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  • FaZe Kay
    FaZe Kay  Hace 8 meses +299


  • Meinssgss
    Meinssgss Hace 11 horas

    You made me order 2 large peperoni pizzas XD

  • clutch gamer
    clutch gamer Hace 16 horas

    This made me go to the gas station and get food

  • Pablo Alemany
    Pablo Alemany Hace 16 horas


  • yo yo
    yo yo Hace un día


  • Pratyush Raj
    Pratyush Raj Hace un día

    A stoner can eat that alone and still be hungry...

  • - MR.BUBBA26 -
    - MR.BUBBA26 - Hace 2 días

    “ well apparentlyI have a concussion” boi u stupid

  • GarretC
    GarretC Hace 2 días +1

    take a shot every time he says he’s on a diet

  • Don Krez
    Don Krez Hace 3 días

    No Bev ?

  • Matthew Newton
    Matthew Newton Hace 3 días

    5:28 oh no he ate something 😂

  • Ayan Ali
    Ayan Ali Hace 4 días

    Lmao Matt stonie

  • RustRabbit
    RustRabbit Hace 4 días

    haha you should of said delivery there have to deliver it still even if you order in store just for future reference lol pretty sure they robbed you on deals you could of had too .

  • Crazy masti
    Crazy masti Hace 4 días

    Chodiya velo marijaye davakhan jai ay

  • Dale Bell
    Dale Bell Hace 9 días +1

    Damn only 30 I’m about do this next party I have that shit look good asf

  • coolsidecool
    coolsidecool Hace 10 días

    Durr we live in a 15 million dollar mansion. Douche.

  • rirro
    rirro Hace 10 días

    Why did you sign the Paper?

  • JaydenYT TorresYT
    JaydenYT TorresYT Hace 11 días


    M4DSHOOT-GAMING Hace 13 días


  • Fangirl Anime is life
    Fangirl Anime is life Hace 14 días

    Why am I doing this to my self I’m so hungry so I’m watching this and I love dominos

  • Alex Inglis
    Alex Inglis Hace 14 días

    Is this guy Australian?

  • Toony
    Toony Hace 14 días

    Who’s eating Pizza while watching this? 🍕

  • Dai611
    Dai611 Hace 14 días

    Call Matt stonie in....

  • Oyinkan A
    Oyinkan A Hace 16 días

    MKes sense why they wouldn’t take it over the phone could be a prank call lol

  • Jaiyla Shali
    Jaiyla Shali Hace 17 días

    Lmaooo he kept going I can’t eat it I’m on a diet while eating it 😂😂😂😂

  • Crystal Leonie
    Crystal Leonie Hace 17 días

    U thought his jaw was gonna break when he ate all the pizzas together 😂

  • Fred Peter
    Fred Peter Hace 18 días


  • Fred Peter
    Fred Peter Hace 18 días

    Your so cool

  • Lojuan Da Don
    Lojuan Da Don Hace 19 días

    Im eating a large 3 topping from dominoes right now

  • Mel_Tha _god
    Mel_Tha _god Hace 20 días

    What was the total

  • Riddy
    Riddy Hace 20 días

    Boy I be watching this eating porridge with water literally nothing added

  • watchful one
    watchful one Hace 21 un día


  • Nikkiya Warren
    Nikkiya Warren Hace 21 un día

    I love how they start the timer pick up a slice as fast as they can, take a bite and be like ok give me like 15 seconds to chew this

  • Edsta 101
    Edsta 101 Hace 21 un día

    This dude says "PNG boxes" lol @4:22

  • Graham Beckett
    Graham Beckett Hace 21 un día

    What a bunch of nobheads

  • young dagger dick
    young dagger dick Hace 22 días

    I'm jealous af

  • Michelle Morales
    Michelle Morales Hace 23 días

    Butttt couldn't leave a tip????

  • sausage 122
    sausage 122 Hace 24 días

    The dude that orderd the stuff sounds like messyourself

  • Jack Witchell
    Jack Witchell Hace 25 días

    I liked when this was released i havent recived MY PIZZA

  • Amorphous
    Amorphous Hace 27 días

    casually gets a concussion

  • Brandon Greco
    Brandon Greco Hace un mes

    I would get down with this,I like dominos menu.

  • Christian Jude Diamante

    cravings for pizza. Hahahahha tang ina

  • Sebastijan Krhlikar
    Sebastijan Krhlikar Hace un mes

    what a waste of mony, fra challenge, u should gave this food to the homelles peope.

  • Amelia Borrman
    Amelia Borrman Hace un mes

    Such a waste of money theres starving people in the world.

  • Manas Sogale
    Manas Sogale Hace un mes

    syke you bish

  • manjot singh
    manjot singh Hace un mes

    How much it cost you.I m from India?

  • Higamer Playz07
    Higamer Playz07 Hace un mes

    If your in faze why you in the clout house

  • Annie Jacobo
    Annie Jacobo Hace un mes

    can i have some

  • Cavalli Kavalli
    Cavalli Kavalli Hace un mes

    Too slow thought they would be more to it

  • Snow Summer
    Snow Summer Hace un mes

    That looks so gooooood, I wish I get to have all that.

