Los Angeles Lakers vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | 11.07.2018, NBA Season


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  • panosmj23
    panosmj23 Hace 8 horas

    Why they showed only 1,897 in attendance??It seems near 20,000,can someone explain??

  • Marlo Gerez
    Marlo Gerez Hace 22 horas

    Drose...👍👍 idol

    DATFOE BOII Hace 2 días

    Now everyone a D🌹 Fan Lol but not even a year ago all hope was lost D🌹 will never be the same he'll never play at mvp level again everyone is (BANDWAGON)

  • Marcus pototski
    Marcus pototski Hace 2 días

    Rose jogou de mais

  • Nazria Jalani
    Nazria Jalani Hace 3 días

    2:23 ALLEY OOP

  • Dipender singh
    Dipender singh Hace 3 días

    Rose is picking up speed again. Happy for you Man

  • Francislawrence Macarandang

    Superstar always a superstar... Derrick Rose..

  • Luis Rodrigo Vargas Uriarte

    wooooou nunca deja de impresionar , que marabilla.,!bbb

  • Devin Behan
    Devin Behan Hace 5 días +1

    6:26 that’s a tough shart

  • J Dee
    J Dee Hace 5 días

    A very nice game! Hands up for DRose 🙌

  • Jahmes D.
    Jahmes D. Hace 5 días

    Vintage D. Rose, men he's feeling it this year 🤔🤔

    SKOLjA BOY GEE Hace 5 días

    F*** Jimmy Butler

  • TehutiBrim 59
    TehutiBrim 59 Hace 6 días

    Man The Windy City Assassin lookin good let Minnesota make just a little noise deep in terms season he kould mess around and still MVP

  • Jason Richardo
    Jason Richardo Hace 6 días

    if Rose scored at the last second, this is memroable.

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark Hace 6 días

    i so wish d rose would have hit that game winning three

  • Rodante Gamboa
    Rodante Gamboa Hace 6 días

    Drose s back

  • Themayseffect
    Themayseffect Hace 7 días

    i'm I the only one happy that NBA uniforms are ten times better than last years bullshit.

  • Burger The Black
    Burger The Black Hace 7 días

    Derrick rose sold his soul 😂😂

  • Andrew Vislay
    Andrew Vislay Hace 7 días

    This video is about 3’s

  • christian capuyan
    christian capuyan Hace 7 días +1

    LJ23 is the next mvp of the year like if you agree

  • reymark corbeta
    reymark corbeta Hace 7 días

    wow lebron is the best

  • Andrea Fountain
    Andrea Fountain Hace 7 días

    A Rose By Any Other Team Is Stil A 🌹

  • 김도희
    김도희 Hace 7 días

    I'm so happy that D Rose is back!

  • charlo montillano
    charlo montillano Hace 8 días

    everyone talking about Dgoat but did you see McGoat? he leveled-up from shaq fool to a inside giant champion.

  • Mike Mill
    Mike Mill Hace 8 días

    woah the lakers where lucky on that one

  • Berto Villegas
    Berto Villegas Hace 8 días

    Only here for drose 🌹.mvp

  • Solo Virgo
    Solo Virgo Hace 8 días

    Drose of 11' played reckless and above the rim.. Was a spotty three point shooter..
    Drose of 18- slashes with the same aggression, but passes better and has higher court vision. Not an above the rim player but can give u. 450 on 7 threes a game.

  • Jeff Delossantos
    Jeff Delossantos Hace 8 días

    d rose is the best

  • KarizZz
    KarizZz Hace 8 días

    The ref clutched at the end...lmao

  • Jush Riel
    Jush Riel Hace 8 días

    1:47 LeBron stepped out of bounds.

  • TheRealManOfSteel
    TheRealManOfSteel Hace 8 días

    D Rose borrowed some powers from AI like he is a Monstar

  • TheRealManOfSteel
    TheRealManOfSteel Hace 8 días

    So........there really is no traveling in the NBA.....like for real now?

