Everything GREAT About Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

  • Publicado el 1 abr 2017
  • Fantastic Beasts! Not as well received by all as some critics would have you believe. But maybe those naysayers are wrong. Here's everything right with Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them!
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Comentarios • 3 176

  • Darth Sarcom
    Darth Sarcom Hace 11 horas

    Newt is 11695% autistic

  • Jessica Feuerstein
    Jessica Feuerstein Hace 21 un hora

    Maybe a wife squeal round?

  • Pixle Pixie
    Pixle Pixie Hace un día

    yes... dumbledore is his... best friend.....

  • Zoi Andersen
    Zoi Andersen Hace 3 días +1

    I love Newts sense of humor. He is an awesome character

  • H2 Kewl
    H2 Kewl Hace 3 días

    Wait! Wait! What!
    So Tina is the master of the elderwand as of this film.
    Remember, Harry disarmed Malfoy in the Manor - different wand was taken, but he became the Master of the Elderwand.
    Where are the Super Carlin Brothers on this one???

  • Will Jones
    Will Jones Hace 3 días

    I just re watched Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows and i'd like you to do a EGA video

  • ben hammack hammack
    ben hammack hammack Hace 3 días +1

    I like occamy they are beautiful

  • Sonicdash 8
    Sonicdash 8 Hace 3 días

    Hufflepuff ftw lads

  • Mr. Al
    Mr. Al Hace 3 días

    I wonder why this flick gets so much flack. I liked it, because to me it essentially felt as if The Doctor met MIB in the "Wizarding World".
    i mean, Newt's character speaks, behaves, dresses like the Doctor AND all the other "requirements: Wand/Sonic Screwdriver, portable home that is bigger on the inside via the Case/Tardis, human companion who is thrown straight into the world of magic/aliens, and then there's MACUSA going full MIB to the letter, even nailing the "let's memory wipe all of New York to keep magic/aliens secret" with their wands/neuralizers.

  • FruityTea
    FruityTea Hace 3 días

    7:34 yes XD I had one of Jacobs laughed when I heard this XDD

  • Denise F
    Denise F Hace 3 días

    Four more of these.I can't wait!

  • Richard Mercer
    Richard Mercer Hace 5 días

    I think you underestimate Katherine Waterston. She wasn't given a lot to work with, but played it perfectly. By the end of the movie I was in love with Tina, and still am.

  • Lorna Rooks
    Lorna Rooks Hace 5 días +2

    I hope graves is still alive somewhere but I figure if he is he won't be back till 3rd movie atleast

  • Jenizz
    Jenizz Hace 6 días

    omg i have to watch the movie again.. I forgot like half of it.. because it was so.. wonderfully done and the peaceful parts were so beautifully shot.

  • Ikulus
    Ikulus Hace 6 días


  • Caleb Reynolds
    Caleb Reynolds Hace 7 días

    I just found out which house I belong to and sadly I'm not a gryffindor but I'm a ravenclaw

  • Moderocky
    Moderocky Hace 7 días


  • Thaertios
    Thaertios Hace 8 días

    I really appreciate your call out to Breakbills

  • Thomas McEwen
    Thomas McEwen Hace 9 días

    Who going to marry him, your sister Queenie

  • BlueView
    BlueView Hace 10 días

    I think eddie redmaine is one of my if not my favorite actor ever

  • BGT Clan
    BGT Clan Hace 10 días

    Tina didn't overpower grinderwald because she said accio wand. She didn't overpower disarm or kill him. And I know I probably spelled grinderwald wrong.

  • basic bitch
    basic bitch Hace 10 días

    When the guy died on stage from the obsucrus it's really similar to when that girl died in hogsmaede in the half blood prince

  • ahmed ashmawy
    ahmed ashmawy Hace 10 días

    I love when he says Love!

  • Maya
    Maya Hace 11 días

    Petition for Graves' return!!!

  • Shit Sandwich
    Shit Sandwich Hace 11 días

    At 13:03 you misspelled 'Colin Farrell' as 'Colin Farrelll'.

