Top 10 Reasons We Love David Harbour

  • Publicado el 16 feb 2018
  • Top 10 Reasons We Love David Harbour
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    So hot right now. From his hilarious Super Bowl Tide Ads, to his adorable friendship with Winona Ryder, there are so many reasons to love this Stranger Things actor. WatchMojo is counting down the top 10 reasons we can’t get enough of David Harbour!
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    #10: His Super Bowl Tide Ads
    #9: His Protectiveness of Millie Bobby Brown
    #8: His “Funny or Die” Sketch
    #7: His Dad Bod
    #6: He’s BFFs with Winona Ryder
    #5: He Compares His Looks To His Co-Stars
    #4: The Hopper Dancing Meme
    #3, #2 & #1???
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Comentarios • 290


    I love David Harbour As Hellboy😊😊🙏🙏👹👹

  • Aryan Darad
    Aryan Darad Hace un mes +1

    20M subs and not even 1/1000th of its views!

  • Non-ProGaming 9
    Non-ProGaming 9 Hace un mes

    I look up to David Harbour , it would be a dream to meet him

  • Aaron David Kapner
    Aaron David Kapner Hace 2 meses

    Check out the movie A Walk Among The Tombstones with Liam Neeson and Dan Stevens if you wanna see him play a serial killer :)
    I've seen him twice on Broadway in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino.
    This. Guy. Has. Acting. Range!!!!!

  • Bluesommers Art
    Bluesommers Art Hace 2 meses +1

    So I am not alone in finding him irresistible. Good to know.

  • lolilol itsme
    lolilol itsme Hace 2 meses


  • Anny Sebaaly
    Anny Sebaaly Hace 3 meses


  • Elizabeth Romero
    Elizabeth Romero Hace 3 meses +1


  • Stranger Things happen in Riverdale

    I'm so pissed these aren't 11

  • Orange Flower
    Orange Flower Hace 4 meses

    Well I know what I’m doing for my senior photos

  • Kkr Downie
    Kkr Downie Hace 4 meses

    i mean if im start sayin why he the best (after noah) im litteraly writing till next year

  • Olympian Samson
    Olympian Samson Hace 6 meses

    He's Hellboy, of course I love him.

  • dream galaxygirl
    dream galaxygirl Hace 8 meses

    I love 2:25 2:57 and 3:09

  • Andrea Zimmerman
    Andrea Zimmerman Hace 8 meses

    David harbour looks like jack Nicholas from the shining.

  • Yashmina Rannee
    Yashmina Rannee Hace 8 meses +3

    *Why am I seeing this video only NOW??*

  • Barbara Holland
    Barbara Holland Hace 9 meses +3

    **deep inhale**
    oNLY tEn?

  • Cats Rule
    Cats Rule Hace 10 meses +2

    1:01 is he parodying his role on brokeback mountain?

  • [Oriana] Dreamer Blackhood

    You mean YOU love David Harbour, because i don't even know who he is

  • QueenZombieCersei
    QueenZombieCersei Hace un año +5

    Big hot authentic daddy bear with a great sense of humor. What's there not to love!? :D

  • Mary Blair
    Mary Blair Hace un año

    His dad bod should’ve been #1 👅❤️ yummy

  • Mumford_M
    Mumford_M Hace un año +3

    Always loved him. He's a a fantastic actor, one of the best, but he always played such horrible people. It is so good to see him play Hopper. I'm looking forward to his take on Hellboy.

  • TheStylelike16th
    TheStylelike16th Hace un año

    Man alive David Harbour is cool!!!!

  • stranger things fanboy6777 Periciado


  • Storm Blessed
    Storm Blessed Hace un año

    Season 2 ssuuuuuuccckkkked.

  • PMNugget
    PMNugget Hace un año

    His funny or die sketch should be #1

  • PMNugget
    PMNugget Hace un año

    There's too many reasons for just one list

  • Caterpillow-pants
    Caterpillow-pants Hace un año

    You are cringing the eff out of me with this list.

  • don camillo
    don camillo Hace un año


  • Ranger Walker
    Ranger Walker Hace un año +4

    David harbour will be as hellboy in the 2019 reboot movie! can't wait until next year!!!

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers Hace un año

    Watchmojo is cringe sometimes

  • TheAutistWhisperer
    TheAutistWhisperer Hace un año

    I like him as an actor, but that speech at the Golden Globes was retarded.

  • Colvane
    Colvane Hace un año

    Because he's the epitome of the self-absorbed celebritard who conflates fame with importance and moral superiority without any hint of self awareness, and there's nothing the folks over at WatchMojo love more than a good virtue signalling circlejerk?