  • Bob Burgers
    Bob Burgers Hace 9 días

    Derrick rose better win most improved player this year

  • Acc_George
    Acc_George Hace 9 días

    If d rose didn’t miss the last shot, if would’ve been a throwback clip 😭

  • Edmar Dalida
    Edmar Dalida Hace 9 días

    I thought there was a foul on Tyson Chandler when he contested the shot of D.Rose at the buzzer, but wasn't called

  • Albert Pinheiro Barbosa


  • Joliven Damasco
    Joliven Damasco Hace 9 días


  • CHI Lene
    CHI Lene Hace 9 días

    Nobody gone mention the fact that Taj Gibson was out there poppin 3s huh

    Reda RHARDANE Hace 9 días

    Almost tears me up when I see Derrick Rose playing like he used to back in 2011-2013

  • Giorgio Kwiatkowski
    Giorgio Kwiatkowski Hace 9 días

    Great game for Twolves, seeing Rose playing like this is a real treat for the eyes. So sad Lakers won this one. DRose for MVP🌹

  • mike michael
    mike michael Hace 9 días

    Havent seen that smile from DRose in years @ 9:20
    Dude is just happy being able to play the sport he passionately loves with no injuries bothering him or watso. So happy for him too.

    JIHOON PARK Hace 9 días

    When I see LeBron dunk on other players
    Me:The king is here move away b*tches!!

  • Gary Hall
    Gary Hall Hace 9 días

    AHAHAHAHA London Bust with 3 points in 21 minutes of play. Please stay on the bench.

    O ISRAEL Hace 9 días

    They’re talking about Zion Williamson during a nba game? Wow, making an impact on the NBA before he even plays his 2nd college game..

  • JIB101
    JIB101 Hace 9 días

    Who else is happy because the headband is back on lebrons head😂😂😂

  • Ghost Ridah
    Ghost Ridah Hace 9 días

    6:25 That's a tough shart

  • mpumzi madyibi
    mpumzi madyibi Hace 9 días

    rose man He should be already in the hall of fame.

  • Bonk Choy
    Bonk Choy Hace 9 días

    Damn! So much excitement to see the All new Lakers every time they play. Feelin like I want them to win every game but yeah, once there is this youngest to be the best player in the league going back playing on his MVP Form, I couldn't help myself to cheer for Drose! Drose! Drose!

  • Count Chopula
    Count Chopula Hace 9 días

    6:23 "tough shart"

  • Dipankar Das
    Dipankar Das Hace 9 días


  • Bryan Sullivan
    Bryan Sullivan Hace 9 días

    NBA mmmm.... loose net just like all the players wifes when ur away different zip codes.

  • francisco pimentel
    francisco pimentel Hace 10 días

    Derrick Rose is back but better. He is invisible to these defenses.

  • William Collier
    William Collier Hace 10 días

    still here

  • Don chan
    Don chan Hace 10 días +1


  • jonathan biong
    jonathan biong Hace 10 días


  • Marki V
    Marki V Hace 10 días

    so happy to see D.Rose back 🔥

  • Ken Sundin
    Ken Sundin Hace 10 días

    LakerNation baby !! Damn Drose is back ! Best PG in the game once again !!

  • Nikolai Talens
    Nikolai Talens Hace 10 días

    Derrick rose my idol please vote for nba all star in february please..

  • jay12 abad
    jay12 abad Hace 10 días

    wow its very nice play

  • Mohamad Zreaqat
    Mohamad Zreaqat Hace 10 días

    Mohammad Ajwad

  • Supa Haze
    Supa Haze Hace 10 días

    mr rose for mvp

  • Eoghan O' Keeffe
    Eoghan O' Keeffe Hace 10 días

    "That's a tough shart!" 6:20

  • Prod. SkizzieOnTheBeat
    Prod. SkizzieOnTheBeat Hace 10 días

    3:39 That flop was hilarious

  • Esekiel Bascos
    Esekiel Bascos Hace 10 días +1

    Look the lakers team in the bench,,the reaction evrytime drose hit the 3

  • Jhovanny Guzman
    Jhovanny Guzman Hace 10 días

    J Cole again MVP

  • Ezequiel Ferreyra
    Ezequiel Ferreyra Hace 10 días


  • Hazel Bandz
    Hazel Bandz Hace 10 días

    D Rose!

  • FaZe_Valkrie TM
    FaZe_Valkrie TM Hace 10 días +1

    The timber wolves have a lot off people that used to play for the bulls

    • FaZe_Valkrie TM
      FaZe_Valkrie TM Hace 9 días

      +Helping Dummies can you just shut up i dont have time for people like you

    • FaZe_Valkrie TM
      FaZe_Valkrie TM Hace 9 días

      +Helping Dummies Why do you go around say useless things, wasting your time?