  • Uhmuhh
    Uhmuhh Hace 11 días

    Whos great great great grandparents didn't live through the witch trials? Does he know anything about witch burnings through hundreds of years? Really underlining that american stereotype there...

  • desertsniper23
    desertsniper23 Hace 12 días

    Breakbills teaches Magicians not Wizards

  • hyper biscuit
    hyper biscuit Hace 13 días

    You know, this movie is a prime example of how bad I am at watching movies. The big twist with Credence really confused me, but not because it was out of nowhere, it was because I didn't know who credence was, and barely even remembered that they had already appeared in the movie.

  • Trisha Reddy
    Trisha Reddy Hace 13 días

    Just saying, Tina and Newt end up getting married and having three cats

  • Ebony Barbat
    Ebony Barbat Hace 14 días

    10:53 obliterating XD. It’s oblivieating silly

  • WillTheOtherOne
    WillTheOtherOne Hace 14 días

    7:07 no polyjuice here, just pure transfiguration magic!

  • Karla Anderson
    Karla Anderson Hace 14 días

    1:55 That is sooo cute,And I have this in the back of my head 24/7

  • Ravenofthedog
    Ravenofthedog Hace 14 días

    I thought I hated Harry Potter. It was this movie that changed my mind.

  • laceplusgeek
    laceplusgeek Hace 14 días

    Brakebills is trash. there is no joy there and everyone dies or is on drugs.

  • Scarlet Shadows
    Scarlet Shadows Hace 15 días

    I think newt should’ve been the 13 doctor

  • Luke G
    Luke G Hace 15 días

    Who else would like Eddie as the doctor

  • Jopho YT
    Jopho YT Hace 15 días

    I'm watching this like a month before the second movie comes out and to be honest they nailed all of the theories they had in the video.

  • Zach M.
    Zach M. Hace 15 días

    2:57 actually, it's way cuter. Imagine a tiny pink ball of cotton, with a tiny little sheep head.

  • José Ignacio Payá Ramírez

    That satisfying moment when the choirs at the beggining are in the same tone as the title music

  • Allovimo
    Allovimo Hace 15 días

    "Is he on a secret mission for Dumbledore?"
    Yes, yes he is.

  • Willow Shadows
    Willow Shadows Hace 16 días

    at 11:55 i had spit out my milkshake cuz of the simle

  • Shadow Prince
    Shadow Prince Hace 17 días

    I love you for this video

  • Darth Diglett
    Darth Diglett Hace 17 días +1

    So close to one million views

  • Ben V
    Ben V Hace 17 días

    The 2nd one is going to be a MILLION times better than the second!!!!

  • Jelly Draws
    Jelly Draws Hace 17 días

    it should be “everything FANTASTIC about fantastic beasts and where to find them

  • xxdudeyy Dude
    xxdudeyy Dude Hace 18 días

    Very much Pokemon in a nutshell.

  • Sythe
    Sythe Hace 18 días

    Ah, the arch enemy of CinemaSins.

  • Richard
    Richard Hace 19 días

    Breakbills! Yeaaas

  • Bill Pegues
    Bill Pegues Hace 19 días

    Haha Breakbills love that show its awesome

  • Tyler Harding
    Tyler Harding Hace 19 días

    This guys delivery of jokes frustrates me

  • Amber Danielle
    Amber Danielle Hace 19 días

    Ariana Dumbledore was totally an obscurial

  • Anna Juhlin
    Anna Juhlin Hace 20 días

    When you're a music nerd and the first thing you notice is that the choir voices for the CinemaWins title sequence are singing in the same key as the FB title sequence music lol...

  • diego ariel
    diego ariel Hace 20 días

    the only thing that's wrong is when the cops shoot the obscurial, I mean, If you see some dangerous smoke coming at you, you don't shot it , you run or do anything else

  • Mr Tingals
    Mr Tingals Hace 20 días

    Fun fact the spell used to get rid of the window is just the welsh word for window.

