Judge James - Landlord Have Mercy!

  • Publicado el 21 sep 2018
  • In addition to Jimmy's work as a beloved talk show host, he is also a feared and respected TV Judge. From time to time he hears real cases, with real litigants who have agreed to put their legal fate in the hands of #JudgeJames.
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    Judge James - Landlord Have Mercy!
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Comentarios • 154

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D Hace 10 días

    Lol i wish judge james was my judge lol

  • Audrey Swanson
    Audrey Swanson Hace 17 días +1

    Is this Jake and Alyssa’s case

  • Danielle Nelson
    Danielle Nelson Hace 18 días

    They mention money and everybody turns into mother Mary 😂😂😂😂

  • Frank Cannon
    Frank Cannon Hace 27 días

    "That's some craziness"

  • Sarah
    Sarah Hace un mes

    Awww the ending was so sweet

  • james 3000k
    james 3000k Hace un mes +1

    Give GUILLERMO a show already .

  • nicky donaghy
    nicky donaghy Hace un mes

    Morgan?? 😂😂😂😂

  • IamEm
    IamEm Hace un mes

    He's actually a good judge.

  • solly wilman
    solly wilman Hace un mes +3

    4:20 Guillermo said me too. Hahahahaha

  • Karina Palacios
    Karina Palacios Hace un mes

    I mean we All do have Text messages... He ain't lying lol

  • E.
    E. Hace un mes

    My name is Morgan so you can imagine how weird the comment section is for me.

  • Weird AsianKid
    Weird AsianKid Hace un mes

    Yes, he is only reliable judge in the American justice system today

  • Cian Lalor
    Cian Lalor Hace un mes

    I have type one diabetes and I'm ready to sue it

  • Abeerah Irfanu
    Abeerah Irfanu Hace un mes +3

    “Tamika Yolanda Tamika Morgan” IM CRYING😂😂😂

  • supergurl
    supergurl Hace un mes +3

    i was today years old when i found out jimmys real name is james

  • lfutrell82
    lfutrell82 Hace un mes

    Aww I'm glad that hugged at then end 🖤

  • TheSandceci
    TheSandceci Hace un mes


  • rock432
    rock432 Hace un mes

    Jacques LeBlanc. Is therebany way he wouldn't be from Louisiana?

  • Paul Park
    Paul Park Hace un mes +1

    Is this real? Or just a skit?

  • miguel v
    miguel v Hace un mes +1

    Is her dress up side down or something

  • miguel v
    miguel v Hace un mes

    “Well we all have text messages”

  • miguel v
    miguel v Hace un mes +2

    “Morgan?” Hahaha I’m dead 💀💀

  • Jay
    Jay Hace un mes

    Yes! More of this and less of the boring all-too-easy Trump crap.

  • Corey Rushing
    Corey Rushing Hace un mes

    Ok, someone tell me if these are actually real cases or just comedy skits.

  • Joanna deymonaz
    Joanna deymonaz Hace un mes

    This is so accurate

  • Paul Charvet
    Paul Charvet Hace un mes +2

    Going to even a fake court room dressed like your going to the club reflects Ghetto fabulousness. Lol ignorance is funny sometimes.

  • theLou
    theLou Hace un mes

    Jimmy what happened? You used to be hilarious

  • deem manning
    deem manning Hace un mes

    Latoya a baddie. Frfr

  • ann Gillespie
    ann Gillespie Hace un mes

    This is a really funny show?

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot Hace un mes

    I live for this and The Daily Show - CP Time!
    P.S. I also have text messages!