  • Ninja Ninja
    Ninja Ninja Hace un mes

    This made me really really hungry

  • 2 Sunny Girls
    2 Sunny Girls Hace un mes

    8 ca

  • It's Victoria
    It's Victoria Hace un mes +1

    Now I’m hungry 😋 😂

  • Paloma Loango
    Paloma Loango Hace un mes

    Send me some pizza 😁 pls

  • Mine Diamonds
    Mine Diamonds Hace un mes

    I dream of this one day hoping I can eat all

  • Cl Ip
    Cl Ip Hace un mes

    I’m so hungry now

  • Kuan Zee
    Kuan Zee Hace un mes

    Im starving

  • Kristenone
    Kristenone Hace un mes

    Why I am watching this ? I'm on a diet. Help!!!!!!

  • Sarah Parker
    Sarah Parker Hace un mes


  • Isaiah Ivy
    Isaiah Ivy Hace un mes

    How faded were u guys

  • Med Abdelkrim Benmouna

    Don't eat to much or you will be fat.

  • Quinn Kids
    Quinn Kids Hace un mes

    Love these type of vids you should do more of these

  • Megan Pasters
    Megan Pasters Hace un mes

    Dear lord when he did the pizza sandwhich i almost barfed 🤮🤢

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army Hace un mes

    You would have not even finished if u took a 24 hour challenge

  • Alex Cerjinog
    Alex Cerjinog Hace un mes

    So obvious 😑 2:23 look at me i have money

  • Shadow
    Shadow Hace un mes +1

    B O N E L E S S P I Z Z A

  • VaultBit Gaming
    VaultBit Gaming Hace un mes

    R u even faze

  • GaminG 3EBs
    GaminG 3EBs Hace un mes

    im on diat he ate 2 large pizza ahahhaha

  • Caius Postumius Turrinus

    These guys are so far up each other's ass, I stopped watching a quarter way through.

  • Roky Ahmed
    Roky Ahmed Hace un mes

    wasting food is not good 😊 rather feed more people.

  • Whats in Michaels Bag.

    Fab Show as per...I also do Food Challenges...would you like to collaborate?

  • Sapphire Johnson
    Sapphire Johnson Hace un mes

    *subscribed* :-)

  • Omar Aden
    Omar Aden Hace un mes

    Im the most hungest man

  • max ruggles
    max ruggles Hace un mes


  • ES CrazyLatinDude
    ES CrazyLatinDude Hace un mes

    Thiccwap 😍🙈

  • Peter Jarnes
    Peter Jarnes Hace un mes

    You guys are awesome keep up the great challenges!

  • Ricardo Dank
    Ricardo Dank Hace un mes

    What happened to the gaming vids now your vloging wth?!?!

  • csk colin
    csk colin Hace un mes

    u got some big mouth lol

  • Ariee G
    Ariee G Hace un mes

    diet my ass i woulda ate so much

  • Tina Haller
    Tina Haller Hace un mes

    The workers hate you 😂

  • XZIO •
    XZIO • Hace un mes +1

    Wolfie should be in football

  • Gavin Piening
    Gavin Piening Hace un mes

    I eat pizza so slow I couldn’t do this challenge

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Hace un mes

    So cringeworthy 😷🤮

  • Tina Tshangela
    Tina Tshangela Hace un mes

    Looks like a clip from my 600-lb life

  • Claudia love vely
    Claudia love vely Hace un mes

    the winggggs

  • Roy marquez
    Roy marquez Hace un mes

    I wish i was there to eat all that pizza.

  • Zbossofyoutubers
    Zbossofyoutubers Hace un mes

    Says 3 guys now there 5

  • b boyyy
    b boyyy Hace un mes

    Well i guess he dont care getting a slice of pizza while being on a diet 😅🍕

  • Jason Soriano
    Jason Soriano Hace un mes

    Desert throat no bev I’m sorry I’m done with you faze Kay jk I love your vids

  • Norris Harvey
    Norris Harvey Hace un mes

    Great food challenge

  • The Gaming Channel
    The Gaming Channel Hace un mes +1

    Checkout FaZe Rug

  • MrJulian
    MrJulian Hace un mes

    Next time order all KFC stuff on Menu

  • Big Vviews
    Big Vviews Hace un mes

    Someone get me a pizza😩😩😩

  • Jessica Merrill
    Jessica Merrill Hace 2 meses

    Should of gave some of the food to people that need it.

  • Jess Arias
    Jess Arias Hace 2 meses

    I did where’s my pizza

  • Connor Kenway
    Connor Kenway Hace 2 meses +1

    While I watching this, I was dripping from my mouth!!!

  • Joseph LHMG
    Joseph LHMG Hace 2 meses


  • Leo
    Leo Hace 2 meses

    Roll all the pizza and put it in your ass

  • Abhijeet Thakur
    Abhijeet Thakur Hace 2 meses

    The real fun is thiss 😄

  • uɐǝꓭ
    uɐǝꓭ Hace 2 meses

    Easy just get 50 people

  • Jr Lopez
    Jr Lopez Hace 2 meses

    lmao you said how much is the mirror