  • Snow Quail
    Snow Quail Hace 20 días

    I'm a Huflepuff

  • canadiananim8r
    canadiananim8r Hace 20 días


  • megan d
    megan d Hace 21 un día

    what i find incredible is how eddie didnt even look phased during that mating thing. i wouldn't have been able to get a single solid take without laughing

  • Hacker 13
    Hacker 13 Hace 22 días

    Hail slytherin!

  • Pundertale Fan
    Pundertale Fan Hace 22 días

    I love how you just gave a win for the final scene. It deserves it.

  • Pundertale Fan
    Pundertale Fan Hace 22 días

    I don't blame her. I want a niffler too. They're kinda a mix of an echidna and a platypus. Two of my favorite egg laying mammals. In fact, the only egg laying mammals. XD

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason Hace 24 días

    I want to go to that zoo

  • Divya Singh
    Divya Singh Hace 24 días

    Really? Because I thought Griffindor was skilled at legilamancy

  • Valencolas
    Valencolas Hace 24 días +4

    Okay, so that's an interesting little detail at 4:00... When Newt climbs into his suitcase, it cuts back to Kowalski who is reading "Cassandra and her cat Gustavus" who shouts in disbelief. Now, if you keep your eyes fixed on the book's cover, you'll see that Gustavus the cat jumps out of Cassandra's arms and onto the back cover because he was spooked by the exclamation. :)

  • konaya
    konaya Hace 25 días

    Magic-less → Magless → Muggles.

  • azraelbatosi
    azraelbatosi Hace 25 días

    Comment section “This movie is awesome because Newt isn’t a toxic-ly masculine action hero and he’s introverted and awkward.” Well...duh, it’s not really an action film...and even if it was, muscles don’t count for much when there’s infinite magic. That’s an HPU thing, though he HP himself was a jock. The other part is...whatever, I don’t think most people would’ve enjoyed that quite as much without Jacob to humanize him, since his character is about as deep as a puddle, so far.

  • Elinor Marrs
    Elinor Marrs Hace 25 días

    You: he's a Hufflepuff?
    Me (the proudest Hufflepuff you'll ever meet) : HELL YEAH HE'S A HUFFLEPUFF!!!

  • Saturated
    Saturated Hace 26 días

    Gosh, I wish the real Graves was coming back. Colin Farrell is amazing.

  • ProfWulfenstein
    ProfWulfenstein Hace 27 días

    This movie makes me so mad, J.K. makes me so mad, this movie basically ruins the world that J.K. had built. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, J.K. I hate this movie, I hate this section of the world, and I hate this part of the magic system that she basically gave up on.

    • Abboud 99
      Abboud 99 Hace 24 días

      So what? wandless magic was already a thing in the harry potter universe. Its mentioned multiple times in the books and primarily used for simple magic . Deathly hallows literally mentions that wands extend a wizards abilities and that magic can be used without one(like it was shown multiple times before, even in philosophers stone). Rowling has also mentioned multiple times before the movie was released that magic without a wand is hard and not suitable for difficult magic, but none of this was invented in this movie.

    • ProfWulfenstein
      ProfWulfenstein Hace 24 días

      Grindelwald does a lot of magic without a wand. Also, if you read or watched any of the talks with J.K. Rowling she admitted that she played fast and loose with the rules of her magic system when it came to America because she hates America, and Americans.

    • Abboud 99
      Abboud 99 Hace 24 días

      how does the movie ruin the magical world? There is basically no contradiction to what was there before.

  • Charlie Greene
    Charlie Greene Hace 29 días


  • Rainbow Dragon
    Rainbow Dragon Hace un mes

    I hope that in the second movie that it is confirmed that dumbledor and newt are dating

  • 123 456
    123 456 Hace un mes

    Why did the put Depp in this the guy has become an awful actor he’s got worse and worse as time goes on Colin was great as a villain hopefully he returns at some point as himself

  • Matthew Conrad
    Matthew Conrad Hace un mes

    So now that I’ve seen this I wonder if they visit the president the same way the ministry visited prime ministers in the books. That makes me wonder if Voldemort had won would the US have nuked Britain? Can magic withstand an 30 megaton explosion?