  • Melissa Breton
    Melissa Breton Hace un mes +5

    Please do this again. Great bit. Mix in celebrities, it will be awesome sauce. More real folks so you never know. If possible get the celebrity to sue each other, or better yet group of folks to sue celebrity. Then Matt Damon could sue u? Possibilities are endless. Happy to provide examples. Feel free to add your own below. Unless I’m watching this in the future

  • Hba Pesh
    Hba Pesh Hace un mes

    Good fuckin actors

  • Nick Singh
    Nick Singh Hace un mes +1

    Argh I thought it was a Dave Chappelle skit when I saw the thumbnail. :(

  • steve gill
    steve gill Hace un mes

    Both ppl got money know their happy

  • Blake H
    Blake H Hace un mes +1

    7:34 holy look at her armpit sweat

  • David Mnaba
    David Mnaba Hace un mes

    Jimmy please get the people to sit earlier lol

  • cas4040
    cas4040 Hace un mes +3

    That “ad” was so perfect.

  • Derek
    Derek Hace un mes +4

    *Is that xxxtentacion? Guess he didn't die after all*

  • Manny S
    Manny S Hace un mes

    I feel like this is actually real

  • Joshua Goose
    Joshua Goose Hace un mes

    Basically a sterotype comedy act. Kimmel you bash the Trumpet over him being a racist and yet you act out a sterotype comedy skit? Seriously... Still love you.

  • C-light
    C-light Hace un mes

    😂 As soon as she said Tamika, I knew she was pulling those names outta you know where lol Taneka, Yolanda, Tamika...

    • Reese 901
      Reese 901 Hace un mes +1

      I died when she said "Morgan"

  • C-light
    C-light Hace un mes +4

    Oh no, girl! That dress needs thicker material to pull that silhouette off. Cute look, but...

    • jssangel416
      jssangel416 Hace 27 días +1

      The thinness of it makes it look cheap

  • Far beyond Driven
    Far beyond Driven Hace un mes

    More plz !! Hell you need your own judge James show

  • Lil, Charmander
    Lil, Charmander Hace un mes +1

    I called that name from the Weinstein thing
    And what I found was shocking! 😲.... I forgot to pay my phone bill

  • Noura
    Noura Hace un mes

    Rich lux’s Yolanda is her friend? No ma’m

  • Latoya Spearman Burton

    Yes it was mine from Charlotte Russe

  • PR blood
    PR blood Hace un mes

    Why the f*ck am I watching this?

  • Corina K
    Corina K Hace un mes +21

    Lmao, “MORGAN?!” 😂😂

    • Shane
      Shane Hace un mes +1

      Clearly, not a black name.

  • FoxyPinkGirl
    FoxyPinkGirl Hace un mes +2

    boy LeToya wanted to be on tv lol look at that white outfit.

  • henry badillo
    henry badillo Hace un mes

    I was just seeung hes old vids from 6 years ago and he still looks the same

  • Making Sense
    Making Sense Hace un mes

    We’re these real civil cases opted by the parties to be held on Jimmy?! The parties, seems too real.

  • Patrice H
    Patrice H Hace un mes

    James this role fit u

  • Rox X
    Rox X Hace un mes +1

    Fave segment!!! Need to make more and upload constantly

  • Luisao Fuentes
    Luisao Fuentes Hace un mes

    MAGA = Mueller is Making America Great Again
    Watch Rep. Jeffries (D-NY): "How dare you lecture us about treason." (C-SPAN) explain to tRump(Orange Mugabe,Puss# Grabbing Monster con artist, draft dodging coward who's
    committing treasonous acts
    Comrade tRump reluctantly signed into law on August 2 a bill (new sanctions) that will tie his hands in dealings with Putin. On Oct 12, 2017- John McCain and Ben Cardin sent a letter
    to tRump(Orange Mugabe) expressing concern that his administration had not yet implemented sanctions against Russia and put ther deadline to November 1st.The administration is
    required to issue guidance by the start of October on who is part of Russia’s defense and intelligence sectors, meaning they will be targeted by the new sanctions law.On October, 26
    Pussy Grabbing Monster con artist Administration Sends Congress List of Possible Russia Sanctions, still not yet being released the official list and no one in the press is pressing
    on the issue.Too obvious complicity with Putin by the Russian puppet.