  • xxxion kings
    xxxion kings Hace 10 días


  • AyoItzJosh
    AyoItzJosh Hace 10 días

    Close game

  • Zachary Marshall
    Zachary Marshall Hace 10 días +1

    Loved when the announcer said tough Shart at 6:24 hahaha

  • clifford suprerman
    clifford suprerman Hace 10 días

    Minnesota could’ve won that game hrrrrr !!!!

  • Jr Demarcas
    Jr Demarcas Hace 10 días

    Respect DRose🌹💯

  • toodle boodle
    toodle boodle Hace 10 días +64

    lebron wearing a headband, drose playing like that, it must be 2011

    • elmer fulgar
      elmer fulgar Hace 9 días +6

      The good old days were lebron and drose competing for MVP that season..

  • Monkeylove718
    Monkeylove718 Hace 10 días

    D. Rose man...do ya thing MVP

  • *Camz*/*Queen Ariana*Fan Girl g

    Wait what happened I didnt even like Drose but he exploded I'm on team Drose now tho I guess I like him and the Lakers go Drose

  • the real Rahman
    the real Rahman Hace 10 días

    Y does the arena look so smoky

  • Sentry Robert Reynolds
    Sentry Robert Reynolds Hace 10 días


  • Alton Pettijohn
    Alton Pettijohn Hace 10 días

    Man, I wanted Rose to nail that basket at the end. That would have been the talk of the Town

  • abreezy71192
    abreezy71192 Hace 10 días

    DRose we love you man you're low-key inspiring me right now !!

  • Bima Kathanta
    Bima Kathanta Hace 10 días +1

    That alley up at 9:44 is sick. Wow..

  • Steven Elliott,Jr.
    Steven Elliott,Jr. Hace 10 días

    That's a tough shart lol

  • Stevenson Jones
    Stevenson Jones Hace 10 días

    Rose looking Like D. ROSE

  • Alfred Lundy
    Alfred Lundy Hace 10 días

    Fucking derreck ross!!!!! he is back

  • Davidh Oliveira
    Davidh Oliveira Hace 10 días

    Cagadaaaa no final mds

  • Abiodun Busuyi
    Abiodun Busuyi Hace 10 días

    now play the lakers in 2k19 on superstar and watch them become defensive animals where the breath in my player's lungs gets stolen every play lol

  • PrimeTime Pugilistics
    PrimeTime Pugilistics Hace 10 días

    6:23 he says " THAT'S A TOUGH SHART!! a tough shot rather"
    He must have to take a shit.

  • King Meruem
    King Meruem Hace 10 días

    love it to saw rose had the last shot.

  • WordzbyRalph
    WordzbyRalph Hace 10 días

    Rondo with that mean flop lol 😂😂😂

  • freetown78
    freetown78 Hace 10 días

    Vintage D-Rose top 5 favorite player

  • Hassan Hastla
    Hassan Hastla Hace 10 días

    D Rose 💪🏾🙏🏾 much love 💯

  • John Palacios
    John Palacios Hace 10 días

    J butler always been drose 2nd man like a shadow butler trying to shake

  • ManDogVlog
    ManDogVlog Hace 10 días

    Maybe LeBron will play for Chicago next..

  • Dylan Walker
    Dylan Walker Hace 10 días

    4 mil views..this was a good game

  • Haydee Dela Cruz
    Haydee Dela Cruz Hace 10 días

    Welcome back drose...

  • Justice Obeng
    Justice Obeng Hace 10 días

    Lakers are slowly climbing the mountains to their destination.

  • Frederick Mpotoane
    Frederick Mpotoane Hace 10 días

    That nig Rose is really back....

    WRECKCAGE Hace 10 días +5

    Lebron is the best

    • Reginald Littlejohn
      Reginald Littlejohn Hace 8 días

      +LORD YT Fuck you dick rider 😄😆😅 I Fuck with Derrick Rose the goat. LeBron James is a joke to me and so are you pussycat

    • LORD YT
      LORD YT Hace 10 días

      +Reginald Littlejohn u just hatin nigga

    • Reginald Littlejohn
      Reginald Littlejohn Hace 10 días

      Wreckcage no actually he's the worst part of NBA history

  • Darnell Woodard
    Darnell Woodard Hace 10 días

    Rose almost ended their shit. He will hit it next time.

  • Amrit sahota
    Amrit sahota Hace 10 días

    Damn. Curry did change the game