People Reacts To ARCANE EPISODE 9 "The Monster You Created" | Finale Episode

  • Publicado el 4 feb 2022
  • Here's the People Reacts To ARCANE EPISODE 9 "The Monster You Created"
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Comentarios • 453

  • Destroyer Playz

    Council: We accept peace

  • PopCookie

    The fact that everyone was absolutely sure that Caitlin's head was on the tray showed just how brilliantly the writers created the character of Jinx.

  • Katharine Brown

    Powder killed Silco to protect her sister.

  • 饾挷饾憭饾捁


  • L I L I T H

    to the people saying that she chose Vi and killed Silco.

  • Ekko
    Ekko  +3

    The silence at the end 馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣

  • Zen-RPG
    Zen-RPG  +788

    WHats really sad, is that Silco was right.

  • Hunter Wolfe

    You can tell that arcane was a pure passion project. I rly hope season 2 continues this absolutely incredible story. One of the best shows (not just animated) ever!

  • Ana Clara Meneghini

    My 5 favorite moments in this episode

  • Lathlaer
    Lathlaer  +211

    Seeing Jayce and Mel shocked that they pulled it off and then all the council members standing in the light, confirming that they chose peace seconds before the rocket hit the window with the music lyrics saying "what could've been" is one of the most gut wrenching moments in the whole series.

  • Eternal791
    Eternal791  +685

    For those who might be wondering why Piltover doesn't want the Undercity to be independent, its because the undercity is where a lot of the mines and factories of Piltover are. Piltover supplies Zaun with the ability to trade, and Zaun provides Piltover with valuable resources.

  • Aeonoftherift

    I think a lot of people failed to see what exactly Silco was, mayhap was evil, but, he didn't lie to her. He didn't know what happened to Vi, and throughout the series, he wasn't manipulating her, he was ironing down her flaws, so she can be better than anyone. He showed patience, loved her, and towards his death, he saw her demons, the voices in her head, and wanted them to stop. Vi being the base of it. If you listen closely, after Silco dies, the voices actually disappear, save for his. He did what he had to, to save her, at the cost of his life. And that, I feel, is what finely fine tuned Jinx into what she is now.

  • Lunar Shadow55

    That's one thing about this series, the minor details in every flinch tells much about the person's mindset. Silco was able to leave those binds whenever he ever wished. He only needed to struggle out as he does when he recognizes that his daughter is having a traumatic episode and tries to shoot the one worsening the effects. But because Jinx was in that state, she was moving on instinct completely and shot where she heard a pulled out gun. Her back was turned the entire time, firing at what could've been aiming at her, and that saved her sister at the cost of killing her father.

  • Ruud
    Ruud  +133

    It's sad how Caitlyn was told to not shoot Jinx by Vi but will probably lose her mother because she listened to her, just shows that Vi has no clue who Jinx is at the moment. Which is logical storywise considering she has been in prison and separated from society. Vi is running ten steps behind every other major character at the moment, she'll need some major development to catch up next season.

  • AusKaiserIV

    love how everyone was flabbergasted, the suspense of the missile slowly making contact with the window then the cut to darkness

  • nat
    nat  +17

    the depression on their faces after the screen went black is the most relatable thing i鈥檝e ever seen

  • Sairah Schmitz



    I love how everyone was silent at the end lol 馃槀 that鈥檚 how good the show was can鈥檛 wait for season 2 and you got my sub too

  • miriampippa art

    you can tell how good the show is because everyone has the exact same reactions at all key points. This just shows how good and intentional the writing is

  • Lya Kittie
    Lya Kittie  +144

    Damn I love the way everyone was silent at the ending