  • EverythingisEverything

    Alternative scenario : Guillermo, "Did you find the wipes?"
    Judge James, "None of your business."
    Guillermo, "Well sue me for caring! I plead guilty, your honor.'

  • Haakon Warner
    Haakon Warner Hace un mes

    Make Judge James Supreme Court Justice :)

  • jaynelley
    jaynelley Hace un mes

    I missed this

  • Josh Valle
    Josh Valle Hace un mes +8

    .....freek a leek......

  • Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Love these so much 😂

  • Rob Simpson
    Rob Simpson Hace un mes +13

    666th like! Scary!!!!

    • Hba Pesh
      Hba Pesh Hace un mes +1

      Someones gotta be the one

    • Simon Baker
      Simon Baker Hace un mes +2

      Ha, Ha, Ha!

    • Rob Simpson
      Rob Simpson Hace un mes +2

      Ahmad Al

    • Ahmad Al
      Ahmad Al Hace un mes +2

      Says the guy with Red John profile picture

  • Avetor UAC
    Avetor UAC Hace un mes

    american serial)) for advokat i nowed how deceive Judge)

  • whopperjrVEVO
    whopperjrVEVO Hace un mes

    MORE of this segments !

  • Anonymous Reviewer
    Anonymous Reviewer Hace un mes

    Was that a guy or a girl? You know who I'm talking about.

    • Latoya Spearman Burton
      Latoya Spearman Burton Hace un mes +1

      Speak ya mind, nobody just knows who your talking about but I'd love to know??

  • Chandrakanth Siripurapu

    Jimmy took inspiration from the Providence judge!

  • Alpha Strength
    Alpha Strength Hace un mes

    It was so funny

  • Roxanne H
    Roxanne H Hace un mes

    Bailiff: You found the baby wipes?
    Judge: That's not your business 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Roxanne H
    Roxanne H Hace un mes

    This is what they call kangaroo court.

  • Fraunel Jaimes
    Fraunel Jaimes Hace un mes

    I never knew about this man hilarious

  • Johnny Paycheck
    Johnny Paycheck Hace un mes

    I love jimmy kimmel!!!

  • Reese 901
    Reese 901 Hace un mes +33

    Taneka, Yolanda, Tamika, Morgan. Jimmy says "Morgan" LOL!

    • Millicent Lopez
      Millicent Lopez Hace un mes +2

      morgan freeman, tracy morgan, morgan tsvangirai...

    • Yung Stat
      Yung Stat Hace un mes +2

      U know she's lying 😂

  • Devz Trese
    Devz Trese Hace un mes

    Who's paying the 1000$ to each of them? Guillermo? 😂

  • Hugo Santos
    Hugo Santos Hace un mes +1

    Lmao Funny.. But it would have been funnier at the beginning if when "Judge James " starts the verdict,.. Guillermo just rudly interrupts him and says "OK you may all sit down now please" lol

  • Abdullah Alshli
    Abdullah Alshli Hace un mes

    Please do more of this

  • pulle88
    pulle88 Hace un mes

    jimmy kimmel is a good racist..... it's okay because he is a lib that suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome

    • pulle88
      pulle88 Hace un mes

      John Marston annoying political guy? LOL ..... you fool..... i stopped watching Jimmy Kimmel daily because HE turned into the "annoying political guy" ...... he went from The Man Show" to the "Trump show"

    • John Marston
      John Marston Hace un mes

      You're the annoying political guy that nobody except other annoying political guys likes.

  • what's up yaul
    what's up yaul Hace un mes

    Like a lot of other people, I love when he does those Judge James cases. I really don't know how much of this is fake or real. The mention of sex toys. 🤣🤣🤣 And who told him he could go to the bathroom. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Fake Name
      Fake Name Hace un mes

      It's obviously fake wdym it's for his show

  • legend27
    legend27 Hace un mes +12

    funny how money is what changes peoples attitude

  • C J
    C J Hace un mes +3

    What am I watching?

  • B
    B Hace un mes +108

    I wish Jimmy made a whole show out of "Judge James. " So funny!