  • Munchkin of Pern
    Munchkin of Pern Hace un mes

    Have you not seen how nurturing and kind and loyal he is to his creatures? How dedicated? Of course he’s a Hufflepuff! 😊

  • Stupid Potato
    Stupid Potato Hace un mes

    did you know that dumbledores younger sister ( ariana i think )
    was a obscurious?

  • Don Ficko
    Don Ficko Hace un mes

    8:04 that is also what Grindewald used as a symbol as he was obsessed with collecting the deathly hallows, he had the wand(which made him so powerful)

  • A Broken Sock
    A Broken Sock Hace un mes

    Hey, can you do Everything GREAT about My Little Pony: The Movie? Thank you.

  • rebeki_
    rebeki_ Hace un mes

    9:11 I agree Breakebills is the best school 🤣
    The magicians 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • NAtreides
    NAtreides Hace un mes

    Always Breakbills.

  • Vincent Walker
    Vincent Walker Hace un mes

    "Leave it to America to give their house elves freedom"
    Based on actual events that have happened America would be expected to be the last to give house elves freedom

  • Castor Pollux
    Castor Pollux Hace un mes +1

    Here is my issue, Grindlewald was a British wizard who went to school at Durmstrang. so why have the British actor as the disguise, and the American actor as the real deal?

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard Hace un mes


  • Ryan Studios
    Ryan Studios Hace un mes

    5:45 how to get the internet troll’s attention.

  • Kristjan Rolandsson
    Kristjan Rolandsson Hace un mes

    grindelwald was not on polyjuice, he was using transfiguration. sorry for my bad english

  • Mr Pool
    Mr Pool Hace un mes

    well but of course.the Brit tries to save the boy while the americans just shoot him.that is very appropriate

  • Alexia Tenney
    Alexia Tenney Hace un mes

    Appleloosa piffskiens are actually little balls of fur with massive tongues. There is an illustration of one of one of the newer covers of the fantastic beast and where to find them book. I don’t blame you for your assumption of it being basically a hipogrith with a puffin head though.
    Also newt and Tina do eventually get married in jk’s wizarding world. Don’t quote me but I’m pretty sure there ancestors of either Luna lovegood or Neville longbottom.

  • Acid114 GD
    Acid114 GD Hace un mes


  • Irregular Lexi
    Irregular Lexi Hace un mes

    Breakbils!! I live for the Magicians reference!! 😆😆😆

  • NKProductions2014
    NKProductions2014 Hace un mes

    Its the first time Johnny Depp hasnt been Jack Sparrow in another film. Not only does he give Gellert a very odd strange persona, but his aced the shit out the role and kicked haters in the teeth.

  • Kat Blast
    Kat Blast Hace un mes

    You know that's not newts original wand

  • Niff
    Niff Hace un mes

    Anybody got any gold or diamonds?

  • Phillip Marsh
    Phillip Marsh Hace un mes

    Fun fact: zoo keepers were interviewed to develop Newt’s personality. As an aspiring keeper, I approve!

  • GhosetCloset Animals4Life


  • FallenSnow 673
    FallenSnow 673 Hace un mes

    Niffler = magic echidna

  • The Demonic Horseman
    The Demonic Horseman Hace un mes

    Nothing was great about this movie.

  • AnimeCreep141
    AnimeCreep141 Hace un mes

    Old boyfriend

  • Sylveon Games a rainha pokemon

    I think obscurials are another depression symbol other than dementors

  • sean whitehall
    sean whitehall Hace un mes

    The reason you feel that way about the actors is because “Newt” doesn’t have a lot of facial makeup whilst in most of depp’s roles he is wearing a lot of costumes.

  • Mad wolf 79
    Mad wolf 79 Hace un mes

    OMG the fat guy with the moustache is from the Goldbergs lol😄

  • Jaden Gibson
    Jaden Gibson Hace un mes

    Those "giant cairn-building bugs" were big dung beetles

  • Larry Jewell
    Larry Jewell Hace un mes

    J. K. made a mistake. In the speakeasy scene the bartender says "MACUSA are coming!" That's the English style.