Hace 24 días +1

    hell cris lost

  • rayan alshekh
    rayan alshekh Hace 25 días

    وفي اماظؤ

  • Fire Point
    Fire Point Hace 25 días

    ‏طيروا الغوص عني وبعدين مدري ايش يصير

  • Telha Eisenmacher
    Telha Eisenmacher Hace 26 días

    Hallo sane

  • Oi Chavvy
    Oi Chavvy Hace 26 días

    Nonce case

  • yt chubby man
    yt chubby man Hace 27 días

    Simon looked like laporte

  • Gersiene Costa
    Gersiene Costa Hace 27 días

    Cheers puow suiebo etuir

  • Gersiene Costa
    Gersiene Costa Hace 27 días

    Cherrrs puiow destw

  • TTV_SamP GG
    TTV_SamP GG Hace 28 días

    7.47 get a haircut mate

  • Zulekha Ahmed
    Zulekha Ahmed Hace 29 días +1

    Chris did you ask why sterling runs like he is doing his shopping

  • Nannie Dekop
    Nannie Dekop Hace 29 días +1


  • Warren Maillard
    Warren Maillard Hace un mes

    Caballero fuck you

  • Y S
    Y S Hace un mes +1


    GAME MONSTER Hace un mes

    Citi fan LEROY ŚANE



  • DumbleDaud
    DumbleDaud Hace un mes

    De Brunye is terrible

  • TravGuy
    TravGuy Hace un mes

    Why is sane playing goalie

  • Simo King
    Simo King Hace un mes

    Orange juice LOL

  • A. Alharbi
    A. Alharbi Hace un mes

    I need 1k followers to hhhh

  • سلطان حامد
    سلطان حامد Hace un mes +1


  • H亜寒帯〜
    H亜寒帯〜 Hace un mes +2

    We are Japanese people.
    English is very difficult for me.
    I want to see them.

  • mustaf same
    mustaf same Hace un mes +1

    Why do they call him willi it sounds very weird

    • Owen Burton
      Owen Burton Hace 28 días

      mustaf same cause his first name is willy

    • Jack Novak
      Jack Novak Hace un mes

      mustaf same cos that’s his fucking name

  • Jason Wood
    Jason Wood Hace un mes

    I love the way that Chris is so fateful of Arsenal and refusing to wear a man city kit

  • Jamie Robertson
    Jamie Robertson Hace un mes +1

    Cool Video ChrisMD W/Man City And Miniminter

  • Phillip K.
    Phillip K. Hace un mes

    Lil mosey woke up like the man

  • Sultan Almansoori
    Sultan Almansoori Hace un mes

    I am from UAE and our president is the boss of man city sheikh Mansoor

  • Tyrone Obi
    Tyrone Obi Hace un mes

    The title of this vid should be filming with man city players, ollie and miniminter

  • Ava and Leo Watkins
    Ava and Leo Watkins Hace un mes

    I know this video was posted ages ago but willy is now with Chelsea

  • meirionwen jones
    meirionwen jones Hace un mes

    I wanted you to battle ronaldo

  • Kaizaqu
    Kaizaqu Hace un mes +4

    Kevin de bruyne was picked last 😂 if only they knew what he’d become

  • Marta Margil
    Marta Margil Hace un mes +6

    1:30 Sané 😂😂💙

  • Mya Fewell
    Mya Fewell Hace un mes

    😂 I love how Chris refuses to wear a city shirt

  • BlackPanther 1230
    BlackPanther 1230 Hace un mes +10

    5:44 does anybody realize that if you look at the score board it says 3-3 even though it shows 3-4

  • felipe gabalachis
    felipe gabalachis Hace un mes

    @leroysane is very master

  • Juan Pizano
    Juan Pizano Hace un mes

    I usually don't like Simon but I love how he instantly chose Willy. He didn't choose an actual striker what a lad

  • tekkerz NJVG
    tekkerz NJVG Hace un mes

    Leroy is the best out of all of them

    QUIK DREUX Hace un mes

    The simon Score changed to 4 points at the beginning of the sudden death

  • Alfie Goosey
    Alfie Goosey Hace un mes

    I hate city