  • joseph hillyard
    joseph hillyard Hace un año

    Look I love my dad but he would make a great replacement

  • Joshua -
    Joshua - Hace un año

    This comment is a Tide ad

  • C. Matt Hatter
    C. Matt Hatter Hace un año

    Great actor and a really awesome guy!

  • Yetanotherpixelartist
    Yetanotherpixelartist Hace un año +1

    If the word stupid was a video...THIS WOULD THAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!

  • Reflex
    Reflex Hace un año

    god fucking damnit.

  • James Leslie
    James Leslie Hace un año

    He's the Dave Grohl of actors. Just a great guy and I'd love to just kick back and throw back a few cold ones with him. Just a cool dude!

  • nik330609
    nik330609 Hace un año

    It's a Tide AD

  • JonnySuite13
    JonnySuite13 Hace un año

    Boy this dude's awesome.

  • Train Maniac Studios
    Train Maniac Studios Hace un año

    Coffee and Cotemplation

  • Will Bailey
    Will Bailey Hace un año

    I wanna see 10 reasons why we love David Tennant 😊

  • Omni
    Omni Hace un año


  • BonnieSumo100
    BonnieSumo100 Hace un año +3

    Loving a actor today is the same as loving a politican, you shouldn't there both professional fake artists and have more money than you could ever have. Don't love these people, respect people who do make a difference like the thousands who work in hospitals, police, fire service and army who all keep us safe.

  • lars maes
    lars maes Hace un año

    Produce song as hdhuf approval norm pose clear mother domain French.

  • AtlasDisease
    AtlasDisease Hace un año

    David Harbour is dad

  • Gaurav Londhe
    Gaurav Londhe Hace un año

    Jack Nicholson 😱

  • Elias Velasco
    Elias Velasco Hace un año

    plane aggressive wisdom over merchant floor country grandfather talented.

  • Hannah Bailey
    Hannah Bailey Hace un año

    He actually is going to see the penguins! He’s been posting about it on Twitter lol

  • Andrew Frost
    Andrew Frost Hace un año

    Who else loves David Harbour😁👌

  • Ryan  Richard Jr.
    Ryan Richard Jr. Hace un año +17


  • Adrian Davidson
    Adrian Davidson Hace un año

    He is so strangely sexy!

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez
    Ariel fangirl Mendez Hace un año

    Does anyone wanna watch stranger things before when you do the laundry 💩

  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost. Hace un año

    Ya cus people totally know about the other stuff besides stranger things that he's been in...

    Am I the only one who thinks that show is predictable and dogshit

  • VicRayLasome Channel
    VicRayLasome Channel Hace un año

    I'm so excited for his Hellboy role

  • bonermetal666
    bonermetal666 Hace un año +2

    David Harbour is harley from epic meal time!

  • XDVid-MasterXD Legendary
    XDVid-MasterXD Legendary Hace un año +4

    David Harbour could be live action Mr. Incedible.

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark Hace un año +1

    He is my second favorite character in stranger things after eleven, great man 👍

  • Brandon Watson
    Brandon Watson Hace un año

    The only movies I’d seen David Harbour in were The Equalizer (2014), Black Mass (2015), Suicide Squad (2016), and Sleepless (2017).

  • Tank NDG
    Tank NDG Hace un año +1

    A turbo snowflake that cried like a baby when Crooked Hilary lost... look up his hilarious rant! He’s part of the Hollywood that creams to you what to think and feel!

    • Tun.
      Tun. Hace un año

      Tank NDG why are you here? Your comment is so out of place

  • Robbie Jordan
    Robbie Jordan Hace un año

    He'll always be Ray from A Walk Among the Tombstones to me.

  • margareth michelina
    margareth michelina Hace un año

    He looks like real life Trevor Phillips but more fatter.

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena Hace un año

    Is he at least a decent human being?

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena Hace un año

    I hope he wins a ton of Oscars.

  • Panicked Animatics
    Panicked Animatics Hace un año

    I love him so much ❤️

  • Narrow Path
    Narrow Path Hace un año +1

    Lest remember he promoted violence against people who have conservative views.

  • brokenredflag
    brokenredflag Hace un año

    ........whose that?