  • tyo789
    tyo789 Hace un mes

    3:30 that's why you got no friends 💀💀💀

  • Bangerz Radio
    Bangerz Radio Hace un mes +4

    We need more of these...

  • Hector Guzman
    Hector Guzman Hace un mes

    Guillermo is strapped!

  • Gilbert Flores
    Gilbert Flores Hace un mes +11

    No one knows more about the law than i do😂😂😂

  • Edgar Cardenas
    Edgar Cardenas Hace un mes

    $##$nasa barcode sb ca 805

  • Chance Jolivette
    Chance Jolivette Hace un mes +4

    this was hilarious lmfao

  • Kelsie Lauer
    Kelsie Lauer Hace un mes

    Jimmy, why are the captions disabled on your videos? The hearing impaired are part of every demographic.

  • Blue-eyed Tuber
    Blue-eyed Tuber Hace un mes +68

    5:56 those kind of commercials always come on after a court show 😂😂😂

  • Ксения Ковалевская

    This is actually mocking and stereotyping Black people. But it's a leftist doing it, so I guess we can make excuses for it.

    • MrArnoNymus
      MrArnoNymus Hace un mes +1

      Latoya Spearman Burton Hi Latoya, it's great to see you here. I always love when people from TV shows are answering the comments, because it's so interesting to hear something from "Behind the scenes" :)
      So you actually did get paid the 1000 dollars each?
      I'm curious, is the amount of money awarded to each party already agreed upon beforehand, so that you're essentially following a roughly prepared "script", or are you as participants surprised as well by the outcome of the decision by Jimmy (and his team)?
      Is there a fixed payment for you to appear as "actors" here instead of actually persuing your case in court, and so the $1000 (or whatever amount awarded by the "verdict") is something that might come on top, but everybody gets something for participating?
      I understand that there might be some kind of NDA you had to sign, in which case I'm absolutely fine with you just saying that and maybe answering as much as you can without getting into trouble. Thank you for being here :)

    • Ксения Ковалевская
      Ксения Ковалевская Hace un mes +1

      I guess I was right.

    • Cheryl Campbell
      Cheryl Campbell Hace un mes +6

      The original comment is a perfect example of a phantom instigator, AKA troll, trying to stir up argument.

    • Latoya Spearman Burton
      Latoya Spearman Burton Hace un mes +7

      Nothing racist not one bit and he paid us that stack🤗🤗

  • Raquel Caicedo
    Raquel Caicedo Hace un mes +88

    This segment needs to be more constant

  • Ciara Nuccetelli
    Ciara Nuccetelli Hace un mes +8

    1:57 I was into this like a Judge Judy show and was waiting for Officer Byrd to tell everyone to sit down

  • Abel & CAIN
    Abel & CAIN Hace un mes +79

    I have always loved the conclusions that Judge James comes to :D

  • Christopher Steele
    Christopher Steele Hace un mes

    Haha 😆

  • Stallone Santiago
    Stallone Santiago Hace un mes +10

    Judge james is awesome

  • Jennifer Lynn
    Jennifer Lynn Hace un mes +9

    Love her dress.

  • Kee B
    Kee B Hace un mes +12

    This is up there with Judge Judy on my watch list. This needs to come on more often!

    • Johnny Paycheck
      Johnny Paycheck Hace un mes

      Kee B damn you’re beautiful, like some Nubian princess or something 😍

  • Melon Yemane
    Melon Yemane Hace un mes

    I know Jimmy enjoyed every part of this

  • riggs xamot
    riggs xamot Hace un mes +7

    24th! Hell yeah. Sup Kimmel fans?

  • SupermanHopkins
    SupermanHopkins Hace un mes +22

    Yeah! It's back!
    More of these, please.

  • Kushagra Tripathi
    Kushagra Tripathi Hace un mes +53

    this is my favourite show......

  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo Hace un mes +32

    That list of friends sounds like a Petey Pablo song

  • afreed virk
    afreed virk Hace un mes