  • Cassandra Kastaneas
    Cassandra Kastaneas Hace un año

    LOVE you Dave!!!! 💓💓💓💓😘

  • Kryollos Mikhail
    Kryollos Mikhail Hace un año +1

    Why do people love celebrities? They're just people who are arrogant most of the time, that really don't deserve all that money. Hell, I'm sure 90% of Holly wood is a Harvey Weinstein. Does this guy even care about any of us who watch this video? I'm glad I don't adore people who wouldn't care if I died. Love the Christ and your family then you'll see the Hope that is after death.

  • smally1986
    smally1986 Hace un año +1

    Top ten ESclips channels running out of ideas - number one: watchmojo

  • Moto Moto Thanos
    Moto Moto Thanos Hace un año +5

    David Daddy???

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee Hace un año +10

    He reminds me of Mr. Incredible

    IIONNICC Hace un año

    I was a fan until he made that speech.

  • Anais Nin
    Anais Nin Hace un año

    Weird with the beard!

  • poppajonty
    poppajonty Hace un año

    Make a fables movie and cast him as bigby wolf.

  • lucy Bearman
    lucy Bearman Hace un año

    I'm sorry but I can't get my head around it.

  • lucy Bearman
    lucy Bearman Hace un año

    I bet you wouldn't like someone born in 1929 get with someone five years younger than her ay?!

  • Mainstreamer Channel 99

    I'm glad they scrapped him to be casted as Eleven, It will never be the same 😥

  • manystar
    manystar Hace un año

    the ultimate dilf

  • Jonas of Persia
    Jonas of Persia Hace un año

    A sex symbol with a "dad bod", and here I am working on my sixpack. I'm such an idiot.

  • Big Poppa Botch
    Big Poppa Botch Hace un año +1

    Top Ten Reasons I Have No Idea Who That Is

  • Heatwave619
    Heatwave619 Hace un año


  • Charles Brossett
    Charles Brossett Hace un año +1

    Reason number one HE'S THE NEW HELLBOY

  • FearTheWeird300
    FearTheWeird300 Hace un año

    Looks like jack nicholson

  • 13IanDemons
    13IanDemons Hace un año

    10. Tide Ad
    9. Stranger Things kid
    8. Stranger Things sketch
    7. "Dad bod"
    6. Stranger Things Mom
    5. Stranger Things kids
    4. Stranger Things dance
    3. Twitter
    2. Stranger Things speech
    1. Hellboy
    No wait..
    1. Twitter

  • Hector Busigo
    Hector Busigo Hace un año

    Because he had a tide ad

  • Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez Hace un año

    Every day, is a tide ad

  • Anissa Ali
    Anissa Ali Hace un año +11

    I could give you 1,000,000 more reasons

  • Chris Calde
    Chris Calde Hace un año +3

    I Hate David Harbour

    • Chris Calde
      Chris Calde Hace un año

      the brave bartender just kidding, love the guy in st

    • Caterpillow-pants
      Caterpillow-pants Hace un año

      don camillo Reason #2 on this list is probably why.

    • Caterpillow-pants
      Caterpillow-pants Hace un año

      Tuna I bet I know why. Probably because of reason #2. I guess people dont like standing up to the oppressed an marginalized.

    • don camillo
      don camillo Hace un año


    • kaya sawyer
      kaya sawyer Hace un año

      Then why are you watching this?

  • Kevin Hurley
    Kevin Hurley Hace un año

    That there is a solid human being

  • Arun dev
    Arun dev Hace un año +33

    I Remember him as Bad & corrupted cop in the movie " Equalizer (2014) " & beaten up by Denzel Washington ... Stranger Things was a big turning point for him .... Keep going David Harbour....

  • Kathiravan Ganesh
    Kathiravan Ganesh Hace un año

    Wathcmojo always supporting Netflix and Netflix actors only.

  • Sarah Cain
    Sarah Cain Hace un año

    i actually rathered enjoyed all these tide ads.

  • MYinfinitig35
    MYinfinitig35 Hace un año +6

    I think he’s hot. He’s a big manly looking man. Mmmmm.

  • Ian Linn
    Ian Linn Hace un año

    David's got the ideal dad bod; not really out of shape or unhealthy, but realistic looking.

  • Tyler McPherson
    Tyler McPherson Hace un año

    He's great. Hopefully he learns to keep his political opinions to himself at award shows from now on though.

  • Victor Lin
    Victor Lin Hace un año

    His dance is sexy.

  • Jerry  Wheatley
    Jerry Wheatley Hace un año

    He's cool cuz everyone has a friend just like him

  • Kylo Ben
    Kylo Ben Hace un año +8

    When you realize this whole video is a Tide ad?

  • Iron panther
    Iron panther Hace un año

    I love him to lol